How model Alana Monteiro got her start in fashion and movies

NEW BEDFORD – If you look closely you’ll find Alana Monteiro in movies like “Someone Great” with Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow, or “Second Act” with Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens.

Monteiro, 24, is a Cape Verdean model, singer-songwriter and actress from New Bedford. Growing up, she became heavily involved in the performing arts, danced for 15 years, and tried her hand at acting. Until she was 17, she said she didn’t even know what modeling was or how to get into the industry. In her senior year of high school, as she watched the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she became interested in learning more.

Monteiro applied to all of New York’s top model agencies for eight months, trying to get her “in”. A friend had a featured clothing line in downtown New Bedford and asked Monteiro to model his designs. Monteiro loved the rendering of the photos and submitted them to Boston modeling agencies.

“I didn’t even know I had it in me,” Monteiro said.

Customers at Dartmouth Mall pushed her to become a model

At first, she didn’t have a lot of support from her family members. She said they made fun of her, saying she was too short at the time to be a model. She was 5 feet 6 inches tall when she first expressed interest in the industry. However, while working in Dartmouth Mall’s retail stores, she said customers would always tell her she should be a model. For this reason, Monteiro tried to hide his passion and submitted his applications quietly.

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After graduating from high school in 2015, she signed with Model Club Inc. in Boston and booked local gigs like a wedding dress photoshoot. She continued to persevere on the New York road as she prepared for her freshman year at Bridgewater State University. His university experience was, however, cut short; After her first day of class, she received a long-awaited email from a New York agency and informed her family that she would be moving to the Big Apple.

Then she got a call from Wilhelmina Models

Today, 5 feet 9 inches tall, Monteiro is represented by one of the best agencies in the world: Wilhelmina Models.

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As part of this new agency, she started out with smaller gigs such as shoots for Under Armor and Amazon Fashion, but her first real big moment was Macy’s back-to-school fashion show.

Alana Monteiro proudly stands in front of her photoshoot for TJMaxx.  His photos were also featured inside stores.

Soon after, she started booking photoshoots with well-known cosmetic brands such as CoverGirl, bareMinerals, Clinique, L’Oréal Paris, MAC Cosmetics and NARS. She began appearing in editorials and on the covers of some of the world’s biggest magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Numéro, Glamor and Grazia. Additionally, she has worked on print advertising campaigns for world famous brands such as Nike, Under Armor, Footlocker, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Macy’s, Puma, Target, Reebok, FILA and more. She has appeared on the catwalks at New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week.

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“You have to work for literally everything you do,” Monteiro said. “If you, as a model, have a strong work ethic and a good portfolio, that’s great. It’s hard to start at the beginning, a slow start.

Alana Monteiro photoshoot with CoverGirl.

Most days are long but vary depending on the type of photoshoot. When working with a fashion brand, she can stay up all day and photograph up to 50 different looks. When working with a beauty brand, other models on the set spin before the lens.

“The amount of work it took to get to this point was enormous, I feel very accomplished and happy,” said Monteiro.

Before the pandemic, Monteiro said she worked several concerts a week. In March 2020, the industry shut down for a few months, but she continued to work alone on creative projects to keep herself busy. Her first photoshoot after her leave was in May for a magazine cover and she said she was so afraid of being a model again. However, the sets were clean and safe and the models and staff were tested for COVID-19. Her normal schedule resumed in fall 2020.

On set with JLo, Mark Wahlberg, Naomi Campbell and more

Once her modeling career was launched, she started acting and singing. She signed with Innovative Artists Agency in New York and worked as an extra in films like “Someone Great” and “Second Act” as well as other TV shows like “Orange is the New Black”, “Law and Order: SVU “and more. . Sadly, viewers can only point out her in both films, as producers often cut scenes in which she was featured.

Although she hasn’t been credited in any movie or series, she said being on set with famous actors was just as rewarding. When she was extra on the set of “Daddy’s Home 2” with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, she said she received generous career advice if she decided to put herself in the spotlight. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she got to meet actors like Naomi Campbell on the set of “I Feel Pretty” starring Amy Schumer.

When filming “Second Act” she closely admired JLo’s work ethic.

“To be on a big set with this level of actors was very inspiring,” said Monteiro. “I said to myself, ‘if I can do this, I can do anything’. ”

A screenshot of Alana Monteiro's additional role in

Although she has enjoyed her acting career so far, she will be focusing on modeling and music in the near future.

Single “High” and new music

Monteiro said she has been writing songs her entire life, but only started turning her dreams into reality in the past two years. In 2018, she attended the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami and, by chance, bumped into a music producer in the lobby of her hotel and traded nicknames on social media. When Monteiro posted a video of her singing on Instagram, the producer texted her and asked her to host a studio session in New York City. She recorded her first single, “High” in 2019, announcing that new music would be released in 2021. Monteiro said she actually forgot about the song until this year and decided to release it on June 30, available on Apple Music and Spotify.

“I’m more motivated and inspired now,” Monteiro said. “I’m back in the studio to record an album.”

On the morning of her interview with The Standard-Times, she said that FUN 107 performed her song for the first time. Even though she knew when it would air, she was still excited.

Monteiro has just finished filming his music video for his single. She said that although it was only a two-minute song, it took four days to get the footage they needed. The clip will be released in October.

In her spare time, she continues to write new music.

Credit your community

Looking back on how far she has come, she attributes a lot of support and inspiration to the community. New Bedford-born singer-songwriter Tynisha Kell remained at the top of Monteiro’s list of inspirations along with other Cape Verdean and Portuguese celebrities who have made names for themselves.

Although her family didn’t think she could be successful in the industry at first, they came to fully support Monteiro in all of her success. She is the daughter of New Bedford residents Denise Porche and Allan Monteiro and the granddaughter of Evelyn Gomes and Arthur Porche Sr. Her father is her biggest supporter, she said.

Standard-Times editor-in-chief Kerri Tallman can be reached at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @kerri_tallman for links to recent articles.

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Demand for cosmetic ‘tweaks’ jumped 250% after Love Island’s latest round

Demand for cosmetic ‘tweaks’ jumped 250% after reality show’s final series aired Island of love.

According to an analysis of Google research, Britons ask search engines questions such as “Do lip fillers hurt?” And “How much do lip fillers cost in the UK?” At least 200 times more than before the seventh round, which ended last week, began in late June.

The ITV hit has been criticized for glamorizing cosmetic treatments. Many applicants admit to having undergone several procedures to plump their lips and enlarge their breasts.

In 2019, a Harley Street surgeon said he noticed a huge increase in the number of 18-25 year olds looking for lip fillers. “A lot of young women come to my clinic with pictures of the show’s contestants and ask how they can achieve this look,” said Dr. Tijion Esho of the Esho Clinic.

According to an analysis of Google searches, Britons ask search engines questions such as “Do lip fillers hurt?” And “How much do lip fillers cost in the UK?” »At least 200 times more than before the seventh series

Toddlers spread Covid at home

Toddlers are more likely to spread Covid to their families than teenagers, new Canadian research shows.

Researchers from Public Health Ontario analyzed the health records of more than 8,000 households in which children had the virus and found that children under three were up to 43% more likely to transmit Covid to family members , compared to 14 to 17 year olds. -old.

This could be because teens are more likely to spend time in their bedroom, away from their family.

But the study, which lasted for a pre-vaccination period between June and December 2020, found that teens were more likely than their younger siblings to introduce the infection into the household.

Overall, 27% of households with cases of childhood coronavirus have seen transmission within the household.

Toddlers are more likely to spread Covid to their families than teens, new Canadian research shows (file photo)

Toddlers are more likely to spread Covid to their families than teens, new Canadian research shows (file photo)

Being hard of hearing can trigger depression, according to a British study.

A third of Britons over 65 suffer from some form of hearing loss, which has long been linked to cognitive decline and dementia.

But now, an analysis of more than 74,000 Britons between the ages of 50 and 89 shows that the problem can also be a major factor in the development of mood disorders.

Researchers at the University of Manchester have found a strong correlation between increased hearing loss and the onset of depressive symptoms.

Dialechti Tsimpida, psychologist and co-author of the article, said routine hearing tests in the GP’s office can “prevent or delay the onset of depression.”

A third of Britons over 65 suffer from some form of hearing loss, which has long been linked to cognitive decline and dementia (file photo)

A third of Britons over 65 suffer from some form of hearing loss, which has long been linked to cognitive decline and dementia (file photo)

One in three patients with multiple sclerosis has not seen a specialist for more than a year because of Covid, according to a survey.

They say routine and urgent appointments have been delayed or canceled due to the pandemic.

A survey conducted by Novartis in partnership with the MS Trust of more than 1,800 people with multiple sclerosis found that 35% of those surveyed said they had not seen a specialist for at least a year.

It also revealed that a third of patients saw their symptoms worsen due to the increased levels of stress and anxiety due to Covid.

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Trustbridge Hospice Care Hosts Local Career Fair – Boca Raton’s Most Trusted Information Source

Trustbridge Hospice Care, a local non-profit organization, recently hosted a career fair in Boca Raton. As reported by WPTV, the association is looking for positions to help people in palliative care.

Image courtesy of WPTV

Trustbridge Hospice Care organized a career fair to find several vacancies. The job fair was held in Boca Raton.

“We see patients in Broward County and Palm Beach. We take care of nearly 1,800 patients on a daily basis. It’s just one integral thing we need to do for these patients, ”says Deborah Weiner, recruiter for Trustbridge.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that overall home and personal care aide employment is expected to increase 34% by 2029. It is expected to grow faster than any other type of job.

Weiner says patients need hospital beds, supplies, durable medical equipment operators, and staff who can help deliver these materials. “So it’s all very integrated and just important to make sure we have enough staff to make sure these patients are taken care of,” Weiner explains.

“Working at the hospice is a vocation. It takes a specific set of care for that and people who really want to make a difference, ”says RN William Hiers.

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Animal testing between EU cosmetics regulation and ECHA’s REACH regulation, according to study

Posted in Alternatives to animal testing (ALTEX), Researchers from the Transatlantic Think-Tank for Toxicology t4 – established by the Doerenkamp Zbinden Foundation for the defense of animal-free research, headquartered in Switzerland – studied the files submitted for registration, evaluation , the authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) database listing chemicals for cosmetic use.

Cosmetic ingredients only with in vivotests under REACH

The study identified 3,206 chemical dossiers in REACH containing ingredients with cosmetic products as declared use, of which 419 listed cosmetic products as the only use. Of these 419 records, the researchers found that 63 had completed in vivotests after the ban of the Cosmetics Regulation on in vivotest.

Animal testing on all cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients was banned by EU law in 2013 through the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009. Prior to that, there had been an initial ban on testing for finished products put in place in 2004 and for ingredients in 2009.

However, under ECHA REACH regulation 1907/2006, Certain aspects required or permitted testing on animals – notably testing of environmental parameters such as aquatic toxicity, pre-registration of certain new chemicals and long-term worker safety. And it was under REACH that post-ban animal testing was conducted on cosmetic-only ingredients, the researchers said.

“Registrants have widely used non-animal alternative methods to assess ingredients for REACH, but some have still conducted new in vivo testing to comply with REACH requirements for toxicity data and worker safety assessments ”,they wrote.

“In some cases, ECHA, the agency that assesses REACH dossiers, has rejected registrants’ alternative methods as insufficient and demanded new in vivo testing.

“Conflict between REACH and the cosmetic regulation”

The researchers, composed of representatives of the Center for Alternatives to Animal Experiments CAAT and its European branch; the University of Konstanz in Germany; Johns Hopkins University in the United States; Chinese regulatory compliance firm Knudsen & CRC; American cruelty-free beauty brand White Rabbit Beauty; and the international ingredients major Clariant, concluded: “Cosmetic ingredients in the EU are governed by two conflicting regulations.”

“… The conflict between REACH and the cosmetics regulation poses a serious dilemma for all segments of the cosmetics industry”,the researchers said – for ingredient makers, cosmetic brands, and consumers, alike.

“For ingredient manufacturers, because they may be legally required under REACH to perform in vivo testing on their ingredients, but the cosmetics market may reject ingredients with such testing; for cosmetic brands because they cannot easily identify REACH testing of ingredients in their supply chain, but if such testing is identified, a brand risks consumer backlash if it continues to use the ingredient, but finding an alternative can be difficult and expensive; and for consumers, because they can no longer trust that the EU cosmetic products they buy have not been tested on animals. “

The results of the present study analyzing REACH dossiers, they said, gave “A reason for optimism and concern”.

In vitroversus in vivo– many animal tests “could have been done away with”

“A review of cosmetic-only ingredient files shows in vivo testing declined sharply after 2009, when the initial ban on cosmetic testing came into effect. However, testing did not end at that time or in 2013 when the final ban went into effect. Trends show a continuation in vivo testing of cosmetic-only ingredients for REACH, and this is expected to continue as ECHA continues to assess REACH registration dossiers.

The study identified that new in vivopost-ban testing has been “Largely carried out because they were required by REACH”,Despite numerous dossiers exclusively using alternatives, in particular for human health parameters.

“For health endpoints with in vitro methods, most reporters who reported in vivo tests had followed the REACH principle of in vitro first, but eventually had to test in vivo to comply with REACH. The main reasons were the positive or equivocal results of in vitro tests or chemical properties that made in vitro infeasible tests.

However, the researchers said that some of these tests “Could have been canceled”By applying the possibilities listed in Annex XI of REACH or by using non-animal alternatives, in particular with regard to acute toxicity.

‘More new in vivotests for REACH are likely ‘

The researchers stressed the importance of making these tests known to the public, saying in vivotesting of cosmetic-only ingredients for REACH has “Has not been reported before” Because the EU no longer follows in vivo tests on cosmetic ingredients. The EU situation report, they said, instead counted all REACH tests as “industrial chemicals legislation” tests, including those on cosmetic ingredients.

“Further new in vivo tests for REACH are likely. As part of its dossier review process to date, ECHA has already requested new in vivo tests for cosmetic-only substances, and further requests can be expected as ECHA identifies gaps in the data in the files. In addition, ECHA’s decision that in vivo tests can be performed on only cosmetic ingredients “to assess the risks of worker exposure” affects many ingredients. With the exception of the import of a finished cosmetic product, all other cosmetic processes involve the exposure of workers to the cosmetic ingredient ”, the researchers said.

In view of this they said “more transparency”On post-ban in vivo testing was necessary, as well as a “Committed stakeholder effort to resolve the conflict”.

And such efforts had certainly already started in earnest.

Beauty industry calls for animal testing of ECHA and REACH

In November 2020, industry majors including Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal, Unilever and Avon signed an open statement released by Human Society International’s Animal-free Safety Assessment Collaboration (AFSA) claiming that ECHA and its board of appeal undermined the EU. ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

In December 2020, more than 400 beauty companies and brands also signed an open letter to the European Commission, Parliament and Council calling for a halt to new animal testing, in line with the current ban on testing on animals. animals in the EU. Signatories to this letter included Avon, Dermalogica, Molton Brown, Natura & Co and Unilever, as well as a number of nonprofits including PETA, Cruelty Free International and Human Society International.

And this year, the Cosmetics Europe industry association unveiled its latest project: the New Science Animal-Free Safety Assessment Program, which is expected to launch in 2022 and designed to advance the assessment capabilities of the non-animal safety, the regulatory use of these alternatives, and education and training. across the industry. The five-year program would be industry-led and operate globally to ultimately create a global future where cosmetics are completely free from animal testing.

Source: Alternatives to animal testing (ALTEX)
Published online ahead of print in August 2021, doi: 10.14573 / altex.2104221
Title: “Continuation of animal testing of cosmetic ingredients for REACH in the EU”
Authors: J. Knight, C. Rovida, R. Kreiling, C. Zhu, M. Knudsen and T. Hartung

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Haddon Township Girl is dedicated to helping Cooper Health patients

HADDON TOWNSHIP, NJ – An 8-year-old girl from Haddon Township recently donated 200 backpacks full of blankets and personal care items to help homeless patients receiving care in the emergency department and Cooper University Health Care’s addiction medicine program, the health system announced.

Lily Cuticchia, who is entering third grade at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, held a bake sale in May to raise funds to purchase the supplies, officials said. For her efforts, Cuticchia received an Act of Kindness Award from Cooper.

She began helping Cooper patients at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year, when she collected more than 1,200 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s socks to help patients in need, said responsible. Read more here: Haddon Township Girl, 6, collects 1,200 socks for Cooper’s patients

Cuticchia was inspired by her mother, Jordan Warner, a team member at Cooper’s Center for Healing, a program that provides a wide range of services to patients with substance abuse disorders.

“Lily always had a big heart and I always encouraged her to help others,” Warner said.
“We are amazed and grateful for Lily’s continued generosity,” said Rachel Haroz, MD, a specialist in emergency medicine and addiction medicine certified by the Cooper Board of Directors. “Lily is a role model for people of all ages. We will be able to help so many people because she cared about them. She is truly a special girl. We look forward to Lily’s generosity every year. We want to do this. of her an honorary member of our staff. “

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Back to school personal care for all ages


Catie Wiggy, qualified esthetician and expert in healthy lifestyle, shares her essential personal care products for the start of the school year.

Boost your immunity with mykind Organics Elderberry Immune System Support Gummies – made with organic echinacea, zinc and vitamin C. Created with real fruit – no animal gelatin or refined sugar.

Banish Rashes with Clearstem Skincare Each product in this line helps fight blemishes and slows down the signs of aging. Each item is also free of ALL possible pore blockers (non-comedogenic) and contains ZERO hormone disruptors. So, you can save time, money and energy by avoiding products that don’t help your skin.

Keep your child’s nails fashionable with Piggy Paints Mini SCENTED 4 Polish Set, which contains 4 x 3.5ml mini polishes – Grouchy Grape, Wacky Watermelon, Sassy Strawberry, Bossy Blueberry.

Piggy Paint is non-toxic and safe for all ages! There are no toxic chemicals; it is free from formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. Say goodbye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint!

Show off the prettiest locks this school year with Rock the Locks, a hair care line infused with essential oils and superfruit extracts. Say goodbye to sulfates, parabens, phthalates and petroleum jelly. Quality formulas developed and tested by salon professionals. Rocks the Locks products are made in the USA, cruelty-free and, yes, affordable!

Keep your hands germ-free and protected with Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers. Kill 99.9% of the most common harmful germs with hand sanitizers made with 75% natural grain alcohol, powerful probiotics and the benefits of pure essential oils.

Start Using This ZUM Mask Mist Magic Face Mask Refresher – Since masks have become fashion items, this is a must have essential oil spray for masks and face covers that smell much better than breathe after coffee. Spray 3 pumps on your face cover before you mask yourself and let the vegetable essential oils exude good vibrations and good humor.

Zum mask mists are made with hydrosols, AKA “floral waters”, which are naturally made when plants are steam distilled. Big bonus, they are actually GOOD for the skin because they are made from nature. Dry cheeks don’t stand a chance against these herbal powers.

Event Details:

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How to get each currency in Naraka Bladepoint

There are three different currencies in Naraka Bladepoint, here’s how to get them and what they do.

Naraka Bladepoint Viper fighting an enemy

In Naraka Blade point, There are Three different currencies available. Each currency can be used to buy different elements, so you will need to know what each is doing.

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They all allow you to buy different cosmetics to customize the heroes and weapons of Naraka Bladepoint. However, you cannot buy all cosmetics with just one type of currency. This guide will cover everything you need to know about each currency in Naraka Bladepoint, so that you can get the best outfits for each hero.

What is Tae in Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka Bladepoint Tae outfit

Tae is the base currency of Naraka Bladepoint. You will earn it very easily by take up challenges and play matches.

Tae can be used to buy some blue level cosmetics for your heroes and your weapons.

However, the best way to spend Tae is to Immortal treasures – these are loot crates that you can buy for 4000 Tae.

Immortal Treasures give you access to cosmetics of greater rarity that you cannot buy otherwise.

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What is gold in Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka Blade Tip Gold Items

Gold is a currency that you can buy with real money at Naraka Bladepoint.

It allows you to buy rare cosmetics for all your hero and weapons. You can also purchase access to paid battle pass with gold, which allows you to earn more rewards like you higher level.

What is Spectral Silk at Naraka Bladepoint?

Spectral Silk Shop Naraka Bladepoint

Spectral Silk is earned as you progress along the Battle pass at Naraka Bladepoint. You will get Spectral Silk with the free pass, but you will earn a lot more if you buy the extended pass with gold.

You can spend Spectral Silk in the Silk Shop from the shop menu. The Spectral Silk Store offers a variety of cosmetics that you cannot buy in other currencies.

Items in the Spectral Silk Store will be change over time, so it is better to buy the cosmetics you want as soon as possible.

Spectral Silk items are expensive, but you can get a lot of them with the paid battle pass. While the free pass ends at level 100, the paid pass goes up to level 1005.

After level 100 you will earn 200 spectral silks for each level, giving you access to over 100,000 spectral silk.

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ultimate sonic colors
Sonic Colors: The Ultimate Physical Edits Delayed in Europe, Middle East & Africa

Sega has announced that the physical launch of Sonic Colors: Ultimate has been delayed in some parts of the world.

Read more

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5 reasons (out of a million) to buy Black

The dollar has a lot of power. Especially the black dollar. Whether used to invest in education or to support a business with a positive mission, money has the capacity to make a huge difference and shape a better world. With this amount of power comes a huge responsibility for us as consumers to use our funds in a way that supports black communities. The easiest way to make sure this is accomplished is to take our money straight from the source: black-owned businesses. For National Black Business Month, here are five reasons to buy a black property this month – and every month!

1. Help bridge the racial wealth gap

In 2019, the median household income differed between white and black households by over $ 160,000, with white households at $ 189,000 and black at $ 24,000. On top of that, more than a quarter of black households have a net worth of zero or are in the red. This is a surprising margin that not only shows a financial disparity between blacks and whites in America, but also speaks of disparities in housing, education, etc. However, a study by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) found that black business owners have a median net worth that is more than 10 times that of black non-business owners. This is clear proof that business ownership for blacks is a way to improve their earning potential and help them become more financially egalitarian in the United States.

2. Stimulates local economies

Black-owned businesses tend to be small, local businesses. When you support these types of businesses, more of the money you spend will likely stay in the community than if you were to buy from a national chain. In addition to the flow of money, if local businesses are seen as thriving, outside community investors will be encouraged to place money in neighborhoods to fund education, healthy outdoor spaces, health care, and more. job growth.

3. Strengthens local communities

In addition to the economic strength that comes with supporting black-owned businesses, these establishments are known to pour this support forward with mutual aid. Programs like Black Girls Code and the For Us By Us Market in New Orleans are spaces the founders wanted blacks to grow up in. These types of environments are essential to the health and strength of the black community, as they provide black people with the opportunity to become a priority. It is essential that these types of businesses are supported and can keep their doors open, because as long as they operate, the symbiotic relationship between business and community will continue to thrive.

Additionally, supporting these small black businesses helps keep black communities diverse and unique. Rather than allowing larger conglomerates to come in and erase the flavor and culture that make these places beautiful, maintaining black-owned businesses allows these neighborhoods to retain their personality.

4. Help more black entrepreneurs start businesses in the future

According to the Kauffman Group, blacks are more likely to finance their businesses using personal credit than any other group, primarily due to discrimination in the distribution of business loans. Banks are much more likely to provide business loans to potential white business owners than to blacks. This type of discrimination is unacceptable. One way to fight this injustice is to demonstrate to banks that black-owned businesses are profitable. Supporting them does more than just put money in their pockets. By buying Black, you can encourage large institutions like banks to see that there is potential in these businesses. In doing so, aspiring entrepreneurs who have not yet applied for bank loans will have a better chance of being approved, thus encouraging a new generation of successful black-owned brands.

This increase in business loans to blacks is not only beneficial to those trying to start a business. It will also benefit the whole country. The US economy has lost $ 13 trillion in revenue by denying black entrepreneurs access to bank loans to start businesses. This amount of money is certainly not trivial and shows how necessary it is to give black business owners a chance.

5. Big business will take note

Every dollar you spend is a vote for what you want the world to look like. When you spend money to support black-owned businesses, the big establishments take notice. If a department store finds that a black-owned clothing brand is particularly popular, chances are the department store is looking to stock that brand’s clothing. Or, for example, if a black-owned hair care line is in high demand, large convenience stores will look to sell these products in their stores. These are lucrative opportunities for black business owners that can only be made possible if there are people who support their businesses when they are just starting out. In addition, large corporations will be forced to compete with black-owned businesses.

By applying this pressure to businesses, they will seek to create more opportunities for black employees within their organization, sell products aimed at a more diverse market, and strengthen black representation in their marketing. In 2018, the makeup brand Tarte was questioned for a lack of range of shades in its best-selling concealer. This controversy has occurred alongside the rise of black-owned makeup brands like Fenty Beauty and Pat McGrath, which have responded to demand for a more diverse range of shades.

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Sephora China Partners With JDDJ To Offer One Hour Delivery

China’s beauty industry is on fire. From cutting-edge digital platforms to traditional bricks and mortars, the challenges and competition are becoming increasingly fierce. Following the opening of a high-tech flagship store in Beijing’s Sanlitun district in May, Sephora is in partnership with Dada Group, China’s leading on-demand delivery and retail platform in China , Sephora will be able to offer delivery within one hour.

To date, more than 70 Sephora stores have been launched on the JDDJ platform, covering first and second tier Chinese cities. Based on the Dada Group’s partnership with, these Sephora stores will be simultaneously online with When consumers order through the JDDJ app or mini program, beauty products are delivered from the nearest Sephora store within an hour by Dada Now runners.

By the end of 2021, all Sephora stores in China will be integrated on both JDDJ and, strengthening Sephora’s omnichannel strategy. Together, the companies are building a new on-demand retail model of beauty brands. JDDJ will help with product management, digital marketing, targeted user operations and order fulfillment optimization, and provide an integrated O2O retail solution. With a large consumer base with strong consumer power, JD Beauty can provide powerful advertising and help the brand reach more consumers.

There are currently over 3,400 beauty stores on JDDJ. The platform has also partnered with Watsons, Gialen, Innisfree, The Colorist and Wow Color, creating a large-scale, high-density beauty supply network with beauty brands and retail chains.

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Government bans restaurants and personal care services in NCR

Indoor and outdoor dining in restaurants and personal care services are still not allowed in Metro Manila under the Amended Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ).

In a recent community quarantine directive, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) identified on-site operations and the permitted reception capacity of commercial establishments following the de-escalation of lockdown measures in the region of the national capital (RCN).

Outdoor and indoor catering services in the NCR, as well as Bataan and Laguna, are excluded from the list of activities authorized under the MECQ. Typically, however, 50% and 10% capacity, respectively, is allowed.

However, takeout delivery for restaurants is 100% allowed.

Personal care services, including beauty salons, barbershops, beauty salons and nail spas, are generally allowed at 30% of their capacity under the MECQ, but the government has banned them in the metro area of ​​Manila, Laguna and Bataan.

The following are also prohibited under the MECQ: indoor sports; gymnasiums; libraries; museums; indoor and outdoor tourist attractions; MICE venues (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions); social events; cinemas; theme parks; and casinos.

The negative list, or prohibited business activities under any form of community quarantine, includes the following: traditional cockfighting and cockpit exploitation; entertainment venues with live shows, such as karaoke bars, bars, clubs, concert halls and theaters; and, fairs, playgrounds, playrooms and children’s rides.

Essential sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, grocery stores, and banking, are allowed to operate at 100% under the MECQ.

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