NEW YORK–() –Brij, a platform connecting physical products to digital experiences launched today to enable one-touch product registration and reorganization. The platform allows brands to create bespoke digital experiences for each of their products that are accessible by scanning a QR code on the product or its packaging. When consumers scan a Brij QR Code, they can sign up, rearrange, and view content relevant to their products anytime, anywhere. Brands can take advantage of this channel to speak directly to consumers they previously did not have access to.

A new channel to connect brands to consumers

Typically, when brands sell through third party retailers, the retailer holds the consumer data. This makes it difficult for brands to reach consumers and build lasting relationships after the sale. To solve this problem, Brij is creating a whole new channel for brands to connect with consumers through QR codes on their products or packaging.

According to a September 2020 MobileIron Survey, 72% of respondents said they had scanned a QR code in the past month. This number is expected to continue to rise as companies explore new use cases for the technology. COVID-19 has played a big role in driving this behavior change, with more people interacting with QR codes for contactless menus, immunization appointments, payments and more.

“The rapid adoption of QR codes since the start of the pandemic has opened up a new channel for interacting with consumers that simply didn’t exist before,” said Kait Stephens, CEO and co-founder of Brij. “With our code-free platform and our integration with Shopify, we enable brands to maximize the potential of this new channel and retain their customers in an unmatched way. ”

A focus on improving the consumer experience

Brij enables brands in a wide range of industries, including consumer staples, home appliances, beauty, electronics and fashion, to easily integrate QR codes into their products or packaging. With these QR codes, brands can deliver unique experiences to consumers, all without the need to download an app. Consumers simply scan the QR code to access all relevant product information and can register their product with a single tap in exchange for a reward or exclusive content.

“At Brij, we are rethinking the product registration experience from a consumer’s perspective,” said Zack Morrison, CTO and co-founder of Brij. “We took on a task that has always been seen as a waste of time and made check-in an effortless one-touch experience that delivers tangible benefits to consumers. We’re excited about all the ways brands are using Brij to improve their product experience and retain customers.

Brij offers consumers benefits such as:

  • One-touch incentive product registration – Sign up with just one touch and receive rewards and discounts to start a relationship with the brand.
  • Easy product ordering – Recommend essentials in seconds by scanning their product.
  • Guarantee follow-up – Keep track of receipts and product warranty expiration dates.
  • Digital product packaging – Access product manuals, how-to videos, ingredients, assembly instructions, customer support and more.
  • Recovery of lost and stolen items – Claim ownership of items and have them returned if lost or stolen.
  • Product authentication – Check the authenticity with a scan and avoid buying fakes.

Innovative brands leverage the Brij platform

Brij already works with a wide range of brands across a number of industries and verticals that use the platform to connect with consumers in unique ways. Some of Brij’s early customers include Andy & Eva, Cool cat, Fire cider, Gardening company, mightily, Skura style and Not steep.

Andy & Eva, a children’s lifestyle brand sold through retailers around the world including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and big box stores, uses Brij to provide customers with peace of mind. When customers register their Andy & Evan products with Brij, the QR code instantly becomes a digital name tag. If the item is lost and found, the researcher can simply scan the QR code to send a message to the owner and facilitate their return. This fixes a common problem for parents who are often concerned that their children will lose their jackets and clothes. Andy & Evan are also able to use product registration details to engage in direct email marketing with their customers – an advantage the company did not previously have as a wholesaler.

“We see Brij as a way not only to provide a direct line of communication with our customers, but also to establish product differentiation that serves our target audience – parents of young children,” said Evan Hakalir, President and CEO. from the management, Andy & Evan. “Finding ways to communicate with our customers is not easy, but Brij allows us to engage with them directly, even when our products are sold through third party retailers. At the same time, we also help parents to protect their children’s outdoor clothing purchases with Brij’s lost and stolen item recovery feature, relieving a common headache.

Skura style, a brand of kitchen sponges and antimicrobial cleaning tools, is also working with Brij to better connect with its customers. With Brij, Skura Style offers its customers the possibility to scan the QR code on the products to register for a new instant order. It’s also an opportunity to tell brand stories, getting customers access to weekly cleaning tips, FAQs, and even a fun cleaning reading list.

“Part of our brand’s DNA is having an intimate dialogue with our customers,” said Alison Matz, co-founder of Skura Style. “Brij gives us the tools to have these conversations no matter where shoppers buy our products. This includes offering our customers a way to easily rearrange their favorite products when they’re ready, enable creative content and brand storytelling, and provide access to our referral program. Previously we had to incorporate a lot of information into our small packaging, but with Brij we can now encourage people to simply scan a QR code for product details and more.

Stephens and Morrison founded Brij as MBA students at Harvard Business School. Brij recently raised $ 1.25 million in pre-seed funding, which has allowed the company to expand its team and expand its customer base.

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About Brij

Brij powers one-touch product registration and ordering for innovative brands with the simple scan of a QR code. A digital extension of product packaging, Brij connects brands directly to their consumers, even those lost when selling through third-party retailers. With Brij’s code-less software platform, brands can easily perform redemptions, referrals and personalized recommendations activated from the physical product. Learn more about

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