Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson Talks About Her Skincare Routine and Career

If you’ve only seen one episode of Abbott Elementary Schoolthat’s all you need to witness the comic genius and charm of Quinta Brunson. The 32-year-old comedian, actor and TV writer first burst onto the scene in 2014 when a his comedy sketch gone viral. Soon after, Brunson starred, wrote, and produced several Buzzfeed videos and series. Now as creator and director of ABC Abbott Elementary School and a 2022 Time 100 award winner, she’s well on her way to becoming a household name – and not just in entertainment. Brunson’s latest attempt may seem a bit out of the way, but just one conversation with her (including her skincare routine, career, and more) reveals why the star’s new partnership with Olay makes perfect sense. .

“When I was younger, I used everything my mom used, and she always had Olay moisturizer and body wash in the bathroom,” Brunson told TZR. “It’s just a staple in my life.”

Like everyone else, Brunson developed her now-beloved beauty routine through a series of trial and error. “I had this period where I went out and went to all the beauty stores and started trying all these different things,” she recalled. But after trying a slew of products, she found herself reaching for what she calls bases, which for her included an Olay moisturizer.


After a brief experimental phase, Brunson’s beauty routine has definitely stabilized, and there are even products in her regimen that have crossed the line from uniform to non-negotiable. “I wash my face every morning and every evening without fail. I won’t go out unless I wash my face and I won’t go to sleep unless I wash my face,” she told TZR. Although she says her nighttime skincare routine now leaves her skin so fresh in the morning that she feels like she can leave the house without washing it, the idea of ​​doing so is “crazy”.

Brunson recently introduced serums to her routine and was impressed with the results on her skin, including the brand’s signature Retinol24 night serum“I was really looking for my thing at night; how to fall asleep feeling like my skin would be recharged, cared for and hydrated — but I didn’t want to use a bunch of different products,” she explains.

Being in front of the camera a lot now, Brunson finds that she wears a lot more makeup than before and soon after noticed her skin change. “Especially because I’m in LA with this harsh climate, I just wanted to make sure my skin stays supple and happy,” she told TZR. Her dermatologist recommended a retinol (although in addition to that, dermis also suggested additional steps to lessen the irritation that can accompany regular retinol use). “I couldn’t keep up – the steps were like using it once this week, twice next week, but not three, and next week using it four times but only here…and I was like If I could just don’t do this. I have enough milestones in my life to worry about. Now she’s learned that a simplified, streamlined routine with quality products and ingredients is just what her complexion needs.

Brunson’s intentionality in beauty choices also carries over to her show. Primary Abbott. Brunson is determined about the beauty stylistic choices of her main character, Jeanine. “I wanted her to portray this girl who’s just starting to find herself,” Brunson explains. In the first season, the character comes out of a relationship she’s been in for 10 years. Brunson therefore wanted her hair, makeup and clothes to reflect a woman who had been slightly stuck in one place for a long time. “His clothes and his hair must not have really changed much. [throughout the season] because she was with someone who loved her regardless,” Brunson says.

She adds that fans can expect to see subtle changes to Jeanine’s hair in season 2, because “over the summer, going through a breakup, she [Jeanine] tried watching tutorials on Youtube and tried doing different things with her hair,” says Brunson. She goes on to note that she wishes Jeanine’s relationship with beauty as depicted on screen reflected the role that beauty plays in most people’s lives. “As our lives change and our experiences change, we make different decisions about our hair, skin, and makeup and they often mean who we are and where we are at that time,” says -she.

As for Brunson, her approach to beauty and much of life these days is rooted in simplicity – with her career taking off and a new accolade every month (like her recent Emmy nominations), “J ‘just try to keep it simple,’ she says. And with a beauty partnership under her belt, it’s safe to say that Brunson’s journey, simple as it is, will be nothing short of thrilling and accomplished.

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