Boys with beards, listen here! Guys with goatees, listen to me! Men with mustaches, well I have to ask you: would you believe there is an all-in-one grooming tool that can shave, cut, and to cut your facial hair?

Forget about using multiple tools! Philips Norelco OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid personal care product that can cut, shave and create crisp lines and edges on any length of hair. In a shaving showdown, traditional razors like those from Dollar Shave Club and other subscription services really can’t compare to this all-in-one product. But we’ll give it a try just in case you aren’t convinced yet.

Confront And Body

Not only does the Philips Norelco OneBlade work great on your face, it’s also designed for body grooming, so you can use it in areas that regular razors don’t dare to go. Unlike Dollar Shave Club razors, it comes with three protectors in 1, 3 and 5mm to protect sensitive points.

In his article “The best razors, according to barbers”, The strategist calls Philips Norelco OneBlade the “best electric cartridge hybrid shaver”. GQ says the multitasking “the razor trimmer can handle just about any hair taming job you give it.” No Dollar Shave Club razor can say that!


Cut the thatch

Do you like to leave hair on your face? Philips Norelco OneBlade’s three guards allow you to choose your preferred stubble length. Dollar Shave Club razors have a built-in trimmer for details, but they don’t come with combs, so you can select 5 o’clock, a tight cut, or a long beard.

Close-up of the Philips Norelco OneBlade double-sided shaver

Razor blade

Dollar Shave Club razors have a cutting blade on the back of the razor for sideburns and under the nose. Philips Norelco OneBlade has a double-sided blade so you can see all the hair you cut. Both create crisp lines and precise edges, easily shaving and cutting the contours of your face. However, Philips’ double-sided blade allows you to shave in any direction for perfect lines in seconds.

No shaving problem

Dollar Shave Club may say that their products won’t cut or nick you, but with Philips Norelco OneBlade, cutting you is next to impossible. It avoids drawing blood by not shaving as close as a regular blade. However, the OneBlade makes your skin just as smooth by going against the grain to easily shave any length of hair. This hybrid styler is perfect for sensitive skin. Say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs!

A name you can trust

With a name like Norelco, you know you shave well. Philips has been in the electric shaver game since 1939. With over 80 years of experience, Philips probably knows one or two more than new kids about the shaving block.

But don’t take our word for it. All you have to do is compare the 2.5 stars reviewers have given the metal handle with rubber grip from the Dollar Shave Club 6-Blade Starter Kit to the 4.4 out of 5 stars from Philips Norelco. OneBlade.


Wet or dry

Unlike Dollar Shave Club razors which require foam, the OneBlade can be used with or without water. You can even use it in the shower! And unlike most electric razors, you can use shaving foam with it. It is also easy to clean.



The Dollar Shave Club membership is quite affordable, but the OneBlade is much better value. Currently, the 6-blade starter kit, which includes two six-blade razor cartridges and a metal handle, costs $ 10, and a four-pack refill will cost you about the same.

Philips Norelco is a bit more of an upfront investment, but a much better deal overall. The OneBlade Starter Kit currently costs $ 27.99 when you sign up for a replacement cartridge subscription. For $ 19.99, you’ll get a pack of two replacement blades every 8 months. I’m no mathematician, but for the same small price of $ 10, two razors that last 8 months sound better than four razors that last a month. Would you rather pay $ 80 for razors for eight months or $ 20?

Flexible subscription

Dollar Shave Club and OneBlade offer free shipping and you can cancel your razor subscription at any time. Both allow members to change their delivery frequency or ship date and cancel an upcoming order for replacement blades.

OneBlade – A Cut Above

The Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid shaver is better than the Dollar Shave Club. Not only can the OneBlade cut or shave your facial body, its double-sided blade won’t cut or nick you. In addition, it can be used wet or dry. It’s a better deal than Dollar Shave Club overall, and the blade replacement subscription is flexible.

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