Trinny Woodall: From Fashion Guru to Founder of a Beauty Empire

The woman once known for her tendency to grab the breasts of TV fashion redesign contestants stands in her office, describing the importance of her company’s new enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software.

Bringing local distribution into major markets such as Australia is one part of growth plans this year for Trinny London, the brand founded by Trinny Woodall. His longtime partnership with Susannah Constantine on the BBC makeover show What not to wear, which aired between 2001 and 2007, became a television phenomenon.

The discerning eye and highly practical style that Woodall, 57, once brought to the fashion choices and bra fit of thousands of women is now deployed on the high-end makeup brand she founded in 2017. The range is sold almost exclusively online. , directly to the consumer by the company.

Frankly, you’d forgive Trinny, the GM, for being pretty “on” everyone talking about Trinny, the tit-grabbing TV presenter.

But she takes it in her stride: “I think careers are cyclical, except when you finally find your entrepreneurial spirit. . . I was 10, 10, 10. . . and then I had, I’m ready. . . and that was when I was 50. So all the things I’ve done before, in a way, gave me this idea of ​​what I can bring to the table when I started Trinny London.

Sarah-Jane Woodall – Trinny was a childhood nickname that stuck – always had an entrepreneurial streak. Whether it was washing and ironing shirts for £1 a piece during her baccalaureate or selling socks during an unhappy time as a City assistant, having followed her father into finance: “I didn’t like that. And it was very male dominated. . .[it] went down very quickly.

There was a stint in rehab for alcohol and cocaine addiction, before a newspaper column with Constantine led to TV shows and makeovers around the world. The couple’s fashion advice business was launched during the frenetic last months of the first dotcom boom, before disappearing in 2001. Monetizing their idea – collecting data from tens of thousands of women who were of interest to large companies – took longer as the market remained warm.

Still, there were leadership lessons from this flop. “Trust your instincts more,” she says. “Raising too much money too quickly, because fundraising was incredibly easy. It was two meetings and you got it.

When it came to Trinny London, who uses Match2Me, an online tool to put together stackable pots of face, eye and lip color based on a customer’s skin tone, Woodall stuck to the two things she learned during his first stint as an entrepreneur. First, trust yourself: “The principle was very much in my mind from the start: that I wanted to do personalized makeup for women and that I wanted to target people aged 35 and over. I wanted to do cream products and I wanted it to be premium.

On the finance side, the business started with two brainstorming interns and the money raised from Woodall’s daughter’s godfather and a school gate mother who worked in the cosmetics industry. Quirky storyboards about product evolution or customization, first created around the kitchen table, are reflected in his home’s “cabinet bank” where Woodall has info sheets to keep track of things. today: “I have every number on the board of this company. . . month by month, what we launched, what are the figures and then for the current year, what we are going to do. . . I really like visualization.

Woodall was still experimenting with colors and making women in his bathroom as part of his Match2Me algorithm research when the money ran out. “I literally thought ‘what do I have in my house?'” Woodall says. “So I just sold all the clothes I had.”

After decades of compulsive clothing shopping (her dry January version is ‘January without spending’), two sales have brought in around £60,000.

“And I have a shitload of clothes now. You’re probably thinking, ‘Jesus Christ, I saw her fell’.

Wardrobe slaughter is just one thing you can see Woodall doing on the internet. At a Trinny London pop-up event in New York, its appeal is such that two women flew from Chicago to meet the woman they first saw on Instagram using a dog diaper in lockout to tint eyelashes. A recent (tasteful) post had her mid-bikini wax while others wrapped presents in the background.

The energetic content of its personal and corporate social media channels, with millions of subscribers, is integral to the brand’s success. And what you see is what you get: “I’m pretty consistent,” says Woodall. “I’m pretty long in the tooth and I’m used to the skin I’m in. . . the Instagram Trinny you see is the person I follow in the office.

There are impromptu Trinny moments. But most of its health, beauty and fashion productions are carefully coordinated and filmed one day a week. “It’s about how you make it feel, ultimately, organic. And I think it takes a lot of work,” says Woodall. “On social media, we make a plan that’s two months in advance . . . we have the stories for every day. The amount of content we produce as a business is probably 10 times that of any other beauty mark.

For Woodall, “it’s actually daily market research.” The brand receives thousands of comments and direct messages daily. “Every day I go to sit on the toilet at lunch [and read the feedback] and I will do it in the morning when I wake up. . . what are they thinking? How do they feel? It tells me so much and they know so much.

None more than the Trinny tribe – devoted fans of the brand who now number 100,000 women in 16 countries; a carefully maintained social media network.

So much for the doubts expressed by some would-be investors in the notoriously male-dominated world of venture capital when Woodall was raising funds, before being backed by Unilever Ventures.

“I remember one particular VC saying, ‘you’re totally wrong about the demographics, you have to be millennial or it’s not going to work.’ And I said, ‘you don’t believe there are women online, which are the women I’m talking to. They just don’t have anything that meets their needs right now, and that’s why they don’t buy.

Woodall has only raised £7m in funding, including a small round as pandemic panic sets in and the world is on lockdown. In fact, it supercharged the business. It has redeployed staff to do virtual appointments online. “We had 3,000 reservations the first day. . . what I call our sleeping customer came to buy.

Sales have more than tripled to £44m in the year to March 2021. The brand has now made over £100m in revenue since launch, is growing rapidly and has gross margins of 60 to 65%.

Woodall won’t talk about reviews, but avoids comparisons to other makeup brands, such as the millennial-focused Glossier. [make-up and beauty] as a business, I would say yes. But we won’t be just that as a company,” she says.

Trinny London will launch next month in a new arena, with feverish online speculation suggesting it could be haircare and skincare, clothing, lingerie, handbags or even retail physical.

Three questions for Trinny Woodall

Who is your leadership hero?

Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company. She is a truly inspiring businesswoman. Having made the family business a global leader and a household name in all things ‘home’, she is a wonderful combination of leadership, motherhood, femininity and strength.

If you weren’t a CEO/executive, what would you be?

A makeover expert or therapist.

What was the first leadership lesson you learned?

That I don’t have all the answers, and that I now have people on the team who know more about an area than I do and realize how much of a relief and support it is, instead of me give a hard time that I don’t know everything!

“I knew I wanted to have five verticals,” says Woodall, who is already working on the third launch. “I told the VCs that. . . we’re going to launch this, but we’re going to be a personalized platform for women to find what they need and get emotional support in how they get it.

Plans this year include a push into the United States — and more hiring. The workforce doubled during the first UK lockdown and is approaching 200. As she grows, Woodall is keen to keep everyone connected to the brand – which actually means to her.

She spent an hour at a distance with each new person entering confinement. When Covid permits, she roams the office, led by her assistant Louise, to track down those she hasn’t met in person. “I make a lot of big Zoom calls, but I want them to feel like I really know who they are.”

It’s too early to think about an exit from a company, Woodall says, where she still has “the majority by far.” But the prospect of a future payday is a marker of success: “It’s money to some degree, because I don’t own my house and I’m 57. And I want to own my own home,” Woodall says. “So it was more or less for myself that I did it. It’s a great motivation. I spent a lot of time becoming myself.

Woodall, who has struggled in the city’s rigid, masculine environment, clearly relishes his young, female-dominated squad and symbiotic relationship with the Trinny tribe. “The buzz I got from what I’ve done before [in makeovers] changed a woman in what she felt. . . there is nothing that pleases me more. . . make women say “because of Trinny London” or “because of that thing I watched, I feel this about myself”. . . it is deeply gratifying.

His next development, as an entrepreneur and boss, “is to not be in the weeds so much, because when you’re starting a business in those early years, you’re on every detail.”

Still, you get the feeling that giving up control of the details just isn’t a terribly trinny thing to do.

Best Gel Eyeliner – KXAN Austin

Which gel eyeliner is the best?

Although you’re a fan of pencils or liquid eyeliners, these aren’t the only formulas worth including in your makeup collection. Gel eyeliners have rich, creamy consistencies and buildable formulas that let you create countless looks, from razor-sharp wings to ultra-fine lower lash lines.

Several varieties of gel liner are available, ranging from paint pots to mechanical pencils. If you’re looking for a versatile formula, KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner can even be used as an eyebrow color or eye shadow.

What to know before buying gel eyeliner

What is gel eyeliner?

Gel eyeliners have rich, creamy consistencies that glide on lids without tugging or skipping. They dry out much less than traditional crayons and are more forgiving than liquid crayons. Most formulas are long lasting because they are water resistant or waterproof, making them suitable for everyday eyeliner or for special occasions.

Types of gel eyeliners

Many gel eyeliners come in jars and are applied with tapered eyeliner brushes. Others offer traditional or mechanical pencils that offer quick and easy applications. A handful of liquid gel coatings have brush or felt tip applicators. They have slightly thicker and smoother consistencies than regular liquid liners.

Tips for applying gel eyeliner

If you’re new to using gel eyeliner, there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your application.

  • Use an eyeshadow base with a gel liner to prevent formulas from smudging or migrating.
  • Invest in a professional-grade liner brush for precise application. Some people prefer flat angled brushes, while others prefer curved or tapered brushes.
  • To prevent the gel eyeliner from drying out, always make sure the jar or pencil is well covered with the lid or cap.

What to look for in a quality gel eyeliner

Common ingredients

Because gel eyeliners share the same consistency, it’s no surprise that they contain similar ingredients. Many formulas contain common ingredients like cyclopentasiloxane, silica, talc, isododecane, dimethicone, kaolin, and polyethylene. Some gel eyeliners are vegan or cruelty-free, while others may include plant-based ingredients. Gel liners suitable for sensitive skin are often formulated without artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfites, phthalates, or gluten.

Long-lasting formulas

Almost all gel eyeliners have long-wearing formulas that can last between eight and 24 hours. Some formulas are water resistant and can repel light amounts of moisture. Others are waterproof and repel more intense moisture exposure, such as raindrops, snow, high humidity conditions, or tears. A few gel liners are advertised as “stain resistant,” meaning they are less likely to migrate on their own or if lightly rubbed.

To finish

Most gel eyeliners have a glossy, light-reflecting finish, making them a popular choice for dramatic looks. Some gel liners, however, have more subdued gloss finishes. While they still deliver drama, they have less of an “in-the-face” finish. As a result, some people prefer gel liners with these understated finishes for daytime looks.

shade variety

Black remains the most popular gel eyeliner color, followed by dark brown. Some makeup brands only offer gel eyeliner in these two colors, while others, like MAC, KVD Beauty and Inglot, offer up to a dozen or more shades. Along with other popular hues like navy blue and charcoal, their collections include bolder colors like burgundy, pink, light blue, green, or white.

How much you can expect to spend on gel eyeliner

Drugstore gel eyeliners start at $5, and if you spend closer to $8, you’ll find several popular formulas from top brands. Gel eyeliners from high-end beauty brands cost between $18 and $30, and a few outliers can approach $35.

Gel Eyeliner FAQs

Do all gel eyeliner pots come with liner brushes?

A. No. While many drugstore formulas sell jars with mini brushes, it’s less common to see similar sets from high-end beauty brands. Most often they sell pots and brushes separately. That said, some high-end beauty brands sell brushes specifically designed to apply their gel liner.

Can I use gel eyeliner if I have oily skin?

A. Many people with oily skin use gel liner, only they help set it with eyeshadow primers and makeup setting sprays. However, some people with oily skin may find that some gel formulas may be too oily for their skin. In some cases, gel liners can contribute to excessive oil production around the eyes.

What are the best gel eyeliners to buy?

Top gel eyeliner

KVD Beauty Vegan Super Pomade Eyeliner

What do you want to know: This vegan eyeliner, a perennial favorite, has a smooth, creamy consistency perfect for creating wings.

What you will love: The waterproof liner has a bold, opaque pigment that lasts all day without flaking or migrating. You can also use it as eyebrow color and eye shadow. The liner is available in over 16 shades, far more than most gel liners. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

What you should consider: The gel eyeliner jar does not come with a brush, and the jar may dry out before you use it.

Or buy: Sold by Ulta

Top gel eyeliner for the money

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Gel Eyeliner

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Gel Eyeliner

What do you want to know: If you are looking for an introductory gel line, this L’Oreal variety is ideal as it comes with a brush.

What you will love: The liner has a glossy lacquer finish that photographs well. It is a 24-hour formula that holds up well to moisture and humidity. The set comes with a tapered brush that makes ultra-fine lines and razor-sharp wings.

What you should consider: The eyeliner is a little drying, which isn’t ideal if you already have dry skin.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner

What do you want to know: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner offers the best of both worlds with pencil-like application and a rich gel consistency.

What you will love: This mechanical gel liner is easy to sharpen with just a few twists. The long-wearing formula lasts up to 12 hours without fading. Because its texture is creamy and silky, it is appreciated by dry or mature skin.

What you should consider: When applied to the lower lash line, it may smudge or migrate throughout the day.

Or buy: Sold by Ulta, Sephora and Macy’s

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Hailey Bieber just hinted at her own skincare line (again)

After a steady stream of celebrity beauty line announcements (most recently MGK and Harry Styles), Hailey Bieber keeps reminding us that she’s about to dip her toes in the skincare pool, too. After rumors started circulating last year that Bieber was launching a line of beauty products under his middle name, Rhode, we’ve only received drops and drops of information about the upcoming line, as her fans’ anticipation is only growing. Now, it looks like we should hear more information soon, with the model posting a teaser to her Instagram. “Icy skin 🍩🍩 all 2022. Tell a friend.” she captioned her photo in a bikini with glowing, wet skin, and a handy tag from Rhode Skin’s Instagram account.

Bieber has been teasing the skincare line for months, speaking to Demi Lovato on their podcast, 4D With Demi Lovato, back in September. “‘I’m going to get into the beauty world and start a business that’s been really exciting,'” she said in the episode. the first time I know that’s where I’m supposed to be and that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Bieber has previously shared her personal skincare journey, discussing her experience with adult acne in 2020 and detailing her “glazed donut” routine on her YouTube account last year. She also (unsuccessfully) filed several trademarks for beauty brands in the past, including “Bieber Beauty” before successfully filing one for Rhode Skin – and realizing the Bieber Beauty name had already been taken by her own husband. She’s clearly been planning the move for a while.

Although Rhode Skin’s Instagram account doesn’t have a single post yet, it already has over 43,000 followers, which no doubt suggests that people are eager for the new line’s release. After providing us with lockdown skincare tips on her Instagram, Bieber has earned her place as a skincare guru in the making, but it’s unclear when the launch date will be (yet). We’ll have to stay tuned to Bieber’s social media for any updates and hold tight for products that can give us that glazed donut shine.

Powder cosmetics: the industry is adapting to the boom in the market

The craze for a “zero waste” bathroom without liquid hygiene products in bulky packaging, mostly plastic, is now reflected in an increasingly substantial powder offer.

Different solutions have emerged: loose or compact powders to be rehydrated in a bottle (, Juliette) to reconstitute a liquid product and keep it, or loose powders to be used directly with water, such as the Perlucine range, the Les Yodi shampoos and cleansers, or Laboté face care masks in single-dose vegetable capsules.

All of these solutions are accompanied by a new, simple and practical gesture that appeals to consumers wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, while preserving the quality and sensoriality of the products they use on a daily basis.

All solutions are allowed

In this context, the latest launches seem to show a preference for the loose version of the powders. “Loose powder has the advantage of avoiding a shaping phase, compared to compact forms, and of dissolving more easily and more quickly in water, a priori, when reconstituting the product. But because it is designed to be diluted to become a shelf-stable liquid hygiene product, it requires preservatives,explains Stéphanie Reymond, founder and director of Square expert, a technical and marketing consulting agency specializing in cosmetics. However, this constraint can be avoided with the bulk version to be diluted with each use.

Latest launches include the all-new Shower gels JU. Scented with cotton flower, orange blossom, vanilla or even almond, they are found in the bathroom in the form of sachets of powder to be diluted. A secure glass-based pump bottle is supplied with the first order, as well as three 25-gram sachets of powder with various flavors which, once diluted in tap water, make it possible to reconstitute a liquid shower gel to keep. The very fluid powder mixes easily to formulate a product suitable for the whole family.

The doses packaged in paper and partly in a light recyclable plastic film are sent in a neutral envelope and can be stored for up to three years. “We wanted to shake things up by first offering a shower gel, a product that is usually 90% water. JU only keeps the remaining 10% of active ingredients in the form of a powder composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin,explains Karline Hamain, founder of the Juliet Brand.

For the future, the brand plans to develop a complete range of hygiene products for adults & children, including, next February, a toothpaste designed with the same concept and presented in the form of an 8 gram pack of powder to hydrate in a suitable pump bottle. . To support its strategy, the brand has joined forces with Norman health and beauty specialists Gilbert Laboratories to manufacture the products.

There are still few specialized players on the market. The formulation and packaging are quite technical,explains the founder of the brand.

Reinforcement of the industrial phase

As confirmed by Stéphanie Reymond, the manufacture of powdered products still presents some constraints.

In terms of formulation, the choice of solid surfactants is still quite limited, especially when one wants to satisfy criteria of naturalness, cosmos, and skin tolerance,” she says. “In terms of production, packaging is tricky. Due to the volatile nature of the powder, there may be risks when handling this type of ingredient: some mixtures are explosive, there are risks of inhalation and contact with the skin… All of this is at to avoid,” She adds.

The brand The first step, launched in 2019 in Aurillac, in the center of France, have in fact developed on the basis of their technical skills: as early as 2017, they filed a first patent on their production method. They now offer a wide range of 21 references: shower gels/cleansing gels for body & hair, face & hands, and shampoos, always in the form of powders to be diluted in a bottle, and refills in compostable PLA paper packs. The brand exports a lot, especially to the Nordic countries, and in January 2022 launched the first powder deodorant to be reconstituted (6 g) in a 50 ml roll-on bottle with an infinitely recyclable glass ball.

We were the first to define a formulation + production complex. Today there is a strong demand for tailor-made products based on our technology,explains Héloïse Fontaine, founder of the startup.

To meet this demand, the laboratory plans to step up its game with a larger industrialization phase, in particular with the support of ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition – the company won the call for EETE projects as part of the France Relance state recovery program, which shows their commitment to sustainability. “The idea is to be able to supply large accounts, because they are more and more interested in our approach,says the entrepreneur.

As for Lessoniamanufacturer of ingredients & cosmetics and specialist in powders since the creation of the company, they have also chosen to strengthen their industrial facilities by purchasing a packaging machine for cosmetic powders.

Powdered products require industrial equipment and know-how that not all cosmetic companies can boast of. The problems are not the same, there are problems of mixtures, grain size, density, long-lasting… On the packaging side, a powder injector is certainly not the same thing as an injector intended for liquids,says Charles-Henri Morice, Director of Innovation.

In addition, the director points the finger at regulatory constraints which, for the moment, are not adapted to this new market and its very specific characteristics. “What can be considered as the finished product, the powder or the reconstituted product?” he asks. “The fact that the product is processed makes it all more complex, and we are struggling with this regulatory vacuum. Let’s take the example of preservatives: they must be in sufficient quantity in the reconstituted finished product, but on the other hand, under the European Cosmetic Regulations, there is a limit not to be exceeded in the dry product. It is therefore necessary to find the right percentage in the powder so that it is sufficient for the reconstituted product,explains Charles-Henri Morice.

Although very young, the category of powdered cosmetics/hygiene products requires adjustments due to high demand. This transition phase promises a bright future.

Good Glamm acquires majority stake in beauty and personal care brand Organic Harvest

Good Glamm Group, a content-to-commerce conglomerate, announced on Sunday that it has acquired a majority stake in beauty and personal care brand Organic Harvest, for an undisclosed amount.

Good Glamm will invest extra 75 crore in brand growth. The transaction marks Good Glamm Group’s foray into the bio PCB category, according to a statement.

“Organic Harvest was primarily an offline first brand. Now, as part of the Good Glamm Group, Organic Harvest will be able to leverage the group’s large digital audience,” said Darpan Sanghvi, Founder and CEO of Good Glamm Group.

Read also : “Our first principle is to build a brand with a purpose”

He added that Organic Harvest will have access to data-driven insights from the group’s content platforms on what consumers are looking for, as well as a strategic approach to influencer marketing with the full suite of services. and influencer marketing solutions from Good Creator Co to create meaningful campaigns with measurable results. RCI.

Sanghvi also said these campaigns will be integrated with Organic Harvest’s product development engine to accelerate the creation, launch and commercialization of skin and personal care products.

Launched in 2013 by Rahul Agarwal, Organic Harvest will continue to operate as an independent entity.

“Organic Harvest has over 700 employees. Yes, they have all been absorbed into the business. The Good Glamm Group-Organic Harvest partnership was born out of a shared vision to leverage content to commerce to exponentially grow organic BPC (beauty and personal care category).

“To go further, Good Glamm will invest even more 75 crore in brand growth,” said Organic Harvest CEO Rahul Agarwal.

He added that Organic Harvest has a current revenue rate of 75 crore and targets a revenue rate of 250 crores by March 2023.

Agarwal will work closely with Darpan Sanghvi, Priyanka Gill and Naiyya Saggi, co-founders of Good Glamm Group, as well as Sukhleen Aneja (CEO Beauty and FMCG Brands at Good Glamm Group) to accelerate Organic Harvest’s presence in India and globally. .

This acquisition continues the Good Glamm Group’s approach of acquiring innovative, fast-growing beauty brands in important BPC categories, and propelling them through a content-to-commerce strategy.

Brands associated with Good Glamm Group include MyGlamm, POPxo, Plixxo, BabyChakra, The Moms Co, ScoopWhoop, St Botanica, MissMalini Entertainment, Sirona Hygiene, Vidooly and Winkl.

Earlier this month Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl and Vidooly parted company with Good Glamm Group. And, Good Creator Co, India’s largest creator ecosystem, was launched.

The Good Glamm Group’s current revenue is approximately $150 million and is expected to reach $250 million by March 2022. It completed acquisitions worth $270 million in 2021 using a combination of $100 million in cash and the balance of stock exchanges and earn-outs.

It is targeting IPO in FY23-24. In November 2021, Good Glamm Group entered the unicorn club with a valuation of $1.2 billion and raised $150 million from Warburg Pincus and Prosus Ventures. PTI SR HRS hours

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6 Artists Who Launched Their Own Beauty Brands – Billboard

All featured products and services are independently chosen by the editors. However, Billboard may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain verifiable data for accounting purposes.

The list of celebrity-owned beauty brands keeps growing.

From hair care to nail polish and everything in between, musicians, models, influencers, actors and actresses have ditched beauty lines over the years, but things have seemed to skyrocket during the pandemic — which isn’t. not necessarily a bad thing, since most people were spending more time at home and prioritizing self-care.

Ariana Grande’s dream makeup line REM Beauty launched last fall and Becky G unveiled her makeup brand Treslúce in summer 2021, but the ladies aren’t the only ones making a splash in the world of beauty. Machine Gun Kelly, Harry Styles and Lil Yachty launched nail polish lines last year, and Pharrell launched its Humanrace skincare line in 2020.

To explore

See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

With so many options to choose from, we’ve decided to narrow things down a bit to make it easier for you to shop for brands launched by your favorite music artists. Check out the list below, and for more beauty-related shopping recommendations, be sure to read our list of eco-friendly celebrity beauty brands.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin

When it comes to beauty and lingerie, Rihanna’s reign won’t stop. The billionaire beauty maven launched Fenty Beauty in 2o17. Since then, Fenty Beauty’s roster has exploded to include a range of Fenty Skin products, including toners, moisturizers, body butter, toning serum, and eye cream. And of course, Fenty Beauty’s must-have lip gloss bombs, foundations, highlighters and makeup brushes are a hit with makeup aficionados. If you’re looking to stock up, Fenty Beauty products are up to 70% off at You’ll want to move fast though, the sale ends January 24th.

Jennifer Lopez’s beauty JLo

Jennifer Lopez took her time creating JLo Beauty. The singer-actor spent more than a decade working on the brand before its official debut last year. Prior to launch, Lopez went through more than 100 product development cycles to carefully create her line of sumptuous serums, cleansers and hydrating cleansers designed to “work as hard as you do.” JLo Beauty sells for around $60 to $200. You can purchase JLo Beauty items from

The rare beauty of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line is designed to make you feel good, without masking the unique features that set you apart. The vegan and cruelty-free beauty line includes everything from lip paints and bronzer to makeup brushes and hair clips. You will also find primer, eyeliner, mascara and foundation in the Rare Beauty collection. And the best part? Everything sells for less than $30, including the best-selling Selena’s Favs 4-piece mini set (pictured above).

Halsey’s face

Makeup without rules. Halsey’s About Face line aims to enhance self-expression. The line contains high performance, vegan and cruelty-free products for your face, lips and eyes. Bestsellers in the range include About Face shadow sticks (available in pearlescent or matte) and Matt Fluid Eye Paint (pictured above) which is available in over a dozen vibrant colors.

Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories

Welcome to her Lady Gaga home! Mother Monster has always had a theatrical flair, so a makeup line seems like a natural fit for the pop star. The New York native credits “experimenting with makeup” for helping her tap into the inner confidence that inspired her to create Lady Gaga. As for Haus Labs, the line was founded in 2019, becoming the first major beauty brand to launch on Amazon. The collection includes shimmering metallic eyeliners, liquid eyeshadows, dazzling lipsticks, lip oils, fun eyeshadow palettes and amazing eyebrow pencils.

Alicia Keys’ Soul Care

“Because beauty is not limited to the skin.” Alicia Keys made headlines when she decided to go makeup-free. The experience inspired Key’s skincare line, Soulcare. Designed for the mind, body, and soul, the brand’s product line includes new Nourishing Shea Butter & Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Balm ($30), Be Luminous Powder Exfoliant, and Balm comforting lipstick ($12).

15 women-owned businesses to support in the UAE now and always – Emirates Woman

As women continue to support each other, women-led brands continue to grow and expand in this part of the world.

From sophisticated beauty brands to luxury concept stores, the UAE aims to empower women and celebrate inspiring talent in all walks of life.

As we move forward to 2022, Emirates woman has compiled a list of women-owned brands in the UAE to support throughout this year and forever after.

Jewelery Sana Al Maktoum

Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewellery, the eponymous brand of Her Highness Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum, was first launched in 2020 with the first collection titled “My Treasure”, which is an ode to Her Highness’ late grandmother, the eldest Sheikha Sana. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, with the mantra at the heart of the brand being that a special piece of jewelry tells a unique story and can mark a pivotal moment in an individual’s life. Passionate about jewelry since a young age, Sheikha Sana – who made the cover of Emirates womanThe prestigious April issue of ‘The Gratitude Issue’ – has already told us: “The purchase of a piece of jewelery is mainly associated with a special occasion or moment in life.”

For more information, visit

Al Mraikn

Two Emirati sisters launched the abaya brand Al Mraikn in 2011. Since then, Maryam and Muna Saeed have emboldened the powerful modern Arab woman with their feminine, elegant and practical designs. With a loyal following and unique, creative touches to their designs, the sisters have a winning formula.

The edition

A Dubai-based concept store and gallery, The Edit was founded by Rumana Nazim. Formerly a lawyer, Rumana now offers a simple alternative to shopping malls. The Jumeriah-based space offers a range of clothing, jewelry, beauty and homewares from emerging and established brands.

Apothecary Beauty

Founded in 2013 by Kuwaiti sisters Sara, Nora and Dana Al-Ramadhan, they’ve built a beauty empire based on the high-end brands industry insiders love. Apotheca Beauty, based in both the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, is the hub for all things luxury beauty for the GCC. Their brand portfolio includes Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Hourglass Cosmetics, Sarah Chapman, Skinceuticals and more.

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Cent Wellness Center

Asma Hilal Lootah is a woman of firsts and led the way in the wellness space in the UAE after opening the first fully certified health clinic and wellness center – The Hundred Wellness Center – in the country in 2008 With a true entrepreneurial spirit, it was Asma’s love of Pilates that inspired her to start The Hundred nine years ago. The center has now expanded into many other avenues under the wellness umbrella, including rehabilitation, homeopathy, chiropractic therapies, emotional therapies, and life coaching.

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Founded by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, Shiffa Beauty offers completely natural yet highly effective skin and body care. Dr. Lamees’ products aim to heal the skin from within with the brand’s unique Healing Essence™. The essence is a combination of active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations to protect and improve the skin.

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After earning a degree in English Literature, Faiza Bouguessa founded her brand in 2014. Clothing design has always been present in her life, from learning the basics from her grandmother to completing internships at the ‘university. The result is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand that shows up three times a year. The collections are tailored to a minimalist wardrobe with clean cuts, attention to detail and an emphasis on silhouettes that support feminine elegance.

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CTZN Cosmetics

If you’re inclined to scroll on TikTok, you’ve probably heard of CTZN Cosmetics. A beauty brand that promises to have a shade for every skin tone in every collection and a philosophy of cultural awareness through beauty. CTZN is a brand with a conscience, every product is cruelty free and vegan and for every purchase a tree is planted somewhere in the world.

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Bruns & Co.

Friends Fiona Brown and Chloe Walsh launched Browns & Co in a villa in Jumeriah, to offer a range of treatments in a Zen environment. From semi-permanent make-up to luxury facials, the salon tailors each treatment and ensures that you leave feeling relaxed and looking your best.

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The UAE-based perfume brand was founded to delve into Middle Eastern traditions of layering perfume. Founded by beauty entrepreneurs Huda and Mona Kattan, this exclusive has created popular fragrances that are loved by many around the world. Whether it’s the vanilla scented scent or the musk base scent, each ingredient makes this brand truly special. Created with luxury fragrance oils, this cult brand is always busy with something new.

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The shaped face

Bringing facial yoga to this part of the world, Isadora Peric launched the brand that includes daily-use tools to address aesthetic and emotional issues. To relax the face, she introduced tools such as jade roller, gua sha drainage and other workshops to help her audience improve their facial posture.

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Nina Ubhi Cosmetics

Founded by famed UAE-based makeup artist Nina Ubhi, her lashes are created for every face and event. Designed to naturally enhance real lashes, the collection allows clients to achieve beautiful, natural-looking lashes themselves at home. As her creative artistry and rule-breaking approach has worked in the industry, she continues to be one of the most well-known makeup artists in the region. Lashes are available at several retailers in the region, including Ounass, Boutiqaat, Watsons and Apotheca Beauty.

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Founded by Lyndsay Doran in 2019, this luxury sportswear brand has filled the void in the athleisure industry here in the region. The brand has also officially received the Kardashian Seal of Approval, making this UAE athleisure brand one of the most sought after. From workout essentials to sophisticated loungewear, the options are endless. With two physical stores located in the UAE, it is located on Jumeirah Road and at JBR.

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KJ Serums

Founded by Kathryn Jones in 2017, the serums have gained immense popularity for their fresh ingredients at an affordable price. Being a game changer in the skincare industry here in the industry, each product is designed to deliver amazing results with simple yet effective ingredients. Focusing solely on serums, this hand-blended skincare brand provides a nourishing formula for all skin types.

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The Lair Lounge

In 2019, founder and creative director, JaJa Jones opened the aptly named “The Den Salon”. Tucked away in Al Barsha, the salon offers treatments for hair, nails, waxing, eyebrows, eyelashes and massages. JaJa’s career began in 2003 in Toni & Guy, her work has since been featured in The Beauty World Hall of Fame and Timeout Magazine. Besides hair, Jaja has a passion for spirituality, so a visit to The Den also incorporates positive vibes.

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Careers | fashion magazine

MCoBeauty is Australia’s fastest growing beauty brand, a local success story that has grown rapidly in 2021. We create luxury beauty products for less that are quickly becoming cult favourites, with everything to less of $40. We are the creators of the infamous XtendLash tube mascara, Woolworths best selling mascara. As the little sister to iconic Australian brand ModelCo’s diffusion range, we pride ourselves on delivering beauty solutions that are innovative, on-trend, affordable and deliver premium results. We are a dynamic team of hard workers, passionate about making beauty fun, relatable and accessible to everyone.

We are looking for an experienced SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTENT MANAGER to assist with influencer and marketing strategy and execution. You will have a proven track record in general marketing activities across PR, influencers, digital and/or events.

  • Aggressively grow our organic social channels (growth in subscribers, social traffic and social revenue)
  • Create exciting and innovative content strategies and plans, being at the very heart of the latest culture and emerging trends online. You will be able to strategically leverage UGC from Ambassadors, Influencers and Consumers to attract new audiences and engage our existing social followers to generate revenue.
  • Create the online social media content strategy with the brand aesthetic across multiple channels including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.
  • Management of social content calendar across multiple social platforms.
  • Manage our library of digital content, ensuring all content is properly updated.
  • Strategize, plan and manage giveaways/contests and collaborations with influencers and other brands to consistently increase our website traffic/revenue, email database signups, membership Facebook group and community.
  • Create an effective and results-oriented social media strategy and organize the implementation of this strategy directly with our Brand Marketing Manager
  • Act as a subject matter expert and social media personality for our iconic Australian beauty brands.
  • Research new market trends, new technologies, competitor activity, and industry best practices in beauty and fashion.
  • Create texts and captions for social media posts – with strong written communication skills – excellent spelling and grammar is essential
  • Must be very comfortable with social channel interfaces, know the ins and outs of Tiktok, Reels, static and video posts and stories.


  • Minimum 4 years of experience as a social media manager or digital content expert in the beauty or fashion industry – with a proven ability to scale followers, social traffic and revenue.
  • Can adapt their strategy based on data results to maximize the return on marketing activities.
  • Strong business acumen and experience creating and creating content to generate revenue.
  • Proven track record of growing audience and engagement through creating relevant and inspiring content.
  • Ability to identify the latest trends and viral moments and seize those opportunities as they arise.
  • Experience working with content creators and influencers.
  • Effective time management, with the ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  • Competitive salary package
  • Product Allocation
  • Fantastic collaborative company culture

This role is a full-time position based at our head office in Rosebery, NSW.

Apply via Seek only, do not use the “apply now” form below.

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Rising costs add to pandemic pain for small businesses

NEW YORK (AP) — In just two weeks, the cost of pecans for pies at Peggy Jean’s Pies in Columbia, Missouri, has jumped nearly 40%, perplexing co-owner Rebecca Miller and adding to the cost of business. Miller will soon have to raise the price of its Southern Pecan, Chocolate Bourbon and German Chocolate pies from $2 to $24.

While pecans have risen the most, Miller sees price increases in everything from blackberries to condensed milk and eggs. She consults three food brokers each week to get the lowest prices for ingredients. But she still has to charge more for the nut pies.

“We cannot absorb this cost while meeting wage demands, increasing cost of goods in our boxes and boxes, and allowing us to live as a family,” she said.

Significantly higher costs are another challenge posed to business owners by the global pandemic. The unpredictability of shipping, labor, and the coronavirus itself has created an environment where owners often have to guess when products might arrive and how much they will cost. The Labor Department said Thursday that prices at the wholesale level rose a record 9.7% in December from a year ago.

“There is a tremendous amount of not only risk – risk that you can calculate – but also uncertainty. We just don’t know what’s going to happen. said Ray Keating, chief economist of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. “Consumer demand is there, but there are just huge constraints on the supply chain. All of this is fueling price increases.

In response, owners are raising prices, cutting staff hours, dropping certain goods and services, and canceling free shipping in a delicate balancing act. But with low visibility over the duration of rising inflation, some homeowners are increasingly worried about keeping their doors open for the long term.

“We put out new fires every day and had to reassess the way we do business to respond to new behaviors,” said Deena Jalal, owner of vegan ice cream chain FoMu and co-founder of wholesaler Sweet Tree Creamery in Boston. .

For its FoMu stores, the overall cost of business increased by around 15% in 2021 compared to 2020. It raised prices by around 10% but also took other measures: moving to more deliveries and cutting flavors like avocado ice cream, which has become too expensive. to do as avocado prices rose.

“No company can sustain the rapid increase in expenses that we saw last year,” Jalal said. “Before, you could work very hard and see progress. Now you work very hard just to try to stay afloat.

Jalal worries about the long term prospects for the small business community if the inflation does not subside soon. “If we have to work on this puzzle for another two years, I really think we’ll see a lot of companies – including us – struggling to keep their doors open.”

Elizabeth Benedict, owner of interior design firm Elizabeth Home Decor & Design in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, said prices have risen 7% to 30% for all the products she buys. She pays shipping costs on top.

“Most of these (increases) come with less than two weeks notice,” she said. “We cannot guarantee the quotes that come out and we have had to adjust our contract as well as all of our language on our proposals to reflect these varying terms.”

To deal with rising costs and overseas shipping delays, Benedict has significantly changed its list of suppliers and now only buys from American brands that manufacture products in the United States. And she added services like e-commerce and virtual design. But she still faces longer deadlines for her projects and won’t take on new clients until things stabilize.

“We keep pivoting with the punches, but we really feel like we’re being pushed and pulled in too many directions,” she said.

Some online sellers are eliminating free shipping to cut costs. Gianluca Boncompagni, owner of e-commerce site Off Road Tents, which sells off-road and on-road gear, has seen its logistics costs quadruple. In October 2020, he paid $6,300 for a 40ft container from China. In October 2021, he was paying $26,000 for the same size container.

Boncompagni increased its prices by around 5% and started charging a flat shipping rate based on the size of the item. While he may lower prices in the future, shipping costs are here to stay, he said.

“There’s simply no way for most online businesses to continue shipping pallets and fewer truck shipments without having to charge at least a little for them,” he said.

Some companies are using the channels they have developed during the pandemic to communicate with customers about the reasons for price increases, in the hope that they will be patient.

Kialee Mulumba, founder of beauty brand Jakeala in Newport News, Va., had to raise the prices of her beauty products by $1 to $5. The price of its containers has doubled – the one that used to be 50 cents was now $1. Prices for organic olive oil butters and conditioners were all up 5-10% and shipments from China were up 5%. It also reduced the hours of its four employees from full-time to part-time.

Mulumba emailed customers to be transparent and let them know prices were going up due to the rising cost of supplies. But she noticed a slight drop in sales.

“I just hope consumers support the small businesses they love — now is the time to support small businesses,” she said. “Even if you can’t buy, you can share posts, like or comment – that would really go a long way.”

This Sea Kale mask is a winter vacation for your face

With the Well+Good SHOP, our editors use their years of expertise to select products (from skincare to personal care and beyond) that they bet you’ll love. Although our editors independently select these products, making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission. Good shopping! Explore the STORE

Let’s be honest, the long winter period from January 2 to March/April is somehow the worst. For most of us, these months are pretty “meh” – there are no super fun holidays (sorry, Valentine’s Day), the days are shorter, and unless you live on a coast, summer days on the beach are long gone.

Already want a sunny getaway in the sand and surf? Me too. Unfortunately, between a fully drained post-holiday bank account and the uncertain state of travel, a tropical vacation doesn’t seem to be on my cards. To satisfy my need for salt water therapy, I invested in a bottle of Sea Kale Clay Mask from Cocokind ($18), which is much cheaper than a getaway to a resort on the sea. of the Caribbean.


With the Well+Good SHOP, you can now add products to your cart directly from this item page. Simply click on the product below and more details will appear in a new window. Press “add to cart” and voila! That’s it! As you read more SHOP articles, you can continue to add products to your cart and check out when you’re ready (look for the cart icon on the right side of your screen).

It’s no secret that the ocean holds a sea of ​​healing properties for our body, especially for our skin. Salt, sand, seaweed – beauty brands have bottled these nautical superstars for years, giving us a slew of body lotions, serums, moisturizers, and more. Personally, I’ve always been drawn to these pelagic products (this includes the iconic La Mer face cream – a jar of this product can cost upwards of $2,500) – whether it’s because my sun sign is Cancer or that I’m just really impressed with their quality is TBD, but if you peruse my medicine cabinet, they’re beach ingredients galore.

But my new favorite happens to be this sea mask from Cocokind, the clean, conscious skincare brand adored by editors for its $30 or less skincare line. The Sea Kale Clay Mask is a saltwater lover’s dream, bottling the secrets of the sea in a mask that leaves skin soft, smooth and utterly sea worthy.

That’s because this clay mask is full of skin-loving stars. Scan the ingredient label and you’ll find blue kale extract, which is packed with antioxidants that promote healthy skin, calm irritation, and strengthen it against free radicals. You’ll also find the base is made with Glacial Ocean Clay, a natural detoxifier that lifts dirt and grime, shrinks pores, smooths and soothes.

But it’s not just the marine ingredients that run this ship. There are also potters, like cucumber seed extract for extra protein and gentle exfoliation, aloe leaf juice for hydration, and avocado oil for extra protection. Blended together, these ingredients form a heavenly mask that transports your skin on a beach getaway in the comfort of your own home.

Although it works like most masks (apply to clean skin, leave on for about 20 minutes, use a few times a week), I To do get professional advice. One follows with a dreamy creamy moisturizer. Although the formula is specifically designed to not dry you out, I find lathering up a face cream afterwards to be *chef’s kiss*.

Another tip: don’t forget to recycle the bottle when you’re done. Fun fact: the tube is actually made from sugarcane, which means it’s bio-based and fully recyclable (but note that they’re not biodegradable). Each bottle will last you a long time, but when you’re done, throw it in the recycling and not in the trash, especially if you want to save more ocean ingredients for the future.

The winter slump is here, and for most of us (myself included), it will be a long time before we see the ocean again. Instead, buy a bottle of Sea Kale Clay Mask from Cocokind for just $18 online or at Target. It’s the tropical getaway under $20 you and your skin didn’t know you needed.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

Natural Korean Skincare Ingredients That Will Help You Get Flawless Skin

Active organic compounds, innovative formulas and exotic ingredients – that’s why the world is turning to Korean skincare products, and we can’t ignore this wave of beauty.

Korean beauty brands and cosmetics are available for different skin types and are designed to meet their needs. From treating irritated skin to improving blood circulation to removing dead cells and other skin concerns, using K products in a daily skin care routine can help get the best results.

Natural plant and animal extracts, such as snail mucin, have long dominated the Korean beauty market. While these ingredients maximize the effects of products that result in younger, radiant skin, curious takers are ready to go all out for perfectly healthy skin.

However, it is advisable to use the products on a small patch of skin to test if you are allergic to the ingredients or consult a dermatologist.

Worried about getting authentic K-beauty ingredients to start your own Korean skincare routine?

Here are some of the natural Korean beauty ingredients you might consider


Image: Courtesy User: Abalg/ Public Domain/ Wikimedia Commons

Natural and one of the most commonly used Korean skincare ingredients, propolis is found in the walls and joints of hives. With a resin-like texture, the gummy substance has many benefits and effective uses in skincare.

Its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a go-to ingredient for treating acne-prone skin, blemishes, and breakouts. Abundant in antioxidants, propolis also helps calm skin irritations.

According to K-beauty expert and owner of beauty brand Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee, propolis is a multi-faceted ingredient, which leaves a subtle glow on your skin. Applying it regularly can help restore a youthful appearance by sloughing off dead skin cells.

Buy Propolis products here

Birch juice/sap

Korean skincare ingredients - birch juice
Image: Courtesy of Radept/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike4.0 International/ Wikimedia Commons

The sap extracted from birch trees contains nutrients and enzymes that are good for sensitive skin and help soothe skin irritations and leave a natural dewy effect.

Founder of the Soko Glam beauty line, Korean beauty expert and author of Jeong’s little book, Charlotte Cho considers birch extract an essential ingredient in skincare products. She even considers it an extremely effective natural ingredient next to “coconut water due to its high protein and antioxidant content.”

Birch juice also contains high amounts of minerals, enzymes, proteins and vitamins. An extremely nourishing moisturizing agent, the application of birch juice in the fall and winter to dry skin prevents it from becoming even rougher.

Shop Birch Juice Products Here

Centella Asiatica

Korean skincare ingredients - centella asiatica
Image: Courtesy of Shahidul Hasan Roman/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International/ Wikimedia Commons

A centuries-old herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, Centella Asiatica The plant is actively used for its healing and soothing properties, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Although it has other common names like “tiger grass”, “Asian pennywort” or “gotu kola”, the herb usually goes by its scientific name itself.

The key active element that makes Centella Asiatica a sought-after ingredient in korean skincare products is madecassoside – an antioxidant that helps slow the signs of skin aging, repairs skin cells, and heals acne and blemishes.

Trust the amino acids found in the herb to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. The anti-inflammatory elements also make it suitable for treating certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Buy Centella Asiatica products here

Snail mucin

Korean skincare ingredient - snail mucin
Image: Courtesy of József Szabó/ @nil_foto/ Unsplash

It may seem strange at first, but you will be amazed to learn about its qualities and effects on the skin. Snail mucin, or snail secretion filtrate (SSF), is one of the most commonly used skincare ingredients in Korean beauty routines.

SSF is secreted as the snail moves, leaving behind a slimy, watery slime, which is harvested and used in a range of skin care products – from sheet masks to serums and moisturizers.

Its moisturizing agents help hydrate the skin, heal irritations and promote the growth of new skin. Snail mucin also acts as a skin barrier and retains natural moisture, while promoting collagen production.

Abundant in zinc, antioxidants like vitamins A and E and other essential skin nutrients including hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, microbial and copper peptides, regular application can help achieve a “dolphin skin”.

Buy Snail Mucin Products Here


Korean Skincare Ingredients - Yuza
Image: Courtesy of Nikita/ Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic/ Wikimedia Commons

Another favorite Korean skincare ingredient, Yuza, also known as Yuja, is a vitamin C-rich citrus fruit commonly found on Jeju Island in South Korea.

Vitamin C is an essential part of daily skincare routines in Korea, as it helps deeply nourish and protects the skin from harmful free radicals such as UV rays. Instrumental in increasing cellular repair, collagen production, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Vitamin C and products fortified with this nutrient help firm skin and provide a healthy “glass skin” appearance.

Beauty expert Cho is also particularly supportive of adding Yuza to beauty regimens, as it is almost three times richer in vitamin C than lemons and helps lighten skin pigmentation and eliminate dark spots. .


Korean skincare ingredient - bamboo
Image: Courtesy of Eleonora Albasi/ @eleonoralbasi/ Unsplash

For centuries, bamboo extract and its powdered form have been used in traditional Asian medicine to treat irritated and dull skin. This skincare ingredient has great anti-aging properties and promotes the production of collagen, which becomes depleted with age.

According to Ginger King, owner of product development brand Grace Kingdom Beauty and founder of lip care brand, bamboo powder also works as a good exfoliator. The gel-like consistency of bamboo extract helps in under eye care and is also helpful in curing acne.

Bamboo extract contains excellent moisturizing elements that strengthen the skin, lock in moisture and reduce fine lines.

Buy bamboo extract products here


Korean skincare ingredient - pearl
Image: Courtesy of Marin Tulard/ @mtulard/ Unsplash

Pearls have long been one of the essential Korean beauty products and the K-skin care market is quite obsessed with them.

King says the healing properties of pearls help fight acne and blemishes as well as minimize large pores. “The minerals and active properties of pearls maintain the acidity of the skin, which slows down the aging process while keeping the skin hydrated and firm.”

Masks and peel-offs based on pearl extracts are increasingly popular as they provide a naturally radiant look.

Buy Pearl Extract Products Here

Hero and featured image credit: Engin Akyurt/ @enginakyurt/ Unsplash

Rituals presents its benchmarks in sustainable development with B Corp certification

Rituals has reached the “gold standard” of environmental and social certification after being recognized by Company B status.

The B Corp certification recognizes the luxury beauty brand’s belief that creating wellness products that promote a conscious lifestyle goes hand in hand with respect for the planet. This is an ideal that has been close to Rituals’ heart since its founding 20 years ago and its new status places it among the “precursors” of the beauty sector to care both for its customers and the world and its people. resources.

“I am more than proud to have obtained the B Corp certification as a brand that truly promotes a sustainable future”, enthused Owner and founder of Rituals Raymond Cloosterman.

“At Rituals, we strive to continue to do more and go further for people and the planet, so we are truly honored to join a global movement of responsible organizations who want to accelerate progress on the common challenges we face. are facing. “

However, achieving B Corp status is just the start for the Rituals team and their sustainability efforts and journey.

Director of Rituals Global Travel Retail Melvin Broekaart said, “Achieving B Corp status, the gold standard for environmental and social certification, proves that at Rituals, we take our responsibilities as a global wellness brand seriously.

“Traveling consumers are actively seeking brands with a proven track record of sustainability and we are extremely proud to join a few select B Corp Certified brands in travel retail who are committed to driving a sustainable future for our industry. “

Current efforts

Rituals has defined three fundamental pillars that guide its sustainable, social and ethical efforts: Clean, Conscious and Caring.

The first reflects the brand’s efforts on sustainability, including all products with the Rituals Clean & Conscious tool on circularity, biodegradability, CO2 footprint and a natural origin, as well as dermatological testing and 90 % of ingredients of natural origin in more than 70% of the products.

The Conscious pillar includes Rituals’ refill offering on body creams, hand washing, fragrance sticks and skin care to save on CO2 production and energy and water consumption . 95% of the brand’s products are made in Europe using responsible suppliers and the brand’s stores and offices run on green electricity and LED lights as well as in-store water saving devices.

Finally, for Caring, the brand supports social initiatives such as Small miracles working with impoverished women in Mumbai; its diversity and inclusion board aims to achieve a gender balance by 2023 – compared to the current 60/40 split among senior executives – and all head office employees participate in a Karma Day every year.

The future

With the framework of 360 degree improvement opportunities provided by the B Corp certification, Rituals has now set its main goals to continue its sustainable and ethical efforts.

This year, the company seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the guidelines of the Paris Climate Agreement.

By 2023 all formulas will be made from 90% natural ingredients and by 2025 all products and packaging will be refillable, recyclable and / or made from recycled materials, as well as the average rating products on the Clean & Conscious tool going from 63+ to 80+.

“We are delighted to welcome Rituals to the B Corp community at this pivotal time,” said Hubertine Roessingh, Executive Director of B Lab Benelux. “The world needs more companies who use their business as a force for good.

“Rituals’ commitment to continuous improvement and determining lasting value for their communities, workers, suppliers, environment and customers is reflected well in their overall score on the B impact assessment.

“We congratulate Rituals and look forward to seeing them inspire other companies to follow suit and join forces with B Corp beauty brands in their desire to make a difference. “

Ten of the best eye creams | Beauty

Many years ago I met a respected industry insider who knows all there is to know about beauty formulations. We were talking about skin products. Then I asked, “What about eye creams? She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Eye creams are a waste of money.” Until then, I had started to suspect that the eye creams had a touch of the Emperor’s new clothes. Hearing him validate my secret thoughts seemed like a victory to me. Fast forward to 2022 and here I am recommending eye creams. So what has changed? Well, we (consumers) have become more picky and brands are realizing that they can no longer laugh at our eyes with overpriced creams that do nothing beyond a basic moisturizer. Today’s formulations are smart tricks that push the boundaries. Many contain active, hard-working ingredients, such as retinol (Sunday Riley, Glow Recipe, Allies of Skin). Many have collagen-boosting properties to plump the skin (Shani Darden, Dr Sturm, Clinique). And they go above and beyond to deliver intense hydration and brightening (Rose Inc, Dior, Augustinus Bader, Skinceuticals). So if you’re looking to smooth, brighten, and rehydrate, these have some great stats to support their effectiveness. Yet the only thing that removes hereditary dark circles is a great concealer.

1. Augustin Bader Eye cream £ 165,
2. Shani Darden Intensive Eye Renewal Cream £ 62,
3. Allies of Skin Peptides & Omega Firming Eye Cream £ 72,
4. Rose Inc Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream £ 42,
5. Eye cream Dr. Barbara Sturm from £ 40,
6. Skinceuticals HA Intensifier £ 90,
7. Clinique Smart Clinical Repairing Cream £ 45,
8. Dior Prestige The Micro Eye Serum with Rose £ 154,
9. Glow Recipe Avocado Retinol Eye Sleep Mask £ 41,
10. Sunday Riley 5 Star Retinoid + Niacinamide Eye Serum £ 60,

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London Socialite, entrepreneur Amanda Cronin launches skin care

First it was Trinny, then Victoria, followed by Rosie. Amanda Caroline Cronin is now on the scene. London is rapidly becoming a hub for beauty brands founded by women and based on personality and entrepreneurship.

Trinny Woodall and Victoria Beckham both had long and very different careers in media, entertainment, and fashion before launching their respective brands. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had a career as a model, influencer and brand collaborator before launching her makeup line Rose Inc. last year.

More from WWD

None of them had specific knowledge or expertise in the industry. Instead, they each had decades of experience as consumers; a formidable social audience and a pure charisma, which they transformed into fast-growing international brands, with a strong direct contact angle with the consumer.

London-based Cronin hopes to follow in their footsteps. While she might not be as well-known as Woodall, Beckham, or Huntington-Whiteley, she has nearly 60,000 Instagram followers and an upcoming Warner Bros. TV show. titled “Amanda and Friends”, which traces the post-divorce chapter of her life.

This model and socialite-turned-entrepreneur is certainly no slacker: she’s also in the real estate business, demolishing and rebuilding homes, and an ambassador for brands like Stephen Webster.

Amanda Caroline Haute Lift Serum and Cream.  - Credit: courtesy image

Amanda Caroline Haute Lift Serum and Cream. – Credit: courtesy image

Courtesy Image

Cronin, who is in her early 50s and has a grown daughter named Sofia Yeganeh, decided to start skincare after her divorce from energy mogul Mark Daeche. She did this for a variety of reasons, including the solace that beauty gave her during a difficult time.

“The wheels of my marriage fell around 2017, and when it got very, very painful, I turned to beauty for comfort and became a close friend of Pietro Simone,” the Italian skin care expert. skin which operates clinics in London and New York.

“When I wasn’t reading the divorce papers, I was pampered by Pietro, two or three times a week. I became deeply interested in beauty during this time and my skin improved, ”Cronin said in an interview at his art-filled home in Belgravia.

Such was her belief in the power of beauty care that she decided to go it alone and create a flagship product that could meet her skin care needs and those of her over 40 peers. Specifically, she wanted to develop a rich cream that was light and absorbent enough to wear during the day, able to nourish the skin and make it look fresh and healthy.

The result of Cronin’s efforts are two lightweight formulations that work in tandem and aim to provide immediate results: Amanda Caroline Haute Lift Serum and Haute Lift Cream.

Cronin developed them with industry experts who had worked for brands ranging from Chanel and L’Oréal to Trinny London and Charlotte Tilbury.

The products are vegan, designed for sensitive skin and made in England, including the glass bottles and packaging. They include bioactive ingredients, rosehip and passionflower seed oils, and the scent of Damascus roses. The collection launches on this month with the 30ml. serum priced at 125 pounds, and the 30 ml. cream at 120 pounds.

Cronin said she oversaw all aspects of research and development and her vision is for Amanda Caroline to become a world-class luxury lifestyle brand. Over the next two years, the plan is to expand the digital business and launch cosmetics for the body, color, hair care and related lifestyle products.

A wider rollout of online retail is slated for the second half of 2022, and the plan is to expand to physical retail stores, including luxury pharmacies, in early 2023.

“After my divorce I could have been a lunching lady, but I love the production and I’m creative. I am also a perfectionist and know exactly what I want. The sky is the limit, ”she said.

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Star power isn’t enough to boost celebrity-led beauty brands, research finds

Ellen DeGeneres Eye Cream. Shower gel by Alicia Keys. CBD beard oil by DJ Khaled. These are all very real products, and if you are one of those who use them, consider yourself a minority.

Data from New Morning Consult shows that most people largely ignore celebrity beauty brands (with a few exceptions, looking at you, Rihanna). Yet only 31% of the more than 2,000 people surveyed in the United States said they had seen, read or heard “some” or “a lot” about its Fenty Beauty line. And that was the highest percentage; only 12% said the same for DJ Khaled’s Blesswell.

Additionally, 74% said they were not at all interested in purchasing celebrity branded beauty products.

Exaggeration: Last month, a New York Times article called on stars to stop releasing their own beauty brands. On the one hand, according to the article, the market is oversaturated, with new lines released at a “dizzying rate”. Recent examples include a line of nail polish by Harry Styles and an upcoming makeup and wellness line by Hailey Bieber.

  • The list goes on so long that The Cut has decided to create an encyclopedia of celebrity beauty brands.

Additionally, people seem to be wary of products that they cannot be sure celebrities are using themselves or are not interested in. Or, if they do, people might suspect that their use is likely accompanied by the work of top dermatologists, beauticians, plastic surgeons, etc.

  • “Celebrities say, ‘This is my skin care, this is what I use, and no, I don’t get Botox, these are just my products,” said Stacey Berke, 34, at the Times. “It makes it hard to believe.”
  • According to Morning Consult, 31% of Americans indifferent to celebrity beauty brands said they don’t trust celebrities to have products made well.

The Times quotes Kylie Jenner in part for ushering in the celebrity makeup era in 2015 with Kylie Cosmetics. Notably, Morning Consult’s survey did not include the brand, which has since spread to Kylie Skin and, more recently, Kylie Baby.

Whatever their next venture (Kylie Food? Kylie Decor?), Precedents suggest other brands will follow, and many people won’t know the difference.—KH

Did an orangutan try to fight a bulldozer by razing a forest?

On January 3, 2022, a video was posted on Reddit with the caption: “An orangutan is trying to fight a bulldozer that is destroying his forest. It received tens of thousands of upvotes on the r / Damnthatsinteresting and r / nextfuckinglevel subtitles.

It was true that the video showed an orangutan trying to fend off the bulldozer as it destroyed the forest it lived in. This may have been one of the many times animals have indulged in deforestation equipment in the past. However, what made this encounter different was the fact that it was filmed.


On June 7, 2018, the Independent reported that the footage was not new, but was instead shot in 2013:

An orangutan was filmed apparently defending his home from demolition by loggers.

The animal was seen lashing out at a digger in Sungai Putri Forest in Borneo, Indonesia, as loggers bulldozed.

The video, which was said to have been shot in 2013 but was not released until Tuesday, was shot by International Animal Rescue, an animal welfare charity.

We looked in the video library on the International Animal Rescue Facebook page and found the old clip.

According to the publication, the images were first made public in 2018.


The video of the orangutan fighting the bulldozer was first featured in the 2018 documentary, “Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan”. It aired on BBC2 on May 10th.

The same video also appeared in the 2019 documentary, “Climate Change: The Facts”. The film starred Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg.

Deforestation and palm oil

According to Orangutan Foundation International, “Palm oil is the main cause of orangutan extinction”:

It is in 50% of all household and food products sold in the West. It’s an ingredient in shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, microwave frozen dinners, cookies, peanut butter, lotion, makeup and more!

Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil made from the fruit of the African oil palm, which is native to West Africa. However, it can be grown successfully in any humid tropical climate and has taken hold in Indonesia.

Palm oil is not only bad for the environment and a major cause of climate change, but it is also the leading cause of orangutan extinction.

Each year, it is estimated that between 1,000 and 5,000 orangutans are killed in palm oil concessions. It is a significant portion of the wild orangutan population that is lost, without fail, every year.

View of clearing for an oil palm plantation on November 13, 2016 in Trumon sub-district, South Aceh, Aceh province, Indonesia. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images)

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also published a page on the subject, claiming that “clearing forests for oil palm plantations and illegal logging leads to massive deforestation”.

A 2013 video of an orangutan battling a bulldozer to protect its forest in Borneo, Indonesia went viral in 2022.
Borneo orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) are seen on Salat Island as haze from forest fires blankets the Marang region on September 15, 2019 on the outskirts of Palangkaraya in central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Illegal fires to clear land for agricultural plantations have raged across the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images)

“The brutal treatment of women”

On November 17, 2020, The Associated Press published an in-depth investigation that examined the “hidden” human element of the palm oil industry. The report documented allegations that went far beyond the simple destruction of orangutan homes:

Palm oil is found in everything from crisps and pills to pet foods, and also ends up in the supply chains of some of the biggest names in the $ 530 billion beauty industry, including L’Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Avon and Johnson. & Johnson, helping women around the world to feel pampered and beautiful.

The Associated Press conducted the first comprehensive investigation focused on the brutal treatment of women in palm oil production, including the hidden scourge of sexual abuse, ranging from verbal harassment and threats to rape. It’s part of a closer examination of the industry that revealed widespread abuses in both countries, including human trafficking, child labor and outright slavery.

Women are weighed down by some of the industry’s toughest and most dangerous jobs, spending waist-deep hours in water contaminated with chemical runoff and carrying loads so heavy that over time, their uteri may collapse and protrude. Many are hired by day-to-day contractors with no benefits, doing the same jobs for the same companies for years, if not decades. They often work without pay to help their husbands meet otherwise impossible daily quotas.

Regarding the video of the orangutan and the bulldozer, in short, it was true that the animal engaged with the machine that was used to destroy the forest. The clip was captured in 2013 in Indonesia.


“Orangutans and Palm Oil: Protecting Forests to Help Great Apes | Magazine Articles | WWF. World Wildlife Fund,

“Rape, abuse in palm oil fields linked to top beauty brands.” AP News, November 17, 2020,

“Watch the moment an orangutan tries to defend his house in the jungle destroyed by an excavator.” The independent, June 7, 2018,

“What’s wrong with palm oil? ” International Orangutan Foundation,

All Kim Kardashian’s Businesses Ranked by Success

In 2012, building on the success of their reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian launched Khroma Beauty, according to Fashionista. The line offered a complete makeup routine: eye shadow palettes, highlighters, mascaras and lipsticks. However, the influencers who reviewed it weren’t entirely impressed. Judy Travis of ItsJudyTime YouTube channel said, “I’m not overly impressed… I personally wouldn’t buy Khroma products anymore because the quality just isn’t there.” Beauty YouTuber Wayne Goss also noted that “it’s definitely more of a drugstore than high-end without a doubt, but the price reflects that as well.”

However, the brand was taken from stores a year after it was sued for its name by makeup artist Lee Tillett, who had registered her own brand Kroma Makeup (via Daily Mail). Khroma Beauty was later rebranded as Kardashian Beauty, but she did not find success with their subsequent beauty brands. A source told Fashionista: “Serious beauty enthusiasts weren’t interested in the line, and while some products had followers, Kardashian Beauty didn’t have the respect for the industry that Kylie Cosmetics and KKW now have. . “

Essential products of beauty brands arriving in India in 2021

We love to see new beauty brands launching in India. This year has given us some great new brands to choose from, whether it’s makeup or skincare. If you missed these launches, we’re revisiting them below and listing a must-have product from every brand that’s worth buying.

1. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sun Cream Spf 50+ Pa ++++

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sun Cream Spf 50+ Pa ++++
Image credit: Nykaa

Biore is a Japanese brand that makes amazing makeup removers, pore tapes and sunscreens. Of all the products, this one is the best, although the rest are also great buys. A truly lightweight, skin-thirst-quenching hydrating sunscreen that’s so soft and easy to absorb, it might just replace your moisturizer during the day. It leaves absolutely no white layer and simply seeps into the skin, making it look dewy and feel plump. No wonder this is a holy grail sunscreen that everyone loves!

Buy it here.

2. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Bombshell Fine Scented Mist

Victoria's Secret Beauty Bombshell Fine Scented Mist
Image credit: Victoria’s Secret Beauty India

Victoria’s Secret Beauty has finally launched in India, so now you can get their perfumes and lip glosses here. Obviously, the brand’s most coveted product is their iconic Bombshell body mist. A fruity and floral scent that combines notes of citrus, berries and flowers, it smells incredibly fresh and light, making it perfect for an after-bath spritz or a mid-afternoon refreshment in the heat. sweltering summer.

Buy it here.

3. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Image credit: Sephora Nnnow

If you want to splurge on luxury skin care products and need something that gives dramatic results, this is the product to try. It is retinol oil, so it helps replenish skin cells by speeding up cell renewal and improving skin texture, giving it a smooth, soft glow. But more than that, it’s also very hydrating for the skin, which retinol products typically don’t. Those who hate the flakiness and dryness that other retinol serums bring will certainly benefit from this nourishing facial oil.

Buy it here.

4. Centella Asiatica One Thing Extract

Centella Asiatica One Thing Extract
Image Credit: Limese

One Thing is an interesting Korean brand that makes products with one featured ingredient, instead of wrapping a thousand active ingredients in a single product. Of all their offers, this cica the extract is the best. You can use it on its own as a toner or essence, or mix it with your moisturizer. It repairs damaged skin by soothing the skin barrier. If your skin is scarred and raw from acne, or if you have an impaired skin barrier, this goes a long way in calming and healing it.

Buy it here.

5. Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops

Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops
Image credit: Nykaa

If you really want to spend a lot of money on ultra-luxurious products, this range, used by international celebrities, is for you. These sun drops are extremely light and easily seep into the skin, making it the lightest sunscreen imaginable. Is it very expensive for an SPF? Yes. But then again, most of the products from this brand aren’t exactly cheap!

Buy it here.

6. MORPHE Jaclyn Hill Pallet

MORPHE Jaclyn Hill Pallet
Image credit: Nykaa

It’s a great buy for anyone who needs a wide palette of versatile eyeshadows with lots of color. It has a wide variety of neutral colors for a natural and subtle look, but it also has reds, berries, blues, and ocean tones for a pop of color.

Buy it here.

seven. Nuxe Reve De Miel Moisturizing Lip Stick

Nuxe Reve De Miel Moisturizing Lip Stick
Image credit: Nykaa

Cult French brand, Nuxe manufactures the iconic Reve De Miel lip balm, known for its unique finish. Lightweight, matte, and smooth, this is a change from the oily, shiny lip balms we’re normally used to. It sits very comfortably under matte lipsticks and heals chapped lips beautifully. The heaviness of other lip balms is not present, but you do get all the nourishment you need.

Buy it here.

8. elf Cosmetics Bite Size Eye Shadow – Cream & Sugar

elf Cosmetics Bite Size Eyeshadow - Cream & Sugar
Image credit: Nykaa

An affordable brand, elf, launched in India earlier this year and gives us amazing makeup options at reasonable prices. Although they have many good products, this minimal and travel friendly eye palette is a must. It has all the undertones you need for a neutral look, whether it’s a matte neutral brown look or a shimmering effect on the lids. These eye shadows are pigmented, creamy, and non-powdery, making them super easy to work with.

Buy it here.

So which of these products are you most excited to try?

Main image credit: Big Bang Music, T-Series, Paramhans Creations Entertainments, Adarsh ​​Telemedia

Adrianne Shapira of Eurazeo Brands: “During the Covid, people either have a mask on their face or on their hair”

When Beekman 1802 announced its majority acquisition by Eurazeo Brands in early December, it put the European investment group back in the beauty industry spotlight.

Eurazeo Brands is also the current owner of Nest Fragrances and the fashion brands Bandier and Herschel Supply Co. In 2017 Eurazeo, an investment company based in Europe, launched a consumer brand vehicle called Eurazeo Brands, designed to invest in American and European brands with “global potential” according to a press release.

Eurazeo invested $ 62 million out of a total of $ 92 million to acquire a majority stake in Beekman 1802, alongside co-investors Cohesive Capital Partners and Cherng Family Trust. As part of Eurazeo’s investment in Beekman 1802, Marc Rey, former CEO of Shiseido Americas, joins the company’s board of directors as chairman. Adrianne Shapira, managing director of Eurazeo Brands’ North American effort, also joins the board.

“We see a lot of brands coming out, but reaching significant scale is a whole different ball game. The consumer has a lot of choice, so connecting and retaining is a challenge. We were very impressed with Beekman, where there is a real audience and a real community, ”said Shapira.

Glossy spoke to Shapira about what drove the acquisition of Beekman 1802, what she seeks as an investor, and the long-term effects she expects the pandemic to have on beauty. The conversation has been slightly edited and condensed for clarity.

What led to the acquisition of Beekman 1802?
“We have reviewed many skin care and hair care brands. We have a high bar, and for some reason we haven’t pulled the trigger on these other brands. During the Covid, people either have a mask on their face or on their hair. Clearly, [beauty] was a growing category. Finding a brand, an investment and a team that you click with is paramount. Another big part of this is getting Marc Ray’s interest, attention, and time. That he is joining us as Chairman of the Board tells us a lot [about] the little brand that could.

What are the qualities of the Beekman 1802 that make it a good investment?
“We have a lot of filters because we are looking at opportunities in all categories. We start [by looking at] the market. [We ask ourselves,] “Is this a growing sector where the consumer is focusing his attention? Beauty is where we’ve seen a lot of attention that just keeps growing. After that we look at the mark. Is this a winner or a donor of shares? We saw a lot of leads for Beekman. He has effective products, with goat’s milk, and he has the science behind it [based on] the microbiota. But it was also [their branding] regarding kindness and “neighbors”. As people seek to partner with brands that have souls, Beekman has oozed content. They were spectacular, with firmness and authenticity. On the financial plan, [we] studied the [profit and loss] cash flow balance sheet, then growth levers, and we saw a lot of leads through the categories, [sales] canals and geography. Finally, it was about the team – finding a team that [encompasses all of] this and is also open to learning and partnering with [our] team.”

What are you currently interested in as an investor?
“The Covid has only accelerated [existing trends]. Self-care is here to stay. People want to care about themselves in a much more meaningful way. People care about the way they represent themselves. There is also more education on the ingredients and what is in the products. It started with what’s in your body and what’s on your body, and now it’s what’s around your body. Clean beauty is a table stakes, and I think this trend will only continue. But now it’s also about what the brand stands for. The products must work, but also: what do these people represent? You’ve got a proliferation of brands and there’s plenty to choose from, so it’s not an “either” situation, but an “and”. [People are saying,] “I want a product that works for me, but I also want products that have a purpose. “

Do you think Covid-19 has long term implications for beauty?
“I think consumers want to connect and want content that resonates with them. We thirst for community. We were cautiously optimistic, leaving our homes, returning to work and school, and reuniting. And now we are back. You have to be very selective in your choices, in terms of where and how you connect with people. These standards will only skyrocket thanks to Covid-19. “

The coolest sustainability innovations of 2021 | News | Eco-Business

In a year marked by environmental and social problems made worse by a pandemic that refused to go away, scientists, engineers and other types of intelligent people have found solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

From lab-grown furniture to net zero alcohol, Eco-Business shines a light on sustainability innovations that have given humanity some hope in another troubling year.

Milk pants

Milk pants from Inner Mettle, made from waste milk. Image: inner courage

Underwear made from waste milk does not seem particularly hygienic. But the United States-based sustainable fabric brand, Inner Mettle, claims to be able to recycle underwear from surplus milk. The underwear is natural, breathable and super-soft, according to the manufacturer, which also makes shoes from recycled lycra and vegan suede..

Laboratory furniture

The loggers take note. The furniture could soon be produced in the laboratory. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say they can grow in a laboratory what would take decades to develop in nature. They could even design the wood fabric to take the specific shape of the chair or table. “Trees grow in large cylindrical poles, and we rarely use large cylindrical poles in industrial applications,” Luis Fernando Velásquez-García, senior scientist at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories, told Fast Company of his report. research article, published in Journal for Cleaner Production. “So you end up ripping down a bunch of material that you took 20 years to cultivate that ends up being junk. Although the research is still in its infancy, the MIT researcher says this could be the start of a new way to produce biomaterials that could also help replace single-use plastics.

Net zero alcohol

Producing a single bottle of vodka emits an average of 6 kilograms of carbon, according to New York City carbon-neutral alcoholic spirits start-up Air Company. The company produces carbon-negative vodka, makes its alcohol from recovered CO2, and removes an additional 45 grams of carbon from the air. Air Company’s carbon neutral alcohol won an award at Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards this year.

Surf to save the ocean

Smart surfing

Tyler Cyronak, post-doctoral fellow at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Image: YouTube

A surfboard measuring the acidity of the water, temperature and wave movements could be used to learn more about the degrading health of the ocean. “The reason these parameters are important is that they change directly as a result of climate change,” says Dr. Andrew Stern, founder of Smartfin, in a video interview with Great Big Story. “We have detailed information on the deep ocean, but very limited specific information on the near shore.” Data is collected from an implant in the fin of the surfboard and sent to the user’s phone for analysis.

Coffee capsules that die

Respectful of landfills

Coffee capsules suitable for landfills. Image: Nexe Innovations

The kind of invention that should have been invented a long time ago and before disposable aluminum and plastic coffee capsules began to cover landfills: coffee capsules that actually decompose in the environment. The Nexe Pod, developed by plant-based materials design company Nexe Innovations, is for people who want to drink half-decent coffee instantly, without worrying so much about the packaging footprint of such convenience. (because they are already worried about the deforestation footprint of coffee). Nexe pods are plant-based, compostable in just over a month, non-toxic to soil, and apparently can hold more coffee than a standard single-serve Nespresso capsule. “We are chasing the compostability side of the market, ”said Ash Guglani, president of Nexe Innovations, in an interview with Proactive in May. “There are many recyclable alternatives. But recycling takes work. We bring convenience to individual service.

Rubber wheels

Skateboard wheels made from recycled chewing gum

Early versions of chewing gum were made from the sap of trees, but most modern chewing gum is made from the same substance as car tires, a synthetic rubber called polyisobutylene. Image: Dezeen

Recycled chewing gum skate wheels. Design students Hugo Maupetit and Vivian Fischer, from Nancy, France, found a way to collect discarded gum, encouraging people to stick their used gum on a sign rather than drop it on the floor. After 10-30 used gums were collected, they were melted and cast into wheels.

Stacks of trees

The most common material used for anode in Lithium-ion batteries are made from synthetic graphite, which is not renewable. Finished pulp and paper maker Stora Enso says it can replace synthetic graphite with lignin, the solid substance found in the cells and bark of trees, for use in batteries found in electric vehicles, cell phones and laptops.

Houses from shipping containers

Old shipping containers used to make houses

A house made from used shipping containers. Image: Sean Woolley

There is a growing surplus of shipping containers that have reached the end of their life. German architects and developers of the Schween family have teamed up with real estate expert Sean Woolley at to create aesthetic and affordable homes made from used containers in Marbella, Spain.

Industrial water

German chemicals giant BASF has found a way to create the scent in fragrances and aromas in food from industrial waste. Called n-octanol, the product, which is made from a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, comes from waste from the steel industry. With this technology, companies will be able to make any product containing n-octanol from municipal and industrial waste gases, replacing fossil fuels in the production process and also preventing them from entering the atmosphere.

Beauty without water

Raël's snowball melts the humidity.  Image: Wunderman Thompson

Raël’s snowball melts the humidity. Image: Wunderman Thompson

Freeze-drying was a popular food preservation technique for astronauts. Beauty brands such as Korean brand Saro de Rúe and Beijing-based biotech company Weibo Hi-Tech Cosmetics are now using this method for skin care products. Freeze drying allows the product to last longer, as there is no water on which bacteria multiply, so no need for preservatives, and the product ingredients can be transported in vacuum sealed bags rather than in liquid containers, which saves space. If there is a downside, they always use plastic packaging.

Photovoltaic pavement

Paver PV Image: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Photovoltaic paving stone. Image: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is on a mission to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, it has started installing solar panels on the tracks. The first installation is 50 square meters of photovoltaic panels in a park in the Glòries district. The path will generate 7,560 kWh per year, enough to power three homes. “We will have to assess the wear because obviously it is not the same thing as putting panels on a roof, even if they are very resistant”, declared Eloi Badia, responsible for the climate emergency and the ecological transition at Barcelona City Hall. Guardians’ Journal.

Wash with waste

OMO of industrial waste

OMO capsules, made from industrial waste. Image: Unilever

Personal care giant Unilever has partnered with biotech company LanzaTech and green chemicals company India Glycols to make laundry capsules made from recycled carbon emissions. Launched in China in April, the capsules are made from recovered industrial emissions that are reused in surfactants, a product normally made from fossil fuels.

Electric steps

Steps can be converted into enough electricity to power LED bulbs or other small devices, by attaching an energy harvesting device to the parquet. Called a nanogenerator, the device is based on sandwiching two pieces of wood between electrodes.

Vegan diamonds


Aether’s “Conflict Free, Carbon Positive and Vegan” Diamonds. Image: Ether

Diamonds are usually unearthed or produced in a laboratory. Both methods are environmentally intensive. US company Aether claims to manufacture the world’s first diamonds that “help reverse historic damage to ecosystems and the environment caused by the diamond industry.” The company’s air collectors suck carbon dioxide out of the sky, pulling it through specialized filters. The CO2 is then synthesized in the right hydrocarbon for the growth of the diamonds. The raw materials are placed in powerful reactors for the diamonds to be cultivated. The energy used comes from “renewable, low-emission sources,” the company told Forbes. The product is now certified vegan.

Did we run out? Let us know by writing to [email protected] or leave a comment in the comments box. This story is part of our Year in Review series, which identifies the stories that shaped the world of sustainability in 2021.

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Plus size wedding dresses: how to find the dress of your dreams

There is a heartbreaking familiarity to the experience: once again, plus-size people are relegated to shopping in isolation and online, wasting the moment shared with friends when you first try on “your dress”. . Shaw continued, “If you extrapolate why an older bride doesn’t have access to a great shopping experience for a dress, it’s hard to ignore who the company deems worthy of that moment or that day.” Every bride should be given the opportunity to feel special, and clicking “add to cart” is nothing compared to the champagne celebration that has been promised to us. It’s more than disappointing to endure body shame and having to stand up for your body, at a time when all you should be feeling is adulation.

As we eagerly await the bridal industry to catch up with the desires of the modern plus size bride, we hope that these strategies, focusing on what is in your control, will make the dress-buying process a more positive experience. and more joyful.

Trust your instincts

First of all, there are no “rules” when it comes to a plus size bride other than that she fits you, literally and emotionally, so dress however you like. Go for the lace bodycon dress, or a ball gown with a tulle cloud or something sexy and tight, just make sure it fits you perfectly and suits the nuptials you have planned. Tall people are often forced to settle for availability rather than personal preferences. Don’t let this be one of those occasions. You deserve to look breathtaking just as much as a straight waist bride. Be sure to say yes to the dress because it is truly THE ONLY one.

Research and call in advance

Along with this healthy body-positive bridal diet (Lindy West’s transcendent writing about being a fat bride is must-read), start researching inclusive waist lines. When you discover a designer you love, Gaby Bayona, the designer behind four bridal lines including the waist (Laudae, Aesling, Truvelle and Halseene), suggests that you contact her directly to inquire about the catwalks with wider size ranges, or for their list. of bridal shops that stock their line in-house. The store may have your dream dress in a plus size sample (usually a size 18/20) so you can get a better idea of ​​how the final dress will look on you. Also ask to see pictures of the dress on brides close to your waist so you can see how the fit improves. You are not arrogant, you are not asking for too much, you are just trying to make the biggest clothes purchase of your life. You deserve all the information you need to make the best decision.

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Gaby Trujillo started Alamar Cosmetics with nothing but her savings

Gaby Trujillo has never been one to shy away from new opportunities. It’s a value that her mother – who left her life and career in Havana, Cuba to bring Trujillo to the United States at the age of 3 – instilled in her when she was young. Trujillo dropped out of school at age 20 to work full time, and at age 25 quit her job at the subscription company Boxycharm to start her own makeup brand – Alamar Cosmetics – with nothing but her makeup. savings.

When a Disney Studios executive messaged Trujillo on Instagram about a collaboration on a makeup collection for one of the billionaire company’s upcoming films, she wasn’t sure that was possible. Trujillo wondered, “Can I really do this?” Can my team handle this? Do we have the budget?

“Even though at the moment we didn’t know how this trip would go, I knew we would find out,” said Trujillo, knowing she couldn’t pass up the chance.

Alamar Cosmetics is now the first independent Latina makeup brand to collaborate with Disney on a makeup launch. Trujillo has created a special makeup collection inspired by the characters and themes of the new animated film “Encanto”, which tells the story of the magical Madrigal family in Colombia and features music by Lin Manuel Miranda accompanied by the voices of Stephanie Beatriz and John Leguizamo, among others. Disney’s “Encanto” makeup collection marks Alamar’s first major collaboration and consists of 13 products, including an eyeshadow palette, blushes, lip glosses and more.

Disney’s Alamar Cosmetics x “Encanto”.

“As a brand owned by a Latina, we’ve always celebrated the diversity of our culture through the makeup we create, and I think Disney was looking for a brand that would be an authentic extension of the magic of the movie,” Trujillo said. . Latin. “We brought an authenticity to the collaboration that I don’t think many other brands could have captured and it’s exciting to see our cultures and customs on the big screen.”

Trujillo grew up and still lives in Hialeah, a neighborhood in Miami with the higher concentration of Hispanics and Latinos in the USA. Surrounded by the sounds of Latin music playing the streets, the smells of homemade Latino food floating in the air, and the support of a tight-knit immigrant community, Trujillo credits Hialeah with her dynamism and inspiration as a contractor.

Gaby Trujillo and her mother.

“Growing up here made me feel like anything is possible,” she says. “We are a city of immigrants who came to this country with nothing and built a thriving city from scratch. “

Trujillo learned the basics of makeup from his beautician mother, who enrolled in beauty school upon arriving in the United States without yet learning a word of English. Trujillo’s parents had spent years saving up so she could go to college, which she did during the day while attending beauty school at night. Even though she was terrified that her parents would be mad at her for wanting to drop out of college, they saw how unhappy she was and instead encouraged her to pursue her passion: makeup.

After starting out in her mother’s beauty salon and taking on private clients herself, Trujillo became a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and in-home makeup service Glamsquad. In 2015, she started working at Boxycharm where she learned about influencer relations, social media marketing, digital strategy and product development. At the time, Trujillo shared glimpses of his work on his own social media, where his followers grew from hundreds to thousands on Instagram and YouTube in a matter of months.

While working at Boxycharm, which offers monthly subscriptions of select beauty products from independent brands and top brands, Trujillo noticed a gap in the beauty market: there weren’t many beauty brands owned. to Latinas who offered affordable, high-quality makeup. She created her first eyeshadow palette and received a lot of praise when her boss included her as a Boxycharm star product.

“We started at a time when people wanted something different, something that would make them feel connected to their roots. Through make-up and with Alamar Cosmetics, this is exactly what we have done, ”explains Trujillo.

With only the savings Trujillo had earned during her years of self-employment, bridal work, and makeup lessons, she quit her job in 2018 to work full-time at Alamar Cosmetics – named after the Cuban town in which she was born. Today, the brand has over 212,000 followers on Instagram, its main platform for driving sales. Now entering her fourth year in business, Trujillo says accepting Disney’s offer to collaborate on “Encanto”, even though she didn’t know how it would fare, was exactly the opportunity she needed to ” get the business back in shape ”and increase its success.

“Saying no will save you so many blessings, and you would be surprised at what you are capable of. It is important to believe in yourself and to give yourself the chance to excel, ”says Trujillo. “It’s always important to say yes and then to understand because a solution is always there, you just have to find it. ”

Vamigas decolonizes beauty with a clean skincare line

Red lipstick, big hoops, and a full makeup face are the norm for many of us and when it comes to skin care we also have preferences including aloe vera for burnt or burnt skin. dry. But this love of beauty isn’t just a cultural norm for Latinas, it translates into money spent where Latinas buyers make up 18.5% of their income in the United States, according to NIelsen. Still, Latinas-owned beauty brands, especially in the clean skincare arena, are few in number at major beauty retailers. There are several small Latinas owned skin care lines, however, including the Vamigas clean skin care line, launched this year and founded by Ann Dunning and Christina Kelmon.

Kelmon has paternal roots in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Dunning immigrated to Los Angeles from Chile when she was nine. Vamigas, named after their daughters with a nod to “amigas”, is a labor of love inspired by their heritage. The line came together after these jefas met through an investor network, Pipeline Angels, where they were both investing in BIPOC startups. Kelmon is one of Silicon Valley’s few Latino investors and CEO of makeup brand Belle en Argent. Working with other Latinas has only opened their eyes to the importance of representation and its absence in the beauty industry for Latinas.

“No one is targeting Latinas right now and yet the market is huge,” Dunning said. HipLatina. “Clean skin care products are very expensive, avoid marketing to Latinas or don’t understand how to market us at all. “

They combined their heritage and business skills to develop a brand with plants from Latin America, many of which are used by locals for welfare purposes. “The background for wellness ingredients has basically been erased. Brands don’t use things like chia and Rosa Mosqueta without any reference to where they come from, so consumers have no idea what they’re using and how powerful Latin America is.

Rosa Mosqueta is originally from southern Chile and was traditionally used for burns and dry skin among indigenous people in the Araucana region. This information is shared on their website in the “Ingredients” section where they explain the history, background and use of ingredients in their products, which strengthens their mission to amplify LATAM plants through Vamigas. Rosa Mosqueta is known for its ability to reduce hyperpigmentation and signs of aging and is available as an organic oil for the face and body. Dunning says Rosa Mosqueta is the product that she believes embodies the brand because it “transcends generational boundaries and also national boundaries.”

Vamigas oils
Photo courtesy of Vamigas

Their other products include Olinda Clarifying Cleanser with Acai, Chia, Prickly Pear, Pampas Balancing Face Mist with Yerba Mate, Acai, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, and Luz De Sur Oil with Eight Herbal Fragrance Free. Products range from $ 24 to $ 34, and in addition to their website, they’re also now available on Nordstrom, Thrive Market, and perfumes and their prevalence in beauty products. They cite studies that show a potential correlation between phthalate exposure and brain damage in babies. This is part of what made them pay attention to what they put on their skin and they figured other Latinas would be interested in cleaner options with ingredients they might already know.

“For us in clean skin care, part of the problem is this current trend to use ingredients from South and Central America like Rosa mosqueta, Maracuja, etc. in a way, he takes those ingredients from other territories and enjoys them with no benefit to the people of those countries, ”shares Dunning.

Vamigas skin care set
Photo courtesy of Vamigas

A Women’s Wear Daily report on Nielsen’s results found that Latinas outnumbered the general beauty market by 30%, even amid the pandemic. We represent 14.1% of beauty buyers, but are responsible for 18.5% of beauty spending and this is the market Dunning and Kelmon tap into. But for Dunning and Kelmon, it’s about really bringing up LATAM and Latinas in style. Kelmon explains that often when Latinas are included in the wellness space they are “almost symbolic” and with Vamigas the foundation of the brand is to honor the ingredients of LATAM while helping Latinas to feel at home. comfortable in their body.

But it’s more than a list of ingredients, they are raising awareness through their website, especially through their “Vamigas” section with articles like “Latina Skincare Secrets Only Your Abuela Knows”. With products and a digital platform for Latinas, the two founders share that being by and for Latinas is a powerful thing, especially when the brand is fully self-funded.

“We like to say that we want to decolonize the ingredients by owning a piece of that market and encouraging other Latino entrepreneurs to do that as well, but also to encourage own brands to add cultural context around the ingredients they use.” , explains Kelmon. “These ingredients have a powerful history and come from powerful inhabitants of the earth. It’s as easy as understanding that, sharing that knowledge, and honoring the cultures you have inherited.

KISS Bring Home Salon Beauty Products in Long Island

If you’ve walked through a CVS or Walgreens store, there’s a good chance you’ve passed some KISS beauty products or even bought some for yourself. But did you know that the Korean-American cosmetics company is based in Long Island, Port Washington?

KISS was founded by CEO John Chang and co-founders Sung Yong Chang and Won Shik Kang in Flushing, Queens in 1989. It started as a small startup offering do-it-yourself nail care products, which was a market niche at the time, and hit the national scene selling 18 of its items in Walgreens stores in 1992.

As the business grew, it needed more space. That’s when KISS arrived in Port Washington, where it has been operating since 2005. The larger facility was geared to “accommodate the continued expansion and growth of the business,” its website says.

The beauty brand has only grown in the past 16 years since arriving on Long Island. Its KISS IVY division moved to its own warehouse in Port Washington in 2014. And the entire company got a brand new 272,000 square foot headquarters, also in Port Washington, in 2018.

“Bring the salon home” is the mantra of KISS, the slogan on its logos to remind consumers that it is the leader in home manicure and pedicure products. The company strives to “provide cutting edge innovations that make every day more beautiful for everyone,” according to its website.

Although it got its start in the nail business and remains well known for its nail art kits, electric nail files, etc., KISS also sells hair accessories, eyelashes and makeup. It owns several brands, such as the imPRESS pressure manicure sets; JOAH, her Korean beauty brand; and KISS Colors & Care, its line of hair care products.

For the holiday season, KISS sells special nail designs that will dazzle in the Christmas holidays. Nail packs are sold individually or in sets of three. They come with the option of sticking or gluing on natural nails.

For more business coverage, visit

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The woman who builds a community of retailers around sustainable fashion and beauty brands

The global market for sustainable products is growing rapidly. Big brands have started to realize how important it is to manufacture in a sustainable way, using environmentally friendly materials and ethical processes. At the same time, an ever-growing list of young entrepreneurs, determined to stand out and make a difference, are starting small businesses, selling everything from cruelty-free beauty products to zero waste clothing. With so many brands, big and small, entering the space, it can sometimes be difficult to find and decide which one to support.

Enter ZERRIN, launched at the end of 2017 by Susannah Jaffer, installed here for nine years. Formerly a magazine editor, Jaffer disenchanted with her own profession and, fueled by a belief in sustainable fashion and retailing, launched ZERRIN, which is both a sustainable brands retailer and agency. creation that can help these brands market themselves better.

With the rise of conscious consumerism and Christmas just around the corner, I thought this was the perfect time to make contact with Susannah.


I moved to Singapore in 2012 – I was 21 at the time – with an offer to teach English at a language school. Unfortunately, the visa failed when I arrived. I was able to get a pass as a college graduate to work in Singapore for six months and ended up doing an internship in public relations, followed by a full-time role in magazines and media.


I think it happened through a cumulative awareness of how the industry actually works, coupled with a burning desire to participate in fashion in a more meaningful way; beyond pretension, beyond the “latest trends”. It was even more true at the end of 2015/2016 when I got the most tired of the typical mainstream brand narrative… and even the media.

I mostly learned about the impact of fashion and its complex supply chain thanks to the independent brands that I came to support. This led me to do more research which really lifted the veil for me on the impact of clothing production and consumption on the planet. For me, discovering better fashion, what sustainability is all about, has been a driver of mindfulness in my life, perhaps in the same way that yoga, meditation or veganism can be for someone. else.

Inclusive makeup brands with decent foundation options for dark skin in India

Buying foundation for rich, dark or dark skin is a huge task in India. Not only is the entire foundation marketing system loaded with colourism, leading people to buy into the idea of ​​using a shade that’s lighter than them, but the real lack of options is. a huge concern.

Even though a foundation line has a very deep foundation shade, it lacks the previous 10 shades of dark and dark, going straight from tan to deep dark, and neglecting all other shades in between. Not only that, but there is hardly any option for finding the right shades, making it difficult to find a good shade.

5 brands with foundation options for dark skin in India
Image credit: iStockPhoto

In India, brands need to do better

Many brands, like L’Oréal and Maybelline, offer much darker shades internationally. But for some reason you cannot buy these shades in India. In fact, most of the brands that are somewhat inclusive by Indian standards still have a long way to go to meet the needs of melanin-rich skin, at least until the launch of Fenty Beauty here!

The reason why brands that take into account the many variations of dark and dark skin tone are important is because no one wants to waste their time looking for a foundation in a range that isn’t right for everyone. It is definitely easier to save time if you know where to look.

So, the only thing one can do is familiarize yourself with the brands that are trying to give dark skin as much weight as fair skin while formulating a range, and have decent options to offer. Here we list a few lines of foundations that suit these skin types and undertones.

1. There are 45 shades in the MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid range.

There are 45 shades in the MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid range.
Image credit: MAC Cosmetics

MAC was one of the first brands to offer a wide range of inclusive shades. In fact, their NC-NW naming system for foundation shades has become the gold standard by which people in the beauty industry interpret foundation colors. Their huge range of shades, which are easy to test and try on at a MAC store, are a great option for any skin tone: dark, dark, deep, or rich.

As for the shade distribution among the different skin types, they have 15 shades for dark to deep skin tone, so there is a lot to choose from.

Buy it here.

2. Kay Beauty Hydrating Foundation may only be available in 20 shades, but offers good options for dark skin tones

        Kay Beauty Hydrating Foundation may only be available in 20 shades, but offers good options for dark skin tones
Image credit: Nykaa

A brand can claim to have 50 shades, but then create 20 for lighter skin and add two to three symbolic shades for darker skin. This is not what Kay Beauty did. They have five shades in each category: clear, medium, tan, and deep. It is refreshing to see deep undertones that look different and have unique undertones.

This is what we need in the Indian market, where the foundation lines for dark skin previously had orange or red undertones and did not contain many options for dark golden, yellow or olive skin.

In this range you also get neutral and pink undertones for dark skin tones. We hope they expand their range of shades and add more shades for richer skin tones and set a precedent in India.

Buy it here.

3. Born This Way Too Faced Matte Foundation comes in 35 shades

        Born This Way Too Faced Matte Foundation comes in 35 shades
Image credit: Nykaa

Born This Way Too Faced Matte Foundation comes in a wider shade range than the regular version of the same foundation, and you can find 34 of 35 shades online, while you can get all shades in stores.

Foundations look a lot lighter in the bottle, but once you try them on you get a decent match. There are 11 dark shades in this range of foundation, and the best part is that they are all available in India. So you can buy the darker shade, Ganache, here. There is also a wide variety of shades available, which means you don’t have to compromise and get a dark, red-toned foundation if your skin is olive.

They have very warm undertones like brown and mahogany, but also pink and neutral tones for dark skin tones. If you always feel like you can’t find a foundation with the right undertones, try out the foundations in this range.

Buy it here.

4. Desi PAC Brand HD Liquid Foundation has 26 shades

                Desi PAC Brand HD Liquid Foundation has 26 shades
Image credit: PAC Cosmetics

A thick, covering foundation that gives an even finish to the skin, this has good options for skin tones that fall between dark and dark skin. Shades 4.1, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, 4.9 and 5.0 are actually for dark skin tones, while someone who is dark, say an NC 42 on the MAC foundation scale, can use this foundation. in the shade 3.0 or 3.1.

Anyone who falls between the dark and dark category has enough shades to choose from. It’s rare, and it’s the solution to a big problem in India, where most people have melanin-rich skin, but don’t have accessible options.

Even though the darkest shade isn’t very dark, the brand gave us affordable options for many darker and darker skin tones that other brands neglect to consider. That’s why, if you have dark yellow and golden skin tone, this is a range worth trying.

Buy it here.

5. The Smashbox Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydra Foundation has 38 shades

The Smashbox Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydra Foundation has 38 shades
Image credit: Nykaa

They have six shades that can be called deep and five that can be called dark. What we really like is that their foundation line is not the widest in the light category but medium which means they don’t cater for fair skin more and ignore dark skin tone. as do most western brands.

Their darkest shade, 4.7, is currently available in India, like all other deep shades. So a person with dark skin can actually find a matching shade. Plus, it oxidizes a bit as well, so you can go a bit lighter and see if it works better for you.

Buy it here.

Main image credit: Prasar Visions Pvt. Ltd., SOL India, Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.

Target’s Beauty Sale Offers Already Affordable Holiday Gift Sets For Less

If you purchase an independently rated product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission.

While we love our beauty-focused luxury stores, there’s just something about Target that grabs us and makes us empty our wallets. This is the huge range of beauty brands, both premium and affordable, as well as clean beauty sets, owned by BIOPC and of value. Plus, you can grab some toilet paper, laundry detergent, and a cute new jacket while you’re at it. Best of all, right now Target Beauty is on sale: gift boxes are buy one, get one 25 percent off already super affordable prices.

The best thing about these gift sets is how amazing they already are. You can buy scrunchies, skin care, hair care, and makeup for a lot less than what you would pay at regular retail. Buy them for yourself to save money or gift them to your friends and family. At these prices and among our favorite brands, you really can’t go wrong.

We’ve started you off with some of our favorites below. The BOGO 25% offer only lasts until December 11.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to people, and we only offer products that we think you will love as much as we do. Target is a sponsor of STYLECASTER, however, all products in this article have been independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.


Elf Snow Globe Mix and Brush Holiday Gift Set

You get four cruelty-free synthetic brushes and two TikTok viral makeup sponges in this cute kit.

Hero cosmetics emergency stress gift set Already affordable targets Beauty gift sets are on sale right now


Hero Cosmetics Anti-Stress Emergency Gift Set

Holidays can be stressful AF. Treat this Skin Cleansing Set with the Cult Mighty Patch Acne Spots, Post-Breakout Rescue Balm and Brightening Skin Brightening Wand.

black star scrunchie scunci gift set Already affordable beauty gift sets are on sale right now


Scunci star scrunchie gift box

Six colorful scrunchies for $ 10? Yes please! There are even satin options for hair that doesn’t break out.

olay regenerist holiday minis moisturizing gift set Target already affordable beauty gift sets are on major sale right now


Olay Regenerist Holiday Minis Moisturizer Gift Set

Mom would love this Olay Regenerist duo, which includes a travel size micro sculpting face moisturizer, 24 collagen peptide face moisturizer and a sleep mask.

target holiday hair set


Best of “Best Tressed” Box – Target Beauty Capsule

Get nine travel hair products from Target’s best-selling brands including Odele, Eva NYC, L’Oreal, and Kristen Ess.

Target Beauty Capsule Advent Calendar Gift Set Already affordable beauty gift sets are on sale right now


Advent Calendar Set – Target Beauty Capsule

Advent calendars are all the rage right now. This contains travel-size beauty products from brands such as Hero Cosmetics, Elf, Vital Proteins, House of Lashes, Real Techniques and Maybelline.

Versed calm clear 38 holiday cheer skin Already affordable beauty gift sets are on sale right now


Versed Calm Clear & Holiday Cheer De-stressing Gift Set

Soothe, refresh and hydrate skin in winter with a facial acupressure wand, clarifying serum and moisturizing gel-cream.

lip gloss gift set Targets already affordable beauty gift sets


Lip gloss gift box

Got a friend who’s obsessed with lip gloss? This fun set includes 15 lip glosses in shimmering, shimmering and matte finishes.

mix bar eau de parfum perfume discovery set Targets already affordable beauty gift sets are on major sale right now


MIX: BAR Perfume Discovery Set Eau De Parfum

Help them find their new signature sent with this five-piece fragrance set.

Maybelline lash sensational holiday kit sky high mascara and gloss lifter gift set Targets already affordable beauty gift sets are on major sale right now


Maybelline Lash Sensational Holiday Kit, Sky High Mascara and Lifter Gloss Gift Set

Two viral TikTok favorites in a limited edition set? Yes, for real! And we’ve never seen a Sky High mini size in blackest black washable mascara and full size lifting gloss in Moon at this affordable price.

Stylist |  Interview with Ashley Benson

Confessions of a Serial Buyer – The New Indian Express

Express news service

BENGALURU: A few weeks ago, I opened my email to see a harmless attacker from my mother. He would read something like “Trade in your complete wardrobe for a busy life.” It seemed like a harmless thread, which I walked through and deleted. The email gave me flashbacks of myself at 2 a.m. on a Friday. With a full cart, blurry vision, a faint ringing in my ears, and a laptop is starting to age from the countless open tabs. The timing of this email couldn’t have been more specific.

We have entered the most difficult time of the year for shopaholics, the holidays. These days induce a combination of worry and excitement, which should make us avoid Black Friday like Black Plague. There is extreme publicity, carefully woven triggers in words and images. Sales designed to give us a ‘now or never’ attitude to shopping, resulting in reckless additions to carts, non-stop deliveries and less real estate to store them.

My dear readers, it is time to be clear. All my life I have been good at rationalizing ridiculous expenses. I can convince myself to buy almost anything at exorbitant prices. I’m getting technical too, with spreadsheets and cash backs, sales, long term wardrobe goals, and convinced myself that buying this thing now will save me a lot down the road.

A lot has changed for me over the past year, and as someone who works in the beauty industry, I have to say: beauty brands don’t have sales because they love you. Of course, sales are always good. You get a little adrenaline rush when this limited edition palette that was on your wishlist goes on sale. If you realize how oversaturated the beauty industry is and how they are essentially competing for a place in your stretched beauty budgets, you will realize that adrenaline is exactly the reaction they are looking for. . Brands don’t have sales because they’re kind or generous. They are doing sales to crowd out the last segment of their target market that they have failed to capture. To break the hold of someone who says, “I already have 40 lipsticks and I don’t need another one.”

The formula is the same: create a new product that catches the eye. Get a stampede of early users who pay full price to rave about it, comfort skeptics with a 10% discount later, and continue to aggressively market those who wait for it afterwards. What you think is such a great deal now will likely be reproduced again until you get tempted to make the purchase. Sales take place every 2 months, so keep that in mind if you’re going to buy something because of FOMO.

A sure way to navigate a sale would be to ask yourself: would you buy this if it was at full price? Having said that, I’m happy to report that all of the purchases I made over the past week were not misguided. In fact, most of the beauty purchases I made were on my list anyway. I’m not sure if I’ll ever put compulsive shopping behind me, but little revelations along the way have helped. What did you buy this sales season?

ReCommerce discusses ‘Click on Amazon’ for Beauty Brands – WWD

Beauty brands are stepping up their growth and glamor factor across multiple channels, through Amazon – and according to digital agency ReCommerce, the platform is poised to take these brands to the next level.

At the WWD Beauty CEO Summit, the “Making Amazon Click for Beauty Brands” conference, moderated by Taylor Hamilton, CEO and co-founder of ReCommerce, an Amazon accelerator that works with brands in the beauty and personal care industry, presented explained how businesses can use the platform to increase sales in physical stores, direct-to-consumer channels, and on Amazon itself.

ReCommerce helps brands take control of their platform presence and achieve their strategic goals – and as an Amazon bestseller, ReCommerce has over 300 people dedicated to accelerating partner businesses and prides itself on proven success in space.

When Hamilton founded ReCommerce, his goal was not to dominate Amazon, but rather to help brands create a holistic strategy on the platform that works in conjunction with physical and d-to-c businesses to generate revenue. growth on all three channels.

Hamilton explained that his point of view makes him uniquely qualified to lead the discussion. Coming from a brick and mortar background where he owned a specialty retail chain, he “saw firsthand the challenges Amazon can create for both brands and brick and mortar retailers. mortar”.

About a third of all internet beauty sales are made on Amazon, and that number is growing every year, according to data from ReCommerce. Hamilton said it all comes down to the fact that brands have full control over the platform, which allows them to decide on import items such as the appearance of content; customer interaction; the use of Amazon data for customer acquisition; packaging and shipping products, and even gain insight into the unboxing experience.

“Amazon is a marketplace, but it’s also a quasi-d-to-c platform that has the built-in advantage of being prepackaged with 200 million customers each month, and the ability to leverage the largest and most comprehensive first -part purchase data available globally for advertising to new customers, ”he said.

Analyzing over 300 of the best Specialty Beauty brick and mortar retail stores, ReCommerce found that 89% of these brands are currently sold on Amazon in one way or another, but only 48% of them. have ‘managed capacity’, meaning their presence is managed in one way or another, and about half of brands have ‘unmanaged capacity’ or no control over aspects such as presence, content, pricing or strategy.

Brands can take control of Amazon through six key areas: optimizing content or optimizing creatives on Amazon to align across multiple channels; catalog, creation of digital content optimized for Amazon and “pepper” keywords in listings so that brands can “win” on Amazon advertising; market support, which enables brands to access, operate and strategize with exclusive Amazon buyer data; advertising, to link creativity to the use of buyer data for the acquisition of new customers; trademark protection, which includes benefits such as the elimination of counterfeits; and logistics, or being ubiquitous where and how customers want to buy products.

To sum up, Hamilton said, “Brands that truly rely on Amazon for its strengths have had huge success on the platform, accelerating growth, while simultaneously accelerating growth through their physical channels and sales sites. direct to consumers. – All at the same time. “

Save on outdoor voices, fresh beauty and more

If you’re not all out of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you’ll be happy to know it’s not too late for some pretty amazing deals. As a Shop TODAY reader, you have access to three exclusive discounts on products from favorite TODAY brands. From skincare made with natural ingredients and cult sportswear to astrology-inspired candles, these are deals you sure won’t want to miss.

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New exclusive offers

Shop TODAY readers can get 30% off two popular skin care products from beauty brand Fresh with a code FRESH30.

Strawberry Sugar Exfoliating Face Wash

Exfoliation looks a lot more fun when it comes to real strawberries and sugar crystals. This scrub has won over 1,000 five-star reviews and buyers love its softness.

Limited Edition Makeup Removing Face Wash

With the code FRESH30, you can save around $ 13 on this top-selling facial cleanser. It is formulated to remove makeup while maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin, according to the brand’s description.

Exclusive birthday candle offers

Shop TODAY readers can also take advantage of 30% off Birthdate Co. Astrology-Themed Candles with Code. TODAY30.

Birth candles

Buying the best gifts by zodiac sign is easy with Astrology Themed Candles from Birthdate Co. Each candle (there is one for each day of the year) is hand poured and the scents are inspired personality traits identified in astrological readings. , depending on the brand. Talk about a perfect birthday present. Purchase all birth date candles to find the date you want, then use code TODAY30 to take advantage of the discount.

Exclusive Outdoor Voices offers

Popular sportswear brand is giving Shop TODAY readers 30% off its All Day CloudKnit collection with code TODAY30. Check out the full CloudKnit collection or shop some of our favorite picks below.

Tank top all day

If you live in high waisted leggings, you need lots of cropped tank tops to wear with them. Save $ 14 on this stylish model with code TODAY30.

Jogging all day

We wouldn’t mind living in these comfy joggers, especially when a pair is $ 26 less than usual.

All day hoodie

Style meets comfort in this lightweight hoodie, featuring a tailored fit and a slightly cropped silhouette. Choose from four neutral colors: Charcoal, Navy, Heather Gray, and Black.

Short all day 7 “

Outdoor Voices also offers a lot of men’s sportswear, like these relaxed fit shorts.

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Why variety shows are so crucial to Douyin

Key points to remember:

  • Douyin recently announced plans to help 100 new brands reach 100 million RMB ($ 15.7 million) in annual sales in the coming year.
  • In 2022, the platform will focus on ‘interest-based e-commerce’ which prioritizes high-quality content to motivate audience interest to buy based on specific interests.
  • With China’s crackdown on content and celebrities showing no signs of stopping, one content commerce strategy Douyin appears to be adopting is to host longer variety shows.

While its global counterpart TikTok receives a lot of attention, the Chinese-language short film platform Douyin has grown into one of the most influential short film platforms in China since its launch in September 2016. The latest two years have seen Douyin evolve well beyond his initial goal. seconds long videos and venturing into long-form movies, e-commerce and social shopping, making the platform a key way to reach and sell to Chinese millennials and Gen Z. (Offering, at Passage, a look at what owner Bytedance could hope to do with TikTok in 2022 and 2023.)

One of Douyin’s defining attributes, which has fueled continued growth since launch, is a strong content commerce strategy that offers lessons to any business considering the Chinese market. Earlier this month, Douyin’s e-commerce department hosted a joint forum with investment firm Source Code Capital – in which Bytedance founder and recently deceased CEO Zhang Yiming is a sponsor – to discuss their new white paper on the growth of emerging brands. on Douyin.

The white paper maps the growth trajectory of seven successful consumer brands on Douyin, detailing how they have benefited from Douyin’s promotion and sales channels, and pledges to help 100 new brands reach RMB 100 million (15 , $ 7 million) in annual sales in the coming year. . While the white paper has yet to be released online, the forum discussion makes it clear that Douyin will rely more on content commerce to drive its ecommerce segment. As Zhang Hao, director of Douyin’s e-commerce service provider, told the forum, Douyin will focus on “interest-based e-commerce (兴趣 电 商)” which prioritizes high content. quality to motivate the public’s interest to buy according to specific criteria. interests.

Compared to traditional high display and advertising density e-commerce, interest-based e-commerce aims to attract potential consumers “upstream of the traffic” and enable brands to build more substantial customer relationships. An example of an interest-based e-commerce that has become hugely influential over the past two years – but has fizzled amid the Chinese government’s crackdown on “overly entertaining” content like competitive entertainment shows. ‘idols – is the integration of streetwear brands in shows like fashion. concentrated Fourtry or beauty brands on last year’s hit Sisters making waves. In both cases, the brands featured may have been unfamiliar to young viewers initially, but have gradually become familiar and the programs have infused more avenues for online shopping during the season.

While the Chinese crackdown on content and celebrities shows no signs of stopping, one content commerce strategy Douyin appears to be adopting is to host longer variety shows, which is in stark contrast to short, generated video content. by users who defined its debut. years. During this year, Douyin aired several long-running entertainment programs, among which talent shows such as Click on “Like”! China has talent (点 赞! è¾¾ 人 秀) developed by Fremantle, SYCO and Star Canxing Entertainment, and Rent the program (为 æ­Œ 而 赞), a music competition show co-developed by Douyin and Zhejiang Television. Both shows incorporate Douyin’s well-known “like” click “feature to better engage audiences at home (and, no doubt, get them used to clicking links to buy while watching shows). Douyin also exclusively broadcast the talk show Just be real (非常 静 距离) which explores the life stories of celebrities, and GirlsSpectacular trip (容 ​​我 SA 娇), a reality show starring Hong Kong idols Joey Yung, Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi that focuses on the lives of modern women.

Douyin’s variety show initiative is certainly impressive, as it transformed the platform from a mere sponsor of other variety shows on television a few years ago to a notable creator of engaging programming aside from. whole. For brands, Douyin’s talent and talk shows are also known to be relatively safe options, while idol-based entertainment programs remain under strict surveillance.

However, it is still too early to say whether Douyin’s variety shows can become the backbone of its broader content commerce push, which relies on the production of engaging content that drives e-commerce sales (and attracts sponsors). A major challenge for Douyin is how he can fit his short bread and butter video entertainment into longer programs. As evidenced by the seemingly inferior performances of several celebrities championed by Douyin on the platform’s talent shows, what goes viral on Douyin may not necessarily turn out to be a hit in front of a larger audience or sustain long draws on the platform. a formal talent show.

The big question Douyin will need to answer in 2022 is whether he can create successful indigenous programs based on the large amount of user-generated content on the platform and competently promote them to an audience accustomed to longer thematic entertainment programs. Otherwise, no matter how many shows that Douyin airs exclusively, it will only be one of many short video and streaming platforms that will broadcast similar and easily replicable programs.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday gift card deals: these gift card sales are like getting free cash

Gift cards are an option to bypass shipping delays and mail delivery slowdowns in 2021.

Getty Images

Yes, it’s official: another Black Friday is in the books. The 2021 holiday shopping season is in full swing and Cyber ​​Monday is just around the corner. Supply chain issues make some items hard to find this year, and to make matters worse, scammers create fake shopping websites with otherwise depleted products “available” to fool holiday shoppers.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround to all of this: gift cards. It is safer to give gift cards to your friends and family this Christmas or Hanukkah. And more profitable too – there are currently a number of stores that offer Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discounts on the face value of gift cards.

One of the biggest merchants, Amazon, currently has a must-see Cyber ​​Monday gift card deal: When you buy $ 50 Amazon gift cards, you get 10 Amazon credit. $ two days later. It’s free money in your pocket this holiday season. (Note that you will need to be signed in to your Amazon account to view and redeem the offer.)

If you don’t want to treat slowdown in mail delivery, supply chain issues, and in-store crowds, gift cards are a great gift choice in 2021. Consider discounted gift cards from Amazon, GameStop, and more – as well as some card options -gifts at full price that are sure to delight these vacations.

Amazon Gift Card Offer: Buy $ 50, Get $ 10 Back

amazon gift card


Here’s a great Cyber ​​Monday deal for gift card buyers: You’ll get $ 10 credit to your Amazon account when you spend $ 50 on an Amazon gift card now. (This offer is limited to new gift card buyers only, and you must be signed in to your Amazon account to view it.)

amazon gift card

Save $ 20 on PlayStation Plus Gift Cards at GameStop



A PlayStation Plus membership is a must if you play games online – not only does it allow you to play games online with friends, but it also gives you access to a selection of games to download for free each month. Normally priced at $ 60 per year, you can get a one-year PlayStation Plus membership gift card for just $ 40 at GameStop.

One-year PlayStation Plus membership card, $ 40 (usually $ 60)

Personalized Visa Gift Cards

personalized visa gift card

Anatoliy Sadovskiy / EyeEm and Holly Hildreth via Getty

Gift cards can seem impersonal at times, but this one doesn’t. You can put any photo of your choice on a Visa gift card at You can choose any amount between $ 10 and $ 250 to put on the personalized card.

Personalized Visa gift card

Prosperous Market Gift Card

Thrive Market Electronic Gift Card

Thriving market

Anyone can buy organic, home and beauty products at wholesale prices with a Thrive Market gift card. Offer them a $ 25- $ 200 purchase credit, a one-year subscription, or both.

Prosperous Market Gift Card

Territory Food Gift Card

food from the territory

Food from the territory

They can get healthy meals prepared by local chefs, delivered to their doorstep, with a Territory Foods gift card. Territory Foods offers meals for a variety of food preferences, and menus change regularly to ensure no food boredom is present. Choose from five meals ($ 65), 10 meals ($ 130), 15 meals ($ 195) or a personalized amount.

Territory Food Gift Card

Mejuri gift card

Mejuri gift card


Everyday jewelry brand Mejuri offers digital and physical gift card options from $ 25 to $ 500.

Mejuri gift card

Sorel Gift Card

Sorel gift card


Let them choose their new pair of winter boots this year with a Sorel gift card. Choose between $ 25 and $ 500 in digital or plastic gift card.

Sorel Gift Card

Sunbasket gift card

sun gift card


Allow them to try a subscription meal delivery service with a Sunbasket gift card. You can load it with as much money as you want and email it to the recipient, or print it at home.

Sunbasket gift card

Bandier gift card

bandier gift card


Treat yourself to luxury sportswear with a Bandier digital gift card. Select amounts ranging from $ 25 to $ 1,000 in this card, redeemable in store or online.

Bandier gift card

Discounted Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks Gift Card

Gabby Jones / Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Starbucks Gift Card is a classic gift for a coffee lover. If you want to save a few bucks on your purchase, consider purchasing your gift cards from CardCash – the site currently offers small discounts on Starbucks Card purchases. (You can get even bigger discounts at CardCash on other coffee and coffee-adjacent franchises, such as Dunkin Donuts, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Krispy Kreme.)

Starbucks Gift Card

Nordstrom Gift Cards

Nordstrom Gift Card

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Walmart is a good one-stop-shop for new gift cards, especially if you want a selection from multiple retailers. Choose from $ 25 or $ 50 gift cards to spend at Nordstrom – or whichever department store your recipient prefers.

Nordstrom Gift Card

Sephora Gift Cards

Sephora Gift Card

Alex Tai / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Shopping for a makeup lover? Choose from a plastic or electronic gift card, and choose the amount you want to put into it at You can even schedule the delivery of your Sephora e-gift card now or later.

Sephora Gift Card

Discounted Uber Eats Gift Cards

Uber Eats Gift Card

Tunvarat Pruksachat / Getty Images

Raise is another smart option for discounted gift cards – you can get 2% in Raise Cash when you buy one, and there are even more discounts available for first-time buyers. Find $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, and $ 200 gift cards to spend on Uber Eats or other brands.

Uber Eats Gift Card

Retail Therapy Choice Electronic Gift Card

Retail Therapy Choice Electronic Gift Card

This e-gift card is a good choice as it can be spent at Ulta, Lululemon, Wayfair, Gap, Macy’s Where Nordstrom support. Choose the quantity you want to put on it and schedule its delivery for now or in the future.

Retail Therapy Choice Electronic Gift Card

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  • Bulgari brings La Dolce Vita to Paris with Italian-inspired hotel – WWD

    PARIS – Dolce Vita, meeting the City of Light.

    Roman jeweler Bulgari is about to bring a touch of Italian hospitality to Paris with the opening on December 2 of its seventh hotel in the world, located in the city’s Golden Triangle just a two-minute walk from the Tony Avenue Montaigne, where parent company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton is headquartered.

    Completely redesigned by Italian architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, who worked on all hotels in Bulgari, the old office building from the 1970s has been transformed into an 11-story luxury property with just 76 rooms and suites .

    Its previously mirrored facade is now clad in light gray local stone, framing oblong windows inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture.

    The entrance to the Bulgari Paris hotel.
    Courtesy of Bulgari

    With prices ranging from 1,400 euros for a 450-square-foot room to 35,000 euros for the two-story penthouse, which includes a rooftop garden with views of the Eiffel Tower, the Bulgari hotel sits squarely at the top of the luxury pyramid of Paris, alongside his stable mate, the recently opened Cheval Blanc on the Seine.

    “We are very excited because it is probably the most difficult, the most populated and the most expensive city in the world when it comes to high level hospitality”, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, told WWD. “For us, this will truly be the ultimate proof of the desirability of our brand and our concept. “

    The hotel will include a 2,365 square foot boutique, replacing the former Bulgari flagship on Avenue Georges V, and complement the brand’s store on nearby Avenue des Champs-Elysées, opened in 2018. Bulgari unveiled earlier this year a renovated store on Place Vendôme, the epicenter of global fine jewelry.

    “As a jeweler and master of hospitality, Paris is ultimately the most important city for us, even though we come from Italy. So bringing Roman hospitality and Roman jewelry to Paris is obviously a must, because Paris will forever retain this status as the capital of jewelry, ”Babin noted.

    Located at the corner of avenue George V and rue Pierre Charron, the hotel is a stone’s throw from the Four Seasons Hotel George V, where Sylvain Ercoli, general manager of the Bulgari Paris hotel previously worked.

    As such, he’s uniquely positioned to know what sets the newcomer apart from the French capital’s existing “palaces”, the official ranking of hotels that exceed the five-star standard.

    A room at the Bulgari Paris hotel

    A room at the Bulgari Paris hotel.
    Tommy Picone / Courtesy of Bulgari

    “I think it brings a touch of Italian elegance which, for me, is absolutely timeless,” he said during a recent visit to the premises. “It’s Italian luxury, bourgeois, but which in a way espoused Paris.

    He highlighted the decor of a suite costing 20,000 euros a night, clad in glossy eucalyptus wood panels, its dining room clad in straw marquetry from the studio of the famous master Lison de Caunes. Dotted with designer objects and furniture from Gio Ponti, Flexform, Fontana Arte and B&B Italia.

    Viel described it as a cross between Roman glamor and Parisian sophistication.

    “In a way, Rome and Paris are two sides of the same ambition, if you will. They are the center of modern creativity. Fashion is both Roman and Parisian; food is both. So they kind of embody the same position around the world, but from two very different points of view, ”said the architect.

    The hotel shares a number of codes with the Bulgari jewelry universe, including a palette of warm colors ranging from garnet and amethyst to its signature saffron hue. In the lobby, a painting of actress Monica Vitti by Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming overlooks a marble floor encrusted with a star motif, similar to that found in the Bulgari store on Via Condotti in Rome.

    The 14,000-square-foot spa includes a semi-Olympic pool covered in mosaics in shades of emerald, jade, and malachite. The Vitality Pool, on the other hand, is decorated with a motif inspired by the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, a major inspiration for the Divas’ Dream jewelry collection.

    With nine treatment rooms and a circular spa suite including a private hammam, the wellness area works with beauty brands Amala, Bellefontaine, Ananné and Augustinus Bader, and is the only place offering clinic treatments 111Skin’s in France.

    Il Ristorante restaurant is run by Michelin-starred chef Niko Romito. It has 58 seats inside and 40 outside in an interior garden, and offers dishes including its signature vegetable lasagna and a Milanese risotto made without butter. French classics like sole meunière and onion soup are on the room service menu.

    Babin said the amenities were exceptional for a boutique hotel and justified the high Average Daily Rate (ADR) of the rooms.

    “This economic model only works if the experience is so exceptional that you agree to pay an ADR which is much, much higher than other palaces, because otherwise you would not have the critical mass to absorb the cost of offering better services and infrastructure – the swimming pool for example, or the spa – than most existing palaces, ”he said.

    The spa pool at the Bulgari Paris hotel

    The spa pool at the Bulgari Paris hotel
    Courtesy of Bulgari

    He noted that Bulgari, which has hotels in Milan, Bali, London, Beijing, Dubai and Shanghai, is generally number one in every city in terms of revenue per available room. It also ranks near the top of rankings established by the Leading Quality Assurance (LQA) benchmarking service.

    “We obviously want to become number one in Paris, which is not easy, because Paris is the most competitive city in the world when it comes to measuring that,” he said, noting that the city has more than 10 hotels with an ADR greater than 1,000 euros.

    This is an ambitious goal, at a time when the city is still struggling to regain its pre-pandemic tourism levels. Ercoli said the French have traditionally made up only 3 to 5 percent of luxury hotel guests in Paris, while U.S. citizens make up 35 to 40 percent of guests.

    As American, European and Middle Eastern travelers return to the French capital, Russian, South American and Chinese nationals are still confined to their homes by COVID-19 travel restrictions. However, city officials are betting on a massive influx of visitors for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

    In the race to attract VIP clients, Babin expects to face Cheval Blanc, an internal competition apparently sanctioned by LVMH boss Bernard Arnault. “It is certain that the group’s ambition is for these two hotels to become the two new benchmarks for the ultimate luxury experience in the City of Light,” said Babin.

    The executive noted that the two were relative newcomers to the hospitality segment. Bulgari opened its first hotel in 2004, and the hotel division of Cheval Blanc was founded in 2006. “Cheval Blanc is above all the best wine in the world, and we are above all one of the best jewelers in the world, therefore two activities that I say are a bit far off, ”he said.

    “On the other hand, our clientelist obsession has helped us build business models which, to the extent that they have proven to be very successful, by creating, de facto, a style of hotel that I would not only qualify as a luxury hotel. 21st century, but the ultimate experience. through a boutique hotel format, ”he argued.

    The next openings for Bulgari’s hotel division are openings in Rome and Moscow next year, Tokyo in 2023, Miami in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2025. It is also looking for a location in New York, Babin said.

    “The master plan is to have New York, LA and Miami. I think if you really want to establish a strong presence in the United States, these three cities are absolutely mandatory, and I think in all these three cities our concept remains unique, so we don’t necessarily have the stress of being there as soon as possible, ”he commented.

    The facade of the Bulgari Paris hotel

    The facade of the Bulgari Paris hotel.
    François Guillemin / Courtesy of Bulgari

    The only Italian player in the hotel industry in the French capital, Bulgari relies on its cultural assets. “Our style is very different from any existing player in Paris,” Babin said. “We come from a historical background and a very cultivated environment. On the other hand, we are Latin people, so we are warm, we are happy, we have love and empathy.

    This approach works well for his clients, whom he described as successful freelance types looking for a home away from home, and has resulted in a high rate of return clients elsewhere.

    “Customers today are much less formal than they were over a century ago, when they [other Paris] palaces were built. And they really enjoy being in a practical, contemporary and modern environment with a staff that is extremely customer-obsessed, but at the same time approachable and friendly, ”Babin said.

    “When I see the evolution of hard luxury, it seems like it’s a trend right now. As a general rule, fine jewelry is more and more worn dressed and dressed, which means that people appreciate their luxury not only for different formal opportunities, but also for informal ones, and our hotel concept really follows these lines ”, he concluded.


    Bulgari inaugurates a renovated flagship on Place Vendôme

    Bulgari opens second American hotel in LA

    Bulgari combines jewelry and hospitality for new Tokyo hotel

    11 of the best clean products to give to the conscious beauty lover

    Clean Skin Care Products for Conscious Beauty Addicts


    These days, more and more people are realizing what they are putting in and on their bodies – and for good reason. Silicones, sulfates, formaldehydes, parabens, phthalates, etc. clutter the ingredient lists of many commonly used products, and many consumers are no longer there. For this reason, people are making the transition to clean beauty products.

    RELATED: 8 Of The Best Clean Beauty Brands To Buy For Any Budget

    But sometimes it can be difficult to decipher which products are really clean. Research is an exhausting process. And look at the packaging and read every last ingredient on every product? Is not nobody got time for dat.

    So whether you treat yourself or a conscious loved one, we’ve rounded up all of the best clean beauty products that will make the best Christmas stockings – without any of the BS

    VIDEO: CLEAN SLATE: The Best Clean Body Butters To Help You Get Through Dry Skin Season

    – 35 Available at Ruth & Gem

    As happy as the holiday season may be, the cold has caused many people to wretched. Luckily, scented candles are a way to make your home warm and cozy, and that’s why we fell in love with the guava and white tea scent from Ruth & Gem. Our beauty editor Kayla Greaves shares that she has yearned (for years) to be back home in Jamaica, so the scent of guava and passion fruit gives her an instant sense of comfort. “Plus, with a blend of coconut and soy waxes and lead-free cotton wicks, I don’t have to worry about my loved ones breathing anything other than the wonderful scent notes of the candle,” adds she does.

    Р$ 60 Available at Credo Beaut̩

    There are two types of people in this world: those who love winter and those who hate it. But no matter where you are, we can all agree that winter is a time when everyone’s skin gets dry, scaly, and ashy – not a good time. That’s why Osea’s best-selling body care duo (for a reason) is the perfect gift. Start by using the Earth Salts Body Scrub to smooth the skin, then lock in the moisture with the brand’s Undaria Seaweed Body Oil.

    – $ 48 Available at Sephora

    Lightweight, perfecting and protective all in one. This clean skin serum shade is formulated with niacinamide, squalane, and hyaluronic acid to treat while providing coverage. Plus, this dew-inducing foundation contains SPF 40 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays all day long.

    – $ 88 Available at Sephora

    Gorgeous colors without the guilt. These three shimmering shades are perfect to layer and mix for any day or night look. The cream-to-powder shade continues like velvet and shines like satin, the perfect finishing touch for all your New Years Eve projects. Plus, the set comes in three different color palettes so you can gift your own. your loved one (or yourself) the best shades for their (your) coloring.

    – $ 28 Available at Sephora

    Winter can wreak havoc on your skin and hair thanks to freezing temperatures that cause dry, flaky skin. That said, healthy hair starts at the scalp, and this serum will nourish the skin on your head for refreshed and hydrated hair. Plus, it can be used on all hair textures including protective styles. It is a victory, a victory, a victory.

    Available on Amazon

    Give the gift of a worry-free bath with this festive bath that will take away any stress that naturally accompanies the holidays. The deliciously scented dip is a hand-blended Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt to nourish while you relax.

    – $ 60 Available at Sephora

    Who doesn’t love a good beauty kit during the holidays? And this cult Drunk Elephant box contains three of the brand’s hair products: Happi Scalp Scrub, Cocomino Glossing Shampoo and Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner, for a complete hair care routine that produces shiny, nourished hair.

    – $ 13 Available on Amazon

    Who says sweet scents can’t be clean or have to cost a fortune? This Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia scent is blended using natural essential oils with notes of gardenia, orange, jasmine and tea for a vegan, cruelty-free scent that’s long-lasting, parabens and phthalates free. Plus, don’t worry if this isn’t the scent for you – there is a wide range of carefully crafted scents, like Indian Coconut Nectar and Tuscan Blood Orange.

    – $ 16 Available at Celsious

    If you’re looking for a practical hand soap that will wash, nourish, and smell great without any unwanted ingredients, this sustainably crafted square soap roll is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Additionally, the handmade soap was made by two small companies located in Brooklyn, New York: The Celsious Laundromat and Oil + Water Skincare. Support the little ones and the locals!

    – $ 16 Available on Amazon

    Relax with this essential oil kit to diffuse throughout the house for a zen vibe when the family comes to town. The trio includes natural oils of citronella, cedarwood, and sweet marjoram for quiet vibes long after the wine is gone.

    – $ 20 Available at Celsious

    Say goodbye to dry, ashy skin this winter. This luxurious body butter is made with organic ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, and comes in three flavors: Original, Grapefruit and Bare.

    9 native beauty brands worth splurging now and always

    Indigenous beauty brands often don’t get the recognition they deserve, as evidenced by the plain and simple fact that it’s rare to see them on the shelves of major beauty retailers. There is no good reason why there aren’t many options available to customers yet, but even so, their impact transcends the potential for profit, with an emphasis on giving back to the company. community, to be respectful of the planet and to harness the traditional – and sustainable – practices used by families for centuries.

    But the good news is that many Native American makeup, skin care and body care brands attract customers without being attached to a large retailer – and that’s a major achievement in itself. Take Satya Organics, for example, a skin care brand founded by a new mom in 2014. Determined to find a non-toxic, anti-inflammatory solution to her child’s eczema, she developed a balm in her crock pot. kitchen that cleared up her daughter’s skin. in two days. The latter is just one example of several Indigenous founders having a lasting impact on the beauty community.

    From luxe plants to super pigmented eyeshadow palettes, keep scrolling to learn more about nine of the best Indigenous-owned beauty brands, plus TZR’s product recommendations for each.

    We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

    Shop Indigenous Beauty Brands

    Beauty of cheekbones

    Originally from Canada, Jenn Harper founded Cheekbone Beauty in 2016 to create a high quality cosmetics brand that gives back to the Indigenous community while being as low waste and sustainable as possible. Since its launch, the brand has unveiled several products ranging from face palettes to eyeshadow palettes, but its best-seller is its ultra-pigmented (and top-rated) Sustain lipstick, available in eight shades. Its most recent launch is the eyelash lengthening mascara that contains castor oil to promote lash growth.

    Satya organic skin care

    Satya Organics was born in 2014, initially founded by Patrice Mousseau to treat her baby’s eczema. “The journey to Satya specifically began when Esme was eight months old and developed eczema,” the founder said in an interview on the brand’s website. “I took her to the doctor and was shocked to find that the only recommendation was a steroid cream!” So she got down to business and created her own non-toxic anti-inflammatory formula using just five ingredients. other skin conditions.

    Prados Beauty

    In 2018, Prados Beauty founder Cece Meadows was the first Native American makeup artist to work behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. A year later, her cosmetics brand was born, and today, she’s known for her maximalist makeup offerings, like make-believe and brightly colored eye shadow palettes made in collaboration with the Native American artist. Steven Paul Judd. In addition to its glamorous offerings, the “Prados Promise” is to “put money, time and mentorship back into indigenous communities”.

    Skwalwen botany

    Aboriginal luxury brand Skwalwen Botanicals (pronounced “skwall – win”) was founded by Leigh Joseph whose ancestral Squamish name is Styawat. She uses Squamish’s cultural teachings to harvest plants for her formulations (which, for the record, are free from harsh chemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and parabens). The products include everything from facial oils and serums to lip balm and universal skin balm.

    Beauty Ketahli

    Ketahli Beauty uses native Australian ingredients in its skin, hair and makeup products, especially those with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. “Ketahli Beauty represents my three beautiful daughters and the beauty of my people, especially our women who are the backbone of indigenous families and are too often overlooked,” says founder Latoya on the brand’s website. Rate all five-star ratings – buyers are obsessed!

    Ah-Shi Beauty

    Ahsaki Báá LaFrance-Chachere is the first in the country to open a cosmetics store on a reservation – in particular, her Navajo Nation Reserve. “What really started it all was the need for authentic portrayal,” said the founder. In the style concerning the creation of his company.Being a product of the Navajo reservation, we never see ourselves or hear our voices in the beauty industry. Be a res. child and having a mom who was a fashionista and in luxury beauty, there has never been a voice of ours in space. I don’t wanna be one brand, but the first official Native American prestige beauty brand. I hope that building this business will do more than create amazing products, but also inspire others to build their own brands and businesses, in the beauty industry and beyond.

    Wildcraft Skin Care

    Everything about Wildcraft Skincare evokes soothing vibrations. The brand that stimulates Zen belongs to Laura Whitaker, a member of the Six Nations Mohawk Nation of the Grand River Territory. The Toronto-based brand products are handcrafted in small batches with 100% natural ingredients. The objective of the company? According to its website, it’s about “making all-natural, high-quality skin care products accessible and accessible to everyone.” Interested buyers can even book a free consultation to help them discover the right products for them.

    The Essentials of Mother Earth

    Founder Carrie Armstrong comes from a long line of Cree medical women, and with Mother Earth Essentials, she aims to share the nature-inspired wisdom that has been passed down to her. The brand’s website has helpful resources for learning more about the Indigenous Medicine Wheel and its sacred plants. Armstrong’s product offerings span the gamut from candles and home mists to lotions and hair care.

    Quw’utsun ‘done

    Founder Ariana Lauren is passionate about creating ancestral medicines in the form of modern skin care, which come in the form of topical balm, tattoo care balm, and perfumes, among others. “As an indigenous-owned business, it is my spiritual duty to protect Mother Earth from further destruction,” the founder says on the brand’s website. “Each product is handcrafted in my little home studio using 100% renewable energy. All packaging is sourced from US companies to avoid additional carbon emissions.

    Harnessing the explosive growth of personalized beauty in China

    However, if you think about it seriously, none of the products are personalized. The technologies under discussion are aimed more at speeding up consumers’ decision-making process than at meeting their real needs. Once consumers realize this trick, they are less likely to fall back into the trap. This implies a great potential for personalization which is waiting to be explored in China.

    How brands can capitalize on the personalized beauty boom in China

    This brings us to the ultimate question: how can American and global brands enter the personalized beauty market in China?

    First, brands need to determine the products and services they will offer. For products belonging to the hair care and makeup categories, consumer behavior is more mix & match oriented, which emphasizes the precision of algorithms, based on safe ingredients and formulas.

    For skin care products, it is more about safety, effectiveness and efficiency. China was once one of the few countries in the world to require mandatory animal testing on imported cosmetics. It was only by obtaining approval from the CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) that the products could be imported and distributed in China. This has undoubtedly prevented many cruelty-free international brands from entering the Chinese market.

    However, in March 2021, the National Medical Products Administration issued arrangements for the management of cosmetic registration and notification records and announced that imported “ordinary” cosmetics, including shampoos, makeup and perfumes, will no longer be subject to animal testing from May 1. , 2021. In order to benefit from the exemption, brands must obtain a certificate of good manufacturing practices (GMP) issued by the competent regional authorities where the company is located and provide safety assessment results that can fully confirm the safety of the product.

    If it sounds further complicated, as an alternative, cross-border e-commerce could be the link between brands and Chinese consumers as no CFDA certificate is needed for this business model. However, after-sales can be a headache: it can take a lot more effort and higher costs to recycle exchanged or returned products. Il Makiage has a possible workaround, as it offers a free 14-day return in the US and a 60-day warranty for consumers in the UK, Germany, and Australia.

    Once brands have identified the products, it’s time to choose a platform as the primary “battleground”. An independent e-commerce site might be a suitable option. Brands can develop their own algorithms and design personalization processes. Still, it’s harder to attract traffic than it is to sign up on mature platforms, such as Tmall and JD, as it relies more on offsite marketing.

    The powerful WeChat ecosystem offers a full cycle of data collection – Branding – Marketing – Sales – Brand refresh

    WeChat mini-programs are a more suitable alternative for Chinese consumers. The powerful ecosystem of the popular social media platform WeChat could form a complete cycle of data collection – branding – marketing – sales – brand actualization. Once the brand is established, the business could expand to other shopping platforms. The personalization algorithm and effortless data collection relies on WeChat mini-programs as it is much more convenient for users to take the quiz on an app they already use every day and share the links with others. Next, Effortless launched a Tmall store to sell regular, ready-to-use hair products. The company always encourages consumers to follow their WeChat account and take the quiz if they don’t know which products to use.

    In addition to product and placement considerations, brands also need to take into account many details, such as how to rejuvenate personalized beauty in China, how to get the most out of current platforms, how to adjust their management systems customer relationship (CRM) to meet Chinese needs. consumers, etc. Either way, there is no doubt that personalization in the beauty industry is back with a new look and more advanced technologies. The big questions are more how, rather than if and when, beauty brands will embark on China’s lucrative personalization trend.

    Coty (COTY) Raises Adjusted EPS Forecast for FY22 to $ 0.20-0.24

    Enter Wall Street with Street Insider Premium. Claim your 1-week free trial here.

    Coty Inc. (NYSE: COTY) (“Coty” or “the Company”), one of the world’s leading beauty companies and world leader in fragrance, will host an Investor Day on the New York Stock Exchange today. At the event, Coty will provide an update on the significant progress made on the company’s six strategic pillars, detail key operational milestones ahead, report on its comprehensive ‘All-In To Win’ transformation program and will announce its financial goals up to FY25 and beyond.

    Sue Y. Nabi, CEO of Coty, said: “Coty has reclaimed its position as a true beauty powerhouse. We expect to outperform the beauty market in FY25 and beyond. I am very proud of the significant progress made by our teams, in line with each of our strategic pillars. I am more confident than ever in Coty’s future and in our ability to deliver meaningful value to all of our stakeholders.

    Coty’s magnificent and unique portfolio of brands, our talented team and our determination to generate sustainable and profitable growth, combined with targeted reinvestment, allow us to evolve. We continue to capitalize on tremendous growth opportunities in Premium Fragrances, Skin Care, China, Clean Beauty, and E-commerce. “

    Event preview

    During today’s event, members of Coty’s leadership team will explain how the company has continued to improve performance against previously communicated strategic priorities, including:

    • Stabilize and develop its Consumer Beauty activity
    • Accelerate luxury perfumes and make Coty a key player in prestigious make-up
    • Build a skin care portfolio in its Prestige and Consumer Beauty divisions
    • Improved e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) capabilities
    • Develop in China through Prestige and a selection of Consumer Beauty brands
    • Make Coty an industry leader in sustainability

    In addition, presenters will also provide insight into the company’s growth framework and the many ongoing initiatives that are transforming and positioning Coty for success, including:

    • The “All-In to Win” program, encompassing cost savings and capital deployment initiatives that unleashed Coty’s full potential, with $ 75 million in additional savings identified for fiscal year 24 ;
    • Coty’s unique and differentiated brand portfolio, covering major beauty product categories across prestige and mass channels;
    • Strong plans to accelerate Coty’s skin care business, which now includes a licensing agreement with ultra premium, multi-award winning skin care brand Orveda and CoverGirl Clean skin care line Fresh recently announced; and
    • Coty’s exceptional growth opportunities that can be achieved by harnessing the power of its brands, distribution reach, R&D, intellectual property and category expertise.

    Financial outlook

    The company continues to grow its gross margin and cost savings, allowing it to reinvest in key strategic initiatives and simultaneously generate annual profit growth, targeting adjusted EBITDA of at least $ 900 million for the year. 22 and approaching $ 1 billion for fiscal 22. Growing confidence in business progress and improved capital structure leads Coty to raise its FY22 adjusted EPS forecast to 0.20- $ 0.24 compared to its previous forecast of $ 0.19-0.23.

    (Consensus predicts FY22 EPS of $ 0.22)

    Over the next few years, Coty expects to benefit from an improving beauty market, including a stronger US and Chinese market, a solid rebound in Travel Retail and steady improvement across the board. ‘Europe. Based on this favorable market environment, the strong performance of the recent brand repositioning and product launches, and Coty’s strong category and market expansion plans, the company announces the following financial goals through: ” in exercise 25 and beyond:

    • Net revenues will grow 6% to 8% per annum LFL through FY 25 and beyond, ahead of expected beauty market growth of 3% to 5%
    • Gross margin to reach half of 60% by FY25, and further annual expansion thereafter
    • Increase in adjusted operating margin of 50 to 70 basis points per year through FY 25 and beyond
    • Adjusted EBITDA will grow 9% to 11% per annum through FY25 and beyond
    • Adjusted EPS greater than 30% CAGR through exercise 25, with average to high% growth for teens thereafter
    • Strong annual improvement in free cash flow
    • Leverage target of around 4x by the end of CY22 and 3x by the end of CY23 through expansion of EBITDA and free cash flow, with optimal leverage below 2x
    • End of sale of remaining 26% stake in Wella by FY25, further strengthening Coty’s balance sheet and leverage

    Webcast information

    Coty’s Investor Day presentation will be available for webcast at starting at 8:30 a.m. ET (Eastern Time), ending around 12 p.m. ET. Webcast and presentation materials are available on Coty’s Investor Relations website. A replay of the webcast will be available after the event.

    Latinas lead the makeup industry

    For many years, the makeup industry has been characterized by the exclusion of women of color and body type other than the white stereotype of the perfect woman.

    However, since 2015, Latinas of all age groups have spent an average of $ 35 to $ 50 more per year on personal care items, such as lipstick and hair care products, than other women. .

    Today, many Latinas have worked to represent women of all colors, with all features and characteristics through the art of beauty. One of those women is Angela Maria Romero, a Colombian who started in the cosmetics industry in Miami.

    Today, Ángela owns two major brands: Cosmeticos Al Por Mayor Inc and Wholesale Makeup Inc, which she both created in the United States, but which generate direct jobs for more than 40 people between her two nations, Colombia. and the United States.

    “Our companies now have 40 employees between the United States and Colombia, from where we serve the Spanish-speaking, American, African and European markets. It is a team with the conviction of being in a process of permanent training. to help develop new business experiences, “says Angela Maria, who through her role particularly understands and values ​​the importance of teamwork, the use of digital technology and the value of opportunities.

    Angela’s companies currently distribute and market more than 50 brands, including L’Oréal, Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon, among others, among a wide range of cosmetic and hair products.

    Hispanic women were the only non-white group to drive makeup and nail care purchases during the 2020 pandemic, spending 13% more than the average personal care shopper, according to Nielsen data.

    Latino influencers

    Latinas who are dedicated to creating digital content in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories have also started to create their own makeup brands, having grown their community of followers by reviewing certain products and giving advice on the way to get the perfect look.

    Among these influencers are the Mexican-American military veteran Dulce Candy, the Dominican-American YouTuber Alba Ramos, the Colombian YouTuber Paula Galindo who launched her own line under the name of PauTips.

    Harry Styles Just Launched The Only Celebrity Beauty Brand We Are Truly Passionate About

    Harry Styles for Dazed.

    Harry Styles – possibly the only example of a celebrity brand we can still really get excited about – is entering the beauty business. On Monday, the pop icon announced Pleasing, a “living brand” and first business venture for the pop icon, which is debuting with a line of nail polish, an illuminating base serum and a dual-use oil for eyes and lips.

    The positioning of the brand seems deliberately broad and open to innovation and the expansion of categories; its mission is “to bring joyful experiences and products that excite the senses and blur the boundaries”, with the aim of “dispelling[ling] the myth of a binary existence, “according to a press release.

    Pleasant samples of Perfect Pearl nail polish.

    Pleasant samples of Perfect Pearl nail polish.

    Pleasing’s first drop, titled “Perfect Pearl”, is a carefully curated line that includes four nail polishes, a base illuminating serum and a double-ended eye serum and a matte lip oil pen. According to the brand, this first collection will be “released in three stages and in limited quantities”. The products, which are already available for pre-order ahead of their official launch on November 29, will cost between $ 20 and $ 65 on the brand’s website.

    Styles broke the news in an exclusive interview with Lynette Nylander for Stunned, which was accompanied by a photo shoot (immediately emblematic, it must be said) of Rafael Pavarotti, styled by Ib Kamara.

    “There was a time when I was younger, and I was in the group, where I was afraid that everything would end. I didn’t necessarily know who I was if I wasn’t in the group. “, says Styles. Nylander. “Now, the idea of ​​people saying ‘We don’t like your music anymore, go away’ doesn’t scare me. I think there was a time when it did. the freedom to go, ‘Great!’ I don’t work from a place I’m afraid. I work from a place where I want to sort things out and try different things. “

    Harry Styles for Dazed.

    Harry Styles for Dazed.

    Pleasure is one of those ‘things’, and while the beauty industry today is absolutely overrun with celebrity beauty brands, Styles’ one feels authentic and, in fact, makes sense. Not only does the performer often flout archaic notions of binary gender in his personal style, he also often wears nail polish (and has been doing so for quite some time, even before so many other male celebrities started to wear nail polish). follow suit).

    “It starts with nail polish, because that was kind of the birth of what it was for,” Styles says. Stunned. “I see a color on a flower or wallpaper or something and I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to put this on my nails.'”

    Like so many who have launched side businesses and creative new ventures over the past tumultuous years, Styles credits the pandemic as a boost for Pleasure: “It was a fun little project, but during the pandemic, and when we did. ‘We finally named Plaisir, it felt like it was so much more than nail polish, “he says, adding:” I’ve always found that the moments in my life that brought me the more joy are the little ones … It’s always those moments that I find have the most lasting effect on me, in terms of triggering something wonderful in me. I really think the essence of Pleasure is to find those little moments of joy and show them to people. “

    In the gallery below, get a first look at each product from Pleasing’s premier collection, along with pricing information.

    Never miss the latest news from the fashion industry. Sign up for Fashionista’s daily newsletter.

    Glowing up: Using Instagram to Reach Passionate Beauty Shoppers

    Instagram is the place where beauty conversations take place – and where brands can connect and engage with the APAC community of ‘self-sufficient beauty shoppers’, 85% of whom have purchased beauty products they own. discovered on Instagram. Find out how your brand can use Instagram to reach this community, drive discovery, and increase conversions.

    From hours spent in the aisles of beauty stores discovering, learning and purchasing products not only online, but also on mobile and through social commerce, beauty shoppers in Asia have been browsing a long way in a short time.

    Although this shift began before the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), consumer expectations and needs have evolved further following the lockdowns, notably influencing discovery and path to purchase.

    With these changes in consumer behavior, it’s important for brands not only to understand where people are now shopping online, but also how to best engage them in the marketing funnel – and that’s with Instagram.

    Use Instagram to connect with community, creativity and culture

    A visual social media platform, Instagram gives brands an array of creative ways to express their stories and market their products by connecting with the billions of enthusiasts who use Instagram – 71% of whom believe Instagram helps them connect. significantly with both brands. and content creators.

    In addition, 68% of people agree that the content they see on Instagram is trending, which attracts Gen Z and Millennials to the app and gives credibility to the brands they discover in the stories and their flow.

    A particularly engaged community on Instagram is that of beauty shoppers in Asia Pacific – a group of over 500 million people – who massively use Instagram to discover and interact with new brands.

    • 83% of beauty buyers in APAC use Instagram at least once a month
    • 52% of beauty product buyers prefer discovery via social media
    • 73% of Gen Z & Millennial Beauty Shoppers in Asia Pacific Discover and Discover Brands on Instagram

    Reach the empowered beauty buyer

    This community of skin care, makeup and personal care enthusiasts not only use Instagram to discover products, but also to have in-depth beauty conversations, both with brands and trusted content creators.

    • The +180 index of most skin-care conversations for 18-34 year olds in Japan occurs on Instagram
    • +140 index of the most affinity conversations for cosmetics for 18-34 year olds in Japan occur on Instagram

    To reach the beauty community most effectively, it’s important to understand how their shopping needs are changing and how they enjoy interacting with brands on Instagram – through discovery, interactive engagement, voices. authentic, informative content and purchase on their own terms.

    Proactive discovery

    Beauty buyers on Instagram are digitally savvy, have embraced the power of discovery on Instagram, and demand to be talked to rather than talking, which means engaging in a dialogue is much more important than just talking. present a catalog.

    Additionally, Instagram users love to watch videos: 82% of people said they watch Instagram stories every week and 78% said they watch videos in their Instagram feed, which makes up the formats of Instagram feeds. ‘video ads a powerful way to connect with the beauty audience. This is especially true in APAC, where engaging with stories and following brands is a top business that continues to grow.

    For example, dear Korean beauty brand, Klairs tested whether a mix of videos, including branded content, on Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories was more effective in driving sales than simple video ads in Instagram Feed, and learned that multiple video formats and locations on Instagram increases campaign performance. Chandana Sunder, who heads vertical marketing at Meta, APAC, says Instagram is the most-watched video destination for beauty according to IPSOS research across all markets.

    • 1.8 times higher return on ad spend
    • 45% reduction in cost per purchase
    • 41% increase in the number of people affected

    Engaging interactivity

    More than discovering new brands and products, the APAC beauty community actively wants to engage with the brand and interact with the content. Instagram Stories formats such as interactive polls and Q&A have helped brands achieve greater interactivity by giving them the ability to post creative quizzes, polls, and questions that users can interact with and answer. This gives buyers the opportunity to share their opinions and inspire co-creation with the brands they follow and love.

    • 57% of Instagram users prefer brand surveys and quizzes
    • 54% of Instagram users prefer Q&A sessions with brands

    But posting a quiz or asking followers a question is just the first step – it’s also important for brands to engage in a dialogue with their Instagram followers by responding to the answers they submit and commenting on their posts or Stories. .

    Some brands are also successful in engaging and interacting with Instagram followers through Instagram Live, a live streaming solution that allows brands to entertain and interact with shoppers in real time.

    As a millennial woman in Japan put it, “I can participate in Instagram Lives, which makes me more enjoyable, so I find it a good form of entertainment.”

    Authenticity is the key

    An authentic voice is a must for the beauty community on Instagram. People search for brands and content creators not just because they’re entertaining, but because they feel like they can be trusted.

    • 64% of people in APAC think Instagram allows them to make meaningful connections with brands
    • 57% of people in APAC think it’s important for brands to post raw content

    Brands can earn trust and prove their commitment to authenticity through branded content partnerships with well-known creators on Instagram. Clinique Australia recently hired local content creators to post honest reviews of a recently launched product and not only reached a wider audience but also got an 8.7x return on ad spend.

    Self-designed purchasing path

    With Instagram, brands are reaching people who are more likely to be interested in or buy their products. In a recent survey, 59% of people said they believe the brand content and products they see on Instagram are relevant to their interests.

    Pradeep Ramarathnam, Regional Customer Partner at Meta, APAC, says this kind of personalization can aid the buying decision and, when paired with a seamless shopping experience, can help brands increase revenue. However, offering smooth shopping means giving buyers the flexibility to buy where they are most comfortable.

    • 85% of beauty shoppers in APAC bought beauty products they discovered on Instagram
    • 50% of respondents believe the ability to shop on Instagram improves their overall user experience

    As e-commerce grows and evolves, shoppers have a variety of ways to make a purchase online, from buying directly from a company’s website, to visiting an app. market, buy through Instagram stores, or engage in social commerce through Instagram Live. Each person has their own preferences and providing transparent buying options through the marketing funnel helps people buy quickly, easily, and through their preferred channel.

    Using the variety of Instagram tools and solutions, brands will be able to connect with the engaged and passionate APAC beauty community in a creative and authentic way that is discovery-oriented and inspires shoppers to make a purchase.

    YouTube Holiday Stream & Shop Livestream event: lineup, products – WWD

    YouTube takes it a step further with live streaming this holiday shopping season with a new weeklong event.

    The social media platform is hosting its first YouTube Holiday Stream & Shop live streaming event starting November 15. The event features a range of designers who will each host their own day of live streaming to sell their own brand products and deliver exclusive deals through fashion. , beauty, entertainment and more categories.

    “The vision for shopping on YouTube is really around the idea of ​​how we can create an entertaining shopping experience that is shopping, but really about the value of entertainment,” said Bridget Dolan, chief purchasing officer of Youtube. “The secret sauce lies with the creators of YouTube who have deep passion and experience regardless of their category, so they already sell products organically. “

    Programming for the YouTube Holiday Stream & Shop event begins November 15 with the Merrell Twins, the live stream of which will include offers from Walmart, Samsung and Verizon. On November 17, the live broadcasts will be hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay and Donut Media. Beauty influencer Patrick Starrr will host his livestream on November 18, offering deals and unveiling new products from his own beauty brand, One / Size. Beauty influencer Jackie Aina will host the live stream on YouTube on November 19 and feature offers from her lifestyle brand, Forvr Mood, followed by beauty influencer Manny MUA on November 21, who will showcase her brand’s products. beauty, Lunar Beauty. The live shopping event will end on November 22 with MrBeast, whose live stream details are still under wraps.

    “It was really about giving [the creators] the platform to take their ability to sell the products they’ve created based on their experience, expertise, and building that fanbase on YouTube to the next level, ”Dolan continued. “We thought, how do we give them a stage and a place to launch their hot new product for the holidays?”

    Viewers will be able to purchase products directly through the live broadcasts. They can also interact with the creators by participating in live polls and Q&A.

    Throughout this year, YouTube has been testing live purchases with a few of its creators. The platform has hosted live broadcasts with such figures as beauty influencer Hyram Yarbro, who launched their Selfless skincare brand in June, and Simply Nailogical, which launched their Holo Taco nail line. during a live broadcast on YouTube.

    “Ultimately, we’ll create more spaces for brands and marketers to have the ability to sell the products they want in different ways,” Dolan said of YouTube’s business goals. “They can either sponsor designers or sell their own products and merchandise directly.”

    The Holiday Stream & Shop event is YouTube’s latest advancement in live streaming, which has become an increasingly popular medium in the beauty world as many seek live broadcasts for more educational and entertaining storytelling. around a brand.

    YouTube’s strategy for commercial content has three parts, with the platform focusing on promoting purchasable videos, personalized purchases and live broadcasts.

    “YouTube is a fantastic shopping experience because viewers already have this strong buying intention,” Dolan said. “It’s that combination of designer perspectives and genuine word of mouth where they talk about a product that they love, but also brands have a real opportunity to tell their brand story and bring things to life. . It’s a mix of really fantastic quality experience for users to come in and make good buying decisions.


    Newness is the latest social media platform to take hold of the beauty world

    All about Ariana Grande’s beauty brand REM

    All the celebrities who launched beauty brands in 2021

    Weekly Recap: New CEOs at Global Beauty Brands, Olay Easy-Open Lid, Birchbox Relaunch and more

    Here is your weekly recap: the most viewed news on our site for the week ended November 7, 2021.

    In a year unlike any other, the top beauty industry leaders had their work cut out for them in 2021. Today, for a variety of reasons, more than a quarter of CEOs are in charge. the 20 best global beauty companies on the 2020-2021 edition of Beauty Packaging. list is passing the torch – or will be by early 2022. Meet the six new CEOs of our top 20 global beauty brands.

    In the packaging area, Olay North America presented the Easy Open Lid, a limited edition prototype developed with and for people with disabilities. The easy-open lid will be incorporated into the design of Olay’s most popular products.

    Meanwhile, FemTec Health, a new “health sciences company with a mission to transform women’s health care,” acquired Birchbox for $ 45 million. The company aims to bring together products, services and data analytics, starting with Birchbox, which will be relaunched later this year.

    1. Ranking of the top 50 cosmetics companies

    2. Elf launches a collection of golden cryptocurrencies as NFT

    3. Ranking of the 50 best cosmetics companies 2021

    4. Meet the 6 new CEOs of our 20 biggest global beauty brands

    5. Olay designs an easy-to-open cover and shares the inclusive design

    6. Skin care trends and packaging solutions

    7. Birchbox is relaunched and its new owner is FemTec Health

    8. Estée Lauder aims to solve the problem of plastics in space

    9. Moda Moda will launch a functional shampoo on Amazon

    10. Henkel, L’Oréal, LVMH, Natura & Co and Unilever form a new cosmetics consortium

    Thanks for reading our latest news. We will have a new list for you next Monday.

    Have a good week!

    See 10 of 22 Black-Owned or Black-Led Brands on Oprah’s Favorite Things List in 2021

    Oprah winfrey’s The list of favorite things is back just in time for Christmas and this year the billionaire media mogul is making sure his followers buy black this holiday season.

    Oprah is known for bringing amazing discoveries to her followers through her annual lists, while helping small businesses get the visibility they need. As a decades-long champion of diversity and inclusion, Oprah has used her 2021 list to help amplify businesses founded or run by black executives.

    Of the 22 products that made Oprah’s favorite things list, here are 10 we wanted to highlight to our readers.

    1. Melt into shape

    Melt Fit is a plus size sports brand created by mother of two Ashley Garner. The leggings are high waisted for comfort and are available in styles ranging from solid colors to bold animal prints. In addition to leggings, the range also includes sports bras, tank tops, jackets and accessories.

    2. Henri

    This family business was started by famous tailor Richfresh and his brother Chase. They have answered the pandemic’s call for reliable PPE with a range of washable and fashionable origami-inspired face masks designed for adults and children. Their masks were lauded in Hollywood by donning the faces of stars like J.Lo, LeBron James and Tracee Ellis Ross in addition to being the official mask of the president Obama ‘anniversary, the Emmy Awards and the Oscars. For each mask purchased, a mask is offered to caregivers and families in need.

    3. Saysh

    Created by decorated American Olympian for athletics Allyson Felix, Saysh is the by-product of Felix’s previous godfather who failed to protect her maternal rights. The sneakers are designed to fit the female foot, including features that are comfortable on the foot like foam padding and molded heels.

    4. The woods of Omi

    Ashley Alexis McFarlane pays tribute to its Jamaican-Ashanti-Brown heritage through its Omi Woods creation. 18k Gold Vermeil Necklaces Celebrate the African Diaspora are fair trade jewelry from small mines that pay fair wages and contribute to the health care, education, safety and living conditions of miners .

    5. Carry-all and transport

    Tote & Carry was born after designer Tony Dennis and fashion entrepreneur Tony Reyat have joined forces to create snakeskin pattern vegan leather travel bags. Since its launch, the brand has expanded to include clutch bags, backpacks, wallets and laptop bags.

    6. Footnourrice

    After being Oprah’s pedicurist for years, Gloria williams used her nickname “The Foot Nanny” to lead its line of foot care products. “By staying true to my mother’s traditions and keeping her recipes in mind, I have managed to develop my own line of aromatherapy foot products,” says Williams. For its seventh year on Oprah’s Favorite Things, Footnanny is promoting their olive oil pedicure collection.

    7. Wonderffe Stuffed Waffle Maker

    Mike Bradford, a welding engineer turned software developer, came up with the idea for Wonderffele during lunch break with his colleagues. It took one of his friend’s large portions of chicken and waffle to inspire Bradford’s idea of ​​waffles on the go. “I realized there was no easy way to eat waffles on the go, not with the things we typically eat with waffles.” Wonderffe is a cordless waffle iron with a cavity large enough to fill any type of stuffing, from chicken to apple pie.

    8. All colored pencils

    It took Sabine Joseph ‘her daughter asked her to draw a picture of her grandmother so that the mother would realize how difficult it was to find a pencil that matched her beautiful brown skin. The experience inspired Joseph to solve the problem himself and start his company All of Us Crayon. Handcrafted pencils are made with natural pigments derived from the earth. “To make sure that each of our children understands that they are perfect as they are is what I was put on this Earth for,” Joseph says. “I hope these pencils can sow seeds of kindness, acceptance and unity, and most importantly, friendships. Even if friendships are only on a piece of paper.

    9. Orijin bees

    After Melissa Orijin noticed that her daughter was less interested in African culture once she started school, Orijin was determined to help her child appreciate the beauty of her heritage. Unable to find too many dolls representing her daughter, Orijin created one herself. Orijin Bees baby dolls celebrate the beauty of diversity by creating dolls with different skin tones and hair textures. “They are a way for children to be proud of their heritage, to celebrate their identity and to embrace their cultural roots,” said Orijin.

    10. Mischo Beauty

    Kitiya Mischo King got the idea for her nail polish line when she was pregnant with her son and looking for a chic, non-toxic nail polish. Frustrated with the industry standard for chemical-based varnishes, King used his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and cosmetology to create his own line of gluten-free, cruelty-free, and artificial fragrance-free nail polish.

    The holidays are here and as you celebrate your loved ones with heartfelt gifts, remember the importance of supporting our black business owners and leaders.

    Discover the whole Oprah’s Favorite Things List featuring all black-owned and black-run businesses HERE.

    Oatly Dips His Toes In Recycled Products

    For a brand of oat milk, Oatly has had a pretty big year. In fact, we’re pretty sure any business – oatmeal or not – would say that creating their first Super Bowl spot and going public in 2021 would make year one for the books.

    So what’s the next step for the brand? Apparently, merch. Upcycled merch, that is.

    The cowless wonder has already dipped her toes into the merch (remember the ‘I totally hated that Oatly commercial’ t-shirt he sold?), But this time the brand says they are doing it. a way that’s better for the planet… or so it says. Rather than using their products to acquire new customers or make a profit, Heidi Hackemer, Oatly’s Executive Creative Director for North America, told Marketing Brew that the brand really wants to continue wooing its loyalists and customers. keep milking oats for years to come.


    Of course, Oatly hasn’t so subtly tried to position itself as a sustainable brand in the past (think: grants to independent coffee makers to pursue sustainability-related projects, partnering with MLB teams like Texas Rangers to introduce more plant-based foods in the menu stage).

    And oat milk itself has been hailed as better for the planet than cow’s milk in many ways. For example, 650 square meters (7,000 square feet) of land is needed to produce “a glass of cow’s milk every day for a year,” according to a University of Oxford study cited by BBC News. That’s more than 10 times the land needed for oat milk production, according to the study.

    But for its new ReRuns program, Oatly is not only peddle an environmentally friendly product – recycled products are good for the community too. All proceeds from the sale go to the Lower Eastside Girls Club, a New York-based nonprofit that benefits young women and “sexist youth” through mentorship and activities like rooftop gardening. .

    That’s part of why the first course of Oatly’s recycled product experience was a rather lavish dish: a vintage denim jacket drop. Between October 18 and 22, the company dropped off two vintage denim jackets on its site per day… at $ 250 a pop.

    Hackemer told us that jackets are expensive because “every jacket is a work of art”. Each jacket bears a unique illustration of the Oatly brand by a female artist.

    “These artists are amazing, so we wanted to make sure that we put that value on the jackets and that we could also divert as much money as possible to the Lower East Side Girls Club,” continued Hackemer. Oatly pays every artist for their work.

    The second course was more dollar pizza than caviar, made up of recycled Oatly-branded t-shirts (provided by and in partnership with second-hand clothing company Goodfair), which cost between $ 18 and $ 24, according to shirt.

    The third class = TBD, as Oatly plans to release a series of vintage holiday sweaters designed by different artists in December.

    But what is “sustainable” really?

    Of course, just because something feels sustainable, or is labeled as such, doesn’t always mean it is (hence greenwashing). Marketing Brew asked Laura Burget, co-founder of Three Ships, a beauty brand created in response to the large amount of waste and greenwashing in the skincare space that uses recycled ingredients, her opinion on gout. ‘Oatly.

    For jackets in particular, she said the high price could actually hurt consumers’ perceptions of eco-friendly fashion. “Often, consumers have this misconception that sustainable purchases are going to cost more. Very few people can afford to spend $ 250 on a denim jacket. Sustainability only really works if people can afford it; otherwise, we just make them think that sustainability or green technologies or green products are more expensive and therefore inconvenient or ‘not for them’, ”Burget continued.

    Perhaps that’s why, even among Oatly’s biggest fans, only seven of the 10 jackets sold “right away,” Hackemer told us. (Eight have sold so far, according to their website.) But otherwise, Burget didn’t smell fishy in the oat milk. “I am a big fan of upcycling. We also recycle our own ingredients a lot, and I think that’s a really, really important thing for brands, ”she told us.

    Hackemer also said that Oatly has taken steps to ensure that the process of shipping and packaging merchandise is environmentally friendly. “We try to use minimal packaging …[and] we make sure to use recycled materials as much as possible in our shipments, ”she explained.

    It should be noted that Oatly ended up in hot oat milk water over the summer when activist investment firm Spruce Point Capital Management accused the brand of greenwashing. The company claimed that Oatly lacked transparency with investors regarding its (allegedly) not-so-green use of water and its transportation habits in the United States.

    Oatly said the allegations were “false and misleading”. A statement the company shared with Marketing Brew reiterated that response, adding: “We have also publicly reported that a special committee of our independent board of directors has reviewed the report with the assistance of independent legal counsel and of forensic accountants. The special committee has completed the review and we are fully satisfied with the accuracy and effectiveness of our reports. “

    The KING of it all

    Hackemer told us that Oatly does not promote its products through advertising; instead, the brand is currently focused on reaching its biggest fans.

    “There hasn’t been a massive marketing campaign against it,” Hackemer explained, adding that the only channels Oatly used to advertise the product were promotional emails to said followers, organic posts on Instagram. and a small amount of paid social networks.

    Rather than tracking return on investment (ROI) with this project, Hackemer explained that Oatly is not going to be “the slave of metrics” for this one. Instead, she said, the drop in merchandise is aimed at brand loyalists, which is why Oatly hasn’t spent a lot of money promoting it to the public.

    “Don’t underestimate the power of a loyalist. Loyalists … are the ones who will take care of you and defend you. To take care of our devotees who have been there with us from the start and who have made us who we are, we are willing not to have the smartest ROI on this. The brand’s obsession with ROI actually belittles the relationship with people, and we’re not interested in belittling the relationship with people, ”Hackemer told us.

    Morning Consult retail and e-commerce analyst Claire Tassin told Marketing Brew that the brand’s lack of focus on tangible metrics made sense. “If it makes them money, great, but that doesn’t really seem like the point,” Tassin told us. “It’s about the ability to connect with these fans and reinforce their brand values ​​more than selling the jackets. “

    Additionally, from a financial standpoint, Tassin said it is cheaper to keep a loyal customer than to acquire a new customer. “If this campaign is mainly visible to already loyal customers and it helps to build loyalty or encourage repeat purchases or more frequent purchases of these existing customers, then it’s a good thing for the revenue, ”explained Tassin.

    One last thing

    Oatly knocked down just one a little Super Bowl tea with us… or at least his mindset on why he wouldn’t give us juicier deets. “We are very shy. We never reveal our Super Bowl plans, so you’ll just have to watch… We didn’t give any teasers last year – we’re pretty low-key when it comes to things like that, ”he said. declared Hackemer.

    Coconut Matter takes its first steps towards achieving circularity with a new compostable paper deodorant tube

    Coconut Matter was founded in 2015 by Diane van Zwanenberg, who left the world of finance to develop a personal care brand as a platform for sharing sustainable values.

    “Our brand is a mission-driven brand… and I have a very simple mission: to transform your bathroom into a plastic-free bathroom” said van Zwanenberg.

    The company offers a line of natural personal care products, from deodorant to lip and hand balms, in plastic-free packaging.

    Its best-selling natural deodorant is currently available in biodegradable paper tube packaging.

    However, the company is currently phasing them out in favor of a new compostable paper tube as it aims to become a circular beauty brand.

    “My goal is that when a customer is done with one of my products, they don’t have to send it to a recycling plant… Asia is not like Europe where recycling facilities are very common. Ideally, I would like to create products that decompose on their own, safely buried in your own backyard. This is the ideal solution, but it takes time to get there. We are committed to it and we will continue to look for new solutions ”, said van Zwanenberg.

    As sustainable packaging and ingredient choices have improved since the brand’s launch six years ago, van Zwanenberg told us she still struggles to find solutions that align with the vision. brand circular.

    “A lot of times you can have this concept, but you have to find the people who do it. Most of the time, many of them are not used for the cosmetics industry, so sometimes you have to cross industries to find this solution.

    Accept complaints

    For its latest compostable deodorant paper tube, the company had to compromise on certain features. For example, because the paper is coated with an oil rather than a plastic laminate, which makes it less resistant to wear.

    “Although it still has some form of protection, the color [of the packaging] will scrub more easily and stains will not wash off as well. I think we’re going to receive a lot of complaints about this.

    van Zwanenberg is no stranger to consumers quibbling over the packaging of the brand’s paper products.

    “Honestly, a lot of customers say they like our product but they ‘hate’ the paper packaging… There are a lot of complaints and I’ve lost customers because of it. But at least we’re having this conversation with the consumer. This gives us the opportunity to tell them that even if the paper is different, you will do good for the environment.

    Despite this, van Zwanenberg is still determined to use paper-based packaging materials.

    “There are times when I get frustrated, especially during formulation. If I didn’t use paper it would be better for the stability of the product, the ingredients would be easier. But the brand was born with the intention of sharing social and environmental values ​​”, she says.

    “Obviously, it’s more work. It forces us to spend more time with our clients. I guess in the end we realized that imperfection is fine. It’s something that I don’t think big brands can handle. “

    Despite the complaints, sales of its natural deodorant continued to increase year on year. Since its launch six years ago, the company has produced about 10 times more of its deodorant. It has also spread across the world to America, South America, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia.

    Work on the future

    As of now, its deodorant paper tube packaging has undergone at least seven iterations and van Zwanenberg said he will continue to work to improve it.

    “Deodorant is our flagship product, so we want to push the boundaries as much as possible because it represents us. We may not be pushing as hard for our other products, but that’s because we don’t have the capital and our team is also very small.

    In the future, the company plans to launch more personal care products and is focused on developing waterless formulas.

    “Less water means less packaging, less logistical waste, so there are many reasons to go without water. Some of our products are waterless and we will continue to research how we can create products such as shampoos, conditioners, waterless soaps… All of these will be exciting to work with.

    [100 Emerging Women Leaders] 28-year-old beauty brand D2C brings personal care rituals from around the world

    For Aishwarya Nir Swarna, entrepreneurship was not something new. His parents are the founders of the Aishwarya Group, a pharmaceutical organization.

    But what really inspired Aishwarya to take the plunge were her grandmother’s self-care beauty rituals. Aishwarya, 28, realized that women around the world had unique beauty secrets to take care of themselves, which led her to launch the D2C Global Beauty Secrets brand in 2018.

    “It was this idea that inspired me to travel more and experience for myself these unique beauty rituals across the world,” says Aishwarya, JHC graduate, University of Mumbai, who then worked for The Times of India and CNBC-TV18. .

    Aishwarya says that with Global Beauty Secrets, the team is trying to address cultural inclusiveness in beauty.

    “In an industry teeming with local Ayurvedic-themed products, we are a voice that seeks to represent heritage beauty rituals from around the world with natural, high-performance ingredients in eco-friendly packaging. Adds Aishwarya.

    What helped her start her business was her time at Aishwarya Group, where she learned a lot about product creation and high performance activities essential to skin care.

    “Armed with my entrepreneurial zeal and my interest in the beauty and personal care field, I was motivated to launch a beauty brand inspired by women and global personal care rituals around the world. All of these experiences and knowledge about global cultures helped me shape Global Beauty Secrets, a wellness brand, with a vision to revive those lost rituals and unique beauty secrets, poured into a bottle with rich extracts. natural, ”Aishwarya explains.

    Understanding multicultural perspectives

    During the pandemic, Aishwarya contacted Kyoto-based artist and curator of Kimono culture, Junko Sophie Kakizaki, who comes from a line of samurai warriors.

    “Her work and passion as an artist and ambassador of Japanese culture resonated with me. I got a glimpse of her wonderful world of ancient and authentic beauty traditions, ”says Aishwarya.

    Although she adheres to travel restrictions and other quarantine standards, dictated by the pandemic, Aishwarya aspired to continue her journey of understanding the multicultural perspective of beauty to unite people in diversity, celebrate inclusiveness and preserve intelligent cultural knowledge.

    “For me, this is the true vision of beauty – a collective evolution of our being, a space that challenges hatred and division, a space that nurtures who we are and doesn’t ask us to adhere to standards of beauty. normative. One space that I firmly believe we should continue to cultivate as a civilization is to encourage and share wisdom about spiritual, mental and physical revitalization, ”adds Aishwarya.

    Build the products

    Believing in his vision that beauty has a universal soul, Junko agreed to collaborate with Global Beauty Secrets to create Tashi-nami Beauty Box.

    On this subject, Aishwarya says: “We were inspired by Junko’s grandmother and her age-old beauty rituals, artefacts and ingredients. We recreated them by sourcing the best of Japan and India. Our silk puffs are made from ancient kimonos imported from Japan, and our intensely hydrating hair and skin moisturizer, Camellia Oil Blend, is an incredible blend of high performance ingredients. And finally, we finish with Beni nourishing lip balm with soothing safflower oil. Both the oil and the balm are enriched with Ecocert compliant ingredients from the most credible suppliers around the world.

    The team works with community experts to understand different beauty rituals that are unique, and invests time and energy to understand product stories and works with experts to create and design unique product packaging. Culture.

    “This is done at the design level, which is visually and functionally tested for prototypes with multiple vendors in different textures and shapes. For example, in our recent Kyoto range, we created unique origami-based packaging with a traditional Heian artwork on the inside and Zen-inspired packaging on the outside. We completed it with hand-drawn calligraphy by Japanese cultural expert Junko Sophie Kakizaki, ”Aishwarya explains.

    Manufacturing and more

    The team also worked simultaneously on product development with the help of their lab and manufacturing associates to meet and meet the demands of their target audience.

    For example, making sure the ingredients were super clean and organic, and the packaging was environmentally friendly. One of the products was a puff of silk, which the team recycled with vintage sanitized kimonos from Kyoto.

    After product development, the product goes through prototype approvals with experts. The silk puff went through three different vendors, around 22-24 different prototypes, and two commercial production batches in the middle and after the second lockdown, Aishwarya says.

    “After the approval, we organize the gift box and also compile a large body of literature called Tashinami, which we developed over a period of three months, and then turned it into a book for the enjoyment of all of our members. community. We organized the products and reserved in a gift box and shared them with our industry thought leaders and customers to savor, ”says Aishwarya.

    She adds that the team does not compromise on sourcing and that all the materials they use are tested for purity and have documentation supported by COA for every purchase made for raw materials.

    All of these products come from international suppliers, trusted by major industry players, and are approved or certified by regulatory bodies. In many products, most of the ingredients are approved by Ecocert or COSMOS.

    “The information on our ingredients is mentioned in a very transparent way in all our packaging in compliance with regulatory requirements. We have links with WHO: a GMP certified manufacturing facility to produce all products conceptualized, designed and formulated by us, ”says Aishwarya.

    Price and market

    The price of the product varies between Rs 400 and Rs 4,000, depending on the function, quantity and use of the product. The products are available in categories such as skin, hair and body.

    “I have faced many challenges along the way, just like any other entrepreneur. However, I am deeply grateful for all the lessons that came to me during the process and they were more rewarding than any other educational course I could have taken.

    “The only thing I learned on this trip is to have a good grasp of the fundamentals of your business if you want to play a game for the long haul. If you make mistakes, be brave and committed enough to learn, to adapt. , redo and excel, ”adds Aishwarya.

    A report from Avendus says India’s D2C business will be worth $ 100 billion over the next five years. India has up to 600 D2C brands – a number that will grow dramatically over the next five years, and over 16 brands with annual sales of over $ 60 million.

    Some of the D2C startups in the beauty segment include Sugar, Juicy Chemistry, Mamaearth, Pilgrim, Disguise Cosmetics, Prune, etc.

    Future plans

    Speaking of future plans, Aishwarya says she aims to make sure their products are honest and worth the value the customer is paying. Therefore, quality and credibility are a priority. Ensuring that the brand reaches new directions, new markets and new scales are other priorities.

    She says the idea is to develop a digital native brand with consumer convenience and infotainment at heart, with technologically advanced delivery of products, information and customer awareness.

    Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, she says, “Be brave, persevere and enjoy the process. “

    LG H&H’s latest third-quarter sales slump due to “intensified logistics crisis”

    The company said it was affected by various adverse factors such as the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant, global supply chain shocks and rising prices of major commodities. “made 3Q very difficult”.

    In particular, the company said sales were down slightly due to “loss of sales opportunities due to the intensification of the logistics crisis ”Before the mega shopping events in November, Singles Day and Black Friday.

    However, the performance of luxury cosmetics and premium products saw their profitability improve. Operating income increased 4.5% year-on-year.

    Despite the difficult quarter, the company broke records with Full Year Cumulative Profits (YTD), which recorded a 5.5% year-over-year sales increase to KRW6.1tn (5.2 billion dollars) while operating profit increased 8.7% year-on-year to KRW1tn (853 million USD).

    Highs and lows

    The beauty division, which includes brands such as History of Whoo and Su: m37, reported third quarter sales of KRW 1.26 billion (US $ 1.07 billion), down 10.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

    The division, which accounts for the largest share of its overseas business, suffered the largest loss of any division in terms of sales opportunities due to global logistical complications.

    However, despite the challenges, the company continued to launch new products and interact with consumers through various activities.

    Whoo launched the 12th Special Enhanced Edition of its Bichup Jasaeng Essence while Belief and VDL have collaborated to launch a vegan makeup line targeting millennials and Gen Z consumers.

    As a result, the division saw its profitability improve by 9.0% to KRW 215.4 billion (USD 184m)

    The Home Care and Daily Beauty (HDB) division, which has a portfolio of skin care, hair care and oral care brands, saw sales increase 6.1% to KRW 540 billion ( $ 461 million).

    This has been attributed to the strong demand for hygiene products led by brands such as Physiogel as well as the bamboo Salt oral care brand.

    However, profitability suffered from a sharp rise in commodity prices. This drove operating profit down 4.7% to 64 billion won ($ 55 million).

    Despite this, beauty and hygiene products remain the main growth engine of the HDB division.

    To continue its growth, the company has made efforts to diversify and differentiate its portfolio by securing new brands.

    In March, the company acquired the UK premium toothpaste brand Euthymol. Subsequently, she acquired the American vegan hair care brand Arctic Fox, which is popular among millennials and millennials.

    Daily Beauty, HDB’s main growth engine, continued to diversify and differentiate its portfolio by securing new brands and nurturing existing brands.

    HDB continued to strengthen its line of premium brands both nationally and internationally by acquiring “Arctic Fox,” a trendy vegan haircare brand that is catching the attention of the MZ Generation in the United States, continued the acquisition of “Euthymol”, a British premium toothpaste brand. with a strong fan base, last year

    We review New Rose Inc Softlight Concealer

    I’m usually pretty immune to the hype that darkens celebrity beauty brands, but Rose Inc is the one that sparked my interest from the start. For starters, founder Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of the most successful models in the world (with a face to match). But she’s also incredibly savvy when it comes to skin. Certainly prone to escapes and very through brands, products and innovation, she cemented her status early on with an editorial offering, hosting interviews, videos and expert recommendations online before finally announcing the launch of a range of “modern essentials” a few months ago.

    Now available in Mecca, I decided to buy the flagship – the Softlight Luminous Moisturizing Concealer – in place of the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer (my all-time favorite for the past five years). Described as a “all-rounder that brightens, blurs and contours the skin while nourishing the skin,” it has been dubbed by Rosie as an alternative to all-over foundation. The ingredient list reads a bit like skin care, formulated with vegetable squalane, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and fig extract. It’s also non-comedogenic (Los Angeles esthetician Biba de Sousa actually helped with the ingredients), so it’s the perfect makeup product for those prone to congestion… ie me .

    With 10 shades available, I chose LX 070, a medium shade with golden undertones. The first time I used it I was going through one of the worst breakouts I’ve had in years, so pigmentation and coverage was paramount (that’s a big part of what I love about Nars ). Taking inspiration from Rosie, I sprinkled it around my eyes, chin, forehead, and on some rashes, blending it in with a large, fluffy brush. Incredibly, it melted into my skin like hot butter but still provided incredible coverage, giving me even skin without looking heavy. And then there is the finish! Unlike other high-coverage concealers that build up or wrinkle, this one has a creamy, moisturizing base that spreads well and looks fresh, meaning it’s perfect for everyone. face (as opposed to spots only).

    As for wear and tear, I have no complaints. Long-wearing but still natural, I can say this is one of the most impressive makeup products I’ve tried this year, and worth every penny of the $ 43 price tag. I haven’t tried other products in the line yet, but this positive experience means I definitely will.

    Purchase the Concleaer Luminous Moisturizer Rose Inc Softlight below.

    Rose Inc Softlight Luminous Computer Moisturizer, $ 43. BUY NOW

    Business News | Stock market and stock market news

    Money control
    PRO Money Control

    PRO Money Control

    With the prevailing trend and excessive volatility in mind, it is prudent to be very careful when selecting stocks and favor hedging positions, says Ajit Mishra of Religare Broking.

    Dalal Street week ahead: 10 key factors that will keep traders busy next week

    • एकता दिवस पर केवड़िया पहुंचे अमित शाह, Statue of Unity पर पटेल को दी श्रद्धांजलि

    • New rules from November 1st: 1 नवंबर से बदलने जा रहे हैं ये 5 नियम, आपकी लाइफ पर होगा सीधा असर

    • Business idea: एक बार सामान खरीदकर शुरू करें यह बिजनेस, जिंदगी भर होगी घर बैठे मोटी कमाई

    • CIO Q2 result: नेट प्रॉफिट बढ़कर 6360 करोड़ पहुंचा, कंपनी ने 5 रुपये / शेयर डिविडेंड का किया ऐलान

    • SEBI अरबपति अनिल अग्रवाल की Vedanta को दी चेतावनी, 1,407 करोड़ रुपये के ट्रांजैक्शन का है मामला

    • Sigachi, SJS सहित 6 कंपनियों का आ रहा IPO, जानें ग्रे मार्केट में क्या चल है इनका भाव

    • Exclusive: PharmEasy की ओनर API Holdings अगले हफ्ते सेबी में डाल सकती है IPO की अर्जी: सूत्र

    • IDFC First Bank Q2 result: सितंबर तिमाही में नेट प्रॉफिट 50% बढ़कर 151.7 करोड़ रुपये रहा

    • Bank loan fraud case: जेल में ही रहेंगे गौतम थापर, दिल्ली कोर्ट ने खारिज की जमानत याचिका

    • Aryan Khan Drug Case: रोड जेल से रिहा हुए आर्यन खान, 28 बाद हुई रिहाई

    • Tesla शेयरों में अक्टूबर में आई रिकॉर्ड उछाल, $ 1 ट्रिलियन के पार पहुंची Elon Musk इस कंपनी की वैल्यू

    • बिगबुल के निवेश वाली Nazara Tech का मुनाफा Q2 में 10% बढ़ा, आय 18% बढ़ी

    • Facebook नाम बदलने के बाद अब WhatsApp में होंगे ये बदलाव, जानिए पूरी डिटेल

    • इन 5 फोकस्ड इक्विटी फंड्स ने पिछले 1 साल में दिया 67-80% रिटर्न, आइए डालते हैं इन पर एक नजर

    • करीब दो फीसदी फिसलकर बंद हुआ बाजार, जानिए आगे कैसी रह सकती है इसकी चाल

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    Indiabulls Hsg 216.80 6.50 3.09
    Rec. 148.65 -1.40 -0.93




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    President Xi Jinping’s promise to redistribute wealth brings back bad memories of luxury brands in China

    Many analysts believe the campaign may in fact be good for business. While Xi’s plans are still taking shape, his government has made it clear that it ultimately wants to increase the incomes of more households and expand the middle class. This, in turn, could help increase purchasing power and consumption.

    But experts haven’t ruled out the possibility that the government will crack down on signs of perceived extravagance or raise taxes for the rich, which could cloud the outlook for makers of high-end handbags, shoes and jewelry.

    “At first, when it was announced, people panicked,” UBS analyst Zuzanna Pusz said of the promise of “common prosperity.” “And the market panicked. Because everyone kind of came back with their memories of the anti-graft campaign and the impact of luxury demand back then.”

    Some players have already taken a hit. LVMH shares slipped 7.9% from August to September, while Kering, owner of Gucci, fell 19.4% over the same period.

    “In the past three months, the [luxury] the sector has underperformed the European market … on the back of China’s renewed concerns, “including the campaign of wealth redistribution, a surge in coronavirus cases and regulations, Citi analysts wrote in a report. ‘October.

    The call for “common prosperity”

    Beijing has tightened the screws on private enterprise over the past year.

    But the challenge was lifted in August, when Xi told senior leaders of the ruling Communist Party of China that the government should establish a system of wealth redistribution in the interests of “social fairness.”

    According to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, Xi said it was “necessary” to “reasonably regulate excessively high incomes and encourage high-income individuals and businesses to re-enter society.” State media have suggested that the government may consider taxation or other means of redistributing income and wealth.

    Alibaba pledges $ 15.5 billion to help China achieve
    Some companies have followed Beijing’s hint. In recent months, several of China’s biggest tech companies have pledged billions of dollars to the cause, including Ali Baba (BABA) and Tencent (TCEHY). A company, Pinduo (PDD), even promised to sell all of its second-quarter earnings.

    There have been signs of apprehension in the luxury world. Recently, the sector has fallen out of favor with some investors, which “suggests that short-term uncertainty related to China has been taken into account,” UBS analysts wrote in a September report.

    “The impact of China’s common prosperity initiatives on luxury consumption (…) remains the main concern of investors,” they added.

    But analysts at the Swiss bank also note that “common prosperity” is not a new concept in China.

    The use of the phrase dates back to the days of Chairman Mao Zedong, who invoked “common prosperity” when he advocated dramatic economic reforms to take power away from the wealthy landowners and farmers, the rural elite.

    Shoppers at an upscale mall in Beijing in August.  Many analysts believe that the "common prosperity"  campaign could be good for business, increasing household incomes and expanding the middle class.

    In 2012, “common prosperity” was “considered the” fundamental principle “of Chinese socialism” at a large Communist Party rally, Tao Wang, an economist at UBS, noted in a report to clients.

    Bank analysts also say they expect “modest and incremental” personal income tax and consumption tax adjustments over the next few years, suggesting that “the negative impact could be limited and not imminent ”.

    Chinese buyers give luxury brands some hope

    Some senior executives have addressed the issue directly.

    Earlier this month, LVMH chief financial officer Jean Jacques Guiony said he was “not particularly worried or concerned about the recent announcement.”

    “We see no reason to believe that this could be detrimental to the upper middle class, the well-to-do class who make up the bulk of our clientele,” he told analysts. “Therefore, it seems to us not to be negative – if not positive.”

    Last week, Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO of L’Oréal, which owns brands such as Giorgio Armani Beauty and Lancôme, also intervened.

    “We remain very confident in China,” he said on a company phone visit, adding that the commitment to “common prosperity” would likely help make the country’s middle class “richer and more richer. big, [which] is very positive for us. “

    A sensible subject

    Industry watchers, however, have good reason to be concerned.

    Less than a decade ago, the luxury industry was hit hard by a massive anti-corruption campaign in China. The government has eliminated all signs of lavish spending among officials, including on luxury goods.
    The campaign, launched by Xi in 2012, has had a dramatic impact on the industry. In 2013, the luxury market in mainland China grew only 2%, down from 7% the year before, according to Bain.
    Some fashion brands were shunned because shoppers were looking for less visible logos or designs. People “don’t want to just walk around with big LV anymore,” Patricia Pao, CEO of Pao Principle, a consultant for luxury brands in China, told CNN.
    Shoppers line up to enter a Louis Vuitton store in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, in August.
    Premium spirits brands, such as baijiu maker Kweichow Moutai, also saw sales drop significantly. The company later said the campaign had put “unprecedented pressure” on the alcohol industry.

    The industry continues to face regulatory challenges and has recently been hit by a massive sell-off of stocks.

    It's 53% alcohol and tastes like fire.  This is how this brand of alcohol conquered China
    During the 2012 anti-corruption crusade, posh hotels also suffered, as authorities canceled banquets and conferences. Some five-star hotels at the time even asked to remove a star, in the hopes that the lower ratings would allow them to appear less opulent and retain their clientele, Chinese state media reported.
    It doesn’t help that companies ranging from the burgeoning tech sector to private education in China have recently been the target of yet another crackdown, which has spread to the entertainment and live-shopping industries.

    Pusz, the UBS analyst, said this may have contributed to some unease.

    “Because obviously there was a lot of news in the market about several other industries affected by various Chinese government measures, I think there was a bit of anticipation on the part of people, [like]: “Okay, what if luxury comes next?” “”, She declared.

    The times have changed

    Some analysts believe, however, that this crackdown could be different.

    According to Bain’s latest estimates, buyers in China account for 35% of all luxury goods sales worldwide. By 2025, the firm suggests it could reach nearly 50%.

    Bruno Lannes, Shanghai-based Bain’s consumer products and retail practices partner, said his company was not changing its forecast due to the “common prosperity” pledge.

    “It’s too early to tell, but there’s no real indication that this is having a major impact, I think, on brands,” he told CNN Business.

    Lannes expects the latest policy to have a “neutral” or “positive” effect on luxury consumption, particularly if incomes rise across the country as a result.

    “I think it’s very different from what happened [with] the anti-corruption campaign at the time, ”he added.

    Previously, many luxury brands in China were driven by the tradition of executives or officials giving or receiving gifts, which was an important target of the campaign, Lannes noted. Now consumption is largely “by people who consume for themselves or for their loved ones,” he said.

    China jails former president of liquor giant Moutai for life over corruption charges

    However, some consumers may already be starting to curb their spending.

    According to LookLook, a consumer research company that works with luxury brands, 1 in 10 respondents to a recent survey of 100 luxury buyers in China cited government crackdown on excessive displays of wealth as the reason they weren’t spending that much these days.

    According to LookLook CEO Malinda Sanna, a participant in the study, published in September, said she did not want to “attract unwanted attention.”

    “We’ve never heard this before,” she said. “I think the demand is still there, but they are cautious.”

    – Laura He contributed to this report.

    What are non-fungible tokens for beauty products and brands?

    Image source: Getty

    The way you pay for products and experiences is nothing like it was 10 or 15 years ago. You can swipe your phone over a device at Sephora, scan a barcode to pay your bill at a restaurant, and now you might not even need a traditional bank account to shop in the store. beauty industry – or owning what you end up buying.

    Today there is a whole new world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology available, which started as a plausible system now for transactions (e.g. Bitcoin) but has now crossed the way we see ownership and creativity. some products. One of these new methods dominating the worlds of art, fashion and beauty is the non-fungible token (better known by its acronym, NFT). In fact, the TikTok video app recently announced that it is going to start selling its best viral videos for NFTs, which means someone could buy a makeup tutorial or beauty tutorial with digital currency and own this unique look as a collector’s item.

    It’s not just TikTok, of course. More and more beauty brands – from Nars to Elf Cosmetics to Givenchy Beauty – are also experimenting with the digital token, which begs the question: will cryptocurrency change the way we trade and interact? with beauty? We explore everything you need to know about the trend below, including what it means for you.

    What are NFTs?

    NFTs are a digitized token that symbolically represents the original and authentic ownership of a virtual or physical object and idea. Essentially the original authenticity card, it digitally marks property and prevents theft, replication or modification of rights. These items and ideas can then be auctioned off and sold on blockchain platforms for as little or equal value. (Beeple’s artwork was sold for $ 69 million.) This gives creators, brands, and artists ownership of their own work, finding new value for creation while blurring the lines between inclusiveness and exclusivity, private and public.

    NFTs have already made groundbreaking advancements in industries like luxury art and fashion, with Gucci and Virgil Abloh creating unique pieces that transcend preservation of property through a digital space, and now this technology is catching on. towards beauty.

    NFTs and their impact on beauty brands

    This year alone, beauty brands came out to explore NFTs with campaigns around exclusive products and artwork. Nars, for example, celebrated his blush hero Orgasm by ordering a collection of three NFT artworks from artists Sara Shakeel, Azéde Jean-Pierre and Nina Kraviz. According to Dina Fierro, vice president of global digital strategy and brand social engagement, the goal was to “create unique digital works inspired by the sensory nature and unmistakable hue of Orgasm,” a- she told POPSUGAR. “As a result, we have seen a strong response to the pilot from our community as well as digital collectors, and we now plan to launch additional programs that integrate virtual goods in 2022.”

    Givenchy Parfums has also teamed up with artists from Rewind Collective and London gallery owner and LGBTQIA + activist Amar Singh on a digital artwork NFT Pride. Next, Elf Cosmetics created NFTs that allowed customers to purchase their cult classic products such as Gold Saturated Poreless Putty Primer. By creating three of each for Elf’s Poreless Putty Primer, 16HR Camo Concealer, and Ride or Die Lip Balm (nine in total), the products have been listed for sale on the Bitski crypto platform, where the product can be purchased for the same price. than retail, but the chance for a member of the Elf Cosmetics community to purchase the rare and gold collector’s item.

    Image source: Courtesy of Elf Cosmetics

    “The rise of NFTs is driven by consumers’ passion for what NFTs stand for – it’s a new way for super fans to be part of the brands they love,” said Gayitri Budhraja, Brand Director for Elf Cosmetics. “Our goal was to explore new frontiers and disrupt the digital space with the launch of #CryptoCosmetics. We also looked at when to educate our community and help them explore the space as well. We designed the Ne.lfT to be accessible to everyone, so that anyone with a regular credit card can easily purchase one. ”

    “When beauty brands properly use blockchain technology, they can have a positive impact on both sides of the business: commerce and marketing. ”

    Experts say this new ability to shop for creativity and beauty products is going to have a bigger impact than we think. “Blockchain technology coupled with NFTs and cryptocurrency will be completely transformative for the beauty industry,” said Marc Beckman, founding partner and CEO of creative agency DMA United. “The decentralized nature of Web3 will provide brands and consumers with a clear path for direct interaction. When beauty brands properly use blockchain technology, they can positively impact both sides of the business: commerce and marketing. We saw this with Truesy’s program with Nars, where owners of the limited edition artwork were able to unlock access to physical merchandise. “

    What beauty brands earn from NFTs

    As NFTs are designed to grant ownership only to an original file, this calls into question what beauty brands will gain at this level of digital exposure. “Commercially, brands can create new sources of revenue and, for example, through primary and secondary sales of digital artwork, physical merchandise or live events,” Beckman said. “Brands can control their messaging and the flow of their products to market without the typical disruption caused by third-party retailers and media partners. ”

    This will push brands towards unlimited intelligence capable of writing their strategy. He added: “A brand’s reality in the physical world doesn’t need to match its reality in the metaverse, because it can reach a new and younger audience, appear differently, and be active in new and exciting ways. “.

    While not all brands need an NFT strategy, those that do are able to re-evolve, reconnect, and re-brand areas of the brand to a younger and numerically unfavorable target market. By increasing the level of connection between the brand and the consumer, NFTs represent an untapped opportunity for connection and creation. For the beauty industry as a whole, “NFTs have the potential to be harnessed in multiple ways: as a new medium for creative expression, as a mechanism to stimulate engagement, as a tool. to enrich loyalty and / or as an alternative source of income. consumers of beauty products are spending more and more of their time in immersive virtual spaces, ”said Fierro.

    What NFTs Mean to You, the Beauty Consumer

    In a market where the success of a brand and a beauty product depends on the physical and visible result, some may find that there is a disconnect between NFTs and the beauty consumer. Granting the owner nothing but ownership, NFTs are the token certifying the original file, but that’s where it changes the projection of beauty. Instead of a product being the only way to connect with a brand, NFTs provide the ability for people to purchase the brand, whether through digital collectibles, virtual goods, or classrooms. ’emerging assets, activating new, exciting and limitless ways to hyper- connect.

    “We believe that NFTs will ultimately enable a deeper connection with Nars’ most passionate and passionate consumers, enhancing self-expression and creativity in immersive digital environments, including the metaverse,” Fiero said.

    The downside of NFTs

    While NFTs are an invigorating avenue for moving the beauty industry forward, we also can’t forget that it is relatively new with unexpected challenges. On the one hand, NFTs are considered a type of cryptocurrency and therefore like any financial risk it raises concerns about secure investing and especially long term investing at this minute the token may be worth thousands or even millions before the token is emptied. , losing its value and value. This is because they are currently based on aesthetic and sentimental value, so without any concrete basis, their value and value may be fleeting, which worries any consumer who buys them or wants to rely on them as a future investment.

    Outside of the financial model, NFTs as a token secures the rights to the original idea, product, or illustration, but this does not prevent the original from being copied and distributed elsewhere. In addition to the risk of duplication, NFTs also face potential security holes, as hackers can gain access to the fully digital landscape while the current sustainability model still looms quite heavy on the earth due to its power and power. its use of blockchain.

    It should also be noted that NFTs can have a negative impact on the environment.

    It should also be noted that NFTs can have a negative impact on the environment due to the massive amount of energy and carbon emissions it takes to create them. While this is a hotly debated topic and one that requires more data on the magnitude of its carbon footprint and impact, the truth is that this model is not necessarily the most sustainable.

    Ultimately, NFTs are new to the beauty world, and while exciting and interesting, can also come with challenges that have yet to be resolved. Still, it’s clear that they are leveraging a new hand in beauty and bringing themselves to the forefront of an expansive, digitized space. While from a brand perspective, not all beauty companies need an NFT strategy or product in order to cultivate revenue – and, in the same breath for the beauty consumer, while ‘it draws you into your favorite brand’s DNA by owning unique collectibles, it’s also a gamble on the speculative front of cryptocurrency and finance – you could call it a kind of investment that still finds its place in the industry.

    L’Oréal Paris is the World’s Most Popular Beauty Brand, Study Finds | Life

    The logo of the French cosmetics group L’Oréal is visible in front of the Arc de Triomphe during a public event in Paris. – Reuters file photo

    PARIS, Oct. 28 The French, Americans, British and Brazilians do not have the same expectations when it comes to cosmetics, and do not necessarily like the same brands. Yet a new study reveals that L’Oréal Paris is by far the world’s favorite cosmetics brand, topping the list in no less than 25 countries … but not in its home territory, France.

    L’Oréal Paris is the world’s most searched cosmetics brand, according to research conducted by the Tajmeeli * platform, which curated a list of popular beauty brands and used Google Trends to determine search interest in 108 countries . The brand of the French cosmetics giant is preferred by Internet users in nearly a quarter of the countries studied, showing an obvious interest in its products among beauty fans.

    The French brand is particularly appreciated in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, India, Thailand and Turkey. It is also the most popular brand on three continents: Asia, Europe and South America. But, against all odds, L’Oréal Paris is not the favorite brand of the French, who, it seems, prefer Guerlain.

    Affordable brands lead the way

    The ranking shows that with few exceptions, people around the world prefer accessible brands, like L’Oréal Paris. The French brand is followed in second position by the American brand CoverGirl, leader in 10 countries around the world and on two continents – North America and Australia & Oceania. Followed by Maybelline, NYX Professional Makeup and Avon, with products also sold at affordable prices.

    Ultra influential on social media, celebrity-founded brands are also making waves. Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty is the No. 1 brand in the U.S., while Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics is number nine worldwide – tied with Dior being the most popular brand in four countries around the world. But it is Rihanna who dominates the world of celebrity beauty brands, Fenty Beauty occupying fifth place in the world ranking, in particular thanks to its popularity in certain African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria).

    According to the study, Hong Kong is the beauty capital of the world, with no less than six cosmetic brands in the lead, including Chanel, Shiseido, Estée Lauder, Clarins and Bobbi Brown. ETX Studio

    * For the purposes of its ranking, Tajmeeli compiled a list of popular beauty brands and used Google Trends to determine search interest worldwide. Research interest is rated from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most popular.

    First Look: JCPenney Unveils New Beauty Experience

    At the end of JCPenney’s contract with Sephora, the retailer is planning a major rollout of its new beauty concept JCPenney Beauty. Last week, the DFW-based company unveiled 10 test sites, including one at the Town East Mall in Mesquite.

    JCPenney Beauty is expected to be in all stores here early 2023.

    Michelle Wlazlo, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of JCPenney.

    “We’ve had an amazing business for many years, but our customers kept telling us they wanted something different. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and after thousands of interviews, we created JCPenney Beauty, which is exactly what they wanted, ”said Michelle Wlazlo, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for the brand, said during the recent unveiling of a test site at the Mesquite site, one of 10.

    The objective of the new retail space will combine a mix of prestigious brands with proven core products such as CoverGirl and Revlon; and a focus on the development of brands founded by BIPOC.

    Thirteen Lune, an inclusive e-commerce site co-founded by Nyakio Grieco, shares a partnership with JCPenney Beauty and is a brand that offers a majority of products created by the founders of Black and BIPOC. Of the 170 brands in JCPenney Beauty’s initial mix, 39 are from Thirteen Lune.

    “We are very proud of our partnership with JCPenney Beauty. For many of our brands, this is the first time that they are sitting on a national shelf, ”says Nyakio. Ninety percent of Thirteen Lune’s brands are created by the founders of Black and BIPOC, designed for people of all colors, and 10 percent of their brands are dedicated to the alliance.

    “We define an Allied Brand as a brand that is not created by black or brown people, but created by someone who, both in front and behind the scenes of their business, has championed diversity.”

    Some of Thirteen Lune’s brands include Sara Happ, Buttah Skin, and Bossy Cosmetics.

    JCPenney Beauty was rooted in creating a space of authenticity, Wlazlo said. “I just want every customer who walks in to feel welcome and have a place where their authentic beauty is celebrated. I want them to come in and smile because they can be themselves.

    The space includes products and brands that cater to a mass of people. Wlazlo described JCPenney Beauty as hyper-inclusive because it provides everything regardless of gender, age, race, and income. The brands range from mass, masstige and prestige products. This includes cosmetics companies such as Almay and Mirabella, hair companies such as Conair and Eva-NYC, perfumery products from Ariana Grande and Carolina Herrera, as well as skin care products for men and women. such as Every Man Jack and Skin Gym.

    “There really is something for everyone here,” she said. “I want the client to celebrate our unique and wonderfully diverse lives. This is really what it is. “

    Connecting the world to Italian beauty

    Mozzafiato is a premium online retail platform that brings together the best Italian beauty products in one place. Italy’s rich history and beauty legacy can often seem elusive and inaccessible to consumers around the world. That is why Mozzafiato has taken the initiative to bring together the best of Italian skin, home, perfume and other body products in one place.

    All over the world, people associate Italian brands with superior quality and sophistication. Mozzafiato’s online retail platform now makes it easier for you to shop for Italian beauty brands and get your fix of the Italian soul.

    To be selected as part of Mozzafiato’s highly refined retail selection, each brand must meet the following three core standards:

    • Anima (Italian soul)
    • Qualita (Quality)
    • Stile (Italian style)

    Mozzafiato believes that these three essential characteristics are what sets Italian brands apart from the rest of the world. Each brand for sale on their online platform carries with it a deep Italian heritage, unique stories of production and growth, and generations of insight and craftsmanship.

    Mozzafiato’s website provides the opportunity for consumers to receive personalized recommendations on skin care products by talking to their experts.

    Its bath and body products include a range of soaps, oils and salts, allowing you to have your next bath the Italian way.

    Some of the skin care products sold on Mozzafiato include premium cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliators, face masks and more.

    The platform offers beauty products and fragrances for men and women and even offers a range of supreme quality home products.


    They offer a range of exclusive packages for those looking to purchase multiple products for a single purpose. They offer gift boxes, gift cards and exclusive gift boxes for home and beauty.

    When you spend more than $ 75 on the Mozzafiato platform, you automatically get free shipping and a 10% discount that applies at checkout. You don’t need to take additional tedious steps as these offers and discounts will automatically be applied to your purchase order.

    How RFLCT became a beauty disaster

    100 Thieves co-owner Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter received a wave of community reactions after announcing that she was becoming a co-founder of cosmetics brand RFLCT. The controversy has forced the YouTuber and internet personality to remain silent on social media and remove both 100 Thieves and RFLCT from his bio. A few days after the RFLCT announcement, Valkyrae has now commented on the situation.

    RFLCT is a skin care brand that claims to have products that protect against the “harmful” effects of blue light that come from staring at screens all day. The brand made its official launch on October 19 alongside the announcement that Valkyrae would be the face and co-founder of the company. The site offers five different products, including a facial cleanser, moisturizer, gel, moisturizing lip balm, and eye mask. All of them are marketed to be powered by “BLPF,” which the company claims is their blue light prevention factor.

    As the community began to dig deeper into the unknown harmful effects of blue light, they began to see holes in the company’s mission statement. This includes the information present in the “terms of use” part of the RFLCT web page, which directly states that all information on the site is not accurate.

    “However, we do not warrant that all information provided on the site is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free, and we disclaim all liability arising from any errors, to the extent permitted by law,” said RFLCT on its website.

    The RFLCT receives criticism from professionals in the sector

    A certified dermatologist and Internet personality, Andrea “Dr Dray” Suarez posted a video responding to the RFLCT’s allegations on her YouTube channel. In the video, Dr Dray explains in detail what the product is and how blue light does not have the same lasting effects on the skin as it does on the eyes.

    “[Blue light is] a light that you see with your eyes, ”said Dr Dray. “It’s not the same as ultraviolet radiation. It is visible light that illuminates our world and that is emitted by devices.

    Dr Dray went on to explain that visible light is between 400 and 700 nanometers, while blue light (also known as high-energy visible light) is between 400 and 500 nanometers. Blue light, she said, is close to UVA light, which is ultraviolet radiation. With the two overlapping slightly, blue light contributes to the formation of free radicals in the skin, as Dr. Dray explains.

    “For people with darker skin, they cause even more stubborn hyperpigmentation than hyperpigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays,” Dr. Dray said in his video, “So there is a lot of science behind the effects of blue light on your skin. However, this is visible light from the sun and not from your devices. The amount of blue light you are exposed to from computer screens, smartphones, tablets, etc. is negligible compared to that to which you are exposed by the sun.

    To compare the radiation of blue light to that of the sun, Dr. Dray simplified the two comparisons. According to Dr. Dray, people would have to be in front of a screen nonstop for more than a week to get as much radiation as is coming from the sun. She went even further by explaining that you wouldn’t put on a life jacket for a drink of water, but that you would if you went into the ocean.

    Valkyrae reacts to the backlash

    In a live broadcast on his YouTube channel on Saturday, Valkyrae shared his side of the story. To begin with, she explained how she discovered RFLCT through Joanna coles and Claudia Poccia. Coles is a former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, a lifestyle publication, and was director of content for the magazine’s parent company, Hearst. Poccia is currently CEO of Dragonfly Sage Corporation, which is a strategic consulting firm for luxury and beauty brands.

    Both approached Valkyrae with the idea of ​​forming a beauty brand, this is where the idea of ​​blue light shielding was first conceived. Through the reunion, Valkyrae learned about how blue light can affect skin. Over the next six months, Valkyrae said, research was conducted to prove that blue light had harmful effects on a person’s skin.

    “I saw the research, I saw it with my own eyes, and I was really excited because I thought it was groundbreaking research,” Valkyrae said during her livestream. “I thought it was going to help not only me, but other people as well.”

    Valkyrae took the time to explain that she was originally recruited as a “Creative Collaborator” for RFLCT. However, the 100 Thieves co-owner asked if she could put something shorter in her bio to be prettier. This is where the “co-founder” was born. After the first contacts with the RFLCT, Valkyrae’s involvement for a year and a half consisted of testing the products and packaging. During the stream, she noted that she was not a chemist, nor had she been to the RFLCT lab in person.

    “All this time, I felt like all of this research and everything I saw was going to be on the website,” Valkyrae said. “When RFLCT was discontinued, it was essential and crucial that there was information, and there was nothing but a WebMD link.”

    Following RFLCT’s initial post and community backlash, Valkyrae explained that she met those involved, which is where she found out that the research she saw could not be returned. public. This would be due to the fact that the specific research may be stolen by other companies.

    Relationship between streamers and Valkyrae

    Several internet personalities took the opportunity to launch blows at Valkyrae publicly on the internet after seeing the backlash from RFLCT. One of the most popular responses came from Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker who called the blue light theory “bulls ** t” multiple times in streaming soon after. congratulating Valkyrae on Twitter when the announcement came to light. Another popular streamer and longtime friend of Valkyrae, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, also took part in the streaming to give her take on the situation.

    “I totally agree that there are valid research concerns,” Pokimane said. “Especially when you call something harmful when it is not universally considered to be harmful.”

    Pokimane stressed the importance of being held accountable and doing all the necessary research before promoting it to a young and impressionable audience. Especially when that audience is as large as that of Valkyrae, which has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 2 million Twitter followers.

    Towards the end of her explanation of the whole situation, Valkyrae touched on the reaction of people around her to the situation. This included those who supported her and those who made jokes at the expense of her product on the Internet.

    “It was interesting to see which friends contacted me when,” said Valkyrae. “A lot of my friends contacted me after I posted the voice memo on Twitter. Also, a lot of friends contacted me when I said I was going to talk about friends and social media. [on stream]. “

    RFLCT is moving forward

    While the backlash from RFLCT plays out, Valkyrae will continue to broadcast and create content for its audience in an effort to distance itself from the situation. She is still a content creator as well as a co-owner and streamer for the esports and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves.

    RFLCT is launching in person at Ulta Beauty stores exclusively in America starting Sunday, just days after the product was announced.

    “They’ve invested in RFLCT, and it’s going to be sold at Ulta in stores tomorrow,” Valkyrae said Saturday. “It’s really hard to be proud of it. The people who work behind the scenes don’t experience what I’m going through. I am the face of it. I am the one who gets it all. Isn’t that crazy? “

    Valkyrae said she is still under contract with RFLCT, which means she will not be parting ways with the brand in the near future.

    “I am in a linked contract. I believe in the product, but I also wish not to be involved because the research cannot be public, ”said Valkyrae. “That’s the hard part, and it’s the honest truth.”

    Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar’s net worth to triple in upcoming IPO at valuation of $ 7 billion

    Seasoned investment banker-turned-entrepreneur Falguni Nayar, who has taken dozens of Indian companies to public listing as a banker, is now pursuing her own IPO with a valuation of $ 7 billion to $ 7.2 billion for the beauty and fashion retailer Nykaa which she founded in 2012.

    The Mumbai-based multi-brand cosmetics and clothing retailer plans a new issuance for 6.3 billion rupees ($ 86 million) and the sale of existing shares of nearly 42 million shares in the price range of 1 085 to 1,125 rupees.

    The IPO will launch on October 28 and the issue will close on November 1. Nykaa is seeking to be listed on the Indian stock exchanges on November 11, a few days after the Hindu festival of Diwali.

    Nayar, 58, founder, chief executive and CEO of Nykaa, owns 54% of the company, along with her husband Sanjay Nayar, Indian CEO of US private equity giant KKR, and their two children. She is looking to sell up to 4.8 million shares through the Sanjay Nayar Family Trust. Existing investors like Hong Kong commodities billionaire Harry Banga, Indian consumer goods billionaire Harsh Mariwala and auto billionaire Sunil Kant Munjal will also sell shares during the IPO.

    Nayar, who is the second self-made Indian woman billionaire after biotech entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, will see her net worth reach nearly $ 3.8 billion after the IPO. She became a billionaire in a pre-IPO private placement in June.

    Nykaa, which offers more than 4,000 brands on beauty, personal care and fashion platforms, seeks to deepen its presence in India’s beauty and fashion market, which is expected to more than double to $ 152 billion in 2025 compared to $ 70 billion in 2020, according to Bangalore-based RedSeer Management Consulting.

    Nykaa now has 80 stores in 40 cities, but still derives 97% of its gross merchandise value from online sales with a 63% contribution from Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns.

    Despite the pandemic, Nykaa has seen a huge increase in sales as vaccinations increase. India crossed the historic “billion doses of vaccine” mark this week. For the three months ended June 30, 2021, Nykaa’s gross merchandise value was 14.7 billion rupees ($ 198 million) and its income was 8.2 billion rupees ($ 110 million) with profit. of 35.2 million rupees ($ 474,000). Nykaa’s revenue reached $ 334 million for the fiscal year ended March 2021, compared to $ 236 million for the prior period. The company reported net profit of $ 8 million in the same period compared to a net loss of $ 2 million in fiscal 2020.

    Among the flurry of IPOs proposed and completed this year, Nykaa is a rare example of a startup that became profitable before embarking on an IPO.

    Nykaa will roll out the proceeds of the IPO to new stores, new warehouses and to improve brand visibility. He already works with over 3,000 influencers, including Gen Z trend setters, lifestyle bloggers and celebrities.

    Nayar founded “Nykaa”, which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Nayaka” which means one who is in the spotlight, with an investment of $ 2 million and with the aim of bringing quality cosmetics, including brands. international beauty companies like Clinique and Bobbi Brown to Indian consumers.

    She quit her job as an investment banker – after 20 years in the business – and immersed herself in the world of beauty and online sales. It quickly spread to brick and mortar stores and launched new product categories like Nykaa Man and Nykaa Fashions.

    “I wanted to experience creating something from scratch,” Nayar said in an interview with Forbes Asia in 2019.

    This dream has come true.

    Halle Berry’s Business Partner Launches Founders Studio for Black Beauty Entrepreneurs

    Kendra Bracken-Ferguson ‘BrainTrust Company has launched the Founders Studio, which promises to improve the long-term business viability and income growth of black entrepreneurs.

    The Founders Studio will give black beauty and wellness entrepreneurs free access to a plethora of financial and business resources from leading companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Salesforce AfterPay, and BeautyUnited. The studio will also provide mentoring opportunities to ensure that companies on the platform continue to move forward.

    The platform has three levels of membership depending on the size, income and business needs of each partner. According to Business of Fashion, 25 black hairstyling and beauty companies have already signed up for Founders Studio, including Kim lewis by CurlMix, Lauren Napier by Lauren Napier Beauté.

    “I myself saw this need as a black founder [for] access to education, mentorship and capital and wanted to have verifiable and tangible results that [show] the black beauty and wellness founders we work with have grown their businesses, have more access to capital and are in a better financial position, ”said Bracken-Ferguson.

    Minority beauty and wellness designers have waited years for resources to help them navigate large partnerships, receive funding, and support their business’s long-term growth. While last year recurrence of the Black Lives Matter movement brought a multitude of resources and money to Black entrepreneurs, some already think that money and opportunities are starting to To dissipate.

    However, the movement has pushed black men and women in the financial industry to do more for each other and help each other be successful. That includes Bracken-Ferguson, who hopes the platform eventually enlists 1,000 black founders.

    “2022 must aim to move beyond engagement,” she told Forbes, noting that in addition to helping small brands grow, she hopes the work of the Founders Studio will help keep up. its largest corporate partners responsible for their commitments to diversity and inclusion. “It is not enough for a brand to be on the shelf for a year. The real success is when we can look five years later and we can see that a brand has tripled in revenue dollars and in its business footprint.

    Bracken-Ferguson has significant experience in the health and beauty industry. She previously served as Director of Digital Media for Ralph Lauren and is a longtime business partner with the actress. Halle berry. Together, the duo launched Respin, a platform that brings together beauty and wellness products and content. Additionally, Bracken-Ferguson co-founded Digital Brand Architects in 2009.

    L’Oréal USA recruits Marissa Pagnani McGowan as Chief Sustainability Officer for North America

    L’Oréal USA has chosen Marissa Pagnani McGowan as Head of Sustainable Development for North America.

    “Marissa brings to her sustainability work a passion for the power of partnerships and collective action,” said Stéphane Rinderknech, President and CEO of L’Oréal USA and Executive Vice President for North America, in a press release.

    More from WWD

    McGowan, who officially joins the company in November, will report to Rinderknech.

    “We aim to drive a complete transformation of our business – to be a leader and catalyst for change in the beauty industry and beyond,” added Rinderknech. “I firmly believe that we must act with even greater urgency to meet the social and environmental needs of the planet while preparing our company to seize the opportunities of our dynamic market.”

    A law graduate from Georgetown University, McGowan began her career as a lawyer with Skadden Arps in New York and London, working on international mergers and acquisitions and corporate compliance. Most recently, she was Director of Sustainability at PVH Corp., where she oversaw the clothing company’s corporate responsibility strategy (including environmental and social impact, human rights, diversity, inclusion and equity).

    “I am delighted and honored to join L’Oréal, a company that I have long admired for its rich history and continued growth by keeping innovation, the consumer and responsibility at the center of its activities,” said McGowan, who will also join the US Board of Directors and management team of Alexandra Palt, Global Director of Corporate Responsibility at L’Oréal.

    “My passion for the beauty industry, like the fashion industry, stems from her humanity and creativity, which together create a powerful opportunity to influence positive change,” McGowan continued. “I look forward to leading the sustainability work as part of L’Oréal USA’s next chapter of growth, and significantly advancing L’Oréal’s transformation journey into the future.

    L’Oréal for the Future is the company’s “sustainable transformation strategy” over 10 years. The initiative aims to create a more “sustainable” business model while solving global challenges. As the largest subsidiary of the L’Oréal Group, L’Oréal USA is headquartered in New York and present in 16 states, managing more than 35 beauty brands and generating more than $ 7 billion in sales per year.

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    24 beauty advent calendars to buy this holiday season

    I know Christmas stockings and twinkling lights might not be on your mind right now, but the holidays are just around the corner. Before we know it, we’ll need to find the perfect gifts for mom and our best friends. If you’re not sure what exactly to hang, Advent calendars are a great option that offers some variety. The coolest part? They contain gifts for several days of the season, so it’s really the gift that keeps on giving. Coming up, find 24 of the best beauty advent calendars on the market right now.


    ELF Cosmetics Snow One Loves You More 12 Day Advent Calendar

    ELF has always offered affordable, high-quality makeup and skin care. This year, their Advent Calendar features 12 days of freebies, ranging from their Bite Size eyeshadow to Seriously Satin lipstick. There are also tools like beauty sponges and eyelash curlers inside.


    Sephora Collection Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar

    Holiday mood, indeed. The Sephora collection offers a variety of tools and beauty products that will make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s a certified beauty enthusiast or someone who doesn’t know what she’ll like, there’s something for everyone here (including skincare that Selena Gomez swears by).


    Boohoo Beauty Advent Calendar

    While Boohoo is known for their cute clothes, the online retailer also offers a versatile beauty advent calendar this holiday season. From I Heart Revolution lip gloss to Bondi Sands Aero Liquid Gold self-tanner (and a glove to help with application), you really can’t miss this bargain.


    Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Dreams & Secrets Advent Calendar

    When I say Hollywood * loves * Charlotte Tilbury, you better believe it. Seriously, makeup artist Billie Eilish used the luxurious beauty brand to create her flawless look for the 2021 Met Gala. This year’s schedule is worth every penny as it includes 12 full-size makeup and skincare products and of travel.


    SpaLife Fizzle All The Way Bath Bomb Advent Calendar

    Hang this calendar for your friend who loves a good bath – or, someone who needs some much needed TLC. Behind each door you’ll find a new festive bath bomb full of swirling colors and aromatic effervescence.


    NYX Cosmetics Diamonds & Ice Lipstick 12 Day Advent Calendar

    We already know NYX has lip products that kill – seriously, they’re viral on TikTok for a reason – so this timeline is a no-brainer. Get a variety of 12 lip products, from buttery gloss to satin lipstick.


    Glow Home for Hyggetime 4 Day Advent Calendar by Ole Henriksen

    Ole Henrickson is one of the best skin care brands on the market if you are looking for a youthful, glowing look. While their 2021 schedule only features 4 products, it’s definitely worth hanging on if you want to test their high-quality formulas.


    Olive & June’s 8 Nights of Mani Magic Hanukkah Calendar

    It is the perfect gift for your symbolic nail art addict. Olive & June has multiple advent calendars for different holidays and honestly 8 nights of new nail care products for Hannukah seems like a great time.


    Pretty Little Thing 24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar

    Pretty Little Thing is another online retailer with a must-see beauty advent calendar. Although there is $ 278 in products, it’s a good deal at $ 75, so you have to Course to check before it finally sells out. From face rollers to false eyelashes and fake bronzers, you can’t go wrong with this 24 day schedule.


    Kiehl’s Holiday Advent Calendar

    Kiehl’s has been specializing in clean formulas since 1851, and their latest Advent Calendar includes over $ 275 of their top-rated cleansers, face masks, face serums, and moisturizers.


    Sephora Collection Post Advent Calendar

    Who said the fun of the holidays had to end at Christmas? Sephora Collection also offers a 12-day advent calendar that must be open from Christmas Day to New Years Eve, and what better way to celebrate the New Year with a whole new beauty routine?


    Macy’s 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

    Macy’s is a hub for some of the best beauty brands, so you already know it’s going to be good. From Mario Badescu facial spray to Stila Shimmer and Glow liquid eye shadow, this calendar has it all. It also comes with a $ 10 gift card to the famous department store.


    The More The Merrier Makeup Holiday Advent Calendar

    From their Gimme Brow line to the cult classic Hoola Bronzer, Benefit has been at the top of most beauty lovers’ wish lists for years. The More The Merrier Advent Calendar features 12 of the brand’s best-selling products in mini sizes suitable for handbags, which is ideal for people on the go.


    Olive & June’s 25 Days of Mani Magic Christmas Calendar

    In addition to their Mani Magic Hannukah 8 Day Calendar, Olive & June also provided us with a Christmas version. Open this calendar for a nail care surprise every day until the 25th.


    Lush 25 Day Advent Calendar

    In Lush’s Advent Calendar, you can find some exclusive items like Sleepy, Thundersnow and Cinders Bath Bombs, Kris Mouse and Christmas Penguin Bubble Bars, and Merry Christmas Shower Gel. Hang it up while you can because it will likely go faster than you think.


    IT Cosmetics 12 Days of Confidence Collection Advent Calendar

    IT Cosmetics’ 12-Day Calendar includes Volumizing and Lengthening Superhero Mascara in Travel Size, Confidence Travel Size in Hydrating Moisturizer, Confidence Travel Size, Hydrating Face Wash, and more. It even comes with brushes to complete your look.


    L’Occitane Holiday Advent Calendar

    Calling all skin care enthusiasts – this one’s for all of you. L’Occitane’s advent calendar has tons from skin-friendly products, from soap to hand and foot creams. There is also shampoo and conditioner to show your hair some love.


    Florence Advent Calendar 2021 by Mills’ Holiday

    Millie Bobby Brown’s own beauty brand, Florence by Mills, now offers 12 days of full, travel-size versions of their best-selling products. Plus, there’s a super cute whale ornament to ring in the holiday season with the Florence rocket.


    ELF Cosmetics Snow Much Fun 24 Day Advent Calendar

    ELF’s 24-Day Calendar features products big and small such as skincare, cosmetics, tools and, yes, even body and face gems for your loved ones who * love * everything. pomp and glamor.


    Advent Calendar Share the Joy of The Body Shop

    The Body Shop Share the Joy Advent Calendar is perfect for those who want to give back this holiday season. Filled with bath bubbles, body butters and sheet masks, this calendar also contains a “little act of kindness” to share a little selfless love and joy with your friends, family and community.


    Saks Fifth Avenue’s Ready, Set, Refresh! Advent Calendar 14 pieces

    The Saks Fifth Avenue 14-Piece Advent Calendar features a line of skin care, fragrance and hair care products from fan-favorite beauty brands like Briogeo and Sunday Riley.


    LOOKFANTASTIC Advent Calendar

    Renowned brands like Nars, Shiseido and Kate Somerville fill LOOKFANTASTIC’s 2021 calendar with over $ 500 in goodies. It’s definitely a good deal at $ 85, so you’re going to want to act fast.


    Give me the super stars of NYX Cosmetics! Holiday Advent Calendar

    NYX also offers a varied schedule with 24 of their top selling face, eye and lip products in full and mini sizes. Behind every door you’ll find either a classic NYX product or a brand new limited edition edition. When you want a (super) star you get this amazing bargain for just $ 60.


    Pretty Little Thing 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar

    In addition to its 24-day schedule, PLT also offers a 12-day version with shampoo, eyeliner, false eyelashes, and more.

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    Bilibili Decoded: Chinese Beauty’s New Battleground to Reach Gen Z

    Unlike other short videos, the medium to long high quality content on Bilibili is more useful for brand building, as the audience will spend more time researching a specific brand, while the short video only has 15 to 30 seconds to highlight the selling points. . A longer video also has better long-term value. According to Ebrun’s analysis, once a video is posted on Bilibili, the natural characteristics of this video platform produce very desirable long tail effects for content creators. For individuals, the traffic acquired by video is constantly increasing, with the construction of a lasting reputation. Content sponsors will expect the overall ROAS to increase over time.

    For brands or products that need the time and effort to educate customers, the long video format on Bilibili can better influence users’ purchasing decisions. Video content also helps bring sustained brand exposure and drive search traffic to e-commerce stores.

    Official brand account
    Brands can also create their own official accounts to create original content on Bilibili. By leveraging video ads and campaign hashtags, brands can showcase promotional material and even link to external ecommerce platforms, converting into sales or social media account followers.

    Brands with official accounts on Bilibili include Dior, Perfect Diary, etc. From June 2020 to June 2021, the number of beauty brands with an official presence of Bilibili has multiplied by 20, topping the list of official account categories.

    Dior took part in the “Double Eleven Museum of Good Things” campaign, launched jointly by Alibaba’s Bilibili and Tmall for the “Double Eleven” shopping festival. In two weeks, 37,000 videos were submitted under this campaign theme, garnering over 100 million views. Dior specifically posted a video of a limited edition “Double Eleven” handbag, which received nearly 400,000 views.

    Marketing with KOLs
    Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are essentially the Chinese version of influencers. There are a large number of Gen Zers and live streamers making a living in this ecosystem. Cooperating with these types of influencers will help brands reach their target audience more accurately and effectively.

    Different from other social media platforms, KOL marketing, content and creativity is a key skill of the creators of Bilibili. “雁 鸿 Aimee” is a fashion and beauty designer from Bilibili with 709,000 followers. She collaborated with Florasis Cosmetics and spent two months creating a handmade Miao (an ethnic minority in China) helmet to promote this Miao print. By working with creative Bilibili influencers such as Aimee, Florasis was able to present a young and interesting brand image for Gen Z consumers.

    12 skin and hair care deals to buy now

    Fall is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing: the holidays will be here before you even have the chance to tire of your pumpkin and spice lattes. And as usual, Amazon was the first to post its vacation deals, encouraging customers to start shopping with some awesome deals. Among them is Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul, which just updated with new skin and hair care offerings over the weekend.

    While Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul will be live until October 25, these offers are only valid until October 23, so you’ll need to act quickly. Over the next few days, the retail giant will be offering limited-time markdowns on products from popular beauty brands like Foreo, Ghd and PMD. Below we have selected a list of 12 must-see offers.

    forbes.comAmazon promotional codes | 20% reduction in October 2021 | Forbes

    Our Amazon Holiday Beauty Haul selections

    The brush that broke the internet

    After selling worldwide in just two weeks when it was launched, the Ghd Glide Hot Smoothing Brush has been dubbed “the brush that broke the internet”. And it has remained popular ever since. This brush features a combination of short and long bristles that detangle, shape and style dry hair for a smooth finish. According to reviews, its powerful ceramic technology allows it to smooth even the most curly strands.

    This celebrity-approved skin care device

    The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a personal favorite of none other than Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham, so we’re on board too. With eight adjustable intensities and 8,000 T-sonic beats per minute, this skin care device removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes all traces of makeup, turning your skin from dull to dynamite underneath. 1 minute.

    A versatile flat iron

    Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style + Styling Iron

    Whether you are looking for sleek, straight hair or loaded with voluminous curls, this unique hair tool could be the answer. This flat iron heats up quickly (it can go from 0 to 410 degrees in 60 seconds) and not to get too technical, but it is designed with far infrared technology to lock in moisture and loaded with overcharged negative ions that control the heat. Static frizz for smooth, shiny hair.

    A home microdermabrasion tool

    PMD Personal Microderm Classic Home Microdermabrasion Machine

    Want a softer and brighter complexion? Then you might want to get the PMD Personal Microderm Classic while it is at 30% off. This at-home microdermabrasion tool uses PMD’s patented rotating discs encrusted with aluminum oxide crystals to gently exfoliate your skin, much like an in-office treatment. According to the brand, the tool can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, and even out your skin tone and texture in as little as eight weeks.

    Award Winning Hair Dryer from Ghd

    If you’re looking for a hair salon enthusiast for the holidays, get the Ghd Air Hair Dryer during Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul. With advanced ionic technology, this hair dryer promises quick drying, quick styling and minimal frizz. And given that he’s won over 250 beauty awards around the world, it looks like he’s up to the job.

    This retro razor with modern technology

    Part of the Heritage series from Remington, this rotary shaver has a throwback feel with many modern technologies. Lift Logic Foils with a multi-directional pattern catches even the shortest hairs growing from multiple angles, a pop-up trimmer details facial hair and sideburns and the wet-dry design gives you great flexibility.

    Ghd’s heat protectant spray that does not weigh hair down

    If you style your hair regularly in heat, remember the cardinal rule: protect your hair before blowing it up with heat. For this purpose, take a bottle of Heat Protect Spray from Ghd. This lightweight formula protects your hair from harmful heat, and reviews say it does so without weighing your hair down.

    This high-tech face mask

    The Foreo UFO uses cutting edge technology to boost your at-home facials. It helps the active ingredients of the mask to penetrate deep below the skin surface by heat therapy to open the pores. The device also uses cryotherapy to shrink pores and reduce puffiness, and LED light to decrease signs of aging and firm the skin. Plus, the process of using the UFO is super calming.

    A top-notch curling wand

    Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Unclipped Ceramic Curling Wand

    Whether you are looking for a tool that can create beach waves or tight curls, this Paul Mitchell curling wand is for you. It comes with three interchangeable ceramic barrels to help you achieve different looks, and the clip-less styling prevents that telltale crease.

    An everyday skin care device for men

    Foreo’s skincare devices aren’t just for women, and to prove it, the brand released the Luna 3 Men. It works much the same as the original version of the device, however, removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to prevent breakouts. Plus, it’s a great way to prep your skin before shaving; it helps reduce ingrown hairs, prevents razor burn and can double the life of your razor blades.

    This light styling cream

    To tame unruly curls or to give your straight blowout a smoother finish, go for Straight & Tame Cream from Ghd. The formula protects your hair from harmful heat, in addition to being light and non-sticky.

    A smart skin care device

    Using special SonicGlow and ActiveWarmth technologies, this facial cleansing device removes dirt and oil from pores deeply and paves the way for better product absorption. It even has a built-in rose quartz stone that targets inflammation, and it’s gentle enough for all skin types.

    Five key steps to improve your brand

    Among the many permanent changes brought about by the pandemic, there will be the higher standards to which stakeholders of all stripes must hold brands. This will apply to all industries and markets, according to a recent report “2021: The world’s most valuable brands” from the Kantar Group. Companies will have to “adapt quickly to these new expectations of trust, value and mutual responsibility”.

    The report draws on Kantar’s proprietary database, which includes “information from nearly 4 million consumers about their attitudes towards (and their relationships with) 18,500 brands in 512 categories in 51 markets.” Kantar also surveys more than 170,000 consumers each year in more than 50 countries.

    Brands that score high as “significantly different – which emotionally connect with people and set trends in the market – have also seen impressive gains in brand value.” Brands like Apple and Amazon not only have the greatest reach in the market. They also connect deeply with the feelings of consumers.

    Definition of brand value

    Accountants and marketers have yet to agree on a formal GAAP approach to valuing brands. Pending that deal, Kantar’s approach is a promising two-step way to measure brand value.

    First, the research examines financial value: that is to say The proportion of the parent company’s total dollar value that can be attributed to the brand in question, taking into account current and future performance.

    It then evaluates the brand contribution: “Share of the financial value generated by the brand’s ability to increase the purchase volume and invoice the premium.

    Brand value is “the dollar amount that the brand contributes to the overall business value of the parent company.” This approach aims to isolate the value generated by the strength of the brand alone in the minds of consumers, that is, without any other element.

    The result is “a holistic picture of brand equity: a picture that incorporates how the market values ​​a company’s brand assets – and the way ordinary people do, too.”

    The great acceleration

    As in all areas, the pandemic “has exponentially accelerated the existing models of business evolution towards digitalization, towards sustainability, towards corporate responsibility”.

    Kantar found that the greatest acceleration came “from the relationship between brands and technology. Across all categories, technology-driven brands “now represent over 50% of the value of the Top 100 brands. This figure includes major social media, electronics, and business service brands like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, but also tech retailers like Amazon and Pinduoduo.

    Fast food brands like McDonald’s and Chipotle “have capitalized on their digital ordering apps and delivery partnerships.” Telecom brands “have finally shaken up their customer experience by unveiling new virtual showrooms”. Shoppers around the world have “embraced online ordering of beauty and home products.”

    Businesses around the world have “embraced new telecommuting technologies and services, as part of a rapid transition to working from home.” So there has been “a massive, cross-category shift towards e-commerce and online ordering services.”

    So Domino’s is no longer just a pizza company: “It’s an expert in last mile delivery, with efficiency protocols and customer service standards that would be world class in any industry. This need to control “last mile” logistics has “forced the big brands to think smaller and act more locally”.

    The pandemic has obviously increased the importance of the home. Homes have become “prime sites for shopping, entertainment, work and consumption, with far-reaching consequences”.

    In the process, brands have become more and more important. Kantar’s Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands recorded a massive 42% increase in value from last year. now amounting to $ 7 trillion in total value, up from just $ 1.4 trillion in 2006.

    Look in the mirror, not out the window

    The report also contains five key recommendations for companies looking to grow their brand. An essay by knowledge leader Walker Smith argues that “the fundamental prerequisite for growth is the courage to grow. The obstacles to growth lie within the company itself. Growth is rarely held hostage to the market.

    Even in the industries hardest hit during the pandemic, brands that turned to delivery, e-commerce, privacy guarantees, home-centric solutions, hygiene signage and virtual experiences were able to emerge. develop.

    1. Focus on good deeds

    Two things are of particular importance. The first is a full-fledged commitment to customer focus. The second is a company-wide competency in organizational learning.

    2. Develop the category, not just the brand.

    Strong brands often outperform the odds in weak categories, but growth-oriented companies do more. They take control of their categories and expand the category boundaries.

    In this way, “animal feed becomes pet care, the automobile becomes intelligent mobility, alcoholic beverages become social drinks, cleaning becomes public health, dairy products become protein, and the local pharmacy. becomes local health care ”.

    3. Move from small ideas to transformative ideas

    In a rapidly changing market, the logistical complexity of managing multiple brands is increasing exponentially. Companies need to invest in “fewer, even bigger brands”. Innovation, too, must “move from small ideas to transformative ideas worth the logistical complexity”.

    4. Find profit through a goal

    The pandemic has put more emphasis on the goal. Kantar’s analysis shows that “accountability is three times more important for reputation than ten years ago.” Competition for talent will reinforce this trend.

    5. Plan scenarios beyond “business as usual”

    In a world where disruption is the new normal, Kantar recommends “bundling the detection of downward and upward trends and the evaluation of futures.” Businesses need to move beyond “best-in-class” thinking and seek growth outside the comfort zone of “business as usual”.

    The best global brands 2021

    According to the report, the top ten brands in 2021 in descending order are Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba, Visa, McDonald’s and Mastercard.

    The 158-year report covers these, as well as the 90 other major global brands, as well as the sectors involved, in great detail. Overall, the report is a wealth of information on modern branding.

    Worth the detour.

    And read also:

    The triumph of client capitalism

    Supply side: Retailers battle for beauty sales in 2021

    Beauty is the new battleground for market share among major retailers who have each stepped up their efforts to glean more sales in this higher margin category this fall. The NPD Group reports that U.S. sales of premium beauty products fell 17% last year but recovered about 11% of that loss in the first half of 2021.

    “We see two stories unfolding for beauty – one of stagnation (department stores) and the other of recovery,” said Larissa Jensen, beauty industry advisor at NPD.

    She said lipstick sales have improved since the mask mandates were repealed, and that there is an increase in sales of skincare and perfumes as consumers opt out. little luxuries. She said these products are mostly purchased online and not at department store cosmetics counters like in previous years.

    Many market watchers say now is the time to try to increase market share in the beauty category, a $ 42 billion company in the United States alone. Walmart said it “leans heavily on beauty” and recently added more than 40 new labels to the category and put more emphasis on serving people of color.

    Musab Balbale, vice president of merchandising at Walmart US Beauty, said the category is changing as the pandemic slowed sales last year with people working from home. He said beauty product sales were on the rise in 2021, with consumers wanting whiter teeth and lipstick when they took off their masks. Balbale also said adding more products is not an automatic fix as the retailer needs to make beauty more consistent with an enhanced store experience using interactive digital displays.

    “There is a lot more digital engagement in stores. It is an experience capable of delighting customers while providing replenishment and ease of purchase. There’s a lot of work going on to explore how this could be amplified, ”Balbale said in a recent podcast.

    Balbale has worked in retail for the past 20 years and recently made the switch from wellness to beauty at Walmart. He said Walmart’s beauty team has nearly doubled the number of new beauty brands in the past year. Walmart has also started to enter the popular worlds of TikTok and live shopping, hosting its first live beauty shopping event through TikTok in March, drawing more Gen Z (under 24) consumers to the market. bosom of Walmart.

    Walmart also recently partnered with Uoma by Sharon C, a sustainable black-owned beauty brand of Sharon Chuter that draws inspiration from Gen Z. Balbale said the brand exemplifies Walmart’s drive to “change the way of which we engage the beauty community ”through“ diversity, inclusiveness, accessibility [and] durability.”

    “The challenge with beauty is how to bring it in from other areas of the store,” Balbale said. “We know she does her shopping every week. More and more she is looking at fashion and home and the areas where Walmart is making headway. The mission is to facilitate the purchase of what she buys in the beauty area and also to give her things to discover during her weekly shopping trip.

    Amazon recently announced a beauty event in October that it calls Holiday Beauty Haul that will run from October 4 to 25. Amazon hopes to use the event to help drive traffic to other holiday promotions it runs later in the season.

    “We want to attract customers to Amazon during Black Friday week but also in the long term with additional marketing levers,” Amazon said in a slideshow it sent to beauty brands and consultants. “This is a unique opportunity for the selected brands to reach both more buyers and new customers. “

    Amazon has been selling beauty products since 2000, starting with mass products and gradually adding more expensive brands. In recent years, the company has introduced digital services using augmented reality to allow consumers to try on lipstick before virtually purchasing it.

    The new beauty promotion event will include perfumes, men’s grooming, winter skincare products and cosmetics. Amazon has said beauty is one of the fastest growing categories, and the company is also looking to reinvent the online beauty shopping experience.

    In September, Target announced a partnership with beauty giant Ulta that will set up more than 100 Ulta mini-stores in select Target locations as well as on the retailer’s website. In August, the partners said they could see the business reach 800 stores in the next few years. The business is a shop-in-shop concept that Target has done well in the past. The retailer will occupy approximately 1,000 square feet of space for the expanded beauty section with its stores, and there will also be specialty displays, discovery areas and on-trend products. Stores will also have Ulta Beauty-trained employees ready to contribute their expertise via online chats.

    “Ulta Beauty at Target reflects the continuing evolution of our omnichannel strategy, rooted in unleashing the potential of our physical and digital footprints, creating more transparent buying opportunities for our loyal customers and continuing to lead the beauty industry, ”said Mary Dillon, CEO of Ultra Beauty.

    Target CEO Brian Cornell said the partnership is great for Target customers as they will have access to over 25,000 beauty products from 500 vendors and deep beauty industry skill and expertise. beauty.

    Dana Telsey, CEO of Telsey Advisory Group, said everyone is ready to start celebrating special occasions like missed birthdays, graduations and birthdays again, and there is a need for makeup. She said beauty is also a high-margin category compared to groceries, and it’s no surprise that Walmart and Target are expanding their beauty offerings. She said consumers also tend to be loyal to their favorite beauty brands, and the products can also drive traffic in stores and online, which is what retailers are looking for.

    Editor’s Note: The offer side section of Talk Business & Politics focuses on businesses, organizations, issues and individuals engaged in providing products and services to retailers. The Supply Side is operated by Talk Business & Politics and sponsored by Propak Logistics.

    TikToker Says Simple Makeup Trick Will “Mesmerize” Men on Dates: “It’s Powerful”

    Can a makeup hack somehow make a man fall in love with you? This TikToker seems to think it has proven that it really is that easy.

    Decode and Demystify the Latest Gen Z Online Slang Terms with the new In The Know glossary.

    Michelle Diaz (@bymichellediaz) shares all kinds of dating tips on her TikTok – tips on how to live your best life, no matter what your relationship status is, what to do when you’re feeling bad. But her most popular video series is about very simple eye makeup that apparently ‘wows’ men.

    Amber Riley’s Favorite Black-Owned Beauty Brands for Glowing Skin

    “I’m telling you, you’re going to hypnotize every man who looks at your face,” she said in a TikTok.

    The makeup in question consists of only four white dots around each eye.

    “It’s great, super easy,” she explained in a tutorial. “All you got [have] is your white eyeliner.

    Diaz then scored four white dots around both of his eyes.

    “I tried the colon on my eyes recently when I went on a date, and I’m going to tell you, lol this man was like, I can’t stop looking at you,” the DMer wrote. . “He liked it so much and even asked where I got my inspiration from.”

    Commentators were beside themselves with enthusiasm for an achievable makeup that could possibly attract positive attention at a party.

    “I did it tonight, and I’m not kidding, all the guys that came up to me couldn’t stop looking,” one person wrote. “It’s powerful.”

    “Ever since you mentioned it I have been using it and I feel so pretty and feminine,” said another.

    “I love doing these points!” a commenter added. “I’ve been told so many times that people are fascinated by my eyes. I make one in the corner, one below and one next to me [eyeliner] wing.”

    But the powers of this eyeliner trick can be limited to specific eye and skin colors. It is also not a question of whether it has been tested outside of a heteronormative context.

    “I feel like it looks absolutely gorgeous on brown or hazel eyes, but I have blue eyes, and I feel like it may not look that good,” someone commented. ‘a. “Do you have any other tips for blue eyes? “

    “Is there a version of this for black girls?” Asked another commentator. “When I use white it’s too much and it doesn’t look cute.”

    Diaz also suggested gold eyeliner or rhinestones as alternatives in the comments, but not everyone necessarily agreed with the trend, no matter how “potent” it is.

    “I did, and my parents said I looked like a clown,” one commentator joked.

    Watch this living room that hasn’t been updated since the ’60s get a modern makeover

    If you liked this story, check out this article on that coffee creme hack that’s about to save your morning routine.

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    Barack Obama’s first presidential memoirs are now out – and it’s cheaper to read on Kindle

    These Inexpensive Soft And Silky Pillow Cases On Amazon Are Good For Your Hair And Skin

    The 3 most affordable meal delivery kits for cooking at home

    The TikToker post swears that this super easy makeup hack will “hypnotize” men appeared first on In The Know.

    Celebrity Beauty Brands Should Exist

    This story first appeared on Ensemble. You can read the original version here.

    The only three certainties in life are death, taxes, and a new line of celebrity beauty products announced almost every week.

    Ellen just revealed the imminent arrival of her Kind Science “anti-aging skin care” brand. Drake released scented candles in May. Scarlett Johansson’s unnamed skincare brand is set to arrive in 2022.

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched Rose Inc in September, the same month Ariana Grande confirmed her REM beauty was “to come,” and two inevitable hair lines arrived from hair icons Jennifer Aniston (LolaVie) and Jonathan Van. Ness (JVN).

    * Here’s what to know about Jennifer Aniston’s potential beauty brand
    * Six local beauty brands earn a spot in our bathroom cabinets
    * Dolly Parton, the queen of glitter and glamor, launches her own beauty brand
    * These celebrity owned beauty brands will make you feel like a star

    In September, tennis legend Naomi Osaka also became a beauty mogul, with her KINLÒ line focusing on “skin care for those rich in melanin”. A busy month!

    The latest rumor? According to investigative reporters, Meghan Markle, who was allegedly seen meeting with the same company behind Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty brand.

    If you have a large or small profile in 2021, you are a Mark and hence, you have to use this in the potentially extremely lucrative beauty industry.

    The huge success of Rihanna’s Fenty, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, Jessica Alba’s Honest, Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern, and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics (etc. etc.) have turned the beauty industry into a weed. chat for big names looking to grow their brands and add “founder” to their bio.

    This is not new of course; Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren did it in the 1980s. Today, however, it’s pretty much a given. Lady Gaga, Iman, Pharrel, Addison Rae, Jada Pinkett Smith, Millie Bobby Brown, Halsey, Drew Barrymore, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Kristen Bell: they all have a line.

    At this point, it might be better to ask who does not? Well … who should?

    Harry Styles

    That’s the rumor, and another one of those inevitable announcements. Think “the Harry Styles beauty” and you can literally imagine it: a groovy Gucci brand, nail polish (of course), fluid makeup for women, unisex scent.

    Dakota johnson

    This farmer’s market photo became the go-to photo of a million 20/30 year olds who flirted with the idea of ​​having bangs – so a hair care line would be a no-brainer. Or maybe the lime beauty?

    Indira stewart

    It was only recently that we were allowed to see news readers with “natural” hair, after what seems like an eternity with sleek, personality-less breakouts with those waves. It’s like society has decided that women can’t have curly hair and a brain.

    Indira embodies a new breed of women on our TV screens who aren’t afraid to ask tough questions and have the best curls in the country. We’d love to get our hands on her hair care routine (and her brain too, tbh).

    Fran lebowitz

    Despite his famous cynicism and rage towards just about everything, I actually think the New York writer, icon, and storyteller is very conceited.

    She is also 70 years old and despite being a long term smoker, she has great skin – she certainly used a few skin care products in her day. Its line would only include three skincare products, with minimalist navy and white packaging that would be designed by Savile tailors Rowe Anderson & Sheppard.??

    Britney spears

    ??Yes, we know she has a very lucrative and ever-evolving fragrance line, but maybe she could branch out into scented candles? ??

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    The AOC brand is obvious, as well as its flagship product: the red lipstick that lasts. It would be a small batch, plastic-free, made in the USA and affordable. She would be criticized for being anti-feminist, pro-capitalism, adhering to the myth of beauty, etc. Will never happen!??

    Chris Parker

    Her lockdown videos were very funny, but we were distracted by her fantastic clear glowing skin. Show us her skincare routine and give her a fun, gender-free and inclusive line of skincare and makeup, stat!

    Zandra Rhodes

    For years, the fashion designer has been an icon of authentic personal style and self-expression through the power of makeup, with her hot pink hair, divine blue lipstick and eyeshadow. A glance!

    Now 81 years old, and having just launched a collaboration with Ikea, Dame Zandra is responsible for educating beauty dolls.

    Seth Rogen

    Duh, that would of course be CBD based.


    She regularly pushes back society’s expectations for how women look and behave, an attitude that the fashion and beauty industries desperately need more. And her beauty looks are regularly iconic!

    Olivia rodrigo

    Trust us, it will come. Bold and expressive 2000s-inspired makeup products (lip gloss, pastel frosted eyeshadow, face rhinestones) with a campaign photographed by Petra Collins. The brand name will be in lowercase.??

    Jeanne Campion

    Products formulated specifically for gray hair. Very sober packaging. Film campaigns.??


    Glamor, drama, Fashion, capital F: surely this one is already in the works?

    Kim petras

    She recently became the “face” of Bumble and bumble’s Bb. Highlighted blonde range, but we can certainly imagine a beauty line of her own.

    This is a girl who went to the Met Gala wearing a Collina Strada horse head dress, and who idolizes beauty mogul Paris Hilton – so that would be delightfully weird and fun, pink and 2000s inspired.

    Samantha hayes

    Looks like she was never taken without a parasol or an extra large sun hat – we see a great line of sunscreen, for mother and child, in their future. (Caring for red hair is way too obvious)


    Product n ° 1: water-repellent, tear-proof mascara.

    Nicki Minaj Calls Kardashian-Jenners During Black Fishing Speech

    Nicki Minaj opens up about Keeping Up With the Kardashians family as she tries to defend singer Jesy Nelson from moonlighting charges.

    Nicki Minaj mentioned the keeping up with the Kardashians family members while defending singer Jesy Nelson from the criticism she received about “black fishing”. The rapper is busy promoting her new single “Boyz” and isn’t a fan of all the backlash Jesy has faced over allegations she is appropriating black culture. So Nicki took to Instagram Live with Jesy and put an end to these claims by casting a shadow over Jesy’s former Little Mix teammate Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Meanwhile, Nicki’s rant also included a mention of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s association with the black-fishing allegations.

    The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are no strangers to criticism for their glamorous personas. Kim and her sisters have long been accused of cultural appropriation involving fashion choices, beauty standards, plastic surgery alterations, and social media aesthetics. According to Urban dictionary, black fishing is defined as “a woman of European descent to appear of African, Arab or Hispanic descent.” Kim and Kylie run successful beauty empires which they promote through cutting-edge photoshoots and couture. Sadly, some of their looks and campaigns over the years have been accused of black fishing. Overall, Kim, Kylie, and their siblings have largely ignored these kinds of criticisms.

    Related: KUWTK: Rob Kardashian Makes Rare Appearance At Dinner With Sisters

    Now rapper Nicki Minaj has made mention of this while also defending Jesy Nelson from all the dark controversy she is facing. “Black people do this shit everyday and praise Kylie Jenner and Kim and all the girls in their family,” Nicki said during an Instagram Live captured by The real 100. “And if you take a look at Kylie’s before and after, her shade is probably 20 shades darker than how she looked when she was a child. She has bigger lips now. She hangs out with black people. Is she black-fishing? No.“After apparently shading Kylie, Nicki complimented the beauty mogul.”I always congratulate her and compliment her and I tell her ‘You that bitch’ “ she added.

    That said, Nicki’s comments suggest that the Kardashian-Jenner sisters benefit from cultural appropriation. Specifically, Kylie is often accused of black-fishing. She has even been accused of attempting to copy the styles of black pop stars like Beyonce and Rihanna in her photoshoots, while also blowing herself up for the way she appeared in Cardi B and Megan Thee’s “WAP” music video. Stallion. Kim was one of the first in the group to face backlash because of the evolution of her curvaceous figure and tanned appearance over the years. Additionally, her beauty brands and looks over the years have been accused of appropriating cultures around the world. With famous sisters dating prominent black men in the entertainment industry, the Kardashian-Jenners have come under fire for seemingly taking advantage of black culture despite not being or even being a part of it. support social justice movements.

    Over the years, Kim has made several attempts to stop – or at least slow down – these accusations of cultural appropriation. In turn, Kylie and Khloe still have some work to do in this department, if they wish. But now Nicki Minaj has added her name to the list of people who have accused the keeping up with the Kardashians sisters to present themselves in a way that resembles the natural characteristics and styles of black women. However, as usual, Kim and her sisters will likely remain silent on this matter.

    Next: KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Teases Kanye West During SNL Hosting Debut

    Source: Urban Dictionary, The True 100

    Winter sweater Everett The Family Chantel orange FIT

    The Family Chantel: Winter shows weight loss in birthday post

    Net-A-Porter’s Beauty Advent Calendar This Year Is A Holiday Gift Goal

    Crazy beauty products are known to be expensive – often for good reason. Occasionally, years perfect formulas before they hit the shelves at your favorite store and find their way into your carefully curated diet.

    Having said that, it’s not exactly easy to offer a luxury beauty product. “Maybe they already have a similar product ”, you might be thinking hovering over the “Add to Cart” button before choosing a trusted gift card for the nth year in a row.

    This is one of the reasons why luxury brands and retailers do us the favor of packing special value sets for the holiday season. Or, more affectionately called: advent calendars. Most of them are full of sample-sized products so the recipient can try everything to find out what they like most – and what they need – the most.

    The leading advent calendar retailer is Net-A-Porter. Every year, the luxury fashion retailer unveils a new version and the 2021 Net-A-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar has officially arrived! It contains a mix of 17 full-size hair, skin and makeup products and eight travel-size products from iconic brands like Augustinus Bader, Sachajuan, Victoria Beckham Beauty, and more.

    A small sample of items from Net-A-Porter’s 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

    This year’s Advent Calendar has over $ 1,800 worth of products, but it’ll only cost you a fraction, at $ 350. Of course, this is not a moo price tag, per se, but keep in mind that some skin care products cost as much for a single sku.

    Some products you may want to look for in this year’s calendar include * warning: spoilers coming soon * Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Lipstick in the beloved berry pink shade named “Sway”, the indulgent Leonor Greyl Paris Jasmine Blossoms Mask, and the cult of Professor Augustinus Bader -Favorite rich cream.

    Note that Net-A-Porter’s 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar is a limited edition, so you should jump on it if you want to gift it to a friend, loved one or yourself this winter season. holidays. Explore the luxury line in its entirety below.

    We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

    Why Natural-Beauty Beekman 1802 Turned To Snapchat To Showcase Their Skin Gentle Brand To Ulta

    Indie-beauty Beekman 1802 has always been a special brand. Founded by married partners Brent Ridge MD and advertising director Josh Kilmer-Purcell, she was born by accident. After buying a farm upstate in Sharon Springs, NY as a weekend getaway in 2007, they simultaneously found themselves without well-paying urban jobs due to the recession.

    Retiring to the farm to consider next steps, they were called in by neighbor John Hall whose herd of 80 goats lost their home. As a token of kindness, they invited farmer John and his goats to come in and the rest is history.

    Kindness as a corporate mission

    “We always say we started with that one act of kindness. It paved the way for our entire business, ”says Dr. Ridge. “We never wanted to be a big beauty company, but that’s just the way it took us. “

    They didn’t even know beauty would be their next calling, but with a herd of goats on hand, they started there. “We just searched on Google what we can do with goat’s milk,” says Dr. Ridge.

    They discovered that goat’s milk is a healing balm for sensitive skin that has been proven for centuries. They also found that there wasn’t a lot of competition in goat’s milk soup. While it was a staple of farmers’ markets for small manufacturers, it was not readily available to a wider audience due to supply constraints.

    They had a solution for this, so they turned to other neighbors to learn how to make goat’s milk soap. They started producing it for good and selling their soap direct to consumers online after appearing on “The Martha Stewart Show” and their Beekman 1802 Mercantile store on Main Street in Sharon Springs.

    Their big break came in 2013 when home shopping channel Evine, now ShopHQ, came calling. They were ready for prime time after starring in a reality TV show, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” which ran for two seasons from 2010 to 2011. Starting with its flagship goat’s milk soap, they got together. are extended to other natural skin care and cleansing products and has become a bestseller.

    Then, in 2018, Beekman 1802 switched to the larger HSN and QVC of Qurate.

    home shopping channels and became an even bigger hit there. The key to the brand’s success is the on-air neighborhood friendliness that Ridge and Kilmer-Purcell convey on the teleshopping medium, not to mention the kids they bring to the set.

    “There is something about being live that is magical. This allows for a more intimate shopping experience, ”says Kilmer-Purcell. “We have always believed that there are two key ingredients in our products: goat milk and cuteness.

    “It’s easy to talk about goat’s milk. It’s hard to tell people you’re nice, ”he continues. “When you’re on TV and you spend hours a day in front of the customer, they’re going to see the real person you are, and that’s really why we’ve been so successful in TV retail. Finally, people could understand what we thought of our neighbors. It helped us show cuteness in a way we couldn’t on the shelves.

    Show kindness to Ulta

    Given their very personal way of presenting Beekman 1802 on air, they faced a particular challenge when Ulta wanted to launch the brand in 400 stores as part of their “Conscious Beauty” program highlighting brands. clean and cruelty-free beauty products.

    How could Beekman 1802 be more than just a brand on Ulta’s sales floor and communicate the secret sauce that made Beekman so special from the start? They chose SnapChat as a way to bring the interactive immediacy of video to connect with in-store shoppers in a happy and friendly way.

    Each Beekman 1802 mouthpiece or tabletop display features a prominent SnapChat QRcode that allows shoppers to see a virtual baby goat prancing down the aisles. And by turning the screen to their face, they can see what they would look like as a baby goat with virtual baby goat ears and nose.

    It’s a fun way to experience the happy life of Beekman 1802 goat in Ulta.

    “It’s about making people feel better, not just looking better,” says Ridge. “It’s the nicest thing we can do for our neighbors,” is what the company calls its customers.

    Beekman 1802 became an instant hit at Ulta after Beekman’s neighbors showed up at their local Ulta stores, some with flowers and pastries in hand, to welcome Ulta staff and stores to the Beekman district. Ridge reports that Beekman 1802 was Ulta’s biggest own beauty brand launch last year.

    Today, Beekman 1802 is expanding to 100 more Ulta stores, while developing more probiotic-boosting skin care products for Ulta. Dr Ridge is also a member of the Conscious Beauty Advisory Council at Ulta.

    Gentle on the skin

    Probiotics and their effects on the skin have been a major focus of research for Ridge as he translates his medical education and experience into skin care products.

    “We learned 12 years ago that goat’s milk soap preserves the skin’s acid mantle because it has the same PH as the skin. Now our research continues to advance and we are devoting more resources to research in terms of skin microbiome nutrition, ”Ridge said.

    “This is the future of skin care. Clean beauty used to be about removing things from the skin, but now it’s about nurturing the skin’s microbiome ecosystem, ”he continues.

    This is what Ridge and Kilmer-Purcell call “Clinically Kind” skin care. And their dedication to kindness runs from the skin to the community.

    “We see kindness as a mission and as an approach to wellness,” Ridge says. “We believe that a little softness on the skin creates a ripple effect in personal care. A little act of kindness in our communities and neighborhoods does the same. “

    nice to all

    To extend their brand of kindness, the company very early on developed a kindness program for new employees. The success there led them to offer a benevolence program to their neighbors through a four-day immersive experience. They offer about ten Kindness programs per year and slots for 20 people sell out almost immediately.

    “People come to Sharon Springs from all over the country and are visually, tactile and experientially learning the principles of kindness and how to incorporate those principles into their daily lives,” he says.

    “There is a body of research showing how kindness plays a role in health and well-being. It consistently helps manage stress, cortisol levels, and inflammation. Kindness is good for you and good for those you are nice to, ”he adds.

    Currently, Beekman 1802 is partnering with the nonprofit to further spread the message of kindness to businesses and organizations that want to make their workplace a better place.

    Baiting from the farm

    Beekman 1802 gives a new definition to the “bootstrapping” of a business, since it is advisable to wear a pair of boots when venturing out on the farm. From day one, they’ve taken small steps to start a “neighbor by neighbor” business, as they say, without venture capital funding to spur growth. It pays off, because Beekman 1802 has a net-promotor-score (NPS) of over 90, which is a record in the beauty industry.

    “It’s very important for us to control as many parts of the process as possible. We control all aspects of the manufacturing. We control our service experience with our neighbors and in-house shipping, ”says Ridge.

    “We control every aspect because we want the customer we consider to be our ‘neighbor’ to feel this kindness at every point of touch of the brand,” he concludes.

    Sephora is available from Coles. Here’s what you need to know:

    BestReviews is supported by readers and can earn affiliate commissions. detail.

    How to buy Sephora from Coles

    What are black and white and could they bring Coles over $ 1 billion in revenue in the next few years? This is Sephora of Coles, and by the time of its official launch in August, the strategic partnership has already got off to a good start.

    Coles announced the first of the beauty division of the Sephora brand in more than 20 states, with more than 100 Prestige beauty brands. While the partnerships between Sephora supporters are highly anticipated, they are also appealing to Cole buyers. Shoppers can enjoy the convenience of having two stores in a physical store, as well as a number of perks in the arrangement, including double rewards in the loyalty programs of both retailers.

    Why is Sephora at Coles now?

    Prior to 2021, the location of Sephora Inside JC Penney was close to 574. According to August 2021, the unique shop-in-shop arrangement was successful for several years, but JCPenney’s bankruptcy filing in 2020 would have strained its relationship with Sephora. Nasdaq articles. Soon after, Sephora started looking for new physical partners in-store and found Kohl’s to be the most promising option.

    By February 2021, Sephora Press Release It was planned to launch 200 Sephora at Coles in 29 states. So Joint Press Release With Spring Coles and Sephora, retailers have announced that they will predict 400 Sephoras in Coles locations by 2022. By the end of 2023, that number is expected to more than double in 850 locations across the country. nationwide.

    How to buy Sephora from Coles

    Buy Sephora at Coles

    All Coles branded Sephora is presented as a 2,500 square foot open concept storefront of retail space with updated lighting and visual merchandising. A Sephora-trained advisor is onsite and based on his experience in the cosmetology retailer’s signature store.

    Coles Sephora sells a carefully selected assortment of 125 Prestige Beauty brands and sells 8,500 products in each store. Similar to Sephora’s independent location, Kohl’s Sephora focuses on completely immersive and hands-on product discovery.

    Buy Sephora online at Coles Online

    In addition to being Coles Sephora, shoppers can purchase makeup, skin care, hair and fragrance products from the new Sephora brand storefront on Cole’s website.

    • Buyers can add Sephora products to their cart along with Kohl products to save maximum shipping costs. This makes it easy to reach the minimum free shipping threshold for many orders.
    • You can easily find a particular product by using the Search Store option on the product page, which lists the stock status at nearby Sephora at the location of the call.
    • Almost all Sephora products are eligible for contactless calling at participating stores and in-store pickup options.

    Sephora, located in Call’s online storefront, also borrows some of the more popular features from Sephora’s own website. For example, every cosmetology page has ingredient details, often detailing both “highlighted ingredients” and “ingredient calls”. Product reviews posted on Sephora have moved to Kohl’s website.

    Double reward with Coles Sephora

    Sephora and Kohl’s both have loyalty programs in place, and the new partnership allows buyers to double their revenue. All members must use the website. The mechanism is as follows.

    • The Coles Rewards program now allows buyers to earn 5% on every purchase, including Sephora when purchasing Coles. The reward will be converted into $ 5 Coles Cash and can be applied towards choosing to buy Coles.
    • With Sephora Beauty Insider, members can earn 1 point for every $ 1 spent on each purchase of Sephora in Cole beauty products. Plus, it gives you special access to savings events and in-store experiences.
    • Both rewards programs provide loyalty members with special birthday gifts and personalized benefits throughout the year.

    The best Sephora products you can buy right now from Coles

    Rihanna Profilt Soft Matte Longwear Liquid Foundation Fenty Beauty

    A best-selling 50 shade formula, this liquid foundation is highly regarded for its full, long-lasting coverage. It dries on the carpet and has the effect of blurring the pores, for a natural and smooth finish.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Sunday Riley Good Gene All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment

    Ideal for managing hyperpigmentation and large pores, this alpha hydroxy acid treatment exfoliates the skin, leaving it smooth and luminous. Prickly pear extract is added to a gentle formula popular with sensitive skin to reduce redness.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Water Resistant Lip Liner

    Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Water Resistant Lip Liner

    This waterproof lip liner with a lip cream formula can be worn alone or with other lip products. The formula was water tested for 5 hours by the Paris Aquatic Ballet – and it remained vibrant and stain resistant after a few routines.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    NARS Blush

    NARS Blush

    Although this is a classic compact powder blush, the shade collection includes some of the most coveted colors in the industry. The award-winning formula features buildable and mixable silky micronized powder pigments.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Oraplex Hair Perfector No.3

    Oraplex Hair Perfector No.3

    Suitable for all hair types, this olaplex restorative treatment helps manage chemistry, heat styling, and even damage from tight ponytails. Clean with Sephora product. That is, it does not contain the harsh ingredients commonly found in other hair products.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Lancôme Rush Idol lifting and volumetric mascara

    Lancôme Rush Idol lifting and volumetric mascara

    In addition to adding volume and length, this Lancôme mascara enhances your lashes and wakes up your eyes. The formula does not include oils and silicones. Instead, it’s rich in antioxidants that condition and protect lashes.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Ointment

    Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Ointment

    Long loved for its clean, waterproof formula, this pomade is perfect for sculpting, shaping and defining eyebrows. It is available in 11 different shades in shy, warm and neutral tones.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

    An award-winning formula, this eyeshadow base traps pigment for up to 24 hours without falling out or wrinkling. The lid can be slipped on with a soft sponge applicator and easily dispensed with your fingertips.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    TooFaced Soft Peach Eyeshadow Palette

    TooFaced Soft Peach Eyeshadow Palette

    These 18 unique shades include purple, bronze, coral, and pink rose. Pigment-rich eyeshadows are glowing all day long and are free of gluten, parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Touch The Dewey Skin Cream Plumping & Hydrating Moisturizing

    Touch The Dewey Skin Cream Plumping & Hydrating Moisturizing

    Rich and luxuriously formulated, this plumping moisturizer is infused with Japanese purple rice, a powerful antioxidant that gives skin a hydrating glow. It improves hydration and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, especially around the mouth and eyes.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum

    Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum

    Intoxicating and charming, this fruity floral scent from Gucci features scents of pear, white gardenia and brown sugar. Great for layering, it comes in a pretty flowery bottle.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

    Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

    A lightweight serum, this Drunk Elephant formula contains pineapple ceramide to increase luminosity and give the skin a smooth texture. It contains provitamin B5, a moisturizer that attracts water, and sodium hyaluronate, which draws water deep into the pores.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

    Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner

    Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner

    Whether you are looking for a simple continuous line or want to create a cat eye look, this felt stila liner is perfect for precision applications. The durable formula is stain resistant and waterproof, making it ideal for all day wear.

    Sold by Coles Sephora..

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    Cyan babish Write to the best reviews. BestReviews has helped millions of consumers simplify their purchasing decisions and save time and money.

    Sephora is available from Coles. Here’s what you need to know:

    WEN® By Chaz Dean named winner of the 2021 QVC® Customer Choice® Beauty Awards

    Highly coveted award celebrates the best of QVC beauty

    LOS ANGELES, October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The results are in! QVC customers voted for their favorite beauty products and WEN® By Chaz Dean won several categories.

    • WEN® 32 oz Cleansing Conditioner was named winner of the QVC Icon category and the Best Shampoo category.

    • WEN® Botanical Hair & Scalp Tonic was named winner of the Best Hair Treatment category.

    • WEN® Light Finishing Spray was named winner of the Best Hairspray category.

    • WEN® Head-to-Toe Men’s Cleansing Conditioner was named the Best Product for Men category winner.

    The annual QVC® Customer Choice® Beauty Awards recognize customer favorites in more than 45 categories across cosmetics, hair care, skin care, devices and more. Nominated products are an assortment of the best-selling and top-rated items by customers on These award-winning products will be featured in the QVC® Customer Choice® Beauty Awards digital store and will also bear the QVC® Customer Choice® Beauty Awards logo on

    WEN® by Chaz Dean’s flagship product, Cleansing Conditioner won two awards this year as it is a revolutionary step towards beautiful, healthy looking and shiny hair – replacing your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and even shaving cream. Another iconic product in the range, Botanical Scalp and Hair Tonic, helps improve the condition of your scalp. Formulated with essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Rosemary, helping to hydrate scalp skin and add shine and manageability to all hair types. Finally, the Light Restorative Finishing Treatment Spray is a modern, ultra-light finishing spray with a dry finish – designed to give hair flexible and buildable hold.

    “I am honored to be nominated for the Customer Choice Beauty Awards. The nominations themselves are amazing, but knowing that the winners are chosen directly by QVC customers affirms what has always been my philosophy: I create products to meet our customers’ needs and what they tell us they are looking for. We wouldn’t be where we are without the QVC customers who have supported us for all these years. It is to their credit that our cleansing conditioner has won the award for best shampoo every year since 2009 onwards, but I’m also blown away that they’ve adopted us in so many other categories as we grow older. “

    QVC is a leader in building brands through live video storytelling across multiple platforms while delighting millions of customers every day with new discoveries and new products to love. QVC provides beauty brands with the platforms and tools to build relationships with an engaged community of savvy digital buyers. As a winner of the Customer Choice Beauty Award, WEN® By Chaz Dean continues to foster this engaging community of dedicated customers.

    For more information on WEN® By Chaz Dean please visit To learn more about the QVC® Customer Choice® Beauty Awards, please visit

    About WEN® By Chaz Dean
    Launched with a single product in 2000, WEN today covers more than 700 products. She has sold over 28 million cleansing conditioners over the past ten years, making her one of the biggest beauty brands on QVC. The line has expanded to include a full line of styling, skin care, body care, lip care, perfume, home, men’s, children’s and pet care. In 2020, WEN won seven QVC Customer Choice Beauty Awards, including Best Shampoo, Best Hair Treatment, Best Hair Spray, Best Body Lotion, Best Self Tan, Best Men’s Product and the QVC Icon Award. During its lifetime, WEN received 35 retailer awards.

    About QVC®
    QVC is a global leader in video commerce across broadcast, streaming, mobile and social platforms, delivering interactive and engaging shopping experiences to millions of people around the world and a broad audience for thousands of vendors. QVC offers the joy of discovery through the power of relationships. Every day, QVC engages millions of buyers on a journey of discovery through an ever-evolving collection of familiar brands and fresh new products, from home and fashion to beauty, electronics and jewelry. Along the way, QVC connects buyers with interesting personalities, engaging stories, and award-winning customer service. Headquartered in West Chester, PA, and founded in 1986, QVC has retail operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Italy. Globally, QVC reaches 218 million households through its 12 streaming networks and millions more through multiple streaming services, websites, mobile apps and social pages. To learn more, visit, follow @QVC on Facebook, Instagram, Where Twitter, or follow QVC on Pinterest, Youtube, Where LinkedIn.

    Qurate Retail, Inc. includes QVC, HSN®, Zulily® and the Cornerstone brands (collectively, “Qurate Retail GroupSM“), as well as other minority interests and investments in green energy. Qurate Retail Group believes in a third way to buy® – beyond transactional e-commerce or traditional brick and mortar stores. In addition to being a global leader in video commerce, Qurate Retail Group is one of the leading e-commerce retailers in North America (according to Digital Commerce 360) and is a leader in mobile commerce and social commerce. For more information visit, follow @QurateRetailGrp on Facebook, Instagram Where Twitter, or follow Qurate Retail Group on Youtube Where LinkedIn. QVC, Q and the Q logo are registered service marks of ER Marks, Inc.

    Contact: Behrman PR
    [email protected]


    View original content:

    SOURCE WEN Hair and Body Care

    Jennifer Aniston uses this Tatcha lip product to get her plump pout

    If you know Jennifer aniston for taking on roles as main characters in “Friends” and ‘The Morning Show’, then you also know she’s a beauty icon. And, honestly, the icon is a bit of an understatement. We can’t understand how she managed not to age a bit. How, Jen, how ??

    Fortunately, eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted some of the hero products Jen uses to prepare for her TV shows. Among the most promising? A Tatcha mask that soothes parched lips and leaves them glistening like a freshly cleaned diamond.

    More from StyleCaster

    If the name rings a bell, it’s probably because Tatcha is one of Megan Markle’s favorite beauty brands. This particular mask is highly regarded by people like Jen and beyond. As of December 2019, he had a waiting list of 4,000 dedicated stan people.

    RELEVANT: This $ 20 moisturizer is almost an exact dupe for Tatcha’s beloved dewy skin cream

    Click here to read the full article.

    At present, the hero product has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. Many buyers praise the mask for healing their dry, chapped lips. And with the weather starting to change, you might want to jump on the bandwagon, pronto.

    Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to people, and we only offer products that we think you will love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

    You may be wondering why the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask got so much hype and so it’s even worth it. We’re here to tell you, and here’s why: it blends squalane, Japanese peach extract, and Japanese camellia oil. These three ingredients join forces to repair, nourish and hydrate your lips. Best of all, the jelly formula plumps your pout and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Now we understand how Jen achieves a soft pout that never seems to leave the spotlight.

    Courtesy of Tatcha.

    Courtesy of Tatcha.

    Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask 28 $

    Buy now

    An Amazon buyer wrote: “My aging lips appear to be plumped and smoothed with this beautifully packaged product.” Another client who has had very dry lips in the winter said: “I almost cried because for the first time in what seems like centuries my lips are softer and I can smile without feeling pain.” That’s a pretty high claim, and STYLECASTER Resident Beauty Expert Liz Denton Swears By This Lip Mask.

    If you are still not convinced of the superpowers of this product, you just have to try it for yourself.

    Stylist |  Interview with Ashley Benson

    Stylist | Interview with Ashley Benson

    The best of styleCaster

    Fourth Annual Women Pharmacists Day continues to shine a light on women in the field

    Soliman is thrilled to celebrate the 4th annual #WomenPharmacistDay and for the pharmacy landscape to continue to recognize the contributions of women in the field.

    In 2018, #WomenPharmacistDay was officially created by the head of the Pharmacist Moms Group, Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS. Since the inaugural event, women leaders have continued to expand their already significant impact in the field of pharmacy, particularly by pursuing leadership roles and rising to the top of academic opportunities.

    Soliman is thrilled to celebrate the 4th annual #WomenPharmacistDay and for the pharmacy landscape to continue to recognize the contributions of women in the field.

    “Being a pharmacist and a woman is hard enough, but coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has been a big year worthy of big celebrations for women in pharmacy,” Soliman said in an interview with Pharmacy hours®. “We are immunizing the country and there is so much to be proud of for all women in pharmacy today.”

    To celebrate the event, the Pharmacist Moms Group will be hosting a Facebook Live #WomenPharmacistDay event on October 12 at 10 a.m. EST, which will feature more than 600 giveaways from sponsors such as the Cardinal Health, Neuriva and L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty brands. For those who cannot attend live, this important event will be recorded for viewing after it ends.

    Additionally, the winners of the 2021 Women’s Pharmacy Day awards will be announced, which Soliman says will be a little different from previous years.

    “This year we have expanded the awards and now we will have 4 winners for Woman Pharmacist of the Year: community, health system, independent and non-traditional,” she said in an interview with Pharmacy hours®. “We are very happy to honor women in all areas of pharmacy. “

    To further promote #WomenPharmacistDay, a new episode of “Women in Pharmacy Wednesday” on the Podcast Focus on pharmacy today’s premiere focuses on the event and features former Women Pharmacy Day Award winners Jennifer Shannon, PharmD, BCPS, and Krista Capehart, PharmD, MS, BCACP, FAPhA, AE-C.

    The Focus on pharmacy The podcast is available on our Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts page.

    MyGlamm allocates $ 100 million to acquire six beauty brands

    With the ambition to become the largest CPG company in India, MyGlamm set out to build a “Digital Unilever”. Glamm Group, which will bring together the MyGlamm, POPxo and BabyChakra activities under a single entity. The new entity has a $ 100 million war chest and a mandate to acquire six beauty and personal care businesses by March 2022.

    Founded in 2017 by Darpan Sanghvi, MyGlamm is an omnichannel beauty brand with a line of over 800 cruelty-free and vegan products for makeup, skin care and personal care. While the business is digital first, MyGlamm will have 30,000 offline outlets by the end of the year in 70 cities in India, and last year opened a 3,000 square foot interactive flagship which is six times larger than the average for Indian beauty stores.

    MyGlamm acquired the female-centric digital platform POPxo in September 2020 and the best Indian parenting platform BabyChakra in August 2021. All three companies reported that their one-man businesses have grown after their partnership. The founders of these companies, Priyanka Gill (POPxo) and Naiyya Saggi (BabyChakra), have joined Darpan Sanghvi as co-founders of MyGlamm and will share the management of the new entity.

    “During this group-building journey, we realized that we have some amazing growth engines. We have access to 88 million users through POPxo and 20 million mothers through BabyChakra, and then we have the expertise of MyGlamm in building products and driving distribution. ”Sanghvi told Business Insider.

    The company is reportedly already in talks with several potential targets and is looking for Indian brands with at least 50 (about $ 6 million) to 200 crore ($ 26 million) in revenue. The intention is that the companies continue to operate as individual entities but have access to the infrastructure and resources of the Good Glamm Group as well as current and future customer bases.

    At the time of the last round of funding, Sanghvi told TechCrunch, “The commerce engine content has become our biggest gap. We acquire 250,000 new users every month without spending real money.

    The founders of Good Glamm Group said they currently have a revenue rate of 740 crore ($ 100 million) and are targeting 1,850 crore ($ 250 million) by March. After building a portfolio of brands, the company will push for an IPO by 2023 as the first digital CPG company in India.

    MyGlamm investors include Amazon, Bessemer Venture Partners, L’Occitane, Mankekar Family Office, Tano Capital, Ascent Capital, Wipro Consumer, Trifecta Capital, Stride Ventures and Accel, among others.

    The most popular beauty brands in the United States, revealed

    In a new study by Tajmeeli, researchers found the most popular beauty brands in each state, and surprisingly enough, the three most popular brands can be found at drugstores.

    Maybelline is the top pick in nine states, with the highest search interest score in states such as Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas , Washington and Wisconsin. In second place, CoverGirl, who received the most love from Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Oregon. In third place is Revlon, as the biggest fans are in New York, Alaska, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

    The study also found that New York is America’s cosmetic capital. However, many of the state’s most beloved brands are high-end classics – think Dior, Lancôme and Clinique suggest that New Yorkers aren’t afraid to spend on beauty.

    Other states also accept high-end shopping, with Arizona, Colorado and California’s preferred brand being Anastasia Beverly Hills and Minnesota and Kentucky’s preferred brand being Too Faced.

    To see the breakdown state by state, click here.

    Find a doctor

    Find a new beauty “Best Doctor of Beauty” Near you

    Juice Beauty’s Karen Behnke on Creating Clean Beauty Products That Really Work

    Today, the category of natural beauty has truly reached the peak of its popularity, but in 2005 when Juice Beauty launched, it was another era for beauty. It was the days of harsh scrubs, acidic astringents, purple eye shadow, and lots of lip gloss. But Karen Behnke knew that when she wanted to create a beauty brand, she wanted to take a whole different path. “Faced with hormonal changes and the onset of wrinkles in my skin, I set out to find healthy skin care solutions that showed visible results. My goal was to create luxurious organic formulations that work better than conventional beauty products. I was amazed to learn that while the skin can absorb what is placed in it, there were very few healthy personal care products available that worked well, ”she says. So she worked a lot with chemistry doctors, physicians and microbiologists to perfect the chemistry of Juice Beauty. The formulations started with a basic premise: She believed that by formulating with a base of organic botanical juices rich in antioxidants and vitamins, rather than with derivatives of PEGS / petroleum or water, and combining them with powerful skin care ingredients, it would give better results than conventional or natural products.

    Clean slate

    In fact, Juice Beauty was created even before the clean beauty revolution began. For Behnke, being clean back then meant using safe ingredients that would really work and finding well-tested solutions. “Product development, with our professional chemists, is my passion. I love working with all of our ingredients, which we have developed for the clean beauty industry and which offer an alternative to the main conventional chemical ingredients. For example, organic grape seeds instead of silicones, coconut alkanes instead of dimethicones, plant pigments instead of synthetic dyes, non-nano refined zinc instead of chemical sunscreens, argan tree + a dark purple carrot instead of carbon black and more, ”she says.

    On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that wanting to use natural ingredients has to necessarily push you down the DIY path. “I don’t think DIY skin care is a good idea, as many consumers ask us for our help after burning their faces while trying to DIY in their kitchens. Why would anyone try to be a chemist if they don’t? Behnke said. Instead, look for brands and products that have validated their ingredients and tested (and re-tested) them to ensure they are effective. Although we use very different chemistry labs than conventional chemical companies, we use the same clinical validation study labs. We’re doing it because we want the same PhD scientists who study wrinkle depth, hyperpigmentation reduction, skin tone and texture changes for big brands to look at the results of Juice Beauty products ” , she confirms.

    But designing products that are organic, safe and truly effective is the challenge. Behkne worked with Gwyneth Paltrow (an investor in Juice Beauty) to create a mascara that would suit any club – being clean, but really durable. “We turned down so many of our original formulas because we both wanted to have a mascara that would stay put, while having clean, natural, and organic ingredients with no synthetic dyes. Plus, no harsh glues, so we used vegetable resin instead. The end goal is a product that the consumer does not have to compromise with, making it a win-win solution for everyone.

    Read also :

    What is the blue beauty movement and how can you be part of it to save the planet?

    Why are clean beauty products more expensive than their traditional counterparts?

    The truth about the ingredients in your favorite shampoo bottle

    Amber Heard limits comments to fluffy bathrobe sparkle

    Amber Heard walks cautiously as she posts images of herself in a fluffy bathrobe in a massive glow. The actress and ex of Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has had comments on her limited Instagram since leaked audio footage in 2020 saw her admitting to “hitting” her ex-husband with “pots and pans” – as the leak has far more a year, Amber hasn’t budged when it comes to protecting herself on social media.

    The weekend brought new content from the Texan mother-of-one, with Amber reminding her followers of her status as an ambassador to beauty giant L’Oreal.

    Amber Heard shares awesome bathrobe video for L’Oréal

    Scroll down for the video. The star is currently in Paris, the French capital, where paparazzi photos have shown her chic on the streets of the city – but the headlines mention Depp’s $ 50 libel lawsuit against her.

    Superb fans from a hotel room, the actress posted for her 4 million followers while being showcased by a professional team. The video showed Amber tossing without makeup and in a chair as she flaunted her toned legs and dried her hair, things getting more styled as Heard was seen with red lipstick and makeup applied.

    A comfy white bathrobe was all Heard wore, though afterwards images showed her wearing chic and sexy shorts as a belt highlighted her slim waist. She even sipped wine here.

    See the video below

    Taking its legend, the Aquaman The star told her followers, “The Saturday night glam team for @lorealparis.” Heard has faced a major backlash as she continues to face the French giant, this amid her tumultuous divorce from Depp and allegations she was physically abusive towards him.

    While the video has garnered over 100,000 likes, it hasn’t received a lot of comments – one, to be precise. In early 2020, and after fans hated her for the leaked audio reveal, Amber quickly turned off or limited comments on her Instagram. The only answer currently reads: “Wine straw” with a heart-shaped emoji. More after the video.

    Proud to be with L’Oréal

    Amber has said that she is an ambassador for one of the world’s most recognized cosmetics and beauty brands. In a statement, the actress said:

    “Becoming a spokesperson for this vibrant and globally loved beauty brand that tells women we’ve been worth it since before I was born, and joining the L’Oréal Paris changemaker family is such an honor,” adding: “I have the impression that these women – my fellow ambassadors – represent a voice, a power, a movement, an opinion. “

    In 2020, a petition was filed to remove the star from her ambassadorial status.

    Why nutricosmetics is the last frontier in skin care

    Multi-step skin care routines and high tech gadgets have all been in our journey to achieve a radiant complexion.

    But the latest chapter in beauty innovation prompts us to take a step back. Adopting the age-old anecdote that beauty begins from within is nutricosmetics. Introducing a holistic approach to how we fight acne issues with age management, these beauty supplements promise to cure the root cause of the problem.

    Beauty begins with the essential. For Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Los Angeles-based supplement brand Moon Juice, who arrives in the area later this year, it starts with “healthy eating, more than eight hours of sleep, walking and stress management.” From there, add supplements to your topical skin care routine.

    An effective indicator of when you are running low on any of these necessities is your skin. “Beauty is a reflection of the way you take care of your body and yourself,” says Sandra Sharpe, functional medicine coach in Dubai. The signs of a poor diet, lack of sleep, and stress are likely to manifest in the form of rashes, dehydration, and boredom, to name a few.

    In the demanding world we live in, it’s no wonder that supplements sell out. According to Nutrition Business Journal, the nutritional supplement industry grew 12.1% in 2020, the highest in more than two decades. Consistent with these results, according to Google Ads, searches for collagen increased 33% from March to December 2020, indicating increased interest in beauty supplements.

    While supplements can offer many benefits, it’s important to note that although the industry is regulated, not all nutricosmetics have been tested and submitted to clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. When opting for supplements, try to avoid those that contain artificial ingredients, binders, fillers, and dyes. Also check the sugar content, especially in sweets, as it can often be high. Brands should display their ingredient list and it should be easy to read with a nutrition facts panel.

    People with food and diet intolerances should be especially careful. Collagen, for example, comes from the connective tissue of animals. In particular, cowhide and fish scales. Ingestible alternatives for vegans contain ingredients such as vitamin C, silica, and an abundance of amino acids. Although advertised as vegan collagen, when ingested it is not. They are collagen builders, which means they help stimulate your body’s production of collagen. Research has proven that this formulation is not as effective as its animal counterparts, although some brands claim otherwise, proving how important careful research is.

    Experimenting with supplements versus topical treatments should not be taken lightly. “When we apply oils, creams or serums to the surface of the skin, hair and nails, the interaction between the product and our body is largely superficial,” says Aya Serhal, clinical dietitian at the American Hospital Dubai.

    “Ingestible beauty products have a fundamental impact, as our gastrointestinal tract digests them, our bloodstream circulates them, and then our organ systems metabolize them, cleanse them, redirect them and assimilate them,” adds Serhal.

    Supplements include ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes. Finding the right formulation for you is a personal journey that should be guided by a qualified physician, dermatologist or dietitian.

    “We are all unique and our bodies function and react differently,” says Sharpe. It is also important to note that if you are not deficient, any additional supplementation will not provide any additional health benefits.

    It is essential that you listen to the needs of your body. For those who can, professional monitoring of the nutrient levels in your system reap the best rewards.

    Bioniq, a London-based supplement brand that debuted in the UAE late last year, aims to offer this service. Part of the monthly fee includes a nurse who comes to your home or office every two months to take a blood sample. The company can then offer a micronutrient formula and a customized and up-to-date nutritional plan. Positioning itself as a preventive approach to health, it also learns through consistent intelligent data collection which parameters need to be tested so that you can progress in your health journey. With your body functioning at its optimum level, glowing skin, healthy hair, and strong nails are just added benefits.

    How you should ingest these nutrients depends on the ingredient. “We make them in the most potent form that is optimal for the bioactive ingredients specifically formulated for these supplements. So some of our nutricosmetic supplements come in capsule form and others in powder form, ”explains Jeremy Muijs, co-founder of Australian beauty brand clean Grown Alchemist.

    Another positive impact of supplement ingestion is that: “As your body absorbs the nutrients from the formulas, it will also provide benefits to other parts,” says Jules Miller, founder of the brand. of London supplements The Nue Co.

    With so many formulations on the market, there is one area that brands are focusing on. “Inflammation is at the root of a large part of the dysfunctions and diseases of the body and the skin,” explains German aesthetic doctor and founder of the eponymous label, Dr Barbara Sturm. Flares of hypersensitivity can all be a reflection of what’s going on in your gut microbiome.

    “The skin is often called the ‘mirror’ of our intestines,” agrees Miller.

    If you have to start somewhere, start with what you eat. “Diet is essential for controlling inflammation and promoting skin and overall health,” says Sturm. From there, consider adding a supplement.

    “I have always been an advocate for a well balanced diet that is high in nutrients to help nourish from the inside out. We have drawn heavily from natural food sources in formulating our products and I always recommend the diet as a great place to start when looking to improve your well-being, ”says Miller.

    You must be patient when taking nutricosmetics. “As with your skin care or with your diet, to achieve lasting results, it’s important to stay consistent with your supplements,” says Sturm.

    To make sure you stay on top of your routine, Bacon advises, “Know yourself and your habits and put your supplements next to things you do every day, like next to your toothbrush, to your coffee maker or phone charger. “

    Like skin care, supplements take a long time to prove effective. If you’re looking for these skin-improving benefits, stick to your chosen formula, make sure you get eight hours of sleep, eat right, and try not to stress out. The benefits will go far beyond healthy, glowing skin.

    Update: October 3, 2021, 7:14 a.m.

    Tula and Tatcha named top skincare influencer marketers – WWD

    The era of the glamorous influencer is drawing to a close.

    Data from Tribe Dynamics shows that as the popularity of skincare grows across all platforms, winning brands are ushering in a new set of aesthetic rules.

    Makeup may still have the lead in volume by EMV, said Conor Begley, president of Tribe Dynamics, but brands are increasingly gaining on skin-forward content. “What we’re seeing across the category is a big decline. People are diversifying their content and creating less makeup, ”he said, adding that light coverage brands like Ilia and Kosas were among those showing growth. “Makeup will continue to have more total volume, just because it’s easier to talk about and more visual in nature, but that’s purely from a volume standpoint.”

    To this end, skincare is increasingly popular with younger consumers and the platforms they frequent, such as TikTok. “The Fuller Glam brands have had a more difficult time. When you watch content on TikTok, you don’t see a lot of heavier makeup content. You see more skin care, ”added Begley. “It’s a change of guard from what consumers prefer. “

    Here, the 10 best skin care brands in August 2021, ranked by EMV.

    1. Where are you now
    2. Tatcha
    3. Glow Recipe
    4. Summer Fridays
    5. Kiehl’s
    6. Drunk elephant
    7. Great !
    8. From youth to the people
    9. Caudalie
    10. Beauty first aid


    The best brands and influencers of Tribe Dynamics

    Data reveals consumer credit takes a hit as BNPL rises in pandemic

    Executive relocations at MAC Cosmetics, Tom Ford, Tatcha

    Luxury skin care from a stem cell expert loved by A-listers

    Legacy beauty brands typically take decades to achieve a level of market dominance that sees them seep into popular consciousness.

    Several have succeeded; brands whose names will be recognizable even by people whose involvement in the beauty industry is limited to toothpaste, soap and dandruff shampoo.

    You know them, as the brand that has become synonymous with luxury skincare, La Mer. Although the beauty industry may have a fluffy exterior, it is a particularly lucrative market, but saturated and intensely competitive.

    New businesses trying to carve out a niche and build a reputation face giants with marketing budgets commensurate with their status, and most new brands fail in their first year.

    The results were amazing. Skin grafting was avoided. Scars were avoided

    The global skin care market alone was valued at over $ 145 billion in 2020. While it has certainly flourished and penetrated popular notoriety as a symbol of high quality skin care, the brand luxury Augustinus Bader – with its royal blue bottles now recognizable around the world – was only launched in 2018.

    While existing brands offer lines comprising hundreds of products designed to be used synchronously in complex diets, the new name in premium skin care was launched with just two products: cream, for oily skin and balanced, and rich cream for dry skin. Three years ago, at the height of Korean-inspired multi-layered skincare routines, this was a one-off product declaring itself everything everyone needed.

    In an interview, Gwyneth Paltrow said she uses the rich cream at night, and countless celebrity mentions have followed. The brand has become the talking point of beauty editors around the world, winning countless awards.

    Among others, actresses Courtney Cox and Melanie Griffiths have invested in the company. Since that launch, Augustinus Bader has experienced almost unprecedented growth, surpassing its historic competitors to become one of the most recognizable names in luxury skin care in three years. Sales of £ 7million in 2018 climbed to £ 70million last year and continue to grow.

    Bader himself is Director and Professor of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Technology at the University of Leipzig. He has the kind of sweet and courteous manner and a propensity for bow ties that feels like another time but is especially new to the extraversion of the beauty industry. He almost seems to have lost his way on his way to a medical conference and has just created one of the most renowned beauty products in the world.

    The founders of Augustinus Bader, German stem cell expert Professor Augustinus Bader and French financier Charles Rosier.

    One of the world’s leading stem cell experts, the 62-year-old German professor has created a wound gel designed for use on burn victims. It rehabilitates the skin with minimal scarring and without the need for skin grafts. Creating a high-end skin cream that sells to Brown Thomas for just under $ 200 a bottle was not his intended career path, and it remains secondary to his research, which he’s always excited to discuss.

    When I talk about the success of the brand that bears his name, Bader displays a reserved, almost timid delight. He says that at the start of his research, his alternative to organ transplantation and skin grafting was widely rejected.

    “My controversial idea might have been a bit early, but now with skin care, although it’s not a form of medical treatment, they share a common idea: that you can trigger or help your own relief. Ten percent of the brand’s net sales went to wound healing research and other charities in 2020.

    Bader met French financier Charles Rosier at a dinner in Leipzig and showed Rosier pictures of the effect of his wound gel on a four-year-old girl who had suffered second and third degree burns. “I was amazed by the images,” says Rosier.

    Rosier says customer feedback is so enthusiastic and forthcoming that the brand is creating products based on demand

    “The results were incredible. Skin grafting was avoided. Scars were avoided. I thought “How can such a discovery exist and it is not widely available?” It would change the lives of so many people. This would have a major positive impact. Rosier’s answer to his own question is not edifying – “most burn victims come from developing countries, because that is where fire is used to cook and heat homes.”

    Funding for clinical trials costs tens of millions and as a result, Rosier suggests that investing that kind of money in Bader’s wound gel would be “risky funding with perhaps less return for the pharmaceutical companies.” When they met that night, Bader hadn’t gotten the funding he needed.

    With no experience in the beauty industry, but with a background in finance, Rosier says he and Bader thought about how they could use the professor’s findings to “find a pragmatic way to fund his research.”

    Rosier attributes the couple’s initial enthusiasm to naivety. He believed that the professor’s scientific credentials were unmatched. He considered Bader’s TFC8 complex to be unique enough to establish a niche in the beauty industry and lead a brand to major success. The professor describes TFC8 as a combination of certain “vitamins, fats, nutrients and amino acids which are precursors of our intact skin cells in our intact skin” which are necessary for the skin to repair itself.

    Despite the original ethics of just one branded product, last year it launched numerous products in the face and body category and is about to launch Augustinus Bader The Serum (€ 320) and Augustinus Bader The Eye. Cream (185 €). Bader himself confirms that “our philosophy remains that all products are stand-alone products. There are different formulations because people have different skin needs – rich cream, for example, may be better if you live in a dry climate or have drier skin.

    He is not suggesting that people should buy all the products and use them simultaneously. They all contain its TFC8 complex. Rosier says customer feedback is so enthusiastic and forthcoming that the brand is creating products based on demand.

    “If you look at Augustinus Bader’s peers in the premium skin care world, they average 150-200 product lines. We won’t. It’s not our DNA. We always maintain this philosophy of simplicity, and the product line is a very neat assortment compared to our peers. “

    So far, the brand has gained prominence by doing things differently. It will be interesting to see if he continues to win with this strategy.

    34 Latinx-Owned Fashion Brands You Should Know About

    Although the vast majority of Latinxes pride themselves on always looking their best, even going to the corner store (because, as our mothers have anchored it in our brains, you never know what’s this will happen where “whogoing to be there), Latinx communities are not a monolithic culture. Across the diaspora there is a plethora of cultures which, yes, often overlap.

    Our rich heritage allows us to flourish in the creative fields. From a handful of brands that dominate the beauty industry and boy bands that are on every Gen Z playlist, Latinx are heading towards the mainstream, so you better get used to it.

    One way we like to incorporate the best Latinx brands is in what we wear. Whether it’s innovative knits, AOC approved sports masks, or sustainably crafted handbags, we’ve rounded up a wide range of Latinx fashion brands for you to check out.

    All products featured on Teen Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    A Vogue teens Alum from Generation Next, Krystal Paniagua is a Puerto Rican designer whose pieces are full of meaning. Each of Paniagua’s knitted garments are intended to accentuate the wearer’s body and are designed with longevity in mind.

    Martin Across creations are handcrafted in Ecuador and showcase the landscapes and the joys of travel, which we all crave lately.

    Based between Puerto Rico and New York, Santos by Mónica produces fun and electric bags made from vegetable leather made from cactus fibers grown in Mexico. Mónica Santos Gil’s brand is focused on slow fashion and returning the resources that were used to make the products back to nature.

    Known for their bold prints and vibrant colors, this Brazilian brand is a celebrity that has been producing bright, avant-garde pieces since 1997 and they are also very environmentally conscious. Farm Rio has partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization that helps global reforestation, to donate a tree to plant in the Amazon rainforest every time you make a purchase.

    Luiny’s aesthetics are #objectives. This Puerto Rican jewelry designer crafts her pieces by hand in Brooklyn, NY. Her timeless yet daringly minimalist designs that reflect her love for her travels and her organic lifestyle.

    Ethically made in Ecuador, Hera is a conscious fashion brand that prioritizes natural fibers, dyes and vintage textiles. With Isabel Prez at the helm, Hera focuses on unique and cool pieces that draw inspiration from music, culture and art.

    Made from recycled metals, Hernán Herdez is a seasonless jewelry line from Puerto Rican designer and artistic director Melissa Hernández. Formerly known as Coyote Negro, you’ve probably saved tons of her IG images in your inspiration boards.

    Founded by Kristen Gonzales and Sam Romero in 2016, Selva Negra is a ready-to-wear brand designed in a sustainable manner and with accessibility in mind. Most of the pieces cost under $ 200 and are ethically produced in downtown Los Angeles using fabrics sourced from Los Angeles, California, Japan, and Turkey.

    Annais Yucra is an emerging designer from Peru who studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London. Since graduating with honors, Annais Yucra has been designing pieces that rewrite our approach to fashion.

    Centered on the Latinx identity, Hija de tu Madre was founded in 2016 by Patty Delgado. In their shop you can find pieces with phrases like “Make Jefa Moves”, “Ya Guey”, “Yo quiero dinero” and of course, the iconic “Latina” hoops.

    Simonnet is not just an independent store where you can buy designer pieces from Ottolinger, Saks Potts and Tigra Tigra; it is also a ready-to-wear brand signed Simonett Pereira.

    Cuyana, these are high quality timeless pieces. Founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah in 2011, Cuyana’s philosophy is really less is more, especially when it comes to building your capsule wardrobe.

    Lagotta is a sustainable swimwear brand that has expanded into beauty, wellness, CBD, and resort wear, but still makes minimizing waste and prioritizing small manufacturing its primary focus. Goals.

    Yo Soy Afro Latina was created by Bianca Kathryn to empower black women within the Latinx community and remind people of the rich cultures of Latinidad.

    Victor Barragán founded his eponymous label, Barragán, in 2016. Thanks to his unique and eye-catching designs, in 2019 Barragán was recognized by Anna Wintour and the CFDA. Since then, a larger platform has allowed Victor to become a leading voice in Mexican fashion.

    Based in Mexico City, Tuza is a jewelry brand of Suzza Atala that fuses her love for sculpture and design.

    Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré launched Valfré in 2013 and since then his unique and vibrant creations have never stopped stopping.

    Based in Brooklyn but born and raised in Mexico City, Sabrina Olivera is a fashion designer who reinvents potential clothes, fabrics and textures from a storytelling perspective. For example, his latest company is called “Soldaderas”. There, she explores the way women fighters of the Mexican revolution dress and behave.

    Mozhdeh Matin is the Peruvian designer behind Mozh Mozh, a slow fashionable women’s clothing brand that showcases and emphasizes Peruvian textiles and techniques such as alpaca, cotton, wool and rubber. natural.

    Since Kare Perez’s brand, Second Wind, launched amid the pandemic in 2020, it has received press recognition and support from AOC – all thanks to its fashionable and comfortable face masks.

    Johanna Ortiz founded her eponymous brand in 2003 in Cali, Colombia and it’s all about drawing and celebrating the complexities of femininity.

    Founded in 2019 by Colombian designer Monika Silva, Gauge81 is all about reinventing basics with imaginative designs.

    Rooted in the ideals of fair labor, environmentally responsible manufacturing and social responsibility, Ética denim was founded by Agustín Ramírez in 2018 in Puebla, Mexico.

    Taking tote bags to a new level, Mayorga is a Tijuana, Mexico-based accessories brand that has taken TikTok by storm.

    Handcrafted in São Paulo since 2006, Alexandre Pavao’s creations are a maximalist’s dream. If you like to have fun with your outfits, these bags have your name all over the place.

    JZD’s Pink Latina Power Tee is the brand’s flagship piece. However, JZD is more than that. It is a lifestyle brand that builds community and celebrates the culture on a daily basis, since 2016.

    Born by Agustina Dubié in 2012, Dubié’s stylish shoes are made in Argentina and heavily influenced by the 90s. They are stylish but perfect for everyday wear.

    What started as an Instagram account quickly grew into an organized e-commerce site for Latinx brands. Shop Latinx was started by Guatemalan / Nicaraguan Brittany Chavez in 2016 and is your one-stop-shop for discovering and supporting emerging Latinx talent. But that’s not all, Shop Latinx also showcased its first merchandise collection, which features a range of products such as t-shirts, tote bags and more that celebrate the Latinx community.

    Puerto Rican twin sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson aren’t just DJs, they’re entrepreneurs too. They founded their eyewear brand, Coco and Breezy Eyewear, in 2009 and have almost instantly become popular among stylish celebrities.

    Designed by Dominican Carolyn Compress and made in the Dominican Republic, Olette is an ode to stylish comfort, durability and her Caribbean roots.

    Jomary Segarra started knitting with her grandmother at the age of seven, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she founded Yo +, an ethical brand that fuses knitwear and technology to create clothes without gender.

    Made from recycled plastic, El Cholo’s Kid is an accessories brand that gives us a glimpse into Mexican artisan culture through an updated and stylish lens. It was founded in 2008 by Daisy Romero.

    Ojo Sagrado is a slow fashion brand, known for its recycled denim, which has Mexican design and heritage as its top priorities. Founded by Jessica Gutierrez and Daniela Ruiz, both from Puebla, Ojo Sagrado prides itself on being 100% Mexican, from materials to production. The brand also operates on a zero stock basis, with make-to-order requests and worldwide shipping.

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