Glowing up: Using Instagram to Reach Passionate Beauty Shoppers


Instagram is the place where beauty conversations take place – and where brands can connect and engage with the APAC community of ‘self-sufficient beauty shoppers’, 85% of whom have purchased beauty products they own. discovered on Instagram. Find out how your brand can use Instagram to reach this community, drive discovery, and increase conversions.

From hours spent in the aisles of beauty stores discovering, learning and purchasing products not only online, but also on mobile and through social commerce, beauty shoppers in Asia have been browsing a long way in a short time.

Although this shift began before the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), consumer expectations and needs have evolved further following the lockdowns, notably influencing discovery and path to purchase.

With these changes in consumer behavior, it’s important for brands not only to understand where people are now shopping online, but also how to best engage them in the marketing funnel – and that’s with Instagram.

Use Instagram to connect with community, creativity and culture

A visual social media platform, Instagram gives brands an array of creative ways to express their stories and market their products by connecting with the billions of enthusiasts who use Instagram – 71% of whom believe Instagram helps them connect. significantly with both brands. and content creators.

In addition, 68% of people agree that the content they see on Instagram is trending, which attracts Gen Z and Millennials to the app and gives credibility to the brands they discover in the stories and their flow.

A particularly engaged community on Instagram is that of beauty shoppers in Asia Pacific – a group of over 500 million people – who massively use Instagram to discover and interact with new brands.

  • 83% of beauty buyers in APAC use Instagram at least once a month
  • 52% of beauty product buyers prefer discovery via social media
  • 73% of Gen Z & Millennial Beauty Shoppers in Asia Pacific Discover and Discover Brands on Instagram

Reach the empowered beauty buyer

This community of skin care, makeup and personal care enthusiasts not only use Instagram to discover products, but also to have in-depth beauty conversations, both with brands and trusted content creators.

  • The +180 index of most skin-care conversations for 18-34 year olds in Japan occurs on Instagram
  • +140 index of the most affinity conversations for cosmetics for 18-34 year olds in Japan occur on Instagram

To reach the beauty community most effectively, it’s important to understand how their shopping needs are changing and how they enjoy interacting with brands on Instagram – through discovery, interactive engagement, voices. authentic, informative content and purchase on their own terms.

Proactive discovery

Beauty buyers on Instagram are digitally savvy, have embraced the power of discovery on Instagram, and demand to be talked to rather than talking, which means engaging in a dialogue is much more important than just talking. present a catalog.

Additionally, Instagram users love to watch videos: 82% of people said they watch Instagram stories every week and 78% said they watch videos in their Instagram feed, which makes up the formats of Instagram feeds. ‘video ads a powerful way to connect with the beauty audience. This is especially true in APAC, where engaging with stories and following brands is a top business that continues to grow.

For example, dear Korean beauty brand, Klairs tested whether a mix of videos, including branded content, on Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories was more effective in driving sales than simple video ads in Instagram Feed, and learned that multiple video formats and locations on Instagram increases campaign performance. Chandana Sunder, who heads vertical marketing at Meta, APAC, says Instagram is the most-watched video destination for beauty according to IPSOS research across all markets.

  • 1.8 times higher return on ad spend
  • 45% reduction in cost per purchase
  • 41% increase in the number of people affected

Engaging interactivity

More than discovering new brands and products, the APAC beauty community actively wants to engage with the brand and interact with the content. Instagram Stories formats such as interactive polls and Q&A have helped brands achieve greater interactivity by giving them the ability to post creative quizzes, polls, and questions that users can interact with and answer. This gives buyers the opportunity to share their opinions and inspire co-creation with the brands they follow and love.

  • 57% of Instagram users prefer brand surveys and quizzes
  • 54% of Instagram users prefer Q&A sessions with brands

But posting a quiz or asking followers a question is just the first step – it’s also important for brands to engage in a dialogue with their Instagram followers by responding to the answers they submit and commenting on their posts or Stories. .

Some brands are also successful in engaging and interacting with Instagram followers through Instagram Live, a live streaming solution that allows brands to entertain and interact with shoppers in real time.

As a millennial woman in Japan put it, “I can participate in Instagram Lives, which makes me more enjoyable, so I find it a good form of entertainment.”

Authenticity is the key

An authentic voice is a must for the beauty community on Instagram. People search for brands and content creators not just because they’re entertaining, but because they feel like they can be trusted.

  • 64% of people in APAC think Instagram allows them to make meaningful connections with brands
  • 57% of people in APAC think it’s important for brands to post raw content

Brands can earn trust and prove their commitment to authenticity through branded content partnerships with well-known creators on Instagram. Clinique Australia recently hired local content creators to post honest reviews of a recently launched product and not only reached a wider audience but also got an 8.7x return on ad spend.

Self-designed purchasing path

With Instagram, brands are reaching people who are more likely to be interested in or buy their products. In a recent survey, 59% of people said they believe the brand content and products they see on Instagram are relevant to their interests.

Pradeep Ramarathnam, Regional Customer Partner at Meta, APAC, says this kind of personalization can aid the buying decision and, when paired with a seamless shopping experience, can help brands increase revenue. However, offering smooth shopping means giving buyers the flexibility to buy where they are most comfortable.

  • 85% of beauty shoppers in APAC bought beauty products they discovered on Instagram
  • 50% of respondents believe the ability to shop on Instagram improves their overall user experience

As e-commerce grows and evolves, shoppers have a variety of ways to make a purchase online, from buying directly from a company’s website, to visiting an app. market, buy through Instagram stores, or engage in social commerce through Instagram Live. Each person has their own preferences and providing transparent buying options through the marketing funnel helps people buy quickly, easily, and through their preferred channel.

Using the variety of Instagram tools and solutions, brands will be able to connect with the engaged and passionate APAC beauty community in a creative and authentic way that is discovery-oriented and inspires shoppers to make a purchase.


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