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TikTok this week unveiled its new plan to increase advertiser investments in its video platform with the expansion of e-commerce, a new ‘brand safety’ promise and the launch of several new interactive ad formats, ranging from clickable stickers a choice. ads from your own adventure to “super likes” and more. The additions, according to the company, will make TikTok’s advertising more interactive and creative, as will the TikTok experience itself.

The company showcased its new additions at an online conference for the advertising and marketing community on Tuesday.

Here, TikTok also announced several new ecommerce partnerships beyond its pilot partner Shopify to make online shopping a more native experience, with the ability for users to go from product discovery to checkout without leaving the store. ‘application. It noted that it makes online shopping available to brands and offers several advertising products designed just for e-commerce brands. And, in some markets, TikTok also offers to take on shipping and fulfillment responsibilities.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s broader advertising business is taking a shock with the launch of several new products designed to better differentiate TikTok from other social media rivals.

On that front, TikTok has introduced a new product called “Instant Page,” which is a fast-loading landing page that the company says will load 11 times faster than a typical mobile website. This allows a user who clicks on an ad to be immediately taken to a page where they can see more brand information, watch more videos, and browse other content, all without leaving the TikTok app. This could rival Instagram’s Link Sticker which recently stepped in to replace the swipe gesture in its app.

Image credits: TikTok (instant page)

Another new product, the “pop out window”, aims to make interacting with advertisements a more interactive experience.

With the “pop out showcase”, advertisers can access a library of stickers and images that can be overlaid on their TikTok videos to illustrate the products they are featuring or other key elements of the story. For example, a beauty brand might add to its content a sticker depicting a makeup brush which, when tapped, takes the viewer to a page where they can purchase a branded makeup brush.

Image credits: TikTok (pop-out showcase)

Other new formats encourage TikTok users to exploit ads themselves.

One of them is TikTok’s “super like”. This provides a way to make a video ‘like’ a more engaging experience. When users tap the Like (heart) button on a TikTok video, the Super Like can display different types of icons that appear on viewers’ screens. Users are also encouraged to visit a landing page where they can learn more about the featured brand product or service.

Image credits: TikTok (super like)

There are also gesture ads that will reveal rewards or other information to users who swipe or tap on videos. Like the “pop-out: and“ super like ”storefront, these ads play on the familiarity TikTok users – especially its younger Gen Z and the millennial population – have with the way they navigate their smartphones. Knowing how to type, swipe and slide is second nature for young people, and these ads provide some form of instant gratification for doing so, whether it’s an explosion of icons or even a reward. real.

Image credits: TikTok (gesture announcements)

The latest new product is TikTok’s ‘Story Time Tool’, which encourages users to be part of the brand’s storytelling experience. Some streaming services, like Hulu, have experimented with ads that ask users to play the game, but not quite to the point of controlling the story. Instead of just watching a TikTok ad, this choose your own adventure style format allows users to tap to direct the action in the video to shape the story and personalize the outcome.

Image credits: TikTok (storytime tool)

“All of these solutions are part of our goal of enabling advertisers to create the most compelling ads in a way that harnesses their creativity and the fun that exists on the platform,” said Jaclyn Fitzpatrick, TikTok Product Strategist, Global Business Marketing , during the presentation of the new range.

Of course, performance and measurement capabilities are just as important to marketers as the ad creatives themselves. To address these concerns, the company touted its TikTok Ad Manager, publishing suite, trends and insights, and other new tools for buying, scaling, and analyzing its campaigns. It has launched a new type of purchase called Reach and Frequency, which allows advertisers to target a greater volume of users through extended reach, or get more impressions with the same number of users by opting for a higher frequency for their advertising placements.

TikTok has also made a commitment to brand safety – an issue that plagued YouTube in the past – with the launch of a proprietary brand safety inventory filter.

The solution leverages machine learning technology to classify a video’s risk based on content, text, audio and more, so advertisers can make decisions about the type of inventory. that they wish to run next, the company explained. TikTok says the new filter is aligned with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) industry framework and has partnered with Integrate Ad Science (IAS), Zefr and OpenSlate to help. to ensure that advertisements are shown alongside content that is safe for the brand.

The message to advertisers, clearly, is that TikTok needs to be considered not only because of its large audience – now $ 1 billion in monthly assets, he says – but also because of its advertising toolkit.

To date, marketers haven’t spent as much of their spend on TikTok compared to other big platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. But TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has made inroads into the global advertising market, with annual app revenue more than doubling in 2020 to $ 34.3 billion. In the United States, TikTok is expected to make $ 500 million in 2020, up from $ 200 to $ 300 million the year before, according to a report from The Information. (Part of that comes from in-app purchases, of course.)

As TikTok has grown its advertising business, its advertising prices have also steadily increased. Bloomberg noted this summer that it is increasing takeover announcements of the homepage, its most valuable real estate, to over $ 2 million on best days – like the holidays. Reuters also noted that TikTok saw a 500% increase in the number of advertisers running campaigns in the United States from early 2020 to late, although ad sales are still low compared to other major platforms. .

Image credits: eMarketer

This continues to be the case in 2021, as TikTok’s US advertising revenue is eclipsed by other social brands. In fact, TikTok was not even broken down in eMarketer’s recent tab of US ad revenue, where it is instead lumped into an “Other” category with other smaller social networks which, combined, are expected to reach 1. $ 3 billion in 2021.

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IPO Cosmetics launches portable aromatherapy on the go

M-Patch is a premium soft felt patch infused with our special blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils.

Experience portable aromatherapy on the go with M-Patch.

Our M-Patch is so refreshing it makes you forget you’re wearing a mask.

– Michelle Kim, CEO of IPO Cosmetics

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Wearing masks is no fun from the mask-ne (acne mask) to the uncomfortable congestion associated with it. It gets worse the longer you have to wear the mask, especially during your long day at work. This is exactly the kind of problem that the M-Patch of Cosmetics IPO was designed to solve.

IPO Cosmetics CEO Michelle Kim describes M-Patch as “freshness in your face” and that’s exactly what you should expect.

M-Patch is a premium quality patch made from a soft, breathable felt infused with essential oils without artificial additives and including lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and bergamot.

It is designed to go on the outer surface of the mask. Every time you inhale, you get a healthy and refreshing dose of aromatic essential oils.

Each of these natural essential oils has a lot to offer you. If you suffer from frequent headaches, allergic rhinitis, or sinus issues, peppermint and eucalyptus oils will help provide relief and keep things nice and clear.

In addition, lemon and bergamot infusions have a perfect soothing effect for these stressful times we are living through.

M-Patch oils all have a cooling effect which comes in handy if you experience any skin irritation or rashes, whether or not it’s related to wearing the mask. The feeling of a cool breeze on your skin will not only help relieve the irritation.

The M-Patch will transform the often uncomfortable experience of wearing a mask into a wearable aromatherapy on the go.

“Our M-Patch is so refreshing it makes you forget you’re wearing a mask,” Kim added.

IPO Cosmetics has already been recognized by some of the biggest publications in the world, including InStyle, teenVOGUE, Nylon and The Zoe Report, and recently received the ‘Best Sheet Mask Brand’ award of 2020 by Luxe Life.

Visit ItsPerfectOn.com for more information on the launch of the M-Patch and IPO Cosmetics products.

Michelle kim
Cosmetics IPO
write us here

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4,892 new cases, 1,429,940 in total as of September 30, 2021

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Pennsylvania Department of Health today confirmed that at midnight on Thursday, September 30, there were 4,892 additional positive cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 1,429,940 in statewide.

There are 2,795 people hospitalized with COVID-19. Of that number, 694 patients are in the intensive care unit with COVID-19. More data is available here.

The trend in the 14-day moving average number of inpatients continues to increase. The full 14-day moving average since the start of the pandemic can be found here.

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The statewide percentage of positivity for the week of September 17-23 was 8.9%.

As of 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 77 new deaths were identified by the Pennsylvania Death Registry, reported for a total of 29,400 deaths attributed to COVID-19. County specific information and a statewide map are available on the COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Ministry of Health provides weekly updated case counts for two age groups: 0-4 years for children of child care and early learning age and 5- 18 years for children from kindergarten to high school. The number of cases will be updated Thursday afternoon for the previous week and cumulative since August 16, 2021, by county of residence. The numbers of cases presented are total numbers of cases in these age groups and are not necessarily cases exposed in educational, early learning or child care facilities. The location of the exhibit cannot be determined, but it may have occurred in a variety of settings, including the community, household / family, or school setting.

The number of cases of COVID-19 in school-aged children (between 5 and 18 years old) is 12.2 times higher this year than in 2020. In fact, between September 15 and 21, 2020, there are had a total of 650 cases of COVID-19 in school-aged children compared to 7,928 cases in the same age group during the same week in 2021.

The last the data are available in the “Updated information on cases and deaths” section of the website.



September 17 – September 23

county Positivity rate
Pear 19.9%
Franklin 15.9%
Adams 15.2%
Juniata 14.9%
Dolphin 13.2%
Lebanon 13.0%
York 13.0%
Lancaster 11.3%
Mifflin 11.3%
Cumberland 10.8%
State average: 8.2% | Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

Strengths of the vaccine

Federal data representing the 67 counties:

  • According to the CDC, as of Wednesday, September 29, Pennsylvania ranks 5the among the 50 states for total doses administered.
  • According to the CDC, as of Wednesday, September 29, 68.7% of Pennsylvanians aged 18 and over were fully vaccinated.

State-wide data representing the 66 counties within the vaccine jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health:

  • The Pennsylvania Vaccine Dashboard was updated on Friday, July 9 to more accurately reflect the number of people partially and fully vaccinated in each county outside of Philadelphia, as well as the demographics of those vaccinated. For state-to-state comparisons, see CDC vaccine data tracking.
  • Vaccinators have administered 12,756,615 total doses of vaccine, including 121,741 additional doses authorized for immunocompromised people, as of Thursday, September 30.
  • 6,202,637 people are fully vaccinated; with 32,482 vaccines administered since yesterday and a seven-day moving average of more than 15,400 people per day vaccinated.

Department continues to urge Pennsylvanians to follow CDC advice for wearing a mask when required by law, rules and regulations, including healthcare, local business and workplace counseling. For their protection and that of others, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people are always encouraged to wear a mask in public. The CDC also recommends that all people wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of high or high transmission.

There are 224,612 people who have a positive viral antigen test and are considered probable cases.

To date, 5,453,490 people have tested negative.

In licensed nursing and personal care homes, there have been a total of 76,453 resident cases of COVID-19 to date, and 16,311 cases among employees, for a total of 92,764 in 1,625 separate facilities across the country. the 67 counties. Of the total number of deaths reported to PA-NEDSS, 14,116 have occurred among residents of nursing or personal care facilities. A county breakdown can be found here. Note that the number of deaths reported to NEDSS is not exactly the same as COVID-19-related deaths reported by the death registry. The number of deaths among residents and employees of nursing and health care homes is taken from PA-NEDSS death data, as this information is not available in the death registry data.

About 31,109 of the total cases involve healthcare workers.

Statewide – The Wolf Administration has since noon on September 29:

The Department of Health strives to ensure that the vaccine is provided in an ethical, fair and effective manner to all Pennsylvanians:

  • All Pennsylvanians aged 12 and over are eligible to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine. Use Vaccine research to find a COVID-19 vaccine supplier near you.
  • A Commonwealth COVID-19 Vaccination Guide explains the current process for obtaining one. Pennsylvanians with questions about the immunization process can call the Department of Health hotline at 1-877-724-3258.
  • Vaccine Dashboard Data can also be viewed on the website to find more information on doses administered and to present demographic information.
  • The United Against COVID Weekly Update is a summary of the news you can use and answers to your most pressing vaccine questions – delivered straight to your inbox every week.
  • Frequently asked questions can be found here.

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How JCPenney Fills the Sephora Void – Glossy

As JCPenney ends its partnership with Sephora, the retailer is launching its new beauty section this fall with new partners and a wide range of independent and inclusive brands.

On Thursday, the retailer will announce that more than 170 brands will be included in JCPenney Beauty, its new in-store and online beauty section that will officially launch in October at 10 select stores and online. To organize part of its selection of brands, JCPenney relied on the B2B beauty market International landing and inclusive beauty e-merchant Thirteen Lune. JCPenney Beauty is expected to roll out to 600 stores by 2023, after its Sephora partnership ends in 2022.

Michelle Wlazlo, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at JCPenney, described the new offering as “hyper-inclusive.” It will include brands of mass, masstige and prestige. According to a spokesperson for JCPenney, “almost half” of the brands stored will be in the masstige category.

“Our client told us they wanted a larger assortment of brands at different prices, and to better meet those needs, we created JCPenney Beauty, ”said the spokesperson.

As Sephora locations are phased out, the retailer is renovating its beauty spaces with an open floor plan and natural wood. Thirteen Lune will have a branded shop-in-shop section. The 10 stores that will be open in October are based in Davenport, Florida; Dearborn, MI; Greenville, North Carolina; McAllen, Texas; Mesquite, Texas; Niles, OH; Springfield, Missouri; Saint-Cloud, Minnesota; Trumbull, CT and Whittier, California.

The retailer worked with Landing International to organize a group of 17 independent, minority-owned platform brands to sell as part of the lineup. The group includes brands from Landing International’s BIPOC list of brands, including Kmoni Cosmetics and Everyday Humans. The platform’s selection includes several K-beauty brands such as Cosrx and Hanskin.

“We looked at probably over 100 brands with them, and we really picked the ones that were unique and different,” said Sarah Chung, CEO of Landing International.

Thirteen Lune, meanwhile, organized a bundle of 28 brands for JCPenney which are also available on its own site. They include Wander Beauty, which is also stocked at Sephora, as well as other independent brands such as Shaz & Kiks, Joanna Vargas, Anové and Pholk.

Pholk, a skincare brand focused on consumers with melanin-rich skin or those who are vegan / plant-based, is targeting millennials with this launch.

“Growing up in Kentucky, I always went shopping at JCPenny with my mom and friends. The company provided the beauty and wellness experience that I wanted from every store offered at the time, ”said Niambi Cacchioli, founder of Pholk.

“As a small black-owned business, the fact that we have the opportunity to launch with JCPenny and Thirteen Moon is exciting as the focus on inclusiveness is directly linked to our brand values,” said Evonna Kuehner, founder of Anové skincare brand.

JCPenney’s in-house team curated the rest of the brand list, which includes JCPenney Mirabella and Makeup Geek’s exclusive brands, as well as I’m Meme, Nooni, Kleem Organics, and Better Natured Haircare.

Expansion into these retailers brings the ‘opportunity for scale, growth and profitability, while also bringing so much recognition. [to] and amplify those brands we partner with, ”said Nyakio Grieco, Founder and CEO of Thirteen Lune.

For Thirteen Moon, the partnership is “a game changer, when you think of going from a platform that works and performs above our expectations to now this omnichannel experience where we’re going to have a 600 door footprint,” said declared Grieco.

JCPenney settled a legal dispute with Sephora in May 2020 after the department store accused Sephora of trying to prematurely terminate its long-term contract. After both parties renegotiated, Sephora announced its new partnership with Kohl’s in December 2020.

“Sephora inside JCPenney will continue to operate both in-store and online throughout the transition to our new Beauty experience. We are committed to the current partnership, which will expire at the end of 2022, ”said a spokesperson for JCPenney.

The new JCPenney offering provides a new department store opportunity for independent brands leaving Kohl’s due to its new partnership with Sephora. Kmoni Cosmetics, for example, was previously stored at Kohl’s via Landing International before Sephora took over the retailer’s beauty section.

“When you work with independent brands, you bring different kinds of things,” Chung said. “There is more innovation when you bring in independent brands, [and] you get products that target people of color more.

Below is the full list of Thirteen Lune brands entering JCPenney Beauty:

Authoritarian cosmetics
Cashmere Moon
CTZN Cosmetics
Joanna Vargas
Liha Beauty
Mischo Beauty
Mora Cosmetics
Prados Beauty
Sara Happ
Shaz & Kiks
Skot Beauty
wander beauty

The brands selected via Landing International are:

Pure lotus
Unplugged essentials
The renatural
St. Moriz
Clean circle
Everyday humans
Kmoni cosmetics
When beauty
Middle ground
By Wishtrend
Organic skin care
Keep calm

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Global Personal Care Wipes Market Grows Demand From Industry Professionals 2027 – Stillwater Current

Global Personal care wipes The market report presents in-depth information about the industry and a comprehensive forecast study from 2021 to 2027. The new research report studies the global and regional presence of the Personal Care Wipes market. Development factors, growth opportunities, and market drivers are the major highlights of the report. The report provides information on the major Personal Care Wipes market players, their market position, revenue study, and growth tactics. Various applications, product types, geographic regions, and market value are concentrated in this broad scope of report. Market drivers, growth opportunities throughout the forecast period are discussed in this report. Growth rate and market value are also examined for the world as well as the region from 2015 to 2020. Manufacturer Detail: Rockline Industries, Diamond Wipes International, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Procter and Gamble, NicePak International, Meridian Industries, La Fresh, Unicharm International, Edgewell Personal Care, Johnson & Johnson, Body Wipe Company, DUDE Products

Competition in the market

Each company presented in the research paper is studied taking into account various factors such as the product and its application portfolios, market share, growth potential, future plans and development activities such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, product launches, etc. understanding and knowledge of the competitive landscape. More importantly, the report throws light on the significant strategies that key and emerging players are adopting to maintain their ranking in the global Personal Care Wipes market. It shows how the competition in the market will evolve over the next few years and how players are preparing to stay ahead.

Request a FREE sample report

Main segmentation details

Global Personal Care Wipes Product Types in Detail:

Baby, General, Intimate, Cosmetic

Global Personal Care Wipes Main Applications / End Users:

Online, Supermarket / Hypermarket, Specialty store, Pharmacy, Others

Geographic analysis: North America, Europe, Japan, China and other regions (India, Southeast Asia)

Highlights of the report:

  • The report provides a detailed study of current and future industry trends to identify investment analysis.
  • Industry forecasts, using estimated market values, have been mentioned up to 2025.
  • Market dynamics such as industry specific drivers, restraints, threats, opportunities and challenges
  • Key industry trends across all market segments and sub-segments, geographies and countries.
  • Key developments and determined strategies in the market.
  • Detailed profiling of key competitors and entering market players.
  • Growth prospects among emerging countries throughout the forecast period.
  • Market opportunities and recommendations for new investments.

Get Detailed Global Personal Care Wipes Market Research Report 2021: https://www.syndicatemarketresearch.com/market-analysis/personal-care-wipes-market.html

Below are the 12 chapters provided in the report to provide a clear and detailed understanding of the Personal Care Wipes industry:

Chapter 1, covers product description, specifications, pictures, classification and various applications of personal care wipes;

Chapter 2, provides the value structure and industry overview covering raw material cost, administrative cost, manufacturing cost, supplier and buyer information of Personal Care Wipes industry;

chapter 3, tips technical riders covering volume, production capacity, industrial base, research and development and other sources;

Chapter 4, means the detailed market research, price trend, import-export scenario and sales network of personal care wipes;

Chapter 5 and 6, the regional presence of the industry is studied in this chapter, namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa;

Chapter 7 and 8, this chapter covers application information and major manufacturers in the industry;

Chapter 9, The price trend analysis for the global and regional market by different applications and types is covered in this chapter;

Chapter 10, indicates supply chain data, utilization rate, EXIM scenario for regional and international market to present a detailed approach;

Chapter 11, this chapter studies the information on Consumer Analysis;

Chapter 12, the last chapter presents the conclusion, analysts’ opinions, research sources, in-depth research methodology and research results;

Read our other trend reports @

Contact us:

Syndicate market research

244 Fifth Avenue, Suite N202

New York, 10001, United States

Email ID: [email protected]

Website: https://www.syndicatemarketresearch.com

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Keya Cosmetics thrives under the leadership of Miraz Hossain

TBS Report

September 30, 2021, 10:05 am

Last modification: September 30, 2021, 10:07 AM

Director Keya Cosmetics M Miraz Hossain. Photo: RP


Director Keya Cosmetics M Miraz Hossain. Photo: RP

Keya Cosmetics Ltd, one of the most reputable national companies in the cosmetics and toiletries industry in Bangladesh, has moved from its fragile market position to its new manager, Mr Miraz Hossain.

Although it ran the business fairly well from 2000 to 2009, the company began to lag behind other consumer goods manufacturers in terms of market share and popularity, a press release said.

Keya Cosmetics shares have moved from category Z to category B. It currently has around 400 distributors across the country, up from just 250 in 2017.

Until 2016, the company had the lowest local sales in its history for various lapses and errors.

To save the company, the chairman, Abdul Khaleque Pathan, appointed Mr. Miraz Hossain, managing director of MP Sweaters Ltd, as director.

Miraz began to rectify the weakest points of the business and the story began to change.

He made a positive change to the company’s existing distribution system, supply chain management, human resources practice, marketing strategy and management styles.

He set the vision to reclaim Keya’s position and grow further.

Ms. Miraz Hossain has proven himself as a successful leader as before by continuously achieving company goals. Overcoming the weaknesses of the past, Keya Cosmetics Ltd now continues its activity at full speed.

In tune with the times, the company partnered with super stores and e-commerce platforms like Shwapno, Agora and Lavender, etc.

The company may have lost its old position due to some competition, lack of feasibility, lack of diversification in the product portfolio and irregularities in the supply chain.

Ms. Miraz Hossain addressed these issues and implemented a new policy and strategy that makes the company stronger to compete with its competitors.

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This $ 35 Sephora Beauty Box Enables Black-Owned Businesses

Black beauty box

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and offers that we love. If you too like them and decide to buy through the links below, we may receive a commission. Prices and availability are subject to change.

There is nothing better than a beauty box which houses all your favorite brands. Right now, there is a special one for a good cause available at Sephora.

Black Owned Sephora Favorites Beauty Set, $ 35

Credit: Sephora

Credit: Sephora

Buy now

This kit contains makeup, skin care and hair care products from various brands owned by Blacks housed at Sephora. Beloved brands like Briogeo, Fenty Skin, Bread Beauty Supply, Adwoa Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs and more are part of the partnership. If that’s not enough, Sephora will also donate $ 20 from the sale of each kit to the 15 Percent Pledge.

According to Sephora, “The 15% pledge is for economic equality and prosperity for future black founders, black students and black people in the workforce. Launched in 2020 by Aurora James, the initiative was born out of the recognition of multiple acts of social injustice and police brutality in the United States – with a lack of accountability for the systemic issues at stake. “

“This beauty box is the best I have ever had the opportunity to purchase,” wrote one happy five-star reviewer. Such an incredible introduction to some wonderful black owned beauty brands, and I hope this is just the first of many other boxes like this showcasing more black beauty brands to come for Sephora.

Another reviewer pointed out the packaging and the products. They wrote: “Love the packaging and the nice selection of products including the Fenty and Pat McGrath brands to try. Worth more than the cost, all for a good cause.

Get your hands on this beauty box while supplies last and get some new beauty brands on your radar!

If you liked this article, check out the best brown lipsticks for brunette skin.

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The post This $ 35 Sephora Beauty Box Lets Black-Owned Businesses first appeared on In The Know.

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Book Review: “I’ll Answer Your Questions Now,” by Stephanie Grisham

Grisham, we learn, a divorced mother of average who previously argued over reporters for Mitt Romney, has spent much of her tenure in the West Wings and is simmering quietly in worry. She simmered about Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former Vogue student and Melania’s first advisor, who wrote one of the first and most revealing. About Dan Scavino, the tweet manager who was apparently a real hotel room diva and the like. About an unnamed ex, widely known as former White House aide Max Miller, dubbed the “Music Man” for choosing showy tunes to soothe the stormy big boss’s wild chest. About Mark Meadows, the late-day chief of staff to whom, on a “Trump White House scale of horror, with a five being the most terrible person in the world,” Grisham gives a 12. About Lindsey Graham, whom she nicknamed “Senator Freeloader” for her “crass and sticky” way of sucking up appetizers by the Bedminster pool. What about Jared Kushner? He is “Rasputin in a fitted suit”.

Credit…Megan Colson

It doesn’t matter “Lost”; Grisham has far more classic analogies to pop culture at its fingertips. In search of dinner with the British royal family, the extended Trump family reminds a colleague of the ’60s sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies”, ready to turn the bowls. She compares Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus to Oscar and Felix, the slob and groomed roommates in “The Odd Couple”. Stretching out her own silk headdress with a comb, hairdryer, spray and oversized scissors, Trump is the delusional, straightening Norma Desmond from one of her favorite movies, “Sunset Boulevard.” Watching the returns of the 2020 election with colleagues she then considered bizarre aliens suggests “a ‘Star Wars’ cantina scene produced by the One America News Network.”

Most poignantly, the author introduces herself and Melania, whom she has moved away from since she finally resigned, during the Capitol Uprising, as Thelma and Louise: Seizing Feminist Hands Against Betrayals and Trump’s various and frequent irregularities. “My daughter,” as Grisham repeatedly refers to her former employer, loved to text strong arm emoji as a token of favor. “We were rebels,” she writes, “loving the life and living the dream” – though when Grisham offers a girls shoot on Mar-a-Lago beach during the Stormy Daniels scandal, Melania can’t help but consider a possible photo op. (The exit was missed.) Grisham, an insecure TJ Maxx client of her appearance, seems both dismayed and captivated by Melania’s scrupulous attention to high-end fashion and isolated personal grooming.

As Melania’s spokesperson, Grisham certainly had her work cut out for her. Despite Melania’s supposed ease in five languages, the first lady’s preferred mode was silence, leaving reporters feverishly overanalyzing the messages sent by outerwear such as a $ 51,500 Dolce & Gabbana embroidered cocoon coat provided. by his delicious-sounding stylist, Hervé Pierre – “it’s not also if Michelle Obama and Laura Bush were walking around in burlap bags”, sniffs Grisham in defense – or the famous “I Really Don’t Care , Do U? Zara’s jacket, “that damn jacket,” oddly pictured again on the back cover of this book. (Should it be kept at the Smithsonian?)

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Destiny 2 should give more love to its cosmetics

As a loot shooter, one of the defining characteristics of Destiny 2 is his loot system. Over the years, the game has expanded the different types of gear that players can get with a variety of weapons and armor. From cosmetics on weapons to ships to sparrow mounts, players were able to find various flashy items. While exotic weapons are an easy example to cite for items in Destiny 2 that gamers are looking for, the shaders have also given the community some customization options.

Weapon and armor shaders in Destiny 2 allows players to customize their characters, weapons, ships and sparrows according to the aesthetic desired by fans. However, this feature has been mentioned many times in the community around Destiny 2 because of some of his problems. While Bungie recently addressed some fan concerns regarding the synthesis of armor in Destiny 2, there are still some aspects of cosmetics that could be improved.

RELATED: Destiny 2 Designer Shares Details of Cool Lost Weapons Season

Improving Destiny 2 shaders

A Destiny 2 player suggests adding old shaders to Xur's loot pool.

To improve the player experience and the quality of life in Destiny 2, when it comes to cosmetics, some fans have already started discussing ideas. As a live service game, Destiny 2 has browsed quite a bit of content since its release, and as a result, there are a lot of items that new and old players may have missed and can no longer obtain. Things like Gambit’s Jadestone Shader and Raid Shaders can be highly coveted by fans. However, because some of these activities have been vaulted or completed, their cosmetic items can no longer be obtained for those who had not already received them.

A simple solution that players have found is to add these items to Xur’s loot pool. The mysterious Jovian vendor recently had an overhaul of the items he supplies, expanding his inventory beyond traditional exotic items, engrams, and crypto quests. Expanding its inventory to include the old shaders would make sense and allow players to get any legacy cosmetic items they want.

There may be player concerns for things like raiding shaders and other activities, but there is a balanced solution. For general cosmetic items, like those that simply fell at random or may have been part of a questline, they could be added to the Monument to the Lost Lights. The vendor is already stocking exotic weapons like Leviathan’s Breath and pinnacle weapons that players can no longer obtain, and the addition of old cosmetics and collectibles seems like a pretty clear step forward.

There are certain items like shaders, sparrows, ghosts, or ships that have been rewarded for extremely difficult activities which should however be omitted from this pool. Items like the Cottontail Ghost case, which is actually still available in Destiny 2, should not be available in a vendor pool or in the Monument to Lost Lights. The sheer difficulty of doing something like a solo run of a certain activity should always carry weight, and the rewards offered shouldn’t be made easy to obtain now that they’re gone.

Nonetheless, general items could easily be added to the monument to the lost lights. To keep in tune with other raid gear, returning raid cosmetics could also cost Conquest loot, similar to weapons like Anarchy. This would provide a balanced way for these cosmetic items to be obtainable by players who don’t look like they’re just being handed out when others had to grind for them.

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Destiny 1 Shaders

Fate's Glow Cap Rise 2

Similar to some of the coveted shaders that Destiny 2 players got a lot of high quality shaders that were released in the first one destiny Game. The recent addition of the Vault of Glass raid to Destiny 2, which was the first raid launched in destiny, also had classic weapon retaliation and a reinterpretation of the Chatterwhite shader with Bitterpearl. Chatterwhite was iconic for its color scheme being a solid white. It was odd in the face of the uncertain history of the Glass Vault and it seemed fitting, but the reintroduction into Destiny 2 was comparatively lacking.

While many gamers have noticed that Gambit Chrome essentially fills the void left by the Bitterpearl shader which is not loyal to Chatterwhite, that cannot be said for the other iconic shaders of the first. destiny Game. Shaders like Glowhoo, Queen’s Web and Weldfire all deserve to be brought back to the destiny franchise in their truest forms. These were cool cosmetic rewards that provided incredible visual palettes for player guardians.

While Destiny 2 showcased their own cool shaders, it struggles to provide shiny ones like Glowhoo, Queen’s Web and Weldfire or the ability to pose on solid colors like Superblack did in the first destiny. See a lot, if not all of those past shaders ushered in Destiny 2 would be great. While the game is a solid improvement over its predecessor and has been able to evolve, especially with the incredible tales of Season of the Splicer and Season of the Lost, it could still borrow from the original. destiny.

Shaders on exotic weapons in Destiny 2

fate 2 Ager's Scepter reddit super charge strategy bungie

A cosmetic feature that gives the impression of being both destiny games should now have allowed the application of exotic weapon shaders. While weapon and armor adornments were introduced in Exotics in Destiny 2, they still don’t provide much when it comes to personalization. Oddly enough, exotic armor and adornments allow players to apply shaders, but exotic weapons and adornments do not.

This in itself can be frustrating. While not being able to shader Exotics can already be a bummer for fans, being able to shader Exotic armor and not Exotic weapons is almost worse. This is not to say that the adornments provided are not exciting. Exotic ornaments often surprise players and add a special wow factor, but being able to customize weapons like Ager’s scepter would be that much more special.

Since these weapons can last a while and only have a limited number of weapon adornments released, and creating new ones takes time and developer work, shaders seem to be the way to go. . Being able to customize exotic weapons with shaders would be a great alternative, but it’s not an option. Hopefully in the future this will be fixed and maybe Witch Queen fans can see improvements in the way cosmetics are handled in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Savathun, the Witch Queen, stands in front of the black pyramid that resides in her throne world in Destiny 2.
Destiny 2: Savathun’s Hive Should Not Be Redeemed

Savathun the Witch Queen is one of Destiny 2’s hive gods and is a major villain despite his current actions in Season of the Lost.

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Future Commerce Releases Second Annual Nine by Nine Report, Celebrating 81 Brands That Are Changing Our World

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, September 29, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Future Commerce, the retail media research startup that aims to help e-commerce companies create strategic vision, today announced the release of its second Nine by nine report, which celebrates 81 innovative brands, retailers, services and collective organizations across nine categories that define what makes a brand meaningful to today’s consumer.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210929005236/en/

Future Commerce Nine by Nine 2021 Report Categories (Graphic: Business Wire)

This year’s report explores the nature of the customer who, after relying on e-commerce to meet their needs during the pandemic, has gone back to brick and mortar. It was there that she discovered more direct-to-consumer brands than ever before. She also finds an explosion of private labels occupying an increasingly important space. When shopping online, she sees that DTC brands are engaging in more channels than ever before. Not only are brands omnichannel, but now their customers are too.

“Claims regarding the size and scale of the digital shift in e-commerce during the pandemic have been grossly overestimated,” said Phillip Jackson, co-founder of Future Commerce. “The point is, customers are returning to in-store purchases, and emerging brands will need to go omnichannel in order to meet customers where they are. “

During the preparation of this report, nine recurring themes have surfaced during our pandemic year:

  1. DTC matures. Digital native brands that have gone beyond the ‘DTC’ moniker and evolved into full omnichannel retail. Skims, the official underwear brand of the US Olympic team, and NOBULL embody the DTCers who have come of age.

  2. Including. Brands that embrace – and provide products for – every person, regardless of gender, size, income level or skin condition. Rihanna became a billionaire thanks to her successful inclusive beauty brand, Fenty. Girlfriend Collective deserves to be celebrated for its ethical and size-inclusive brand market.

  3. Put the C in CX. Every brand talks about putting the customer first, these brands do it in a meaningful way for the consumer, like CAMP, who has built a toy store that their customers can play in.

  4. Niche markets. Organized markets, like Radical Girl Gang, select brands for their audience so their customers get the biggest and best products available.

  5. Private label “Grails”. Some private labels, like Target’s Cat & Jack ™ and Hearth & Hand ™, have found the holy grail: better than branded products, and more affordable too. Customers love them.

  6. Metaverse as a shopping center. These are the brands – Etherum, Discord, Bored Ape Yacht Club – that combine to digitally replicate real life. They fuel the economy of the Metaverse and various communities, and give consumers a definite purpose during their stay.

  7. I can’t afford real life yet (CARLY). Last year’s report introduced CARLY, but the pandemic changed her a bit. She still cares about social justice, but now she identifies with what she buys. She still doesn’t have a lot of money, but she’ll fall for a non-sexist handbag from Telfar.

  8. The art of performance as a business. These brands take advantage of the absurd to make their voices heard and their operators are divided into three operating modes: artists, authors and anarchists. The perfect example of this category: Elon Musk, The PT Barnum of performance art.

  9. Well-being. Well-being continues to take center stage in our psyche, but the category is expanding to new horizons. Alma’s Marketplace makes it easy for people to find mental health services, while Apple fights child pornography. Walmart is launching health clinics in thousands of its hypermarkets and doing more to ensure consumers have access to health care than all of our politicians put together.

“Customer expectations before the pandemic were focused on speed of delivery and brand promise. Today, as we face supply chain and inventory challenges, we see that customer expectations are focused on price and availability, ”said Brian Lange, co-founder of Future Commerce . .

Create nine by nine

To create this report, Future Commerce researched a wide range of diverse thinkers, founders, builders and innovators. In partnership with market research firm Method + Mode and the Future Commerce Expert Network (which includes operators of brands like Tapestry, Clorox, Starbucks, Disney, SC Johnson and Wayfair), billions of consumer signals via the networks social media were extracted using Surge.ai, and dozens of operators interviewed, and together a framework was created that not only assesses the effectiveness of a brand’s ability to change the world, but helps to discover emerging brands that are working hard to build a better future.

Nine by nine is available for immediate download, free of charge. Download now at www.ninebynine.report

About future trade

Future Commerce is a media company dedicated to discovering and exchanging ideas that lead to future-altering results for us and the world around us. We deliver a vertically oriented podcast specific to the retail world trusted by nearly 20,000 people each month, along with programming focused on many verticals, with a single voice and a diverse group of contributors, views and opinions that millions of people trust. . Learn more at www.futurecommerce.fm.

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