100 Thieves co-owner Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter received a wave of community reactions after announcing that she was becoming a co-founder of cosmetics brand RFLCT. The controversy has forced the YouTuber and internet personality to remain silent on social media and remove both 100 Thieves and RFLCT from his bio. A few days after the RFLCT announcement, Valkyrae has now commented on the situation.

RFLCT is a skin care brand that claims to have products that protect against the “harmful” effects of blue light that come from staring at screens all day. The brand made its official launch on October 19 alongside the announcement that Valkyrae would be the face and co-founder of the company. The site offers five different products, including a facial cleanser, moisturizer, gel, moisturizing lip balm, and eye mask. All of them are marketed to be powered by “BLPF,” which the company claims is their blue light prevention factor.

As the community began to dig deeper into the unknown harmful effects of blue light, they began to see holes in the company’s mission statement. This includes the information present in the “terms of use” part of the RFLCT web page, which directly states that all information on the site is not accurate.

“However, we do not warrant that all information provided on the site is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free, and we disclaim all liability arising from any errors, to the extent permitted by law,” said RFLCT on its website.

The RFLCT receives criticism from professionals in the sector

A certified dermatologist and Internet personality, Andrea “Dr Dray” Suarez posted a video responding to the RFLCT’s allegations on her YouTube channel. In the video, Dr Dray explains in detail what the product is and how blue light does not have the same lasting effects on the skin as it does on the eyes.

“[Blue light is] a light that you see with your eyes, ”said Dr Dray. “It’s not the same as ultraviolet radiation. It is visible light that illuminates our world and that is emitted by devices.

Dr Dray went on to explain that visible light is between 400 and 700 nanometers, while blue light (also known as high-energy visible light) is between 400 and 500 nanometers. Blue light, she said, is close to UVA light, which is ultraviolet radiation. With the two overlapping slightly, blue light contributes to the formation of free radicals in the skin, as Dr. Dray explains.

“For people with darker skin, they cause even more stubborn hyperpigmentation than hyperpigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays,” Dr. Dray said in his video, “So there is a lot of science behind the effects of blue light on your skin. However, this is visible light from the sun and not from your devices. The amount of blue light you are exposed to from computer screens, smartphones, tablets, etc. is negligible compared to that to which you are exposed by the sun.

To compare the radiation of blue light to that of the sun, Dr. Dray simplified the two comparisons. According to Dr. Dray, people would have to be in front of a screen nonstop for more than a week to get as much radiation as is coming from the sun. She went even further by explaining that you wouldn’t put on a life jacket for a drink of water, but that you would if you went into the ocean.

Valkyrae reacts to the backlash

In a live broadcast on his YouTube channel on Saturday, Valkyrae shared his side of the story. To begin with, she explained how she discovered RFLCT through Joanna coles and Claudia Poccia. Coles is a former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, a lifestyle publication, and was director of content for the magazine’s parent company, Hearst. Poccia is currently CEO of Dragonfly Sage Corporation, which is a strategic consulting firm for luxury and beauty brands.

Both approached Valkyrae with the idea of ​​forming a beauty brand, this is where the idea of ​​blue light shielding was first conceived. Through the reunion, Valkyrae learned about how blue light can affect skin. Over the next six months, Valkyrae said, research was conducted to prove that blue light had harmful effects on a person’s skin.

“I saw the research, I saw it with my own eyes, and I was really excited because I thought it was groundbreaking research,” Valkyrae said during her livestream. “I thought it was going to help not only me, but other people as well.”

Valkyrae took the time to explain that she was originally recruited as a “Creative Collaborator” for RFLCT. However, the 100 Thieves co-owner asked if she could put something shorter in her bio to be prettier. This is where the “co-founder” was born. After the first contacts with the RFLCT, Valkyrae’s involvement for a year and a half consisted of testing the products and packaging. During the stream, she noted that she was not a chemist, nor had she been to the RFLCT lab in person.

“All this time, I felt like all of this research and everything I saw was going to be on the website,” Valkyrae said. “When RFLCT was discontinued, it was essential and crucial that there was information, and there was nothing but a WebMD link.”

Following RFLCT’s initial post and community backlash, Valkyrae explained that she met those involved, which is where she found out that the research she saw could not be returned. public. This would be due to the fact that the specific research may be stolen by other companies.

Relationship between streamers and Valkyrae

Several internet personalities took the opportunity to launch blows at Valkyrae publicly on the internet after seeing the backlash from RFLCT. One of the most popular responses came from Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker who called the blue light theory “bulls ** t” multiple times in streaming soon after. congratulating Valkyrae on Twitter when the announcement came to light. Another popular streamer and longtime friend of Valkyrae, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, also took part in the streaming to give her take on the situation.

“I totally agree that there are valid research concerns,” Pokimane said. “Especially when you call something harmful when it is not universally considered to be harmful.”

Pokimane stressed the importance of being held accountable and doing all the necessary research before promoting it to a young and impressionable audience. Especially when that audience is as large as that of Valkyrae, which has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 2 million Twitter followers.

Towards the end of her explanation of the whole situation, Valkyrae touched on the reaction of people around her to the situation. This included those who supported her and those who made jokes at the expense of her product on the Internet.

“It was interesting to see which friends contacted me when,” said Valkyrae. “A lot of my friends contacted me after I posted the voice memo on Twitter. Also, a lot of friends contacted me when I said I was going to talk about friends and social media. [on stream]. “

RFLCT is moving forward

While the backlash from RFLCT plays out, Valkyrae will continue to broadcast and create content for its audience in an effort to distance itself from the situation. She is still a content creator as well as a co-owner and streamer for the esports and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves.

RFLCT is launching in person at Ulta Beauty stores exclusively in America starting Sunday, just days after the product was announced.

“They’ve invested in RFLCT, and it’s going to be sold at Ulta in stores tomorrow,” Valkyrae said Saturday. “It’s really hard to be proud of it. The people who work behind the scenes don’t experience what I’m going through. I am the face of it. I am the one who gets it all. Isn’t that crazy? “

Valkyrae said she is still under contract with RFLCT, which means she will not be parting ways with the brand in the near future.

“I am in a linked contract. I believe in the product, but I also wish not to be involved because the research cannot be public, ”said Valkyrae. “That’s the hard part, and it’s the honest truth.”

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