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“Inspiring Confidence Through Personal Care” — Beauty Spa Delivers Luxury Experiences

Posted at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 11, 2022

By Madeline Wagoner

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SALISBURY— As guests enter the building at the rear of Refuge Church on North Ellis Street, the pleasant scents and subtle colors of the decor set the mood for owner Rachel Joyce’s range of aesthetic services.

After earning her estiology certificate, she went from a career as an account executive for cosmetics brands and director of education for Chanel to a business owner offering luxury skincare. She was not, however, always in Salisbury.

Joyce’s journey with beauty began when she was 16 and living alone. She was unsure of her future, but dreamed of Vogue and the beauty of the models featured in the magazine, inspired by their class and luxury.

Her first cosmetic job was at an Estee Lauder counter in South Florida when she was 17. From there she continued to work in Louisiana, Washington, DC and New York, working her way to a high position at Chanel and traveling to France on business. But with twin toddlers at the time, she wanted to go in another direction where she could focus her time on her children.

“I knew I could take care of guests like I never had before,” Joyce said.

Three years ago, she focused on a career in service delivery rather than coaching beauty businesses on how to treat customers. She got her cosmetic license from Aveda and started accumulating her experience in treatments to the point of renting space now that she is 30 years into her career.

It is also in the same building that her close friend and Aveda colleague, Elizabeth Clements, operates her business, Hairapy by Elizabeth.

Joyce opened her spa without reservations or clients. However, thanks to word of mouth with the help of Clements and other community members, she said the business and regular bookings are now something that impresses her.

“I love my clients,” she said. “They are like family to me.”

She said now is when she is living her best life.

Facials are the most popular of her bookings and it’s her favorite service to do. Chemical peels, targeted acne skin care, and ingredients suitable for sensitive skin are some of the options offered by Joyce. Additionally, body treatments, waxing, eyelash rolling, special occasion makeup application, and makeup coaching and education are also available by appointment.

“I like to surprise people when they walk into my space,” Joyce said. “Seeing their faces light up when looking in a mirror after their treatments is something I always look forward to.”

But more the important thing is that she helps people gain confidence through her services. Her passion is to ensure that every customer who walks into Rachel Joyce Skin leaves feeling better than when they arrived.

“That’s what I find most important,” she continued. “When customers arrive, they have to leave with a solution to their problems. Your skin is your largest organ, so it’s important to protect it. When you feel good, it gives you confidence.

A defining factor for Joyce dates back to when she lived alone at age 16. Beauty motivated her to gain confidence in herself and others to feel good and look good through luxury experiences. She said luxury is not something that should be expensive but an experience in itself.

Inside the spa, a premium treatment wall is available with brands focused on skin protection and botanical ingredients. Joyce spends time getting to know her clients and slowly incorporates treatments focused on their skin’s needs.

Its mission statement “inspiring confidence through self-care” encourages it to give clients the boost of confidence they need to take responsibility and do whatever they decide to do.

Joyce’s plans include finding a way to give back to the teens in the community as she knows life can be tough for them at that age. Additionally, she dreams of having a storefront in downtown Salisbury once her lease expires. Until then, she said being behind the Abbey Church of The Refuge is rewarding as the building she and Clements are in receives many visitors at weddings. The windows in his space also give a panoramic view of the church.

As well as the historic landscape of Salisbury, Mountbatten’s pink accents are meant to soothe the eye as the color was applied to Navy ships in England during World War II.

Rachel Joyce Skin is located at 123 N. Ellis Street in Salisbury and is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. To make an appointment, go to racheljoyceskin.com.

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