Harry Styles Just Launched The Only Celebrity Beauty Brand We Are Truly Passionate About


Harry Styles for Dazed.

Harry Styles – possibly the only example of a celebrity brand we can still really get excited about – is entering the beauty business. On Monday, the pop icon announced Pleasing, a “living brand” and first business venture for the pop icon, which is debuting with a line of nail polish, an illuminating base serum and a dual-use oil for eyes and lips.

The positioning of the brand seems deliberately broad and open to innovation and the expansion of categories; its mission is “to bring joyful experiences and products that excite the senses and blur the boundaries”, with the aim of “dispelling[ling] the myth of a binary existence, “according to a press release.

Pleasant samples of Perfect Pearl nail polish.

Pleasant samples of Perfect Pearl nail polish.

Pleasing’s first drop, titled “Perfect Pearl”, is a carefully curated line that includes four nail polishes, a base illuminating serum and a double-ended eye serum and a matte lip oil pen. According to the brand, this first collection will be “released in three stages and in limited quantities”. The products, which are already available for pre-order ahead of their official launch on November 29, will cost between $ 20 and $ 65 on the brand’s website.

Styles broke the news in an exclusive interview with Lynette Nylander for Stunned, which was accompanied by a photo shoot (immediately emblematic, it must be said) of Rafael Pavarotti, styled by Ib Kamara.

“There was a time when I was younger, and I was in the group, where I was afraid that everything would end. I didn’t necessarily know who I was if I wasn’t in the group. “, says Styles. Nylander. “Now, the idea of ​​people saying ‘We don’t like your music anymore, go away’ doesn’t scare me. I think there was a time when it did. the freedom to go, ‘Great!’ I don’t work from a place I’m afraid. I work from a place where I want to sort things out and try different things. “

Harry Styles for Dazed.

Harry Styles for Dazed.

Pleasure is one of those ‘things’, and while the beauty industry today is absolutely overrun with celebrity beauty brands, Styles’ one feels authentic and, in fact, makes sense. Not only does the performer often flout archaic notions of binary gender in his personal style, he also often wears nail polish (and has been doing so for quite some time, even before so many other male celebrities started to wear nail polish). follow suit).

“It starts with nail polish, because that was kind of the birth of what it was for,” Styles says. Stunned. “I see a color on a flower or wallpaper or something and I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to put this on my nails.'”

Like so many who have launched side businesses and creative new ventures over the past tumultuous years, Styles credits the pandemic as a boost for Pleasure: “It was a fun little project, but during the pandemic, and when we did. ‘We finally named Plaisir, it felt like it was so much more than nail polish, “he says, adding:” I’ve always found that the moments in my life that brought me the more joy are the little ones … It’s always those moments that I find have the most lasting effect on me, in terms of triggering something wonderful in me. I really think the essence of Pleasure is to find those little moments of joy and show them to people. “

In the gallery below, get a first look at each product from Pleasing’s premier collection, along with pricing information.

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