Making the right buying choices and being more aware is key. The beauty industry is booming, but it has an impact on the environment. Our shopping habits have the ability to influence change, especially when it comes to what we buy on our top shelf. Besides being able to treat our skin issues, ensuring a beauty brand is cruelty-free and vegan can help change the narrative. Check out these Indian beauty brands that promise to save the planet one beauty product at a time.

Best Indian Beauty Brands to Invest in 2022

Pahadi Local’s Pure Apricot Kernel Oil is sourced from orchards in Upper Himachal Pradesh. This oil is non-greasy and non-sticky, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. Gutti Ka Tel is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins A, E and C. It has a nutty scent which is not as long lasting as its moisturizing effects.

Use The Coconut People‘Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub’ to get rid of the wear and tear on your body after a hard day’s work. The richness of coffee beans mixed with the beneficial care of coconut exfoliates dead cells and re-energizes the texture and tone of your skin.

If you suffer from these skin issues, this Sea Buckthorn Face Serum from Mitti Se is a great choice. It eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, makes the skin supple and firm, cleanses the skin from within, gives a fresh glow, for all skin types.

This 100% pure and organic cold-pressed Carrier castor oil is obtained by pressing castor beans. It is rich in essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamin E. It controls hair loss, deeply conditions dry and damaged hair, helps lock in hair’s natural moisture and revives hair follicles for better hair growth. hair.

A moisturizing cleanser and conditioner infused with aloe vera, green tea and neem, Khadi Intense Cleanse Pack Natural Hair Cleanser and Conditioner helps gently cleanse dirt and remove oil from the scalp. It also helps strengthen hair follicles making hair smooth and voluminous. It also helps maintain healthy scalp as it contains antibacterial and cooling agents that relieve scalp irritation. Its concentration of vitamin E helps nourish the scalp. This product is well worth the money.

This “Intensive Hair Therapy Oil” is an Ayurvedic hair oil, prepared with aromatic and medicinal curry leaves and hibiscus, and it is an excellent remedy for hair loss and premature graying. It deeply nourishes the hair, encourages hair growth and makes it shiny and strong from the roots with a blend of powerful nutrients such as Bhringraj, Triphala, Brahmi, Nagarmotha and Methi Seeds soaked in sesame, coconut, almond, and mustard.

This is a fabulous natural face pack from VAADI Herbs it is a skin lightening treatment that also reduces skin blemishes and removes pigment spots from the skin.

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