Inside cosmetic surgeon Daffodil Chantrey’s gorgeous Cheshire home as she reveals her 10-minute beauty routine

As an aesthetic doctor, Jonquille Chantrey works to help others feel better about themselves and now she has lifted the veil on her life, her career and her own health and beauty regimen.

Daffodil invited us to her gorgeous Cheshire home as she revealed the routine she swears by morning and night by.

It sounds rigorous but Jonquille says it only takes him 10 minutes.

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“In terms of the exterior, the skin is always crucial. I watch the antioxidants, I always use a vitamin C in the morning. I use salicylic acid to shrink my sebaceous glands. I use different types of acids. to wash my face, different tonics and solutions and vitamin C, and retinol and sunscreen, ”she explained.

“At the most, it takes me 10 minutes.

Jonquille is a leader in its field

“Wash face, exfoliate, dry, apply solution, then antioxidant, then sunscreen, then wash at night, make sure all makeup is off and then the same.

“People are overwhelmed when I explain my protocol to them, but in fact, within two to three weeks, my skin feels better and looks better.

“Everyone wants smoother, brighter skin. The biggest trend over time is beautiful skin.”

She practices mindfulness, meditation and yoga

For her inner health, Jonquille practices mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and takes supplements.

One of the world’s leading experts in fillers and botox, who has traveled the world speaking at international seminars, Daffodil’s clinic, One Aesthetic Studio, is based at Alderley Edge.

There, she also facilitates yoga and wellness sessions to help patients achieve wellness on the inside as well as work on their outside body.

Jonquille, a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, studied at Manchester High School for Girls as a scholarship student before studying medicine and surgery at Nottingham Medical School.

She worked at Booth Hall Hospital in Blackley, specializing in intensive care and children’s burns before specializing in burns and plastic surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital.

She specialized as a doctor of severe burns before moving on to aesthetics

In 2004, she was recruited to work in aesthetics – when it was a new field – and in 2010, she launched her practice, ONE Aesthetic Studio.

Jonquille, who has lectured on six continents, has cared for patients over the years throughout their new careers, marriages, children, grandchildren and businesses.

She has noticed that more and more people now want to achieve a more “normal” look – following the “Instagram Face” phenomenon brought on by millennials on social media.

She explained of her job: “The types of patients who come to me tend to be very demanding, very thoughtful, most of them don’t want to be on social media or have their photos anywhere. , so they’re very under the radar anyway.

The doctor lifted the veil on his work

“But what I would say is that I have certainly always inherited a lot of patients who wanted to make a lot of corrections and now more than ever.

“Most people not only want to look more natural but more normal. It’s so far removed from normal.

“In 2019, I launched a new product to define the jawbone, one of the new Juvederms, and I had been working on it since 2012, from the lab to launch.

“I threw it live in Monaco in 2019 and did an amazing case which then won an award and then everyone started to jawbone.

Daffodil in her home study

“But the point is, a lot of women don’t necessarily need it. It’s there to structure and it’s there to provide support, not to overly masculine themselves or to give someone a bigger chin than they are. ‘he hasn’t already.

“I think people just wanted to get back to normal.”

She added, “I think that’s going to filter through. I think a lot of millennials are still in that kind of mindset of wanting to do a lot and that can often be seen as a status symbol or to keep pace.

“Maybe it’s about time but we’re not there yet, a lot of millennials are still driving this ‘Instagram Face’.

Jonquille has had her clinic in Alderley Edge for 11 years

“We’re talking about Instagram Face where it’s basically a whole bunch of different facial subunits that aren’t naturally found in one place like a Mongolian cheekbone, a Caucasian jawbone, all of those things that people want to fuse together. in a face and people always claim it.

“Let’s see what will happen.

“Of course, there are always influences that will make changes – we saw that when Kylie Jenner first had her lips dissolved several years ago. Things started to change then – there, but it’s still a long way to go. “

In addition to exterior beauty, Jonquille, who recently opened a clinic in Selfridges in London, says focusing on the mental well-being of her patients is now more important than ever.

“It was so important before the pandemic but now more than ever,” she said.

“In my first degree, I majored in psychiatry. I’ve always been interested in the mindset of mental health, understanding ourselves.

“Not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants to be more attractive, more beautiful or younger.

“Everyone has different motivations why they want something done. But it has to tie in so closely with mental health in a positive way.

“People can feel that it really boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence and that’s why I’m doing it. It’s to try to make people feel more in tune with what they’re feeling at home. inside so they don’t feel so tired outside.

“Of course with social media everyone feels judged all the time, but we are constantly exposed, even if we are not in the spotlight, so that can really help positively.

“However, if people think this is going to wave a magic wand and make them feel a real sense of happiness, we know that no external factor or hunt for an external factor will.

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“So it’s a balance between feeling authentically like ourselves and being comfortable with who we are and our decisions, because it’s normal to want to improve.

“A lot of people feel guilty about it or feel judged for spending money or people will assume someone is conceited.

“So it’s a complex mix even at the best of times, regardless in a pandemic where people have felt isolated.

“They want to improve, but you also have body dysmorphia and we know there are unfortunately a lot of clinics that capitalize on such things and capitalize on self-esteem. It’s really bad.”

Born in California, Jonquille started at Manchester High at the age of 11 and supports the school’s scholarship program for underprivileged girls, having provided the start in life she needed.

“It’s important to pay that back. For me education is everything,” she said.

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How to get the best New World cosmetics

Of course, you can explore the New World as is with any drops you’ve acquired, as well as items you’ve crafted. However, you can also go out and adventure in style. Here is our guide to help you with the best cosmetics in the New World.

New World Cosmetics Guide – How To Get Cosmetics And Which Are The Best

Amazon Games has confirmed that New World will have an in-game store that will sell cosmetic items. Depending on the studio, some outfits will be visually on par with endgame gear. This means that you can expect to look stylish and cool as you roam the wilds of Aeternum. These are only for the most part plush and aesthetics, so don’t expect any distinct perks while playing.

Either way, you can expect the following types of cosmetics to be available once New World launches on September 28:

  • Themed Clothing – Applied to your armor pieces.
  • Weapon Skins – Applied to your weapons.
  • Home Decor – Added as any home accessories you purchase.
  • Pets – Small creatures that are in your home. We hope there will be a lot of cats.
  • Dye Packs – Allow you to recolor your gear (i.e. shaders).
  • Emotes – Additional ways to socialize with other players.
  • Corporate Emblems – Customize your guild’s badges.
Image by Amazon Games Studio

Existing New World cosmetics before launch

As for what can be considered the best cosmetics in the New World, well, we can’t judge which ones still need to be added after the game is released. However, there are a few that were already available during the beta stages. Because a few of these cosmetics can no longer be obtained normally, we can consider them to be the rarest in the game.

For the most part, these cosmetics were from Twitch Drops (we’ll explain more to you in a moment). Examples of these include the Golden Rage armor skin, which could only be obtained during Closed Beta. There’s also the Verdant Trapper armor skin (see above), which fans were able to get by watching the New World presentations and streamers during Gamescom 2021. We think the Verdant Trapper skin adds to the game. immersion, especially if you hunt animals or fell trees.

Finally, there’s the Vinespun weapon skin (see below). Streamers who participated in a closed beta event will have access to the Vinespun weapon skin as a Twitch Drop for the first week after New World launches.

Image by Amazon Games Studio

Get New World cosmetics through Twitch Drops

If you don’t want to spend more money on cosmetics once New World is released, you can try to get lucky through Twitch Drops. Just go to the New World Twitch Drops Page and sign in with your Twitch account. Next, link your Twitch and Steam accounts and make sure Twitch Drops are turned on.

As mentioned, you can get the Vinespun weapon skin as a drop while watching some Twitch streamers. Additionally, considering that New World has hosted several pre-launch events, we can expect there to be more in due course.

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Study notes growing COPD trends across industries and occupations in the United States

Between 2012 and 2018, an annual age-adjusted average of 4.1% of workers suffered from chronic COPD. The prevalence varied by industry and occupation. COPD increased at an estimated annual average of 1.5% (P <.05>

Female workers, workers 65 and over, white non-Hispanic workers, workers with a high school diploma / GED or less, those without health insurance, and current smokers had a prevalence of COPD significantly higher. These trends were consistent with previous findings.

According to the authors’ estimates, 40% of COPD cases involved workers who had never smoked. Their results suggest that workplace exposures to environmental respiratory irritants such as vapor, tobacco smoke, paper dust, copier fumes, paints and glues could lead to higher rates. Chronic bronchitis also played a role in the data, as it has been reported 19 times more frequently than emphysema in non-smokers, suggesting that it contributes to COPD rates.

Overall, trends have increased dramatically in many areas including entertainment, the arts, recreation, financial specialists, food service workers, maintenance workers, personal care attendants, office and administrative support workers, equipment removal workers and motor vehicle operators.

As a basis for their work, the authors used data from the National Health Interview Survey, collected between 2012 and 2018 from workers aged 18 and over. The interviews used were analyzed in 2019. Survey response rates ranged from 61.2% in 2012 to 53.1% in 2018. Due to several small sample sizes (

A Poisson regression model was used to examine the annual trends, with multivariate logistic regression then applied to calculate the adjusted ROPs.

Work-related COPD cases were 27.3% for all workers and 24.0% for those who had never smoked.

PORs were significantly higher among workers in other clerical and administrative support occupations (POR, 1.8). Next come ROPs among food and beverage service workers (RPO, 1.6), then facility maintenance and repair occupations (RPO, 1.6) and finally driver occupations. of motor vehicles and moving materials (RPO, 1.6) compared to those in the comparison group.

The authors wrote: “Among those who never smoked, workers in 12 of 38 occupational groups had an age-adjusted prevalence of COPD higher than the national average (2.3%). The highest prevalence of COPD was observed among workers in other clerical and administrative support occupations (4.5%), and PORs were significantly higher in administrative and clerical support occupations (ROP = 2, 1), followed by ROPs among supervisors and those of other catering services. (POR = 1.9) occupations.

Some key limitations were present in the study. First, the information on COPD was self-reported. This may have left out up to two-thirds of COPD patients with persistent airflow limitation. The authors’ conclusions have not been validated by medical records or pulmonary function tests or medical records, which may have resulted in misclassification of status and underestimation of prevalence.

The small sample sizes mentioned earlier may have contributed to unreliable estimates. Among the non-smokers sampled, trends in prevalence were not assessed by industry and occupation. This was also due to the small sample sizes for some years of the data. Industry groups can include multiple occupations that are relevant to workers. It is therefore possible that some of the industries with higher ORs do not represent the occupational categories with increased risks.

In addition, although cumulative smoking intensity was notably associated with a higher risk of COPD, data on smoking intensity and duration for all workers were not available during the study. Current smoking rates have been used to replace. Temporal information on the onset of COPD and workplace exposures was not available in the NHIS data, so it was not technically possible to find a direct association between work and COPD.

Note that the authors pointed out that only workers employed at any time during the previous 12 months of the study were included. Some workers with COPD may have since moved out of areas where workplace exposure led to COPD, altering the data. However, analyzes of workers with prevalence of COPD in older jobs found similar rates of results.

Finally, attributable case calculations can be sensitive to the chosen reference group. For this study, separate reference groups by industry and occupation were selected to calculate the ROP. Based on a lower prevalence of COPD and workplace exposures, the results show that work-related COPD cases were higher for industry than for occupation. Previous studies have developed similar results.

Despite these limitations, the authors believe that the general increase in the prevalence of COPD followed by their work is a significant addition to research that can be used to positively address COPD-related health and safety issues in many key industries in the world of work.


Syamlal G, Doney B, Hendricks S, Mazurek JM. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and American Workers: Prevalence, Trends and Attributable Cases Associated with Work. Am J Prev Med. 2021; 61 (3): e127-e137. doi: 10.1016 / j.amepre.2021.04.011

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I have naturally curly hair, and these Kristin Ess products work wonders on it

I tried this celebrity stylist’s hair care range and it worked wonders on my naturally curly hair

Courtesy / InStyle

in the style – ten Available at Ulta

in the style – ten Available at Ulta

in the style – 14 Available at Ulta

in the style – 60 Available at Ulta

in the style – 14 Available at Ulta

in the style – ten Available at Ulta

in the style – 14 Available at Ulta

As someone with thick, coarse, naturally curly hair, I’m always on the lookout for products that can tame my voluminous mane. When I learned that celebrity hairstylist and colorist Kristin Ess – who worked with Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale – had an affordable luxury hair care line (including curly hair products) at Ulta and Target, I couldn’t wait to try it.

The first thing that caught my eye about the line was the sleek packaging – all products come in pretty matte colors (read: the perfect accessory for any beauty counter), and best of all, most of it. ‘between them are between $ 10 and $ 15. The collection offers a range of easy-to-use, cruelty-free products for a variety of hair types, as well as styling tools like a curling wand and flat iron. Ess shares pro tips on the back of each bottle, so it’s easy to recreate the looks at home; you can also watch tutorials on Kristin Ess’s website if you are more of a visual learner like me.

Kristin ess

Kristin ess


I love styling my curly hair and blow-drying it, so I start my routine using One Signature Shampoo and One Signature Conditioner, which I was happy to learn are free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates. I use about two tablespoons of shampoo, massage the product into my scalp, and apply it to the rest of my strands before rinsing. If I recently had my hair lighted, I also mix in some The One Purple Shampoo to cut the brass. I do the same with the conditioner, except I leave a bit of it in my hair as a detangler and brush it in the shower using my beloved Wet Brush (which I highly recommend to all people. with curly hair).

I’m always looking for products that hydrate my dry curls and love how this conditioner is creamy and leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished right out of the shower. After a few washes, I even noticed that my split ends weren’t as noticeable, possibly due to Zip-Up Technology, a blend of ingredients designed to strengthen the ends and smooth the appearance of damaged hair.

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies


Buy now: $ 10,

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies


Buy now: $ 10,

Before I start brushing, I use the styling mist on damp hair, which not only protects against heat up to 450 degrees, depending on the brand, but it also adds incredible shine to my coarse locks. After straightening, I use the 1.25 inch ceramic curling wand to create tight curls, then comb them with my fingers to create a more natural look. If I go for loose, beachy waves, I apply the working texture spray to add volume and keep my locks in place. I finish with a small amount of the gentle water-based pomade from the line around the hairline to prevent flyaways.

I tried this celebrity stylist's hair care range and it worked wonders on my naturally curly hair

I tried this celebrity stylist’s hair care range and it worked wonders on my naturally curly hair


The dry shampoo, which eliminates odors and absorbs buildup, allows me to extend the life of my brushings for up to seven days after my first styling session. Unlike other dry shampoos I’ve tried, this one has a soft, subtle scent that isn’t too potent, as well as a brown tint designed for brunettes (more white powder residue to worry about).

The Kristin Ess collection has something for everyone, and with most items under $ 15, you can’t beat the price of a luxury item. To recreate my approved routine for curly hair, shop the rest of my favorites from the range below.

Buy now: $ 14,

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies

Buy now: $ 60,

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies

Buy now: $ 14,

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies

Buy now: $ 10,

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies

Buy now: $ 14,

Ulta Hair Supplies

Ulta Hair Supplies

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Shraddha Kapoor the face of the latest beauty brands campaign

New Delhi, September 18 (IANSlife) One of India’s fastest growing Direct To Consumer (DTC) beauty and personal care brands, MyGlamm, launches its national TVC around the message “All Natural #NoNasties today with actress Shraddha Kapoor, who is also an investor in the brand.

Kapoor who has a great millennium and Gen Z connect presents ‘My SUPERFOODS Kajal’ which is free of parabens, no mineral oils, no bad guys while being durable and smudge-free and made with the goodness of nature. This is followed by many girls trying to apply kajal with confidence and while highlighting the ingredients of Avocado Oil, Goji Berry, Vitamin E, and Sunflower Seed Oil.

The brand is focused on creating high-efficiency, quality products made with all-natural, chemical-free formulas. her campaign follows the #TellMyGlammWhatYouWant campaign where women logged in to tell the company what they wanted from their beauty products. It aims to establish a beauty democracy by empowering consumers to tell the brand what they want, thus changing the whole experience of how women shop for beauty products in India.

Commenting on the campaign, Apratim Majumder, CMO, MyGlamm said, “Women have been telling us what they have expected from their beauty products for some time now. We have innovated to meet these needs with products. When they told us they wanted a kajal that is not only durable and stain resistant, but also takes care of their eyes, we knew we had to. The campaign is about telling everyone who told us they needed a kajal who cares, MyGlamm Superfoods Kajal is here for you!

The campaign debuted on MyGlamm’s social channels – YouTube and Instagram on September 16.

(IANSlife can be contacted at [email protected])


IANSvie / tb

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The Last Day of the Ulta Sale: Save 50% on Kylie, Nars & More Cosmetics

Reduce breakouts, unclog pores and even skin tone with this powerful serum. The particularity of this serum is that it cleanses the skin while moisturizing it. This serum is ideal for oily, combination and blemish-prone skin.

One buyer said this product was “like a gum,” sharing, “I have been using it for almost 3 weeks and have seen significant changes already. Not only is acne clear and helps hyperpigmentation, but my stinging acne and pores are becoming less noticeable. This is an HG product for me. A bit of history for me, I have moderate to severe hormonal acne caused by PCOS and have had acne for over half of my life. I have seen a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, beauticians and tried just about any home remedy. This is an amazing thing in my book. “

Another said: “This product has helped me reduce / eliminate my acne and slowly remove my acne marks / scars. I have been using it daily for over a year now. It is 75% acidic. salicylic, which is great for everyday use. I have very sensitive skin so I started using it in moderation and slowly increased the frequency and now I use it 2x / day. ”

A third client described it as “the only thing that works for me”, adding: “I have tried everything. When I was 30 I started having adult acne and I couldn’t find anything that would work. I tried proactive, Neutrogena, st Ives etc my skin is sensitive it would dry out my skin and rashes or break out even more I have used this three times and j I saw a difference. My skin wasn’t as red and acne I was almost gone and I wasn’t putting on makeup. I couldn’t do makeup before without breaking out every time. really like it and i’m so happy i found something that suits me. “

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Anna Ross launched the Kester Black ethical beauty empire “with just $ 50” in her wallet

If you told a cash-strapped fashion graduate she would build a million dollars beauty empire using “the last 50 dollars” in his wallet, his gut reaction would have been “impossible.”

In 2009, Anna Ross was only 20 when she started a side jewelry making business with a start-up cost of just $ 50, but she had no idea it would later become an ethical beauty empire.

Now, about 10 years later, her beauty brand Kester Black is the first in the world to achieve a B Corp certification – the highest achievement in ethical and environmental performance – and has grossed $ 1.16 million in income in the past 12 months.

Kester Black founder Anna Ross speaks to in an interview. (Supplied new)
Anna Ross built a million dollar beauty empire using “the last 50 dollars” in her wallet. (Supplied new)
Speaking to, Ms Ross explained how taking a chance and following her passion has paid off, proving that you don’t need to ‘roll in the riches’ to start a business. Business.

“The $ 50 game started when I started making jewelry. I made a few necklaces and took $ 50 from my paycheck, made a few necklaces, then sold them and went back and I made jewelry for $ 200, ”she said.

“I never had any investment or money from my parents to start it.”

Originally from New Zealand, Ms. Ross grew up on a farm in a small town in the city of Dunedin.

His upbringing was very humble.

“I was not very good at school,” she said.

“I can’t really read, I certainly can’t spell and I don’t know my schedules.

“I didn’t think I would be anything.”

Anna’s beauty business was born out of an activity parallel to jewelry making. (Supplied new)

She studied fashion in college, then packed her bags and moved to Melbourne – your typical country girl moves into the “big smoke” to pursue her fashion dreams – only she didn’t even have a machine. to sew.

“I couldn’t afford to bring my sewing machine because I hadn’t saved any money,” Ms. Ross said.

“I finished college and asked my mom for $ 30,000 to start a fashion brand – she said no.”

In Melbourne, she worked full time as a design assistant for a fashion brand and it was then that her passion project, creating jewelry, took off.

The idea of ​​creating beauty products was born when she colored sterling silver with enamel paint, which reminded her of nail polish.

Kester Black has raked in $ 1.16 million in earnings over the past 12 months. (Supplied new)

In 2012, she launched six shades of nail polish and tripled her sales in three months.

The secret to her success may well have been having “zero expectations” stemming from her modest upbringing, which lit a fire of ambition for her to succeed without any additional pressure.

“We were really poor and there was no pressure from (my parents) on me because we were poor,” she said.

“We grew up in this plump little suburb of Dunedin.

The Melbourne businesswoman grew up on a farm in Dunedin. (Supplied new)

“There was no motivation for me to be successful from them. I probably blossomed because I had none of these and I had no expectations of myself because I never did. thought I would succeed. “

Starting a business was not without its challenges, Ms Ross laughed as she explained that after two years of shipping nail polish to customers, she realized it was against the law. law to post the goods.

“Once I found out it was illegal, we couldn’t do it anymore,” she said.

“So I had to take this dangerous goods course and it took me nine months to do it. I basically took this course which was more difficult than my diploma. “

The beauty mogul registered Kester Black – dubbed the world’s most ethical beauty brand – in 2014.

It is the only beauty brand that uses clean ingredients, is certified vegan and cruelty-free, B Corp, carbon neutral and halal.

Kester Black compared to other beauty brands. (Supplied new)

Ms Ross’s long list of fans includes Elle Macpherson and New York Times beauty editors Grazia, BBC, Nylon, Vogue and Marie Clare, as well as the world’s most influential high-end retailers Liberty London (UK ), Dover Street Market (France) and Nordiska Kompaniet (Sweden).

“I started this business not to make money, but to change the world and Kester Black is doing just that by raising the industry standards for beauty brands,” she explained.

“(We) are setting the trends that big brands follow. Consumers want to buy high quality products that cost nothing – both financially and environmentally.”

Ms. Ross was crowned Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year in 2016, a prestigious award that put her business in the spotlight.

Kester Black’s success is due to her instinctive ability to respond to the global cultural shift of sustainable, clean and ethical beauty – her polishes and treatments, eye-fi pencils and lipsticks are all vegan and cruelty-free. (Supplied new)

But with further recognition came a surge of pressure to grow up and be successful – something she feared would stifle her.

“It really crippled me,” she said.

The weight of the pressure had become like a heavy burden of expectations and, as Ms. Ross explains, it was exhausting.

“I have advisors who would be like your business is going to make over $ 30 million in two years,” she said.

The seven business leaders who shaped Australia’s history

“I ended up suffering from chronic fatigue so it’s quite difficult to have a persistent energy problem.”

While beauty is often known for its “glitz and glamor,” running a beauty empire is a far cry from the neat life that comes to mind first.

“About three years ago, for probably about 10 months, every night I would go to bed and cry, have a panic attack and stay awake all night,” Ms. Ross said.

“There were times when I wanted to give up and I wondered why I did that?

“I could tell you a million stories of me telling myself ‘omg what have I done?'”

Anna Ross’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to ask lots of questions. (Supplied new)

While beauty has now become her world, she admitted that it couldn’t have been further from the truth during her teenage years.

“I was a total tomboy – I played rugby for 14 years and didn’t really have any girlfriends – I had girlfriends but they weren’t very feminine,” she explained.

“This is something I have developed a total passion for.”

Her advice to aspiring business leaders and bosses: don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to grow and stick to it.

“I always reach out to people that I don’t think would tell me,” she said.

“I was going to go there with a series of questions that I wanted to ask.

“It’s about asking questions and getting as much information as possible before you decide which product you want – but I think you should just go for it.”

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Book Review Final Goodbye + Hunger Action Day Drives

Hello, people of Huntington, have a nice weekend! It’s me again, Andrew Tessler, your Huntington Daily host.

Are you a local business owner or trader in Huntington? Our premium local sponsorships keep you on top of inboxes in town every morning. Contact us here for the truth.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Partly cloudy all day. Beautiful. High: 82 Low: 65.

Here are the best stories today in Huntington:

  1. 12’s news Caroline flynn dates back to Northport High School to see what this year will be like for the students. With mask warrants in schools and COVID-19 still a part of our daily lives, Flynn is checking with teachers and students to see how they are adjusting. (News 12 Bronx)
  2. Island harvest and PSEG Long Island will be collecting donations of food, personal care items and pet food on Friday as part of the Hunger Day Action Day. The event will take place at the Stop & Shop located at 1100 Jericho Turnpike in Huntington. The Old Order of Ladies of the Hibernians has its second annual happy hour and food drive on Friday To Six portsfrom 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Donations of non-perishable food and personal care items will be accepted at the door. Food insecurity has been at an all time high since 2020, and if you can help, please stop by one of these places and donate what you can. (Huntington now)
  3. Book Review the owner bids farewell to the community of Huntington after 44 years. Klein took to Facebook to write a heartfelt message to everyone who has supported Book Revue over the years, ending with “In the simple but deceptively profound words of Herbert Stein,” If one thing can’t last forever, it will end. by stopping. We have reached our stopping point. Thank you again to all of our wonderful customers and our many former staff. Cherish the memories. ”(Greater Long Island)
  4. Huntington To repress Zombie houses after increasing these properties. The measure will encourage the occupation or transfer of ownership of zombie houses, problem properties and vacant storefronts by imposing increasing penalties for each year a property is vacant and entered in the Register of vacant buildings. Religious organizations will continue to be exempt from paying the vacant building registration fee. Supervisor Chad Lupinacci proposed the measure in July. (Huntington crest)

Today in Huntington:

  • Community sharing day! Help others together! (09h00)
  • Centerport Country Concert (1:00 p.m.)
  • LI Ballet Theater 35th Annual Nutcracker Production – Open Auditions (4:00 p.m.)
  • Huntington Village Farmer’s Market (7:30 a.m.)
  • New exhibitions: Adam Oehlers, Shannon Bonatakis, Katie Gamb and Marni Fraser (1:00 p.m.)
  • Visit of the old cemetery (4:00 p.m.)
  • FREE Farm Tour and Film Screening at St Joseph’s Farms (5:00 p.m.)
  • Centerport Fire Department Country Concert (1:00 p.m.)
  • Anberlin concert at Paramount (7:00 p.m.)

Huntington Notebook

  • Huntington Historical Society: “We will miss you, Book Revue!” (Facebook)
  • Huntington Union Free School District: Ashley Genao is considering a career in immigration and business law. The summer vacation was put to good use by Ashley Genao of Huntington High School, who took the opportunity to prepare for her final year and throw the basics of her university applications. “(Facebook)
  • Hand rescue mission: “We have had a wonderful day so far! And you ? Thank you to everyone who helped make this day very special and provide for the families who came to see us in need in our community. ” (Facebook)
  • Huntington Union Free School District: The Huntington Stimulus Club Gala is scheduled for October 28. The Huntington Stimulus Club will be holding their fourteenth annual dinner on Thursday, October 28 at 7 p.m. at the Head of the Bay Club in Huntington Bay. (Facebook)
  • Huntington Animal Shelter: “Mr. Shane is having a great treat!” All of our dogs have time in a comfortable setting to help them relax after life in a high energy shelter! Shane has no problem with high value items and would do just fine in a home! Come down to meet him! “(Facebook)
  • Hand rescue mission: “We are VERY grateful to our friends at Chip n Dip’d who share sweet treats to share with our mission families! If you are on the go in the village, shop for local produce and support businesses that help our community! ” (Facebook)
  • Hand rescue mission: “Thank you for the burgers, dogs and extra condiments offered today by Huntington Youth for Christ for Community Sharing Day! ” (Facebook)
  • Rotary Club of Huntington, NY: “Rotary Clubs send donations to Haiti” (Facebook)

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Dollhouse Cosmetics CEO Chyna Russell Helps Woman Of Color Build Six-Figure Beauty Brands

The global beauty industry is almost a a half-trillion dollar business.

But for black beauty consumers, finding the right shade of foundation can seem quite overwhelming for companies who don’t realize that black skin comes in many shades. It is evident that the beauty industry still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusiveness and diverse representation within the black community.

For Chyna Russell, this call to action became his life’s mission. The founder of Dollhouse Cosmetics is committed to empowering women of color to start their own beauty businesses.

BLACK COMPANY met Russell who shares how she turned her passion for inclusion into a thriving empire and provides tips on how to get ahead of the competition in the beauty industry.

BE: What was the “Aha Moment” that led to the idea of ​​your current business, Dollhouse Cosmetics? Can you share this story with us?

RUSSELL: My aha moment came while working for other big cosmetic companies. I quickly realized that I didn’t see women who looked like me in this area. I was also unfamiliar with an environment where black women were served. All I really saw were numbers. Truth be told, the numbers were being falsely reported. It still looks like the numbers don’t show black women spending money on makeup and I knew that wasn’t true. The truth was, these companies did not see the relevance of having a market for us. Once that reality set in, I said, “I’m going to do more research and then get my money back and fix the problem.” The solution and my goal have always been and will be to make black-owned businesses reach out to women like me. Dollhouse Cosmetics is dedicated to always serving women who look like me!

What do you think are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

I would say that the top three skills of entrepreneurs are:

  1. Be able to strategize
  2. Remain humble with the ability to continuously learn
  3. Never lose your ambition and your self-confidence

None of us are able to be successful without some help along the way. Is there someone in particular that you are grateful to and who has helped you get to where you are?

I must say that my mother is my angel on earth. I can honestly say that without his prayers and grace, I couldn’t even think I could make it happen. Even without her being an entrepreneur, she still allowed me to dream. Being allowed to dream is a level of freedom that I am more than grateful for. I always encourage parents to let their children dream because with it they will truly believe that anything is possible.

Today, the global beauty industry has grown to over half a trillion dollars. Can you tell us about the innovations you bring to the industry? How do you think this will help people?

What I bring to the beauty industry is to recognize the lack of knowledge that we have. I provide opportunities for women like me to learn what a woman of color as a consumer needs and wants. My cosmetics are aimed entirely at women of color and provide them with systems that will be effective, affordable and [are] more luxury. This is important because women play many roles, from stay-at-home mom to party girl. No matter what type of woman you are, Dollhouse Cosmetics Flawless Face Kit will be a hit every time.

As an expert in the beauty industry, can you share the top three beauty tips that everyone can use to “feel beautiful”?

I wholeheartedly believe that feeling beautiful is something that we women have to learn to do from the inside out. The tips I would share to help you feel beautiful would be:

  1. Always have a high level of self-motivation, passion, tenacity
  2. Have knowledge within the company and learn as you grow
  3. Have the ability to network with confidence as this can build your net worth and have vision

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the beauty industry?

I would say to someone new to the beauty industry to ask themselves: what problem can you solve? Because solving a problem with a solution will keep you in the know. It will also keep you reserved and busy. It is important to study your competition as this will keep you on your toes. Competition can make you harder, so it’s always necessary. And remember that fear is part of the process. Honestly, being afraid to start something new is part of the journey. Use fear as fuel and keep your foot on the gas!

To learn more about Dollhouse Cosmetics, visit

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The Weekly Closeout: Drunk Elephant makes deal with Ulta and Indochino gets comfortable

It’s been another week with a lot more retail information than there is time in the day. Below, we break down some things you might have missed over the week and what we’re still thinking about.

From Taco Bell’s subscription service to the forecast for the holiday season, here’s our close of the week.

What you might have missed

Drunk Elephant sees great possibilities at Ulta

Not all loves were made to last. Drunk elephant, once a Sephora exclusive, said earlier this week that he was “drunk on love” with beauty store rival Ulta. From September 26, the Drunk Elephant Skin, Body and Hair Care Assortment will be available in all Ulta stores and online. The expansion is important for Drunk Elephant, because Ulta had it 1,296 stores at the end of July, which probably played a big role in breaking the Sephora exclusivity.

The two beauty retailers have both fought for exclusives with trendy new brands and create an exciting assortment of merchandise for customers, especially as Ulta has has grown far beyond its image as a “drug retailer” become a space where shoppers go for beauty products at all prices. The two also compete for space in large retailers, through Ulta’s shop-in-shop partnership with Target and Sephora’s similar deal with Kohl’s.

“Distribution at the nation’s largest beauty retailer marks a new era for Drunk Elephant and the opportunity to reach a new community of beauty lovers,” the company said in a statement.

Casper reportedly fired dozens of employees, including senior executives

Mattress brand DTC Casper on Friday informed its staff of layoffs affecting “dozens” of employees, TechCrunch reported. These included the COO, Director of Marketing and CTO of the brand. Casper declined Retail Dive’s request for comment.

The retailer, which recently withdrew from its European operations, reported North American revenues in the the second quarter increased by 44.6%. But at the same time, the retailer’s losses have grown and the brand hasn’t made a profit since it went public last year.

The latest wave of layoffs adds to staff reductions last affecting 21% of its global workforce, which were linked to the closure of its European activities.

Target launches very first Latin Heritage Month collection

For the first time, Target is launch a collection of products for Latin Heritage Month. The collection highlights Latino-owned brands at Target like Siete Foods, Rizos Curls and Pacinos, as well as new brands like Cocina54 and Millennial Loteria. The retailer has also partnered with Latino designers and members of the Target team to make 80 products across all categories available online and in stores throughout September.

Indochino becomes relaxed

When a bespoke menswear retailer trumpets its new collection of ready-to-wear knitwear, it’s clear that casual menswear is a lingering trend. Indochino recently unveiled its fall / winter collection, and it includes “retro-inspired suits and a new line of Italian fabrics,” two things that are meant to appeal to a dapper man – especially, in this case, if he has a penchant for the styles of the 70s.

But the collection also includes Indochino’s first ready-to-wear crewnecks and short and long-sleeved polo shirts as “more comfortable and casual options,” according to an emailed press release.

“The world is going through a big change and, as we look to the future, we want to offer even more comfortable and casual options such as knits, as well as forward-thinking seasonal fabrics,” said the CEO of Indochino. , Drew Green, in a statement. “Our clients may be back in the office, working from home or somewhere in between, and we’re here to help them build their wardrobe – and confidence in their style – on their own terms.”

Knitwear is designed to move, in more ways than one. Custom costumes from retailers each cost $ 429. Those for its new Monza line – made from “premium” woolen fabrics from the Guabello factory in northern Italy – are $ 549. Velvet tuxedos for winter weddings and other formal year-end occasions, now available in emerald, black, and navy, as well as burgundy, purple, and brown, are priced at $ 399. But the new Indochino knit is $ 79.

Retail therapy

Give them something to taco-combat

For some, this news will be paradise. Others will swear it’s their version of hell.

Lettuce, however, gathers to discuss Taco Bell’s latest offering.

It’s a taco subscription service (!) which allows participants to treat themselves to one taco per day for 30 days.

Taco Bell

Here’s how it works: You purchase a Taco Lover’s Pass, which is available on the company’s app by November 24 at participating locations. (But, to be true with you, all of those places are in Arizona for some reason. Why does all AZ love Taco Bell?) The pass costs between $ 5 and $ 10 depending on the user’s location.

A menu will be revealed and you’ll be able to choose a taco from a list that includes items like Soft Taco Supreme, Crunchy Taco, and Doritos Locos Tacos. Then you can keep doing the same thing every day for a month. It will be the best month of your life. Or the worst. Who can say?

What we still think about

32 million

Some analysts were skeptical of Walmart + when it launched about a year ago. After all, it costs about as much as an Amazon Prime account, with no entertainment streaming service or other perks to attract members. But with thousands of stores to use for curbside fulfillment and pickup, Walmart has quickly gained traction with the service, which includes unlimited same-day delivery and fuel discounts, as shoppers wary were looking to check off their grocery lists during the pandemic without stepping into a store.

This week, analysts at Deutsche Bank led by Krisztina Katai recorded what they called “an inflection in membership,” estimating 32 million American households are members of Walmart +, an increase of 400 basis points. than what the team found at the start of the year.

This doesn’t mean Amazon Prime is losing. “The overlap remains high,” with more than 80% of households paying for both memberships, according to the report. Still, the 60-year-old brick-and-mortar giant is in on it, as Walmart + attracts younger, higher-income customers. Indeed, statistics led Deutsche analysts to title their research “The Behemoth Awakens”.

However, not everyone buys it. GlobalData chief executive Neil Saunders took to Twitter to state the estimate of $ 32 million “ridiculously inaccurate, ”citing Walmart’s own earnings reports.

“I haven’t seen the latest figures from Walmart +, but it’s safe to say that even if they are going up, they’re nowhere near the 32 million level,” Saunders said later in this thread. “That would represent insane growth – far greater than that achieved by Amazon – for a program that is good but far from universally convincing.”


That’s the high end of Deloitte’s projections for 2021 holiday sales. It would add to last year’s 5.8%, a figure that pretty much exceeds everyone’s estimates.

This year, consumers are bursting with cash from several rounds of stimulus packages and diverted spending from travel and experiences. There is evidence that the delta variant of COVID-19 shifts even more money towards product sales as consumers remain wary of travel, meals and other experiences. The wildcard of the season is probably not demand but supply, as pervasive bottlenecks throughout the global supply chain threaten both margins and inventory.

What we watch

How much will these next IPOs bring in

It’s (again) IPO season. Running brand just raised $ 746 million of its IPO and set a final share price of $ 24, which was significantly above its initial price range. There are still a few IPOs that we are waiting for. AKA brands just this week announced that it would sell 13,888,889 shares with an initial price range between $ 17 and $ 19, valuing the company up to $ 2.5 billion. The Shining Earth, on the other hand, is sale of 16,666,667 shares with an initial price range of $ 14 to $ 16.

It is certainly the year of the IPOs in retail, but will they have the same success as On or will they follow the trajectory of Honest Co.?

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