Where can I get an abortion?

Caroline BrehmanGetty Images It is 2020 and women’s reproductive health care remains under attack. At the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC), anti-choice activists proclaimed that President Donald Trump is the “most pro-life president we’ve ever had,” and the president himself has already suggested this Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling giving women the right […]

JLo Beauty Review | Way of life

This Blockbuster Wonder Cream is an apt namesake of “Jenny from the Block”. Sephora screenshot A beautician dives into JLo Beauty’s ingredient list and gives her honest opinion on Jennifer Lopez’s new skin care line. JLo Beauty, created by Jennifer Lopez, is considered a premium beauty brand and is sold at Sephora or on the […]

New Mexico’s abortion ban law overturned thanks to activism by indigenous women

When Terrelene Massey watched New Mexico’s bill repealing the state ban on abortion who died in State House in 2019, she was struck by what she calls a “convenient argument” made by some lawmakers: that they could not vote for the bill because their indigenous and indigenous constituents were opposed it. These lawmakers – mostly […]

Best New Makeup and Beauty Products of June 2021, Buy Now | Yeah, Ilia, Glossier

With new makeup dropping at sky-high daily rates, we’ve decided to make it easier for you to sort through the selection of the latest pencils, lipsticks, and more. Seduce editors look forward to every new launch and emerging brand to find the stars in bright and shimmering selections every month. Although we have a weakness […]

11 makeup artists weigh in on the best beach beauty products

At last, beach season arrived. While hitting the sand and waves are particularly happy this year, that doesn’t make the reality of braving the seaside elements – sweltering heat, high humidity, and UV exposure – any less easy to tackle, especially when it’s s. It is about negotiating makeup and sufficient sun protection. When it […]

Study: half of American cosmetics contain toxic chemicals

WASHINGTON – More than half of cosmetics sold in the United States and Canada likely contain high levels of a toxic industrial compound linked to serious health conditions, including cancer and reduced birth weight, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame tested over 230 commonly used cosmetics and found that […]

Compostable Beauty Products – Organic Plastic Free Skin Care

Nordman, United States, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Beauty Reverence, an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of organic beauty products, has announced the launch of an environmentally friendly range. More information can be found at https://beautyreverence.lpages.co/beauty-reverence-organic-331 The latest announcement aims to help consumers make better purchases that can protect plants, wildlife, oceans and […]

Honest sales increase 12%, boosted by disinfection products

Honest Co. Inc.’s first quarterly results as a state-owned company were mixed, with a larger-than-expected loss offset by sales that rose more than Wall Street expected, in part due to hand sanitizers , cleaners and other disinfectants it introduced amid the pandemic. Honest HNST, +1.04% Wednesday night, he said he lost $ 4.5 million, or […]

How will new technologies revolutionize cosmetics?

The relationship between technology and beauty is much more isolated. The technology is commonly practiced in the classroom by science teachers. In contrast, cosmetics are applied by make-up artists at home or in beauty institutes. But, we are now experiencing the combination of technology and beauty in recent times. Although the cosmetics industry mainly depends […]

Abortion pill must be picked up in person, even in a pandemic, according to Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court ruled this week to reinstate a restriction that requires people to access the abortion pill in person during the pandemic. An order from a federal judge previously suspended the requirement, but the Supreme Court decided to lift this order, Reuters reports, which will make it even more difficult for people accessing abortion […]

Makeup artist Terri Bryant launches adaptive beauty products

Applying eyeliner can be a challenge when you have a disability or health condition that affects your mobility, fine motor skills, or hand-eye coordination. A makeup artist, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, used her experience to create accessible products so getting the perfect brow or eyeliner look is a snap. Terri Bryant worked as […]

The Best Skin Care Acid For Your Skin Type And How To Use It Correctly

The world of skin care can be beautiful when it involves the right products and a glowing complexion. It can be very confusing too, with trendy new ingredients popping up around every corner and a clean vernacular beauty dominating the market. Much of the skincare that can be both rewarding and intimidating? Acids. Acids in […]

Makeup and beauty trends we owe to Drag Queens and the Drag community

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage… Drag, who has completely conquered the world as we know it. Thanks to RuPaul and his Emmy Award-winning series RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens are now more popular, visible and marketable than ever. Where only a few years ago you could only see queens in gay bars, they […]

Rya Organics Introduces CBD Lip Conditioner

SAN DIEGO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Rya Organics by Cymbiotika, a leading CBD and herbal wellness and beauty brand known for creating pure, clinically supported supplements and skin care, today announced the launch of Rya Lip Conditioner. Rya Organics CBD products are formulated using Cymbiotika’s advanced micelle delivery system, which provides superior absorption, protecting each […]

Instacart launches online grocery delivery in Quebec

Instacart launched same-day grocery delivery to Costco Wholesale, Walmart Canada and Les Aliments M&M stores in French-speaking Quebec, the first time the e-commerce company has translated its platform into another language. San Francisco-based Instacart said Tuesday that customers of Costco, M&M Foods and Walmart in Montreal can now have their groceries and other products delivered […]

Instacart launches in Quebec and presents its first French-speaking experience

“Over the past year, Instacart has served as a lifeline for millions of Canadians, delivering groceries and essentials to more than 1,800 stores in more than 35 retailers across the country,” said Chris Rogers, vice president of retail at Instacart. “With today’s launch, we take one step closer to deepening our commitment to Canada, creating […]

When can beauty salons open in 2021? What the latest updates mean for your region

Beauty salons and hairdressers in England officially reopened on April 12 after several closures across the UK. Mobile therapists also received the green lift to resume their activities. But with the restrictions changing frequently over the past few months, many of us are wondering when – and how – we can next afford some well-deserved […]

Rare Beauty Selena Gomez Makeup Line: Date, Products and Details

Last February, Selena Gomez announced that she was going to put on makeup. The pandemic has pushed the line’s launch date back a bit to summer 2020, but on August 4, Gomez announced the official release date: September 3, 2020. “I’m SO excited to finally share that @RareBeauty will launch on September 3 only on […]

The return of makeup | BoF Professional, The Business of Beauty, News & Analysis

Lancôme had planned to launch its Drama Ink liquid lipstick, one of its biggest lipstick launches in years, in July. Instead, the L’Oréal-owned makeup brand launched the product in May, two months ahead of schedule, with the 13 shades of the $ 28 lipstick now available on the Lancôme site, with distribution. wider retailers still […]

Amyris to Acquire Consumer Brand OLIKA, Expanding Family of Own Consumer Brands and Accelerating Growth

EMERYVILLE, California., June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Amyris, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRS), a leading synthetic biotechnology company active in the clean health and beauty markets through its consumer brands, and one leading suppliers of sustainable and natural ingredients, today announced that it has completed a binding conditions sheet for the acquisition of clean and […]

Brij launches platform for registration and ordering of products with one touch via QR codes

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Brij, a platform connecting physical products to digital experiences launched today to enable one-touch product registration and reorganization. The platform allows brands to create bespoke digital experiences for each of their products that are accessible by scanning a QR code on the product or its packaging. When consumers scan a Brij QR […]

Newness raises $ 3.5 million for its “Twitch for beauty streamers” – TechCrunch

Novelty, a startup co-founded by former Twitch employees, raised $ 3.5 million in a Sequoia-led funding round for its live-streaming platform for beauty creators and their fan communities . While today’s creators have no shortage of options when it comes to live streaming – Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are all popular choices – […]

Why Hailey Baldwin’s Beauty Brand Will Be Called Rhode

Hailey Baldwin is set to be the next celebrity beauty mogul. The model, 24, seems ready to launch her beauty empire, named Rhode, after having registered various brands in 2019 and 2020. Almost 15,000 people (and it’s not over yet) are now following Rhode’s Instagram account, which Baldwin herself also follows. No photos have been […]

A trusted financial institution that offers the best payday loan settlement under its payday loan assistance program in this pandemic

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (PRWEB) June 04, 2021 National Payday Loan Relief is one of the leading loan assistance companies in the United States that provides specialized payday loan assistance programs to its customers. They have been in the payday loan settlement business for over twelve years and they have many clients to attest to […]

Interest on a typical Utah payday loan consolidation is 554% APR

Utah high-interest payday loan consolidation companies say pandemic is hurting their already struggling industry – where nearly one in three stores have closed in a four-year crisis amid tighter regulations . Critics say government aid for coronaviruses may have reduced the need for such loans. As the surviving loan stores try to last, they have […]

Hamilton, Ont. a woman “deeply regrets” that she took out a payday loan consolidation with an interest rate of 47%

TORONTO – In Hamilton, Ont. A woman says she was in financial difficulty when she was given the opportunity to consolidate her debt with a loan from a payday loan consolidation “I received an offer from a payday loan consolidation company and decided to take it and now I deeply regret it,” Kathleen Kennedy told […]

I paid 118% on a payday loan. The administration reverses its efforts to contain them.

Popular email services such as instagram, door dashand Amazon fees recently made headlines when they announced they were delivering on minimum wage promises to drivers by cutting pay and using tips to make up the difference. In other words, customers were tipping under the impression that drivers were getting tips on top of the delivery […]

The payday loan alternative comes with its own risks

Payday loans target consumers with no credit or with a low credit rating. These high-interest loans promise quick cash flow until the next paycheck, but they often create dangerous cycles of new loans to pay off old ones, draining finances and pushing borrowers even deeper into poverty. In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission sued leading […]

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