The concept of beauty has evolved; Fortunately, today’s consumers know the composition of the product and are more eager to make safer choices. Terms like cruelty-free, eco-friendly, safe and sustainable have found their proper meaning in the booming Indian beauty industry and are no longer labeled as trends. As more homegrown brands launch safer formulations in sustainable packaging, shampoo bars have become one of the most sought-after eco-friendly beauty shifts one can commit to.

While we all love our favorite bottle of shampoo and conditioner, the conscious shift to shampoo bars is making a difference in the hair care industry. Do you remember our grandmothers reaching for OG Shikhakai soap bar for hair? It would be safe to say that we are going back to our roots and this change is for good!

Example: shampoo bars are back in business and they are better than before. So what about those solid bars that have risen to the top of our beauty shelf? And, are the benefits strong enough to eliminate liquid shampoo bottles forever?

Benefits of using shampoo bars

Convenient and easy to carry: They are smaller than shampoo bottles and can be carried easily. Plus, if you’re worried about pulling a “Ross” from the popular sitcom FRIENDS, who got pretty bummed out when his shampoo bottles leaked in his bag, shampoo bars are just the thing for you!

Minimal and ecological packaging: The amount of plastic that ends up in landfills is worrying. And the part that comes from the beauty industry can make you cringe at your choices! Luckily, many beauty brands have taken notice and are going the eco-friendly route with biodegradable packaging materials and sustainability campaigns like refilling and recycling empty jars. However, the shampoo bars come in minimal packaging that can be easily recycled with minimal to no waste.

Safer Ingredients: It’s a double win with shampoo bars; the wax and essential oils used to make a bar are not only safe for your scalp and hair, but also for the environment. The washed-off soap eventually ends up in a drain, which at some point is released to an open area. Safer and biodegradable ingredients will also be kinder to the environment and that’s a plus!

5 shampoo bars you can invest in

Earth Rhythm Murumuru Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars
Perfect for curly hair, this one tames frizz and softens strands of hair. No bad guys, cute packaging, and a local brand, chances are you’ll be looking for that brand more than once. Plus, it comes in a tin box that can be reused as a daily storage option.

weDo Professional Plastic Free Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars

Vegan and cruelty-free, you’ll find your hair healthier after the first few washes. With ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable plastic packaging, this one is a kind change for your hair as well as the planet. One bar will last up to 80 washes, meaning less product wasted.

L’Occitane Gentle and Balancing Shampoo

Bath soaps
Coming from a French brand, this one immediately transports you to sprawling fields. With natural ingredients and relaxing properties, it makes hair soft and maintains the pH balance of the scalp. Without plastic packaging with a lingering sweet scent, this solid shampoo lasts a few months.

The Switch Fix Acai of Relief Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars

This brand has nailed the concept of eco-friendly packaging. Wrapped in brown paper with a little sticker on it that reads the product name, it’s a nice little shampoo bar with lots of benefits. The brand offers nine different variants, this one, in particular, targets hair loss and gently cleanses, strengthens, improves overall scalp health.

Juicy Chemistry organic shampoo bar (fenugreek, brahmi and plantain)

Shampoo bars
Handcrafted without preservatives, Juicy Chemistry’s solid shampoo does what it says. Designed to target dandruff and itchy scalp, it leaves the scalp clean and fresh. If you didn’t know, Juicy Chemistry was one of the pioneers in the development of innovative, safe, effective and unique biological products.

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