Grande Cosmetics was shocked to learn that a majority of the jobs lost in april 2020 were owned by women, now widely referred to as “She-cession”. Besides, Alicia Grande and his team discovered that only 1.6% of all charitable donations go to women and girls. With 5.4 million fewer women in the workforce than two years ago and less than 2% of charitable funding, the need to support women is at an all-time high. As a business run by women, Grande Cosmetics knew it was time to do its part to change that.

“The objective is twofold, explains Alicia Grande. “We not only want to help women restore their economic strength after the pandemic, but also regain their confidence to do whatever it takes to maintain their financial independence.”

From this holiday season, Grande Cosmetics is committed $ 200,000 non-profit Working for women, an organization committed to bringing about social change for women. From October 1stst, 2021, 4% of all revenue from sales of will be donated to Working for women until the goal is reached. The proceeds of all products purchased will now be reinvested in the world’s greatest resource… women. In addition to their financial commitment, Alicia Grande and its employees will participate in mentoring workshops with the nonprofit partners of Working for Women. These will focus on skills building tools that help women find their place and stay in the workforce.

Grande Cosmetics partners with Working for Women (W4W) as a non-profit partner, as W4W establishes targeted partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations working to help women achieve financial independence. With this partnership, Grande Cosmetics aims to ignite a flame that restores a subset of the economy ravaged by the pandemic – businesses built, led and led by women.

“We focus on women who are too often overlooked – those who need a lift just to enter and stay in the workforce. Our unique model is to inspire companies to help all women achieve economic independence and to have a business run by women like Grande. Cosmetics on board is a tremendous boost to meet the need, ”explained Beth bengtson, founder and CEO of W4W.

Grande Cosmetics motivates its staff and fans to join them in uplifting economically marginalized and under-served women in the workforce because when women support and empower other women, everyone wins.

To support and learn more about Grande Cosmetics x W4W, please visit

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