Medicare Advantage plans transfer more benefits home in 2022. Primary home care, transportation, meals and home support are just some of the new benefits offered by private insurers to keep seniors away from the elderly. traditional Medigap plans.

“2022 is perhaps the first year that the plans (MA) have really been able to reflect on what really makes sense for their members and for their particular position in the market,” said Tyler Overstreet Cromer, director of the ATI Advisory Health and Aging Services Consultant. McKnight’s Daily Home Care. “I think what we are seeing is some maturation of the market and some interesting and impactful benefits for members.”

Enrollment in MA plans has gained momentum since 2019, when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expanded what could be offered as a health care benefit and gave MA plans greater flexibility in their offers. As a result, 42% of Medicare beneficiaries were covered by MAID plans in 2021, according to ATI Advisory.

With registration open for MA plans from October 15 through December 7, private insurers recently began marketing next year’s menu of options to eligible seniors.

Cigna expands to three more states in 2022, giving it access to Medicare beneficiaries in nearly half of all US states. Some of Cigna’s latest offerings include a social connection program that gives beneficiaries access to a partner to help them with activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, transportation, housework and company. .

Clover Health, which offers master’s programs in 11 states, is introducing primary home care for older people with complex health conditions and transportation services for elective medical services. Clover members will be able to plan trips to see medical providers through an app.

Amerigroup, a division of Anthem, dives even deeper into the house. The Seattle-based MA Company provides 60 hours per year of in-home assistance services that include light housekeeping, shopping, tech support, and the company. Amerigroup members will also have access to a caregiver to assist with activities of daily living for up to 124 hours per year. In addition, members can also get an allowance of $ 500 for assistive devices, such as toilet seats, shower stools, and reaching devices.

The Biden administration has proposed expanding Medicare benefits to include vision, dental and hearing aids. Cromer hypothesized that this could have influenced private insurers to expand their MA offerings for next year as well. But she thinks that more likely companies were simply responding to consumer demand.

“The reason everyone is thinking of more home care services is that so many people want to age in place and the pandemic has brought to light that so many people want to be home anyway,” said Cromer.

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