Moncler and Fortnite present the classic set: skins, cosmetics and more


The very latest collaboration is here, and it certainly looks trendy enough to match every player’s style!

Fortnite is teaming up with fashion brand Moncler to raise the bar even higher when it comes to cosmetics. Now there are stylish skins available that you can’t miss!

Here’s how to get the exclusive Moncler Classic set.

Classic Fortnite x Moncler set: release date

The brand new collaboration will be available on November 20 To 7 p.m., according to Epic Games.

The set should cost 1500 V-Bucks, based on what we saw on the other clothing collaboration, and you will be able to purchase it in the Item Shop.

Fortnite x Moncler Classic Set: Skins and Cosmetics

Source: Epic Games

The classic Moncler ensemble is inspired by the 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM Collection by Matthew Williams. It will come with the André and Renée elegant outfits, a new loading screen, and more.

The best part about these outfits is that they can change colors from white to black when going up or down in altitude.

Here’s what the set will include:

  • Glider Umbrella
  • Bling for the back Umbra-tube
  • Umbra- Ax Pickaxe

As you can see, the accessories are quite clean considering how they are used, and the fact that they are inspired by Moncler is quite remarkable!

For some, this collaboration may come as a surprise, mainly because Epic Games doesn’t bring such things every month. But seeing Moncler coming into the Fortnite verse is clearly one of the hottest things we’ve ever seen.

Season 8 has been filled with exclusive content, Marvel crossovers, Ariana Grande gigs, and skins to the highly anticipated Naruto crossover that just released in-game, thanks to the new Fortnite v18.40 update.


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