Bandung BPOM seizes thousands of illegal cosmetic products

Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) – The Bandung Food and Drug Surveillance Agency (BPOM) has seized nearly four thousand illegal cosmetics without distribution licenses and expired after checking 30 retail outlets and cosmetics distributors.

BPOM Bandung chief Sukriadi Darma said a total of 3,826 cosmetics were seized among 182 types of cosmetics. They were protected from agents, salons and beauty clinics.

“There are three categories, specifically cosmetics which are past their expiration date, cosmetics without local distribution license and without import distribution license,” Darma remarked at the BPOM Bandung office here on Wednesday.

He noted that thousands of cosmetics had been recovered from eight regions: Bandung City, Bandung District, Cimahi Town, West Bandung District, Karawang District, Subang District, Purwakarta and the town of Bekasi.

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The seized cosmetics were mainly from Karawang district, with 2,178 illegal cosmetics, Darma noted.

Most of the items seized were locally produced cosmetics as many cosmetic manufacturers did not comply with the provisions.

“Usually they sell their products as morning cream, afternoon cream and evening cream. They claim that their products are able to whiten the skin in a short time. This promotion surely attracts a lot of world,” he said.

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He noted that the presence of illegal cosmetic manufacturers was also driven by the high demand factor. In fact, illegal cosmetics could have a negative impact on public health. Therefore, he reminded the public not to become careless while buying beauty products.

“Yesterday, we also found vendors in pharmacies in Sumedang. They were manufacturing beauty products containing drugs and then distributing them,” Darma noted.

He revealed that the thousands of seized cosmetics were worth 264 million rupees. Darma also assured that it would continue to carry out surveillance to minimize the circulation of illegal cosmetic products that could potentially endanger the public.

“It can be dangerous, as it could cause skin cancer or become a permanent dark spot. It could also be dangerous for pregnant women and their fetuses,” he warned.

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