Did you know that snail mucus is harvested to make beauty products? Incredible video shows how [WATCH]

Many beauty product users around the world have a habit of regularly checking the contents of the cream and other products they apply to their face.

Labels are verified by users who want to know exactly what goes into things that are applied to their skin. A quick check can also alert them to ingredients they are allergic to.

However, there are also many people who try to remain blissfully unaware of a product’s contents or ignore reading labels for them to avoid something scary.

We tell them to read what’s in the box because you might be applying snail mucus to your body and not even know it.

Snail slime is a kind of mucus produced by snails, which are gastropod molluscs. A snail releases different types of mucus depending on how it is stimulated. When the stimulation is normal, the slime is viscous (sticky) but if the snail is disturbed continuously or even violently, it releases clear foamy secretions. If the snail is sexually aroused, the slime it releases is clear and viscous (sticky).

According to a Business Insider report, snail slime or mucus is put into a wide variety of beauty products. Its presence is even marketed to achieve better sales.

“Snail slime is used in skincare products around the world. Advocates often claim it can improve wrinkles and texture. But how does it get from the snail to the shelves?” website questions.

And here is their response:

But is snail mucus good for our skin?

WebMD states, “Some researchers believe snail mucus shows promise for moisturizing skin, improving fine lines, and helping wounds and scrapes heal faster. Others say more research is needed.”

The website adds that one should consult a dermatologist before deciding to use any product containing snail mucus.

The International Institute of Heliciculture is located in Cherasco, Italy, and has a huge snail farm that is developing its own procedure for extracting slime from sails. Interestingly, they use a machine that extracts snail slime without killing them.

The snails are first cleaned with water to ensure that dirt or impurities are not mixed into their slime. After that, they are sprayed with an acidic solution which farmers say is safe. Reports indicate that approximately 118 ounces of mud are extracted in one hour of snail spa.

Despite the claims about safety, many expressed concerns about animal cruelty after watching the video.

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