JAH Tech unveils a ceramic alloy that accelerates healing

Unitatem Primis is a ceramic alloy developed by JAH Tech. He claims that this material helps reduce inflammation and speeds wound healing. These benefits have been validated by Scratch Wound Assay performed by an independent third party.

This material has been applied to health and wellness apparel as well as a facial massager roller developed by JAH Tech for its consumer brand Naturidge Lab.

The facial roller also uses micro-currents to aid lymphatic drainage, stimulate oxygen flow, improve blood circulation and help tone the face.

Additionally, the company has also discovered that this ceramic alloy prevents the breakdown of vitamin C and can increase the penetration of niacinamide into the skin.

Speaking of these functions, CEO Tan Chong Hui said: “It’s very important because if you have an expensive formulation, you don’t want to mess it up and at the same time we can improve it.”

The material can be developed into various things, such as cosmetic applicators.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, awareness of hygiene and cleanliness spurred consumer demand for applicators that typically came in the form of small, lightweight spatulas. CosmeticDesign-Asia​previously reported​that these contactless applicators have quickly become a “must have”in beauty.

Today, these applicators have evolved to have their own functions, such as indie brand Sand & Sky’s refreshing skincare applicator that helps apply product hygienically while reducing puffiness on the face thanks to its cold metal tip.

Such applicators are also found at luxury beauty brands like La Mer. It has even been incorporated into the packaging itself, such as Elixir’s latest Aesthetic Essence AD, which has a built-in massager tool.

JAH Tech hopes to tap into this trend and help cosmetic companies develop applicators made with Unitatem Primis.

“What we have is that this technology has been tested to be effective, which can not only improve consumers’ experience, but also their skin care results,” said Tan.

“The best part about it is that it doesn’t need batteries or any other power source, it’s very simple. And that’s a key thing: the technology has to be simple if you want that “It’s easily adopted. If it’s something very complex, who would want to use it?”

The company’s focus at the moment is to try to get cosmetics brands to adopt this material and is very open to collaborating with cosmetics companies to create “everything they need”, said Tan.

“We have the technology that we can use immediately. We even collaborated with a Chinese tea company. We found that our technology also affects tea by improving the flavor of their premium tea. So we created a tea container with this material,” said Tan.

JAH Tech also created JAH Cultura, an agritech spin-off using Unitatem Primis to create tools to increase the yield of vegetable crops.

Tan concluded: “The applications are endless. It is limited only by the imagination.

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