Do you think there is something about your beauty routine that would surprise people?

Hmm, hmm, hmm! I mean, I remember when I was young in Cuba – okay, it’s very strange, but we used to put beer in our hair before we went to the beach. We would be at the beach, and in the sun, and having beer in our hair would give us those natural highlights, it was amazing!

Like Sun In!

Yeah yeah! The beer was interesting, but it was really cool. I mean, that’s what we had back then, and it really worked! And I feel like I have to say, I did it when I was young, but I also did it as an adult, and you really get a beautiful color in your hair.

I mean, it’s a really good one! I always ask this question, and I think it’s my favorite answer. And now that you say it, I feel like I’ve heard of people doing this before.

Yes, I don’t know if you color your hair, but you should definitely try it!

Ah, 100%. I try to get my hair as light and highlighted as possible in the summer. TThis is actually the perfect link to my next question because I was curious about how your heritage impacted your approach to beauty.

Cuba is a beautiful place. It’s very special, and the lifestyle is completely different from LA, for example. You know, I grew up with very little, and that included beauty products and skin care products. The approach was very simple: wash your face, wash your hair, brush your hair, put on sunscreen, and you’re beautiful like this. We didn’t wear a lot of makeup, it was more about “This is it! This is what you have! “

Okay, just to enhance your natural beauty.

Yes, [laughs] and put beer in your hair! Growing up it was more about feeling Well. Feeling fresh, clean and happy, and very natural. The best thing we could do was have a great day at the beach and sunbathe. It was really a less is more mentality because of my situation and where I grew up. And eventually, it just becomes a part of who you are. I carried this with me all my life. Even now I feel very, very comfortable with very little. We all have bad days, but deep down and deep down I think it’s really important to feel good about yourself and take care of it, instead of covering yourself in layers and layers of makeup. .

Believe me, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear that. Oh, okay I know we’re getting close to the time, so on our farewell note what’s your philosophy of unfiltered beauty in seven words or less?

Oh my God, seven words ?! Hmm, well, definitely what I was saying before about less being more. It’s going to be a lot more than seven words, so I apologize, but I think we often feel pressure to follow trends or use what other people are using, and that doesn’t have to be what works for you. Honestly, sometimes I hesitate to give beauty advice because whatever I say is what works for me. I have tried so many different products that are super expensive or have a reputation for being super cool and chic but they just don’t go with me. I think everyone should try to find their own way to feel beautiful without following the crowd and what everyone else is telling us we need or should be doing.

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