After-sun skincare brand Sunburnt hosts second annual #SummerNaturally contest

Ahhh, the joys of summer. Sun tanning. Yachting. Play volleyball on the sandy beach. Fight the ocean waves. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, and before consumers know it, they lose track of it, forget to reapply their sunscreen (or worse, give it all up) and poof – they look like lobsters before becoming to enjoy one for dinner.

Unless consumers keep track of when they apply their SPF and manage to avoid burning their skin on the days when the UV index is highest, sunburn is an inevitable, albeit undesirable, part of the summer. Fortunately, there is Tan.

The clean skincare brand specializes in a host of after-sun products to cool, calm and treat lightly burned skin that needs attention. Anne Brolly, senior vice president of product development and marketing at Quest Products, Inc., notes that SunBurnt products help treat minor sunburns. People with severe burns, including second and third degree burns, should see their healthcare provider immediately.

The brand’s products, including its flagship SunBurnt After Sun Gel, are all 98% natural ingredients and instantly refresh, soothe and nourish skin with a proprietary blend of antioxidant-rich moisturizing and healing ingredients like aloe vera, calendula, coconut oil , cucumber, echinacea and seaweed. Developed with dermatologists, SunBurnt’s unique formulas are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and glycols, and absorb quickly without leaving skin sticky.

“We want to make sure that we tell people who like to be outdoors in the summer to take care of their skin before they go out,” Brolly said. “But in case they get burned again, we’re here to help them make the most of their summer.”

Selfies and sun protection

With that in mind, SunBurnt is hosting its second annual #SummerNaturally social media contest, encouraging consumers to post their travel adventures on their social media with photos of SunBurnt products or other proven skincare products, while hashtag the brand for a chance to get travel gift cards.

SunBurnt After Sun Gel sells for $24.99.

“Personal care in the form of a unique outdoor experience best describes our intent with our #SummerNaturally social media photo and video sweepstakes,” Brolly noted. “We look forward to seeing submissions from people enjoying the summer outdoors and of course we will remind everyone to take care of their skin after being in nature.”

An independent clinical study showed that SunBurnt Gel increased skin hydration by 20% after one week of use.

The brand’s best-selling products include SunBurnt Ultra Moisturizing Face Mask, Pain Relief Gel Plus, Advanced Sun Recovery After-Sun Gel and Advanced After-Sun Lotion.

One of the SunBurnt Plus After Sun Gel users is Ciara Johnson, a solo travel enthusiast who will be spending the summer of 2022 traveling to the US Virgin Islands, Croatia, Austin, Texas, Grapevine Mills, Texas and Illinois.

“These are all places with beautiful landscapes, endless festivals or even great food!” she says.

Johnson said she shares the same values ​​as SunBurnt, which understands the importance of having quality skincare products on hand while traveling.

“Apart from long flights and different environments, the sun can easily have a negative effect on our skin,” Johnson said. “As a black woman, I believe it’s especially important to promote after-sun care to women who may not believe they need it. After-sun care is for everyone!

The SunBurnt #SummerNaturally social media contest includes $1,500 in travel gift cards and $100 in cash prizes. The grand prize is an $800 gift card to Hip Camp, an online platform for discovering and booking the best campsites close to the consumer, and a $700 gift card for American Airlines. Sweepstakes entrants are eligible for three monthly draws to receive a $100 cash prize, with winners to be announced on SunBurnt’s social media channels.

Potential entrants can enter the SunBurnt #SummerNaturally contest on Facebook by following @SunBurnt and Instagram @thesunburntbrand, using the hashtag #SummerNaturally with their posts. The contest ends on September 6.

Follow Ciara Johnson and her travels on Instagram @hey_ciara.

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