Nu Skin Joins EcoBeautyScore Consortium to Set the Industry Standard for Sustainable Beauty Products

Nu Skin joins more than 40 other cosmetics brands in the Consortium which has set out to measure the environmental impact of products in a uniform way with the aim of using the prototype by the end of this year. The EcoBeautyScore Consortium’s goal aligns with Nu Skin’s goal of putting the customer first and recognizes the need for an easy-to-understand, industry-wide standard.

“A growing number of buyers are basing their purchasing decisions on the environmental impact of products,” said Ruth Todd, senior vice president and chief reputation officer at Nu Skin. “It’s time to provide customers with even more clarity and transparency about the environmental impact of their beauty products. We look forward to partnering with other industry leaders and developing a globally recognized system that empowers consumers to make informed decisions.

Other members of the EcoBeautyScore consortium include Colgate-Palmolive, Coty, The Estée Lauder Companies, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., L’Oréal Groupe, P&G, Shiseido and Unilever. The Consortium is working with experienced sustainability consultancy Quantis to help ensure a robust, science-based approach to co-constructing an assessment methodology and scoring system that is guided by:

  1. A common method for measuring the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of products, based on the principles of the “Product Environmental Footprint” (the European Union’s PEF scientific method based on life cycle analysis (LCA) to quantify environmental footprint of products).
  2. A common database on the environmental impact of standard ingredients and raw materials used in formulas and packaging, as well as during product use.
  3. A common tool that allows the assessment of the environmental impact of individual products, usable by non-experts.
  4. A harmonized rating system that allows companies, on a voluntary basis, to inform consumers about the environmental footprint of their cosmetic products, using a methodology, database, tool and rating system that can be verified by independent parties.

In 2019, Nu Skin recognized the need for an easy-to-understand industry standard for beauty products and developed its own internal rating system to improve customers’ sustainability journey. Nu Skin plans to contribute key learnings from this implementation as an active participant in the development of a globally recognized standard.

About Nu Skin
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: NUS) is an integrated global beauty and wellness company powered by a dynamic affiliate opportunity platform. The company helps people look, feel and live their best with products that combine the best of science, technology and nature. Backed by more than 35 years of scientific research, Nu Skin develops innovative products including Nu Skin® personal care, Pharmanex® nutrition and the ageLOC® anti-aging brand which includes an award-winning line of beauty. Nu Skin operates in approximately 50 markets worldwide in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Pacific. Rhyz Inc. is the company’s strategic investment arm that includes a set of technology and manufacturing businesses to support the growth of Nu Skin’s core business. Nu Skin is committed to sustainability, including global initiatives such as the transition to reduced and sustainable packaging for all products by 2030. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation also strives to improve the health, education and economic status of children around the world. For more information, visit

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