Want to amplify the intensity of your shadow? All you have to do is spread another layer of the cosmetic emulsion. The creamy consistency blends with little effort, so you can build up the pigments for maximum opacity without flaking. I often add yellows, pinks, and blues to different parts of my lids for a rainbow sherbet vibe, and the hues don’t blend when I polish them with my fingertips.

If you’d rather keep your fingers free of paint, I love to apply the cosmetic emulsion to my lids with a flat eyeshadow brush, like the Best of Beauty award winner. Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Eyes # 2. The color gain is truly breathtaking with this application technique. White aka # 0004, in particular, is the less streaky white cream shade on the market if you ask me.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Makeup Artistry Eyes # 2 Brush

Although Depixylm cosmetic emulsion won the Best Cream Eye Shadow category, it excels in others like cream blush and eyeliner. Obviously you can use any color for your typical black liner for technicolor fenders. Or if I happen to work with a pink, red or orange cosmetic emulsion, I’ll take any excess pigment I have left on my finger (or brush) and apply it to my cheeks for a blush. coordinated cheeks. The pigment surprisingly blends into the skin without amplifying its texture, likely because it has a decadent, thick, buttercream-like consistency.

Shade # 0982 is excellent for asymmetric graphic linings

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