23 Black-Owned Brands That Set *Very* High Standards for Beauty Products

Ami Colé is a brand “inspired by Senegal, born in Harlem, NYC” as their website proudly proclaims. With product tones and colors that complement those with melanin skin, they deliver clean, high-quality beauty to an often overlooked audience.

Available at: Ami Colé, Goop, Thirteen Lune, Net-A-Porter

Pricing: $19+

Promising review (for Skin-Enhancing Tint)“I don’t like the heavyness of foundation and I like the light/natural feel of a tinted moisturizer, so I’ve pretty much experimented with all the different tinted moisturizers on the market and I can easily say FRIEND COLE IS IT!!!! I really don’t think anything comes close to this formula actually feeling like my skin!!! I don’t feel it, it’s light, natural and so hydrating. I get tons of compliments on my glowing skin, and people often wonder if I have something and that’s with two or three pumps on my face. If you need more coverage you can add as described on the package, but I like a minimal natural look… The shade range is amazing even for non-black girls, but Definitely recommended it to all my melanin rich queens who had a hard time finding brands that could match their skin tones. Thank you for making a beautiful product that I can always rely on. —Meriam J., client of Ami Colé

Get the skin-enhancing tint here and the skin-enhancing concealer here.


Beauty company sues rival for ‘cloning’

A Waterford-based company that sells professional beauty products has brought proceedings in the High Court against a rival it claims is passing off its products and ‘cloning’ the complainant’s website.

The action was brought by Airmount Beauty Limited, trading as The Manicure Company, against Manitrnd Ltd, with a registered address in Kilmuckridge, Gorey, Co Wexford.

The plaintiff, which sells, distributes and promotes beauty products including nail polish, claims to have discovered several weeks ago that the defendant had set up a website likely to cause confusion as to the range of products offered at sale by Airmount.


Airmount claims that the text used on the defendant’s website corresponds almost exactly in all respects to that of the plaintiff. It is also claimed that product images paid for by Airmount appear to have been used by the defendant.

It is alleged that the defendant altered these images by placing their brand name on the images and deleting Airmount’s.

Airmount also claims to have ordered a sample of products offered for sale on Manitrnd’s website in order to compare them with the items that the plaintiff offers for sale.

She claims that the general configuration of these products is surprisingly similar in almost every way.

In its action Airmount, represented by Gary McCarthy SC, Neil Rafter B and Kenny Stephenson Chapman’s attorney Mark Walsh, seeks various injunctions restraining the defendant from advertising to sell or distribute anything resembling plaintiff’s products.

Airmount, which is based in Waterford City, is also seeking an injunction preventing the defendant from using its database

She further seeks damages for what she claims is breach of contract, negligence and misrepresentation by Manitrnd.

Mr McCarthy told the court the matter was urgent and should be taken to court as soon as possible because his client fears the defendant’s action could harm his business.

The lawyer said that over the past few years his client had enjoyed great success and become a leader in what is “a very competitive market”.

However, according to them, the defendant “cloned” or “cogged” Airmount’s website.

This “copying” of the website, which made it virtually identical to his client’s, was “unfair”, added the lawyer.


The attorney said that a typographical error regarding a particular product that appears on his client’s website also appears on the defendant’s website.

What the defendants are doing, the lawyer says, is confusing clients.

Airmount’s attorneys wrote to the defendant asking them to cease and desist from passing wares that could be confused with theirs and to take down its website.

No response has been received, the court heard.

The case came before Judge Mark Sanfey at the High Court on Tuesday.

The judge, on an ex parte basis, allowed the petitioner to serve a brief notice of process on the defendant.

The case will return to court later this week.

Arcaea unleashes the power of biology for beauty products

Some big beauty brands are betting on a biology-focused startup. Founded by MIT graduate and beauty industry veteran Jasmina Aganovic, Arcaea uses DNA sequencing, biological engineering, and fermentation to create new beauty ingredients and products.

Aganovic’s vision has caught the eye of some big names in business and beauty. Last year Arcaea raised $78m Series A from Cascade Investment LLC, Viking Global, Chanel, Givaudan and Wittington Ventures.

Aganovic, who also founded Mother Dirt, says her goal is to “develop the cosmetic lab of the future” and create a “biology-driven beauty company.”

The company notes that today’s beauty products rely on ingredients extracted from petrochemicals, plants and animals. Over the past 200 years, these ingredients have shaped the entire supply chain, including formulation, claims and marketing, according to Arcaea. Large-scale innovation will be needed to address growing sustainability issues while facilitating broader definitions of beauty and new product experiences. Arcaea’s approach leverages the power of biology to not only create a non-extractive future for ingredients, but also to access previously unimagined product potential.

The name Arcaea comes from the root “old” and “show the way”. The Paradox recognizes the fundamental premise of Arcaea: to look to nature’s most powerful and primordial technology to engineer a more stable future. Arcaea is also a nod to Achaeabacteria, a primary kingdom of life that ironically was only recently discovered.


“Homecourt is the culmination of my lifelong passion for architecture and interior design, as well as my obsession with home organization, scent, and cleanliness. A clean, deliciously scented room brings me serenity. I started Homecourt because I wanted household and janitorial products that smelled as special as the fragrances I wear, and beautiful enough to keep on my counters,” Courteney explains.

Homecourt approaches the cleaning category from a perspective separate from the beauty industry. Each product is formulated with the kind of luxurious niche scents typically reserved for tiny glass bottles and wrist sprays. To bring her vision to life, Courteney enlisted a serial beauty entrepreneur Nick Axelrod-Welk (Necessary, Into The Gloss) to lead brand creation and product development; and Sarah Jahnkea former marketing director of L’Oréal, as CEO of Homecourt.

“I’ve always been obsessed with fragrances and always dreamed of creating my own candles or fragrances, but Homecourt became a much bigger homecare concept once I had the right team on board. I’m a perfectionist and I knew I had to collaborate with some of the best in any industry – the best noses, the best graphic designers and the best skincare chemists in the country,” Courteney says.

Homecourt’s custom fragrances were inspired by Courteney’s personal fragrance archives and the unique combinations she’s discovered over the years. The team worked with the best chemists and perfumeries in the world, exploiting the best raw materials, recycled perfume oils and a range of plant-based cosmetic-grade active ingredients to create each of the launch references. The entire collection is formulated to “clean beauty” standards, using skincare and personal care credentials and the highest quality ingredients, including a first-to-market fermented seaweed extract (for hydration) and an Australian wild hibiscus complex that provides up to 72 hours of hydration. .

Homecourt launches with three products (all 100% vegan and cruelty-free) in four unique flavors:


  • Dishwasher soap: A skin-safe yet powerful dishwashing liquid that quickly dissolves grease and grime and leaves dishes sparkling. Tested by certified dermatologists.
  • Surface cleaner: A clean formula for the cleanest countertops. A concentrated spray that helps remove dirt, stains and grease without leaving streaks or residue.
  • Hand washing: A liquid soap that gently cleans hands without stripping moisture. Tested by certified dermatologists.

The perfumes :

  • Cece: Courteney’s secret blend, revealed. Grounded, mysterious and addictive. Fragrance notes include cedarwood smoke, white leather, sweet cardamom and cinnamon.
  • Infused Rose: A pure infusion that captures the uplifting character of its namesake flower. Instantly fill your space with dozens of fresh cut roses – stems, thorns and all.
  • Neroli leaf: A joyful white floral that combines the honeyed sweetness of orange blossom with the freshness of garden herbs and ripe fruit. Reminiscent of a citrus grove in bloom in early spring.
  • Mint Cipres: A heady, aromatic blend of invigorating green herbs infused with sugar and a touch of crisp citrus and earthy wood. Inspired by the unmistakable scent of Moroccan mint tea.

The Homecourt difference:

  • Fine fragrances: Niche fragrances created in collaboration with the best perfumers in the world, using precious raw materials and recycled ingredients.
  • Own formulas: Non-toxic formulas infused with premium skincare ingredients. Developed by cosmetic chemists. Always 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.
  • Sustainable design: Everything from our personalized juniper green bottles to our kraft boxes are made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Homecourt launches January 26 to https://www.homecourt.co.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

SOURCE Foundation

Dermatologist Dr Muneeb Shah talks skincare and TikTok

Until recently, the only place many people could interact with a dermatologist was in the doctor’s office. This required a pre-booked appointment, usually health insurance, and sometimes a day off. But social media, especially TikTok, has changed all that. Now with dermatologists like Mouneeb Shah, MD, on the platform, users can get solid skincare advice right from their phone while lounging on the couch.

When Dr. Shah, alias @DermDoctor, joined TikTok during the pandemic, he had no intention of becoming one of the most followed dermatologists on the app. “I just enjoyed it and started making videos for fun because we had some time because our schedule had slowed down with the pandemic,” Dr. Shah told POPSUGAR. However, with 12.3 million subscribers and counting, that’s exactly what happened.

The TikTok video that made it viral

As a devoted TikTok consumer, he noticed a hole in the app’s beauty content: there were lots of makeup and hair videos, but not many skincare informational videos despite a need clear and strong. People started asking her basic skin questions in her comments, like how to treat acne or what’s the best ingredient for fading hyperpigmentation. That’s when it hit him: “People ask me this stuff all the time at the clinic – I could easily make videos to answer these questions.” His videos took off from there.


Ingredient combinations #skin care #dermatologist #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #retinol #niacinamide #dermdoctor

♬ Fine Apple – Nic D

“I didn’t plan on being an influencer,” says Dr Shah. He remembers the exact video that catapulted him to TikTok fame. He was lying in bed, scrolling through his FYP to relax after a long day at the clinic, when an idea occurred to him. “I was just like, ‘You know what I should do? I should just start explaining different conditions.'” He called the impromptu series “What’s on your skin?” and used the app’s green screen feature to create 16-second videos. “I did three in a row that night, fell asleep, woke up – they were all in the millions [of views].”

“I want my content to benefit people and the specialty of dermatology. It’s so important that we move the agenda of dermatologists forward and really try to make people see us as experts.”

At first, Dr. Shah’s video creation setup was very simple – he had a few lights, a phone stand, and his iPhone headphones with a mic to talk into. “I just embraced it and realized there was an opportunity to reach billions of people without having to leave the office,” he says. Since going viral, he’s branched out to other series, including “DermDoctor Reacts,” where he duets with other people’s skincare videos (think bursting pimples, DIY extractions, etc.) and gives his honest comments, and “DermDoctor Explains”, where he gives brief explanations of various conditions, trends and concerns. All of Dr Shah’s videos are laid back and informative, but also entertaining. “People call it ‘education’ because you’re educating yourself, but in a way that’s going to get your attention.”

The quest to make dermatologists more accessible

It has been difficult for Dr Shah to keep up with the demand for new TikTok content while working full time seeing patients in his office, but the positive responses from app users keep him going. “I want my content to benefit people and benefit the specialty of dermatology,” says Dr. Shah. “It’s so important that we move the agenda of dermatologists forward and really try to make people see us as experts.” It is its mission to make dermatology more accessible. “People said to me, ‘I thought derms were unrelated, and I didn’t want to see one. Then I saw your videos and I thought, This guy looks cool.’ And they’re giving them another chance.”

Dr. Shah’s main mission is to prove that having beautiful skin is accessible and affordable. “Even before I got into dermatology, I thought you had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying good skincare products,” he says. “Then when I started to learn about the ingredients [and] to learn more about skin, I realized you just need actives that address your issues.” That’s why he frequently makes videos recommending affordable drugstore products to people while sharing articles more high end he swears by.

Her 5 Holy Grail Skincare Products


Effective Acne Routine #dermdoctor #dermatologist #skin care #skincareroutine #acne #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ Oliver Twist – instrumental – Taoufik Yatabaslam

Her five personal products at the moment are the CeraVe Cream to Foam Cleanser ($15), EltaMD UV Restore Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 ($37), Biossance Marine Algae Eye Cream ($54) and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream ($33 ). ).

Why TikTok doesn’t replace in-person medical visits

Dr. Shah says he is thrilled with its ability to reach such a large audience on TikTok and that other dermatologists are getting involved on the app. “Things are changing rapidly, and we need to be part of that conversation.” That said, he can’t stress enough that social media and even the rise of virtual appointments can’t replace visiting a doctor in person.

“I truly believe you get the best care in the office,” says Dr. Shah. In order to properly diagnose and prescribe solutions, dermatologists must be able to feel and see the skin up close. But that’s not all. “There are times when people come to me for acne, and then I look at their arm and I’m like, ‘Hey, that mole is funny,’ and it ends up being melanoma. You can’t never do that on a virtual date.” Or on TikTok.

Image source: Courtesy of Muneeb Shah

7 Indian beauty products to watch in 2022

Making the right buying choices and being more aware is key. The beauty industry is booming, but it has an impact on the environment. Our shopping habits have the ability to influence change, especially when it comes to what we buy on our top shelf. Besides being able to treat our skin issues, ensuring a beauty brand is cruelty-free and vegan can help change the narrative. Check out these Indian beauty brands that promise to save the planet one beauty product at a time.

Best Indian Beauty Brands to Invest in 2022

Pahadi Local’s Pure Apricot Kernel Oil is sourced from orchards in Upper Himachal Pradesh. This oil is non-greasy and non-sticky, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. Gutti Ka Tel is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins A, E and C. It has a nutty scent which is not as long lasting as its moisturizing effects.

Use The Coconut People‘Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub’ to get rid of the wear and tear on your body after a hard day’s work. The richness of coffee beans mixed with the beneficial care of coconut exfoliates dead cells and re-energizes the texture and tone of your skin.

If you suffer from these skin issues, this Sea Buckthorn Face Serum from Mitti Se is a great choice. It eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, makes the skin supple and firm, cleanses the skin from within, gives a fresh glow, for all skin types.

This 100% pure and organic cold-pressed Carrier castor oil is obtained by pressing castor beans. It is rich in essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamin E. It controls hair loss, deeply conditions dry and damaged hair, helps lock in hair’s natural moisture and revives hair follicles for better hair growth. hair.

A moisturizing cleanser and conditioner infused with aloe vera, green tea and neem, Khadi Intense Cleanse Pack Natural Hair Cleanser and Conditioner helps gently cleanse dirt and remove oil from the scalp. It also helps strengthen hair follicles making hair smooth and voluminous. It also helps maintain healthy scalp as it contains antibacterial and cooling agents that relieve scalp irritation. Its concentration of vitamin E helps nourish the scalp. This product is well worth the money.

This “Intensive Hair Therapy Oil” is an Ayurvedic hair oil, prepared with aromatic and medicinal curry leaves and hibiscus, and it is an excellent remedy for hair loss and premature graying. It deeply nourishes the hair, encourages hair growth and makes it shiny and strong from the roots with a blend of powerful nutrients such as Bhringraj, Triphala, Brahmi, Nagarmotha and Methi Seeds soaked in sesame, coconut, almond, and mustard.

This is a fabulous natural face pack from VAADI Herbs it is a skin lightening treatment that also reduces skin blemishes and removes pigment spots from the skin.

All images: courtesy marks and Shutterstock

Dana Evans takes care of business, on and off the pitch

Credit cards can be tricky, and opening one comes with all kinds of responsibilities.

A quick Google search brings up page after page of advice, such as “Ten things to know before getting a credit card” and “Tips to boost your credit.”

For the average youngster aspiring to establish the perfect credit score, such advice from financial websites on the Internet could be a good starting point. But Sky point guard Dana Evans has relied on veteran Candace Parker as a top source in her rookie season.

“We were in Minnesota for the single elimination [playoff] game,” Evans said. “We were talking after practice, and Candace started talking to me about credit and the importance of opening a credit card.”

Parker dropped a ton of knowledge on Evans about the benefits of building credit at a young age. It was just one of many lessons about life, business, and financial success that Evans learned from “Momma Candace.”

Evans gave Parker that nickname during the 2021 season because of all the life skills the two-time WNBA champion, businesswoman, and NBA analyst passed on to her teammates.

Evans, a native of Gary, Indiana, graduated from Louisville with a degree in sports administration and a minor in communications. She was always thinking about ways to succeed outside of basketball and had many conversations with her father about combining her love of fashion and beauty products with her talent on the court.

Evans has since made his dream come true by signing partnership deals with OpulenceMD Beauty and Palm, a tech company that sells headphones and cellphones. She is also pursuing opportunities with companies in Chicago.

WNBA players have a predisposition to be versatile. They have to live off the wages they earn. Most players compete overseas to supplement their WNBA salary, and others develop their personal brands into a business.

“I remember at the time you saw sports adverts, and they had actors portraying athletes,” said Sky coach and chief executive James Wade. “I would much rather see athletes being athletes.”

CarMax released an ad last spring featuring WNBA star Sue Bird and NBA star Stephen Curry. It worked so well that the company restarted it with Parker in the fall.

It’s a challenge to go a month without Parker announcing a new brand partnership, a TED talk, or, in the most recent case, a documentary she’ll help produce. While Parker’s success is tied to years of experience, players like Evans are watching and applying the lessons.

Since the NCAA’s name, image and likeness rule was implemented in June, college athletes’ personal brands have led to lucrative partnership deals. According to Opendorse, the top sports for NIL compensation through December were soccer (45.7%), women’s basketball (26.2%) and men’s basketball (18%).

Wade said he wanted to see WNBA players get the same attention and success that NIL brought to college athletes.

Evans is currently playing abroad in Hungary. She suffered a partial tear to her abdomen and is expected to be back on the pitch in the coming weeks.

During her time abroad, she has been committed to improving her defense and her ability to finish on the edge. With Courtney Vandersloot’s future with the Sky uncertain, Evans hopes she has a few more years to learn from the WNBA’s top tier general.

Evans’ advice to young players on and off the pitch is simple.

“Watch the vets,” she said.

Carbon-Free Cargo: The Rise and Rise of Electric Bike Deliveries | Couriers/delivery industry

Owould you like your races delivered without secondary traffic jams order? Boilers, books and beauty products deposited without a roar of diesel? Or even take a taxi ride without carbon emissions?

Since the first lockdown, an increasing number of companies have started delivering their products – and their passengers – on electric cargo bikes. There are now almost 450 businesses and independent traders across the UK transforming the sight, sound and smell of our towns and villages by delivering goods to customers using only electricity, according to a new directory. and pedaling.

“During the pandemic, the rise of businesses using e-bikes for deliveries has been mind-boggling,” said Helena Downey, founder of the Bought on a bike phone book. “The rise is so dramatic that it could become mainstream.”

Like many other cargo bike delivery services, The Grace Networkit is The fall of the bikes in Stroud was set up at the start of the pandemic to help businesses struggling to reach their customers.

“As soon as we opened, there was immediate interest from businesses and customers: businesses wanted to choose the greenest option for deliveries while customers loved having their groceries delivered by bike – and we all love having greener streets. cleaner, calmer and safer,” said Harry. McKeown, general manager of The Bike Drop.

In the first month of lockdown, the grocery sector alone saw a 91% increase in home deliveries more generally. And McKeown said demand for their bike delivery services started high and continued to climb.

“Business grew quickly: We quickly had 13 employees delivering items for 36 local businesses,” McKeown said. “We now have a fleet of e-bikes that have, in total, performed over 6,500 individual pick-ups and deliveries for local businesses, traveled over 10,000 kilometers and saved over 2,300 kg of CO2.

“During the pandemic, we have delivered takeaway beer bladders for pubs, as well as deliveries for restaurants and pizzerias, local food co-ops, bakeries, florists, independent cosmetics producers and music stores, bookstores, other social enterprises and local publications. We are now growing in all directions: we even offer an eco-post service and have delivered over 2,500 letters for Stroud District Council. »

Electric cargo bikes have many advantages over vehicles: they can travel faster on city streets, which means they are capable of delivering parcels 60% faster than their van counterparts. They are cleaner – save about 90% carbon emissions – quieter and reduces traffic congestion, as a cargo bike uses a fraction of the road space of a typical delivery van.

Pedal me, which transports not only parcels but also people in central London, has seen its business double since the start of the pandemic. swift, a Bristol-based bike courier company, has also found that demand for the delivery of everything from sensitive documents to groceries has increased significantly since the lockdown.

Zedify, another cargo bike delivery service, has had so much business during the lockdown that it has set up 10 mini-hubs on brownfield sites outside cities to make thousands of zero-emission deliveries every day in every city. “Everyone is a winner,” said Zedify’s Rob King. “Our hubs mean that instead of having tons of vans going around town every day, you have a handful of bikes going around.”

There is also a growing number of electric cargo bikes covering remote areas: Cargodale began delivering orders during the local business lockdown to customers in the West Yorkshire Dales and experienced a business boom.

Co-founder of Cargodale Beate Kubitz said: ‘I live in a rural area and when the lockdown happened and home deliveries increased I saw cavalcades of vans coming down my little lane destroying tricky country roads and polluting our air . I couldn’t believe there was no alternative.

Kubitz and some of his mountain bike friends rented a cargo bike for a month and experimented with local deliveries. “Business and customer interest was immediate and strong,” she said.

Cargodale now has a team of 15 runners covering 30 square miles and delivering up to 100 local businesses. “We’ve had requests for advice from all over the UK,” Kubitz said. “This really could be the start of something wonderful.”

Alumneye in Tech: Sōmi aims to reduce plastic waste with sustainable beauty products

Reading time: 2 minutes

By Smiksha Singla

Maria Portillo, a graduate in business management, is the founder of Sōmi, a sustainable personal care brand on a mission to reduce the use of single-use plastics and keep plastic out of the oceans and landfills.

Launched in October 2021, Sōmi offers a collection of shampoos, conditioners and body wash bars made with sustainably produced biodegradable and plant-based ingredients. Concentrated bars are made without water or palm oil, are handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free.

In an effort to reduce water pollution as a beauty brand, Portillo explained that Sōmi formulates its own ingredients and product line. During their research, Portillo said his team looked for ingredients that were liquid-free and allowed to eliminate plastic-based packaging.

“We looked for ingredients that could serve as an alternative to liquid shampoos and liquid soaps that people usually buy. We also made it important to offer different bars that would benefit different hair types,” she said, adding that she worked with her mother to formulate the product line.

Portillo said the inspiration for building a lasting brand comes from her semester spent on exchange in Singapore and other neighboring countries during her second year.

“I would go snorkeling and surfing and see plastic bags, straws, cans and bottle caps in the water and sand,” she said. “Even when we went camping in the mountains, there was always trash on the ground left by campers who had stayed there before.”

“We did not create [Sōmi] based on profit but rather as a solution to an environmental problem that affects everyone.

These experiences inspired her to create her own brand and implement lasting changes in her lifestyle by switching to environmentally friendly products.

Portillo said it is becoming increasingly important to practice sustainability in personal care as the market continues to grow and “become one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world.”

The beauty industry is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to packaging, according to Helen Hughes, director of sustainability at Design Bridge. She said it helped 120 billion units of packaging each year, most of it non-recyclable.

Portillo cited beauty products containing chemicals that pollute water systems. “Many of them contain microbeads, harmful chemicals, palm oil, parabens, non-biodegradable glitter and other microplastics, which unfortunately end up in our oceans.”

As a consumer, Portillo also recognizes that people often feel helpless when it comes to living mindfully and helping the environment. She said people often think their small actions don’t make a difference and don’t feel motivated enough to take those small steps.

“That feeling of helplessness is what keeps people from doing more research and looking at their own habits to see how they might change,” she said.

Although it takes more effort to live a zero-waste lifestyle, Portillo points out that people are capable of change and suggests ways they can create a positive impact through their daily routines.

“We can limit our purchases on clothes and plan to use them for the long term, or buy second-hand [items] rather than buying lots of cheap, unsustainable and shoddy clothes from fast fashion retailers,” she said.

“I don’t think people don’t care about the environment, rather they feel helpless and believe their actions won’t help them in any way, which is far from the truth.”

MECCA streamlines compliance with Centric PLM™

Established over 20 years ago, MECCA redefined Australian and New Zealand beauty landscape, offering approximately 200 brands, including signature lines MECCA Cosmetics and MECCA MAX. Products offered include cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrance and body care, as well as accessories, in-store and online at Australia and New Zealand, and through their TMALL store at China.

With the rapid growth of the beauty and wellness market, constantly changing consumer trends and expanding product portfolios, MECCA saw the need to improve and improve the automation of existing processes involving compliance and traceability. Looking for a solution with an integrated quality management system to streamline processes and centralize ingredients, product claims and certification data in a secure environment, MECCA chose to implement Centric PLM for Cosmetics and Personal Care.

“We operate in such a fast-paced environment that it’s important that we can rely on our back-end systems, like Centric PLM, to help us configure our business to meet the needs of our customers today and Centric PLM to provide us with a complete end-to-end solution to help us manage large volumes of product launches, while ensuring we meet strict compliance regulations,” said David Cumberland, Head of Finance at MECCA.

With Centric PLM, MECCA aims to streamline the regulatory compliance of products and their raw materials, systematize processes for labeling and verifying product claims, and automate the collection and storage of certifications.

“We are very happy to welcome MECCA on board,” says Chris Groves, President and CEO of Centric Software. “MECCA recognizes the strength of Centric’s actionable single source of truth approach, particularly for compliance management, and we look forward to working with MECCA extend the reach of PLM across their entire business in the long term.” Read the full press release.

Learn more about Centric Cosmetics and Personal Care PLM

Request a demo

Media contacts:
EMEA: Kristen Salaun-Batby, [email protected]

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These 6 Origins skincare products include a free gift from Macy’s this month

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Promoting Origins skincare at Macy’s

Now, with plummeting temperatures, you’re probably turning up the heat in your home or office. However, dry heat does the skin a disservice, as it can contribute to moisture loss, flaking and sensitivity. It is wise to invest in winter skin care, namely with a few Origins products from Macy’s, many of which currently come with a free gift.

From soothing eye creams to rejuvenating face masks, there’s an Origins product for everyone. There’s no better time than now to pick a few, and when you use Origins products together, you just might discover a whole new winter skincare routine that keeps skin soft. and hydrated throughout the season.

What You Need to Know About Selling Origins Skincare at Macy’s

What is Origins Skincare?

Origins is a skincare brand whose products “merge the power of nature with the power of science.” The eco-conscious brand creates clean formulas free of ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the planet, such as formaldehyde, paraffin, polyethylene and parabens, to name a few.

Instead, Origins formulates plant-derived skincare products that are cruelty-free and safe for the skin. Origins is dedicated to green initiatives in more than one way, and it’s no exaggeration to say that they are deeply rooted in conservation efforts and environmental work. To date, they have planted over 2 million trees as part of the Origins Green Planet Commitment.

Which Origins Skincare is right for my skin?

There are more than 100 Origins Skin Care Products available, with new ones coming out every season. While most products are suitable for all skin types, if you have a specific concern, several options address acne, fine lines, dryness, dark spots, redness or large pores.

Origins also offers sunscreen products, including SPF moisturizers. Although SPF products are often shelved as summer-only products, MedlinePlus states that it is equally important to use them during the winter to minimize UV ​​damage to the skin and the risk of skin cancer.

How to buy Origins with free gifts at Macy’s

How to find Origins products with free gifts

To find Origins products with free gifts at Macy’s, do a simple Origins product search. Click on “Sales and offers” in the left sidebar and check the “Gifts with purchase” box.

While you can certainly browse the results, you can simplify your search even further.

In the upper right corner of the results, find the “Sort by” drop-down list and select “Price: Lowest to Highest”. The first Origins products shown do not list prices, and instead will be marked as free gifts. When you click on each of them, you will be taken to their product page, which includes a button that allows you to purchase qualifying items.

What are the Origins free gift promotions at Macy’s?

Current Origins free gift promotions at Macy’s include:

If you’re wondering if you get more than one free gift when you hit the prize threshold, you do. In fact, you can easily walk away with a treasure trove of free gifts during the sale.

How much does Origins skincare cost?

Origins skincare products retail for between $25 and $150, and many come in multiple sizes, including affordable travel varieties. Origins skincare sets at Macy’s range from $15 to $100.

Top 6 Origins Products With Free Gifts At Macy’s

Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Cream

Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Cream

Soothe and smooth dry, cracked hands with this luxurious cream infused with protective ingredients, such as Rose of Jericho.

Sold by Macy’s

Origins GinZing Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Moisturizing Gel

Origins GinZing Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Moisturizing Gel

Boost hydration for up to 72 hours with this lightweight moisturizer that leaves skin looking radiant with Grapefruit, Lemon, and Spearmint essential oils.

Sold by Macy’s

Origins Plantscription Youth Renewing Power Night Cream

Origins Plantscription Youth Renewing Power Night Cream

This silky, regenerating formula smoothes textured areas with dill seed extract and has a firming effect.

Sold by Macy’s

Origins Hello Calm Relaxing Hydrating Face Mask

Origins Hello, Calm Relaxing and Hydrating Face Mask

Enjoy a 10-minute mini facial treatment with this hydrating mask with Sativa Seed Oil, a soothing ingredient that nourishes and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier.

Sold by Macy’s

Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom Relief Resilience Hydra Burst Gel Lotion

Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Hydra Burst Gel Lotion

Suitable for all skin types, this water-gel lotion is lightweight yet delivers deep hydration with fermented chaga mushroom extracts.

Sold by Macy’s

Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

Treat dry skin to a touch of softness with this citrus-scented body cream infused with rice bran oil and other softening ingredients.

Sold by Macy’s

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Coming soon: The 2022 list of the world’s best clean beauty products

TORONTO, January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CertClean, North America leading certification for safer skincare, announces the call for entries for its 7th Clean Beauty Awards. The mission of the prestigious Clean Beauty Awards, created in 2015, is to recognize and reward the most successful products in the “clean” beauty sector, in particular beauty and personal care products formulated without the use of chemicals. harmful.

The awards program determines the top performing product in the growing clean beauty industry so brands gain broad recognition, including opportunities to get featured, reach new markets and connect with new people. new retailers and customers.

Last year, more than 450 clean beauty products were nominated for the awards and were judged by an international panel of 146 green beauty advocates and experts. A winner was chosen in each of the 24 product categories. This year, a new category of products is introduced: hand sanitizers.

The winners will again be selected by the special jury composed of external green beauty specialists who will draw on their know-how, experience and expertise to assess the excellence and performance of the products presented.

For more information on eligibility, categories and how to enter products for the 7th Annual Clean Beauty Awards, please visit http://www.cleanbeautyawards.com. The deadline for registrations is February 9, 2022, and the winners will be announced in June 2022.

Admission fees:
Super early bird: $119/Entrance
Up early: $129/Entrance
Ordinary: $179/Entrance

for more information contact
Mary Grisham
CertClean Communications Manager
[email protected]
Website: http://www.cleanbeautyawards.com
Social NetworksFacebook / @CertClean
Instagram / @CertClean

About CertClean | The distinction brands need. The seal buyers they trust.
CertClean is North America’s leading certification for safer skin care. CertClean’s mission is to help health-conscious customers identify beauty and personal care products formulated without ingredients that may be harmful to human health. There are over 1,000 certified products – look for the CertClean seal of approval on the products. For more information, visit http://www.certclean.com and on Facebook and instagram @CertClean.

About the Clean Beauty Awards
Created in 2015, the Clean Beauty Awards are the leading awards program recognizing excellence in “clean beauty” products in 25 categories: lipstick, lip care, eye care, mascara, eyeliner, eye color , nail polish, odor care, perfume, beard care. , bath bath, body wash, body scrub, body care, sun care, hair cleanser, hair treatment, face cream, face serum, face oil, toner/mist, mask for face, face scrub and face cleanser, and the newly added category: hand sanitizer. The 6th Annual Clean Beauty Awards received over 450 entries from Canada, in the United States and everywhere Asia Pacific and Europe, and the products were judged on their performance by a panel of 146 green beauty advocates and experts. For more information, visit http://www.cleanbeautyawards.com.

Media Contact

Mary Grisham, CertClean Inc., 1 6476067719, [email protected]lean.com

SOURCECertClean Inc.

Our favorite beauty products for January 2022

Between changing the game skin care treatments and exciting news reconcile launches, at HYPEBAE, our editors test a bunch of products every month to find and share with you our latest beauty favorites. As we enter a new year, those looking for a facelift can count on these staff picks: a lightweight serum that conditions hair and defines curls; a quartet of body care gems that cleanse and soothe dry winter skin; and a versatile lipstick that can complement any makeup.

Read on for our January favorites and while you’re here, HYPEBAE editors share their top beauty products for 2021.

[shoppable brand=”Tom Ford Beauty” product=”Lip Color ‘Dolce'” link=”https://www.tomford.com/lip-color/T0T3.html?dwvar_T0T3_color=SCARLETROUGE&cgid=3-6-629#start=7″ store=”Tom Ford Beauty” price=”$58 USD”]

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care


I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve never received so many compliments on my lipstick color so far. A first time Tom Ford Beauty user, I didn’t know what to expect from the brand’s Lip Color. All I knew was that I loved the shade I had, a dark purple called “Dolce”, and that it was perfect for my day and night looks. The finish has a slight sheen and hydrates my lips all day long. It also provides the right amount of pigmentation so I can apply it in one pass. Pauline De Léon, editor

[shoppable brand=”Aesop” product=”The Advocate Kit” link=”https://www.aesop.com/us/p/kits-travel/gift-kits/the-advocate/” store=”Aesop” price=”$105 USD”]

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care


The holidays may be over, but you can still enjoy those wonderful gifts that were under the tree. Something that I was excited to use is Aesopthe Advocate four-piece kit, which includes some of the brand’s most beloved products such as the Resurrection Aromatic Hand Wash and Hand balm, a winter essential to nourish dry skin. While the set is out of stock, those interested can discover the rest of the seasonal collection for one last chance to buy the kits. – Teresa Lam, Features Editor

[shoppable brand=”Ceremonia” product=”Pequi Curl Activator” link=”https://ceremonia.com/products/pequi-curl-activator” store=”Ceremonia” price=”$27 USD”]

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care

Skin Care Beauty Products Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Chanel Aesop Concentrate Body Hand Cream Balm Ceremonia Rose Inc Hair Care Body Care


I only started kissing my frizzy, wavy hair during the pandemic, when I couldn’t go to the salon to straighten the perms. Pequi curl activator by Ceremony has a milky texture and is packed with ingredients like castor oil and murumuru butter to condition hair while eliminating frizz. The serum is the perfect finishing touch to my shower routine with a rich scent. – YeEun Kim, editor-in-chief

Solvay unveils two biodegradable guar ingredients for beauty products

According to Solvay, Jaguar C500 STD, a conditioning polymer, and Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI, a multifunctional polymer, will help formulators produce beauty care solutions with superior benefits and desirable biodegradability claims, meeting both strict global regulations and the changing expectations of consumers for more responsible products and sustainable.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their actions on the health of our planet,», Explained Stéphanie Neplaz, Director of Global Marketing Innovation, Hair Care at Solvay. “This means that they are looking for beauty products made with biodegradable ingredients that positively impact their hair or skin as well as the planet.

Sustainable sourcing

the guar beans used to create these polymers come from India where Solvay supports sustainable guar supply through the Sustainable Guar Initiative which is part of the group’s sustainable development program.

The Sustainable Guar initiative aims to implement best agricultural practices to improve guar quality and security of supply while enabling farmers to earn a better living, conserve valuable groundwater and empower local women. .

We are constantly investing in innovation, technology and expanding our Jaguar portfolio,”Said Jean-Guy Le Helloco, Global Vice President of Home and Personal Care at Solvay. “And we have other innovations, such as next-generation biodegradable polymers, on the horizon.

3 organizational tips for storing your beauty products

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Imagine receiving five to 25 packages one day. It may sound like a dream come true, but let me be the first to say that it can also be a nightmare to unpack, organize and store the contents of every box, especially when you are a freak. self-proclaimed cleanliness. As a beauty writer, on-air host and content creator for 15 years, I’ll be the first to tell you that the massive amounts of makeup, hair, and skin care samples I get on a daily basis are at both a blessing and a curse – especially living in Los Angeles, where spacious apartments come at a premium.

Don’t get me wrong, I thank my lucky stars that testing new products is a necessary part of my job, and I’ve come up with some nifty storage solutions to keep clutter at bay so I can maintain my sanity. in the midst of the excitement. If you share my fight, read on to find the three essential elements that I bought from Amazon that go a long way in making my space look more like a well-organized apartment and less like the back-warehouse of a beauty store.

Number one, I’m a skincare fanatic, and always have been. I’ve amassed a pretty dizzying collection of mouthwatering serums, eye moisturizers, luxurious facial oils and more, with no end in sight. When my arsenal of products quickly took over the limited counter space I had in my bathroom, I knew I had to bring something innovative, from the built-in drawers and adorable mini skin fridge just didn’t cut it for my storage needs.

Since my bathroom has more wall space than anything else, I grabbed these acrylic floating shelves to add considerably more storage space to the sink area. They were super easy to install and hold a tonne of skin and hair care products made easy. I’m continually impressed with their durability (no matter how many jars and bottles I stack on top of them), and they’re so minimal and modern that they inspire compliments from guests time and time again.

i like that too free-standing shelf, which is so affordable and functional, that I bought two. I added one to my bathroom to hold even more essential skin care products and sunscreens; and another is on display in the corner of my kitchen counter to keep my vitamins and supplements in order. The freestanding shelf is not only attractive (I’m a fan of anything rose gold), but it was also painless to assemble, which is priceless in my book.

And lastly, I can’t say enough good things about this acrylic storage case big enough for my absurd amount of makeup. Pro tip: buy several (like me) if you have room. This sleek and stylish organizer has generously sized drawers, which is a godsend for anyone hoarding eye shadow palettes, setting powders, bronzers, highlighters, and lipsticks. This neat and clean storage case keeps your precious products visible, accessible and neatly organized, which is truly everything a beauty lover could want.

How the pandemic has redefined beauty as personal care – News

The 2021 final edition of wknd. conversations went deep into everything skin related

Panelists Nisha Ganapathy (left) and Haifa Zakaria Arora (right)

Posted: Thu Jan 6, 2022, 6:31 PM

Last update: Thu Jan 6, 2022, 6:32 PM

The pandemic has changed many things in our lives, among which was also the prism through which we see the world around us and, subsequently, the prism through which we perceive beauty. As our faces buried themselves under layers of protection and surgical masks became the accessory of the new age, the focus of “beauty” shifted a few inches deeper than the surface level.

The recent edition of wknd. the conversations that took place on december 22 shed light on changing beauty standards and how personal care, and more specifically skin care, has become its focus. The event took place at Fakeeh University Hospital and brought together influencers, industry experts and specialist dermatologists to decode the multifaceted layers of skin care in 2021 and what it means for the beauty industry in the future.

The panel discussion included Haifa Zakaria Arora, digital content creator and beauty influencer, Dr Syed Amjad Ali Shah, chief and senior consultant dermatologist, Nisha Ganapathy, group product manager at Dabur, Dr Shivani Guba Wadhwa and Dr Marwa El Badawy, specialist dermatologists. Panelists discussed the evolution of understanding of skin care in recent years and the increased focus on anti-aging in skin care.

“We can define aging as a process by which cells are damaged, resulting in wrinkles, dry skin and different types of pigmentation,” said Dr Shah, adding that genetics play an important role in the process of aging. aging. “Environmental factors like UV radiation also cause aging,” he added. Speaking of some ways to combat external stressors, the dermatologist also mentioned, “There are two ways to improve your skin. You can either improve the surface of the skin or the deeper layer of the skin, which will slow down the aging process, ”said Dr Shah.

Dr El Badawy further explained, “Our skin sheds every 30 days and new skin emerges. As you get older, the 30-day window widens, causing fine lines and wrinkles.

When it comes to skin care, a lot has changed over the years, the panelists reiterated. “It looks like the older generation didn’t have as many complications. My dad always says, just wash your face with regular products and that will be enough, ”said Nitinn R. Miranni, the afternoon moderator, asking if it’s because of our changing environmental factors. ‘there is a growing need to take care of our skin and health.

In his response, Dr Shah added, “Skin care has become elaborate due to awareness and technology, especially in pharmaceuticals. There is a dearth of new products, like antioxidant drugs, including technology like lasers, botox, and fillers.

“If there are options, humans are tempted to take advantage of them,” Dr Shah said.

“People in their 30s and 40s these days look a lot younger,” added beauty influencer Haifa Zakaria. It started its journey in 2015 and has since gained a considerable following, reaching out to a wide range of age groups through its digital content. The Dubai-based content creator also mentioned: “Back then, maybe due to a lack of awareness, people couldn’t take care of themselves the same way they do today.

“I like to take care of myself, it’s like meditation for me. But at the same time, as influencers, when we share our skincare routines on social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same will work for everyone. It is important to seek professional advice, ”said Arora.

While there is greater awareness on one side, there is also an increase in accessibility to achieving unrealistic beauty standards, whether through airbrush filters or procedures. real.

“There is no control over the amount of exposure people get from social media. But it’s very important, now more than ever, to be comfortable in your own skin, ”said Nisha Ganapathy, Product Manager, Dabur Group. “As brands, we also have to pay attention to the message of our beauty campaigns. It is important to determine how branded advertisements reach the masses. So the impact of a wrong message can be serious.

Dermatologists have also stressed the importance of having adequate sun protection as a way to protect skin damage from harmful UV rays. “There are two types of aging, one is genetically determined,” says chronological aging. The other is extrinsic aging, which is determined by our environmental factors. Lifestyle is the most important factor, as is exposure to the sun, ”said Dr Wadhwa.

“It’s a great idea to age gracefully, but at the same time, it’s good to take care of your skin. You shouldn’t take aging as an excuse for not taking care of yourself. This is not the right attitude, ”concluded the dermatologist.

[email protected]

wknd. conversations is a monthly interactive platform where influential leaders from different industries come together for an interactive session on a variety of topics.

Best Lancôme lipstick | KRON4

Which Lancôme lipsticks are the best?

Lancôme lipsticks have earned a solid reputation for their rich colors and luxurious formulas, and it’s no surprise that they are among the best-selling lip products on the market. If you are considering adding one to your makeup collection, there are more than a dozen formulas to choose from.

With so many Lancôme lipsticks available, it’s easy for most people to find at least one that’s right for them. If you are looking for a moisturizing option in several shades of red, Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick remains a customer favorite.

What to know before buying a Lancôme lipstick

Types of Lancôme lipstick

Lancôme offers several varieties of bullet and liquid lipsticks, including classic formulas and some new products.

Regarding bullet lipsticks, Lancôme Color Design Lipstick remains the best-selling formula. There are also a few varieties of L’Absolu lipsticks, such as the popular Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick. Each lipstick features a different contoured tip to provide a unique application experience.

Lancôme currently offers two liquid lipsticks, both of which are part of the L’Absolu collection. Drama Ink Liquid Lipstick offers light, buildable color, while Gloss Lacquer is a high-shine, long-wearing gloss. The latter is classified as a lipstick, given its high color.

Other Lancôme lip products

Lancôme offers a comprehensive collection of lip products that goes far beyond the popular liquid and bullet lipstick formulas. The brand recently relaunched the ever popular Juicy Tubes, luscious lip glosses with high shine and a touch of shimmer. Lancôme offers two lip pencils: Le Lip is a double-sided pencil with a brush tip and Le Crayon is a retractable creamy pencil. More recently, Lancôme has added tinted balms and plumping glosses to its collection.

How To Use Lip Liner To Get The Best Lipstick Application

For the best application experience with your Lancôme lipstick, it is recommended to start with lip liner.

Some people prefer matte liners because they are generally transfer resistant and long-wearing, while others prefer creamy, nourishing liners that pair well with lipstick. It’s also worth experimenting with your lip liner to find the perfect shape for your lips. For example, many people accentuate the arch or low lip by highlighting, sometimes in a different shade than their lipstick. The lip liner can also be used to create ombre looks with strategic shading and blending.

What to look for in a quality Lancôme lipstick

Range of shades

Depending on the lipstick, Lancôme can offer between 8 and 30 shades. While pinks and reds dominate, plums, nudes, corals and browns are also present in some shade collections.

Certain shades of Lancôme lipstick have become cult, making them desirable and among the best-selling colors on the market. It’s no surprise that some sell out quickly, and restocking may take longer than expected. For this reason, many people invest in two or three barrels at a time of their preferred shade so that they don’t run into uptime issues.

To finish

The most popular finishes for Lancôme lipsticks include satin, cream, and matte. There are a few formulas available in gloss, shimmer, or metallic finishes, such as some L’Absolu Rouge cream lipsticks. Lancôme liquid lipsticks have a semi-matte or glossy finish.

Nourishing formulas

To protect the lips and prevent them from drying out, many Lancôme lipsticks are formulated with nourishing ingredients. Some varieties contain emollient ingredients that lock in moisture and form a protective barrier on the lips, while others contain deeply hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Several Lancôme lipsticks are infused with extract. rose, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

How much you can expect to spend on Lancôme lipstick

Lancôme bullet lipsticks cost between $ 26 and $ 32, while liquid lipsticks cost between $ 26 and $ 28. Lancôme occasionally launches gift boxes of lipsticks packaged with other lip products, which range from $ 25 to $ 100.

Lancôme lipstick faq

What should I do if Lancôme abandons my favorite shade or formula?

A. Contact Lancôme directly and ask them to help you find a similar or better product. You might find that some shades are close to others based on their undertones. Formulas vary widely among Lancôme lip products, but luckily some of them have overlapping qualities and ingredients.

What does it mean when a Lancôme lipstick is ultra-pigmented?

A. Ultra-pigmented is another way of saying that lipstick is very pigmented or has a high color rendition. These terms refer to the pigment saturation of the formula, and the higher the saturation, the deeper and more opaque the color will be. Most often, ultra-pigmented lipsticks, such as L’Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Liquid Lipstick by Lancôme, are long-lasting formulas.

What are the best Lancôme lipsticks to buy?

Lancôme lipstick top

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick

What would you like to know: A rich and creamy blend, this satin finish lipstick delivers high impact color with a glossy finish.

What you will love: The nourishing formula soothes and hydrates parched lips with vitamin E and flower extracts. It’s a long-wearing lipstick that only takes one or two passes for high color rendering. The bullet lipstick has a uniquely contoured tip for precise application.

What you should consider: A few wearers felt the color was very different when applied.

Or buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Macy’s

Lancôme lipstick top for silver

Color Design Lipstick Lancôme

Color Design Lipstick Lancôme

What would you like to know: Lancôme’s classic lipstick, available in five finishes, is comfortable enough to wear all day.

What you will love: Full Coverage Lipstick has a rich formula with emollient ingredients to protect the lips. It comes packaged in a durable barrel that resists pushing around inside cosmetic bags. It is available in a wide variety of neutral and bold shades.

What you should consider: Opinions are mixed on the hydration of lipstick.

Or buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Macy’s

To check

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Liquid Lipstick

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Liquid Lipstick

What would you like to know: If you’re looking for a long-lasting liquid lipstick, this Lancôme formula is lightweight and holds all day.

What you will love: It has a semi-matte finish that does not dry as well as other matte finish lip products. Contoured applicator allows precise application and can eliminate the need for lip liner. The feather-free formula leaves lips ultra-smooth and soft.

What you should consider: Lipstick requires more reapplication than expected and the applicator has a learning curve.

Or buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Macy’s

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43 makeup tips and tricks to try in 2022

Just press gently to open, tilt to let the remover flow, then use it!

Get a 24-pack from Amazon for $ 4.99.

(Long, but worth it!) Promising results: “These are actually the coolest thing I’ve ever used when it comes to removing makeup. So I like to wear full rhythm, different eyeshadow / face looks each day of varying complexity – I’d love to wear it. think i’ve run into a bevy of problems that you’d probably be interested in knowing these bad boys are dealing with.

1. WING LINING??? These things clean a cat’s eye so easily that you’ll have TOO MUCH free time without having to worry about restarting those wings.

2. Oops! Mascara. So let’s say you do a great job with your makeup and everything is fine and life is good and the muses are WITH YOU and- BAM! The mascara spoils the show. Let’s say you accidentally hit the wand in the inner corner of your eye or nose, or you sneeze and now it’s EVERYWHERE, or you do everything right and it still manages to get everywhere (it happens) . These GOTCHU sticks! Gently dabbing the makeup remover onto eye shadow or foundation always means you’ll have to reapply to those areas (unless you have time for the mascara to dry and just remove the scabs), but that’s EASIER to get rid of!

3. Lipstick troubles! Hi, I’m drawing my lips too much because I don’t have any lips to start with. Sometimes I get a little too crazy and find myself full of Trixie Mattel. They take care of it. They also take care of basic errors and burrs or whatever.

4. Fall? Boy, bye. Ever put on black eye shadow and ended up with bad theatrical black eyes in high school? Yeah no, clean the ones under your eyes and live your best life.

5. COLD CUT! Now this is my favorite because cut off eyeshadows are amazing and wonderful but so hard to do, until you get those MAGIC WANDS YO! Just trim those creases with CES and place some concealer in the new makeup-free lids for the most flawless, skin-free application you’ve ever experienced.

Now I’m probably forgetting a million other little reasons why you should get them, but oh my god find out for yourselves !! These are awesome. “-Muse

What are the best beauty and personal care products – Eternal Shopping

Eternal Shopping asked its customers what they thought were the best beauty and personal care products available today.

An online store that sells everything from camping and hiking products to gadgets, asked customers what they thought were the best beauty and personal care products this year. Eternal Shopping customers submitted their ten favorite products.

External purchases (https://eternalshopping.online) who pride themselves on providing the best quality products at the lowest price have reviewed the results and have now shared them. The online store that offers full warranty on all of their products and fast delivery service has listed the top three beauty and personal care products their customers choose.

Here are the top beauty and personal care products:

Multifunctional styling brush

The Multifunctional Hair Styling Brush, priced at just $ 18.99, has become a favorite with Eternal Shopping customers.

Since launching on the popular shopping platform, it has become one of the top-selling products this year.

Unlike many other hair styling accessories on the market, this one isn’t just for women. It can also be used by men to straighten their beards. It is the ultimate hair and beard creation tool.

For more details, please visit https://eternalshopping.online/multifunctional-hair-styler-brush/

Smart neck massager

Since this product was included on the Eternal Shopping platform, more than eight thousand customers have purchased it.

The smart neck massager is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It allows a person to receive a full neck massage to help them relax and unwind.

It comes in three colors and has three modes and 15 highlights. It helps relax stiff muscles in the neck.

Thanks to its portability, it can be used anywhere. It is the perfect neck massager for those who want to unwind and relax their muscles after a hard day’s work.

For more details of the smart neck massager, please visit https://eternalshopping.online/intelligent-neck-massage/

Nail polish lamp

The nail polish lamp is a popular product on the Eternal Shopping platform. The nail polish lamp is a valuable addition to a person’s nail care collection. It is used by professionals as well as those who want to do their own nails.

For just $ 38.99, it offers great value and makes a perfect gift for a loved one.

For more information, please visit https://eternalshopping.online/nail-polish-lamp/

Eternal Shopping regularly updates its products. They source the best quality products and then sell them at the lowest possible price. It will be difficult to find the same quality products at the same price. All products come with a full warranty and prompt shipping service.

To view the full line of products currently available on the Eternal Shopping Platform, please visit https://eternalshopping.online/

About Eternal Shopping

Eternal Shopping is a popular online store that sells quality products at low prices.

Media contact
Company Name: Eternal purchases
Contact: Media relations
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States
Website: https://eternalshopping.online

Regional Herbal Beauty Products Market Growth, Growing Demand, Competition, Investment Opportunities, and Forecast 2028 – Industrial IT

Global Market Vision has released new statistical data, titled Herbal Beauty Products Market, which gives a brief strategy of the current trends, as well as the prediction of future trends. These trends are analyzed and studied in various industries such as herbal beauty products according to the field, industries and customers. This report is summarized with different market perspectives such as political, cultural and economic.

Get Sample Copy of Herbal Beauty Products Market Report @ https://www.globalmarketvision.com/sample_request/6626

The segmentation chapters allow the readers to understand aspects of the market such as its products, available technology, and applications. These chapters are written to describe their development over the years and the course they are likely to take in the years to come. The research report also provides detailed information on new trends that could define the development of these segments in the coming years.

Top players with full requirements cover in this report:

Bio Veda, VLCC, Surya, Dabur, Himalaya, Lotus, Hemas, Sheahnaz Herbals, Herballife International of America.

Market segmentation :

Based on type, the market is segmented into

Hair care, skin care, perfumes, oral care

Based on the application, the market is separated into

Man Woman

Our goal is to provide our readers with a report on the Herbal Beauty Products Market, which examines the industry during the period 2021 – 2028. One of the goals is to present a more in-depth overview of this industry in this document. The first part of the report focuses on defining the product or service industry targeted in the Herbal Beauty Products Market report. Next, the paper will study the factors responsible for hampering and enhancing the growth of the industry. After covering various areas of industry interest, the report aims to explain the growth of the Herbal Beauty Products market during the forecast period.

One of the crucial parts of this report includes the discussion of major vendors of Herbal Beauty Products industry on the summary, profiles, market revenue and financial analysis of the brand. The report will help market players to develop future business strategies and find out about the global competition. A detailed market segmentation analysis is done on the producers, regions, type and applications in the report.

Research objectives

  • To contemplate and analyze the global Herbal Beauty Products market size by key areas / nations, item type, and application.
  • To understand the construction of Herbal Beauty Products market distinguishing its various subsegments.
  • Focuses on the leading global Herbal Beauty Products market players, to characterize, describe, and investigate the value, share of the pie, market rivalry scene, SWOT review, and improvement plans in the over the next few years.
  • To examine the Herbal Beauty Products market with respect to singular development patterns, future possibilities, and their commitment to the overall market.
  • Share detailed data on key variables affecting market development (development potential, openings, drivers, explicit industry difficulties and dangers).
  • To project the size of the Herbal Beauty Products market submarkets, with respect to key regions (along with their respective key countries).
  • Analyze competitive developments such as extensions, agreements, new product launches and acquisitions in the market.
  • To draw up a strategic profile of the main players and to analyze in depth their growth strategies.

Reasons to buy the report:

  • This report provides insights into the global Herbal Beauty Products market along with the latest market trends and future forecast to illustrate future pockets of investment.
  • The potential of the Global Herbal Beauty Products Market is determined by understanding the effective trends to increase the company’s position in the market.
  • This market report provides information and detailed impact analysis on the major influencers, restraints, and opportunities.
  • Five Porter’s strengths analyzes to demonstrate the strengths of suppliers and buyers.
  • The latest developments, market shares and strategies used by major market players

Direct purchase this market research report now @ https://www.globalmarketvision.com/checkout/?currency=USD&type=single_user_license&report_id=6626

If you have any special requirement, please let us know and we will offer the report to you at a custom price.

About Global Market Vision

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Analysis and Forecast of Men’s Beauty Products Market Research Report to 2030: Gillette, Shiseido, Mary Kay

What does the global market for men’s beauty products look like today?

This research uses global data on the men’s beauty products market. It contains industry specific data, which includes key issues and market trends. The statistics and information for this international market research of men’s beauty products come from various platforms and sources including official websites, publications, annual reports and journals. Before being offered to investors and other market players, the content of this report is evaluated by professionals and experts in the Men’s Beauty Products Industry.

2020 is a year for the history books – There have been many life changing events that have changed the market such as a global pandemic, United States. The list goes on: election, social instability, etc. Clearly, the pandemic has had untold economic consequences for the market for men’s beauty products as well. After this uncertain year 2020, how do we see 2022? In fact, the future of the men’s beauty industry looks bright in the years to come. The Men’s Beauty Products business is facing a rapid expansion of new ideas, technologies and business models that are creating profound changes in the future of the industry. What drove this and what are the future prospects for the global men’s beauty industry?

For better understanding, download a free sample PDF of men’s beauty products research report: – https://market.biz/report/global-male-beauty-products-market-gm/#requestforsample

In this report, we analyze the ups and downs of the men’s beauty products market for the end of the year and what we can expect from the year 2021. Agility, scalability and automation will be the words. order of this new era of men’s beauty products business, and those who have these capabilities now will be the winners. Any strategy to increase resilience, but it will be agility that will ensure competitiveness and the ability to adapt to the unexpected. Companies will need to reassess where they need to be strong and where they need to be flexible to get there. As a result, this research provides an in-depth look at the global and regional levels. This comprehensive study contains the overview of the drivers, restraints, opportunities, demand factors, market size, forecast and trends of the global Men’s Beauty Products market over the period 2020 to 2030.

[**Note: For higher priority must use a corporate email address or business details.]

List Of Top Men Beauty Products Players: –

Gillette, Shiseido, Mary Kay, Unilever, The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, L’occitane International SA, Coty Inc, L’oreal Group, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, Avon, Procter and Gamble, Colgate, Sally Beauty Holdings Inc, Panasonic, Mentholatum

On the basis of product, this report mainly displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate for each type as follows: –

Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Other Products

On the basis of end users / applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications / end users, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate, including: –

Staff, Beauty Salon

The Regions Covered By The Cosmetics For Men Market Are: –

• North America (Panama, Mexico, Barbados, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.),

• South and Central America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador),

• Europe (Spain, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, San Marino, Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, etc.),

• Asia Pacific (Qatar, China, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Kuwait, Brunei, etc.),

• The Middle East and Africa (United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Lebanon, etc.)

To request a custom report on men’s beauty products, click here: – https://market.biz/report/global-male-beauty-products-market-gm/#inquiry

Highlights of Men’s Beauty Product Research Report:

> Deep market segregation

> See all details and width Beauty products for men

> Recent market trends, development and opportunities

> Competitive status, manufacturing base distribution, sales region and product form

> Analysis of market results, distributors / traders and marketing strategy

> industry threats and challenges ahead

This file explains and gives particular records on energy, price structure, price, share of sales, sales, rate of increase, company profile, imports and technological advancements, etc. . It also defines the overall size of men’s beauty products in terms of production level, regions by region, average consumption, total limit, demand and turnover.

The report answers questions such as: –

• What strategic fashions and actions are considered to enter global men’s beauty products?

• What are the inhibitory elements and effects of COVID-19 shaping the global market} during the forecast period?

• What are the products / segments / applications / regions to invest in during the planned duration within GlobalMale Beauty Products?

• What is the market size and forecast for the global men’s beauty products market?

• What are the industry trends and regulatory systems in the global Men’s Beauty Products Market?

• What is the market share of the major vendors in the global men’s beauty products market?

• What strategic fashions and movements are considered appropriate to enter the global men’s beauty products market?

• What is the strategic marketing opportunity of the Global Men’s Beauty Products Market in terms of opportunity?

• What are the technological trends and regulatory frameworks in global men’s beauty products?

• What is the market share of the major suppliers of Global Male Beauty Products?

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Fair skin without foundation: 7 products approved by dermatologists

With the Well + Good SHOP, our editors put their years of know-how to work to select products (from skin care to personal care and beyond) that they bet you’ll love. Although our publishers independently select these products, making a purchase through our links may earn a Well + Good commission. Good shopping! Explore the SHOP

The world of makeup and skin care is the ultimate ‘choose your own adventure’ game. Some days you do glitter eye shadow and red lipstick. The other days you only get your SPF. But we all know that one beauty choice prevails over all others: wear foundation or not (well, after the SPF part, it’s always # 1). For those days when you decide not to, a dermatologist says you can apply these skin care products for clear skin without foundation.

Below, two dermatologists share the skin care products to buy for a radiant look (minus the foundation). From alpha and beta hydroxy acids that increase cell turnover to antioxidant-rich sunscreens to vitamin C brightening serums, here’s everything you need to stock up on giving up your full coverage forever (or, of okay, as long as you want).


With the Good + Good SHOP, you can now add products to your cart directly from this item page. Simply click on the product below and more details will appear in a new window. Press “add to cart” and you’re done! That’s it! As you read more SHOP items, you can continue to add products to your cart and check out when you’re ready (look for the cart icon on the right side of your screen).

Products to buy for clear skin without foundation

Revision Skincare Intellishade Original 1.7 oz. – $ 76.00

“I love Intellishad Review. It’s a hydrating sunscreen with anti-aging characteristics such as antioxidants and peptides that improve skin with continued use, and is also tinted for sheer coverage, so it’s a multi-tasking powerhouse, ”explains the New York City dermatologist. Rachel Nazarian, MD. This product also contains vitamin C to brighten your complexion, as well as octinoxate and octisalate for UVB protection.

Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial AHA + BHA 0.5oz / 15ml Mini Mask – $ 28.00

According to Corey L. Hartman, MD, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, Alabama, this product is a winner, regardless of your skin type. “It contains a blend of AHAs (glycolic, tartaric, lactic and citric acids) and increases cell renewal. BHA, salicylic acid, unclogs pores for an overall non-irritating exfoliation with maximum hydration, ”he says.

Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2 BHA Liquid Exfoliant (4 fl. Oz.) – $ 30.00

This favorite liquid skin-care exfoliant is on Dr. Hartman’s list because it’s both sensitive and effective. “This product does not irritate the skin because it minimizes the appearance of large pores and smoothes the texture over time. You don’t need a lot because it just takes a little because it blends in with your skin, ”he says.

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Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is a must have for heavy makeup days

With the Well + Good SHOP, our editors put their years of know-how to work to select products (from skin care to personal care and beyond) that they bet you’ll love. Although our publishers independently select these products, making a purchase through our links may earn a Well + Good commission. Good shopping! Explore the SHOP

As someone who likes to keep their skincare routine pretty basic, I’m very picky when it comes to adding new products to my beauty regimen. While I’m not the type to jump quickly on the beauty train, when it comes to Tatcha, all bets are off. The Japanese beauty brand known for its use of potent herbs and formulas got me hooked, not least thanks to Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist.


With the Good + Good SHOP, you can now add products to your cart directly from this item page. Simply click on the product below and more details will appear in a new window. Press “add to cart” and you’re done! That’s it! As you read more SHOP items, you can continue to add products to your cart and check out when you’re ready (look for the cart icon on the right side of your screen).

The product has a ton of hype which is justified. Not only does it help set your makeup and keep your skin hydrated, it’s also designed to give your skin a natural, healthy glow and help keep skin elastic and supple. The latter, thanks to the brand’s signature formulation based on green tea, rice and seaweed. Together, these ingredients help promote cell renewal and strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier.

Plus, there aren’t many rules on how to use it. For example, you can spray a few pumps on your face after applying makeup to give the skin more radiance (which can be nice if your foundation is more matte or if you are using a setting powder that removes some skin). part of your natural dew), or you can use it as a lift for your bare skin on days when you want to go natural.

It’s so light that you can usually apply a few sprays to your face without leaving your skin super moist (or leaving a weird or sticky residue). The mist is very subtle and immediately evaporates into your skin. In comparison, Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (which I swear to keep my makeup in) has larger droplets that take a few seconds to set and be completely absorbed into your skin. With the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist, you can also spray your face close enough without your makeup melting.

When it comes to its dew and hydration claims, it holds up well. For example, when I applied the mist to my bare skin in the morning, my face felt softer and looked slightly brighter over the course of several days. Although to be fair, I applied it in tandem with chemical exfoliators, which tend to naturally soften the skin and balance out the uneven texture. And although the solution seemed much lighter to me than the toners I’m used to wearing on a daily basis, my skin stayed hydrated all day, thanks to the squalane and silk extract.

“I have tried so many face sprays / mists over the years and this is by far my favorite!” commented a buyer. “It does EXACTLY what it says it will, so read the description. It is definitely super thin as it says so it will give you a light and even mist and you will almost feel like you are spraying your face. barely, but when you look at yourself in the mirror you “I’ll see the results immediately. It’s the brightest, rosiest spray I’ve ever tried without being sparkly or glittery at all.”

All in all, if you want to skip makeup or your skin needs a little hydration, this mist may be what your beauty practice needs this season and beyond.

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Crisan Hair and Skin Care


Get to know the inspiring Selva family

With the holidays in full swing, many of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the seasonal festivities. While this can be an exciting time of year for some, others struggle with difficult living conditions and lack of resources.

This is why the Selva family takes the initiative to help those in need all over the world. Jett and Ariana Selva are the creators of CRISAN Hair & Skin Care, a line of organic beauty products suitable for the whole family! The brand name was inspired by their 5 children: Celeste, Rigdon, Indrani, Sarah and Savannah.

Just in time for the holiday season, the Selva family built a factory in Sri Lanka, Jett’s home country, which provided work for 250 people in need. Each of these employees received a coconut palm tree, which allowed them to earn extra money.

November is a special time for the Selva because it is the birth month of 3 of their children. To celebrate, the Selva Family wanted to spread love to those who need it most.

A community known as Prithipura in Sri Lanka suffered heavy loss without visitors due to COVID-19 and suffered severe flooding. This community depends on tourism and the contributions of those who are ready to help.

The Selva family made a charitable donation which helped nearly 300 children of Prithipura by providing them with enough food, clothing and supplies for a few months.

In addition, the Selva have pledged to provide 100,000 meals each year. Through the use of social media and other platforms, this inspiring family hopes to serve others around the world and promote love, compassion and charity as much as possible.

Discover their humanitarian projects via their Instagram account @TheSelvaFamily

A community known as Prithipura in Sri Lanka suffered heavy loss without visitors due to COVID-19 and suffered severe flooding. This community depends on tourism and the contributions of those who are ready to help.

The Selva family made a charitable donation which helped nearly 300 children of Prithipura by providing them with enough food, clothing and supplies for a few months.

In addition, the Selva have pledged to provide 100,000 meals each year. Through the use of social media and other platforms, this inspiring family hopes to serve others around the world and promote love, compassion and charity as much as possible.

Discover their humanitarian projects via their Instagram account @TheSelvaFamily

Expert beauty product organization ideas

With the Well + Good SHOP, our editors put their years of know-how to work to select products (from skin care to personal care and beyond) that they bet you’ll love. Although our publishers independently select these products, making a purchase through our links may earn a Well + Good commission. Good shopping! Explore the SHOP

Being a beauty writer means I’m sent many of beauty products. Because I work from home and I no longer have access to a walk-in closet at the office, I had to manage to tidy my hiding place in my room. This is a very low stakes issue, but tackling my storage has become a huge priority as I have found myself losing track of what I’ve owned and never know where anything is. .

This says Kate pawlowski, expert organizer and founding partner of Done and done, is something she hears frequently from beauty lovers like me. “If you’re someone who likes a lot of cosmetics and a lot of variety in their cosmetics, I think it’s really important to be able to see things,” she says. “You forget what you have and then you don’t use it and over time the longer you don’t use it the less likely you are to use it.”

Organizing beauty products can be tricky. Fortunately, Pawlowski and Ann lightfoot, the other half of the Done & Done duo, are there to share their wisdom. Using their insight I was able to create a system that worked for me, and you will be able to purchase everything I used below.

First step: get out of the old

When organizing your beauty products, start by dumping what you are not using. “A lot of times when we declutter a bathroom or vanity area, there is so much that people aren’t actually using that it’s harder for them to organize and use what they have.” , explains Lightfoot. “So once you’ve got rid of the things that are expired and the things that haven’t worked, you’ll focus on your basics, which will make assembly much easier.”

Pawlowski says you should review your products every six months to avoid accumulating too much. Once you open a product, it says write the date you opened it at the bottom. If you collect something and realize that it’s been a while since you last used it or it’s expired, you’ll know you can part with it. And if you’ve bought something and decided it just isn’t for you, give it to a friend or donate it somewhere that accepts open (but not fully used) cosmetics.

Step two: choose designated storage areas

If your beauty collection is overflowing, you’ve probably started stocking products in any available space, which means they’re probably strewn all over your home (oven serums, anyway?). According to Pawlowski, it’s best to put the details together and put them a place that makes the most sense.

“Even if you can put a very little vanity where you put on makeup [separate from your bathroom], especially if you live with someone else, it gives you more time and space to prepare while they are getting ready, ”she says.

Also, adds Lightfoot, this system can be useful in separating your everyday products from those you only use occasionally. “You might have your special stuff in a clear bin on one of the bathroom shelves or under the sink or something, but your daily stuff might be close at hand. [on the vanity]”says Lightfoot.

Personally, my desk (which is in my bedroom) doubles as a vanity unit, and I use the bottom half of a Billy Ikea Bookcase ($ 50) for storage. I equipped the bottom shelves with a set of Oxberg Doors ($ 30 each) to hide my products, and the top shelves (which are uncovered) are reserved for decoration.

Step Three: Plan Your Storage and Get Transparent Bins to Stay Organized

“In our drawers and vanities we use clear plastic so you can see what you’re doing and then divide things ‘like with like’,” says Lightfoot. “So the lipsticks are together and the lotions are together, and that keeps you honest about how much you have.”

For my cosmetics organization, I used The Container Store Luxury Acrylic Modular Makeup System ($ 10 to $ 35) and the InPlace shelf rim ($ 18) to store my everyday products.

InPlace shelf image ledge

InPlace Shelf Image Rim – $ 18.00

I store my makeup brushes, eyelash products, eyebrows, and concealers in mugs, and love using this photo rim to keep them out of my desk but always close at hand. I also use it to store some facial products, my Philips Sonicare ($ 190) toothbrush and my Foreo Luna 3 Face Tool ($ 199). Sharing a bathroom with three other girls means that the storage space in the bathroom is limited, so I like to keep these items in my bedroom.

In my Billy library, I used eight of the Home Edit Stackable Pantry Bins ($ 22) and the Small Acrylic Storage Shelf ($ 19) from The Container Store. I have also used a makeup organizer that I have owned for years that is similar in size to this medium size Cq Acrylic Clear Makeup Organizer ($ 30) with eight drawers.

Small Acrylic Storage Shelf The Container Store

The Container Store Home Edit Stackable Pantry Bins – $ 22.00

These bins measure 10 inches long x 10 inches wide x 6 inches high. So in the Billy bookcase, I was able to configure my shelves to be four, stacked two and two, on the top shelf and four (two side by side and two stacked on the middle shelf). The door hinges don’t allow you to fill the top and bottom shelves with the bins, but theoretically I could have put six bins on the second shelf.

Fourth step: add labels

Pawlowski says using labels to group products by type can help you stay organized. i used the Cricut Joy Starter Kit ($ 150) to create the perfect and minimal labels for my face products.

Cricut Joy Starter Kit

Cricut Joy Starter Kit – $ 150.00

Using the Cricut Joy was so much fun. After watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I felt comfortable using the machine and creating my labels. I loved being able to output a font and make the text the perfect size.

Fifth step: take advantage!

Organizing all of my products makes me so happy: I love having what looks like a mini beauty store in my bedroom. Following the advice of Pawlowski and Lightfoot made the preparation for the day easier and more enjoyable. Plus, it’s easier to keep my space tidy when every item has a home.

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Chemicals In Hair And Beauty Products Can Interfere With Hormones During Pregnancy Nation

FRIDAY, December 17, 2021 (HealthDay News) – Pregnant women who use hair dyes or straighteners may have relatively lower levels of pregnancy-promoting hormones, a recent study suggests.

The researchers found that of the more than 1,000 pregnant women they followed, those who used certain hair products – dyes, bleaches, relaxers or foams – had lower levels of several hormones, including estrogen and progesterone.

This is a concern because during pregnancy the levels of these hormones are expected to rise, said lead researcher Zorimar Rivera-Nunez, an assistant professor at the Rutgers School of Public Health in Piscataway, NJ.

Previous research, she noted, has linked disruptions in pregnancy hormones to an increased risk of problems such as impaired fetal growth, premature birth and low birth weight.

How would hair care fit in? Personal care products, including lotions, cleansers, makeup, shampoo, and nail polish, often contain many chemicals. And they include what is called “endocrine disruptors“- chemicals which can interact with the hormonal system of the body.

Endocrine disruptors are everywhere, and people can be exposed through the food, water or even the air they breathe, according to the Endocrine Society. When it comes to personal care products, some of the common hormone disrupting chemicals include parabens, phthalates, bisphenol-A, and toxic metals.

Researchers are still trying to understand how exposure can affect human health, Rivera-Nunez said. It’s complicated, in part because people are usually exposed to many chemicals.

But studies have shown, for example, that when pregnant women have high levels of certain endocrine disruptors in their bodies during pregnancy, their offspring are more likely to become overweight or go through precocious puberty.

Likewise, there is some evidence linking personal care products, in particular, to health risks.

An American government to study found that women who frequently used chemical hair straighteners had a higher risk of breast cancer than non-users. Hair dye was also linked to an increased risk of disease, especially in black women.

As for pregnancy, a recent to study of pregnant women in China found that those who frequently used makeup or skin care products were more likely to have a baby that was small for gestational age – a sign of growth restriction in the womb.

The new study “fits well” with this body of research, said Alexis Temkin, toxicologist with the nonprofit Environmental Task Force in Washington, DC.

It links the use of hair products to hormonal differences that are consistent with some of the health effects that have been linked to these products, according to Temkin.

The results – published in the journal Environmental research – are based on 1,070 pregnant women in Puerto Rico who have made up to three study visits during their pregnancy. They filled out questionnaires about the personal use of the products and gave blood samples to measure their hormone levels.

Overall, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels were lower in women who reported using “other” hair products, compared to non-users. This category included dyes, straighteners, bleaches and foams, but not shampoos, conditioners, hairspray or hair gels.

It is not clear, according to Rivera-Nunez, whether women who use these hair products could be exposed to particular chemicals that are problematic, or have a higher level of exposure to endocrine disruptors.

Beyond that, there are many factors that can influence pregnancy hormones. The researchers took into account variables they could, such as the women’s body weight before pregnancy, their income and education level, as well as their history of smoking and alcohol use.

But it’s not possible to explain everything, Rivera-Nunez said.

For now, she has recommended that women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant read labels and be aware of what they are putting on their bodies. At the same time, she recognized that these labels are not necessarily consumer friendly.

“Lack of proper labeling is a problem,” Rivera-Nunez said.

Temkin advised researching the word “perfume” – a harmless term that actually includes a wide range of undisclosed chemicals, some of which can be endocrine disruptors.

More information

Environmental working group has more on personal care product ingredients.

SOURCES: Zorimar Rivera-Nunez, PhD, MS, assistant professor, biostatistics and epidemiology, Rutgers School of Public Health, Piscataway, NJ; Alexis Temkin, PhD, toxicologist, Environmental Working Group, Washington, DC; Environmental research, November 17, 2021, online

Top Rated Colored Eye Makeup Products You Can Buy Right Now

The people have spoken.

There is something very trustworthy about a person who leaves a product review. They tried it, contemplated the results, and struggled to write a full summary (more or less) of their experience.

Granted, that’s sometimes because the reviewer is mean and has to vent their anger on the internet (the time my Amazon garlic press just wasn’t in a rush) – but for the most part, the reviews are left for the biggest. good from the online shopping community. .

We like the curious. Don’t be shy, head over to our Beauty section to learn more.

Either way, I will never invest in any beauty or skin care product without carefully scrolling through the comments section. It saves me a lot of regrets from impulse buying and most of the time people know what they are talking about. How else am I supposed to distinguish a ‘glossy finish‘from a’ greasy smear ‘?

So naturally when I wanted to investigate the best colorful eye makeup for the holiday season, I had to consult the experts. Here are the top picks from the beauty crowd.

Kosas 10 Second Liquid Eyeshadow

Rating: 4.4 out of 72 reviews on Mecca

This eyeshadow looks like very fun – and people seem to agree. According to a passionate reviewer, this Kosas liquid eyeshadow is “such a unique product”.

Appropriately titling their review “Hear and sparkle !!” (love it), they bought the taupe-champagne color ‘Globe’, stating that it gave them an “effortless bronze eye”. With eight cool shades and a slew of critics chanting its long-lasting praises, this looks like a party winner.

You understand here.

Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Rating: 4.7 out of 924 reviews on Mecca

Glitter forever! This Stila eyeshadow has 924 reviews and an accompanying award for best beauty on the go, won in the Makkah 2020 Beauty Election (I love politics!). One reviewer called it a “sparkle dream cream,” saying it was “so pigmented, so easy to use!” “.

Another disco enthusiast said it was “one of the best liquid glitter eyeshadows ever.” Huge! When it comes to endurance, reviewers have said it is “stain proof”, “stayed overnight” and “lasted well all day.”

You understand here.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Pencil

Rating: 4.5 out of 1134 reviews on Zipporah

Although the name is a bit heavy, this Marc Jacobs liner (and its plentiful range of shades) seems to be a favorite among energetic critics. A little more subtle than an all-over cover tint, one reviewer said “looks amazing in the waterline for a pop of color.”

Its twist-up design is very popular, as is its gel to mat formulation. “Gives you a little time to play with it before it hardens,” said one reviewer, “but once it takes, it takes! No movement ”.

You understand here.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Rating: 4.3 out of 2,567 reviews on Zipporah

I have to admit that it is not easy to find a popular colored mascara. Most people stick with the OG black shade – and I get it. We love the classics. But when it comes to a glowing look, cobalt lashes can make all the difference (or pink, green, yellow – there are no rules).

Not only does this Dior mascara have a blue option, but also a sparkle option. One enthusiastic reviewer said it was “a product they would buy over and over again,” explaining that the formula “makes [their lashes] look longer and stand out ”. The best part? It is “long-lasting” while being “not impossible to remove”.

You understand here.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Rating: 4.6 out of 138 reviews on Mecca

It looks like something Ke $ ha would have worn around 2011 and I to like this. As one reviewer put it, “This is a game changer. To like. It slides perfectly and holds ”. Available in five metallic shades, it adds a “great shine”.

And if you were hesitant about the price, the hyper-enthusiastic reviews will rock you. As one five-star reviewer put it, “unlike cheaper competitors, it applied the sparkling goodness evenly without having to touch up multiple times.”

You understand here.

For more of the best products for colored eyes, head to here.

Fresha, Business Platform for Salons, Spas, and Beauty & Wellness Professionals, Expands $ 52.5 Million Series C to Over $ 640 Million Valuation – TechCrunch

The beauty and wellness industry, valued annually some $ 4 trillion, is supported by tens of thousands of companies and millions of professionals providing haircuts, treatments and workouts. Today a company called Fresha, which provides a software stack to help them manage these operations, announces new funding of $ 52.5 million to continue growing its own business.

Fresha got his start, and is best known among its 60,000 customers, for its reservation software, which it provides without a subscription, charging instead, based on reduced payments, or first-time bookings and marketing messages (if a customer chooses the latter two options). But its ambitions, co-founder and CEO William Zeqiri said in an interview, are to be the destination of choice for any digital tool that a salon or independent professional might need to run a business: like Shopify, LinkedIn, Wix, Square or QuickBooks, but tailored to the specific demands of beauty and wellness professionals.

“Stylists [and other beauty and wellness professionals] are not really trained in business management, ”he said. “Our goal is to unleash that and automate every aspect of their business. “

Michael Lahyani and BECO Capital co-led the cycle, with participation from previous funders General Atlantic, Partech, Target Global and FMZ Ventures. Fresha raised a total of $ 182 million.

This latest funding comes in the form of a Series C expansion – Fresha raised the first $ 100 million in June of this year – and with it, the startup’s valuation has grown to over $ 640 million. For context, the company had not disclosed its valuation previously, but Zeqiri confirmed that it has increased significantly in the extension due to the company’s own growth over the past six months.

Beauty and wellness have had mixed luck as the pandemic has spread across the world. Overall, people went out a lot less, if at all, and therefore spent significantly more on products to indulge themselves at home. But on the other hand, Covid-19 has led many municipalities to close living rooms to help curb the spread of the virus; and in cases where they were open, follow more restrictive protocols for the clients who showed up.

This presented an obvious challenge for a business like Fresha, built around the principle of appointment booking and payments for in-person and very physical businesses. However, like other tech companies that have carved out a niche for themselves by providing tools that specifically meet and master the needs of a specific vertical sector of the service industry – Toast is a good example – l Fresha’s guidance helped him identify the opportunity inherent in this challenge.

Today, Fresha’s tools include point-of-sale reservation and payment software – used in some 120 countries with its largest markets of US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, where it sees tens of millions of appointments made each month and has processed $ 15 billion in transactions to date.

But Zegiri said that with the big shift among Fresha’s customers to move more interactions and services online in the wake of Covid-19, Fresha has built a “Shopify” for beauty and wellness websites. -be to sell goods and services (this will be launched in the next days). She is now in the process of finalizing her “Wix” for site design.

“We want to build the Amazon of the beauty and wellness industry, with a full range of competitive services at all levels and in all markets,” he said. This will include marketing tools and marketing automation, and more, he said. It will face in the meantime a fairly large army of competitors, from Square to Booksy, Phorest, Treatwell, SalonIQ and many more.

There has also been an interesting shift in the business models around beauty and wellness that has also worked in Fresha’s favor, said Nick Miller, the company’s other co-founder and chief product officer.

Specifically, pressures from the pandemic have forced many salons and brick-and-mortar companies to downsize; or sometimes shutting down completely and “going mobile” where professionals paid for home visits to perform services.

Or, in cases where they were willing to hang in there and continue paying rent on the spot, more and more there was a shift to models where the pros were no longer directly employed by salons and retailers. spas, but instead rented space within them to serve their own client. lists; or a variation on this theme, for example staying in the books as entrepreneurs and sharing a common appointment book, but still “renting” the space to do the work.

All of this presents a complex mix of new use cases and clients for connecting to a platform like Fresha’s, Miller noted.

“This has been one of the effects of Covid,” he said. And because its users aren’t primarily tech-savvy, the idea of ​​using multiple services for different aspects of running their business and “switching to different platforms,” in its own words, they did call on Fresha to bring the functionality they wanted to have. “It was a good time for us,” Miller said.

Unfortunately, one of the other consequences of the pandemic has been the shutdown of many small independent businesses. Zeqiri noted that Fresha had received several offers from his clients to buy them back, but that is not the heart of how the startup sees itself developing: rather, its goal is to create tools to make these businesses viable again. , did he declare.

“Fresha has positioned itself as a major player in the beauty and wellness industry with a large and loyal customer base,” said Aaron Goldman, Global Co-Head of Financial Services and Managing Director of General Atlantic, in a statement. “We strongly believe in Fresha’s balanced strategy of providing one of the best products on the market at no cost to salons, and then driving monetization through payments and value-added services. “

How this product helped me keep my skin blemish-free

Micellar water can be used on all skin types and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, as it is made without soap or alcohol.

BestReviews is supported by readers and can earn an affiliate commission. Details.

While I love having a skin care routine, sometimes the last thing I want to do at the end of a long day is a long cleansing ritual. Still, leaving my makeup – and whatever my skin has accumulated during the day – on my face overnight is bound to make me pop. Fortunately, I discovered a one-step cleansing solution that removes makeup and refreshes my skin in one fell swoop: micellar water.

Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Micellar Water Easily washes my makeup and other impurities in a flash, so whether I’m getting ready for bed or starting my day, my skin feels clean and refreshed. If you’re looking for an easier way to keep your complexion clear and hydrated, here’s what you need to know about this multitasking skincare.

What is Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water?

In the field of skin care products, micellar water is probably the most similar to toner in that it helps to remove excess makeup, dead skin and sebum, and hydrates the skin. However, micellar water also acts as a cleanser thanks to the cleansing compounds that give micellar water its name: they form “micelles”, spherical molecules that remove dirt, the effects of pollution and debris from your skin. pores. Micelles make cleansers so effective that they can even erase makeup mistakes and wipe away stains or excess color from the hair. spray tan.

Garnier micellar water is formulated without parabens, sulfates, silicones or perfume, so it is gentle but effective. The formula is tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure it is safe for the skin and eyes. It is also oil-free, making it suitable for oily and combination skin types.

How Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water Works

I use Garnier Micellar Water at the end of the day to wash off my makeup – even mascara – and prep my skin for a traditional facial cleanser. I use a cotton ball soaked in micellar water to gently wipe off eye makeup, then wipe a second moistened swab all over my face to remove the rest of my makeup.

What You Should Know Before Buying Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water works as a one-step cleanser, but I often follow it up with a mild toner and cleanser to make sure my face is completely clean. Micelles can help make the skin more permeable, which actually helps my other skin care products work more effectively. Additionally, some micellar water users find the product to leave an oily residue behind, so depending on your skin type you may want to use a cleanser afterwards.

I have sometimes found that I always need to use a specialized eye makeup remover if I am wearing waterproof mascara. When using Garnier Micellar Water to remove makeup from the eyes, it is important to hold the soaked cotton against your eyelid for a few seconds to give the formula time to begin removing makeup from your eyes. This will make it easier to remove makeup and prevent you from rubbing the delicate skin around the eyes.

Where to buy Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Micellar Water is a versatile cleanser that is powerful yet gentle on sensitive skin. You can buy it on Ulta for only $ 4.99.

Other products to consider

Garnier SkinActive Waterproof Micellar Cleansing & Make-up Remover

Garnier SkinActive Waterproof Micellar Cleansing & Make-up Remover

If you regularly wear waterproof makeup or liquid lipstick, this micellar water can easily wash them off. Garnier also offers other micellar water options formulated for different skin care concerns, such as mattifying, brightening, or moisturizing.

Sold by Ulta

La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleansing Water

La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleansing Water

This mid-range option is great for removing waterproof makeup and is gentle on sensitive skin. The brand’s thermal water provides minerals and antioxidants.

Sold by Ulta

Lancôme Gentle Micellar Water

Lancôme Gentle Micellar Water

Formulated with French rose water, this luxurious micellar water leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. Unlike some micellar water formulas, this one leaves no residue or tightness feeling.

Sold by Ulta and Zipporah

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Laura Duerr writes for BestReviews. BestReviews has helped millions of consumers simplify their purchasing decisions, saving them time and money.

The 12 best Sephora beauty products on sale 2021

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Zipporah

Did you think all the beauty sales were over? Not so fast, Sephora said. The mega retailer is offering 20% ​​off all products until December 12, with the code GIFTEASY (Sephora Collection products receive 30% off). Unlike previous sales where discounts were determined by your VIB Rouge level status, everyone (as long as you’re a beauty insider – which is free) gets the same 20%. Here are our personal favorite picks for sale, from cult lip balms and candy-scented hair and beauty products (in a good way) to the most beloved luxury foundation.

When in doubt, offer dewy skin. This watermelon infused K-beauty routine is an instant mood booster that leaves skin glowing. – Erica Smith, beauty writer

Unofficially, Laneige makes Sephora’s most beloved lip balm. It’s perfect for sealing chapped lips and despite the name, for wearing it not just while you sleep. – Kathleen Hou, beauty director

This cute kit is ideal for the curly girl on your list. It comes with a travel-friendly version of the hair gloss that smells of gummy bears and scent-free macadamia oil that can be used from head to toe. – ES

Masks can cover your favorite lipstick, but the right blush will make your skin bloom right above them. These liquid blushes last long and nourish with light yet vibrant pigments. – Asia Milia Ware, fashion and beauty editor

Don’t forget the Sephora collection, which has some very satisfying dupes for some of your favorite products. One of my favorites is this liquid lipstick which comes in one of the most striking and vivid shades of red I’ve ever seen. I first heard about it from makeup artist Benjamin Puckey, who used it on a cover shoot for Vogue China. I know everyone is a fan of Fenty is uncensored but it works best for my pale / slightly yellow skin tone. – KH

Who doesn’t want wrinkle-free skin and hydrated hair? Slip one into a stocking if you’re stumped.

This set gives you the brand’s best-selling travel eyebrow serum and another mini eyelash serum for free.

Can you really get enough of the shiny bomb? This set includes four of Fenty’s brilliant succulents. From the smooth, glossy finish to the undertones that complement every skin tone, you can’t go wrong choosing this for a last minute ensemble. – AMW

This body cream (which yes, could go on the butt, too) is so warm and rich, it’s on every shelf. It also has an incredibly addicting scent and was once known as the most fragrant body lotion in the world. – AMW

It’s not a new product, but I discovered one in an old winter coat and remembered how much I love them. They are sheer and silky, but give the prettiest touch of color and make my gray chapped and chapped winter lips more alive. Plus, they smell like Jolly Ranchers candy. – KH

For the friend who likes to wear full makeup, her makeup will never budge after she tries this setting spray. – AMW

Black women are making waves in hair care

Ms. Donaldson, a Harvard-trained lawyer, developed her brand after writing her first book, “Thank God I’m Natural.” Almost 20 years ago, after stopping relaxing her hair and learning to kiss her curls and curls, she had an ‘aha’ moment.

“It was like ‘thank goodness I’m natural’,” she said. “Thank goodness I can go swimming, not sit in the barbershop, walk in the rain. I can do all of these things.

Ms Donaldson never wanted to be an entrepreneur, she said, but she saw tech start-ups run by young white men create innovative products and thought she could too.

Like Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Donaldson started the business while working full time at her day job. For her family, starting a hair care line didn’t have the prestige of being a corporate lawyer, but she continued, frustrated by the lack of support from the industry at the time.

“You are scared because you are growing this business and you have no plan for it,” she said. “There was Carol’s daughter, there was Miss Jessie’s, but you always wonder, ‘How can I get so big? “”

Today, wearing natural black hair is a statement of pride, a repudiation of an imposed beauty standard, and a determined statement of black identity. Emboldened by the passage of the Crown Act in 2019, which outlawed discrimination based on hair style and texture and which has now been passed by 14 states, black women now have the cultural and legal right to wear their hair in the way that suits them. Choose.

Sephora is back with a brand new must-see beauty event


This story is part of 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, our list of ideas, by theme, by recipient and by price, to help you discover the ideal gift.

Sephora has a brand new sale available for all three levels of its Beauty Insiders program. From now until December 12, you can get 20% discount on your purchase using the offer code GIFT, and 30% discount on the Sephora collection no promo code required. And if you’re not already a Sephora member, you can join the Beauty Insider program for free.

Here’s everything you need to know about this offer:

  • Both offers can be claimed in store and online
  • You can only use the 20% promotion once
  • There is a purchase limit of five Morphe and three Tarte Shape Tapes per transaction for the 20% discount
  • The 20% discount is not valid on Sephora Collection, The Ordinary, Dyson, Oribe, Chanel, MAC Cosmetics and Viva Glam products
  • The 30% discount offer on the Sephora collection has no usage limit

Even with limitations, you still have a wide range of options with Sephora’s wide selection of cosmetics and skin care products. So don’t miss this great opportunity to stock up on your favorite items while supplies last.

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended for health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have about a health concern or health goals.

On the way to a honeymoon at the beach? Here’s how to get a beach ready body

The beach appears to be the perfect destination for honeymooners to celebrate their wedding. So it’s normal that you feel ready and comfortable in your own skin when enjoying your time on the sand. While all the preparations should be in order for the wedding, it is best to be prepared for your honeymoon in advance as well so that you don’t stress too much and forget something you might need! Luckily, we’ve got your back and curated a list of products for various body parts that you might want while getting your beach body ready so you can take the discomfort out of any outfit you choose for the beach, Courtesy of Harry Sehrawat, Co-Founder, Sanfe.

For your armpit care

Brightening serum – For your confidence! A brightening serum reduces pigmentation, naturally brightens, hydrates the skin and maintains pH balance. He’s the summer friend you’ve been waiting for. It helps fight skin problems, gives you clearer, flawless skin, and fights bacteria that interfere with your skin’s natural pH.

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant / Cream – It’s time to say goodbye to the irritating smell that never leaves you. Choose a deodorant or an anti-perspirant cream that will leave you fresh with a long-lasting scent. It helps prevent the growth of any type of bacteria and the formulation helps to naturally lighten your skin. Be ready to flaunt your armpits without any hesitation.

For your breast care

Moisturizing Breast Lotion – Manifest the inner glow. Give your breasts the extra care they need. Your breasts need the same attention as other parts of your body. A specialized moisturizing breast lotion helps control oil, hydrate and hydrate the skin, keeping you feeling clean and confident all day long.

Roll on – Lavender Oil / Rosehip Oil – Reduce Stress Like a Boss! Releasing stress has never been easier! An essential oil roll-on can reduce stress and impressions caused by underwire bras around the chest and shoulders.

For your back and your butt

From sunscreens to water-repellent mascaras, you’ll be ready for the sun with any of these products, which should find a permanent place in your beach bag to keep your face, skin, and hair protected and healthy. Remember to save the products for your back and butt too and be ready to flaunt!

Buttock Cream – A specific back cream can nourish and smooth hard skin for an even look! Opt for a light, non-sticky formula that the skin absorbs for natural suppleness.

Acne Lotion – Whether it’s back and butt acne, rashes, or crusty skin, an acne lotion could be a solution to all of your skin problems. It eliminates acne on the buttocks, reduces the excessive production of sebum, gives a clear and even complexion. It also treats crusty skin and bumps caused by razors.

Toning Oil – Use one regularly to fade scars, stretch marks, dark spots, firm and firm the skin while giving it a healthy lift. A toning oil helps firm sagging skin and restores tone to the buttocks. It also nourishes and tones the skin of the back and buttocks.

So prepare a checklist and have the best honeymoon ever!

MedWatch Today: Ulta Beauty Donates 10,000 Bags of Free Products to Community Health Workers

Healthcare workers have been strained during the pandemic, and it is important that they are recognized and felt appreciated. Ulta Beauty recently donated beauty products – as a thank you to community health system workers for all of their hard work during the pandemic.

Jen Hektoen is the director of the Ulta Beauty Fresno distribution center. She said, “Ulta Beauty really wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our unsung health heroes for everything they do day in and day out.”

Jen said Ulta Beauty donated two semi-trailers full of beauty supplies – with personal care and relaxation in mind.

“There’s lotion in there, there’s the water jugs that have three different kinds of lotions … lots of masks,” Jen added.

Katie Zenovich is the Senior Vice President of Development and External Affairs in the Office of Community Health System Philanthropy. She said: “They have [Ulta Beauty] provided enough, and it’s not little stuff, it’s not little samples, it’s like good stuff that is all in gift bags, over ten thousand gift bags, so each of our employees at Community, each health worker will receive one.

Katie said this generous donation is a reflection of Ultra Beauty’s commitment to caring for her community.

“Ulta has a distribution center here in Fresno, so they employ a lot of people in Fresno. And their families turn to the community health system when they need health care. So they want to support healthcare workers, ”Katie continued.

It has been almost two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare workers are under immense stress.

Carla Milton is the Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources at Community Health System. She said, “You don’t think the little orange bag full of product makes sense. In fact, it’s because it’s recognition.

She said it’s gifts like this that help remind healthcare workers that we are all together in this fight against COVID-19.

“We are so grateful that we have businesses in our community that recognize all the hard work and selfless dedication that our team members give to the community, and for them to donate so many products that we can then return and share with. our people are just wonderful, ”exclaimed Carla.

This is not the first time that Ultra Beauty has donated fun gifts to the community health system. Last year, they also gave gift bags with beauty products to healthcare workers, spreading joy one bag at a time.

“I want them to leave knowing that people are doing what they are doing. People are realizing that they truly are health heroes, ”Jen concluded.

These beauty advent calendars are filled with top notch products

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

If you just can’t wait for the holidays to start giving (or receiving) gifts, you’re not alone. There is something about the warm glow of fireplaces and Christmas lights around every corner that has many of us dreaming about Christmas morning weeks before the big day. So what better way to start the party early than with an Advent calendar filled with little gifts?

Whether you give or receive, Advent calendars are the new December must-haves for Christmas obsessed. While many of these calendars contain children’s toys and knickknacks, adults can join in on the action as well. Our favorites are beauty calendars because they allow us to try out a new lipstick, primer, or skin care product every day through December 25 – and have a whole new beauty regimen in place. ‘here the new year. From Benefit Cosmetics’ 12 day calendar at Amazon’s first choice 24 day option, these are our favorite beauty advent calendars for 2021.

Perricone Dozen Delights Advent Calendar

Perricone, known for their ‘Healthy Aging’ philosophy, offers a 12-day advent calendar filled with the brand’s top sellers. With its High Potency Classics Firming Face Serum, Citrus Ester Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser, Intensive Leave-In Pore Minimizing Toner and more, this schedule offers $ 415 of skin care for less. half the price.

Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar

The Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar is dedicated to the brand’s award-winning makeup. The 12-Day Calendar features miniature sizes of bestsellers like Roller Liner Eyeliner, Dandelion Blush, Precisely My Brow Pencil, and four different mascaras. It’s the perfect way to test out a dozen different products before committing to the full-size versions, and it will sure keep you going until Christmas.

L’Occitane Holiday Advent Calendar

The L’Occitane version of the Advent calendar offers pure luxury for 24 consecutive days. The limited edition set targets wrinkles, dryness and dullness with products like L’Occitane Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirsty Moisturizer, Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil Serum and Citrus Verbena Body Lotion. “[The calendar] is a great pick-me-up in this crazy world, “wrote one reviewer.” I feel pampered and needed it. “

For just $ 30, you can spend the days leading up to Christmas with Amazon’s Beauty Advent Calendar. From facial cleansers and scrunchies to mascara, the W7 Beauty Blast 24 Day Calendar features a variety of products to keep you feeling better all month long. Makeup enthusiasts will especially appreciate the set’s emphasis on the lips, as it includes five lipsticks, four lip pencils, and four lip glosses.

Serving as the most luxurious set on our list, the 111Skin Calendar is artfully designed for those who truly appreciate premium skin care. The calendar contains miniature versions of 11 popular products, including Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream and 3-Phase Blemish Booster, as well as a full-size bottle of Y Theorem Repairing Light Serum. , which is normally $ 350 alone. All 12 products are also paraben and cruelty free.

Rituals brings its fresh and signature scents to its Advent calendar which features both beauty and home products. Turn your home into a spa in December with 24 days of fragrant anti-aging serums, restorative lip balms, soothing pillow mists, a collection of mini candles and more. The calendar doubles as a Christmas decoration – turn the box on its side to create a winter village with houses, trees and real working lights.

Channel Jennifer Aniston’s radiant glow with this Charlotte Tilbury cream

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships, so we may receive compensation for certain links to products and services.

There are some celebrities who just have that “it” factor. They shine on screen and on red carpets, captivating We with their magnetic beauty and charm. These are the famous characters with whom we dream of having dinner to bask in their radiance and hope that it may rub off on us. An actress we want to befriend in real life is none other than Friends alum Jennifer aniston. As well as serving as the inspiration for our hairstyle (“The Rachel” was iconic after all), she’s also our source for skin care suggestions. At 52, the Emmy winner looks flawless! So what is one of the Aniston’s beauty secrets?

According to New Beauty, Aniston’s makeup artist Angela Levin use it Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream prepare the star’s skin for The morning show. Aniston posted stories on Instagram showing her ‘dream team’ and their beauty products, and eagle-eyed onlookers noticed Charlotte’s cult cream on display. Read on to purchase this beloved beauty purchase from Nordstrom. It’s a great gift for the holidays!

See it!

Get the Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream for only $ 45 at Nordstrom!

The Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream is truly a magic elixir. You may be able to achieve younger looking skin with this anti aging skincare product. This textured, oil-infused formula firms and plumps skin overnight for the ultimate beauty sleep. Wake up to instantly softer, smoother skin, what could be better than that? The youthful-boosting ingredients in the night cream include retinol, vitamin E, and a collagen-boosting bionymph peptide that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Yes please!

See it!

Get the Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream for only $ 45 at Nordstrom!

Several buyers have reported that this Charlotte Tilbury product is truly “magical”. One of them said: “In the morning the skin is soft and smooth and as if you had received professional treatment. Another client strongly agreed: “My skin is noticeably softer and looks younger. It’s really magic !! “Sign We up! “I love this product,” one buyer exclaimed. “You feel that your skin will have a lot of benefits to absorb overnight and that heavenly scent. I am addicted ! Find out what all beauty insiders are buzzing about! “It’s as good as the hype and I wake up looking better than I fell asleep. It’s just a miracle on the skin. “

Although we cannot guarantee that this Charlotte Tilbury Cream will give you the magnificent glow of Aniston, he could definitely come close. Oh, and now we bond with her if we ever end up having dinner together.

See it! Get the Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream for only $ 45 at Nordstrom!

Not for you? Explore more of Charlotte Tilbury here and buy all other skin care here!

This article is brought to you by the Shop With Us team at Us Weekly. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services that our readers might find interesting and useful, such as face masks, self-tanners, Lululemon style leggings, and all the best gifts for everyone in your life. . The selection of products and services, however, is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by Us Weekly or any celebrity mentioned in the post.

The Shop With Us team can receive products from manufacturers for free to test. Additionally, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not determine our decision as to whether a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently of the advertising sales team. We appreciate your feedback at [email protected] Good shopping!

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Edgewell Personal Care acquires Billie Inc. for $ 310 million

Edgewell Personal Care Company acquired Billie Inc., a US-based consumer products brand that offers personal care products for women, in an all-cash transaction at a purchase price of $ 310 million. dollars, subject to customary adjustments.

About Billie

Founded in 2017, Billie is a fast growing, digitally native, direct to consumer brand focused on providing women with premium shaving and body care products.

Its current product portfolio includes razors, shaving cream, makeup wipes, body lotions, lip balms, dry shampoos and body washes. Billie’s strong digital and direct capabilities have supported its strong growth, positioning the brand well for its initial expansion into US brick and mortar retail in early 2022.

The Billie brand complements and strengthens Edgewell’s position in the women’s shaving category, adding to a portfolio of strong brands such as Schick Intuition, Hydro Silk and Skintimate.

Billie will continue to be led by her co-founders, Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman.

Management comments

Rod Little, President and CEO of Edgewell, said, “We are delighted to add Billie to our portfolio of brands. We are focused on our stated goal of strengthening our leadership position in the women’s razor category and executing our M&A strategy with discipline and the precision, which this acquisition accomplishes.

“Edgewell has been a strategic supplier to Billie since its inception, and we see this acquisition as a natural evolution of the partnership between our two companies,” continued Little. “This acquisition immediately enhances the consumer-centric digital capabilities of our organization and strengthens our presence in the important mid-value segment of women’s shaving in the United States, while strengthening Billie’s ability to capitalize on significant market opportunities. growth by leveraging our retail distribution platform. and marketing channels. Additionally, the acquisition provides us with a unique opportunity to expand Billie’s reach beyond razors and blades. “

Jason Bravman, Co-Founder of Billie, said, “We are very excited to join the Edgewell organization and look forward to combining our resources and leveraging the Edgewell Platform to accelerate growth and extend our sales reach. by retail. As we begin our expansion into brick and mortar retail in the United States, now is the perfect time for this business combination. “

Georgina Gooley, Co-Founder of Billie added, “We look forward to combining our disruptive, digital-first approach with Edgewell’s industry-leading platforms, capabilities and channels to drive future growth and meet the evolving needs of our customers. faithful. This is an exciting time for us as we move forward towards our goal of becoming the leading lifestyle brand for women. “

The transaction was authorized under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act and was closed.

Perella Weinberg Partners LP acted as financial advisor and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz as legal advisor to Edgewell in connection with the transaction. Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC acted as financial advisor and Fenwick & West LLP and Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP acted as legal advisor to Billie.

Duchess Kate reportedly washed her face with these organic rags

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships, so we may receive compensation for certain links to products and services.

Our night care routine is almost as long as our holiday shopping list! From serums to spot treatments, these products are part of our daily ritual. And yet, we still don’t have the most effective strategy for the first step: removing makeup. Tampons and wipes can irritate our skin, and disposable cloths are not environmentally friendly. We need a solution that removes impurities while protecting our skin.

When it comes to famous people, a flawless face gives off a royal glow – Duchess Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge has impeccable taste so we always try to borrow her style and skincare secrets. It is an absolute icon! According to Hello Magazine, Duchess Kate washes her face with these gentle cleansing wipes. And her wedding day makeup artist Arabella Preston thinks this product is the best way to remove makeup and exfoliate your skin. Move around, motorized brushes! There is a new crown jewel in the world of beauty. And now you can get these washcloths for just $ 17 on Amazon!

See it!

Get the Ané 3 Double Sided Chiffon with Microfiber Washcloths for only $ 17 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the published date, November 17, 2021, but are subject to change.

Get the royal treatment with the Ané 3 Double Sided Chiffon with Microfiber Washcloths. These double-sided wipes provide dual-action results. The super soft microfiber cloth removes makeup and polishes skin to reveal a smoother complexion. And on the reverse side, the textured cotton muslin cleanses pores to exfoliate dead skin cells. These washable cloths come with a handy hook for drying. Rather than wasting disposable wipes, stay sustainable with these reusable wipes.

See it!

Get the Ané 3 Double Sided Chiffon with Microfiber Washcloths for only $ 17 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the published date, November 17, 2021, but are subject to change.

Buyers “highly recommend” these top rated washcloths! “It’s the best little towel,” said one customer. “It is very gentle and cleanses the skin. I am delighted about it ! It is a wonderful size and comes with a small loop for hanging on a hook. Wonderful product! ” Another buyer called these clothes a “life changer,” adding, “Great value for money. I am really amazed at the quality of this product. It left my face clean and soft the first time I used it. And this review speaks for itself: “I have very sensitive skin and these makeup remover wipes are perfect for me! They’re so soft and smooth, but they remove makeup (even mascara!) Quickly and thoroughly, without irritating my skin. As a very eco-conscious person, I also love that these cleaning cloths are washable, so they replace the “incompatible” single-use face wipes. Love them!”

Shine like Duchess Kate with these Ané muslin and microfiber washcloths.

See it! Get the Ané 3 Double Sided Chiffon with Microfiber Washcloths for only $ 17 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the published date, November 17, 2021, but are subject to change.

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11 must-have beauty products for your holiday wishlist this season

Our Associate Editor presents her favorite beauty products to give to loved ones (or yourself) this season.

Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Whether you want an outlet for creative experimentation or 20 minutes every morning to regain some normalcy in the midst of a global pandemic, makeup has served a different purpose for each of us over the past two years and continues to do so. . I believe the role of makeup has been redefined during the pandemic. When we were first asked to stay home, it seemed intuitive that the beauty industry would suffer, but it was not the case. As social distancing, mask mandates, and WFH business models emerged, we’ve seen makeup become a hobby or even a lifeline instead of another monotonous part of your morning routine. Rather than being a way of signaling to others that we are gathered and ready for the day, putting on makeup has become a way of signaling it to ourselves. I’ve always believed that makeup is more than just looking good, it’s also feeling good, and the past two years have definitely shown how makeup can be used to empower rather than impress.

The multibillion dollar beauty industry can be a daunting thing to wade through no matter your level of makeup experience, so I’ve picked 11 of my favorite products that I think would make wonderful giveaways. this holiday season, whether they’re part of your personal wishlist or gifted to a loved one.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick & Lip Liner, $ 50.50

This lip combo is one of my all time favorites. I’ve always struggled to find the perfect “nude” color that didn’t have barbie pink, orange or brown undertones. The Pillow Talk Lip Set does just that. With a rich yet natural finish that gives your makeup the perfect boost, neutral undertones strike a balance with a wide variety of skin tones. This lip set is a bestseller precisely for this reason, and the formula doesn’t disappoint either. Like many Charlotte Tilbury lip products, you can count on this lipstick to be hydrating, creamy, and long-wearing.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder, $ 46

This setting powder is unlike any I have ever tried. Often, setting powders are designed for different skin types, some for oily skin and others for dry skin. This can make it difficult to find the perfect match, but the hourglass has found the right spot. Setting powder can be used for many different things, the main one being its namesake: setting your foundation and concealer. However, this powder is extremely versatile; it’s not too drying out and not too bright, making it the perfect way to prep your skin whether you’re wearing foundation or not. Personally, I use this powder no matter how much makeup I apply that day because even though I only mask a few dark circles, it serves to blend my concealer perfectly with the parts of my skin that I need. left bare and provides a smooth base for tinted powders.

Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream, $ 50

Bronzers can be intimidating, but Chanel Bronzer is incredibly easy to apply. Mixing perfectly with a powder or cream base, this product isn’t as intimidating as it looks. It even works well on bare skin, giving a natural, healthy glow for those days when you might want to give your complexion a boost. This product would be the perfect gift for makeup enthusiasts or anyone looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up their beauty routine.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter, $ 30

This highlighter is the perfect staple for every beauty routine. The finely ground formula ensures that this highlighter never looks mushy or grainy, but it also doesn’t move on the skin throughout the day. With a pale pink tint, this highlighter can be applied with a larger brush and used as a blush topper or applied with a smaller brush and used to highlight facial highlights. This versatile product is perfect for stocking stuffers and is sure to become a must-have in any makeup bag.

Jaclyn Cosmetics Mood Light Luminous Powder, $ 36

Jaclyn Hill Mood Light Powder is much more than a setting powder. Not quite a highlighter and not quite a setting powder, Mood Light falls somewhere in between. For those who struggle to strike a balance between needing some oil control while still wanting to maintain a fresh, natural finish, this powder is for you. With diamond and rose quartz powders incorporated into the formula, this powder is the perfect way to keep your skin looking smooth and fresh.

Milk Cosmetics Kush Volumizing Mascara, $ 25

This mascara took me completely by surprise. As often, I first tried this product because it was what my friend had in her purse, but it quickly became the only mascara I would buy. The applicator strikes the perfect balance, picking up enough product to coat the lashes quickly, but not so much that you end up with big clumps. In addition, the quality of the formula is impressive. Although the makeup remover is easily removed, it does not stain or run. This mascara would be the perfect gift for someone looking for a long lasting, low drama mascara that’s easy to remove after the day is over.

Fenty Flyliner Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliner, $ 22

Fenty Beauty never disappoints, but my favorite product is the Flyliner. This liquid eyeliner is the perfect tool for a spectacular cat eye, as the long-lasting formula ensures it won’t budge overnight. However, what really sets this product apart is the felt tip design. The super high-quality applicator is firm enough to go all the way to the lash line, creating a subtle, natural-looking line for everyday looks, while still providing enough flexibility to create the ” flash ‘perfect for the days you are. looking for a more dramatic effect.

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $ 65

After receiving this palette myself as a gift, I was shocked at the quality of the formula. Beauty guru Huda Kattan really created the perfect eye shadow; it’s so easy to blend that even the most novice makeup artist will start to love playing with eye shadows, and the color palette is absolutely stunning. Their 11 neutral matte shadows are perfect for a quick wash of color when you step out the door, but can also be easily built up for an impeccably stylish look. These eye shadows are formulated with coconut oil and aloe vera, which makes them unusually smooth on the lid, but make no mistake, they won’t budge. This palette also includes seven shimmering shadows which are perfect for sprucing up your Christmas party look. At first glance, metallic undertones seem to contain large chunks of glitter, but in fact, the Huda Beauty exclusive formula results in a delicate shimmer that allows for the creation of subtle yet stunning looks. I cannot recommend this palette highly enough.

Tarte Clay Play Eye and Cheek Palette Volume II, $ 45

This palette is the ultimate all-in-one gift for your favorite boss on the go. With nine eye shadows, a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter, this palette has everything you need for a simple and elegant look. With three base colors, three shimmers, and three mattes, you’re well equipped to create dozens of looks you’ll love with just one palette. Bronzer is a standard shade that has warm undertones. Blush is a gorgeous rose bouquet with cool undertones, perfect for a quick pop of color. Plus, the Tarte Clay formula is pigmented, easy to blend, and will stay put all day, making this palette as effortlessly chic as the bosses it was designed for.

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette, $ 45

Photo courtesy of Dior

The Backstage Glow Palette is ideal for those looking to really play around with makeup. The Highlighter Palette comes with four different shades of pressed highlighter powders that can be used in different ways and will make you feel like a pro. It’s an amazing palette that encourages creativity and experimentation. Highlighters don’t have to be used all in one way, and this palette will encourage you to find out for yourself.

Anastasia DIPBROW Ointment, $ 21

This successful eyebrow pomade lives up to its reputation. My favorite part about this product is that it doesn’t dry immediately, allowing time to fill your brows exactly the way you want them. However, once the pomade dries, it’s waterproof, long-lasting, and stain resistant, ensuring that no matter where you go, your brows will come with you.

Top picks from Macy’s early Black Friday deals – including 50% off beauty products

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Unmissable beauty, tantalizing cologne, housewares and more – you don’t have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy great, discounted products at Macy’s. The popular retailer is already gearing up for the official start of the holiday shopping season with significant discounts you can purchase now.

Macy’s First Black Friday Deals offer a collection of must-have products to help you jumpstart your vacation list. Incredible prices on luggage for your vacation trips at a discount Advent calendar for your Christmas countdown, check out our picks and let the festive shopping begin.

The best Macy’s Black Friday deals to shop today

L’Homme Parfum Intense Spray Homme Yves St. Laurent: 50% off at Macy’s

This Yves St. Laurent scent is bold but not overpowering and features fresh, earthy notes that linger. Fans of the perfume rave about the compliments they receive when wearing it.

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette: 50% off at Macy’s

The Naked3 eyeshadow palette is a great Christmas stocking for any beauty lover thanks to its versatile shimmering shades that range from light to dark. The cruelty-free colors are also phthalates, sulfates and parabens free.

Advent Calendar 25 Days of Beauty

Advent Calendar 25 Days of Beauty: $ 49.50 at Macy’s (value of $ 292)

Count the days until Christmas beautifully with this Macy’s Beauty Advent Calendar featuring 25 products made by some of the industry’s most popular brands. It includes makeup, hair products, moisturizers and more.

Ralph Lauren Romance Rose 'Eau de Parfum Spray

Ralph Lauren Romance Rose Eau De Parfum Spray: 50% off at Macy’s

Floral and fruity notes unite to create the memorable scent of this Ralph Lauren fragrance. The versatile scent lasts and is perfect to wear all year round.

Tools of the Trade 13-piece stainless steel cookware set

Tools of the Trade 13-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set: $ 90 off at Macy’s

With 13 pieces including handy pots, pans, lids and utensils, the Tools of the Trade stainless steel cookware set is a steal. Add in the awesome savings and a limited lifetime warranty and it’s too good to miss.

Sunham Holiday Tartan 6 Piece Comforter Set

Sunham Holiday tartan 6 piece comforter set: 70% off at Macy’s

The Holiday Tartan Comforter Set features a holiday theme and includes all the pieces needed to create a cozy bed. Choose from twin, full, queen and king sizes.

Set of 4 Tag Legacy suitcases

Tag Legacy 4 Piece Luggage Set: 70% off at Macy’s

The Tag’s Legacy luggage set is so affordable during this pre-Black Friday sale that you can save money for your next trip by taking advantage of the discounted price. It includes four versatile rigid pieces and is available in a choice of six vibrant colors.

Birch Trail Holiday Prints 3-Piece Pillow & Throw Set

Birch Trail Holiday Prints 3-Piece Pillow & Throw Set: 70% off at Macy’s

The pretty holiday colors and graphics of the Birch Trail Cushion and Throw Set add a lovely touch to Christmas decor in any room. It includes two pillows and a throw.

Martha Stewart Collection Quick Dry Reversible Bath Towel

Quick Dry Reversible Bath Towel from the Martha Stewart Collection: 70% off at Macy’s

Stock up now and save with this thirsty 100% cotton bath towel. It is available in nine colors to match any bathroom decor.

Candyland Holiday Flannel Pillow from the Martha Stewart Collection

Candyland Holiday Flannel Pillow from the Martha Stewart Collection: 70% off at Macy’s

With a festive decorative pillow, even a sofa or chair can be decorated for the season. Choose from several holiday prints in the Holiday Flannel Candyland collection to match your Christmas decor.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Wiz

Eyebrow Assistant Anastasia Beverly Hills: 30% off at Macy’s

Creating dramatic eyebrows is a snap with the Brow Wiz Pencil featuring a precision tip. It is available in shades to match almost any hair color.

Beautyblender Nova mixer

Beautyblender Nova mixer: $ 6 off at Macy’s

The Nova Blender is an essential tool for blending foundation, cream blush, highlighter and other types of makeup for a flawless finish. It is easy to use wet or dry.

Shiseido Benefiance Smoothing Eye Cream

Shiseido Benefiance Smoothing Eye Cream: 30% off at Macy’s

Benefiance Eye Cream is formulated with rich ingredients that hydrate the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is specially designed for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Bella Rocket Blender

Bella Rocket Blender: 70% off at Macy’s

If you’re looking for someone who is trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet, check out the Bella Rocket Blender that turns fresh ingredients into smoothies and shakes in minutes. It comes with an accessory set that includes short and tall mixing cups.

Pyrex 22 piece food storage container set

22 Piece Pyrex Food Storage Container Set: $ 47 off at Macy’s

You’ll get a collection of small and large storage containers from a trusted brand in this complete set that includes matching lids. They can be used in the freezer, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and microwave.

Coach Crossbody Dufflette

Coach Shoulder Duffle: 50% off at Macy’s

In addition to a timeless style, Coach’s compact duffel bag has a shoulder strap design that is easy to carry and pairs well with a variety of garments.

Discovery Kids Toy Set of 50 Magnetic Tiles

Discovery Kids Toy Set of 50 Magnetic Tiles: $ 36 off at Macy’s

Kids love to build sets like this unique option which includes 50 magnetic pieces that interlock to create three-dimensional designs. It is an educational toy that teaches math, hand-eye coordination and more.

Sealy Onyx 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Queen Plush Bed

Sealy Onyx Memory Foam 12 Inch Queen Mattress: $ 900 off at Macy’s

This mattress is made up of three layers of memory foam that provide medium support by adapting to the contours of the body. It arrives packaged and ready to be installed on your box spring or frame.

Instant air purifier

Instant air purifier in jar: $ 100 off at Macy’s

Instant Pot doesn’t just make multicookers. This air purifier uses HEPA technology, carbon filtration and plasma ions to remove pollutants and bacteria from the environment for cleaner, healthier air.

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6 eco-friendly exchanges for your personal care routine

Kseniya OvchinnikovaGetty Images

From sourcing local ingredients to reducing packaging, eco-conscious beauty companies are moving forward with their efforts towards sustainability. This is great news if you too are committed to an Earth-friendly existence.

And while redesigning every step of your routine and every product in your bathroom stash can be overwhelming, you can make simple little changes to take a greener approach to grooming and skin care. Here are some shopping tips, product exchanges, and community networks to get you started. Remember that every little step adds up and helps to make a meaningful impact.

green clay collection

Love, beauty and planet

Supporting local and eco-responsible businesses is important. But it does not stop there. You can also make green choices when shopping at big chains and convenience stores. Look for 100% recycled packaging, especially when looking for something in a plastic bottle. Try to favor products with certified ingredients from sustainable sources. And consider looking to brands that partner with organizations that have a positive impact on the environment. Love Beauty & Planet, for example, check all of these boxes—they recycled the equivalent of more than 60 million plastic bottles to create their packaging– moreover, their scents are irresistible.

Raise the bar on laundry day

stack of organic soap and shampoo in hands

Lourdes BalduqueGetty Images

Color Safe Shampoo Bar For Everyday – Coconut & Almond


$ 24.00

Switching to shampoo and conditioner bars is a simple and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. By eliminating plastic bottles, you avoid the manufacturing process of these containers, as well as the after-effects (which could mean being under-cycled or end up in landfills). Our choice ? Ultra Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner Bars from Dip. In addition to performing at the level of the best salon brands, they last virtually forever, which means buy less, waste less, and spend less. As an added bonus, they have multiple uses beyond cleansing and conditioning the hair (which is another nifty way to avoid overeating). For example, the conditioner bar also works as a shaving cream, leave-in treatment, or conditioner.

woman removing makeup with products in background

Dougal WatersGetty Images

Makeup remover wipes and disposable cottons can seem essential to a glowing routine. But they usually contain materials that aren’t biodegradable, which means they’ll end up in landfills for a long, long time. And since these objects are used daily by people all over the world, it creates a substantial amount of waste. The good news? There are tons of reusable options that deliver even better results.

Two of our favorites: Jenny Patinkin Reusable Sheet Mask, which you can customize for the treatment your skin needs at the time, and Face Halo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, soft little cotton clouds that wick away makeup (and replace 500 single-use wipes or cottons).

High angle close-up of two wooden toothbrushes and pills in metal box

Mint imagesGetty Images

Fresh mint


$ 30.00

More 1 billion tubes of toothpaste are thrown away every year. Fortunately, there are other options that can keep your smile clean, vibrant and healthy, without causing waste or pollution: our favorite toothpaste tablets. Just bite the tab a few times, then brush with a damp toothbrush as usual. They usually come in glass jars that are endlessly recyclable (unlike plastic tubes) and give your bathroom shelf a chic apothecary look.

Join a local “Don’t buy anything” group

beauty cosmetic makeup product layout fashion woman makeup brush, powder creative trendy concept cosmetics makeup accessories

Rapeepong PuttakumwongGetty Images

Instead of ordering new products to replenish your last empty bottles or throwing in a hand cream that wasn’t your favorite scent, research or gift them within your Don’t Buy Anything Local group. The Purchase movement nothing is a community donation economy that encourages sustainability by minimizing waste and streamlining purchasing. There are currently 4.27 million Buy Nothing members in 44 countries and there are plenty of skin care and beauty items up for grabs. Look for products that are still sealed or can be sterilized (such as makeup brushes). Once you’ve found your Buy Nothing group on Facebook, just ask for whatever you want or list anything you’d like to offer.

Everything is free, no exchange, no barter, no taking.

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J-Beauty Tatcha brand is offering 20% ​​off all skin care and makeup for Black Friday 2021

We’ve been good all year, which means we deserve to celebrate in the best way we know how – to buy new beauty products, especially when those products rarely go on sale. Lucky for us, Tatcha launch his Black Friday 2021 offers very early this year to satisfy our virtual shopping cravings long before the chaos of Black Friday weekend befalls us. Adored by celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Selena Gomez and Seduce editors, the Japanese-inspired beauty line has offerings that are far too good to be overlooked.

Between now and December 1, buyers can get 20% off all tatcha.com commands by entering the code CYBER21 at the register. Pretty sweet, right? There are only a few exclusions – namely, gift boxes and gift cards. On top of that, everything else is up for grabs, including the Dewy Skin Cream, which is perfect for soothing dry skin in winter.

It’s time to tick off some of the friends and family on your long holiday shopping list – or gift yourself some goodies. To help you out, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites – and shouted some out Seduce Best of Beauty and Readers’ Choice Award Winners – so you know exactly what to add to your cart.


Meghan Markle once said Seduce that she adores The classic of Polish rice – that’s it, that’s the pitch. The Duchess of Sussex marveled at how the cleanser effortlessly lathers, leaving her complexion so gently exfoliated. The innovative formula starts out as a powder and transforms into a luxurious lather once you add water.

Microcrystalline cellulose scavenges dead cells and creates a pilling effect by combining with the natural oils in our skin, as Kenneth Howe, MD, a board certified dermatologist in New York City, previously explained to Seduce. Rice bran and papaya enzymes gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup to reveal glowing skin, while hydrating green tea and seaweed replenish your barrier.

Of course, we are biased towards Deep cleaning, but it’s for a good reason. He won not one, but two Seduce Best of Beauty Awards, then you can surely understand why we love it. In case you didn’t know, the gel-based formula is made with ingredients native to Japan: the fibrous loofah fruit deeply cleanses, the rose hips smooth the skin, and the leopard lily absorbs excess sebum for a clean, satin finish that we can clearly just don’t have enough of. If you have combination and oily skin, this could be your new choice.

The Camellia Cleansing Oil is an ideal first step for all fans of double cleaning. Japanese Camellia Oil melts even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup with such ease that you could part with your makeup wipes for good. As always, Tatcha’s exclusive complex of double-fermented green tea, rice and seaweed keeps skin plumped and hydrated.

Harry Styles is launching a beauty brand?

HARRY Styles has been on the rise since his X-Factor audition in 2010.

Today, the former One Direction singer is entering the beauty industry in hopes of making products more gender neutral.


Harry Styles launched Plaisir on November 15, 2021Credit: Getty

Harry Styles is launching a beauty brand?

Styles, 27, is known for his flowing wardrobe and is often seen wearing nail polish.

On November 15, 2021, he announced to his 40 million followers that he was launching a new beauty line called Pleasant.

“Find your pleasure,” he captioned the photos.

The very first line, titled Perfect Pearl, is available now for pre-order and includes nail polish, a double-roll lip and eye serum, and a face serum with prices ranging from $ 20 to $ 75. $.

“When we decided that Pleasing would make beauty products, I wanted to be sure they were something I would use,” Styles said in a press release.

“I didn’t want to make products to hide people, I wanted to showcase them and make them feel beautiful.”

The products are vegan and cruelty-free and are expected to start shipping in late November.

The brand is vegan and cruelty-free


The brand is vegan and cruelty-freeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Was Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue?

The launch of Styles’ beauty brand comes a year after he appeared on the cover of Vogue wearing a Gucci gown, making him the first solo man to make the cover of the magazine.

At the time, many praised Styles for his bravery, but fashion icon Billy Porter felt a different feeling.

Porter, who has been known for his eclectic red carpet fashion over the years, often sporting ball gowns, platform boots and quirky accessories, slammed the post for picking a ‘straight white man’ for his cover. .

“I changed the whole game,” he told the Sunday Times. “And it’s not ego, it’s just a fact. I was the first to do it and now everyone is doing it.

“I feel like the fashion industry accepted me because I have to. I’m not necessarily convinced, and here’s why: I created the conversation, and yet Vogue did dress up a straight white man Harry Styles anyway for the first time.

He then clarified that his comments were to Vogue, not Styles personally.

“I’m not hanging out with Harry Styles, but is he the one you’re going to try to use to represent this new conversation?” he asked rhetorically.

“He doesn’t care, he just does it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s politics for me. It’s my life. I had to fight my whole life to get to where I could wear an Oscar dress and not get shot. All he has to do is be white and straight.

He then apologized to the singer on The Late Show following a backlash.

At the time, Porter said: “Harry Styles, I apologize to you for having your name in my mouth. It’s not about you. The conversation is not about you.

“The conversation is actually deeper than that.

“These are the systems of oppression and erasure of people of color that contribute to culture.”

Porter then concluded his statement by saying, “… I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean any harm. I’m a gay man.

“We love Harry, he’s cute!”

Harry Styles breaks gender conventions as he grabs Gucci handbag in campaign video with James Corden

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Mary Lawless Lee launches skin care brand Nemah: exclusive details – WWD

Mary Lawless Lee turns to motherhood for her latest business venture.

The influencer, who is the originator of Nashville’s Happily Gray website, brand and store and a mother of two, this week launched her new business called NÄ“mah, a skin care brand focused on pregnant women. The brand has been in the works for two years and was launched with two products: a scar repair treatment at $ 28 and a revitalizing stretch mark cream at $ 34. Lee and her husband Madison Lee co-founded the brand.

“A lot of the inspiration behind this is the conversations I’ve had over the past two years with my readers about what they’re using,” Lee said. “Hearing them and talking to them about their journeys like IVF and miscarriages and all these different paths to becoming a mom is definitely something that we want to do a good job of highlighting.”

Lee said the products were finalized a year ago, but she waited for the brand to launch in order to develop the community aspect of NÄ“mah, which as a mother was an essential part for her to offer with the products. .

NÄ“mah’s website has a Journal tab where clients can read entries from real mothers from across the country on their journey to motherhood. The blog posts are divided into five sections – Baby, Pregnancy, Wellness, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding – and cover topics such as managing a baby’s sleep schedules, getting a doula, and management of morning sickness.

“It was really important because we were looking at that community aspect and we were like, we can’t just have these educational buckets, we really need a storytelling aspect because it’s part of the community. It’s a mix of those two things, ”she said. “That’s what saved me as a mom, those ‘aha’ moments like ‘Oh thank god I’m not alone’, like she was going through that too. It’s a feeling of relief and that is what we want to cultivate.

NÄ“mah’s products
Photo by Cibelle Levi

NÄ“mah’s website already has several blog entries under each vertical and will continue to post new posts regularly. The brand will also launch its “The Life They Live” series early next year, which shows real mothers sharing their stories on IVF, miscarriages, postpartum and more.

As a former critical care nurse, Lee said it’s important for her to offer products that are clinically dermatologist-backed to ensure they are safe to use. NÄ“mah has a Medical Advisory Board made up of Dr Kira Mayo, dermatologist, and Dr Bob Geng, allergist and immunologist.

“We wanted to create products [mothers] can really be trusted and are backed by science because coming from a nursing background it was important to me, ”she explained. “We’re in a time where influencers are launching lines and there are a lot of different things, so if we were to do it we had to do it that way. We had to spend money and it took double the time and resources, but it’s backed by science. “

Lee also draws on his ten-year experience directing Happily Gray for NÄ“mah. The influencer has spent the past few years promoting and selling products from other brands, which has shown her what prices work and what her readers want.

“There is so much data on affiliate sales that we’ve looked at over the past decade that has been used to create product prices, feel and colors,” she said. “It’s the beauty of the last decade working to build this brand and now how can we create something beyond just marketing other brands’ products.”

While NÄ“mah’s product line is aimed at pregnant and postpartum mothers, Lee intends to expand into other categories designed for maternity and families. Its next launch will be a nipple and lip balm in the first quarter of 2022, and then a category extension to baby products, such as shampoo, lotion and shower gel, in the spring. It also aims to expand home products, such as household cleaners and detergents.


All about Ariana Grande’s beauty brand REM

Iman’s first fragrance pays homage to David Bowie

Pharrell Williams expands Humanrace brand to body care

9 beauty products that do the most and cost less than $ 150

I take pride in my morning routine. I get up on purpose at 5 a.m. every morning, not only because I like to exercise before work, but also because I like to have quality time for “me” before the rest of the day. world does not rise. It sets the tone for my day and improves my health and general well-being. So naturally, you would think that someone who invests so much in the morning would do the same in the evening, right? Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case for me. This time of year is particularly difficult. The work is hectic. There are a lot of vacation and friends and family events to see. My days are long and my sleep is short. It’s almost impossible to turn off my brain and relax when I’m supposed to. This is what first drew me to Neom, the UK-based aromatherapy brand that just made its debut in the US.

Founder Nicola Elliott launched the line over 15 years ago after quitting a grueling job at a magazine that left her exhausted. She studied aromatherapy and learned that natural essential oils mixed in a targeted way could help relieve some of the symptoms she had from overwork. She launched with a signature scent, Scent to Sleep â„¢, and the rest is history. Today, it offers a full line of aromatherapy bath and body products, skin care products, candles, essential oil blends, diffusers and pods. Everything is vegetarian, cruelty-free and uses 100% natural fragrances. And everything is designed to promote your well-being, including the price, which drops below $ 150 per product, so you don’t lose sleep over the cost. Which two products are at the top of my list? The Perfect Night’s Sleep Mist ($ 22) is up there. I love the idea of ​​starting my evening routine by spraying my bedroom and bedding with a relaxing scent. And obviously, Perfect Night’s Sleep Overnight Facial Cream ($ 48) is calling me. (I’m the Beauty Director. What are you expecting?) It’s formulated with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, cica, mineral magnesium, and natural scents that will not only plump my skin but also calm me down. before going to bed.

* The prices of the Wellness Pods vary according to the size.

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Best Black Friday Sally Beauty Deals 2021: Top Sales for Hair, Beauty, Nails & More Revealed By The Consumer Post

BOSTON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Compare the best Sally Beauty deals for Black Friday, including hair masks, lashes, volumizing sprays, shampoos and more deals. Links to the latest offers are listed below.

Best Sally Beauty Deals:

Best makeup deals:

Interested in more offers? We recommend that you check Walmart Black Friday Deals and Amazon’s Black Friday page to compare thousands of other live savings available now. The Consumer Post receives commissions on purchases made using the links provided.

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Bath bombs with perfume: 7 hemp beauty products

Hemp is not a new word in the world of cosmetics: the oil of this plant has been used since ancient times as a natural and effective means of moisturizing the skin. But cannabis became a really trendy ingredient in the beauty industry a few years ago due to widespread decriminalization. In a number of states in the United States, the use of marijuana is completely legalized, in some European countries the use and storage of small amounts of “weeds” are overlooked.

All of this allows for more research and discovery of new properties of cannabis, not only as a component of Delta 8 cartridges but also as a precious cosmetic source. Thus, hemp oil perfectly hydrates the skin and takes care of the restoration of the hydrolipidic layer. Products containing this ingredient may have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, help increase sebum production, and soothe the skin. So let’s take a look at seven trendy cannabis products in the beauty industry.

1. The Body Shop Hand Cream

The hemp series is perfect for very dry skin and as a spot treatment for particularly affected areas of the body such as elbows, legs or feet. Considering that regular hand washing and antiseptics are our new reality, panthenol or hemp oil barrier cream can be a real salvation.

2. Kiehl’s face serum

The brand’s new product is a dense serum with a pleasant but intense aroma and hemp seed oil. It is suitable for all skin types including problem skin, but for oily skin it may be too dense.

3. Shine Is face mask

The mask with small apricot granules acts on two fronts: gently exfoliates the skin and hydrates it. Hemp and shea oils fight peeling and dryness of the face. Considering that few people benefit from sitting at home in front of a laptop, a mask can become a real midlife salvation for depressed skin.

4. Shower gel from Malin + Goetz

The brand offers a complete series dedicated to cannabis. The pearl it contains is an Eau de Parfum with a recognizable fragrance, thick and enveloping. Therefore, you will have to spare yourself a gel to wash your hands (or body) – the aroma is tangible as in Disposable Delta 8, and certainly more interesting than the usual peach or rose.

5. Balenciaga perfume

It is not a very intense fragrance suitable for home use and hot seasons. Fans credit it with the scent of freshly cut grass, spring garden greenery, and a damp garden after the rain.

6. Bath Bomb by Adorn

A good alternative to Lush bath bombs in case you’ve tried all the variations of the British brand. The cone foams in water just as easily and quickly and dissolves, leaving behind an understated scent of a shady garden with dense, moist vegetation.

7. Body balm by Le Couvent de Minimes

A dense body balm can be loved for a single minimalist black pot, which will fit into any interior, but inside is a thick cream that easily spreads over the skin, instantly hydrating it and leaving a clear scent of “luxurious living” on this.

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“Skin care is my personal care”: How a beauty blogger deals with eczema

Over the years, Sellers has learned which products can help her skin stay hydrated – which is important for people with eczema because their skin doesn’t retain enough moisture – and which can trigger a flare-up. She even found that some products marketed for people with eczema can cause more harm than good.

“Some of the topical creams that help soothe irritation… [can] actually cause drought later, ”she said. “I really like finding products that not only help prevent irritation, but that you can also use consistently so you don’t have so many eczema flares.”

Managing eczema, she found, isn’t just about keeping your skin free from blemishes – or covering the inflamed patches with makeup. In fact, Sellers has learned that it’s not always worth hiding your eczema under layers of concealer, in part because makeup can contain irritating ingredients that trigger itching later.

I feel like I have scary caterpillars on my body.

Sellers Dana

For sellers, eczema itch is one of the most difficult symptoms to treat. “I can feel like I have scary caterpillars on my body,” she says. “It got to the point, especially in New York City, where I thought I might have had bed bugs. “

Plus, for sellers, beauty goes beyond foundation and bronzer. “I’m someone who doesn’t really like to put on makeup,” she says. “I really like going out natural.”

On their blog, Sellers primarily focuses on skin care, including products that can keep your skin healthy. She credits her skincare routine for keeping her complexion the same today as it was ten years ago.

When it comes to anti-aging products, Sellers is a fan of retinols, but she can’t use just any kind. “I prefer retinols as an oil because it’s a lower concentration,” she says. “It’s easier for my skin to handle. She also knows how to avoid using multiple anti-aging ingredients at the same time and always hydrate her skin.

Today, Sellers is following a simplified version of a customizable regimen known as the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine. “Personally, I don’t feel like I need 10 steps,” she says.

Paytm’s parent company One97 Communications goes public

With shares falling in India, the parent company of Paytm, a leading digital payments app, went public on Monday in hopes of becoming the country’s largest initial public offering.

The company, One97 Communications, aims to raise around $ 2.5 billion in a three-day bid that ends Wednesday. It has already attracted huge institutional investors like the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Fund, the Texas Teachers’ Pension Fund and the University of Cambridge, who have invested more than $ 1 billion.

Paytm was founded in 2010 as a payment transfer company. It now allows users to send money to friends, buy small items like coffee or clothes, and fund big-ticket items like cars.

Almost ubiquitous in India’s largest cities, Paytm controls over 40% of the Indian digital payments market. The company has yet to make a profit, but is enjoying renewed interest from foreign and Indian investors seeking a stake in India’s booming internet economy. The IPO could value the company at $ 20 billion.

“Paytm is emerging as a market in itself,” said Amit Khurana, analyst at Dolat Capital in Mumbai. “There is a lot of appetite to allocate money to this kind of model because it is seen as the company of the future.”

Investors, in general, are increasingly optimistic about the recovery of the Indian economy after the pandemic and a series of related lockdowns that have sharply reduced industrial activity and consumer spending.

India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, has steadily cut interest rates, encouraging banks to lend more and consumers – especially savvy young online shoppers – to spend more.

“We are now in an ideal situation, where the banking recovery coincides with the demographic transition, which in turn coincides with the digital revolution,” said Madhavan Narayanan, economist in India. “All of these three align the sun, moon, and stars for young India.”

With coronavirus infections in India and pedestrians returning to physical stores, shoppers new to sanitation awareness may prefer to scan QR codes rather than handle cash.

The pandemic has contributed to a trend in India towards a cashless economy that began with the sudden demonetization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in 2016. The policy, aimed at cracking down on money laundering, banned local banknotes. more widely disseminated, wiping out families’ savings and closing businesses overnight. But five years later, it appears to have created some winners as well, including digital payment companies like Paytm.

Competition is intensifying. Google offers Google Pay. India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, launched a joint venture with Facebook last year to offer digital payments on WhatsApp, India’s most popular courier service.

Paytm’s stock offering is the latest in a series of oversubscribed IPOs in recent months, among a host of so-called unicorns backed by e-commerce giants like China’s Alibaba and its financial affiliate, Ant .

In July, institutional and foreign investors also flocked to the initial public offering of India’s food delivery app, Zomato, which was oversubscribed 38 times the available shares.

The Reserve Bank of India predicted in an August report that 2021 “may well be the year of India’s initial public offering.”

Paytm’s push to become India’s largest initial public offering has overshadowed another large offering. The parent company of Nykaa, an online beauty retailer, was listed on the stock exchange on Monday, seeking a valuation of $ 7.4 billion.

Sameer yasir contributed reports.

Stranger Things New Merci Handy Skin Care Collection

As the editors of POPSUGAR, we independently select and write things that we like and think you will like, too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

If your vanity products weren’t straight from Upside Down, have you even been to Hawkins, IN? In honor of Stranger Things Day on November 6 – aka the day Will Byers went missing in 1983 and the day Eleven opened the door to the Upside Down, freeing the Demogorgons – cosmetics brand Merci Handy released a Vegan skin care kit, monster -free, made with natural ingredients, and comes in a clear fanny pack (because of course it does).

In the same way that Steve Harrington always manages to style his hair flawlessly as he fends off supernatural creatures with a studded baseball bat, the limited-edition collection includes everything a teenage boy battling paranormal aliens could ever need. ordinary week. See the cassette tape upside down on the theme of the VCR Vol. 1 for hand sanitizer gel in Starcourt-inspired packaging, a hand moisturizer that “unveils spicy and woody notes in an oriental vanilla trail” and a walkie-talkie love holder. Return to Upside Down Tape Vol. 2 for a supernatural bath bomb, hand sanitizer gel, and moisturizing exfoliating soap (for softer skin than a baby unicorn).

If you’re in a real rush and need to get out to help Mike and the gang ASAP, the fanny pack includes everything from both bands. Plus, there’s room if you want to add a lip balm or a few waffles as a snack, but we recommend keeping them in the freezer. Purchase the full Stranger Things x Thanks Handy collection in advance and watch the season four trailer here.

Her Best Products To Buy – The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood journalist launches its first list of the Top 10 Star Entrepreneurs of 2021, which also includes Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Sofia Vergara, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner and more.

At the September Met Gala, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in not only a personalized Ralph Lauren embroidered dress with a faux fur cape, Navajo-stamped silver cuff and ring, and silver jewelry from the Ralph Lauren Archives. But it was these other accessories that put an exclamation mark on the American fashion night themed while proving, once again, the strength of J.Lo’s business acumen on one of the red carpets. most photographed in the world.

That night, Lopez also pointed his toes in metallic stilettos from him JLo Jennifer Lopez shoe collection for retail partner DSW (two weeks before the holiday line’s release) and showcased her best face using six products from JLo Beauty, her luxury skincare line launched in January. Even the product names – That Hit Single, That Star Filter, That Blockbuster, That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask, etc.

It was a synergistic flex for a global superstar who in recent years has pivoted to building a portfolio of her own brands and investing in start-ups rather than just lending her massive star power (180 million Instagram followers ; 45.1 million on Twitter) to outside brands and designers. Its investments include Goli nutritional supplements, telehealth and the prescription delivery company Him & Hers, Great coffee, the just announced BodyArmor and the meal delivery service Wonder.

JLo Jennifer Lopez Irma Sandals

$ 90

Buy now

When asked how she defines her entrepreneurial efforts, Lopez, director and founder of Nuyorican Productions, said THR that she wants everything to reflect her life and her personal philosophy. “I believe business is an art like anything I do, and you have to create it every day. I see life as an art, and it’s in your power, just like in your business, to make it as small or as big as you want it to be. Whatever that means to you, ”Lopez says. “Over the past few years, I have become an owner, investor and, in the case of JLo Beauty, founder. I want to align myself with brands that feel true to my values ​​and that are inclusive, innovative and forward-thinking, with the aim of helping them have a greater impact on society.

She says launching JLo Beauty has taught her yet again that success comes down to surrounding yourself with the right people. “You need a great team,” she says, “JLo Beauty has been a passionate project for over a decade, a whole team working together, the result of a lifetime’s work. I also learned that if something is yours, you have to be in the details and you have to have your fingerprints all over the place. Throughout the process, I have learned to harness this aspect in every business I touch.

Lopez – who was appointed Advertising week‘s Brand Visionary for 2021 – says she is proud of everything she touched during her career from start to now, but most of all, she is proud of the life she has created for her family. “And I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people and partnerships I’ve been able to collaborate with along the way,” she says. “Once we learn that mistakes are necessary, and every mistake is a lesson, the sky is no longer the limit because I believe we are all limitless.”

Coming up, shop some of the best JLo Beauty products, JLo by Jennifer Lopez shoes and more from Lopez’s fashion, fragrance, beauty and wellness brands.

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Best Brands To Buy By Jennifer Lopez

JLo Beauty That Holiday Glow Hydrate + Brighten Duo

JLo Beauty That Holiday Glow Hydrating and Illuminating Duo

JLo Beauty That Holiday Glow Hydrate + Brighten Duo

$ 44

Buy now

JLo Jennifer Lopez Harlie Thigh High Boots

JLo Jennifer Lopez Harlie Thigh High Boots

JLo Jennifer Lopez Harlie Thigh High Boots

$ 120

Buy now

Hers The Weekender Hair Care Kit

Hers The Weekender Hair Care Kit

Hers The Weekender Hair Care Kit

40 $

Buy now

Jennifer Lopez Promise Eau de Parfum

Jennifer Lopez Promise Eau de Parfum

Jennifer Lopez Promise Eau de Parfum

$ 83.75

on Amazon.com

Buy now

Goli Nutrition Superfruit Gummies

Goli Nutrition Superfruits Gummies

Goli Nutrition Superfruit Gummies (3 month supply)

$ 57

Buy now

Pack of 12 Super Café Moka

Pack of 12 Super Café Moka

Moka Super Coffee

$ 29

Buy now

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ESTAS Beauty Launches Very First Line of Luxury Skin Care Products for Scars | State / Regional

SANTA BARBARA, California and GREENSBORO, North Carolina, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Premium skin care brand ESTAS Beauty announces the launch of a new collection of products available today at ESTASbeauty.com. Founded by a heart attack survivor Cristina Beltran and beauty veteran, Alejandra thompson, ESTAS Beauty offers a luxury skincare solution to the more than 100 million people who suffer from scars each year. Of these, more than 50 million people acquire scars as a result of surgeries.

Healing is part of healing, and we want everyone to use our products and feel proud and empowered by their scar.

“Developing this line was extremely important to me, as I know firsthand the insecurities of scars and the lack of skin care products to heal them,” says the co-founder. Cristina Beltran, who has a 6-inch scar following open heart surgery at the age of 24. “Everyone should have access to high quality skin care to feel confident about their skin. use our products and feel proud and empowered by their scar. “

The ESTAS Beauty collection is designed to nourish, protect and hydrate scars and includes intense hydration, gentle application and an absorbent formula. The product line includes three products: “Morning Massage” cleansing oil with vitamin E and primrose; a “Daily Dose” cream serum with vitamin E and C; and “Sleep Salve” mask made of silicone and vitamin E. A key ingredient includes silicone, which increases hydration and reduces collagen production, itching and discomfort. With powerful antioxidants, ESTAS Beauty products brighten, hydrate and heal scars, while locking in moisture and softening the skin.

“Scars are a special type of skin, with special needs that require special attention,” says co-founder Alejandra thompson. “Although scars can vary in size and severity, the common thread running through all scars is care: they need hydration, nourishment, and effective ingredients to fight common symptoms such as redness, sore skin, and scars. itchy, uneven texture and discoloration.The ESTAS Beauty line offers luxury skin care formulas that are gentle on the skin and increase moisture retention to help the scar retain as much moisture as possible. ” She adds, “For us, skin care includes scar care, and scar care should always be an important part of our daily skin care routine.”

ESTAS Beauty products are fragrance-free, formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates. The product line is dermatologist tested and skin safe. The trio of products can be sold separately or as a set. The company plans to expand its product offering to include a preoperative skin care line in 2022.

“I always see patients who are concerned about how to take care of their scars and are looking for a luxurious topical solution as opposed to sticky and oily,” says Dr. Robert schwarcz, MD, FACS. “ESTAS Beauty products fill a void in the skin care market for scar treatment, and what’s more, they are hydrating, nourishing and protective – which every scar needs.”

About ESTAS Beauté

ESTAS (Every Scar Tells A Story) Beauty was founded in 2019 by Cristina Beltran and Alejandra thompson, who both underwent surgeries, which left them with various scars. At 24, Cristina suffered sudden cardiac arrest and then underwent triple open-heart bypass surgery, leaving her with a six-inch scar on her chest. Alejandra has had two cesarean sections.

Frustrated by the lack of luxury skin care products specifically dedicated to scar treatment, they collaborated with a leading chemist and doctors to develop brand new scar care products, rooted in the belief and the desire to celebrate scars. The range includes: “Morning Massage” cleansing oil with vitamin E and primrose; “Daily Dose” cream serum with vitamin E and C; and the “Sleep Salve” mask in silicone and vitamin E, which are made with the best ingredients to beautify your scar. They can be used on surgical scars, burn scars and everyday bumps and scrapes. To order products and find additional information, visit www.estasbeauty.com and follow the brand on social media via Instagram @estasbeauty.

View original content to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/estas-beauty-launches-first-ever-luxury-skincare-product-line-for-scars-301416609.html


Global Beauty Products Market Trends Research Report 2021

The most recent research by MarketandResearch.biz, entitled Global beauty products market from 2021 to 2027, provides comprehensive industry overview including product descriptions, product differentiation based on many factors, and effective systems market. From 2021 to 2027, the study assesses the current economic situation and outlook, offering comprehensive and up-to-date data on crucial segments joining the global beauty products market. Through this study, clients will gain in-depth knowledge of the global Beauty Products market including business strategies, sales volume, market value, and regional market growth.

The study offers an overview of the competitive landscape in the Beauty Products industry. To identify the business factors, the main market players have been identified. The main market players in this research are Corporate Governance, Recent Advances, Financial Situation, Pestel Analysis, Technical Advances, Acquisitions and Mergers, Latest Articles, Strategic Partnerships, Alliances and collaborations.

DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE REPORT: https://www.marketandresearch.biz/sample-request/200213

The Global Beauty Products Market report includes reliable research such as official website statistics, financial details, SEC figures, official announcements, government documents, organizational databases, and white papers on the market. Marlet. Analysts interviewed product financial advisers, senior executives, board members and CEOs as key sources for the research. The research then focuses on nations and regions around the world, presenting a regional market condition, including quantity and quality, market size, and pricing strategy.

The contract is divided into the following sub-parts:

  • Skin care products
  • Hair care product
  • Make-up and Perfume
  • Other

The following regions are covered by the report:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia and Australia)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

The main market players identified in the study are as follows:

  • L’Oreal
  • Unilever
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Estee Lauder
  • Shiseido
  • Beiersdorf
  • Peaceful Love
  • Avon
  • Johnson & johnson
  • Kao
  • Chanel
  • LVMH
  • Coty
  • Clarins
  • Natura Cosmetics
  • Revlon
  • Péchoin
  • JALA Group
  • Shanghai Jawha

The market is divided into three sections depending on the application:

  • Supermarket & Hypermarket
  • Beauty & Drugstore Box
  • Electricity sales

ACCESS TO THE FULL REPORT: https://www.marketandresearch.biz/report/200213/global-beauty-products-market-growth-status-and-outlook-2021-2026

The major companies of the global Beauty Products market are analyzed on the basis of their market share, late turn of events, new product launches, organizations, consolidations or acquisitions, and markets served. It provides a realistic view of the current market situation by accumulating accurate and forecast market figures in value and volume, technological advancement, macroeconomic variables and governing the market.

Customization of the report:

This report can be customized to meet customer requirements. Please connect with our sales team ([email protected]), who will make sure you get a report that matches your needs. You can also contact our leaders at + 1-201-465-4211 to share your research needs.

Contact us
Brand Pierre
Head of Business Development
Telephone: + 1-201-465-4211
E-mail: [email protected]

#WorldVeganDay: Here are the best vegan beauty products to try

Image: Unsplash

A lot of people have switched to vegan options when it comes to food, but what about all the other things you eat? Vegan refers to anything that does not include substances made from dairy products or of animal origin. In the process, it also rejects the usefulness of other dangerous chemicals. The beauty industry uses (or used) to a large extent substances of animal origin, but today, with growing awareness, the situation is changing for good. A bunch of beauty brands, both local and global, have decided to join the vegan movement and the time has finally arrived when the vegan beauty industry is established and thriving. On World Vegan Day, we’re sharing our most beloved vegan beauty products.

FAE Beauty Buildable Matte Lipsticks


Picture: Instagram

FAE Beauty stands for “Free And Equal” and is a beauty brand that is slowly and gradually changing our approach to beauty for the better. Their buildable matte lipsticks are absolute must-haves for people who love versatile products as well as natural-looking makeup. These vegan lips come in versatile shades that intensify pigmentation after each glide.

The Moms Co.


This skin-loving body butter from The Moms Co. is packed with ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, rosehip oil, and vitamin E. It not only hydrates dry, itchy skin, but also prevents sun damage.

The Ayurveda Co. Beet Mighty Pink Lip & Cheek Tint


100% vegan and natural, this lip and cheek shade is extremely pigmented and looks great on lips and cheeks. Unlike other creme jar shades, this one settles in a matte finish and works equally well on the lips. It is easy to mix and formulated with shea butter and cocoa to prevent any kind of dryness.

Powerful AMINU AHA peel


Get your skin ready for the holiday season with this product that’s nothing short of instant cleansing in just minutes. With glycolic acid and other AHAs, this peel illuminates the skin while gently exfoliating and renewing it. It is perfect for getting that glowing and even skin just in time for Diwali.

Ilana Celestial Pop Cream Highlighter + Illuminator


Picture: Instagram

Made with aloe vera, coconut oil, and glycerin, this liquid highlighter is your best bet for naturally dewy, glowing skin. With a creamy, blendable texture, this product can be applied directly to the highlights of your face or can be mixed with your foundation for a glowing base.

Plum Eye-swear-by Kohl Kajal
Picture: Instagram

Get your hands on this hassle-free retractable kajal that is packed with jet black pigmentation and delivers a rich color rendering that is smudge and water resistant. It’s not only vegan, but also contains jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter to soothe and hydrate the eyes.

Also Read: 10 Best Lipsticks From Each Color Family That Are Perfect For Diwali

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NewAge joins the boom in fuller lips and eyelash enhancers

DENVER, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NewAge, Inc. (Nasdaq: NBEV), a Colorado-based direct-to-consumer (D2C) organic and healthy products company, has announced the expansion of its skincare line. Lucim + skin to include two new clean, safe and effective products: Lucim + â„¢ Volumizing Eyelash Serum and Lucim + â„¢ Plumping Lip Gloss.

Developed in partnership with NewAge Brand Partners, the company’s unique crowdsourcing approach has identified these must-have beauty innovations that offer safe and clinically tested alternatives to popular beauty treatments.

Lucim + Volumizing Eyelash Serum is a revolutionary product that improves the appearance of lashes, providing visibly fuller, stronger and longer lashes (and brows) with results in just four weeks. Unlike many industry leaders, the Lucim + formula offers eyelash lift benefits in a formula tested by ophthalmologists and safe for the delicate eye area.

Lucim + Plumping Lip Gloss is a revolutionary formula that instantly plumps lips and visibly reduces wrinkles in just one use. With continued use, lips will appear smoother, more supple and more voluptuous over time.

Lucim + is a specialized line of premium, advanced products expertly formulated to target a variety of beauty concerns. Created with the most advanced technology available, Lucim + products meet unparalleled safety standards and prove that there is no need to compromise between clean ingredients and efficiency. The Lucim + line is a perfect complement to the recently launched Lucim + skin care line which features effective and result-oriented formulas that all meet NewAge’s strict standards for clean ingredients.

“As beauty trends continue to emerge, one factor continues to gain traction and that is the demand for safety without sacrificing efficiency,” said Deanna Latson, NewAge Product Manager. “Yet companies continue to package the beauty products we use every day with potentially harmful ingredients, including known carcinogens, irritants and endocrine disruptors. At NewAge, clean beauty comes with no compromise in quality or results, and that’s something we are proud of.

Beauty products containing natural and safe ingredients continue to be in high demand and priority for consumers. Globally, the beauty industry is over $ 500 billion, and the market for clean and natural beauty products is expected to reach $ 54 billion by 2027 (Formula Botanica). NewAge’s commitment to delivering results-driven products without compromising consumer safety is a testament to the company’s relevance to the market. Together, these two new products give NewAge Brand Partners access to a lucrative new channel of consumer awareness, offering them new ways to grow their business.

Trusted certification

The two Lucim + Volumizing Eyelash Serum and Lucim + Plumping Lip Gloss has been awarded the Good Face Seal of Approval by the Good Face Project (GFP) – one of the world’s most trusted resources for verifying toxic and hazardous ingredients in skin care, makeup, hair products and more Again. Good Face uses the latest scientific advancements combined with artificial intelligence to analyze product formulations using the latest publicly available scientific research to provide consumers with an independently validated, evidence-based safety guide. facts. All products that receive the GFP seal of approval are carefully analyzed for safety and effectiveness, using over 21,000 scientific research sources.

About NewAge, Inc.

NewAge is a purpose-built company dedicated to inspiring the planet to live healthy â„¢. Colorado-based NewAge markets a portfolio of organic and healthy products around the world, primarily through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution system in more than 75 countries. The company is present in three major platform categories: Health and Wellness, Interior and Exterior Beauty, Nutritional Performance and Weight Management, at the head of a network of more than 400,000 exclusive independent brand partners around the world.

You can find more information on NewAge.com.


NewAge, Inc.
Lisa Mueller
Vice-President, Investor Relations
[email protected]

The skin care supplement recommended by the beauty director of mbg *

Listen, I love learning about the science of skin and how you can use the science to improve yours. This is why this formula piques my interest so much: It is a revolutionary formula that combines four targeted cosmeceutical ingredients that improve the quality of the skin and are proactive in its long-term care. *

Let’s start with astaxanthin. This potent carotenoid phytonutrient and potent antioxidant is clinically proven to protect skin cells (especially against UV exposure) and help preserve the collagen layer. * But what does it mean for your complexion when you take it?

Well, several clinics point to the real, tangible benefits of taking the phytonutrient for skin care: In one study, astaxanthin supplementation improved dramatically elasticity, softness and hydration of the skin in just 12 weeks. * Another study found astaxanthin improved skin wrinkles, age spots size and skin texture. * And in a recent double-blind clinic, subjects reported significant improvement moisture levels (especially around the eyes), an overall improvement in elasticity and the appearance of skin tone. and sketched with fine lines, and much more flexible and luminous. *

This is combined with another of my favorites: phytoceramides. Ceramides are a natural lipid present in the skin barrier and play an important role in the hydration of the skin. Plant-based versions, when taken by mouth, may improve your natural humidity– up to 35% according to one study. * The cool thing is that it really doesn’t take long to see soft, supple skin in the mirror; just halfway through my first bottle, my skin looked more dewy: as if I had switched to the super luxe face cream which occupies a special place on the top shelf. * It’s not also not in my imagination, research also shows you can see improved skin hydration after just 15 days. *

Next on the noteworthy list is Pomegranate Whole Fruit Extract, a premium botanical extract packed with antioxidants. While consuming antioxidants in general is always beneficial, I love having this one in my routine. Why? Its ability to promote cellular resilience and its anti-inflammatory properties. * Plus, it’s clinically proven to enhance antioxidant responses, which can help the body alleviate oxidative stress (basically when your body is in free fall. free radicals) by increasing antioxidant capacity in the body. * In fact, pomegranate extract has been clinically shown to reduce oxidative stress biomarkers. *

Finally, coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant naturally present in the body. Your body manufactures on its own and performs many necessary functions, including helping the cell’s mitochondrial function. Literally: CoQ10 is needed for cellular energy production and rejuvenation. * But, like most good things in the body, it declines with age. But when you supplement with ubiquinol (the most bioavailable and bioactive form of CoQ10, we might add), it is clinically shown that increase CoQ10 levels* And that has some pretty exciting benefits for your skin cells: Clinical trial found that CoQ10 supplements reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving the smoothness of the skin. *

8 of the best beauty tools to give away this year

Beauty tools make great gifts: they’re personal, all about personal grooming, and prices range from ridiculously low to the crazy item your friend or family member might not think of getting. . We have hand-picked some items that go from the top of the head to the toes.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a personal care product is that hair and skin types differ, and this difference is significant. You may not always be aware of a preference or need when purchasing a beauty gift for someone else, so unless it is very easy to convey (like a jar nail polish), take the extra time to ensure you select a gift receipt online. , in case your loved one needs to make an exchange.


For that person in your life who loves a blowout but hates the hassle of getting one at home, this Revlon brush is a serious game changer for your hair. It’s a hair dryer and styling brush combo that saves you from having to hold two different styling tools at once.

We can personally attest to how brilliant this brush is, and almost everyone we know who has tried it feels the same. For example, one of us had to spend 20 minutes trying to blow out our naturally curly hair. But now we let it air dry slightly and then spend about 5-10 minutes with this brush. That’s all it takes for straight hair that has a bouncy “I’m from the salon” look.


We all want to look our best everywhere we go, and unfortunately a lot of hair tools really don’t work on black women who have tight coils. Lucky for us, companies have gotten the hang of it and have started developing products that can help us get closer to our best looks, including Pattern Beauty by actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

Three tools are included in this set: a hair pick, a wide tooth comb and a shower brush. A wide-tooth comb is great for detangling hair without pulling it out, and a toothpick defines an afro while detangling the ends of your hair. And the shower brush can tackle tangles in the water if preferred.

Screenshot by Mercey Livingston / CNET

For manicure and pedicure enthusiasts, this Olive and June home manicure set comes with a nail polish bottle handle designed specifically for someone who paints their nails (as opposed to someone who paints their nails). made for you). The wide, flat handle gives you better control while painting, and it’s more comfortable to hold than a regular nail polish bottle handle. The kit also includes a jar of nail polish remover, nail clipper, file, buffer cube, top coat, nail polish and cuticle serum.


Here is another Revlon product that cannot be ignored. It can be used on any type of hair, but for our curly hair, this hair dryer takes from tight coils to stretched strands, all in under an hour. He really transformed the way we straighten hair before styling it.

This tool has three different heat settings, but we usually use the lowest one to avoid drying out the hair cuticles or damaging them from excessive heat. The machine also cools down quickly and is easy to store, although it is a bit bulky.


For that person who always uses white stripes, help them brighten up their smile with this tech kit that steps up their teeth whitening game. The kit uses an LED light and heat mouthpiece (similar to professional teeth whitening treatments) which is supposed to make teeth whiter, faster. The device syncs with an app so you know how long and how often you need to use the device, get reminders about when to use it, and track your teeth whitening progress.


Pedicures are just as important as manicures. It is essential that you take the time to indulge yourself, especially for the part of the body that is often neglected. Packed with a ton of tools, this kit contains everything you will need to remove dead skin, freshen your cuticles, clean and trim your nails, salon style.


Like all Dyson products, this chic, modern and high-tech hairdryer is a gift madness – for yourself or for others. Increasingly found in professional salons, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer dries hair quickly and with minimal heat damage. With a number of accessories, it controls the air in different ways and is suitable for the range of hair types.

For example, the Dyson Supersonic comes with a flyaway attachment, styling concentrator, diffuser, soft air attachment and wide tooth comb that can give you a salon ready look. Buyers with hair types 4A to 4C should keep in mind that each accessory except the wide tooth comb may require your hair to be straightened before use. If you’re using wigs, weaves, or extensions, you should be fine.


This Dermaflash pore extractor and serum infuser will help you prepare your pores with its extraction tool, then infuse the benefits of your moisturizer onto your skin. Anyone familiar with the face can tell you that monthly esthetician visits can add up quickly. This tool can give you great, fast facial treatment for a fraction of the price – and it’s a pampering gift for anyone looking for smooth, hydrated skin.

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have about a health problem or health goals.

Essence Lash Primer could change the effects of your mascara

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships, so we may receive compensation for certain links to products and services.

Do you feel like you’re at a dead end with mascaras? You’re pretty sure you’ve found the one that will give you the best possible results… and yet you always want more. But you also don’t necessarily try to wear false eyelashes or get eyelash extensions, especially for everyday life. So and after? A curler cannot do everything.

Just as you prepare your skin or eyelids before applying makeup, you can begin prime your eyelashes. Primer on your skin helps your makeup apply smoother and stay on longer, increasing its effects, and lash primer can do the same for your mascara. All you need is $ 5 to get this secret eyelash stimulating weapon!

See it!

Get the Volume Booster Essence Lash Primer for only $ 5 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the published date, October 28, 2021, but are subject to change.

This volumizing primer is amazing because it can not only help make your eyes pop, but it can also help nourish and revitalize your lashes with superfruit ingredients like acai oil and mango butter. It claims to create a hydrating shield around your lashes, not only protecting them from damage, but also giving your mascara something to cling to, allowing you to intensify your look without worrying about smudging!

It’s even cooler this primer is completely vegan and cruelty-free. It’s a clean beauty choice with an incredibly low price tag. As always, essence proves that you don’t have to destroy your bank account to achieve your beauty goals!

See it!

Get the Volume Booster Essence Lash Primer for only $ 5 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the published date, October 28, 2021, but are subject to change.

If you know how to apply mascara, you already know how to apply this base. We’ll give you the walkthrough though, as timing and knowing what to look for is important. Apply this primer to clean, dry lashes until they are coated with a thin layer of white. Then let it sit for 20 to 30 seconds before grabbing your mascara. Then it’s time to apply your mascara as you normally would. Discover the ultra-famous gasoline Lash Princess Mascara if you haven’t tried it yet. Notice the difference!

Just like you would apply additional coats of mascara for more drama in your lashes, you can also apply additional coats of this primer before applying your mascara. Play around a bit and see what works best for you and gives you the voluminous results you crave. And don’t forget to spend some time admiring your lashes in the mirror. Yeah, you did that!

See it!

Get the Volume Booster Essence Lash Primer for only $ 5 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the published date, October 28, 2021, but are subject to change.

Are you looking for something else? Buy more gasoline here and discover other mascara products here! Don’t forget to explore all Amazon Daily Deals for more great finds!

This article is brought to you by the Shop With Us team at Us Weekly. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services that our readers might find interesting and useful, such as face masks, self-tanners, Lululemon style leggings, and all the best gifts for everyone in your life. . The selection of products and services, however, is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by Us Weekly or any celebrity mentioned in the post.

The Shop With Us team can receive products from manufacturers for free to test. Additionally, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. It does not determine whether a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently of the advertising sales team. We appreciate your feedback at [email protected] Good shopping!

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All new beauty product launches arrive in October 2021

Beauty lovers, now is the time to turn to products that will address common fall struggles. Yes, as much as we fear, the season for dull, dry, itchy scalp is back. (I guess there is a price to pay to profit Fall Fashion!)

But don’t worry because thankfully this month’s beauty launches have more than covered our fall woes. Some of October’s most exciting beauty drops include Crown Affair’s new shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair hydrated and fresh. Our favorite body washes have also received a refillable overhaul. Plus, just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to forget about sunscreen and Tower28 covers your skin protection needs with the First time make-up product for the complexion (which has also received the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association.)

As if that wasn’t enough to get you excited about the latest beauty product launches, keep an eye out for this space as we’ll be updating this story regularly!

ColorPop x The nightmare before Christmas

ColourPop’s new collection in partnership with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before christmas is here – and it’s perfect for Halloween and Xmas. The collection will include Face Crystals, a “Zero” blending sponge, the brand’s beloved “glitly obsessed” gels, liquid pencils and lipsticks, as well as a trio of shadows and a palette. It will be available on Colourpop.com from Thursday, October 28 at 10:00 a.m. PST and on Ulta from October 31.

ColourPop x “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Curology x Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock added another feat to his long list of accomplishments by becoming the first celebrity to partner with skincare brand Curology. The social media icon is a long-time Curology user and is now part of the brand’s ad campaign celebrating Bretman’s journey using his personalized Curology RX formula and how it helped him shine. .

Glossier Dotcom Limited Edition Cookie Butter Balm

The cult lip balm has a new flavor. Inspired by cookies, Glossier’s latest limited-edition Balm Dotcom has the same beloved moisturizing formula, but with a touch of spicy cinnamon butter cookie.

Ami Colé eyelash enhancer mascara

Make your lashes look fuller and healthier with Ami Colé’s first mascara. Formulated with 87% naturally occurring ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, this mascara is buildable and gives that dramatic look you’ve been craving with its tapered wand that evenly coats each lash.

Cocokind AHA cleansing jelly

Cocokind’s latest cleanser is formulated with a blend of 4% alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) from hibiscus flower (2%) and fermented grape (2%). But don’t let these scientific names scare you, AHA Jelly Cleanser is gentle enough to protect your skin barrier yet powerful enough to remove the daily build-up of makeup, grime, and pollution. Simply massage into damp skin avoiding contact with eyes, rinse and pat dry.

Byredo Mumbai Noise

Mumbai Noise captures the sensory multitudes of a city with rich, warm woods and amber mixed with bitter coffee mixed with sweet tonka beans.

MAKE Beauty Micro-Crystalline Resurfacing Varnish

Target dead skin for a more radiant complexion with Make Beauty’s new micro-crystalline resurfacing polish. Formulated with microcrystalline cellulose, glycolic, lactic acid and fermented bio-sourced bisabolol, this exfoliating mask gently exfoliates your skin so you can say goodbye to irregularities in texture.

Micro-crystalline resurfacing skin varnish

Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter

Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter combines the moisture-retaining properties of tropical ingredients, like prickly pear and mango, with just the right amount of emollients and occlusives to create a product that successfully regenerates the barrier. cutaneous.

Ultra Restorative Body Butter

Starface Hydro-Star + Salicylic Acid

Starface has taken their original Hydro-Star product to the next level with Hydro-Star + Salicylic Acid. The new star shaped patches have everything you loved about the OG product but, you guessed it, now also with salicylic acid. This new launch is designed to help dissolve dead skin cells and unclog pores, as well as speed up the acne healing process.

Hydro-Star + Salicylic Acid

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Chroma Stix

Available in 16 eye-catching shades, Anastasia Beverly Hills Orvina Chroma Stix works for both face and body (perfect for Halloween!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Chroma Stix

NuFACE Ionized Super Boosters Serums

Our favorite brand of microcurrent beauty devices have launched two super booster serums. Both Super Antioxidant Booster and Super Peptide Booster are formulated for good, to reinforce, microcurrent treatments and are infused with a combination of electrolytes and ice water to prepare skin for the company’s flagship technology.

Super Peptide Booster Serum

Gods Tattoo Forever Limited Edition Eye Mask

To celebrate the first anniversary of Gods Forever Eye masks, the brand has teamed up with Los Angeles-based tattoo artist David Enth for a collaborative Forever Eye Mask design.

Limited Edition Tattoo Forever Eye Mask

Nue Co Mind Energy fragrance

Nue Co’s new scent is designed to invigorate your mental energy so it can be used when you need a brain boost. Thank its notes of clary sage, juniper, pink pepper and cloves for it!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer SPF 50

Your favorite drugstore brand has upgraded their famous lightweight hydrating hydrating gel with SPF 50 to help keep you protected from sun exposure and environmental damage on a daily basis.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Facial Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Fenty Skin Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask

Hands need hydration too, and RiRi knows it. Fenty Skin’s latest product is a hand mask infused with potent herbal extracts and fruit oils to leave our hands nourished, revitalized and soft every morning.

Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask

ColourPop Cosmetics NBA Collection

If you like basketball and beauty, this one is for you. ColourPop and the NBA have teamed up to celebrate six of the league’s most iconic teams: Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. Each team’s collection includes a nine eye shadow palette, Gliterally Obsessed glitter face gel, face stickers, a set of cream gel liners, and a sheer makeup bag. Colors vary depending on the team, of course!

Los Angeles Lakers Collection

Tower 28 SunnyDays Tinted Sunscreen Foundation SPF 30

Already available on Tower28Beauty.com and Sephora.com, SunnyDays Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a mineral sunscreen and foundation designed for sensitive skin. According to Tower28, this is the very first complexion makeup product to receive the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. It will be available in 14 shades for $ 30 each.

SunnyDays Tinted Sunscreen Foundation SPF 30

MAC Aute Couture x Rosalía

The M · A · C “Aute Cuture” Collection, produced with Rosalía, offers a complete range of products for the face, eyes, lips and of course the nails. Of nail polish and nail sets to lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks, this beauty collection is for those who like to live boldly. (It also includes an eyeshadow and highlights palette!)

Extra-dimensional finish

volume and matt texture spray amika Un.Done

Amika’s new dry finishing spray promises instant fullness and matte texture to achieve all of your voluminous hair goals. That’s good in itself, but the brand will donate $ 2 per limited-edition can to HairToStay, a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness and financially helping scalp cooling technology, a treatment that can prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

Amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray

Neutrogena Daily Liquid Skin Perfecting Scrub

Free from alcohol, oil, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, perfumes, and dyes, Neutrogena has developed three formulas (for oily, dry and combination skin) that work gently to exfoliate the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and even out skin tone.

Neutrogena Daily Liquid Skin Perfecting Scrub

The Body Wash Recharge Kit

Necessaire’s best-selling body wash now comes in a recyclable aluminum refill. The new bottle fills two standard bottles of The Body Wash and sells for $ 40, so you save $ 10 and reduce your use of plastic.

Crown Affair The Ritual Shampoo & Conditioner

Your hair ritual has met its two essential products. Enter: Ritual Shampoo & Conditioner by Crown Affair. Formulated to protect your scalp and its natural balance, the result is fresh, hydrated and subtly scented hair.

The Shampoo & Conditioner Ritual

Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills has completely reinvented her approach to palettes. The latest addition to the brand is an assortment of 12 new matte and metallic eyeshadows with two new blushes. And yes, they live up to the beauty brand’s color standards.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose Palette

Beach body

With the Ritual Body Serum and Every Day Body Wash, Playa is taking everything we love about their hair products and applying it to body products. While the serum is formulated to help lock in essential nutrients and hydration for a head-to-toe glow, the shower gel is formulated to naturally renew and detoxify skin for full glow with ingredients like pineapple. and papaya enzymes, and Neem oil.

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New beauty brand POPxo targets young South Asian consumers looking for affordable, easy-to-use products

POPxo is a digital community under the umbrella of Good Glamm Group, a South Asian digital conglomerate that also owns the MyGlamm direct trademark (D2C).

Recently, POPxo entered the beauty space with its very first makeup collection, which consists of 13 beauty kits available for under U $ 6.70.

The collection has been designed to be accessible to a wide range of consumers with its affordable price and practical kit concept.

“The POPxo makeup collection will help novice users easily start their makeup journey. The new range is designed to meet all makeup needs, to support women from graduation to the first day of their internship and beyond, POPxo makeup kits will be her beauty BFF. said Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder of Good Glamm Group and Founder and CEO of POPxo.

According to the firm, it will target young women aged 16 to 27, who constitute the most engaged audience on the POPxo platform. Of this group, half reside in Indian tier 1 cities while the other half reside in tier two and tier three cities.

The makeup kits were conceptualized and created by the POPxo Beauty team in close partnership with the MyGlamm product development team, which has access to feedback from millions of consumers in its network.

“We understood from our customers the products they were looking for, from color schemes, categories to the need for products in kits. We also got a glimpse of newbies who wanted easy-to-use and affordable makeup, ” Gill said.

The brand aims to be the fastest beauty brand to achieve a turnover rate of INR 100 (US $ 13.9) over the next twelve months by leveraging its strong digital connection with the women of the world. generation Y.

“With our reach of 88 million women and our content-to-commerce approach will aim to reach content users with the goal of converting them into buyer users. As POPxo, becoming a content-to-commerce brand has always been our dream and with this launch, we are making it a reality ”, Gill said.

In the future, the company is striving to expand the brand with the launch of new products.

Extendable umbrella

This news follows the formation of the Good Glamm group to consolidate its position as a “digital house of brands” fueled by a content strategy towards commerce.

The newly formed group is a consolidation of digital brands including POPxo, the influencer marketplace Plixxo and the mom and baby platform BabyCharkra.

Previously, CosmeticsDesign-AsiaSaid the company plans to acquire four to six beauty brands to bring them together under the Good Glamm Group umbrella.

On October 6, the company announced the acquisition of The Moms Co., a leading brand of DTC for moms and babies.

According to the company, the acquisition is also the largest DTC transaction ever in India in the beauty and personal care segment.

The Good Glamm Group strives to accelerate the presence of The Moms Co. not only in India but also internationally.

It aims to grow The Moms Co. in sales of 500 cr ($ 66.8 million) over the next two years.

“We are very excited about the possibilities of this partnership and look forward to working closely with the team to bring the brand to millions of women across the country through our online and offline presence.” said Darpan Sanghvi, Group Founder and CEO, Good Glamm Group.

Lexington Association Helps Victims of Domestic Violence Heal

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – Greenhouse 17 works to nurture survivors of domestic violence through nature-based healing.

One flower at a time, the gardens of Greenhouse 17 provide an oasis, nurturing survivors of domestic violence like Betty.

“Just being able to walk outside, breathe fresh air and feel like no one can reach me,” Betty said. “Every day that I was able to wake up here I felt better and better and more confident. It gave me more power.”

The 40-acre farm in Lexington allows residents to cultivate the land, grow crops for food, and create beauty products.

“They come to live in a shelter for a while, rethink their future and make a plan for themselves and their children,” said Executive Director Darlene Thomas. “We are able to use our gardens and our flowers, and our body products as a way for survivors to reconnect with their history, to connect with other stories, to connect with the community”, Thomas said.

In addition to transitional housing units, support and advocacy services, Thomas says they receive an average of 17 to 20 crisis calls per day. The pandemic has only increased that number.

“For me, I’ve been doing this job for over 33 years now. The violence has escalated; not that it hasn’t always been bad, but good events calls are harder, a lot more strangling, you know, attempting to use weapons, ”Thomas explained.

Kentucky has some of the highest domestic violence statistics, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 45.3% of women and 35.5% of men have suffered domestic violence.

In one day in 2019, Kentucky’s domestic violence programs served 1,420 adult and child survivors, while another 128 requests were unfulfilled due to lack of resources.

While the focus is on raising awareness of domestic violence, Thomas hopes the community will take the time to support, advocate and listen to victims.

“It has to be approached from a community-wide perspective; it cannot just be a domestic violence program. It really takes a whole village or a community of people,” said Thomas.
Lalla O’Bryan, vice president of victim services at Appriss Safety, says it’s also an important time to educate survivors about additional resources such as VINE, a victim notification service.
Survivors can track the status of their abuser in prison.

“There are still people who need to know that this service exists, not everyone expects to be hurt by someone, and the more people who know that this service exists, among all other services available, ”O’Bryan said. “It gives them peace of mind. It gives him control. It’s life saving.”

If you are a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and / or sexual assault, contact one of the organizations listed below.

  • 24 hour emergency and crisis services (local)
  • Greenhouse 17 (shelter): (800) 544-2022
  • Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center: (859) 253-2511
  • Lexington Police Department: (859) 258-3600
  • Fayette County Sheriff’s Office: (859) 252-1771
  • University of Kentucky Police: (859) 257-8573

If you are in immediate danger, call 911 now.

Milk thistle skin care products should be on your radar if you have an oily complexion

With new products, brands and categories appearing every day, the beauty can be a little overwhelming. Back to Basics is our rudimentary beauty series that serves as a crash course in the science behind some of the best formulations in the game.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you are probably already familiar with the skin care products that are most beneficial for your skin type. There are prescription retinol and retinoids to help with persistent rashes and salicylic acid to unclog pores and reduce oiliness. However, when it comes to improving your skin’s defenses against free radicals and stopping fat, milk thistle is the last under the radar skin care ingredient you need to know.

Also known as silybum marianum, milk thistle has been used in herbal medicine for centuries, recognized as a remedy for everything from preventing various liver diseases to promoting lactation and healing the disease. hangover. It turns out that the seed extract of this flowering plant – known for its thorny purple and red flowers – has a number of skin tone perfecting properties when applied to the skin. And while it may be less well known than some flagship skin care products like, say, hyaluronic acid, experts predict that milk thistle’s range of benefits and effectiveness will make it one. cult classic in no time.

Iryna Veklich / Getty Images

What is milk thistle?

As a topical ingredient for skin care, milk thistle has several benefits. However, it is important to understand that these benefits must be attributed to silymarin, a flavonoid found in milk thistle seeds which, according to the cosmetic chemist and director of research and development of SOS Beauty Nick Dindio, “contains all the good things” – namely a mixture of pharmacologically active components that are insoluble in water, he explains. While most topical milk thistle products contain milk thistle as is, a few are only formulated with silymarin extract and, in turn, are generally more potent.

First of all, silymarin (and, therefore, milk thistle) is a powerful antioxidant – in fact, a cosmetic dermatologist Dr Mariana Vergara points out that it has been shown to be even more powerful than vitamin E. “It protects the skin from free radicals and pollutants,” she says. “When used topically, it can protect against damage from UVA and UVB rays. It has also been shown to have anti-aging properties, as it is known to inhibit the glycation process, which can prevent aging of the skin. “

As an antioxidant dermatologist and certified by the board of directors Dr Corey L. Hartman says it also protects against the breakdown of collagen and elastin and improves circulation in the skin at the cellular level. But the benefits don’t end there: Silymarin also contains a strong anti-inflammatory effect. “It can help calm irritated skin conditions and promote homeostasis through the regulation of free radicals,” he says.

What sets silymarin apart from other topical antioxidants available today are its anti-inflammatory properties that help calm rashes and its ability to control sebum production, both of which are crucial if you suffer from acne. “This has a direct impact on the activity of the sebaceous glands and their ability to stimulate sebum production,” says Dr. Hartman. Dr Vergara points out another benefit: “It’s also non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t clog your pores, which is a factor that leads to rashes in acne patients. “

How to use milk thistle

How you use topical milk thistle depends on the type of product it’s formulated in, but in general Dindio recommends using it twice a day. “[Milk thistle] primarily affects conditions that build up throughout the day, so I would recommend using it in the morning and evening for maximum effect, ”he says.“ Applying the product in the morning would help alleviate any damage acquired while throughout the day while applying in the evening would ensure that you resolve any further damage. Serums are generally more potent, but experts don’t say using one is necessarily better than a mask or moisturizer – use whatever works best for your skin.

Because silymarin, the main flavonoid in milk thistle, contains large molecules that don’t easily penetrate the skin, Dindio also says it’s best to look for formulas that incorporate encapsulation or other methods that increase its bioavailability. Some products will state milk thistle on the label while others isolate the silymarin flavonoid, but you will get the same benefits for both.

In terms of integrating into your existing routine, milk thistle is compatible with most other ingredients, although Dr. Hartman says they work particularly well with other antioxidants like vitamin C and ferulic acid. , as well as salicylic acid.

Who is a good candidate for milk thistle?

In general, milk thistle pairs well with all skin types and tones. Because it offers antioxidant protection, Dindio considers it a prime candidate for anyone looking to prevent or improve the appearance of photoaging and the effects of environmental stressors (like dullness, fine lines, etc.). But because of its anti-inflammatory and oil-controlling properties, Dr. Hartman says it’s an especially good choice for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin. Overall, he considers milk thistle a great way to reap multiple skin benefits at once: “[Milk thistle is] fits easily into a skin care regimen and achieves more than one goal, which is always a consideration for me, a skin care minimalist. “

Coming up, seven milk thistle and silymarin products to incorporate into your routine to boost your skin’s defense against free radicals, fight the signs of aging, and fight oily and rashes.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Iris Smit, Who Built $ 15 Million Beauty Empire After Rejecting Shark Tank Offer, Launches Quick Screen

Iris Smit (pictured) launched the Quick Screen line consisting of a three-in-one moisturizer, primer and SPF50 + formula after seeing a gap in the sun care market.

A young woman who went from rejecting a $ 300,000 Shark Tank offer to building a $ 15 million beauty empire has created a new collection of SPF50 + products designed to be worn with your makeup.

Iris Smit, from Perth, launched the Quick Screen line consisting of a three-in-one moisturizer, primer and SPF50 + formula after seeing a gap in the sun care market.

The 26-year-old – who is the originator of Quick Flick and Beauty Fridge – spent two years finding a simple solution by creating products that provide full sun protection over makeup – and leaving skin glowing without no white marks or a “cakey” mess.

Not only does sunscreen protect your face from the sun, it also protects your skin from damage caused by blue light from digital gadgets.

She has created a new collection of SPF50 + products designed to be worn with your makeup

She has created a new collection of SPF50 + products designed to be worn with your makeup

She spent two years finding a simple solution by creating products that provide full sun protection over makeup - and leaving skin glowing without any white marks or a

She spent two years finding a simple solution by creating products that provide full sun protection over makeup – and leaving skin glowing without any white marks or a “messy” mess.

“Growing up in sunny Western Australia, SPF has always been the most important thing I have done for my skin. However, finding a multi-tasking sunscreen that I felt excited to put on my face turned out to be difficult, ”said the beauty innovation queen.

Its new line includes two new sun products, including a face lotion and an invisible finish mist, priced at $ 45 each.

“I wanted to challenge myself to really innovate and improve the existing products available to consumers,” said the entrepreneur.

“I’m really proud to bring not one, but two products to market that perfectly blend skin care and sun care and solve many of the issues consumers face when using sun products.”

Iris Built A Stunning $ 15 Million Beauty Empire After Creating Quick Flick and Beauty Fridge

Iris Built A Stunning $ 15 Million Beauty Empire After Creating Quick Flick and Beauty Fridge

Not only does sunscreen protect your face from the sun, it also protects your skin from damage caused by blue light from digital gadgets.

Not only does sunscreen protect your face from the sun, it also protects your skin from damage caused by blue light from digital gadgets.

During the two-year process, Iris said the new collection “really tested” her.

“It was certainly a challenge to develop two new products at the same time, in the midst of a pandemic and to meet all the requirements to achieve Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification,” she said.

“Let’s just say Australia is the hardest country to get sun protection product approved. We were so determined to challenge traditional sunscreen products that it took us two years to get these formulas correct and hundreds of sample sets.

“I think our manufacturer hated us in the end – but you have to be picky and particular when creating a totally new and innovative formula.”

The Quick Screen range made in Australia, which is vegan and cruelty-free. threw in line and at Priceline stores across the country.

The Quick Screen Set (pictured) is the ultimate facial mist that acts as a finishing spray over makeup while providing SPF50 + protection

The Quick Screen Set (pictured) is the ultimate facial mist that acts as a finishing spray over makeup while providing SPF50 + protection

Iris first found herself in the beauty world after launching her brand The Quick Flick, which offers women an easier way to 'dab' a perfect winged tip onto your lids in just seconds.

Iris first found herself in the beauty world after launching her brand The Quick Flick, which offers women an easier way to ‘dab’ a perfect winged tip onto your lids in just seconds.

Iris first found herself in the beauty world after launching her brand The Quick Flick, which gives women an easier way to apply a perfect winged tip to their lids in just seconds.

The young entrepreneur – who invested $ 10,000 of her own money in the brand – appeared on Shark Tank in May 2018, just three months after starting her business.

Sharks were extremely interested in his $ 35 product, with Andrew Banks offering to invest $ 300,000 – a deal for 25% of his business.

But by the time she had to sign the contract, five months had passed, Iris realized that her business was worth more than the offer.

“When the Shark Tank show was filmed, I had only really been in business for about three months. It was the start, but I was already making $ 100,000 a month at this point, ”she told Daily Mail Australia.

“My business was valued by the show’s sharks at $ 1 million, but by the time the show aired in May, its valuation had already tripled. I was not in the position where I really needed the $ 300,000.

The then interior design student launched her brand in her humble apartment

At the time of its launch, she was working in her two-bedroom apartment - and delivering orders through a shopping cart

The Quick Flick made headlines in December 2017 after Iris, then a university interior design student, launched her brand in her two-bedroom apartment – and placed orders in the mail via a shopping cart.

“I had positive cash flow and already had a lot of online retail offers. Signing the deal would also have prevented me from launching other brands such as Beauty Fridge.

“I had so many ideas for other products and brands that I didn’t want to limit my career and lock myself up. Despite the fact that so many friends and family were pressuring me to sign the agreement, the thought worried me. I trusted my gut, so I knew it was wrong.

The winged eyeliner queen stepped out on her own – and in 12 months, she made $ 10 million.

“I never imagined The Quick Flick would explode like after the Shark Tank show. The publicity we received has been invaluable,” she said.

“I honestly believe the business grew overnight, which other businesses would experience in a few years. It was really tough and I had to put procedures in place fairly quickly to make sure we could meet the demand.

The Best Rosacea Skin Care Routine, According to Experts

As the editors of POPSUGAR, we independently select and write things that we like and think you will like, too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

  • If you have rosacea, it can be difficult to create a skin care routine.
  • We asked dermatologists to explain how to develop a safe and effective skin care regimen for people with rosacea.
  • These tips and product recommendations will help you take control of your skin condition.

Perfecting a skin care routine can be quite difficult to navigate. With the amount of advice going around, the names of complex ingredients to try to pronounce, and the sheer number of products available, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. Add rosacea to the mix, and it can make the idea of ​​developing a skin care routine even more intimidating. But with the help of the best dermatologists, finding a basic diet when you have rosacea is easier than you might think. It’s always important to go for a diagnosis first, but if you’re not sure who to turn to, we asked the experts everything you need to know about a suitable rosacea skin care routine.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common, but often misdiagnosed, chronic inflammatory skin disease. Alia Ahmed, MD, psychodermatologist and consultant for the NHS and Get harley, said POPSUGAR that rosacea is generally subdivided into the following categories: erythema-telangectatic, papulopustular, ocular, phymatous, granulomatous, and neurogenic, all of which can be diagnosed by a dermatologist.

Although everyone experiences rosacea differently, common symptoms include: redness (often affecting the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin), bumps and pustules, broken capillaries, flushing, burning sensation, swelling of the face caused by inflammation and feeling of dryness of the skin.

In darker skin tones, where the early symptoms of rosacea can sometimes go unnoticed, look for acne-like rashes, burning or stinging when applying skin care products, and rather than redness, look for dark spots on the skin, as well as dryness. “Seeing a professional will help you confirm the diagnosis and avoid irritation that can potentially lead to long-term post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in dark skin.” Amiee Vyas, MD, aesthetic doctor, consultant for Get harley, and co-founder of the Black Skin Advisory Board, noted.

There are a number of common rosacea triggers to watch out for, including alcohol, temperature extremes, sun exposure, spicy foods, exercise, and psychological factors like stress.

It is not known exactly what causes rosacea, we do know that it is an “inflammatory condition associated with an alteration of the skin barrier and colonization by microorganisms,” explained Dr Vyas. While there is no cure for the disease, it is manageable with the right avoidance of triggers and treatment through skin care and sometimes oral medication.

How to Create a Skin Care Routine If You Have Rosacea

When you have rosacea, tailoring your skin care routine to your specific needs can be the key to managing it. If you suspect you have rosacea or have recently been diagnosed, when it comes to a new skin care routine, Lauren Hamilton, MD, cosmetic doctor and founder of Victor & Garth, told POPSUGAR that “less is more”. And Dr Vyas echoed that and recommended cutting your skincare routine right away.

Experts all agree that starting with a gentle, soothing cleanser, followed by a light moisturizer, and ending with mineral SPF in the morning is a great place to start. Until you get your condition under control, “avoid strong active ingredients (such as alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids) and products that contain alcohol or perfume,” Dr. Vyas said. . “On top of that, you can add antimicrobial products to protect yourself from microorganisms.” This will help to minimize irritation as much as possible that could further compromise your skin barrier.

Ingredients to watch out for if you have rosacea

If you’re looking for specific ingredients in your skin care products that can help ease your rosacea symptoms, a good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for anything that can help restore skin barrier function. “Ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid will rehydrate your skin, while ceramides will retain moisture and help your skin barrier,” Dr. Hamilton said.

Once you’ve settled your skin and worked on repairing your barrier, with expert help, you may want to look for slightly stronger ingredients that target other rosacea symptoms. Brimonidine gel and oxymetazoline hydrochloride have been shown to help relieve redness, Dr. Hamilton explained. Topical azelaic acid (which you can buy with or without a prescription depending on the percentage of strength) is effective for people with red or pus-filled bumps present in inflammatory rosacea. Dr Vyas agrees, adding that antioxidants and polyhydroxy acids can also help with gentle exfoliation as they are the least irritating of all hydroxy acids.

Using sunscreen is important if you have rosacea

There is a skin care product that is an absolute must for everyone, and it’s sunscreen. But, if you have rosacea, you will need to stay on top of wearing it. even more. Wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 all day, every day, is one of the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage as well as potential triggers for a rosacea flare. (since sunlight is a well-known trigger for rosacea flare-ups). “UV rays can damage blood vessels (by breaking down the supporting collagen and elastin in the blood vessels) contributing to the symptoms of redness and flushing associated with rosacea,” said Dr Ahmed.

Experts generally recommend using a mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical one, as the ingredients used in chemical formulas tend to irritate sensitive skin like those with rosacea. The ingredients in a mineral sunscreen contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which tend to be better tolerated by people with sensitive skin. Sonia khorana, a general practitioner (with a particular interest in dermatology) and cosmetic doctor in the West Midlands, also recommended using a mineral SPF if you are prone to rash.

What skin care products should a person with rosacea potentially avoid?

“Don’t be overzealous with physical exfoliation practices (eg using washcloths or rough scrubs),” Dr Ahmed said. “Avoid products with a strong scent as they can sometimes cause skin reactions and make rosacea worse.” Once you have a better understanding of the triggers, you will be able to determine if the scent is right for you or not. “Other changes to consider would be to use water-based makeup and oil-free moisturizers,” Dr. Hamilton said.

That said, while many dermatologists suggest products and treatments that work with rosacea, it’s worth noting that many of them also live by the motto (As dermatologist Ranella Hirsch said): “If you are happy with your skin care, ignore what IG says.” There are products that experts recommend avoiding if you have rosacea, but if you have rosacea and one of those products works for you, then you do.

A note on prescription products and rosacea

Often times, rosacea is treated with prescription products, however, as there are different types of rosacea, treatment for each varies widely, with some improving with regular skin care products and others requiring. medical treatments such as oral antibiotics and laser treatment, Dr. Hamilton explained. If you are suffering from mild rosacea, it may be suggested to manage your symptoms first without prescription products and instead by identifying triggers and using skin care products designed to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce irritation. If you have symptoms affecting your eyes, Dr Vyas said it is imperative that you see your GP as this could be a sign of ocular rosacea.

In short: when it comes to skin care for people with rosacea, Dr. Vyas simply said, keep the routine short and sweet. And try to visit a GP or dermatologist for personalized expert advice if you can. Buy dermatologist-recommended skin care products for rosacea in advance.

Beauty giant Coty Cosmetics seeks to sell its own branded products

Coty Cosmetics CEO Sue Nabi told Axios that the beauty giant will “probably” one day showcase Coty-branded products.

Why is this important: Coty produces some of the world’s most popular perfumes, skin care products and color cosmetics on behalf of other well-known brands, but has given up on producing its own branded products.

In an interview on “Axios on HBO”, Nabi also discussed the brand’s decision to buy 52% stake in Kylie Cosmetics and 20% in KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian West’s beauty brand.

  • Coty has faced investor lawsuits who argued that the Kylie Cosmetics deal was too expensive, given the distorted numbers presented to Forbes in 2020 about the company. But Nabi said the power of these brands on social media makes them profitable long-term investments.
  • “Clearly, we are going to invest behind Kylie … Today she is the most followed woman on Instagram. She recently gained two million followers in one week, 60 million, over 60 million in one year, ”Nabi said.

The big picture: The beauty industry has been shaken by the pandemic’s transition to e-commerce and micro-influencers through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

  • Micro-influencers, or social media influencers who cater to a niche audience, have forced traditional beauty companies to consider more progressive trends, like sustainable beauty products, genderless cosmetics and skincare and a more wide variety of makeup matching the complexion.

The bottom line: “These followers are following that person because they know that person is an expert on something. And with those, I would say, a new generation of influencers, ”Nabi said.

  • Coty has recently invested heavily in revamping her Cover Girl beauty brand, especially to address more diversity.

Hello beauty junkies! Your Favorite Korea Made Skin Care Products Are Here – Manila Newsletter

If Korean-style flawless skin is your #skingoal, here is a range of genuine products you can buy locally at a very affordable price, guaranteed to be safe and easy to use.

Ever Organics is a Korean-inspired skincare line by Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. Comprised of paraben-free, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free products that are all 100% made in Korea, this brand promises to be skincare-friendly. skin. beginners and enthusiasts alike. Launched in early 2020, Ever Organics offers essential Korean skin care that gives you simple Korean glass skin glow. From soothing gels and sheet masks, to pore serum and facial mists, here’s everything you need to know:

Ever Organics Soothing Gels

Soothing gel
The cold in Korea helps a lot in making the skin smooth and supple. To recreate and lock in this effect, Soothing Gel is best recommended for Filipino skin. Not only do they give the skin a feeling of freshness and soothing, but they also help to lighten the skin and to refine the pores.

Ever Organics Soothing Gel comes in five different variations that also provide additional benefits, such as Tomato for oil regulation and preventing excess sebum, Aloe Vera for skin repair, Ice Jeju Aloe for soothing redness and calm irritated skin, Snail Aloe to help collagen production. for younger looking skin and papaya to help lighten your skin.

Ever Organics Sheet Masks

Sheet mask
Sheet masks are a staple of any Korean skin care regimen. Used daily, they help improve skin hydration and, depending on the formulation, may provide other benefits as well. Ever Organics offers a complete line to meet everyday skin care needs.

Aloe vera is good for moisturizing and soothing irritated skin, while vitamin C helps lighten the skin and protect it from harmful UV rays. Charcoal helps tighten pores and cleanse the skin of encrusted dirt, while snail extract helps firm skin and even skin tone. Green tea is good for cleansing the skin of impurities and helps reduce acne, while the collagen smooths and strengthens skin elasticity for that coveted youthful glow.

Pore ​​Serum
After daily cleansing and toning, application of Ever Organics Pore Brightening Serum gives the skin a boost in vitamin C, which speeds up the production of collagen and elastin to help keep skin plump and firm. Regular use of vitamin C serums prevents premature aging of the skin and helps restore the youthful and smooth appearance of the skin.

Ever Organics Face Mists

Face Mist
Skin care doesn’t stop with hydration at the end of your morning or evening routine. Carry Ever Organics Face Mist in Aloe Vera and Ice Jeju Aloe variants and hydrate your skin anytime you want.

Ever Organics is available from all Ever Bilena resellers and direct selling partners nationwide. For resale opportunities call or text 0925-8010012 or message via Facebook or Instagram. Discover the full line of Ever Organic products in the Ever Bilena direct sales brochures or visit website Where Facebook page to see the list of products and all the benefits.



I gave my roommate so many beauty products that she loves them

As much as I would love to try and fall head over heels for every beauty product I get, it would be physically impossible. I mean, if I quit my job this second, if I moved to Antarctica and brought my current stash of stuff, I always be more than defined for life. Of course, that certainly won’t happen anytime soon (although after 2020 who can know what the future holds!), So I am recruiting my friends and family to test all the products currently circulating in my apartment. . Even my 73 year old dad was forced into the process once Where twice!

My roommate angel, Steph Limiti, still gets the first dibs, a liability that has grown exponentially since COVID. You see, before the pandemic, all of my packages were sent to the office and all the extras I didn’t want to test right away or take home were stored in the WWW Beauty closet. Well, RIP, because over a year later this sucker probably has two inches of dust on it and not a single new formula to its name. Instead, every inch of my apartment has taken over in the meantime.

My roommate, Steph, could being annoyed that jars, bottles, tubes and tinctures take up the majority of our floor space, but again, she’s an angel and has happily accepted Sephora status from our apartment. The silver lining? She has access to – and can test – her loads of exciting beauty products, and all I ask in return are her reviews and unfiltered thoughts. Best of all, since she’s a content manager for Who What Wear’s sister skincare brand, Versed, she knows a good beauty product from a bad one and offers an informed and fresh perspective. She’s been at this home magazine for just over a year (we were still relatively new roommates when COVID hit), so I thought it would be fun to take a quick dip in her beauty wardrobe. current. Below, she shares which holy grail products (among hundreds) she’s become absolutely obsessed with and why she loves them. Continue scrolling!

Karen Millen Jane Moore Dress

If you are looking for inspiration for summer dresses, look no further than Jane Moore’s latest outfit choice.

The Cowardly Women the presenter took to Instagram to share her latest fashion pick with fans while making a short runway video. Jane was absolutely delighted with her dress, stating, “Today’s Loose Women outfit was this powder blue Karen Millen dress which is elegant yet surprisingly cool / light to wear. It’s formal enough to pass for ‘a suit’ during the day but the transition to an evening function too. “

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

We totally agree with Jane and love her choice of fashion. This dress is a take on the popular utility trend, incorporating button-down details and a chic collar. Its thick belt allows you to style your hair as you wish, allowing you to create the most flattering look for your figure. Available in powder blue (as Jane wears) and also in stone, it is available in sizes 6-16 and is currently 25% off on Karen Millen’s website at £ 149.25.

Karen millen

Polished Wool Blend Button Utility Dress, Karen Millen, £ 149.25

Karen millen

At just under £ 150, this dress is moderately expensive. Even though we think it’s totally worth it for one outfit you can wear it all year round and dress smart or casual depending on where you wear it, we have found alternative options with more affordable price, so you can get Jane’s stylish look for less .

Blue will definitely be the color of summer.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and other similar content on piano.io

The 7 best bloggers to follow for advice on healthy skin

Your skin, being the largest organ in your body, can put you through a lot of it, from acne and wrinkles to eczema and dullness. On your journey to controlling your skin tone, you may have encountered a common problem: being overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available. And a lot of them are making big claims.

You can always turn to your certified dermatologist. And frankly, these true experts should absolutely be your go-to for all skin care, especially if you are drastically changing your routine or having developed a new skin condition. However, you may need additional support, guidance and inspiration. This is where bloggers and influencers come in..

RELATED: Dermatologists Share 7 Tips For Soothing Dry Skin

These skin care gurus’ palpable love for product testing, self-experimentation with procedures like microneedling, and honesty about issues like acne will help you make decisions, understand what that works for you (or not) and get you on the right track. towards solving your skin problems.

In other words: they try everything so you don’t have to.

The people on this list have a holistic, compassionate, and outspoken approach to skin care that is easy to follow. Here’s who to follow:

James Charles Sexting scandal: companies remain silent

  • In a recent YouTube video, James Charles admitted to sexting with boys who now claim to be underage.
  • Most brands working with or adjacent to Charles have ignored Insider’s requests for comment.
  • YouTube has not responded to a survey, but has announced that Charles will not be hosting the second season of Instant Influencer.
  • See more stories on the Insider business page.

In the five years since James Charles began posting regularly on YouTube, the 21-year-old beauty star has landed sponsorships with brands like Morphe and Chipotle, collaborated with Kylie Jenner, and even hosted a series of contests. reality TV on YouTube. The YouTuber now has over 25.6 million subscribers on the video platform and 36 million followers on TikTok.

But recently Charles – who has been involved in several YouTube spats before – is in hot water after admit to flirting and sexting with men who say they are under 18.

In an April 1 YouTube video, he addressed the allegations and acknowledged that conversations with teenagers should not have happened. “I was reckless,” he said.

Charles said in the video he thought the boys were 18 and blocked them on Snapchat when he found out their real age, although one boy denied lying about his age in a conversation with Insider .

Most of the brands that have collaborated with or are adjacent to Charles ‘career have ignored multiple requests for comment from Insider regarding Charles’ latest video.

Here are the companies that responded and did not respond to requests for comment:

  • Youtube: YouTube did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Charles has been on the platform since 2015 and has earned income through video monetization and the YouTube partner program. YouTube monetization provides a flow of financial income to creators, and the platform demonetized David Dobrik’s channel in light of a rape allegation against a former member of his group Vlog Squad. Following the video in which Charles addressed the allegations, there was various calls for the demonetization of its videos on social networks. On March 26, before the video was released, YouTube says Variety that James Charles would not host the second season of his show “Instant Influencer”, without however specifying the reason for the separation.
  • Morphe Cosmetics: Morphe did not respond to multiple requests for comment. The cosmetics company saw a lot of pressure to comment on possible future projects with Charles after his release a popular eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the YouTuber in November 2018, accompanied by two sets of brushes.
  • Ulta Beauty: In a statement, the beauty brand told Insider it was “not a current sponsor of Instant Influencer,” the YouTube series Charles previously hosted. “I can confirm that our work with the platform ended in May 2020 and we currently have no plans in place to re-engage,” a spokesperson said.
  • Lilly Lashes: Lilly Lashes did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The eyelash company in partnership with Charles in 2018 and offered 15% off purchases to customers using his code.
  • Laura’s shop: Laura’s Boutique did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The shop in partnership with Charles in 2018, offering 10% off for customers using a promo code.
  • Zipporah: Sephora did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The makeup store currently stores the Morphe with Charles Collaboration Palette on their website.
  • Ole Henriksen: Ole Henriksen did not respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. In 2019, Charles shared a sponsored image using products from the skin care company. He also has appeared in an advertising campaign for the brand.
  • Sugar bear hair: Sugar Bear Hair did not immediately respond to Insider’s multiple requests for comment. The vitamin company’s partnership with Charles sparked the now infamous Dramageddon involving fellow YouTubers Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star.
  • The Trevor Project: The LGBTQ nonprofit has previously worked with Charles as part of its partnerships with Morphe, but told Insider it “has no direct relationship with James Charles.”
  • Chipotle: Chipotle did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Charles’ recent makeup review of an eyeshadow palette from the elf cosmetics x Chipotle collaboration sparked rumors that Chipotle sponsored the video or paid him to review, but Charles did not disclose whether or not Chipotle was involved in the video. the making of the video.

Charles’s YouTube video, titled “I Hold Myself Responsible,” was posted to his main YouTube channel on April 1, after several accusations against Charles went viral on social media. In the video, he said he was unaware of the inevitable power dynamics when speaking to viewers or fans of his videos.


“A power imbalance can occur even when it is unintentional,” Charles said. “What I didn’t understand before is that the excitement that comes with talking to a celebrity is literally enough for someone to do or say something they wouldn’t normally do. Even if that celebrity is. doesn’t intentionally arm her fame, her money, or power. And that’s the concept I just didn’t understand, but I understand it now. “

He added that he would take a break from social media.

Charles did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Lindsay Dodgson and Sirena Bergman contributed reporting for this article.

This skin care product is proven to lighten skin better than hydroquinone

Do you notice more places where there were none before? Let’s face it, freckles can be cute, but large or patchy pigment spots can be frustrating and seem to come out of nowhere. Whatever word you use to describe it – dark spots, sun spots, age spots, etc. faces as they get older.

In fact, when we think about what betrays our age, we usually think of fine lines and wrinkles, but believe it or not, studies have shown that even in the absence of wrinkles, skin tone uniformity is positively related. to perceived health. and negatively related to perceived age, meaning that discoloration and uneven skin tone make individuals appear older and less healthy.

Although it is one of the most common signs of aging, hyperpigmentation is one of the most difficult conditions to treat and can take months to improve. Improvement requires resolving your current pigmentation issues with a proper skin care routine, and for more severe discoloration may also require treatments such as peels and lasers.

Reversing current discoloration and preventing future dark spots requires a combination of broad-spectrum sun protection (applied every two hours when you’re in the sun) and proven home care solutions with multiple anti-pigment ingredients.

Hydroquinone has long been considered the “gold standard” when it comes to combating pigmentation issues, but concerns about long-term use and availability in several states have prompted people to seek out safe but effective alternatives. Jan Marini Skin Research saw this challenge and took the opportunity to develop and test a new hydroquinone-free solution to lighten skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration. With more NewBeauty Awards than any other company, we already knew about their commitment to quality and were, of course, interested to see how it worked.

In a 12-week clinical study conducted by world-renowned dermatologist Omaha, NE Joël Schlessenger, MD and published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Marini Luminate face lotion was compared to the “benchmark” hydroquinone in a split face study (meaning each product was applied to half of the face and compared over time). Marini Luminate Face Lotion not only showed an equivalent if not greater improvement in the appearance of discoloration, but it also showed superior improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles according to the participants’ assessment of the study and doctor.

Marini Luminate Face Lotion is simply a game-changer. Its revolutionary combination of seven powerful lightening ingredients includes several proven technologies as well as a unique turmeric extract that does not stain, a new specialized peptide (Nonapeptide-1) and all-trans-retinol as well as multiple antioxidants and soothing agents for a additional protection against free radicals to minimize redness and irritation often associated with other lightening products. This one-of-a-kind formula is proven to offer the same, if not better, lightening than the old “gold standard” with the added benefit of reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Products like Marini Luminous Face Milk, Luminate Marini Face Mask and Marini Luminate Eye Contour Gel more Marini Multi-Acid-A-Home-Peel offer a multi-faceted approach to reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation for a clearer, brighter, healthier and younger complexion with visible improvement in as little as a month, all without hydroquinone. Take the consultation to find your perfect skin care routine at www.janmarini.com.

Find a doctor

Find a new beauty “Best Doctor of Beauty” Near you

Inflation is returning to Latvia after long years of absence. Consumer prices up 0.3% – Baltic News Network

Compared with March 2020, the average level of consumer prices increased by 0.3% in March 2021. The prices of services increased by 0.9%, while the prices of goods decreased by 0.1% .

Compared with March 2020, in March 2021, the average level of consumer prices was mainly influenced by the increase in the prices of transport-related goods and services, the prices of recreational and cultural goods and services, the prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, health care, as well as falling prices of goods and services related to housing, clothing and footwear, food and non-alcoholic beverages, according to information from the Central Bureau of Statistics from Latvia.

Over the year, prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages group fell 0.6%. Over the year, the most significant price drop was for meats and meat products (3.4%), including the price drop for poultry (7.9%), dried meat, salted or smoked (1.6%), pork (2.8%) and meat preparations (2.0%). Prices fell for bread (3.4%), butter (6.6%), potatoes (7.2%), fruit and vegetable juices (4.6%), as well as coffee (0.8%). In turn, the average price level increased for flour and other grains (10.2%), dairy products (3.1%), vegetable oils (9.3%), milk (2.0 %), bakery products (1.2%), jams and honey (4.0%).

The average price level for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products increased by 1.8%.

Prices for alcoholic beverages increased 2.8%, mainly due to higher prices for spirits and beer. Prices for tobacco products increased an average of 0.1%.

The average price level for clothing and footwear fell 3.9%. The prices of shoes fell by 8.0%, but the prices of clothes – by 2.8%.

The prices of housing-related goods and services fell 2.5%, mainly due to an 8.3% drop in the average price level for thermal energy. Declines were also recorded in the prices of rents for housing, solid fuels, electricity and natural gas. In turn, an increase was recorded in the prices of housing maintenance and repair services, as well as materials for housing maintenance and repair.

In the healthcare group, prices rose 2.4%.

During the year, the average price level increased for dental services and specialized medical practice. In turn, the decline was recorded in the prices of pharmaceutical products, mainly reimbursable medical products.

The prices of transport-related goods and services rose 3.3%, which was mainly affected by the 6.1% increase in fuel prices. Diesel prices increased on average by 6.6%, gasoline by 5.6% and motor gasoline by 4.2%. Prices have increased for road passenger transport and used cars. Prices fell for air passenger transport, which continued to be strongly affected by restrictions linked to Covid-19.

Over the year, the average price level for recreational and cultural goods and services increased by 2.0%. The most significant increases are in the prices of flowers, personal computers, television subscription fees, as well as newspapers and magazines. In turn, the prices of pet food have fallen.

Among the other product groups, the most notable price increases were in food services, telecommunications services, cleaning and household maintenance products, household furniture, hairdressing salons and hospitality services. personal care facility. In turn, the fall in prices has affected auto insurance.

The average level of consumer prices rose 0.8% in the month

Compared with February 2021, the average level of consumer prices increased by 0.8% in March 2021. The average level of prices for goods increased by 1.0%, while that of services – by 0.3 %. The greatest pressure on price changes was due to rising prices for clothing and footwear, transport-related goods and services, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, recreational and cultural goods and services, in the group miscellaneous goods and services, as well as lower prices for housing-related goods and services.

During the month, the average price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages remained unchanged. Due to the cessation of sales, the most significant price increases concern bakery products (2.1%), flour and other cereals (4.8%), fresh or chilled fish (8.4% ), jams and honey (6.1%), chocolate (2.9%), poultry (1.4%). In turn, due to seasonal factors, prices fell for fresh fruits (3.0%), mainly grapes and oranges, as well as fresh vegetables (2.3%), mainly cucumbers. Prices fell for coffee (1.6%), bread (1.0%), fruit and vegetable juices (3.1%).

The average price level increased for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products – by 1.5%, mainly due to the increase in excise duties from March 1, 2021. A price increase was recorded for spirits and beer.

The rise in the prices of clothing and footwear typical of March was influenced by the arrival on the market of the goods of the new spring season. The average price level for clothing and footwear rose 7.2% in March. Clothing prices rose 5.5%, but footwear – 12.9%. While the emergency persisted, it was only possible to purchase clothes and shoes remotely, with the exception of individual stores where trade in the entire assortment was permitted according to the rules. adopted. The total share of imputations for clothing and footwear was 33%.

The prices of housing-related goods and services fell 0.1%, which was mainly affected by the drop in the price of electricity. In turn, the prices of housing maintenance and repair services have increased.

The average price level of transport-related goods and services increased by 1.8%. Fuel has become more expensive – by 3.4%, including diesel – by 3.5%, gasoline – by 3.1% and motor gasoline – by 5.1%. Prices have also increased for air passenger transport.

The prices of goods and services related to recreation and culture increased by an average of 0.8%. When the sales ended, the prices of flowers and pet food rose.

The average price level in the miscellaneous goods and services group increased 0.6%, primarily influenced by higher prices for hair salons and personal care facility services. Since March 1, hairdressing and manicure / pedicure services are allowed, subject to security conditions. The prices of personal hygiene and beauty items have also increased.

Among the other product groups, the most significant price increase was for non-electric kitchenware and utensils, while the price decrease was for pharmaceuticals.

Compared with 2015, consumer prices in March 2021 were 10.0% higher. The prices of goods increased by 7.9%, while the prices of services – by 15.0%.

Don Lemon Says CNN Ratings Dip Due To Trump Absence, “Better For The World” He’s Not POTUS

CNN anchor Don Lemon seems unfazed by the dramatic drop in network ratings since the old President Donald Trump left the office.

During an interview on the New York Times “Sway” podcast host Kara Swisher asked Lemon if he was “worried about hearing loss.”

“No. I’m not worried about it,” Lemon replied. “The reason I don’t worry about this is because it beats the alternative. The alternative that it is there and we need to understand how we deal with lies, bigotry and hate , and the toxicity that the Trump administration was. Which to me has nothing to do with my ideology or politics because people have accused me of being conservative. Politics. “

“Trump was a horrible person. And he was terrible for the country. And it’s better for everyone – for the world that he is no longer the President of the United States,” Lemon continued. “So if that means the cable briefings are going down? Aww. So I’m not really worried about that. I’d rather my ratings go down and Trump not in office than my ratings were very high and be there. That’s the honest truth. “


Don Lemon has hosted ‘CNN Tonight’ since 2014.

Lemon also admitted that his “CNN Tonight” program served as “therapy for Trump’s enemies.”

“The difference between me and I think other people is that I tell the truth. But I do it out of emotion and I can – you know – a little more lively,” the presenter told Swisher.

CNN has hemorrhaged viewers since Trump left office, losing about half of his audience in key measurables since January following a brief post-election spike.


CNN averaged 2.5 million prime-time viewers from November 4, the day after the presidential election, until the day of the inauguration. But viewers fled the liberal network once President Biden took office, and CNN averaged just 1.6 million prime-time viewers from Jan.21 to March 15.

CNN’s prime-time audience from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET has fallen 36% since Biden took office after a spike after Election Day. CNN’s prime-time audience decline was even more pronounced among major adult demographics aged 25 to 54, dropping 47% over the same period.

Brian Flood of Fox News contributed to this report.

Jack Ma’s absence from China State Media list is revealing

Jack Ma was clearly absent from a list of major Chinese entrepreneurs. (TO FILE)

Strong points

  • Jack Ma visibly absent from the list of major Chinese entrepreneurs
  • This highlights how much the iconic Alibaba co-founder has clashed with Beijing
  • His now infamous rebuke of Chinese regulators sparked backlash

Jack Ma was conspicuously absent from a list of top Chinese entrepreneurs released by state media on Tuesday, highlighting how much the iconic Alibaba co-founder has clashed in Beijing.

Ma, honored at home for building some of his country’s biggest companies, didn’t make a difference in a Shanghai Securities News front-page comment praising the tech leaders. Instead, the official Chinese newspaper touted its big rival Pony Ma as “rewriting the mobile age” with Tencent Holdings Ltd. Also on his list was BYD Co. chairman Wang Chuanfu, co-founder of Xiaomi Corp. Lei Jun and Huawei Technologies Co.’s Ren Zhengfei.

The brief editorial – which was published the same day as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is expected to unveil its findings – could help allay fears Tencent could be caught in a wider industry crackdown now focused on Ma’s Alibaba and Ant Group Co. Beijing has launched a campaign to curb the growing power of private tech companies in almost every aspect of Chinese life, as evidenced by the ubiquity of Tencent’s WeChat messaging service. Shares of Tencent and Xiaomi rose more than 2% on Tuesday.

Jack Ma’s absence is telling given that the Shanghai Securities News is the most prominent business publication in Alibaba’s backyard. The billionaire made his first public comments in January since his demise late last year, after his now infamous rebuke from Chinese regulators sparked a backlash that derailed the record initial public offering of $ 35 billion. Ant dollars and launched an investigation into its e-commerce giant. Much about the future of China’s most recognizable and outspoken businessman remains unclear.

“A generation of Chinese entrepreneurs emerged from the rigid structures of our old economic system with the desire to escape poverty and the passion to achieve business ambitions,” wrote the newspaper, which is supported by the news agency. Xinhua official. “They have breathed new life into China’s economic reforms.”

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV staff and is posted from a syndicated feed.)

Manhasset school principal Vincent Butera takes leave after sexual misconduct investigation

Manhasset school district superintendent Vincent Butera has been placed on leave following an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, according to the district school board. (Photo courtesy of Island Now Archives)


Manhasset school principal Vincent Butera takes leave after allegations that he sexually harassed a teacher, announced the Board of Education.

“The past two weeks have been an incredibly difficult time for the Manhasset school community,” the board said in an emailed statement to the community last Thursday, signed by its five members. “Starting today, Dr. Vincent Butera will be on leave so that, as we close the school year, the district can only focus on supporting our students, faculty and staff.”

The news came after an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct made last fall by an anonymous former teacher at Shelter Rock Elementary School, citing frequent class visits and two unwelcome hugs from the principal.

Investigation by an independent lawyer revealed that since Butera’s actions were seen as unwelcome by the teacher, they were against district policy. Butera told Manhasset Education council meeting on May 6, he was “disheartened” that the complainant interpreted his actions as embarrassing.

“Despite my intention, the independent lawyer found that my attention was seen by the complainant as unwelcome, and therefore a violation of district policy,” Butera said at the meeting. “My actions and behavior have always been meant to reflect the values ​​and high standards that so many of us have, for conveying care and concerns. And the thought that even one person saw it differently brings me deep regret and sadness, and for that I have thought deeply.

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The exact length of the leave, as well as Butera’s return to his post in the fall, were not disclosed. Whether the leave was voluntary or district-mandated and whether it was paid leave was also not disclosed.

A perceived lack of action and transparency on the part of the school board over the case drew criticism from parents and students, with more than 200 seniors leaving class last Friday to protest that Butera still had a job.

Stacy Kelly, whose petition calling for Butera’s dismissal has more than 800 signatures, said in a telephone interview that the Education Council needs to take further action, calling the leave a “band-aid” on a much larger injury. important.

“The board hasn’t actually acted, but they want us to feel like they’ve acted,” Kelly said.

Kelly added that the investigation and its consequences were “clearly not on top of [the board’s] listing.”

“Their silence on this issue speaks volumes about what they think the district’s priorities should be,” Kelly said. “Their silence speaks volumes about their belief that Manhasset should be a zero tolerance district for sexual harassment. “

She also said the school board should be “held accountable” for “[getting] it’s wrong.”

“They blew it up,” Kelly said. “Our only way to hold them accountable is to exclude them. “

Blank Slate Media has contacted the school board for comment regarding Kelly’s statements.

Earlier, Pat Aitken, the chairman of the school board, said the board determined the matter should be treated as confidential. “It’s not the same as a lack of transparency,” she said.

The board of directors also announced in the statement that Rosemary Johnson, assistant superintendent of business and operations, will serve as acting superintendent.

Kelly Ripa does a live blooper as she hosts a show without Ryan Seacrest

Brandi fowler

Kelly ripa made a goof that we can all relate to because she hosted Living with Kelly and Ryan without Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday.

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The daytime TV star accidentally called this year 2020 and not 2021 during a segment of the show. This is just given that we cannot understand how it is already almost mid-February.


Kelly stunned in a sold-out Saint Laurent jumpsuit

“Hello everyone. It’s Wednesday February 10, 2020 and Ryan is in bad weather today,” Kelly said as he sat down. “In these new times of Covid, we still err on the side of caution, and that better than me to sit here. ”

Fans were quick to speak out about the error when the show posted this clip on its IG page, with one writing in the comments: “Btw, this is 2021, not 2020.” Another wrote “2021 honey,” with a laughing emoji.

Kelly qualified this year of 2020 on the show

Nonetheless, Kelly kept pushing and was stunned by the spectacle, wearing a Saint Laurent black satin jumpsuit, paired with a rhinestone encrusted Alexander McQueen belt and leopard-print Gianvito Rossi pumps. The host, who recycled and revamped pieces from past looks this year, also rocked the jumpsuit last October on the show.

FOLLOWING: Kelly Ripa’s floral dress drives fans crazy

As usual, Kelly was stunned when she took the stage, wearing a Saint Laurent black satin jumpsuit, paired with a rhinestone-encrusted Alexander McQueen belt and leopard-print Gianvito Rossi pumps. The host, who recycled and revamped pieces from past looks this year, also rocked the jumpsuit last October on the show.

The luxury suit is already sold out, but we loved it so much that we found the perfect dupe for under $ 65. We also found his Gianvito Rossi stiletto heels and a leopard pump that look a lot alike for hundreds less.


Fraiche by J long-sleeved button-down jumpsuit, $ 63.00, Nordstrom



Leopard-print Gianvito Rossi pumps, $ 498, Net to wear



Nine West Tatiana Leopard Print Pointed Toe Pump, 64.97, Nordstrom Support


While Kelly hosted the show solo, she couldn’t help but joke about a viral video in which a lawyer was unable to remove the chat filter from his settings before a Zoom call – and appeared like a kitten during it. “It’s what we all need right now to soothe our souls, and I love the cat’s panicked gaze,” Kelly said with a laugh.

The show had a little fun with her too, and put a cat filter on his face while she was talking about it. Then shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Kelly is not a cat”.

FOLLOWING: Kelly Ripa shares her gaze in a huge living room – with an impressive collection of books

Kelly definitely has a weakness for Gianvito Rossi pumps. She has already worn a blue suede version of her leopard pump a few times this year. The last time was Tuesday, when the mother-of-three pointed out the shoes as she lounged on a lip-shaped red sofa. She pulled her heels up into the stiletto heels and explained her whole look.


“The dress is Cefinn and the shoes are Gianvito Rossi, no surprise,” she continued, before revealing a few beauty mistakes we can all relate to. “And don’t look, I need to shave, and I need to put on my Tan Luxe. I need a lot,” she joked. “My nails are from Nails by Asami. I already picked out my cuticles, which I promised I wouldn’t. I’m a chronic cuticle picker.”

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Beauty mistakes aside, we fully understand Kelly’s affinity for Gianvito Rossi heels, as well as pops of color and pattern on her pumps. We love it too – and it’s a trend to watch for springtime style inspiration.

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Jaclyn Hill returned to YouTube to make up for her social media absence

It has been almost a month since YouTuber beauty Jaclyn Hill deleted her social networks and went silent. In the midst of the drama of her Launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick, she disappeared from social networks, posting an apology video, then would have taken some free time. Now she’s back, posting a new YouTube video that deals with her absence.

While Jaclyn has now reactivated her Instagram account but not her Twitter, the nearly 20-minute video explains why she chose to stay out of social media. Like E! reports, she begins the video with a confession, saying, “I feel very uncomfortable right now. I’m terrified… I’m terrified of everything.”

Jaclyn goes on to admit that the launch of her lipsticks was a “failure”. In case you missed it, here’s what happened: May 30, Jaclyn spear a line of nude lipsticks. After the release, many customers came forward to allege their lipsticks contained gaps, with some reporting suspected hair and bubbles in their product; Jaclyn later spoke about it in a statement, telling customers he was a manufacturing error. She, along with the Jaclyn Cosmetics company, assured customers that lipsticks were always safe to use, and customers were offered product refunds, if they contacted.

Then, on June 24, it was announced that every customer who purchased the lipstick received a refund. “I will be making a full refund, including postage and taxes, to every customer, from Jaclyn Cosmetics,” Jaclyn said on her Instagram account. “I don’t care about the loss of this money. You know how embarrassing it is for me. I will do whatever I can to get things done and learn from this lesson God has given me.”

After announcing the refund, Jaclyn deleted her social media and she explained in the new video that she did it on purpose. “I walked into this place where I was so obscured and unable to rebuild my brand, unable to understand what was going on, and I knew that in order to do well, to make my mark well, I had to do myself right,” she said. “I was like, ‘I can’t do this … I need to focus.'”

She admits she was “embarrassed” by the launch and again apologized to customers. She also revealed that she has no plans to work with the same lab and that all of her future makeup ideas are on hold. It’s unclear when she might make a full social media return, but the beauty community will be sure to watch as her video includes a promise to subscribers that a new makeup tutorial is coming soon.

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‘AGT’ judge Simon Cowell speaks after missing season 15 episodes of the live show

  • America has talent airs new episodes of season 15 on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  • Chief Justice Simon Cowell has been sidelined with a recent back injury.
  • Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson replaced Simon in the first week of live performances. This week, Kenan Thompson will be a guest judge in Simon’s place.
  • After missing last week’s one AGT episodes, Simon sent a tweet thanking Kelly.

    Simon cowell clearly missing America has talent.

    A few days after revealing that he had been injured in a electric bike accident, the judge listened to the NBC contest broadcast from his home in California. Watching the start of live broadcasts for season 15, Simon spotted the talk show host Kelly clarkson in his seat and had nothing but kind words.

    “Thank you @kellyclarkson”, he wrote on the singer, who was a guest judge in his place. “I miss you all. What a great sight.

    This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    After reading Simon’s candid tweet, fans shared long-standing words of support AGT judge and executive producer.

    “We missed you! Get better fast please, but if someone could sit in your place Kelly did good,” one person wrote. “Great choice on your fill! see Kelly on the panel next to you next time !!! ” another added. “I missed you Simon at tonight’s AGT !!! Heal quickly and come back quickly… And Miss Kelly Clarkson was perfect !!! Another fan said.

    Before appearing on AGT as a guest judge, Kelly announced her concert via a “urgent memo“who jokingly described her as”wiser, cooler and warmer”Than Simon. The mum-of-two also yelled at Simon on Instagram just before going on the air.

    “It’s almost show time, all of you!” ” she wrote. “Prepare to take over from @SimonCowell! I really need to work on my British accent … 😂😂 Can’t wait to see all the numbers!

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    Saturday Night Live‘s Kenan thompson will be this week’s guest judge in the absence of Simon. At the moment, it is not known how long Simon will be away. But according to a colleague judge Howie mandel, the British television personality is already “standing on his feet. “Besides, Howie thinks people shouldn’t”expect to see Simon again before the end of this season.

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    25-year-old mother kills her five children, sets her house on fire and turns the gun on her

    Five children found dead after a house fire in West Virginia late last month were shot dead by their mother, who later committed suicide after drawing a red line on her face and writing a confession, in which she lamented that she was not strong enough to defeat her “demons”.

    Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan revealed the heartbreaking details of the shooting and fire on December 8 at a press conference Thursday.

    He said Oreanna Myers, 25, shot dead her three sons and two stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage in their home near Williamsburg. The children were identified as Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, Kian Myers, 4, Aarikyle Nova Myers, 3, and Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1.

    According to Sloan, Myers was upset that her husband stayed with relatives during the work week for logistical reasons, instead of returning home.

    Scroll down for video

    Officials in West Virginia have revealed that 25-year-old Oreanna Myers (pictured) shot dead her three biological children and two stepchildren, before setting their home on fire and taking her own life.

    In the photo above, five children were killed: Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, Kian Myers, 4, Aarikyle Nova Myers, 3, and Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1.

    In the photo above, five children were killed: Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, Kian Myers, 4, Aarikyle Nova Myers, 3, and Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1.

    The murder-suicide and arson took place outside Williamsburg, West Virginia on the afternoon of December 8

    The murder-suicide and arson took place outside Williamsburg, West Virginia on the afternoon of December 8

    First responders were called to the family’s home after receiving reports of the fire. There they found the bodies of the children and Myers

    The children’s bodies were found with gunshot wounds to the head inside the house, while Myers was found outside near a picnic table, Sloan said. The shotgun used in the murders was discovered next to the mother.

    Sloan described how Myers was found, revealing that she was wearing a coat with a hood and that a red line was drawn across her face from ear to ear, reported MetroNews.com.

    The mysterious line was seen on surveillance video when Myers picked up two of his sons from the bus stop at the end of the school day. One of the boys asked her if it was blood on her face, but Myers replied that she had just drawn the line.

    Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan revealed details of the shooting and fire on Thursday

    Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan revealed details of the shooting and fire on Thursday

    An hour later, the emergency dispatcher received a call to 911 regarding a house fire on Flynns Creek Road. When firefighters arrived at the scene shortly before 4 p.m., they found the residence burned down.

    The five bedroom, one bath house was built in 1888 and was estimated to be worth $ 126,000.

    About 40 minutes later, Myers’ body was found outside. Four of the children were found dead inside the house the same day, but the body of the fifth child was not found in the debris until four days later, reported WVNS-TV.

    Myers’ husband Brian Bumgarner stayed with relatives rather than at home during the work week due to transportation issues, Sloan said. Text messages between Myers and her husband showed that her absence during the week had been “a tremendous source of contention” between them.

    According to the sheriff, the woman became more desperate after Bumgarner left the house on December 6 after dropping off groceries for his family.

    ‘You will have nothing else to come back to than a corpse [sic]. Nobody cares why should I? Myers texted her husband. “The money will come and go, once I’m gone, I won’t be able to replace myself. I beg and cry for help but I never get it. It’s my sanity that needs to be taken care of to – help me – I don’t care anymore.

    Myers was upset that her husband, Brian Bumgarner, had stayed with relatives during the work week for logistical reasons

    Before the murders, Myers texted Bumgarner, warning him that he would be heading home to find a

    Myers was upset that her husband, Brian Bumgarner, had stayed with relatives during the work week for logistical reasons. Before the murders, Myers texted Bumgarner, warning him he would be returning home to find a “corpse”

    Bumgarner addressed the tragedy in a Facebook post two days after the fact without going into details

    Bumgarner addressed the tragedy in a Facebook post two days after the fact without going into details

    Sloan said he was not sure if the woman was on treatment for a mental illness diagnosed at the time of death. But in several notes she left before committing the murder-suicide and setting her family home on fire, Myers complained about the lack of treatment for mental illness, according to the sheriff.

    “It’s no one’s fault but mine. My demons conquered me. Sorry, I wasn’t strong enough,” she wrote.

    Myers texted her husband the day of the shooting to tell him that she had left something for him in their vehicle. A letter addressed to him was found inside with a bloody imprint next to his initials, Sloan said.

    “I’m so sorry Brian,” she wrote to her husband. “I wasn’t strong enough for you or this family. My head is so (expletive). I’m sorry for my evil crime. I wasn’t strong enough to fight those demons, Snap. Take a bite, Boom. So depressed. Numb heart. Soul completely broken. I’m sorry I failed you. I’m sorry I failed with our beautiful boys. I am so sorry that I was not strong enough. OAM. ‘

    Myers left confessions and other notes to her husband and relatives, attributing what happened to her

    Myers left a confession and other notes to her husband and relatives, attributing what happened to her “demons”

    It took four days for authorities to find the body of one of the five children amid the rubble

    It took four days for authorities to find the body of one of the five children amid the rubble

    The sheriff said the woman also placed three notes in a plastic bag and stuck them on a side mirror of the family vehicle, including phone numbers for contacting relatives, confessions and a will.

    “I had shot all the boys in the head. I had set the house on fire. I shot myself in the head. I’m sorry, “she wrote in her confession.” Mental health is serious. I hope someday someone will help others like me. Mental health is not a joke or a mess. take it lightly. When someone is begging, begging, screaming for help, please help them. You might just save one life or several lives. Thank you, OAM. ‘

    Glass jars with a crystal and a fabric decorated with a spiral symbol were also recovered from the vehicle.

    Two of the deceased children - Shaun and Riley (top and bottom left) - Brian Bumgarner's sons from his first marriage

    Two of the deceased children – Shaun and Riley (top and bottom left) – Brian Bumgarner’s sons from his first marriage

    Following Thursday's revelations, Shaun and Riley's biological mother Raven Frisbie wrote on Facebook, referring to Myers:

    Following Thursday’s revelations, Shaun and Riley’s birth mother Raven Frisbie wrote on Facebook, referring to Myers: “She murdered my babies and now everyone knows that”

    According to a shared obituary of four of the children, Haiken, Kian, and Aarikyle were Myers’ biological sons, while Shaun and Riley were her husband’s children from her marriage to Raven Frisbie.

    Following Thursday’s press conference detailing the murder-suicide investigation, Frisbie wrote on her Facebook page: “She murdered my babies and now everyone knows it. I have been more than patient with it. waiting for that day and now that it is here, nothing is going to silence me I fought for them while they were alive and I will continue to do so afterwards.

    According to the children’s obituary, Shaun was a second grader at Frankford Elementary and wanted to be an astronaut. Riley was in kindergarten and loved sports. He was also interested in music and was learning to play the piano and the ukulele.

    “Aarikyle loved to paint, to be a kid and was sneaky,” the obituary reads. “He loved Ninja Turtles and superheroes. Haiken being the youngest, he was spoiled by everyone and loved to drive his toy cars.

    ‘Abandoned and left to rot’

    An abandoned mansion in Nashville is going viral on TikTok – but users can’t decide if it’s “haunted” or “amazing.”

    The house, said to be over 200 years old, is part of an ongoing fascination with TikTok. Users of the app have shared their obsessions with countless forgotten places, including a “haunted” hospital, a McMansions ‘ghost town’ and an abandoned shopping center under a hotel.

    This abandoned mansion comes from the aptly named TikTok account Abandoned nashville (@abandonednashville). The videographer and content creator explores all kinds of ancient and isolated places, but this particular discovery seemed to fascinate users.

    The video, which has over 540,000 views, begins with an exterior view of the old house. From there @abandonednashville hikes inside.

    The house appears large, elaborate, and well decorated, despite piles of trash and other items strewn on the floor. This combination of beauty and creepy abandon has left many TikTokers divided.

    Some called the house “amazing” and wondered how it got to its current state.

    10 Ulta Beauty Products Under $ 30 You Absolutely Need:

    “It always makes me sad when I see beautiful places like this abandoned and left to rot” a user wrote.

    “Someone dresses like in the years 1920-1940 and lives there with me”, another joked.

    Others, meanwhile, found the mansion a bit more spooky.

    “It’s probably haunted” a user wrote.

    “Cool and a little scary” another added.

    It should be noted that in many cases exploring abandoned places may be illegal. That said, there is no reason to believe that @abandonednashville was not allowed to visit – he also makes a 15 minute YouTube video discuss the history of the house.

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