Destiny 2 should give more love to its cosmetics

As a loot shooter, one of the defining characteristics of Destiny 2 is his loot system. Over the years, the game has expanded the different types of gear that players can get with a variety of weapons and armor. From cosmetics on weapons to ships to sparrow mounts, players were able to find various flashy items. While exotic weapons are an easy example to cite for items in Destiny 2 that gamers are looking for, the shaders have also given the community some customization options.

Weapon and armor shaders in Destiny 2 allows players to customize their characters, weapons, ships and sparrows according to the aesthetic desired by fans. However, this feature has been mentioned many times in the community around Destiny 2 because of some of his problems. While Bungie recently addressed some fan concerns regarding the synthesis of armor in Destiny 2, there are still some aspects of cosmetics that could be improved.

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Improving Destiny 2 shaders

A Destiny 2 player suggests adding old shaders to Xur's loot pool.

To improve the player experience and the quality of life in Destiny 2, when it comes to cosmetics, some fans have already started discussing ideas. As a live service game, Destiny 2 has browsed quite a bit of content since its release, and as a result, there are a lot of items that new and old players may have missed and can no longer obtain. Things like Gambit’s Jadestone Shader and Raid Shaders can be highly coveted by fans. However, because some of these activities have been vaulted or completed, their cosmetic items can no longer be obtained for those who had not already received them.

A simple solution that players have found is to add these items to Xur’s loot pool. The mysterious Jovian vendor recently had an overhaul of the items he supplies, expanding his inventory beyond traditional exotic items, engrams, and crypto quests. Expanding its inventory to include the old shaders would make sense and allow players to get any legacy cosmetic items they want.

There may be player concerns for things like raiding shaders and other activities, but there is a balanced solution. For general cosmetic items, like those that simply fell at random or may have been part of a questline, they could be added to the Monument to the Lost Lights. The vendor is already stocking exotic weapons like Leviathan’s Breath and pinnacle weapons that players can no longer obtain, and the addition of old cosmetics and collectibles seems like a pretty clear step forward.

There are certain items like shaders, sparrows, ghosts, or ships that have been rewarded for extremely difficult activities which should however be omitted from this pool. Items like the Cottontail Ghost case, which is actually still available in Destiny 2, should not be available in a vendor pool or in the Monument to Lost Lights. The sheer difficulty of doing something like a solo run of a certain activity should always carry weight, and the rewards offered shouldn’t be made easy to obtain now that they’re gone.

Nonetheless, general items could easily be added to the monument to the lost lights. To keep in tune with other raid gear, returning raid cosmetics could also cost Conquest loot, similar to weapons like Anarchy. This would provide a balanced way for these cosmetic items to be obtainable by players who don’t look like they’re just being handed out when others had to grind for them.

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Destiny 1 Shaders

Fate's Glow Cap Rise 2

Similar to some of the coveted shaders that Destiny 2 players got a lot of high quality shaders that were released in the first one destiny Game. The recent addition of the Vault of Glass raid to Destiny 2, which was the first raid launched in destiny, also had classic weapon retaliation and a reinterpretation of the Chatterwhite shader with Bitterpearl. Chatterwhite was iconic for its color scheme being a solid white. It was odd in the face of the uncertain history of the Glass Vault and it seemed fitting, but the reintroduction into Destiny 2 was comparatively lacking.

While many gamers have noticed that Gambit Chrome essentially fills the void left by the Bitterpearl shader which is not loyal to Chatterwhite, that cannot be said for the other iconic shaders of the first. destiny Game. Shaders like Glowhoo, Queen’s Web and Weldfire all deserve to be brought back to the destiny franchise in their truest forms. These were cool cosmetic rewards that provided incredible visual palettes for player guardians.

While Destiny 2 showcased their own cool shaders, it struggles to provide shiny ones like Glowhoo, Queen’s Web and Weldfire or the ability to pose on solid colors like Superblack did in the first destiny. See a lot, if not all of those past shaders ushered in Destiny 2 would be great. While the game is a solid improvement over its predecessor and has been able to evolve, especially with the incredible tales of Season of the Splicer and Season of the Lost, it could still borrow from the original. destiny.

Shaders on exotic weapons in Destiny 2

fate 2 Ager's Scepter reddit super charge strategy bungie

A cosmetic feature that gives the impression of being both destiny games should now have allowed the application of exotic weapon shaders. While weapon and armor adornments were introduced in Exotics in Destiny 2, they still don’t provide much when it comes to personalization. Oddly enough, exotic armor and adornments allow players to apply shaders, but exotic weapons and adornments do not.

This in itself can be frustrating. While not being able to shader Exotics can already be a bummer for fans, being able to shader Exotic armor and not Exotic weapons is almost worse. This is not to say that the adornments provided are not exciting. Exotic ornaments often surprise players and add a special wow factor, but being able to customize weapons like Ager’s scepter would be that much more special.

Since these weapons can last a while and only have a limited number of weapon adornments released, and creating new ones takes time and developer work, shaders seem to be the way to go. . Being able to customize exotic weapons with shaders would be a great alternative, but it’s not an option. Hopefully in the future this will be fixed and maybe Witch Queen fans can see improvements in the way cosmetics are handled in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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