Connecticut lawmakers to vote on SEBAC contract for state workers

HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – Connecticut lawmakers are voting on a big deal for state workers.

The SEBAC Trade Union Contract is a contract for 46,000 State employees. This contract provides for an initial salary increase of 2.5%. Thereafter, salaries will benefit from a 5.9% increase over four years based on merit adjustments.

The Speaker of the House says that if lawmakers reject this contract, it will go to arbitration.

Democrats say the economy is a factor. The state is losing a lot of its workforce to things like retirement and better paying jobs in the private sector.

Republicans like Rep. Holly Cheeseman say she doesn’t like the contract. She says the raises in the private sector aren’t as good as the ones offered in this contract. Cheeseman says she has a problem with bonuses.

“If you retire, you still keep the bonuses. This invoice will be added to your base salary for pension payments. When you look at the cost of that per year, there are 46,000 state employees, that’s $407 million per year,” says Cheeseman.

SEUI is another union pushing for personal care workers to get raises, health care and time off.

Personal care workers are people who care for people with physical and developmental disabilities.

Andrea Mitchell, personal care worker, says these added benefits will have a huge impact on the personal care industry.

“This benefit is going to change our lives for the better,” says Mitchell.

The SEBAC contract will be voted on tomorrow. If passed, it will then go to the Senate on Friday.

Lawmakers vote on state labor contract

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