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Whether it’s a scoop of collagen in your morning coffee for younger-looking skin or a biotin capsule for thicker, shinier hair, there’s no shortage of ingestible beauty products. Ahead of our Home Beauty webinar, we sat down with our esteemed panel to hear what excites them most, what benefits consumers are looking for, and what predictions they have for the category.

Beauty developmentsbrought to you be science

“I think ingredient suppliers and brands are paying more attention to market demand for effective supplements to target skin/hair health and appearance. The category is benefiting from increased demand for wellness products given their relationship with beauty,” said Giorgio Dell’Aqcua, president of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists. “I am thrilled to see that beauty from within is evolving from simple formulations of vitamins, minerals, collagen, etc. to more complex and sophisticated formulations containing plant phytochemicals inspired by traditional medicine and with validated clinical data.”

Paula Simpson, innovation, product development and branding consultant at Nutribloom Consulting, noted that advancing nutritional research focused on aesthetics, plant-derived ingredients and nutraceuticals in understanding their ” mechanism of action” and their physiological benefits helps the industry to formulate better and effective products. nutricosmetics.

“Today’s products are more multi-functional or ‘holistic’ compared to formulations 5-10 years ago. For example, today’s products may include ingredients that indirectly influence skin or hair health, supporting systemic or targeted aesthetic conditions (i.e. gut health, cardio-tonic, mental health or support for detoxification)”,explained Simpson.

The gut-skin axis

Sudipta Veeramachaneni, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of GNC, said she was very excited about some promising areas of scientific research, including ingredients that benefit the skin via the gut microbiome and ingredients that fight the negative effects of ‘environment.

“The microbiome: This area of ​​research is fascinating as scientists discover just how much the gut microbiome plays a role in the appearance of our skin. We are seeing more and more clinical studies evaluating gut-modifying ingredients , such as probiotics, and their effect on the skin. And the science doesn’t stop at the gut, there’s a whole microbiome that lives on the surface of our skin. This type of research is helping companies like GNC to develop products or services that target microorganisms for inner and outer beauty.

“Environment: I’ve also seen more research published recently on ingredients that impact the effects of the environment on the skin (such as blue light from electronics, air pollution or UV rays from the sun.) For example, there is data on antioxidant ingredients showing that ingesting a supplement has the potential to protect skin from sunburn (think of it as “nature’s sunscreen”). from the inside”). I’m interested to see if this appeals to consumers as much as we see discussed in research,”noted Veeramachaneni.

Ravyn Cullor, editor, CosmeticsDesign-USA,​ also keeps an eye on the gut-skin axis. She said she’s seen microbiome-focused functional food supplements that work primarily in other categories (i.e. Poppi’s prebiotic soda) making skincare claims.

“The microbiome is becoming a more common statement for all beauty products and ingestible beauty products have definitely jumped on this trend. You also see many brands marketing their ingestible beauty products as a post-pandemic lifestyle product and as an anti-aging item,”observes Cullor.

What consumers want

Simpson said the benefits consumers seek are simple: feeling good with supportive aesthetic benefits. The panel agrees that consumers are more than ever interested in a more ‘holistic’ approach, with internal and external well-being factored into their daily beauty routine.

“Many of these brands believe the pandemic has adjusted how consumers think about beauty more broadly, including unmanageable beauty,”said Cullor.

Veeramachaneni said that while consumers continue to seek the traditional beauty benefits of hair, skin and nails, they are also beginning to better understand how overall health influences how they look and feel.

“That means seeking holistic wellness solutions, including restful sleep, balancing hormones and controlling gut health,” she added. “We are also seeing products with multiple benefits in addition to beauty (like beauty plus sleep, beauty plus digestion, beauty plus stress support) as well as products with more targeted benefits (like postpartum hair).”

Dell’Aqcua warned that brands had better be ready – consumers are eager for the promises on the bottle to be visible in the mirror.

“Consumers expect to see real changes in their appearance. These effects could be better skin texture, stronger hair, healthier overall appearance. Moreover, they would like to see the benefits as soon as possible.

What to expect

From predicting trends to deciphering the scientific research that informs innovation, the panel will draw on their vast experience to discuss a variety of pieces of the unmanageable beauty puzzle, including:

  • How aesthetic-focused nutrition research is progressing
  • The proliferation of microbiome-focused supplements for the skin
  • The challenges faced when designing products and how GNC navigates them
  • The key to creating successful ingredients and products
  • Why consumers think of beauty in a much broader way, which has led to the expansion of the beauty category from within across all ages, genders and demographics
  • Our panel will delve into the trends they see coming at trade shows and in research papers

please join us

NutraIngredients-USA and Cosmetics Design will jointly present this webinar focused on the beauty from within category. The free virtual event kicks off this Thursday, July 21 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern / 8:00 a.m. Pacific.

To register for this event, please click here​ and be sure to submit your “burning question” for one of our panelists to answer during the broadcast.

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