Natural cosmetics market 2025 | Consumer Concerns About Chemical Cosmetics Side Effects Benefit Natural Cosmetics Market, Fairfield Market Research Says


Natural cosmetics contain waxes and fats, oleoresins, essential oils, perfumes and dyes derived from animal or vegetable sources. The harmful effects of chemical cosmetics in the treatment of hair loss, acne, skin pigmentation, and aging have been well documented, leading consumers to take a close look at them. natural cosmetics market with millennials leading the change. Millennials pay close attention to fashion trends as they grew up admiring social media influencers who promote healthier lifestyles and clean, natural, and ‘free’ alternatives that bode well for the natural cosmetics market. .

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Focus on the skin care segment to reap maximum rewards in the natural cosmetics market

Based on product type, the natural cosmetics market can be categorized into toiletries, perfumes, color cosmetics, hair care, and skin care. Fairfield Market Research believes that the skin care segment is expected to hold the greatest potential during the forecast period. Greater use of natural skincare products among men coupled with the availability of unlimited choice is expected to boost growth prospects for all companies in the natural cosmetics market.

Businesses launching affordable but natural cosmetics to tap rural demand

The natural cosmetics market has grown in leaps and bounds in emerging economies as product availability and consumer disposable income have increased. A notable trend has been the demand for international brands in rural areas and companies are looking to tap this demand by offering cost-effective cosmetics. Local brands typically use locally sourced ingredients, which increases the profitability of national ancillary businesses and provides employment opportunities. Developed countries are not left out in the natural cosmetics market. in 2020, Rituals, a company based in the Netherlands, expanded its “Ritual of Namaste” range in the body care category by launching five products such as Deodorant Stick, Body Cream Refill, Body Scrub the body, the shower gel and the cream. In 2021, Mineral Fusion, a popular American makeup brand, launched a vegan, sheer, non-stick lip gloss known as “Hydro-Shine Lip Gloss Plumper”.

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Greater skin care awareness explains Europe’s leading position in the natural cosmetics market

North America and Europe dominate the natural cosmetics market in terms of value share. Continuous product launches as well as the importance of the “free-from” movement should stimulate demand on these two continents. In addition, younger consumers are more aware of the various skin and hair care routines. It is also easier to access higher quality natural cosmetics compared to other regions. Europe has seen food-based cosmetics that use cocoa extract and avocado extract gain popularity with customers. Renowned for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties, these natural ingredients have become the stars in Western countries. On the other hand, APAC countries are expected to show a moderate CAGR during the review period, as countries like India, China, and Singapore generally prefer home remedies.

Companies analyzed

Several major companies have been featured in this in-depth report on the Natural Cosmetics Market. A few of them are Lotus Herbals Color Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, L’Oréal SA, Avon Product Inc, Weleda AG, The Himalaya Drug Company, Beiersdorf AG, Melvita, LVMH Group, Avon Products Inc. and Oriflame Cosmetics AG.

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