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Regis® Partners With Industry Leaders For Product Distribution On New Merchandising Strategy As We Shift To A Fully Franchised, Lightweight Business Model

MINNEAPOLIS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Regis Corporation (NYSE: RGS), a leader in the hair care industry, primarily engaged in franchising, owning and operating hair salons equipped with technology, announced that it is outsourcing distributing products under a model to Beauty Systems Group and SalonCentric Inc. “Our new distributors will offer competitive pricing, promotional benefits, top-notch […]

Aluminum packaging is changing the face of beauty brands

With the climate at risk, the zero waste movement took. Everyone from universities to cities is trying to cut down on their waste. Consumer brands are embarking on redesigning their packaging, moving from plastic and paper to aluminum. And while we generally think of beer, staple foods, and pet foods wrapped in metal, foil wrappers […]

Independent Beauty Brands Embrace Buyable Live Streaming – Glossy

As direct shopping gains momentum in the United States, independent beauty brands DTC continue to embrace the sales model. This week, live streaming platform Buy LIT direct expands its brand list to include skin care brands Covey and Joanna Vargas, who are both hosting their first purchasable livestreams this week. They are joining a number […]

Hottest Beauty Trend Is All About The Customer

To receive the Vogue Business newsletter, register here. Beauty has a new essential personalization tool: zero-party data. Zero data refers to data collected on a consensual basis, unlike third-party or proprietary data, which is extracted and used to personalize products, services and experiences for the buyer. Brands are jumping on customers’ willingness to share their […]

Women-Focused Brands Accept Crypto Payments That Drive Adoption

While Bitcoin (BTC) may be viewed as a store of value for many, some consumers around the world may think otherwise. Recent data have revealed that 46 million people in the United States plan to use cryptocurrency to pay for things like groceries or real estate. Payments giant Visa further revealed in July that its […]

DTC Beauty Brands Replace Chat Groups with Private Online Clubs – Glossy

Part focus group, part influencer campaign planner, and part social club, online private label groups are gaining popularity among DTC startups. Organized on a variety of social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Geneva, these B2B mini-communities are often made up of influencers, friends of founders and, sometimes, loyal customers. For smaller brands that don’t […]

Best New Makeup and Beauty Products of July 2021 Buy Now | Drunk Elephant, Uoma Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury

additional social groundJuly’s best makeup launches are all essential With new makeup dropping at sky-high daily rates, we’ve decided to make it easier for you to sort through the selection of the latest pencils, lipsticks, and more. Seduce editors look forward to every new launch and emerging brand to find the stars in bright and […]

Cartier touts sustainability through art exhibition

The Social Edition is our weekly series that delves deep into luxury initiatives in the social media landscape in China. Each week, we highlight brand campaigns running on Chinese digital platforms – WeChat, Weibo, Tmall, Douyin and beyond. Our coverage highlights global luxury brands, global beauty brands and local Chinese brands. The latter provides an […]

Deluxe ‘Dog Beauty’ is Officially a Thing Thanks to Pampered Pandemic Pets

Known for its $ 1,000 haircuts and premier clientele, New York-based luxury salon Julien Farel has seen a post-pandemic surge in demand for its services. At one point he had a Waiting list of 1,200 people. But it’s not just humans who flock; well-heeled salon clients are joined by their pandemic puppies. “We have lots […]

MECCA Founder Jo Horgan on the Changing Face of Beauty: “I wanted to turn the industry upside down”

Way of life Jul 3, 2021 5:00 PM4 minutes to read When MECCA founder Jo Horgan opened her first store at age 29, she had no idea there would one day be over 100 stores in Australasia. Photo / Supplied Beauty retailers like MECCA have helped revolutionize the way we think about beauty today. As […]

Victoria’s Secret inclusive rebranding faces body image backlash

Victoria’s Secret brand overhaul replacing angel-winged models with women of varying shapes and sizes is a necessary and expected step towards bodily inclusion, says professor of applied psychology Rachel Rodgers-but the lingerie giant still has a long way to go. Rodgers studies body confidence and the corrosive impact of unrealistic and idealized images at Northeastern’s […]

Jeffree Star on his Beauty Business: “I’m Irrevocable” – Glossy

One of YouTube’s most subscribed beauty influencers, Jeffree Star has never been one to avoid controversy. But after the loss of a major brand partner and his followers in 2020, he’s back in the public eye with the promise of remaining drama-free. Progressing in recovery from a serious car crash in April in his future […]

How APAC beauty firms are riding the wave of marine protection

While green beauty focuses on protecting the environment, blue beauty stems from the need to address and correct the ways the industry’s products are harming our oceans. “From sourcing ingredients to responsible packaging, industry leaders who were once considered ‘green’ are now making a concerted effort to become ‘blue’. It certainly resonates with sustainability and […]

8 young South Africans who kill him in the beauty industry

South Africa may have a high youth unemployment rate, but there are still those who are trying to bridge the gap by creating beauty brands. The beauty industry is becoming more and more diversified. After years of being ignored by the big beauty and skincare brands, black women have decided to take matters into their […]

Music meets makeup to set the mood: elf Cosmetics presents the electric vibe

OAKLAND, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – elf Cosmetics launches its new limited edition Electric Mood collection, born out of Beautyscape, the annual elf competition that gives rising beauty stars a unique chance to help create an original beauty collection. In this year’s competition, elf teamed up with musical artists, Tove Lo, Pitizion and Tiana Major9, […]

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