Reese Witherspoon talks beauty standards and abortion laws at Elizabeth Arden event – The Hollywood Reporter

Reese witherspoon Tuesday hosted a coterie of beauty enthusiasts who were on hand to celebrate the latest offers from Elisabeth arden. In a private Beverly Hills home, guests were guided to a garden teeming with freshly blooming roses and tables bearing vases filled with flowers as well as ferns, hydrangeas and peonies for creating personalized floral arrangements.

Witherspoon floated among the crowd in a floral-print Altuzarra dress, sharing her love for the brand. “[Elizabeth Arden] started a business, a beauty brand, even before having the right to vote, ”she said Hollywood journalist. “She was a champion of women’s rights and the idea that women should take care of themselves. She had a holistic approach to health and beauty whereby you can’t be as beautiful as what you feel on the inside. I just think she’s such a cool entrepreneurial force. I wouldn’t be here without women like her.

Following in Arden’s footsteps, Witherspoon is a full-fledged entrepreneur (founder of lifestyle brand Draper James in 2013) and has been a consistent voice for women’s rights. She was a key player in launch of the Time’s Up initiative last year and, just before the event, the Big little lies The actress tweeted her thoughts after a law banning most abortions was passed by the governor of Alabama on Wednesday, following similar legislation in other states, calling it “unconstitutional and odious “.

“Rolling back the human rights of women is deeply troubling and unconstitutional,” she said. THR. “I like what Ava DuVernay said, ‘Your silence is not going to save you.’ Right now it’s Alabama; tomorrow is for the whole country. Nothing is more important to me than protecting my sisters all over this country. It’s just amazing. I have the impression that we are in a novel.

Witherspoon went on to say, “If you really think about it, there aren’t enough women making decisions about women’s lives. Our bodies are governed without representation. It doesn’t sound very American to me.

Following the adage that beauty comes from within, Elizabeth Arden’s official ‘chief storyteller’ also spoke of vanity, which by her definition is anything. corn this. “Beauty is finding the center of yourself,” she said. “It’s being your truest self and bringing that person into the world.”

The 43-year-old stressed the importance of skin care, especially with her active lifestyle. “These serum capsules are so easy to carry,” she said, gesturing to Elizabeth Arden. retinol ceramide capsules, displayed on a table alongside the brand’s White Tea collection (a trio of scents boasting notes such as white tea, pear blossom and bergamot). quality that you get in the products. I take them all over the world whenever I do movies or press tours and you also have an incredible amount of moisture in them, in case you want to use them on flights.

Witherspoon also swears by treatments from West Hollywood-based facialist Mila Moursi, as well as regular immersion in nature. “I think it’s important to get out as much as possible,” she said. “Take a walk in the morning. It is really helpful for your health and just for your mental reset.

Regarding the beauty standards that are shifting in the world towards more inclusiveness, Witherspoon (who passed on her mother’s advice to find joy and happiness every day by focusing on positivity) spoke about the access of its children to diversity.

“You see a lot more representations of the world than when I grew up,” she said, before referring to Diana Ross as a beauty icon for putting on makeup over the years, according to conversations. with her daughter Tracee Ellis. Ross, a friend of Witherspoon. “I think it’s a really interesting time to grow up, to be a kid, and to use social media platforms. I’m really happy that my kids see that there has to be a full line and that women and beauty can have so many different sides. And we see a lot of bloggers. They have very important voices in the beauty world because they represent an important perspective, which is actually that of the buyer. I think brands really listen to consumers and pay attention.

When it comes to Hollywood’s take on beauty, in terms of inclusiveness and ageism, Witherspoon – who founded production company Pacific Standard Films with Bruna Papandrea (Missing girl, Savage) in 2012 and media brand Hello Sunshine in 2016, which emphasizes celebrating women through storytelling, noted that the power lies with content creators and their audiences.

“I think that’s changing,” she said. “It certainly did not meet the standards, but with the emergence of many producers, women of color, LGBTQ people producing and creating content, I think you’re going to see a shift in the stories that the stories are told. The most important thing is that audience members show up for the things that represent what they want. Pay that money Friday for the box office and hit it on Netflix. Support artists who you truly believe in, as this will help them continue to create great content. “

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Where can I get an abortion?

Caroline BrehmanGetty Images

It is 2020 and women’s reproductive health care remains under attack. At the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC), anti-choice activists proclaimed that President Donald Trump is the “most pro-life president we’ve ever had,” and the president himself has already suggested this Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling giving women the right to choose to have an abortion, could be overthrown during his presidency. More recently, President Trump issued a short list Conservatives he promises to appoint to the Supreme Court if re-elected in November, a new attempt to control women’s bodies.

This is why groups like Power to decide, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that strives to “ensure that all people, no matter who they are, where they live or what their economic situation might be, have the power to decide if, when and in what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child ”intervene to provide women with the information they need. Today, with the help of American Federation for Family Planning (PPFA), National Abortion Federation (NAF), and Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), Power to Decide has launched a digital abortion search tool that will allow women to easily and safely locate abortion service providers in their area.

“This is an essential tool at a critical time we find ourselves in to ensure that people, no matter who they are, where they live and what their economic situation is, have access to reproductive health services.” , Gillian Sealy, CEO of Decision-Making Power, tells Marie Claire. “Our commitment is to ensure that [the abortion finder tool] is constantly updated and that we provide the information necessary for people to access abortion services. Abortion is part of health care and should be treated as such. ”

abortion finder
An example of someone using the Power to Decide abortion finder.


abortion finder
Search results that appear using Power to Decide’s abortion search tool.


The Power to Decide Abortion Finder, available at, features more than 750 verified abortion service clinics across the country and includes a list of state laws that could limit a person’s access to abortion care. It can also be found on, a Power to Decide project that aims to keep people informed about their reproductive health. Power to Decide hopes the tool will provide more accessible information to everyone, especially blacks and browns who have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and continually face barriers to accessing the reproductive health care they need.

“Under the guise of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, states have lobbied a lot to use the pandemic as an excuse to ban abortion by seeing it as a non-essential procedure,” Sealy says, referring to States like Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, and Arkansas. “Abortion care is urgent. We want to make sure people can see their health care provider.”

The Trump administration recently filed an urgent request asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a restriction requiring patients seeking an early abortion pill to go to their clinician’s office – rather than receiving it by mail – and risk viral exposure. Again, this affects people of color the most. As the fight for reproductive rights continues, Sealy advises people to pay close attention to their state’s laws and remember that no matter how much misinformation is spread, abortion remains legal in the United States.


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JLo Beauty Review | Way of life

This Blockbuster Wonder Cream is an apt namesake of “Jenny from the Block”.

A beautician dives into JLo Beauty’s ingredient list and gives her honest opinion on Jennifer Lopez’s new skin care line.

JLo Beauty, created by Jennifer Lopez, is considered a premium beauty brand and is sold at Sephora or on the JLo Beauty website. The product line includes eight different products, including a cleanser, sheet masks and an eye cream. Product prices range from $ 38 to $ 79.

JLo Beauty Multitasking Serum claims to tighten and lift the skin while hydrating and giving that JLo glow we all desire. It sells for $ 79 on the JLo Beauty website.

“The ingredient list is very good and contains several clean ingredients with real skin care benefits,” said Chloe Hanke, esthetician at Health Partners Med Spa and IV Treatment in West Des Moines. “Phenoxyethanol is a somewhat controversial ingredient in the beauty industry, but this product is generally safe when used in small amounts.”

Consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients in their beauty products and try to avoid certain ingredients, including parabens. Parabens are chemicals in beauty products that are used to extend the shelf life of a product and can irritate the skin and disrupt hormones in the body.

“A lot of people are concerned about parabens in their products, so this ingredient is used instead of parabens. Overall this product is safe and when used in place of parabens it is much safer than any other alternative, ”Hanke said.

JLo Beauty Wonder Cream claims to hydrate, brighten, smooth and plump the skin. It is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to keep the skin hydrated and lock in moisture in your skin. The Wonder Cream sells for $ 58 on the JLo Beauty website.

“When it comes to the ingredients in Wonder Cream, everything is clean and good for the skin,” Hanke said. “The only ingredient of concern is propanediol. This ingredient is known to be safe for the skin, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that in 2018 it was named Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society for its possible cause of contact dermatitis. . Most studies show, however, that this ingredient is safe when used in small amounts, and for the most part, only people who are allergic to this ingredient can experience side effects.

Propanediol is classified as a skin irritant, but it is generally safe for the skin. It contains two groups of alcohol, which could dry out the skin.

“My overall opinion of this brand is that the products will give you that ‘JLo Glow’ that everyone desires, but only while the products are on your skin,” Hanke said. “The products contain tin oxide, which gives the illusion of glowing skin because they are pearly particles. They will give a beautiful glow to the skin until they are rubbed or wiped off.

If you are looking for a gorgeous and shiny look, these products can always be a great option. However, if you are looking for deep and lasting hydration of your skin, you may want to do without these products.

“In order to actually get skin glow, a product containing alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid or glycolic acid will help exfoliate the skin creating a healthier, more radiant complexion. “Hanke said.

When looking for beauty products, it is important to review the ingredient list before purchasing any product. A serum or cream may seem to hydrate your skin and help with your skin problems, but until you look at the ingredient list and research the effects of the ingredients, you won’t know.

“For the most part, I think the people who buy these products are buying them for the marketing and the beautiful packaging,” Hanke said. “While I think the ingredients are good, I think there are much more affordable products that can do the same.”

The price doesn’t always reflect better quality products that will give you increased results. More affordable skin care products can work just as well in some cases. Do your research and make an informed decision before spending large amounts of money on products.

“In my professional opinion, I don’t think these products would harm the skin. However, I think there are more affordable products that can do the same with similar ingredients, or that can even do more for your skin, ”Hanke said.

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New Mexico’s abortion ban law overturned thanks to activism by indigenous women

When Terrelene Massey watched New Mexico’s bill repealing the state ban on abortion who died in State House in 2019, she was struck by what she calls a “convenient argument” made by some lawmakers: that they could not vote for the bill because their indigenous and indigenous constituents were opposed it. These lawmakers – mostly non-Indigenous – said the cultural practices and spiritual beliefs of their constituents were at odds with the pro-abortion measure.

Massey, the executive director of the Southwestern Women’s Law Center, I knew this couldn’t be true. From her own experience as a Navajo woman and her professional experiences as an advocate for indigenous women in the Southwest, she had seen with her own eyes how her peers valued the sovereignty of the body as part of their spiritual traditions, and how the indigenous peoples of the region had long-standing ancestral practices for providing abortion care.

“Maybe it’s because I’m Native American, I’m more in tune with what’s missing when we’re not at the table and people are trying to make our voices heard – and fill that space with. inaccuracies and myths, ”said Massey, who had advocated for passage of the 2019 bill, said Bustle.

The state’s abortion ban was first passed in 1969, four years before Roe v. Wade does not make it inapplicable. Abortion continues to be the law of the land, and New Mexico does not have any of the major types of legal restrictions on abortion care found in many other states. But to have this ban on the books would be automatically criminalize abortion in the state if Roe was canceled – a growing possibility in 2021, with a conservative supermajority in the Supreme Court. Twenty-eight states and two U.S. territories have similar measurements.

New Mexico has a population of 2 million, half of whom are women and 11% of whom identify as indigenous. Massey felt that if only these lawmakers could see hard data about Indigenous women’s feelings about abortion, the bill might have a better chance of being passed if brought to the public eye. new.

“For indigenous women, reproductive rights are a way of life. “

Work with Moving forward together, Bold futures, Family planning in New Mexico, and the New Mexico ACLU, Massey launched the very first investigates what indigenous and indigenous women in New Mexico thought about reproductive rights in 2020. They interviewed more than 300 Native American adults in New Mexico over the course of two weeks, both by phone and online; To the knowledge of the groups, this is the largest sample of this population ever collected for a survey on this subject. They found that 89% of those polled believe Native American women “deserve” to make their own health care decisions, including contraceptive and abortion care, without government interference. Almost three-quarters believe they can have their own “moral opinion on abortion” and continue to trust patients and families to make health care decisions for themselves. One in three Indigenous women reported having sought abortion care themselves, a figure from one in four women above the national average.

“The survey showed that Native Americans want to choose for themselves what happens to them, their bodies, when they want to be pregnant,” Massey said.

In 2021, the SB10 bill is put to the vote again, co-sponsored by State Representative Georgene Louis, member of the Acoma Pueblo tribe. “People have perceptions of Indigenous women that don’t reflect our real beliefs,” Louis, who also co-sponsored the bill in 2019, told Bustle. “But when indigenous women see people who look like them stand up and say, ‘These are very personal issues specific to a woman’s health that she has to decide for herself because these are the values ​​we hold dear. It encourages other women to say where they stand.

Zoom’s rise to power during the pandemic has been critical in enabling Indigenous women across the country to have their voices heard. Because hearings and committee sessions were held online, Indigenous and Indigenous women were able to not only ‘attend’ from the comfort of their own homes, but also offer their own expert testimony, explains Nicole Martin, l ” one of the co-founders of Indigenous women on the rise, an organization that advocates for the rights of Aboriginals and Aboriginals to health care.

Martin, who identifies as Navajo, Laguna Pueblo, Chiricahua Apache, and Zuni Pueblo, explains that due to the Zoom format, New Mexican lawmakers had to “sit down with these personal and vulnerable stories” in a way the legislative process rarely allows. With everyone connected through their screens, the stories shared seemed all the more intimate and close to home in a way that committee hearings at the New Mexico Roundhouse, or the State Capitol, typically weren’t. not. She was one of more than 100 women who testified in support of the bill in January and February.

“Maybe it’s because I’m Native American, I’m more in tune with what’s missing when we’re not at the table and people are trying to make our voices heard.”

“Health is our wealth in our culture. And if you’re not healthy enough to take care of another living being, you shouldn’t be forced or ashamed to give birth to that life you can’t care about, ”says Martin.

Christian Redbird, who is affiliated with the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Kiowa tribes, also shared his experiences virtually. “Our culture says that not only will this mean to me, but if I have children, what would I want their access to health care to look like? she said to Bustle, referring to how her legacy informs her thinking about all public policy. Regarding access to abortion, “I knew I wanted it to be free of shame, stigma or barriers”.

“For Indigenous women, reproductive rights are a way of life,” says Krystal Curley, Executive Director of Indigenous ways of life, an organization for the defense and support of social justice, which identifies itself as Diné. “Every decision a woman has about her reproductive health is available to us in the natural world. For us, it’s a natural decision, ”she said, referring to abortion care.

Massey, Louis, Martin and others attribute this wave of support, along with hard data, to the bill’s successful passage – and repeal of the ban – in late February. The bill was finally passed 40-30 at home and 25-17 in the Senate. It was signed by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on February 26. “A woman has the right to make decisions about her own body,” she said in a statement. “Anyone who seeks to violate bodily integrity or criminalize femininity is engaging in dehumanization. New Mexico is not in this business – not anymore.

Louis says she and other state lawmakers are discussing how to continue Zoom hearings after the pandemic, due to how she included Indigenous voices in the conversation. “Native women in New Mexico really came out and advocated for SB10 to pass – and now people are listening.”

Changing the discourse on abortion rights in New Mexico is a start, but advocates say there’s a lot more work to be done. “In my culture, we are a matriarchal society. Our grandmothers and mothers, we take their words for gold, ”says Curley. “For them to have suffered so much trauma,” she adds, referring to the practice of the Indian health service of forcibly sterilizing Indigenous women or using them in contraceptive studies, “and we’re still here today… and have our voices at the table, that’s historic.”

Curley points out that climate change is another area where indigenous peoples’ voices have been left out of policy making, and where she hopes there can be a similar impact. “Look at what happens when organizations of people of color led by women are involved in policy making,” she says. “That’s why we have to publish our stories. “

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Summer beauty products that are definitely worth it

OAfter summer and your Instagram feed lights up with all the products you * need * for makeup-free selfies and rosy-skinned close-ups – you’re probably starting to wonder: which products Actually live up to the hype?

It’s all too easy to get swept up in a summer glow store, which is why we asked Hadley King, MD and certified dermatologist in New York City, what the real must-haves are for a solid summer routine. At the top of his list? Antioxidants (in particular, a vitamin C) and a moisturizer with SPF 30 or more with broad spectrum protection.

“Sunscreens, whether mineral or chemical, help protect the skin from UV rays,” says Dr. King. “But if these ingredients are combined with antioxidants like vitamin C, then the protection has been shown to be greater because the antioxidants help neutralize free radicals from UV rays.” Basically, with just two ingredients, your the glow is locked.

To label all the high quality Vitamin C serums, soothing moisturizers and premium SPF products you need in one place, Saks Fifth Avenue—The ultimate destination for all things clean beauty with its wide selection of the latest luxury and organic beauty products — is your one-stop-shop.

As proof, we’ve rounded up seven new products (derm approved) to incorporate as soon as possible into your summer beauty routine to help your complexion feel healthy and glowing all season long.

Keep scrolling through the 7 summer beauty products that dermatologist says are worth a shot.

Espa Gradual Tan Body Moisturizer – $ 60.00

If your goal is to minimize sun exposure during the warmer months, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a sunny glow. With Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, this head-to-toe tanning moisturizer delivers both natural-looking hydration and bronze.

Shea butter contains fatty acids which improve the skin barrier, ”explains Dr. King. “Sweet almond oil, with anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and E, is an excellent choice for good moisturizing and antioxidant properties.

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Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF + Sunscreen – $ 49.00

An SPF product that becomes more efficient in heat and water? Yes, it does exist and it competes for a prominent place in your summer beauty practice. This uses Shiseido’s WetForce technology, which combines the negative ions in the formula with positive ions in sweat and water, to provide an extra layer of sun protection that will continue to work while you’re busy enjoying the sun. your day at the pool or at the beach.

Plus, Dr. King always recommends an SPF of 30 or higher, and this SPF 50+ sunscreen can be used on both face and body for maximum protection all summer long.

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Eleven by Venus Williams Unparalleled Sun Serum – $ 50.00

The last step in your routine before applying your makeup, this lightweight serum combines skin care and sun protection in one (and with an SPF 35, it passes Dr. King’s hype test).

Made with 25 percent zinc oxide for broad-spectrum reef-safe protection and prickly pear for soothing hydration, this summer sunscreen serum is a no-brainer. Even better? The serum dries clearly, without a chalky finish (unlike many other mineral sunscreens), so it’s a great option for all skin tones.

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Nars Pure Glow Tinted Moisturizer – $ 45.00

A go-to tinted moisturizer is a summer must-have, and this ultra-light moisturizer hydrates while enriching skin with vitamin C, while protecting your complexion from UV rays with SPF 30. (So, yes, it does it all. .)

Neutralizing free radicals with antioxidants such as vitamin C improves the prevention of photo damage (skin changes resulting from exposure to the sun), ”says Dr. King. Plus, how can you forget to put SPF when it’s infused directly into your daily moisturizer?

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Guerlain Terracotta Sunkissed Natural Bronzer – $ 56.00

Give your glow a boost without spending more time in the sun (since sun exposure usually equates to skin damage) with this easy-to-mix, transfer-resistant bronzer. It uses nourishing argan oil to tan and soothe your skin at the same time for a hydrated and tanned finish that will last all day.

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blotting papers

Shiseido Oil-Resistant Blotting Paper – $ 20.00

Sunny picnics in the parks are the best treat of the summer, but they usually come with a little (or a lot) of sweat. These on-the-go blotting sheets absorb oil and remove shine for a fresh finish.

“The advantage of blotting papers over powders is that you remove the oil without adding more product,” says Dr. King. Keep your look intact despite the humidity? It’s definitely a summer beauty victory.

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Larq Double Wall Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle – $ 95.00

Although a bottle of water is not technically a beauty product in the traditional sense, according to Dr. King, one of the best ways to keep your complexion healthy is to hydrate it from the inside out.

“Maintaining adequate hydration is not only necessary for our bodies to function properly, it also helps make our skin plumper and more resilient,” says Dr. King. “This can be especially important as temperatures rise, as we lose more fluid through sweat.”

Keep this self-cleaning water bottle – which chills drinks for up to 24 hours and uses UV-C LED light to remove bio-contaminants from the water and bottle – in your bag for easy access. hand during all your summer adventures.

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Best New Makeup and Beauty Products of June 2021, Buy Now | Yeah, Ilia, Glossier

With new makeup dropping at sky-high daily rates, we’ve decided to make it easier for you to sort through the selection of the latest pencils, lipsticks, and more. Seduce editors look forward to every new launch and emerging brand to find the stars in bright and shimmering selections every month. Although we have a weakness for our particular favorites, our heart rate increases with each exciting makeup ride. Brands are always drastically expanding their ranges with ingenious formulas, vibrant colors and juicy collaborations – and we’re absolutely here for that.

With each new product, it’s exciting to see what innovations beauty brands come up with to improve a formula or design. You could easily say that makeup is the one thing that is exempt from the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is the exciting part of the ever-expanding market: finding new makeup treasures to help us present our best and truest selves to the world, no matter how colorful or minimalist our favorite looks may be.

As we always do with Hair and skin care, we share the new makeup that falls in june that we recommend that you add to your cart. As the world slowly opens, wear these products with pride on your next (safe and responsible) outing, or just for fun while experimenting at home and attending your millionth Zoom reunion. If you are curious, you can also consult launches last month we still love.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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11 makeup artists weigh in on the best beach beauty products

At last, beach season arrived. While hitting the sand and waves are particularly happy this year, that doesn’t make the reality of braving the seaside elements – sweltering heat, high humidity, and UV exposure – any less easy to tackle, especially when it’s s. It is about negotiating makeup and sufficient sun protection. When it comes to finding the right products to withstand the heat and keep you bright, there is no more bulletproof strategy than looking to the pros. Whatever is in their beach bags, we want what they have. From glowing skin essentials to the perfect ocean blue eyeliner, here 11 makeup artists reveal their ultimate beach must-have beauty.

Serge Lutens Powder Blush N ° 1

“I like to warm up my complexion and give my face a subtle, sunny glow without tanning my face. My favorite is Serge Lutens blush in shade # 1. It’s a bronzer that glides on smoothly and is easy to blend with buildable color. Using a large powder brush, I apply it around my temples, along the hollows of my cheekbones and down my jawline. Using a small powder brush, I apply a brushstroke along the sides and natural contours of my nose. This technique mimics the way the sun naturally tans the face. Another added bonus is that it stays cool for hours, so I can be at the beach or by the pool without having to worry about touch-ups.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer Protector SPF 30

“I love Laura Mercier’s Beach SPF Primer because it’s lightweight, SPF 30, has an easy-to-spread gel texture and doesn’t feel thick or greasy. You can easily layer it all day long for extra protection. Use a dime-sized amount for the face and don’t forget your ears! “

Soleil Always Aloe Calming Antioxidant Mist

“I love this product because it provides that extra layer of moisture that is essential for a day at the beach. It’s super nourishing and hydrating, and I use it throughout the day after applying sunscreen by simply spraying on my face and patting it down gently. sunny glow. It contains aloe and vitamin E, so it’s also amazing for my skin when I’ve had a little too much sun. I use it at night for a post-burn detox.

Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen

“At the beach, it’s important to have eyeliner that really doesn’t move! The Stylo Yeux Waterproof by Chanel is resistant to heat, sweat and swimming in the ocean. It comes in many colors, from shades of dark smoky brown and burgundy to one of my all-time favorite colors: Fervent Blue, which is the most beautiful deep blue that works especially well on tanned skin.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm Sun Cream SPF 15

“People often forget about lip sunscreen! They need protection just as much, so reapplying throughout the day is very important. I love the texture of this lip balm, it’s thick and emollient so it holds up well. I love that there is a little bit of color, so it not only protects your skin but also keeps you looking healthy and fresh.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50

“My favorite skin product for the beach is Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50. I have been a huge fan of this sunscreen because it does not irritate my skin or leave white streaks on my brown skin. The sun drops also give my skin a beautiful, lit glow from the inside out! The best way for me to use them is to apply it on my serum / moisturizer and eye cream first. I usually wait a few minutes between applications to make sure my other skincare is absorbed first. After a few hours at the beach, I reapply by massaging my skin with clean hands. My skin retains its radiance and hydration and the sun drops protect all my hyperpigmentation.

Shiseido SynchroShield Wetforce x Heatforce Sun Stick SPF50 +

“My favorite skin product for the beach is the Shiseido SynchroShield Wetforce x Heatforce Sunscreen Stick SPF50 +. I love it for so many reasons: it is clear, light and does not leave a white plaster, convenient to reapply directly from the stick without having to use my fingers and hands, does not make me burst and it becomes more effective in water and heat thanks to Wetforce x Heatforce technology. It glides smoothly and you don’t have to worry about sand and liquid on your hands when you’re on the beach.

Tower 28 Beauty Bronzino Illuminating Bronzer

“My favorite makeup for the beach is Tower 28 Bronzino Illuminating Bronzer. I’m a huge fan of this product for its texture: it’s creamy, not sticky. Don’t worry, the sand will blow on your face and disrupt your fabulous tanned look. I love to apply it with my fingers! I take my index finger, rub it in circular motions to collect the product, then I apply the bronzer on the cheekbones of my cheeks and apply it from top to bottom to give a natural and even color.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

“If you know me, you know I love extreme lashes! My favorite makeup product for the beach is the Maybelline Sky High waterproof mascara because it gives your lashes the triple threat: lift, length and volume. I always curl my lashes first, then apply the mascara from the root of the lashes. It will last all day and is also perfect for swimming! It’s a must have at the beach if you want a little makeup that will make a big difference.

Chanel Sheer Healthy Glow Broad Spectrum Moisturizing Tint SPF 30

“I use a lot of anti-aging skin care products which, while rapidly renewing skin cells, also make my skin more sensitive to the sun, so I have to use an SPF at all times. With a medium / dark skin tone prone to hyperpigmentation, I prefer light coverage. Chanel’s Sheer Healthy Glow moisturizing shade allows me to skip the foundation while still having light coverage with the added bonus of sun protection. I always throw the light, leak-proof bottle in my beach bag and apply it just when I’m ready to hit the sand. Due to the luminous finish and the light, transparent texture, it is easy to apply casually and without a mirror. It gives me just enough coverage for my uneven skin tone, while still being bright enough to look natural and without foundation while on vacation.

Super goup! (Re) fixing 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35

“When it comes to makeup and skin care, I’m in for a natural glow. But on the beach, when you combine the glow, sunscreen, heat, sweat, and water, it can get a bit too much! I go to see pictures, and the light shines on every part of my face, not to mention that I feel bad at the end of the day. SPF is my number one priority, but why not combine it with a little shine control ?! Supergoop Re-Setting 100% mineral powder evens out my skin tone, controls shine, and provides perfect sun protection for touch-ups all day long. As a bonus, the powder texture does not mix with the sand, it gently removes everything that is stuck to your face.

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Study: half of American cosmetics contain toxic chemicals

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame tested over 230 commonly used cosmetics and found that 56% of foundations and eye products, 48% of lip products, and 47% of mascaras contained levels high fluoride – an indicator of PFAS, called “forever chemicals” that are used in nonstick frying pans, rugs and countless other consumer products.

Some of the highest levels of PFAS were found in waterproof mascara (82%) and long-lasting lipstick (62%), according to the study published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters. Twenty-nine products with high concentrations of fluorine were further tested and found to contain between four and 13 specific PFAS chemicals, according to the study. Only one item listed PFAS as an ingredient on the label.

The study’s results were announced as a bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill to ban the use of PFAS, or perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, in cosmetics and other beauty products. The move to ban PFAS comes as Congress considers sweeping legislation to establish a national drinking water standard for certain PFAS chemicals and clean up contaminated sites across the country, including military bases where rates elevated PFAS have been discovered.

The Environmental Protection Agency is also set to collect industry data on the uses of PFAS chemicals and health risks as it considers regulations to reduce the potential risks caused by the chemicals.

“There is nothing safe and nothing good about PFAS,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Who introduced the cosmetics bill with Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine. “These chemicals are a hidden threat in plain sight that people literally put on their faces every day.”

Representative Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., Who has sponsored several PFAS-related bills in the House, said she looked for PFAS in her own makeup and lipstick, but couldn’t see if they were present because the products were not correctly labeled. .

“How do I know he doesn’t have PFAS?” She asked at a press conference on Tuesday, referring to the eye makeup, foundation and lipstick she was wearing. “People are poisoned every day.

Graham Peaslee, a physics professor at Notre Dame and the study’s lead investigator, called the results shocking. Cosmetics not only present immediate risk to users, but they also create long-term risk, he said. “PFAS is a persistent chemical. When it enters the bloodstream, it stays there and accumulates, ”Peaslee said.

The chemicals also pose a risk of environmental contamination associated with manufacturing and disposal, he said.

“This should be a wake-up call for the cosmetics industry,” said David Andrews, senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based nonprofit that has worked to curb PFAS.

The products tested in the study “are applied by millions of Americans every day. It is essential that we end all non-essential uses of PFAS,” Andrews said.

Synthetic compounds are used in countless products, including non-stick cookware, water-repellent sports equipment, grease-resistant cosmetics and food packaging, and fire-fighting foams.

Public health studies of exposed populations have linked the chemicals to a range of health problems, including some cancers, weakened immunity and low birth weight. Large-scale tests in recent years have revealed high levels of PFAS in many public water supply systems and military bases.

“PFAS chemicals are not needed for makeup. Given their great potential for danger, I don’t think they should be used in any personal care product, ”said Arlene Blum, study co-author and executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute, a group of advocacy in Berkeley, California.

A spokeswoman for the US Food and Drug Administration, which regulates cosmetics, did not immediately comment.

The Personal Care Products Council, a trade association representing the cosmetics industry, said in a statement that a small number of PFAS chemicals can be found as ingredients or at traces in products such as lotions, nail polish, eye makeup and foundations. The chemicals are used for the consistency and texture of the product and are subject to FDA safety requirements, said Alexandra Kowcz, the council’s chief scientist.

“Our member companies take their responsibility for product safety and the trust families place in these products very seriously,” she said, adding that the group supported the ban of certain PFASs from being used. in cosmetics. “Science and safety are the foundation of everything we do. “

Blumenthal, a former state attorney general and self-proclaimed “crusader” on behalf of consumers, said he does not use cosmetics. But speaking on behalf of millions of cosmetics users, he said they had a message for the industry: “We trusted you and you betrayed us.

Brands that wish to avoid likely government regulation should voluntarily do without PFAS, Blumenthal said. “Conscious and angry consumers are the most effective advocates for change.”

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The 24 best summer beauty products for 2021

I’m an August Lion, so I would describe summer as the peak of my whole year. The long days, the longer nights, the stifling heat; if a season truly embodies the vibrant, exaggerated spirit of a Leo, it is summer. Considering all of this, I have to be honest with you – summer is tough on your hair… and your skin… and your face. It’s a season that deserves its own arsenal of products to help you cope with the intense heat and sweltering humidity; powerful moisturizers, full coverage foundations, and thick body creams should be replaced with light gel lotions, skin tones, and SPF body mists. But where to start ? Don’t worry we have what you need to create a summer survival kit with all the essential skincare, hair care and makeup essentials. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty products that will get you through the season.

What should you change in your skincare routine for the summer?

When it comes to your summer moisturizer, you want to replace your rich creams with a lighter water-based formulation. Look for products that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid Where glycerine; because they are both humectants, they help bring water back to your skin (this is very helpful if you are dealing with dryness).

For acne-prone skin, a moisturizer with exfoliating ingredients, like salicylic acid, should be added to your skin care arsenal; they will help you keep pimples away, while controlling your oil production. Be careful not to load your skincare line with too many exfoliators, this can cause your skin to produce even more sebum.

If your skin type falls squarely into the “dry” category, consider a slight face oil. The right formula won’t leave you looking greasy, I promise. Plus, when you layer an oil on top of a cream, it locks in moisture to prevent water loss, a major benefit for dry skin.

How do you fade dark spots and prevent new ones?

The best routine for fading black dots is targeted with products that work well together. Before introducing a product into your routine, 1) ask yourself if you really need or if you already have a product in your range that does the same; and 2) check the ingredient list to make sure you don’t get anything too intense on your skin. If you don’t come in with a clear plan, you run the risk of making your skin worse, causing inflammation and irritation.

Typically, you want to include a chemical exfoliant, serum, retinoid, and, of course, sunscreen in your routine to fade and prevent dark spots.

Chemical exfoliators with a mixture of mild acids (think: glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids) tend to be less aggressive than physical exfoliators, like a facial scrub. Liquid exfoliators work to break down dead skin cells on your face, removing dark spots and smoothing skin texture over time.

The serums are filled with a high percentage of active ingredients that allow you to target specific skin care concerns. To even out your skin tone, look for a formula with kojic acid, niacinamide or vitamin C that best meets your specific needs. Kojic acid interferes with the production of melanin in your skin, so it prevents new dark spots from coming to the surface; niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, balances oil production, which helps stop rashes; and vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects your skin from environmental stressors that cause inflammation.

Retinoids stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover for smoother, more even skin. Start slowly: apply it two to three times a week for about a month, see how your skin reacts to the product, then increase your frequency from there.

FPS is a must all year round, but you need to be more diligent with your request during the summer, above all when you use chemical exfoliators or retinol; When overexposed to UVA / UVB rays, these types of products make your skin more susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and could make your dark spots worse.

How to minimize flyaways during the summer?

If your hair type is somewhere between “super thick” and “extra fine”, a moisturizer can help. keep your hair smooth and defined in the heat, says Renato Campora, artistic director of Fekkai. You can also use a texturizing spray to build volume and help your hair stay in place, Campora explains. “Build it into the roots and through the hair section by section, using a brush or your hands to create texture,” he says.

Need more control? Achieve hydration Styling gel; it will provide maximum hold and definition without drying out your hair, says Renee Gadar, Aveda’s global artistic director for textured hair. A leave-in conditioner is also essential, whatever your hair type; it will help retain moisture, keeping your hair smooth and hydrated when it is hot and humid outside.

What are the best light makeup products for the summer?

When it comes to summer makeup, I recommend going as light as possible; something too heavy and you increase the chances of your makeup getting mushy and slipping off your face. Instead, opt for buildable tinted moisturizers, gel cream blushes that will not move, and a comfortable lip oil, dyed or shiny to complete your look. Once you step out in the sun, they’ll give you a naturally rosy glow.

What body products should I use?

I have long advocated treating the skin under your neck as well as your face, so I have a fairly comprehensive body care routine. But when it comes to the basics of the body that will get you through the summer season, I suggest that you regularly use a physical or chemical exfoliant to keep ingrown hairs away and smooth out KP bumps; a moisturizer for the body that penetrates quickly; a body oil that traps moisture; and a body SPF that protects your exfoliated legs from sun damage.

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Compostable Beauty Products – Organic Plastic Free Skin Care

Nordman, United States, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Beauty Reverence, an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of organic beauty products, has announced the launch of an environmentally friendly range.

More information can be found at

The latest announcement aims to help consumers make better purchases that can protect plants, wildlife, oceans and the environment in general.

Beauty Reverence sells individual travel-size take-out containers, which allow shoppers to have beauty essentials on the go without having to carry all of their various full-size beauty products. All products offered are organic and packaged in fully compostable and biodegradable containers. The company aims to sell items that are good for the skin and the environment. With the new take-out ship, Beauty Reverence plans to reduce the use of non-organic products and their packaging.

Traditional beauty items are often non-biodegradable, leading to millions of tons of waste in landfills around the world. This is especially true of plastic, which takes thousands of years to decompose.

The launch of Beauty Reverence and its products precedes the launch of the store. The online store will offer many beauty products and promote more responsible consumption.

In addition to the launch of its products and its soon-to-be-live online store, Beauty Reverence has also released a resource guiding customers on why they should use organic products on their skin. The articles review the most common ingredients, while identifying those that are harmful.

The latest announcement is part of the company’s commitment to making organic and eco-friendly beauty products more accessible, without the need to carry each individual beauty product on the go. The initial product to be launched, named “The Weekender”, will include everything needed for a weekend getaway, or simply for a quick set during the week; morning refreshing cleanser, reusable cleansing wipe, hydrating moisturizer, liquid to powder foundation, blush, tinted lip balms and soothing evening moisturizer.

Beauty Reverence is based in northern Idaho. The company was founded in 2021 by Lynn Sebert. She was inspired by what she saw on a trip to northern Oregon, USA.

Commenting on the release of the products, she said, “I recently took a trip to the Oregon coast in the United States and the amount of plastic waste was daunting. I have come up with a concept that puts all your products in a small take-out container. Best of all, each item is fully organic and compostable.

Readers interested in learning more about Beauty Reverence’s “5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Organic Skin Care Products” can visit for more information.



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