By developing strong products, LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) said it can reduce its dependence on plastic packaging.

For example, its beauty bars are packaged in paper while the toothpaste powder is packaged in a metal jar.

In addition, the solid format would reduce water consumption, transport and packaging costs.

According to the company, a 100 gram beauty bar can be as long as a 600 gram bottle of liquid soap.

The company worked with Donggubat, a social enterprise that hires people with special needs and specializes in producing strong personal care products.

Donggubat has previously collaborated with Olive Young, Atomy, Aromantica, and Unpa to create various solid beauty products. She also manufactures and sells her own solid beauty products.

In this case, it has partnered with LG H&H to develop a body and face bar for Veilment, shampoo bars for Dr. Groot and Elastin, and toothpaste powder for Himalayan Pink Salt.

According to LG H&H, the formulations are biodegradable and use a range of ingredients, such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, peptides as well as botanicals.

Under the Dr. Groot brand, the company has developed an anti-dandruff shampoo bar for weakened hair. The formula contains biotin and caffeine as well as botanicals like houttuynia cordata, or heart leaf.

Plus, it also uses alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids along with its patented anti-dandruff ingredient to fight dandruff.

As the name suggests, Himalayan Pink Salt Powder Toothpaste contains Himalayan Pink Salt to prevent bad breath and gum disease.

Go green

LG H&H is a South Korean personal care conglomerate that owns a slew of international beauty brands, including History of Whoo, The Face Shop and Su:m37.

The K-beauty giant said its zero-waste product launches reflect the growing green consumer movement among its beauty consumers.

These launches are in line with LG H&H’s Social Governance (ESG) goals to promote resource recycling and promote a circular economy.

The company has set a goal to use 200 tonnes of recycled plastic in its products by 2025.

This follows the company’s foray into recycled beauty in September, when it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Korean start-up Urban Miners to explore how to recycle discarded coffee grounds as raw material. first for its cosmetics.

LG H&H has also developed the Perioe Hempharmx toothbrush which is made from an eco-friendly resin made from raw materials extracted from naturally biodegradable corn starch.

Additionally, it aims to increase the number of clean beauty products in its portfolio.

By 2025, it expects 50% of products to be clean beauty products, meaning products will need to consider its environmental footprint.

The company completed the product lineup of its first-ever vegan makeup brand, Belif x VDL in November, adding seven more products to the existing lineup.

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