Five makeup artists on the beauty products they rely on the most

“There’s a reason almost every makeup artist you meet will be lyrical about it…”

Having grown up with acne-prone skin, my first foray into the world of beauty was marred by a feeling of awkwardness and a supermarket foundation. I felt compelled to hide the pimples and redness, desperate to hide the very natural fact that I was a teenager going through puberty.

However, as I get older and feel better about myself, I see makeup as a tool to creativity, self-expression and rebellion rather than seeing it as a way to cover up (mind the pun) parts of myself that I didn’t think were good enough. Now I find excitement in trying a new highlighter and satisfaction in finally nailing a winged eye.

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Yet there are so many products on the market that it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad. Very few of us have the financial wherewithal to try and test a range of beauty products to find out which is the best value for money or to see which products will go through an evening flawlessly.

In order to find out what’s rated highest among industry experts, I enlisted the help of five Australian-based makeup artists to see which beauty products they rely on the most.

Rob Povey

My longtime staple kit (and personal holy grail) is Mac Cosmetics Studio Radiance Face & Body Glow Foundation. It has been my favorite complexion perfector throughout my fifteen-year career. Plus, as someone who wore a daily beat for most of my twenties — and now (ironically) hates the way makeup feels on my own skin — this is the only foundation I still love. appearance about myself.

Think of it like a tinted moisturizer that works overtime! Its fine and watery consistency allows it to melt into the skin like a dream for a skin-plus effect just enough for a “no makeup” makeup enthusiast like me. But for those who want a bit more coverage, it works amazingly as a base for concealer, helping it blend in beautifully. There’s a reason almost every makeup artist you meet will be lyrical about it…


Kim K Pham

There are so many products I can’t live without in my kit, but if I had to narrow it down to two products, it would be the Tatcha serum stick and Mac cosmetics Studio Fix’s Correct and Hide palettes. The Tatcha Serum Stick is my most requested product. Drawn from the high points of the cheek, it gives a glass skin effect in the right areas. No more sweaty disco ball faces.

I also like to use it under the eyes because it acts as a moisturizing yet thin eye cream that prevents creases. Mac Concealers are the creamiest formula on the market with just the right amount of pigment to diffuse, conceal and smooth skin. It works best with fingers (tap tap tap) or you can use a sponge to help it soak into the skin.


Meg McConville aka Moochi

Cheek creams are my favorite. They melt into the skin and feel much nicer than most powders. Westmann workshop Peach skin is my everyday product. It’s a highlighter but it has a peachy tone so I use it as a combination highlighter and blush. The versatility makes it a super quick way to do my foundation and I love that it leaves my skin shiny but not glittery. For all my cream products I use a dense stippling brush, I find them the easiest way to blend the product and not leave the skin uneven.

I also like a graphic liner. My favorite way to do them is with Danessa Myricks Color Fixing Liquid Pigment and Suva Liner brush – this duo makes them so much easier. Danessa pigments are available in a huge range of colors to make your liner look more interesting and if you can’t find the brush, a super fine brush works great.


Kat Bardsley

One of my favorite products to use on clients is also one of my favorite products for personal use. I like a multi-purpose product and the Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Face Color Blush and Bronze Range, is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves a fresh look that’s easy to achieve. Available in ten blush and five bronze shades, I found the most versatile shade to be Sunkissed (from the Bronze range).

Suitable for most skin tones, this deep terracotta shade is perfect for warming up your complexion, alone or over your foundation. With its creamy texture, it is easy to apply and blend. It can be used as a contour, bronzer, blush, on the lids as a color wash and even as a lipstick. This product is also cruelty-free and vegan, which is an added bonus for such a versatile product.


Isabelle Schmid

It’s really hard to choose one or two makeup or skincare products that I rely on every time I do someone’s makeup. I tend to tailor each skincare step to their needs, but saying the one thing I will always do is exfoliate the skin before applying any makeup. This step helps give me a clean, even base so whatever I use next feels better on the skin. My favorite is Emma Lewisham Illuminating Exfoliator or the BHA Liquid Exfoliator by Paula’s Choice. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse and remove any dirt or makeup from the skin and use a damp washcloth to remove all of the product.

Concealer [is one] makeup product that I couldn’t live without. I love Laura Mercier Secret camouflage because it has two colors (yellow tone and orange tone) to conceal any part of the face. I use the orange tone under the eyes and the yellow tone to remove any redness from the skin. Sometimes that’s all I would use rather than applying an all-over foundation.

I [also] can’t live without Living Libations Blushing Balms. They are an amazing all natural organic lip and cheek balm. They smell amazing and contain warming botanicals to give the skin a natural glow. I get all my natural and organic products from Begenki.


This article was originally published on July 12, 2022.

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