Azerbaijani company seeks joint ventures in cosmetics production


ISLAMABAD: Distinguished Azerbaijani industrial group Gazelli is visiting Pakistan seeking joint ventures in the production of natural cosmetics.

According to the Azerbaijani mission in Islamabad, the first local company producing natural cosmetics from Azerbaijan; Gazelli Group was introduced to sell products made in Azerbaijan, Pakistan. The two countries maintain exemplary relations in various fields and support each other in various international forums.

Ms Narmin Ismayilova, CEO of Gazelli Group, visiting Pakistan to promote trade and trade relations, held bilateral meetings with a number of local companies operating in this field. She informed them about local and natural products made by Gazelli Group. Ismayilova stressed that her company is ready for the necessary work to launch the high-quality natural products of the Gazelli Group in the Pakistani market.

During the meetings, an agreement was reached to sell the products of the Azerbaijani company Gazelli Group to a famous chain of stores in Pakistan, which sells many international cosmetic brands.

Waqar Zafar Bakhtawari, general manager of the chain of stores, expressed his interest in Gazelli Group products and also expressed his intention to travel to Azerbaijan soon to get acquainted with the company’s facilities.

It is likely that similar bilateral visits of Pakistan and Azerbaijan could be undertaken in the future.


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