Nutritional Products International’s Mitch Gould: Retail sales remain positive

Mitch Gould, the founder of NPI, is a third-generation retail distribution and manufacturing professional.

National Retail Federation: Retail growth up 7.1% unadjusted year-over-year

Under NPI, I brought together sales, marketing and logistics operations. »

— Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, Aug. 24, 2022 / — Retail sales continue to rise despite inflation.

“Consumers continue to buy despite higher costs caused by inflation,” said Mitch Gould, founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International, a global brand management company based in Boca Raton, Florida. “ reported that sales were up 9.2% year-over-year on the three-month rolling average.”

NRF chief economist Jack Kleinhenz said consumer spending was “encouraging” from the third quarter

Gould said consumers continue to spend more on cosmetics, which have increased significantly during the pandemic, as well as dietary supplements.

“According to, consumers are spending a record amount on dietary supplements,” he added. “This is great news for our health, wellness and beauty customers.”

NPI works with health, wellness and beauty brands looking to expand their US presence or enter the US market.

Gould and his team at NPI need to keep abreast of retail trends for their clients.

“I speak to CEOs every day who oversee the retail industry in the United States,” Gould said. “We keep abreast of economic trends to give our clients the latest and greatest advice.”

Gould developed NPI’s proprietary “Evolution of Distribution” system, which provides a streamlined and cost-effective way to reach US consumers.

“Under NPI, I brought together sales, marketing and logistics operations,” he said. “Acting as the US headquarters for our international customers, we control every aspect of the product launch process.

“Each year we reach out to retail buyers on behalf of our customers,” he added.

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NPI is a privately held company specializing in the retail distribution of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, functional beverages and skin care products. NPI offers a unique and proven approach to product manufacturers around the world looking to launch or expand the distribution of their products in the US retail market.

Mitch Gould, the founder of NPI, is a third-generation retail distribution and manufacturing professional. Gould has developed the “Evolution of Distribution” platform, which provides domestic and international product manufacturers with the product sales, marketing and distribution expertise needed to succeed in the world’s largest market, the United States. -United.

Gould, a global marketing guru, has represented sports and entertainment icons such as Steven Seagal, Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, Roberto Clemente Jr., Chuck Liddell and Wayne Gretzky.

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