IMCD Mexico opens its doors in Mexico City

The March inauguration follows IMCD’s recent expansion into Mexico following the acquisitions of DCS Pharma in 2019, Millikan and Banner Química in 2021, and Maquimex in 2022. IMCD México serves multiple consumer and industrial categories, including beauty and personal care.

Miriam Rodriguez, director of beauty and personal care for IMCD México, told CosmeticsDesign that the new headquarters will allow the cosmetics group to offer more expertise and opportunities to its local customers, including marketing and specialty ingredients.

“In Mexico, we need to expand all opportunities and provide better service to our customers”,Rodríguez said. “The intention of expanding the business is to have better positioning both locally and globally.”

Fulfill the global market while serving locally

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Danielle Wheeler, IMCD’s CTO for the Americas, told CosmeticsDesign that the company has expanded into important Latin American markets, including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, and made acquisitions across Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The company is also expanding into the Asia-Pacific market as part of IMCD’s expansion beyond the European market.

Although IMCD is a global distributor, Wheeler said having local labs is an important part of its expansion strategy.

“We are a global company, but we realize that having regional support is very important,”said Wheeler. “While it is important to understand global trends and ideas in beauty and personal care, it is very important to support your customers because everyone has their nuances.”

Rodriguez said the opening of the headquarters in Mexico will strengthen IMCD Mexico’s technical capabilities, allowing them to provide both expanded business and scientific support.

Growth potential in a localized market

The Mexican market is localized and incorporates trends occurring in the US and European markets, Rodriguez said. She said this means that IMCD will be able to offer world-class service to regional products, and the company will also be able to enter ground level in a market that has significant growth potential.

Wheeler also said that IMCD would be able to bring innovations and trends to brands in the Mexican market.

“In the Americas organization, we try to be the first to show the trends to the customer,”said Wheeler. “We’re doing it now in the United States and Canada and we’re doing the same in Latin America and Mexico, which the regional labs are supporting.”

Rodriguez said IMCD expects to see double-digit growth in Mexico following the launch of the new headquarters. The main focus in the market now is to develop more name recognition, Wheeler said.

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