Beauty tools make great gifts: they’re personal, all about personal grooming, and prices range from ridiculously low to the crazy item your friend or family member might not think of getting. . We have hand-picked some items that go from the top of the head to the toes.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a personal care product is that hair and skin types differ, and this difference is significant. You may not always be aware of a preference or need when purchasing a beauty gift for someone else, so unless it is very easy to convey (like a jar nail polish), take the extra time to ensure you select a gift receipt online. , in case your loved one needs to make an exchange.


For that person in your life who loves a blowout but hates the hassle of getting one at home, this Revlon brush is a serious game changer for your hair. It’s a hair dryer and styling brush combo that saves you from having to hold two different styling tools at once.

We can personally attest to how brilliant this brush is, and almost everyone we know who has tried it feels the same. For example, one of us had to spend 20 minutes trying to blow out our naturally curly hair. But now we let it air dry slightly and then spend about 5-10 minutes with this brush. That’s all it takes for straight hair that has a bouncy “I’m from the salon” look.


We all want to look our best everywhere we go, and unfortunately a lot of hair tools really don’t work on black women who have tight coils. Lucky for us, companies have gotten the hang of it and have started developing products that can help us get closer to our best looks, including Pattern Beauty by actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

Three tools are included in this set: a hair pick, a wide tooth comb and a shower brush. A wide-tooth comb is great for detangling hair without pulling it out, and a toothpick defines an afro while detangling the ends of your hair. And the shower brush can tackle tangles in the water if preferred.

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For manicure and pedicure enthusiasts, this Olive and June home manicure set comes with a nail polish bottle handle designed specifically for someone who paints their nails (as opposed to someone who paints their nails). made for you). The wide, flat handle gives you better control while painting, and it’s more comfortable to hold than a regular nail polish bottle handle. The kit also includes a jar of nail polish remover, nail clipper, file, buffer cube, top coat, nail polish and cuticle serum.


Here is another Revlon product that cannot be ignored. It can be used on any type of hair, but for our curly hair, this hair dryer takes from tight coils to stretched strands, all in under an hour. He really transformed the way we straighten hair before styling it.

This tool has three different heat settings, but we usually use the lowest one to avoid drying out the hair cuticles or damaging them from excessive heat. The machine also cools down quickly and is easy to store, although it is a bit bulky.


For that person who always uses white stripes, help them brighten up their smile with this tech kit that steps up their teeth whitening game. The kit uses an LED light and heat mouthpiece (similar to professional teeth whitening treatments) which is supposed to make teeth whiter, faster. The device syncs with an app so you know how long and how often you need to use the device, get reminders about when to use it, and track your teeth whitening progress.


Pedicures are just as important as manicures. It is essential that you take the time to indulge yourself, especially for the part of the body that is often neglected. Packed with a ton of tools, this kit contains everything you will need to remove dead skin, freshen your cuticles, clean and trim your nails, salon style.


Like all Dyson products, this chic, modern and high-tech hairdryer is a gift madness – for yourself or for others. Increasingly found in professional salons, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer dries hair quickly and with minimal heat damage. With a number of accessories, it controls the air in different ways and is suitable for the range of hair types.

For example, the Dyson Supersonic comes with a flyaway attachment, styling concentrator, diffuser, soft air attachment and wide tooth comb that can give you a salon ready look. Buyers with hair types 4A to 4C should keep in mind that each accessory except the wide tooth comb may require your hair to be straightened before use. If you’re using wigs, weaves, or extensions, you should be fine.


This Dermaflash pore extractor and serum infuser will help you prepare your pores with its extraction tool, then infuse the benefits of your moisturizer onto your skin. Anyone familiar with the face can tell you that monthly esthetician visits can add up quickly. This tool can give you great, fast facial treatment for a fraction of the price – and it’s a pampering gift for anyone looking for smooth, hydrated skin.

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have about a health problem or health goals.

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