Dead By Daylight Hooked On You Cosmetic Collection – All Cosmetics & Prices

Dead by Daylight is launching a line of cosmetics themed around Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator. Here are all of these cosmetics and how much they will cost.

Posted on September 16, 2022

Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator released this summer, offering a fun, tropical spin on the terrifying characters of Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight brings a taste of that tropical vacation to the main game with the upcoming Dead by Daylight Hooked on You cosmetics collection, featuring three unique cosmetics for quirky characters.

Here are all the cosmetics in the Dead by Daylight Hooked on You cosmetics collection, both for survivors and killers.

Dead By Daylight Hooked On You Cosmetics Collection – All Cosmetics

The Dead by Daylight Hooked On You cosmetic collection, released earlier this month, introduces three new very rare costumes to the game.

Two of these cosmetics are for survivors, with only one killer cosmetic.

  • The Trickster – Paradise Beatdown
  • Claudette Morel – Island outfit
  • Dwight Fairfield – Sun-Dappled Set

Each of these cosmetics is currently available in the in-game store for 1080 Auric Cells, but will be available for purchase for an unannounced Iridescent Shard price in four weeks.

Trickster dead by daylight
The Trickster will receive an outfit with a purple coat. (Photo: Interactive behavior)
Claudette dead by daylight
Claudette’s Island outfit dresses her up in a tropical outfit. (Photo: Interactive behavior)

dwight fairgrounds
Dwight and Claudette’s outfits have many similarities, just like in Hooked on You. (Photo: Interactive behavior)

Each character gets an outfit identical to the one they wear in Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simulator, so fans of the silly game will love this Dead by Daylight cosmetic version.

Interestingly, The Trickster was chosen to receive his Hooked on You outfit, as he’s not a date character in Hooked On You – although he does make appearances. The Huntress, The Trapper, The Spirit, and The Wraith are all datable characters in Hooked On You, but did not receive Hooked On You cosmetics in Dead by Daylight.

And these are all the cosmetics that are included in the Dead by Daylight Hooked On You collection, as well as how they look and cost.

And that’s all. For more Dead by Daylight news, guides, leaks, tips and tricks, be sure to check out our dedicated category.

Image courtesy of Behavior Interactive.

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