Guardian Angel claims sales increased 50% in 6 months with social commerce approach

Ange Gardien Paris is a beauty brand known for its range of perfumes and color cosmetics owned by the Singaporean company SCGE International.

The brand was launched in late 2019 and faced the daunting task of building the brand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand had to adapt to the changing terrain under its feet and rethink several aspects of the business, including how it sold its products.

“Since our launch, we have always been in passive mode, via e-commerce and Tangs [department store]… It was about running ads and waiting for customers to come – that’s about it,” said brand manager Claudia See.

She said CosmeticDesign-Asia​that conventional marketing approaches, such as influencer marketing, were no longer as effective.

“We’ve been driving traffic with influencers and stuff, but it’s not working anymore. People know the trick now.

The changing landscape has pushed the brand to capitalize on the growing popularity of social commerce, a rising and important force driving the development of e-commerce.

Social commerce is the process of using social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, to drive e-commerce sales.

Often, brands hire influencers or celebrities to talk about their products during a livestream, for example, giving them access to their loyal follower base.

Unlike a Facebook ad or an influencer’s Instagram post, these social sellers are motivated to convert their followers into paying customers.

“Honestly, I have to invest a lot of money in marketing because consumers have to see an ad at least seven times before buying. With social commerce, it’s completely different. Social sellers bring ads to life and become the little brand trumpets and social commerce helps reinforce the fact that you are buying from an individual, not a store,” says See.

The company began exploring social commerce opportunities in August 2021 and has since seen sales increase by approximately 50%.

One of the social sellers Ange Gardien has partnered with is Jeraldine Chan of My BKK Shop. The first livestream they collaborated on generated five-figure sales for the brand.

“It was terribly effective. This first time was just under an hour, and we managed to hit five figures. It was amazing,”says See.

See is a firm believer that social selling is the future of e-commerce, noting that it has already taken over China and will soon become mainstream in the rest of the world.

“People understand and social selling is already getting attention from researchers, from the tech world – they know it’s more than a trend. We just need a redesign.

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