The relationship between technology and beauty is much more isolated. The technology is commonly practiced in the classroom by science teachers. In contrast, cosmetics are applied by make-up artists at home or in beauty institutes. But, we are now experiencing the combination of technology and beauty in recent times. Although the cosmetics industry mainly depends on research and experience, now technology takes its place.

As a result, the whole industry will take it to the next level. In this article, we will mention some technologies that will bring about revolutionary changes in the cosmetics industry. Let’s check them out.

Next-level customization using AI and AR

The use of the latest and most powerful technologies has had a huge impact on the beauty industry. It is gradually changing the purchasing habits of consumers. In addition, they are no longer reliable on the assumption and wisdom of a salesperson. Think back to a few years later when you needed lipstick for a particular event. You need to go to your favorite cosmetic store, choose the right one for your skin type and skin tone, and then order it manually. But, right now, it’s just a few clicks away. You don’t need to check every shade of foundation to find the perfect combination or depend on the experience of a cosmetics salesperson.

As we have to stay at home due to the ongoing pandemic, technology is playing an important role right here when purchasing cosmetics. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) allows users to find the best beauty product with the perfect suggestions based on their skin and needs.

Sephora’s augmented reality mirror is one of them where consumers are allowed to try makeup products without any physical contact. Thus, consumers are more comfortable and more confident when choosing a new item. Technology like this is also profitable for businesses, as it can provide better hygiene at lower cost.

Amorepacific has brought another augmented reality mirror capable of analyzing consumers’ skin from photographs. The tool scans your photo, thoroughly analyzes your skin type and texture, and recommends the best product based on the analysis.

ModiFace is a particular AI-based technology that was developed by a group of dermatologists in 2016. It looks like a robotic doctor. [dermatologist] because it can accurately assess the current condition of your skin and any potential changes through live video. What gives us hope is that ModiFace can identify various skin issues like dark spots, dryness, rosacea etc. in a few minutes. Also, it lets you know how the suggested product will be successful through a before-after visualization.

Perhaps we are going to experience more dramatic changes in the next few years in the beauty industry due to rapid technological advancements. Consumers will have the same taste to buy the cosmetic products of their choice while staying at home one day.

Smart skin care tools and apps

If you ask people about regular skin care, most of them will talk about traditional products like cleansers, moisturizers, retinol, etc. Even giant cosmetic brands are still promoting these usual products for years. There is no doubt that they are essential for daily skin care. However, technology is gradually entering personal beauty care. Beauty technologies are going to make a big difference in your daily beauty routine.

The beauty industry is getting brighter and brighter day by day as beauty and technology work together. Due to technological advancement, now we have many smart beauty gadgets and apps which provide us with the professional level solution. You can use them for personalized skin analysis and advanced level UV monitoring.

For example, SkinScanner can be mentioned which is connectable with smartphones. The tool helps users enlarge the photographs of their skins and discover the tiniest quirk. Clinical Reality and Face Genius are two widely used skin scanners that allow you to analyze and get to know your skin in detail.

Smart Mirrors is another revolutionary computer-controlled skin analysis technology. Tools like HiMirros and 3D Augmented Reality Mirror allow users to discover and explore multiple skin issues including dark spots, wrinkles, pores, rough areas, etc.

Although the above technologies are mainly used for professional skin care, there are several applications that you can use for personal beauty care at home. Apps like Feeligreen and TroveSkin allow users to examine specific skin conditions in the home. These apps carefully read your skin and suggest actions to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Along with these modern technologies, the beauty industry is now teeming with smart devices. You can purchase special tools for lifting, brightening, sculpting, cleansing, puffiness, re-texturing, and inflammation, which are a great inclusion in a personal beauty routine. It is expected that the technology will meet all skin care needs in the near future.

The reinvention of organic and perishable cosmetics

A cruel truth about the cosmetics industry is that it cannot deny the responsibility for spoiling the environment. Usually, cosmetic waste is thrown in the sink and trash. After that, chemicals, toxins, plastics and other ingredients mix with the water and the environment, which is horribly dangerous for humans and wildlife. Since most cosmetic ingredients are imperishable, it can take hundreds of years to break them down. Thus, cosmetic waste gradually destroys marine ecosystems.

In addition, the bad habit of cosmetic users is another danger to the environment. In most cases, users rinse off the makeup wipes which is inappropriate. According to of the common reasons for blocked drainage is cosmetic waste. Read on this article to find out why you should never rinse makeup wipes.

To avoid such consequences, the demand for organic and perishable make-up is on the rise. Some makeup brands are particularly focused on producing natural makeup using the highest technology. With the use of purely natural ingredients, they maintain the highest quality.

Organic materials also require the least processing, so consumers benefit from all the benefits of natural ingredients. Cosmetic brands strive to use the latest technology to reinvent organic cosmetics to prevent harm to all living things and the earth.

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