The Best Rosacea Skin Care Routine, According to Experts

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  • If you have rosacea, it can be difficult to create a skin care routine.
  • We asked dermatologists to explain how to develop a safe and effective skin care regimen for people with rosacea.
  • These tips and product recommendations will help you take control of your skin condition.

Perfecting a skin care routine can be quite difficult to navigate. With the amount of advice going around, the names of complex ingredients to try to pronounce, and the sheer number of products available, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. Add rosacea to the mix, and it can make the idea of ​​developing a skin care routine even more intimidating. But with the help of the best dermatologists, finding a basic diet when you have rosacea is easier than you might think. It’s always important to go for a diagnosis first, but if you’re not sure who to turn to, we asked the experts everything you need to know about a suitable rosacea skin care routine.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common, but often misdiagnosed, chronic inflammatory skin disease. Alia Ahmed, MD, psychodermatologist and consultant for the NHS and Get harley, said POPSUGAR that rosacea is generally subdivided into the following categories: erythema-telangectatic, papulopustular, ocular, phymatous, granulomatous, and neurogenic, all of which can be diagnosed by a dermatologist.

Although everyone experiences rosacea differently, common symptoms include: redness (often affecting the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin), bumps and pustules, broken capillaries, flushing, burning sensation, swelling of the face caused by inflammation and feeling of dryness of the skin.

In darker skin tones, where the early symptoms of rosacea can sometimes go unnoticed, look for acne-like rashes, burning or stinging when applying skin care products, and rather than redness, look for dark spots on the skin, as well as dryness. “Seeing a professional will help you confirm the diagnosis and avoid irritation that can potentially lead to long-term post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in dark skin.” Amiee Vyas, MD, aesthetic doctor, consultant for Get harley, and co-founder of the Black Skin Advisory Board, noted.

There are a number of common rosacea triggers to watch out for, including alcohol, temperature extremes, sun exposure, spicy foods, exercise, and psychological factors like stress.

It is not known exactly what causes rosacea, we do know that it is an “inflammatory condition associated with an alteration of the skin barrier and colonization by microorganisms,” explained Dr Vyas. While there is no cure for the disease, it is manageable with the right avoidance of triggers and treatment through skin care and sometimes oral medication.

How to Create a Skin Care Routine If You Have Rosacea

When you have rosacea, tailoring your skin care routine to your specific needs can be the key to managing it. If you suspect you have rosacea or have recently been diagnosed, when it comes to a new skin care routine, Lauren Hamilton, MD, cosmetic doctor and founder of Victor & Garth, told POPSUGAR that “less is more”. And Dr Vyas echoed that and recommended cutting your skincare routine right away.

Experts all agree that starting with a gentle, soothing cleanser, followed by a light moisturizer, and ending with mineral SPF in the morning is a great place to start. Until you get your condition under control, “avoid strong active ingredients (such as alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids) and products that contain alcohol or perfume,” Dr. Vyas said. . “On top of that, you can add antimicrobial products to protect yourself from microorganisms.” This will help to minimize irritation as much as possible that could further compromise your skin barrier.

Ingredients to watch out for if you have rosacea

If you’re looking for specific ingredients in your skin care products that can help ease your rosacea symptoms, a good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for anything that can help restore skin barrier function. “Ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid will rehydrate your skin, while ceramides will retain moisture and help your skin barrier,” Dr. Hamilton said.

Once you’ve settled your skin and worked on repairing your barrier, with expert help, you may want to look for slightly stronger ingredients that target other rosacea symptoms. Brimonidine gel and oxymetazoline hydrochloride have been shown to help relieve redness, Dr. Hamilton explained. Topical azelaic acid (which you can buy with or without a prescription depending on the percentage of strength) is effective for people with red or pus-filled bumps present in inflammatory rosacea. Dr Vyas agrees, adding that antioxidants and polyhydroxy acids can also help with gentle exfoliation as they are the least irritating of all hydroxy acids.

Using sunscreen is important if you have rosacea

There is a skin care product that is an absolute must for everyone, and it’s sunscreen. But, if you have rosacea, you will need to stay on top of wearing it. even more. Wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 all day, every day, is one of the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage as well as potential triggers for a rosacea flare. (since sunlight is a well-known trigger for rosacea flare-ups). “UV rays can damage blood vessels (by breaking down the supporting collagen and elastin in the blood vessels) contributing to the symptoms of redness and flushing associated with rosacea,” said Dr Ahmed.

Experts generally recommend using a mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical one, as the ingredients used in chemical formulas tend to irritate sensitive skin like those with rosacea. The ingredients in a mineral sunscreen contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which tend to be better tolerated by people with sensitive skin. Sonia khorana, a general practitioner (with a particular interest in dermatology) and cosmetic doctor in the West Midlands, also recommended using a mineral SPF if you are prone to rash.

What skin care products should a person with rosacea potentially avoid?

“Don’t be overzealous with physical exfoliation practices (eg using washcloths or rough scrubs),” Dr Ahmed said. “Avoid products with a strong scent as they can sometimes cause skin reactions and make rosacea worse.” Once you have a better understanding of the triggers, you will be able to determine if the scent is right for you or not. “Other changes to consider would be to use water-based makeup and oil-free moisturizers,” Dr. Hamilton said.

That said, while many dermatologists suggest products and treatments that work with rosacea, it’s worth noting that many of them also live by the motto (As dermatologist Ranella Hirsch said): “If you are happy with your skin care, ignore what IG says.” There are products that experts recommend avoiding if you have rosacea, but if you have rosacea and one of those products works for you, then you do.

A note on prescription products and rosacea

Often times, rosacea is treated with prescription products, however, as there are different types of rosacea, treatment for each varies widely, with some improving with regular skin care products and others requiring. medical treatments such as oral antibiotics and laser treatment, Dr. Hamilton explained. If you are suffering from mild rosacea, it may be suggested to manage your symptoms first without prescription products and instead by identifying triggers and using skin care products designed to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce irritation. If you have symptoms affecting your eyes, Dr Vyas said it is imperative that you see your GP as this could be a sign of ocular rosacea.

In short: when it comes to skin care for people with rosacea, Dr. Vyas simply said, keep the routine short and sweet. And try to visit a GP or dermatologist for personalized expert advice if you can. Buy dermatologist-recommended skin care products for rosacea in advance.

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Beauty giant Coty Cosmetics seeks to sell its own branded products

Coty Cosmetics CEO Sue Nabi told Axios that the beauty giant will “probably” one day showcase Coty-branded products.

Why is this important: Coty produces some of the world’s most popular perfumes, skin care products and color cosmetics on behalf of other well-known brands, but has given up on producing its own branded products.

In an interview on “Axios on HBO”, Nabi also discussed the brand’s decision to buy 52% stake in Kylie Cosmetics and 20% in KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian West’s beauty brand.

  • Coty has faced investor lawsuits who argued that the Kylie Cosmetics deal was too expensive, given the distorted numbers presented to Forbes in 2020 about the company. But Nabi said the power of these brands on social media makes them profitable long-term investments.
  • “Clearly, we are going to invest behind Kylie … Today she is the most followed woman on Instagram. She recently gained two million followers in one week, 60 million, over 60 million in one year, ”Nabi said.

The big picture: The beauty industry has been shaken by the pandemic’s transition to e-commerce and micro-influencers through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

  • Micro-influencers, or social media influencers who cater to a niche audience, have forced traditional beauty companies to consider more progressive trends, like sustainable beauty products, genderless cosmetics and skincare and a more wide variety of makeup matching the complexion.

The bottom line: “These followers are following that person because they know that person is an expert on something. And with those, I would say, a new generation of influencers, ”Nabi said.

  • Coty has recently invested heavily in revamping her Cover Girl beauty brand, especially to address more diversity.

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Hello beauty junkies! Your Favorite Korea Made Skin Care Products Are Here – Manila Newsletter

If Korean-style flawless skin is your #skingoal, here is a range of genuine products you can buy locally at a very affordable price, guaranteed to be safe and easy to use.

Ever Organics is a Korean-inspired skincare line by Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. Comprised of paraben-free, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free products that are all 100% made in Korea, this brand promises to be skincare-friendly. skin. beginners and enthusiasts alike. Launched in early 2020, Ever Organics offers essential Korean skin care that gives you simple Korean glass skin glow. From soothing gels and sheet masks, to pore serum and facial mists, here’s everything you need to know:

Ever Organics Soothing Gels

Soothing gel
The cold in Korea helps a lot in making the skin smooth and supple. To recreate and lock in this effect, Soothing Gel is best recommended for Filipino skin. Not only do they give the skin a feeling of freshness and soothing, but they also help to lighten the skin and to refine the pores.

Ever Organics Soothing Gel comes in five different variations that also provide additional benefits, such as Tomato for oil regulation and preventing excess sebum, Aloe Vera for skin repair, Ice Jeju Aloe for soothing redness and calm irritated skin, Snail Aloe to help collagen production. for younger looking skin and papaya to help lighten your skin.

Ever Organics Sheet Masks

Sheet mask
Sheet masks are a staple of any Korean skin care regimen. Used daily, they help improve skin hydration and, depending on the formulation, may provide other benefits as well. Ever Organics offers a complete line to meet everyday skin care needs.

Aloe vera is good for moisturizing and soothing irritated skin, while vitamin C helps lighten the skin and protect it from harmful UV rays. Charcoal helps tighten pores and cleanse the skin of encrusted dirt, while snail extract helps firm skin and even skin tone. Green tea is good for cleansing the skin of impurities and helps reduce acne, while the collagen smooths and strengthens skin elasticity for that coveted youthful glow.

Pore ​​Serum
After daily cleansing and toning, application of Ever Organics Pore Brightening Serum gives the skin a boost in vitamin C, which speeds up the production of collagen and elastin to help keep skin plump and firm. Regular use of vitamin C serums prevents premature aging of the skin and helps restore the youthful and smooth appearance of the skin.

Ever Organics Face Mists

Face Mist
Skin care doesn’t stop with hydration at the end of your morning or evening routine. Carry Ever Organics Face Mist in Aloe Vera and Ice Jeju Aloe variants and hydrate your skin anytime you want.

Ever Organics is available from all Ever Bilena resellers and direct selling partners nationwide. For resale opportunities call or text 0925-8010012 or message via Facebook or Instagram. Discover the full line of Ever Organic products in the Ever Bilena direct sales brochures or visit website Where Facebook page to see the list of products and all the benefits.



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The 7 best bloggers to follow for advice on healthy skin

Your skin, being the largest organ in your body, can put you through a lot of it, from acne and wrinkles to eczema and dullness. On your journey to controlling your skin tone, you may have encountered a common problem: being overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available. And a lot of them are making big claims.

You can always turn to your certified dermatologist. And frankly, these true experts should absolutely be your go-to for all skin care, especially if you are drastically changing your routine or having developed a new skin condition. However, you may need additional support, guidance and inspiration. This is where bloggers and influencers come in..

RELATED: Dermatologists Share 7 Tips For Soothing Dry Skin

These skin care gurus’ palpable love for product testing, self-experimentation with procedures like microneedling, and honesty about issues like acne will help you make decisions, understand what that works for you (or not) and get you on the right track. towards solving your skin problems.

In other words: they try everything so you don’t have to.

The people on this list have a holistic, compassionate, and outspoken approach to skin care that is easy to follow. Here’s who to follow:

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Karen Millen Jane Moore Dress

If you are looking for inspiration for summer dresses, look no further than Jane Moore’s latest outfit choice.

The Cowardly Women the presenter took to Instagram to share her latest fashion pick with fans while making a short runway video. Jane was absolutely delighted with her dress, stating, “Today’s Loose Women outfit was this powder blue Karen Millen dress which is elegant yet surprisingly cool / light to wear. It’s formal enough to pass for ‘a suit’ during the day but the transition to an evening function too. “

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

We totally agree with Jane and love her choice of fashion. This dress is a take on the popular utility trend, incorporating button-down details and a chic collar. Its thick belt allows you to style your hair as you wish, allowing you to create the most flattering look for your figure. Available in powder blue (as Jane wears) and also in stone, it is available in sizes 6-16 and is currently 25% off on Karen Millen’s website at £ 149.25.

Karen millen

Polished Wool Blend Button Utility Dress, Karen Millen, £ 149.25

Karen millen

At just under £ 150, this dress is moderately expensive. Even though we think it’s totally worth it for one outfit you can wear it all year round and dress smart or casual depending on where you wear it, we have found alternative options with more affordable price, so you can get Jane’s stylish look for less .

Blue will definitely be the color of summer.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and other similar content on

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I gave my roommate so many beauty products that she loves them

As much as I would love to try and fall head over heels for every beauty product I get, it would be physically impossible. I mean, if I quit my job this second, if I moved to Antarctica and brought my current stash of stuff, I always be more than defined for life. Of course, that certainly won’t happen anytime soon (although after 2020 who can know what the future holds!), So I am recruiting my friends and family to test all the products currently circulating in my apartment. . Even my 73 year old dad was forced into the process once Where twice!

My roommate angel, Steph Limiti, still gets the first dibs, a liability that has grown exponentially since COVID. You see, before the pandemic, all of my packages were sent to the office and all the extras I didn’t want to test right away or take home were stored in the WWW Beauty closet. Well, RIP, because over a year later this sucker probably has two inches of dust on it and not a single new formula to its name. Instead, every inch of my apartment has taken over in the meantime.

My roommate, Steph, could being annoyed that jars, bottles, tubes and tinctures take up the majority of our floor space, but again, she’s an angel and has happily accepted Sephora status from our apartment. The silver lining? She has access to – and can test – her loads of exciting beauty products, and all I ask in return are her reviews and unfiltered thoughts. Best of all, since she’s a content manager for Who What Wear’s sister skincare brand, Versed, she knows a good beauty product from a bad one and offers an informed and fresh perspective. She’s been at this home magazine for just over a year (we were still relatively new roommates when COVID hit), so I thought it would be fun to take a quick dip in her beauty wardrobe. current. Below, she shares which holy grail products (among hundreds) she’s become absolutely obsessed with and why she loves them. Continue scrolling!

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Inflation is returning to Latvia after long years of absence. Consumer prices up 0.3% – Baltic News Network

Compared with March 2020, the average level of consumer prices increased by 0.3% in March 2021. The prices of services increased by 0.9%, while the prices of goods decreased by 0.1% .

Compared with March 2020, in March 2021, the average level of consumer prices was mainly influenced by the increase in the prices of transport-related goods and services, the prices of recreational and cultural goods and services, the prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, health care, as well as falling prices of goods and services related to housing, clothing and footwear, food and non-alcoholic beverages, according to information from the Central Bureau of Statistics from Latvia.

Over the year, prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages group fell 0.6%. Over the year, the most significant price drop was for meats and meat products (3.4%), including the price drop for poultry (7.9%), dried meat, salted or smoked (1.6%), pork (2.8%) and meat preparations (2.0%). Prices fell for bread (3.4%), butter (6.6%), potatoes (7.2%), fruit and vegetable juices (4.6%), as well as coffee (0.8%). In turn, the average price level increased for flour and other grains (10.2%), dairy products (3.1%), vegetable oils (9.3%), milk (2.0 %), bakery products (1.2%), jams and honey (4.0%).

The average price level for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products increased by 1.8%.

Prices for alcoholic beverages increased 2.8%, mainly due to higher prices for spirits and beer. Prices for tobacco products increased an average of 0.1%.

The average price level for clothing and footwear fell 3.9%. The prices of shoes fell by 8.0%, but the prices of clothes – by 2.8%.

The prices of housing-related goods and services fell 2.5%, mainly due to an 8.3% drop in the average price level for thermal energy. Declines were also recorded in the prices of rents for housing, solid fuels, electricity and natural gas. In turn, an increase was recorded in the prices of housing maintenance and repair services, as well as materials for housing maintenance and repair.

In the healthcare group, prices rose 2.4%.

During the year, the average price level increased for dental services and specialized medical practice. In turn, the decline was recorded in the prices of pharmaceutical products, mainly reimbursable medical products.

The prices of transport-related goods and services rose 3.3%, which was mainly affected by the 6.1% increase in fuel prices. Diesel prices increased on average by 6.6%, gasoline by 5.6% and motor gasoline by 4.2%. Prices have increased for road passenger transport and used cars. Prices fell for air passenger transport, which continued to be strongly affected by restrictions linked to Covid-19.

Over the year, the average price level for recreational and cultural goods and services increased by 2.0%. The most significant increases are in the prices of flowers, personal computers, television subscription fees, as well as newspapers and magazines. In turn, the prices of pet food have fallen.

Among the other product groups, the most notable price increases were in food services, telecommunications services, cleaning and household maintenance products, household furniture, hairdressing salons and hospitality services. personal care facility. In turn, the fall in prices has affected auto insurance.

The average level of consumer prices rose 0.8% in the month

Compared with February 2021, the average level of consumer prices increased by 0.8% in March 2021. The average level of prices for goods increased by 1.0%, while that of services – by 0.3 %. The greatest pressure on price changes was due to rising prices for clothing and footwear, transport-related goods and services, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, recreational and cultural goods and services, in the group miscellaneous goods and services, as well as lower prices for housing-related goods and services.

During the month, the average price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages remained unchanged. Due to the cessation of sales, the most significant price increases concern bakery products (2.1%), flour and other cereals (4.8%), fresh or chilled fish (8.4% ), jams and honey (6.1%), chocolate (2.9%), poultry (1.4%). In turn, due to seasonal factors, prices fell for fresh fruits (3.0%), mainly grapes and oranges, as well as fresh vegetables (2.3%), mainly cucumbers. Prices fell for coffee (1.6%), bread (1.0%), fruit and vegetable juices (3.1%).

The average price level increased for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products – by 1.5%, mainly due to the increase in excise duties from March 1, 2021. A price increase was recorded for spirits and beer.

The rise in the prices of clothing and footwear typical of March was influenced by the arrival on the market of the goods of the new spring season. The average price level for clothing and footwear rose 7.2% in March. Clothing prices rose 5.5%, but footwear – 12.9%. While the emergency persisted, it was only possible to purchase clothes and shoes remotely, with the exception of individual stores where trade in the entire assortment was permitted according to the rules. adopted. The total share of imputations for clothing and footwear was 33%.

The prices of housing-related goods and services fell 0.1%, which was mainly affected by the drop in the price of electricity. In turn, the prices of housing maintenance and repair services have increased.

The average price level of transport-related goods and services increased by 1.8%. Fuel has become more expensive – by 3.4%, including diesel – by 3.5%, gasoline – by 3.1% and motor gasoline – by 5.1%. Prices have also increased for air passenger transport.

The prices of goods and services related to recreation and culture increased by an average of 0.8%. When the sales ended, the prices of flowers and pet food rose.

The average price level in the miscellaneous goods and services group increased 0.6%, primarily influenced by higher prices for hair salons and personal care facility services. Since March 1, hairdressing and manicure / pedicure services are allowed, subject to security conditions. The prices of personal hygiene and beauty items have also increased.

Among the other product groups, the most significant price increase was for non-electric kitchenware and utensils, while the price decrease was for pharmaceuticals.

Compared with 2015, consumer prices in March 2021 were 10.0% higher. The prices of goods increased by 7.9%, while the prices of services – by 15.0%.

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James Charles Sexting scandal: companies remain silent

  • In a recent YouTube video, James Charles admitted to sexting with boys who now claim to be underage.
  • Most brands working with or adjacent to Charles have ignored Insider’s requests for comment.
  • YouTube has not responded to a survey, but has announced that Charles will not be hosting the second season of Instant Influencer.
  • See more stories on the Insider business page.

In the five years since James Charles began posting regularly on YouTube, the 21-year-old beauty star has landed sponsorships with brands like Morphe and Chipotle, collaborated with Kylie Jenner, and even hosted a series of contests. reality TV on YouTube. The YouTuber now has over 25.6 million subscribers on the video platform and 36 million followers on TikTok.

But recently Charles – who has been involved in several YouTube spats before – is in hot water after admit to flirting and sexting with men who say they are under 18.

In an April 1 YouTube video, he addressed the allegations and acknowledged that conversations with teenagers should not have happened. “I was reckless,” he said.

Charles said in the video he thought the boys were 18 and blocked them on Snapchat when he found out their real age, although one boy denied lying about his age in a conversation with Insider .

Most of the brands that have collaborated with or are adjacent to Charles ‘career have ignored multiple requests for comment from Insider regarding Charles’ latest video.

Here are the companies that responded and did not respond to requests for comment:

  • Youtube: YouTube did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Charles has been on the platform since 2015 and has earned income through video monetization and the YouTube partner program. YouTube monetization provides a flow of financial income to creators, and the platform demonetized David Dobrik’s channel in light of a rape allegation against a former member of his group Vlog Squad. Following the video in which Charles addressed the allegations, there was various calls for the demonetization of its videos on social networks. On March 26, before the video was released, YouTube says Variety that James Charles would not host the second season of his show “Instant Influencer”, without however specifying the reason for the separation.
  • Morphe Cosmetics: Morphe did not respond to multiple requests for comment. The cosmetics company saw a lot of pressure to comment on possible future projects with Charles after his release a popular eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the YouTuber in November 2018, accompanied by two sets of brushes.
  • Ulta Beauty: In a statement, the beauty brand told Insider it was “not a current sponsor of Instant Influencer,” the YouTube series Charles previously hosted. “I can confirm that our work with the platform ended in May 2020 and we currently have no plans in place to re-engage,” a spokesperson said.
  • Lilly Lashes: Lilly Lashes did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The eyelash company in partnership with Charles in 2018 and offered 15% off purchases to customers using his code.
  • Laura’s shop: Laura’s Boutique did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The shop in partnership with Charles in 2018, offering 10% off for customers using a promo code.
  • Zipporah: Sephora did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The makeup store currently stores the Morphe with Charles Collaboration Palette on their website.
  • Ole Henriksen: Ole Henriksen did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. In 2019, Charles shared a sponsored image using products from the skin care company. He also has appeared in an advertising campaign for the brand.
  • Sugar bear hair: Sugar Bear Hair did not immediately respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The vitamin company’s partnership with Charles sparked the now infamous Dramageddon involving fellow YouTubers Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star.
  • The Trevor Project: The LGBTQ nonprofit has previously worked with Charles as part of its partnerships with Morphe, but told Insider it “has no direct relationship with James Charles.”
  • Chipotle: Chipotle did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Charles’ recent makeup review of an eyeshadow palette from the elf cosmetics x Chipotle collaboration sparked rumors that Chipotle sponsored the video or paid him to review, but Charles did not disclose whether or not Chipotle was involved in the video. the making of the video.

Charles’s YouTube video, titled “I Hold Myself Responsible,” was posted to his main YouTube channel on April 1, after several accusations against Charles went viral on social media. In the video, he said he was unaware of the inevitable power dynamics when speaking to viewers or fans of his videos.

“A power imbalance can occur even when it is unintentional,” Charles said. “What I didn’t understand before is that the excitement that comes with talking to a celebrity is literally enough for someone to do or say something they wouldn’t normally do. Even if that celebrity is. doesn’t intentionally arm her fame, her money, or power. And that’s the concept I just didn’t understand, but I understand it now. “

He added that he would take a break from social media.

Charles did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Lindsay Dodgson and Sirena Bergman contributed reporting for this article.

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This skin care product is proven to lighten skin better than hydroquinone

Do you notice more places where there were none before? Let’s face it, freckles can be cute, but large or patchy pigment spots can be frustrating and seem to come out of nowhere. Whatever word you use to describe it – dark spots, sun spots, age spots, etc. faces as they get older.

In fact, when we think about what betrays our age, we usually think of fine lines and wrinkles, but believe it or not, studies have shown that even in the absence of wrinkles, skin tone uniformity is positively related. to perceived health. and negatively related to perceived age, meaning that discoloration and uneven skin tone make individuals appear older and less healthy.

Although it is one of the most common signs of aging, hyperpigmentation is one of the most difficult conditions to treat and can take months to improve. Improvement requires resolving your current pigmentation issues with a proper skin care routine, and for more severe discoloration may also require treatments such as peels and lasers.

Reversing current discoloration and preventing future dark spots requires a combination of broad-spectrum sun protection (applied every two hours when you’re in the sun) and proven home care solutions with multiple anti-pigment ingredients.

Hydroquinone has long been considered the “gold standard” when it comes to combating pigmentation issues, but concerns about long-term use and availability in several states have prompted people to seek out safe but effective alternatives. Jan Marini Skin Research saw this challenge and took the opportunity to develop and test a new hydroquinone-free solution to lighten skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration. With more NewBeauty Awards than any other company, we already knew about their commitment to quality and were, of course, interested to see how it worked.

In a 12-week clinical study conducted by world-renowned dermatologist Omaha, NE Joël Schlessenger, MD and published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Marini Luminate face lotion was compared to the “benchmark” hydroquinone in a split face study (meaning each product was applied to half of the face and compared over time). Marini Luminate Face Lotion not only showed an equivalent if not greater improvement in the appearance of discoloration, but it also showed superior improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles according to the participants’ assessment of the study and doctor.

Marini Luminate Face Lotion is simply a game-changer. Its revolutionary combination of seven powerful lightening ingredients includes several proven technologies as well as a unique turmeric extract that does not stain, a new specialized peptide (Nonapeptide-1) and all-trans-retinol as well as multiple antioxidants and soothing agents for a additional protection against free radicals to minimize redness and irritation often associated with other lightening products. This one-of-a-kind formula is proven to offer the same, if not better, lightening than the old “gold standard” with the added benefit of reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Products like Marini Luminous Face Milk, Luminate Marini Face Mask and Marini Luminate Eye Contour Gel more Marini Multi-Acid-A-Home-Peel offer a multi-faceted approach to reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation for a clearer, brighter, healthier and younger complexion with visible improvement in as little as a month, all without hydroquinone. Take the consultation to find your perfect skin care routine at

Find a doctor

Find a new beauty “Best Doctor of Beauty” Near you

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Don Lemon Says CNN Ratings Dip Due To Trump Absence, “Better For The World” He’s Not POTUS

CNN anchor Don Lemon seems unfazed by the dramatic drop in network ratings since the old President Donald Trump left the office.

During an interview on the New York Times “Sway” podcast host Kara Swisher asked Lemon if he was “worried about hearing loss.”

“No. I’m not worried about it,” Lemon replied. “The reason I don’t worry about this is because it beats the alternative. The alternative that it is there and we need to understand how we deal with lies, bigotry and hate , and the toxicity that the Trump administration was. Which to me has nothing to do with my ideology or politics because people have accused me of being conservative. Politics. “

“Trump was a horrible person. And he was terrible for the country. And it’s better for everyone – for the world that he is no longer the President of the United States,” Lemon continued. “So if that means the cable briefings are going down? Aww. So I’m not really worried about that. I’d rather my ratings go down and Trump not in office than my ratings were very high and be there. That’s the honest truth. “


Don Lemon has hosted ‘CNN Tonight’ since 2014.

Lemon also admitted that his “CNN Tonight” program served as “therapy for Trump’s enemies.”

“The difference between me and I think other people is that I tell the truth. But I do it out of emotion and I can – you know – a little more lively,” the presenter told Swisher.

CNN has hemorrhaged viewers since Trump left office, losing about half of his audience in key measurables since January following a brief post-election spike.


CNN averaged 2.5 million prime-time viewers from November 4, the day after the presidential election, until the day of the inauguration. But viewers fled the liberal network once President Biden took office, and CNN averaged just 1.6 million prime-time viewers from Jan.21 to March 15.

CNN’s prime-time audience from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET has fallen 36% since Biden took office after a spike after Election Day. CNN’s prime-time audience decline was even more pronounced among major adult demographics aged 25 to 54, dropping 47% over the same period.

Brian Flood of Fox News contributed to this report.

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