HCAOA’s Vicki Hoak: Industry standardization and revenue diversification will help homecare build star power

If 2020 was the year homecare finally stepped into the spotlight, then 2021 was the year the industry solidified that star power while gaining powerful allies.

No one understands this better than Vicki Hoak, executive director of the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA). As a senior executive with an organization that represents nearly 3,000 home-based businesses, Hoak has spent the past few years fighting for providers and caregivers.

Home Health Care News recently caught up with Hoak at the Home Care Conference. During this one-on-one conversation, she spoke about the importance of standardizing home care, why the Biden administrations’ efforts have been crucial to the industry, and how providers are embracing a mix of payers more diversified.

Highlights of the interview are below, editor for length and clarity.

HHCN: Staffing remains a major challenge for home care providers. What are some of the best ways you’ve seen vendors combat this?

Hook : I think some have done this by looking at the payout. We heard of a vendor that pays its employees weekly, for example. I think everyone now also recognizes that providers need to look at how they advertise caregiver positions.

As soon as they find someone interested in a caregiver role, providers must respond within the hour. I think texting has become a very good tool to do that. I also think vendors take a break and watch what people want. It’s really important. I think people want a good corporate culture now. I think they want someone to care about them.

Is there an opportunity that home care providers haven’t really taken advantage of that you think is crucial to success?

I think there is a great partnership opportunity between home care providers and home modification companies. People want to stay home and get care at home, but if their home isn’t safe, you can’t get care there.

There is a real need for a good partnership between this whole industry and home care.

I think the majority of this sector – and this is true for the agencies that are part of our association – has always been a private sector. If I look back on the years of HCAOA, more and more members are entering Medicaid, however. I think it will continue to increase. I think there will be better reimbursements under Medicaid because of the federal dollars coming in. This will change things.

Home care for veterans is another area that I know many of our members are considering getting into. For so long, it was a difficult thing to tackle because of accreditation – it just took too long. We work very hard and very closely with the Veterans Administration to try to make this whole admissions process a lot easier, because everyone wants to serve veterans.

The other payer everyone should look into is Medicare Advantage (MA). MA plans use home care to gain a competitive edge. Home care is a very big pool, and I think that’s why MA plans are also growing in popularity.

HCAOA Executive Director Vicki Hoak speaks at the 2021 Home Care Conference in Chicago. | Photo HHCN

Speaking of which, it’s been a few years since MA plans started offering home care as an additional benefit. Are home care providers up to speed on these opportunities – or are they still struggling to lean in?

No. I hear more from our members than they are looking for. We also have a partnership with ATI Advisory, which provides reports to show home care operators what the plans are in their area. I think they are getting more and more comfortable with the whole concept of working with MA plans.

I think that’s absolutely something that continues to interest our members.

Throughout 2021, the Biden administration has announced a number of efforts that directly addressed home and community services, or were at least in the ballpark. Of all, which one has the most potential to really benefit the industry?

The mere fact that a sitting president is talking about home care is huge. He talks about making sure that Medicaid, which of course funds home care, now reimburses providers adequately. This is important because we have seen states increase the minimum wage.

I also think the amount of training dollars that’s in this $150 billion Build Back Better proposal is really significant. We know training is always a factor in why carers stay – and if they decide to leave. I hope our members will be able to apply for the grants.

What else should the government do?

I think personal care should be considered as part of medicare. I think it’s too bad that in order for Medicaid to pay for home care, it has to be waived, which means it’s an exception.

That’s like saying it’s an exception to the rule to want to stay home, but it’s not an exception to go to a nursing home. It does not mean anything.

Are we getting closer to the standardization of home care? What would this mean for the industry?

It’s a paradigm shift. Right now, only 30 states require licenses — and each state does it differently. I think that’s an obstacle. We want to talk about our industry across the country, but we really can’t because it’s so fragmented. You also can’t get data until you set standards so everyone is on the same level.

I know the association supports standardization. We do everything we can to get the states on board. We just got it in Ohio. We work on Connecticut and Michigan State licenses.

I also think it would also help our workforce. If a caregiver can go anywhere, be trained, and have the same training requirements in all states no matter what, that would help professionalize the profession.

Casa Sandra helps you look your best while on vacation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, January 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Sandra Plasencia no stranger to the challenges of caring for the skin during the winter. The entrepreneur, cosmetics specialist and medical esthetician has spent decades in the fields of beauty and hygiene. Throughout this time, she has helped her clients maintain hydrated and healthy skin, especially in cold weather.

The history of Plasencia’s skin care began with her Chicago salon, which opened in 2004. In 2020, after years of building relationships with her local clients, the owner decided to rebrand her successful brick and mortar business to Casa Sandra. Plasencia also took the opportunity (and the ongoing closure caused by the pandemic) to also launch its own eponymous cosmetics brand to its customers online.

While Plasencia will always have a soft spot for its faithful Chicagocustomers based, the owner is excited to be able to offer her own personally designed skin care products to a wider audience. These were developed over her time in the cosmetics industry and include everything from elite moisturizers and cleansing lotions to skin lightening creams, beauty cocktails, and more.

“The development process,” explains Plasencia, “focuses on high concentrations of standardized botanical extracts supported by clinical trials.” In addition to using the absolute best ingredients, the development of the brand’s formulas includes the integration of the latest cosmetic technologies, which are used to improve the effectiveness of each formula.

Plasencia stresses that the products, which she initially developed for her spa, give results so profound that they have created a loyal clientele that always asks for more.

One of the main reasons for Plasencia’s cosmetic mission is to help its customers take care of their natural skin. “You only have one skin, take care of it!” Plasencia declares, adding that “aging is inevitable; doing it with grace is a matter of choice. ”

One of the best uses for Plasencia products is during the holiday season. Cold weather can easily lead to dry air and cracked skin. In addition, the hustle and bustle of the holidays forces many people to spend more time outdoors. Even when they are indoors, their ovens only exacerbate the problem of drought.

Using his products, like its vitamin C moisturizer or retinol repair cream, Plasencia hopes its customers can support and reinvigorate their own natural beauty, even as they battle drier weather as they move from an event of. vacation to each other.

On Sandra Plasencia: Sandra Plasencia founded it Chicago Havana Nights Nails & Spa salon in April 2004. In 2020, she renamed her business to Casa Sandra. The rebranding also coincided with the launch of the owner’s eponymous cosmetics brand. Sandra Plasencia. Both companies aim to help women take care of their skin, maintain their natural beauty, and always look their best. You can find out more about that of Sandra Plasencia products on its website, sandraplasencia.com.

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Wilton Coito
(954) 624-7863
[email protected]

THE SOURCE Sandra Plasencia

Our favorite beauty products for January 2022

Between changing the game skin care treatments and exciting news reconcile launches, at HYPEBAE, our editors test a bunch of products every month to find and share with you our latest beauty favorites. As we enter a new year, those looking for a facelift can count on these staff picks: a lightweight serum that conditions hair and defines curls; a quartet of body care gems that cleanse and soothe dry winter skin; and a versatile lipstick that can complement any makeup.

Read on for our January favorites and while you’re here, HYPEBAE editors share their top beauty products for 2021.

[shoppable brand=”Tom Ford Beauty” product=”Lip Color ‘Dolce'” link=”https://www.tomford.com/lip-color/T0T3.html?dwvar_T0T3_color=SCARLETROUGE&cgid=3-6-629#start=7″ store=”Tom Ford Beauty” price=”$58 USD”]

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care


I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve never received so many compliments on my lipstick color so far. A first time Tom Ford Beauty user, I didn’t know what to expect from the brand’s Lip Color. All I knew was that I loved the shade I had, a dark purple called “Dolce”, and that it was perfect for my day and night looks. The finish has a slight sheen and hydrates my lips all day long. It also provides the right amount of pigmentation so I can apply it in one pass. Pauline De Léon, editor

[shoppable brand=”Aesop” product=”The Advocate Kit” link=”https://www.aesop.com/us/p/kits-travel/gift-kits/the-advocate/” store=”Aesop” price=”$105 USD”]

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care


The holidays may be over, but you can still enjoy those wonderful gifts that were under the tree. Something that I was excited to use is Aesopthe Advocate four-piece kit, which includes some of the brand’s most beloved products such as the Resurrection Aromatic Hand Wash and Hand balm, a winter essential to nourish dry skin. While the set is out of stock, those interested can discover the rest of the seasonal collection for one last chance to buy the kits. – Teresa Lam, Features Editor

[shoppable brand=”Ceremonia” product=”Pequi Curl Activator” link=”https://ceremonia.com/products/pequi-curl-activator” store=”Ceremonia” price=”$27 USD”]

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care


I only started kissing my frizzy, wavy hair during the pandemic, when I couldn’t go to the salon to straighten the perms. Pequi curl activator by Ceremony has a milky texture and is packed with ingredients like castor oil and murumuru butter to condition hair while eliminating frizz. The serum is the perfect finishing touch to my shower routine with a rich scent. – YeEun Kim, editor-in-chief

Rituals presents its benchmarks in sustainable development with B Corp certification

Rituals has reached the “gold standard” of environmental and social certification after being recognized by Company B status.

The B Corp certification recognizes the luxury beauty brand’s belief that creating wellness products that promote a conscious lifestyle goes hand in hand with respect for the planet. This is an ideal that has been close to Rituals’ heart since its founding 20 years ago and its new status places it among the “precursors” of the beauty sector to care both for its customers and the world and its people. resources.

“I am more than proud to have obtained the B Corp certification as a brand that truly promotes a sustainable future”, enthused Owner and founder of Rituals Raymond Cloosterman.

“At Rituals, we strive to continue to do more and go further for people and the planet, so we are truly honored to join a global movement of responsible organizations who want to accelerate progress on the common challenges we face. are facing. “

However, achieving B Corp status is just the start for the Rituals team and their sustainability efforts and journey.

Director of Rituals Global Travel Retail Melvin Broekaart said, “Achieving B Corp status, the gold standard for environmental and social certification, proves that at Rituals, we take our responsibilities as a global wellness brand seriously.

“Traveling consumers are actively seeking brands with a proven track record of sustainability and we are extremely proud to join a few select B Corp Certified brands in travel retail who are committed to driving a sustainable future for our industry. “

Current efforts

Rituals has defined three fundamental pillars that guide its sustainable, social and ethical efforts: Clean, Conscious and Caring.

The first reflects the brand’s efforts on sustainability, including all products with the Rituals Clean & Conscious tool on circularity, biodegradability, CO2 footprint and a natural origin, as well as dermatological testing and 90 % of ingredients of natural origin in more than 70% of the products.

The Conscious pillar includes Rituals’ refill offering on body creams, hand washing, fragrance sticks and skin care to save on CO2 production and energy and water consumption . 95% of the brand’s products are made in Europe using responsible suppliers and the brand’s stores and offices run on green electricity and LED lights as well as in-store water saving devices.

Finally, for Caring, the brand supports social initiatives such as Small miracles working with impoverished women in Mumbai; its diversity and inclusion board aims to achieve a gender balance by 2023 – compared to the current 60/40 split among senior executives – and all head office employees participate in a Karma Day every year.

The future

With the framework of 360 degree improvement opportunities provided by the B Corp certification, Rituals has now set its main goals to continue its sustainable and ethical efforts.

This year, the company seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the guidelines of the Paris Climate Agreement.

By 2023 all formulas will be made from 90% natural ingredients and by 2025 all products and packaging will be refillable, recyclable and / or made from recycled materials, as well as the average rating products on the Clean & Conscious tool going from 63+ to 80+.

“We are delighted to welcome Rituals to the B Corp community at this pivotal time,” said Hubertine Roessingh, Executive Director of B Lab Benelux. “The world needs more companies who use their business as a force for good.

“Rituals’ commitment to continuous improvement and determining lasting value for their communities, workers, suppliers, environment and customers is reflected well in their overall score on the B impact assessment.

“We congratulate Rituals and look forward to seeing them inspire other companies to follow suit and join forces with B Corp beauty brands in their desire to make a difference. “

Three exciting areas of research aimed at shaping beauty and personal care

Botanical puzzles

Beauty consumers love everything natural, but they also want products that work. This has created a huge demand in the market for highly effective herbal medicines.

However, it is extremely difficult to create a botanical extract that can surpass the effectiveness of synthetically produced actives, said Andrea Taimana, Founder and Scientific Director of Kiwi Organic Bioactives.

“When we start isolating certain compounds from plants, they may not even work anymore, because plants are living organisms. It’s like the human body – There are vitamins, minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters, and everything has to work in alliance with each other. You just can’t isolate something like a red blood cell and expect it to work on its own.Have
For years, Taimana has observed the vitality of plants collected from the wild, noting their superior size, among other qualities.

“For example, you can see leaves in the New Zealand pine forest that are three times the size. It’s incredible. So we thought about how we can create a synchronized alliance to achieve a high level of bioactivity through wild harvest. “Have

To put it simply, the company investigated how it can extract compounds from different plants and combine them to create a highly effective active that can trump synthetic ones.

In order to solve this botanical puzzle, Organic Bioactives worked with local harvesters from the Maori community to grow selected plants in groups to observe how they support or elevate each other.

The company researched a variety of different native plants from pine and black fern to native Centella asiatica and learned how they work in synchronicity with each other.

The company has received a government grant that supports projects combining science and traditional knowledge.

The main objective of this research is to create a synchronized alliance of bioactive plants and to attack the disrupted skin biome ”, Taimana told us.

“We want to develop a product that will replace, like mineral petroleum jelly, products that are synthetically produced and generally used to protect the skin biome of irritated and rosacea-prone skin, the skin that cannot use bioactives because it is too responsive. “Have

Flavonoids: the next level

Flavonoids aren’t a new ingredient in beauty, but we’re only just starting to scratch the surface of their potential in cosmetics.

The interest in flavonoids stems from the growing attention they arouse in the nutraceutical, medicinal and therapeutic, pharmaceutical fields.

“Research on phytonutrients has grown exponentially since the 1990s. One of the most promising classes of phytonutrients is the class known as flavonoids which contains hundreds of different compounds,” said Dr Evan Stephens, chief biotechnologist at Australian ingredients company Native Extracts.

Flavonoids have been shown to have positive effects on metabolic processes within our cells and support our body’s capacity for regeneration and repair.

“Some Haveof these flavonoids are very powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. This is really good because more and more we see inflammation as a problem in a lot of people, whether it is due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, or aspects related to the way of. life or environmental aspects.Have

Lisa Carroll, director of Native Extracts, added that inflammation is becoming an increasingly important skin care concern.

“Cosmetically, inflammation is linked to your skin barrier. We are seeing inflammation getting pretty big in the skin care arena because we are seeing a lot of skin sensitization and reaction to products that cause skin problems.Have

She elaborated: “What we are really seeing today is that we are being bombarded with free radicals. We are constantly under attack, whether it is because of our environment, our diet or stress. If our body is in an oxidized state, this is where we need these type of compounds to support our function of cellular functions.Have

Native Extracts closely studied anthocyanin and quercetin, which are among the most studied flavonoids with around 30,000 scientific studies on each.

In particular, the company investigated the presence of anthocyanins and quercetin in native Australian plants, such as queen plum garnet, mountain pepper berry, quandong, and emu apple.

Stephens explained that he studied these raw materials to find a combination of natural compounds that work together. For example, Queen Garnet Plum contains both quercetin and anthocyanin.

“The most important synergy is really to make the aqueous or water-soluble flavonoids work with the more fat-soluble membranes. “Have

Carroll added: “In terms of flavonoids, what we’re really interested in is this entourage – these combinations of natural compounds that work together because this synergy is so important.”Have

In recent years, studies have focused on topical applications and the skin’s ability to absorb specific flavonoid compounds in the epidermal and dermal layers to support skin health.

“Going forward, it’s really about starting to look at the different types of flavonoids and the different individual flavonoids within the different classes… That’s where I think a lot of the new research is. will focus. Just because we started with quercetin doesn’t mean it’s the best ”, said Stephens.

Upcycled concentrates

By now, it should be obvious that highly effective botanical ingredients are the future of the natural beauty market.

However, with a growing awareness of sustainability, consumers are realizing that natural is not always the most environmentally friendly choice.

Sanam is a Colombian company that has used coffee cherry waste in a highly concentrated ingredient with protective properties called Naox Derma.

“This is a great example of true upcycling innovation. The reality is that 60% of the coffee cherry is residual biomass. They extract the bean and bulldoze the rest of the fruit on the side – and it’s a fruit rich in polyphenols ”,said Jeff Avila, Managing Director of Flora Reserve, Sanam’s distribution partner.

While the ingredient is already present in the nutraceutical space, the company is trying to break into the cosmetics market.

Avila said CosmeticsDesign-Asiathat due to its high concentration, such ingredients would likely have rich, dark colors, which he admitted can seem intimidating to formulators.

However, he predicted that concentrates would generate more interest in the cosmetics market in the future.

“It’s no longer a question of finding a trendy ingredient and sprinkling with fairy powder so as not to spoil a perfectly white cream. There is this movement where consumers are realizing theHave good phytocompounds are rich in color, so we are seeing more and more formulas bringing higher concentrations of medicinal plants to the market.Have

This, he said, opens the market to a new avenue of innovation and the industry could start exploring other food by-products.

“It could really open the door for some really rich concentrates to find their way into skin care formulations. Not necessarily in all applications, but I think it will be a new area of ​​research. “Have

Avila added that such highly concentrated superfood actives could have great potential in the Asian beauty market.

“Whether you’re talking about Southeast Asia, Korea or China, there is a strong heritage of using herbs and plants. And there are a lot of Asian superfruits. If you look at India, we have things like amla berry… There is a very strong tradition of using these ingredients, which I think lends itself to some kind of acceptance or at least some acceptance. interest in trying new botanical active ingredients.Have

Meet Ivana who turned her passion into a business and created her own line of cosmetics

  • by croatiaweek
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Ivana Jurčević has created her own line of cosmetics (Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

Ivana Jurčević decided to show her teeth to the crisis. For many years she wanted to create a line of cosmetics, then the pandemic came along and threw her dreams into the background. But not for long. Ivana decided to turn her courage and willingness to take on challenges into a line of cosmetics.

Ivana graduated in hotel and tourism management, but for more than two decades, her world has been that of cosmetics and perfumes. She worked in the finest perfume shops in Zagreb, and she was always interested in customer feedback. She closely monitored how people reacted to the products and what their needs were. For years she has been helping people take care of their face and body because while it may seem simple at times, it is actually quite complex and demanding.

Ivana decided to offer something different. After listening to customer reviews for years, she believes that with this information, she had a solid foundation to create a quality product.

Ivana turns passion into business in the crisis by creating her own line of cosmetics

(Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

“I listened to what customers don’t like and don’t want to use, what they’re not happy with, I watched and listened to their ‘complaints’ and that’s where I got a glimpse of the type of product that people want. I trained for years in workshops of famous global brands and it all helped me to start believing that I can create something good and quality. First of all, I wanted to meet the criteria of the most demanding customers, to challenge myself that few dare. I didn’t want to be in the frames, but to be mine. I wanted something strong, not boring, ”reveals Ivana, who named the cosmetics line SKY Cosmetics.

Ivana turns passion into business in the crisis by creating her own line of cosmetics

(Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

SKY Cosmetics is a cosmetic line developed by a team of experienced chemists who had the same goal: to enrich the product in terms of quality. No one agreed to compromise because the skin is an extremely important organ to nourish and therefore only ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, Q10, germ extract of wheat, aloe vera have been used in production.

Every woman loves cosmetics and grooming, which is why Ivana immediately created up to four lines of perfumes to satisfy the different characters of women. There are six products in each of the lines, so there are body creams, body peels, shower gels, dry body oils, scented waters and hand creams.

Ivana turns passion into business in the crisis by creating her own line of cosmetics

(Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

“When I was thinking about the name of this special cosmetic line, I spoke to my colleague Lucija Župetić. She is in charge of the most creative part of the job. SKY seemed like a big name to us. We put a long line next to the name and meant we needed to touch our heights. We have to know that we can do whatever we want, we have to be able to be different, unique and special. The fragrances of these products are made in France. Smell is something that says a lot about us, and believe me if you tell someone what kind of scent you like – you’ve revealed a lot of who you are to them. I named my lines Pearl, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. Everyone has their own personality, and which one is yours, you will know best when you feel it, ”explains Ivana, who has dared to take this step in these difficult economic times.

Ivana turns passion into business in the crisis by creating her own line of cosmetics

(Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

Ivana wants scents to spark passion and hidden emotions, and judging by the feedback from friends who were the first to try Ivana’s innovations, it will be a real balm for women’s care.

Ivana turns passion into business in the crisis by creating her own line of cosmetics

(Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

Ivana turns passion into business in the crisis by creating her own line of cosmetics

(Photo: Dejan Tatomir)

SKY Cosmetics will also launch a men’s line and the opening of an online store is also planned. The products can be purchased at Mueller stores where they are available in gift boxes, and full details on this great line can be found at Facebook and Instagram.

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Solvay unveils two biodegradable guar ingredients for beauty products

According to Solvay, Jaguar C500 STD, a conditioning polymer, and Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI, a multifunctional polymer, will help formulators produce beauty care solutions with superior benefits and desirable biodegradability claims, meeting both strict global regulations and the changing expectations of consumers for more responsible products and sustainable.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their actions on the health of our planet,», Explained Stéphanie Neplaz, Director of Global Marketing Innovation, Hair Care at Solvay. “This means that they are looking for beauty products made with biodegradable ingredients that positively impact their hair or skin as well as the planet.

Sustainable sourcing

the guar beans used to create these polymers come from India where Solvay supports sustainable guar supply through the Sustainable Guar Initiative which is part of the group’s sustainable development program.

The Sustainable Guar initiative aims to implement best agricultural practices to improve guar quality and security of supply while enabling farmers to earn a better living, conserve valuable groundwater and empower local women. .

We are constantly investing in innovation, technology and expanding our Jaguar portfolio,”Said Jean-Guy Le Helloco, Global Vice President of Home and Personal Care at Solvay. “And we have other innovations, such as next-generation biodegradable polymers, on the horizon.

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Ten of the best eye creams | Beauty

Many years ago I met a respected industry insider who knows all there is to know about beauty formulations. We were talking about skin products. Then I asked, “What about eye creams? She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Eye creams are a waste of money.” Until then, I had started to suspect that the eye creams had a touch of the Emperor’s new clothes. Hearing him validate my secret thoughts seemed like a victory to me. Fast forward to 2022 and here I am recommending eye creams. So what has changed? Well, we (consumers) have become more picky and brands are realizing that they can no longer laugh at our eyes with overpriced creams that do nothing beyond a basic moisturizer. Today’s formulations are smart tricks that push the boundaries. Many contain active, hard-working ingredients, such as retinol (Sunday Riley, Glow Recipe, Allies of Skin). Many have collagen-boosting properties to plump the skin (Shani Darden, Dr Sturm, Clinique). And they go above and beyond to deliver intense hydration and brightening (Rose Inc, Dior, Augustinus Bader, Skinceuticals). So if you’re looking to smooth, brighten, and rehydrate, these have some great stats to support their effectiveness. Yet the only thing that removes hereditary dark circles is a great concealer.

1. Augustin Bader Eye cream £ 165, spacenk.com
2. Shani Darden Intensive Eye Renewal Cream £ 62, net-a-porter.com
3. Allies of Skin Peptides & Omega Firming Eye Cream £ 72, cultbeauty.co.uk
4. Rose Inc Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream £ 42, roseinc.com
5. Eye cream Dr. Barbara Sturm from £ 40, drsturm.com
6. Skinceuticals HA Intensifier £ 90, lookfantastic.com
7. Clinique Smart Clinical Repairing Cream £ 45, clinic.co.uk
8. Dior Prestige The Micro Eye Serum with Rose £ 154, dior.com
9. Glow Recipe Avocado Retinol Eye Sleep Mask £ 41, cultbeauty.co.uk
10. Sunday Riley 5 Star Retinoid + Niacinamide Eye Serum £ 60, johnlewis.com

Follow Funmi on Twitter @FunmiFetto

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How to claim up to $ 16,000 in tax credit for childcare expenses in 2021

Child care can be a significant expense. The expanded child care credit for 2021 can reimburse you for 50%.

Sarah Tew / CNET

A new year means a new tax season ahead – and there are significant changes to the child care and dependent care credit that could dramatically increase your tax refund. The child care and dependent care credit allows you to deduct child care or dependent care expenses as a direct reduction of the amount of federal tax you owe. The credit applies to expenses for child care, child care or transportation related to the care of children or dependents.

Thanks to a unique credit extension in the American Rescue Plan Act, parents who paid for child care in 2021 are eligible to recover up to 50% of their child care costs as relief tax or refund. The amount of the tax credit that you can claim is $ 8,000 for one dependent and $ 16,000 for two or more people. The trap ? You will need all of your receipts and other monetary evidence to make sure you can claim the tax break when you file your tax return.

We will explain how this tax credit for child care works below. This story was recently updated.

What is the child care and dependent care credit?

The Child Care and Dependents Credit is a tax relief designed to allow parents to deduct child care expenses. For example, if you paid for child care while you were working, that expense can be claimed as a credit when you file your taxes this year.

How is the child care credit different from 2021 taxes? In previous years, the maximum amount you could claim was $ 3,000 for one child or $ 6,000 for two or more. For 2021 expenses, you can claim up to $ 8,000 for one child or dependent and up to $ 16,000 for multiple children. The one-time child care credit increase for 2021 also increases the maximum rate of return for child care expenses from 35% to 50%.

What does it mean? In short, for the 2021 tax year, you could recover up to $ 4,000 for one child and $ 8,000 for custody of two or more.

Prior to the American Rescue Plan, the Child and Dependent Credit was non-refundable, meaning it could reduce your tax bill to zero but you wouldn’t receive a refund on anything more. . Now the credit is fully refundable, which means you will receive money even if you don’t owe taxes.

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Child tax credit: everything we know


What counts as an eligible expense for the child care credit?

The law defines the expenses according to the care of the children suppliers, but there is room for maneuver that also takes into account expenses such as transport. Any organization or person who cares for your dependent counts as long as you pay them. (For example, an unpaid spouse or parent does not count.)

The IRS has relatively relaxed rules about caregivers, according to Elaine Maag, senior research associate at the Urban Institute. However, you are likely to have a better chance of claiming child care credits for people and groups operating in an official capacity, such as preschools and daycares, as opposed to the $ 40 you paid a teenager for. babysit your child for an afternoon.

Qualified care providers

What qualifies

What is not admissible

Care expenses

Your partner

Before and after school care programs

The dependent’s parent

Day camp

Your children

Transport to and from healthcare providers

Babysitters paid “under the table” *

Babysitters, nannies, housekeepers

* Parents who pay their babysitters in cash “under the table” should be aware that it is risky to claim the child care tax credit since the income may not be claimed or documented by the provider.

How do I deduct child care expenses from my taxes?

Make sure you have a detailed account of all child care expenses – especially any receipts you received from daycares or after-school programs showing your expenses. As tax day approaches, complete Form 2441 and attach it to your Form 1040 tax return.

According to the IRS, you will need to report the name, address and “Taxpayer Identification Number” or TIN (this can be a Social Security number or Employer Identification Number) provider on your declaration. You can use Form W-10 to request the information you need from your healthcare provider.

Note that the Child Care and Dependents Credit Form is built into tax software such as TurboTax and H&R Block. These programs will ask you if you have a child under 13 and paid child care expenses during the year in order to calculate your child care credit.


You will need itemized expense statements and receipts to apply for the child care credit.

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What is the maximum amount I can claim for child care expenses?

For expenses accrued in 2021, the IRS says you can claim up to $ 8,000 in eligible expenses for one dependent or up to $ 16,000 in eligible expenses for multiple dependents.

Remember that the child and dependents tax credit is not the same as the child tax credit of the same name. Advance child tax credit payments were paid on a monthly basis last year. If you are eligible for the child tax credit and have not received advance payments, you can receive between $ 500 and $ 3,600 per child as a credit when you file your income tax return.

Does my income affect the amount I can claim or recover?

To be eligible for the child care credit, a filer must have earned income, such as wages from employment or unemployment. If you are married and file a joint income tax return, your spouse must also have earned income. (Exemptions apply to full-time students and people receiving disability benefits.) The IRS says that in general, you can not take child care credit if you are married and file separately.

The maximum amount of eligible child care expenses – $ 8,000 for one child or $ 16,000 for two or more – is not affected by income level. However, the rate of return on the child care credit declines as income increases.

For the 2021 tax year, the credit rate begins to decrease when the income of a taxpayer or an AGI household (adjusted gross income) reaches $ 125,000. The credit rate is reduced by 1% for every $ 2,000 earned over $ 125,000, up to $ 183,000, where it is 20% for all those earning between $ 183,001 and $ 400,000. For example, an AGI of $ 145,000 would benefit from a 40% tax credit rate.

For those who earn over $ 400,000. the credit rate decreases again by 1% for each $ 2,000 earned over $ 400,000, and becomes zero for families of $ 438,000 or more. For example, an AGI of $ 410,000 would benefit from a tax credit rate of 15%.

Which dependents are eligible for the child care credit?

According to the IRS, the eligibility rules for dependents are quite broad, but a dependent must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be under the age of 13, or
  • Being unable to care for themselves if you are 13 years of age or older (for example, if you have an older spouse or dependent who is disabled and unable to care for themselves, and who has lived with you for more than half of the year, or
  • Being physically or mentally unable to take care of yourself, even if your income was $ 4,300 or more.

In addition, the eligible dependent must have a tax identification number, such as a Social Security number.

What should I know if I am separated or divorced?

Only the custodial parent can claim the child care credit on their taxes. The IRS defines a custodial parent as the parent with whom the child lived the most nights in 2021. The rules for separated or divorced parents are similar to those for child and shared custody tax credit.

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