As much as I would love to try and fall head over heels for every beauty product I get, it would be physically impossible. I mean, if I quit my job this second, if I moved to Antarctica and brought my current stash of stuff, I always be more than defined for life. Of course, that certainly won’t happen anytime soon (although after 2020 who can know what the future holds!), So I am recruiting my friends and family to test all the products currently circulating in my apartment. . Even my 73 year old dad was forced into the process once Where twice!

My roommate angel, Steph Limiti, still gets the first dibs, a liability that has grown exponentially since COVID. You see, before the pandemic, all of my packages were sent to the office and all the extras I didn’t want to test right away or take home were stored in the WWW Beauty closet. Well, RIP, because over a year later this sucker probably has two inches of dust on it and not a single new formula to its name. Instead, every inch of my apartment has taken over in the meantime.

My roommate, Steph, could being annoyed that jars, bottles, tubes and tinctures take up the majority of our floor space, but again, she’s an angel and has happily accepted Sephora status from our apartment. The silver lining? She has access to – and can test – her loads of exciting beauty products, and all I ask in return are her reviews and unfiltered thoughts. Best of all, since she’s a content manager for Who What Wear’s sister skincare brand, Versed, she knows a good beauty product from a bad one and offers an informed and fresh perspective. She’s been at this home magazine for just over a year (we were still relatively new roommates when COVID hit), so I thought it would be fun to take a quick dip in her beauty wardrobe. current. Below, she shares which holy grail products (among hundreds) she’s become absolutely obsessed with and why she loves them. Continue scrolling!

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