An Optometrist Reveals The Beauty Product That’s Doing The Most Damage To Your Eyes

Eyelash extensions can be one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures, but caution should always be exercised, Dr. Ramin Rabbani told us.

“Glue-on eyelash extensions are extremely popular and can be safe when applied correctly. However, care should always be taken with these applications, especially when using glue to secure them,” Rabbani explained – some glues, it turns out, can contain irritants that could trigger allergic reactions.

“I’ve had many patients who have severe allergic reactions and the main culprit is usually the glue,” Rabbani told us. In reality, Refinery29 reports that a 20-year-old Canadian woman named Isabelle Kun was rushed to hospital after eyelash extension glue caused her eyelids to swell and her tonsils to become inflamed. In another case, the Mirror United Kingdom reports that Jasmine Dewhurst, 18, woke up with her eyes closed due to an allergic reaction to eyelash extension glue.

In both cases, a patch test was not performed, which is crucial to avoid serious allergic reactions. Based on their experiences with glue-related allergic reactions, Kun and Dewhurst recommend asking for a skin test before doing the procedure. The tests are usually done behind the ear or on the forearm to see if the skin reacts to the product.

Signs of an allergic reaction to eyelash extension glue include burning, itching, redness, swelling and/or pain around the eyes (eg. Missouri Poison Center). Minor allergic reactions can be lessened by using a cold compress or over-the-counter allergy eye drops. For more serious reactions, call your local health care provider and/or poison control center.

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