6 minimalist makeup tips for a fresh look + basics

Of course, the trend has a practical element: using fewer products is respectful of your budget and your schedule. Rather than splurging on a handful of palettes, you might indulge in a basics or two to use for your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. If you previously had products on products spilling out on your shelves, reducing your routine to a few versatile staples is a welcome relief.

But minimalist makeup itself is also, in a way, liberating. Especially in a world riddled with video calls and virtual blocks, “you might have gotten used to seeing what you look like every day and fallen in love with yourself in a whole new way,” says Crimson. As a result, maybe you forgo the corrector (Dark circles be damned) but still want to swirl on a pink blush or have fun with the shadow to add life to the equation. “It’s really that breath of fresh air, as far as beauty is concerned,” says Crimson.

Compton agrees: “Makeup is not a mask but a stimulating tool for building confidence and instilling joy,” she says. “We wear makeup on our own terms because we love to do it, not because we have to.” That’s not to say we should ditch the glitz and glam entirely – we might just have two or three products to nail the look rather than a robust 10-step diet.

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