Latinas lead the makeup industry


For many years, the makeup industry has been characterized by the exclusion of women of color and body type other than the white stereotype of the perfect woman.

However, since 2015, Latinas of all age groups have spent an average of $ 35 to $ 50 more per year on personal care items, such as lipstick and hair care products, than other women. .

Today, many Latinas have worked to represent women of all colors, with all features and characteristics through the art of beauty. One of those women is Angela Maria Romero, a Colombian who started in the cosmetics industry in Miami.

Today, Ángela owns two major brands: Cosmeticos Al Por Mayor Inc and Wholesale Makeup Inc, which she both created in the United States, but which generate direct jobs for more than 40 people between her two nations, Colombia. and the United States.

“Our companies now have 40 employees between the United States and Colombia, from where we serve the Spanish-speaking, American, African and European markets. It is a team with the conviction of being in a process of permanent training. to help develop new business experiences, “says Angela Maria, who through her role particularly understands and values ​​the importance of teamwork, the use of digital technology and the value of opportunities.

Angela’s companies currently distribute and market more than 50 brands, including L’Oréal, Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon, among others, among a wide range of cosmetic and hair products.

Hispanic women were the only non-white group to drive makeup and nail care purchases during the 2020 pandemic, spending 13% more than the average personal care shopper, according to Nielsen data.

Latino influencers

Latinas who are dedicated to creating digital content in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories have also started to create their own makeup brands, having grown their community of followers by reviewing certain products and giving advice on the way to get the perfect look.

Among these influencers are the Mexican-American military veteran Dulce Candy, the Dominican-American YouTuber Alba Ramos, the Colombian YouTuber Paula Galindo who launched her own line under the name of PauTips.


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