Good Medicine Beauty Lab launches a new limited edition cosmetic product

Rebel Rose Lip & Cheek – Cheeky Boom Boom is a new cosmetic from Good Medicine Beauty Lab. Good Medicine is a skincare company based in the Southern Utah desert specializing in handcrafted, all-natural products.

The Skincare brand has released a limited-time blush cosmetic product inspired by sunny, summer weather. Available while supplies last.

ST. GEORGE, UTAH, USA, Aug. 23, 2022 / — Utah-based skincare brand Good Medicine Beauty Lab has launched a new limited-edition product to celebrate summer.

Rebel Rose Lip & Cheek – Cheeky Boom Boom is Good Medicine’s new rosy blush balm that delivers a buildable glow on lips, cheeks or body. This product contains ingredients like local raw beeswax, avocado oil and mango butter. Created by the skincare enthusiasts at Good Medicine, this cosmetic not only focuses on aesthetics, but on skin health.

“The micas we use are ethically sourced and one of the most important ingredients because they are what give balms color,” said Whitney Raymond, co-owner of Good Medicine. “We don’t use fillers, and each ingredient included is intended to keep your skin cells healthy, promote healthy new skin cells, stimulate collagen production, protect, smooth and hydrate skin. skin.”

Raymond and co-owner Karen Hudson came up with the idea for Rebel Rose Lip & Cheek because they wanted to create a skin-nourishing lip and cheek product. It is made by melting oils and butters together, adding pigments and understanding the components of the product to present it perfectly.

“We let the mixture cool to a certain temperature, so when we pour it carefully by hand, the balm builds up on itself in a specific way to create a slight dome.”

The product is rated 4.5 stars on the company’s website, with a review stating, “You can barely feel it and you can apply as much or as little as you want.” I like the dark pink color.

Rebel Rose Lip & Cheek is still available online while supplies last.

Raymond said she had fun with the idea of ​​the new product, and while there may be new colors on the horizon, Good Medicine has no plans to expand further into cosmetics. .

Good Medicine Beauty Lab is a Southern Utah-based skincare brand specializing in small-batch products made with all-natural ingredients and desert botanicals. The company is based on generations of skincare formulas passed down from Raymond’s grandmother. The company primarily offers skin-healing products that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and “beegan” (meaning beeswax and wild honey are the only animal-derived products used.)

All products are handmade in the USA by Raymond and Hudson with ingredients they hand-select from their environment or obtain ethically from trusted sources.

Learn more about Good Medicine’s limited-edition product and ingredients at

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