The highly regarded organic cosmetics company Juice Beauty has now launched in India.

It will be mainly launched by Gurgaon-based company House of Beauty in the coming days.

House of Beauty was responsible for the successful launch of beauty technology retailer Boddess across the country in 2020.

However, the launch of the brand, founded by American businesswoman Karen Behnke in 2005, will also be through other online platforms based in India.

Behnke first decided to start Juice Beauty after starting to take a keen interest in personal care products when she was pregnant with her first child at the age of 40.

As she began to undergo hormonal changes and see wrinkles appearing on her skin, she made it her mission to find healthy skin care solutions that give visible results.

After failing in her research, the businesswoman was surprised to find that while the skin could absorb anything you put in it, very few products available at the time were able to do so adequately.

Instead, Behnke decided to create luxury products using organic formulas that perform better than conventional products already on the market.

Years after the birth of her second child, she decided to buy the name Juice Beauty in order to create a significant change in the health and beauty industry.

The businesswoman said she called Juice Beauty a ‘farm to beauty initiative’, changing ‘Farm to Fork’ which aims to make food systems fairer, healthier and more respectful. of the environment.

Behnke added that the company “is radically transforming the chemistry of beauty by providing clinically validated and authentically organic beauty products, Juice Beauty continually challenges the status quo.”

It comes after House of Beauty launched American celebrity makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills in India in August 2020.

Juice Beauty will now join the 75 brands already listed on the platform.

House of Beauty founder Ritika Sharma said the change in customer buying behavior in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has meant that Indians are now looking for products that work on a holistic level.

She added that this has created a significant increase in the demand for “clean, waterless beauty”.

The beauty sector is currently a key industry in India, with a market value of over $ 11 billion in 2020, according to Euromonitor International.

While the natural cosmetics industry in particular is relatively small at the moment and is currently worth £ 6million, it is expected to grow 7.83% annually over the next four years, according to Statista.

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