The fascination with makeup has become a huge thing now, thanks to social media marketing and influencers. The rise of makeup brands and their popularity with the masses is proof of this. And if you’ve bought expensive makeup products based on the hype and literally don’t know how to apply them, don’t panic because you’ve got you covered. To get started, you must need the right tools.

Makeup is essentially an art that very few have mastered. We can’t do all the work with our fingers, as some might suggest. Either they will invade your face or make you look mushy, rendering all your effort unnecessary. So from mixing your foundation to curling your lashes, we’ve brought you a list of the essentials you need to be a makeup pro.

Beauty mixer

This tool is used by makeup artists and others around the world and is the most user-friendly tool you can find. It is also very easy to use. The teardrop-shaped sponge does not absorb the product, but mixes them perfectly. Always use a bounce technique to apply the foundation evenly to your face. It provides a smooth base by covering all the imperfections on your skin. It is a better alternative to the foundation brush.

Kabuki brush

To apply the loose powder to fix the applied makeup on your face, nothing better than a large kabuki brush. The dense, fluffy hairs will cover your face evenly and last all day.

Angled brush

The angled brush is convenient for the contour of the face. It is always important to shape to sculpt and define your face. It covers the cheekbones, ears and jawline to give your face a subtle structure. You can also apply blush with it.

Eyeshadow Applicators

The first rule of thumb, don’t throw away the brushes that come in your eye makeup bag. The mini tips are very useful for applying the desired eye shadow e. They may not mix very well, but they do have their uses.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

The name of this brush itself suggests what it does. They are usually tapered to help diffuse the eye shadow along the creases. Just swirl from one corner of your eye to the other for the perfect blend.

Eyebrow comb

Never ignore your eyebrows. If you see that your hairs are not defined, you can easily pluck them out with tweezers. But before that, comb your eyebrows to see which ones you need to pluck out. After that, you can outline your eyebrows and fix them with eyebrow gel.

Eyelash curler

If you are not a fan of fakes and want your natural eyelashes to be the talk of you, then you have to use the eyelash curler. You can choose anyone in the market based on your preferences who will define your eyelashes. And then you can easily apply mascara.

This is all a beginner needs and don’t forget to keep some cotton swabs and cotton swabs just in case. They are useful.

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