Book Review: “I’ll Answer Your Questions Now,” by Stephanie Grisham


Grisham, we learn, a divorced mother of average who previously argued over reporters for Mitt Romney, has spent much of her tenure in the West Wings and is simmering quietly in worry. She simmered about Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former Vogue student and Melania’s first advisor, who wrote one of the first and most revealing. About Dan Scavino, the tweet manager who was apparently a real hotel room diva and the like. About an unnamed ex, widely known as former White House aide Max Miller, dubbed the “Music Man” for choosing showy tunes to soothe the stormy big boss’s wild chest. About Mark Meadows, the late-day chief of staff to whom, on a “Trump White House scale of horror, with a five being the most terrible person in the world,” Grisham gives a 12. About Lindsey Graham, whom she nicknamed “Senator Freeloader” for her “crass and sticky” way of sucking up appetizers by the Bedminster pool. What about Jared Kushner? He is “Rasputin in a fitted suit”.

Credit…Megan Colson

It doesn’t matter “Lost”; Grisham has far more classic analogies to pop culture at its fingertips. In search of dinner with the British royal family, the extended Trump family reminds a colleague of the ’60s sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies”, ready to turn the bowls. She compares Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus to Oscar and Felix, the slob and groomed roommates in “The Odd Couple”. Stretching out her own silk headdress with a comb, hairdryer, spray and oversized scissors, Trump is the delusional, straightening Norma Desmond from one of her favorite movies, “Sunset Boulevard.” Watching the returns of the 2020 election with colleagues she then considered bizarre aliens suggests “a ‘Star Wars’ cantina scene produced by the One America News Network.”

Most poignantly, the author introduces herself and Melania, whom she has moved away from since she finally resigned, during the Capitol Uprising, as Thelma and Louise: Seizing Feminist Hands Against Betrayals and Trump’s various and frequent irregularities. “My daughter,” as Grisham repeatedly refers to her former employer, loved to text strong arm emoji as a token of favor. “We were rebels,” she writes, “loving the life and living the dream” – though when Grisham offers a girls shoot on Mar-a-Lago beach during the Stormy Daniels scandal, Melania can’t help but consider a possible photo op. (The exit was missed.) Grisham, an insecure TJ Maxx client of her appearance, seems both dismayed and captivated by Melania’s scrupulous attention to high-end fashion and isolated personal grooming.

As Melania’s spokesperson, Grisham certainly had her work cut out for her. Despite Melania’s supposed ease in five languages, the first lady’s preferred mode was silence, leaving reporters feverishly overanalyzing the messages sent by outerwear such as a $ 51,500 Dolce & Gabbana embroidered cocoon coat provided. by his delicious-sounding stylist, Hervé Pierre – “it’s not also if Michelle Obama and Laura Bush were walking around in burlap bags”, sniffs Grisham in defense – or the famous “I Really Don’t Care , Do U? Zara’s jacket, “that damn jacket,” oddly pictured again on the back cover of this book. (Should it be kept at the Smithsonian?)


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