Discover the must-have lip gloss for chapped lips season

In the world of beauty, there is nothing better than a product that merges makeup and skincare. If you’re looking for something to keep chapped lips at bay during the colder months, this new lip gloss from rising makeup brand LeyMorriso Cosmetics deserves to be on your radar. No matter its mouthful of name – the brand’s She’s Got A GLOSSITUDE lip gloss pampers your pout while adding a juicy pop of color, which is why it deserves a spot in your makeup bag. To learn more about the hot new product, keep reading.

Fast facts

  • Price: $16
  • Available in 10 shades
  • Ideal for : dry and chapped lips
  • cruelty free

Shirley Mbang, CEO and Founder of Ley Morriso Cosmetics, developed dyshidrotic eczema during her first years of life in Montana, after immigrating from Nigeria (Mbang later discovered that her dyshidrotic eczema stemmed from her seasonal allergies). Although she was able to soothe her hands and feet with skincare products, Mbang saw that her lips remained chapped to the point of relentlessly aching from countless balms, lip treatments and oils – even the shea butter didn’t help. After countless efforts to soothe her chapped lips with products already on the market, Mbang decided to take matters into her own hands and worked with a cosmetic chemist to formulate lip care in the form of a lip gloss. . Thus, She’s Got A GLOSSITUDE was born.

The science behind lip gloss

She’s Got A GLOSSITUDE contains 50% gloss ingredients and 50% skincare ingredients, resulting in a lip treatment/lip gloss hybrid formula. This gives the reflective shine most people want in their lip glosses, while the ingredients you’re likely to find in your face creams work to nourish and revitalize dry lips. The first is coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an antioxidant enzyme that can help smooth the skin and protect it from free radical damage. Plus, this formula also contains Sepilift DPHP™ to promote firmer, fuller lips and provide other antioxidant benefits.

Plus, hyaluronic acid draws in moisture to not only hydrate lips, but also plump them up. To lock in that moisture, ceramides create a protective barrier on the lips, which is needed to help them retain moisture since our lips don’t hydrate on their own. (Our lips don’t create sebum the same way the rest of our skin does, so they’re more prone to transepidermal water loss.) Although jojoba oil and shea butter are marketed as medium in this formula, they provide more moisturizing benefits to minimize trans-epidermal water loss.

Chapped lips can be painful, so the lip gloss contains bisabolol, an oil derived from the chamomile plant that helps skin heal with its anti-inflammatory properties. See? This lip gloss is truly like skincare for your lips.

final verdict

Considering that most lip glosses don’t offer skincare benefits, She’s Got A GLOSSITUDE is a great choice for people with dry, chapped lips who don’t want to give up their lipstick. usual. The 10 shades, from bright red to barely-there light, offer something for everyone, and the $16 price tag seems very reasonable, especially considering all the high-quality ingredients in the formula. Plus, as always, it’s a great idea to support a black-owned small business.

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